Chapters 62-64
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Chapter LXII

It was dawn and the rain was still falling it was more of a mist. Jeremy sat up he had been working his strength up over the last few days he was still a little wobbly when he walked but he could sit up and with a little help he could direct the eager women and girls in their daily tasks. He got up on his elbows; “Jeremy you are awake” it was one of the unfamiliar voices of the girls he had rescued from the pirates. He was still lying in the shelter of the cave because that seemed to be the central hub of all activity.
“Who is there?” He asked blinking in the dim light

“Talla and Channa we are both here to see to your needs?”

“I see”

“ We have food for you” Talla said holding a coconut bowl.

“You want blowjob,” Channa asked
“I’ll take the food,” Jeremy said reaching for it.

“I give you blowjob while you eat” Channa said. Jeremy surveyed the two brown skinned girls who were kneeling on either side of him. He started to finger the salty slurry that passed for food. When he thought about it, the food was actually quite good a mix of fish and fruit cooked and mashed into a sort of paste. “I have practiced” Channa said leaning over and using her hand to guide the tip of his cock into her mouth she slurped his cock into the warm confines of her mouth. Channa slowly started bobbing her head, sucking steadily her tongue tickling the underside of his cock.

“Good morning Jeremy” it was Sara, “She has been dying to do that to you ever since you regained consciousness.


“Oh yes” Talla said “she very much want to please you with her mouth”

“Channa is one of about four girls who we don’t think is pregnant”

“What I haven’t…”

“Well…” Sara began “While you were unconscious some of the girls took liberties. We had someone here watching you the whole time, and well the first time Shannon got caught with your dick buried in her, Naomi was livid. But after that well it got to be where whoever was watching would ride you till you spewed inside them once or twice, and they would have a friend keep them company.”

“Well that explains the dreams I was having”

“Care to tell me about your dreams darling?” Sara smiled in the low light and looked lovingly at Jeremy, and then there was a loud slurp as Channa lost suction for a moment.

“No” Jeremy laughed, “Not right now I’m still trying to sort them out”

“Well if you want to I’d love to hear all about it” Sara said, Channa slurped again

“Channa, hun I’m really not in the mood” Jeremy said gently

“When you are in the mood” Channa began Jeremy’s cock popping from between her lips “You tell me I suck or you make me with baby”

Jeremy Chuckled “Sure Channa I’ll be sure to do that” He got up onto his feet. Leaning on Sara he hobbled out into the sunlight. He made it as far as the lagoon and then waded out into the water and spent an hour or so swimming. He had felt that it was the best means for him to get his strength back. He came out for lunch Channa hovering close by in case he got in the mood. He rested in the shade of one of the palms and watched the women work gathering and fishing. They had all developed a deep tan, and it was pleasing to see the nubile brown bodies shining in the sunlight. He leaned against the tree and dozed.

Chapter LXIII

Denise smiled to herself as she sashayed down into the cabin of the ship. She walked down the narrow corridor and Peeked into the berthing compartments. The first was empty the second was occupied by star. Denise paused for a moment looking lovingly at her daughter; she was lying across a small bunk in a t-shirt and panties sleeping quietly. Denise quietly closed the door and moved on to the next compartment.

The inside was dim but she could make out the form of Brandon’s sleeping body. She slipped into the door and sat down on the edge of the bed. Brandon rolled toward her. She leaned over him and hugged him gently. He stirred and nuzzled her breasts, Denise pulled the robe away from her breasts and his soft sweet lips found her nipple. He sucked at it lightly; Denise slipped her free hand down between her legs, her fingers sliding easily between the slippery lips of her slit. Brandon wrapped his arm around Denise as he suckled on her breast, Denise looked down to see the tip of Brandon’s cock poking out of the slit in his pajama bottoms. Denise reached out and slid her fingertips very lightly over the length of exposed cock flesh; she bit her lip to keep from gasping as Brandon’s mouth became more insistent. Denise took the cock gently in her fingertips and lightly stroked it. After a few moments of gentle manipulation she noted a light sheen and clear fluid coming from the tip. Collecting a bit on her fingertip she tasted the sweet boy juice and then continued to stroke the swollen piece of meat. A few minutes longer and his hot cream started spurting, she caught most of it in her hand and after licking that clean she slowly disengaged from the now sleeping boy. She got up off the bed and went into the living room, or at least what could be considered a living room. She folded the Robe over her nakedness and sat in one of the chairs.

A few minutes later “Mom?” Brandon called and a few more minutes Brandon walked out into the living room. She looked at his young hairless chest, as he padded barefoot into the living room.

“Good morning Brandon” Denise smiled at him “Sleep well?”

“Mmhmm” he said nodding “Where is mom?”

“She went to the store for supplies for breakfast” Denise responded

“Oh Okay” he nodded

“I’m Denise by the way Star’s mom”

“Hi Denise” he managed rubbing his eyes

“Why don’t you go wash up for breakfast?”

“Okay” Brandon said turning and stumbling back toward the bathroom.

A few minutes later Denise watched down the hallway and her daughter got up and walked into the bathroom. She heard a scuffling and smiled to herself and then a few minutes later Brandon was standing in the passageway.

“Got kicked out huh?” Denise asked

“Yeah” Brandon responded

“Don’t worry, it probably won’t be the last time, get some clothes on your mom should be back shortly.”
“Okay” Brandon responded and ducked back into his room emerging a few minutes later wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Denise walked out on deck with Brandon and a few minutes later Nicole’s car appeared. Brandon went running down the dock in his bare feet to help his mother.

A little while later the galley was filled with the smells of cooking and the four of them were sitting down around the table eating toast and eggs, hash browns and bacon. They watched television for a little while sponge bob, and then the kids headed out to swim, The two mother followed and lounged on the deck of the boat as the two kids splashed in the water.

“Your fucking your son aren’t you?” Denise began

“How dare you?” Amanda said.

“I could taste his cum when I ate you out this morning”

“I… Uh” Amanda stumbled feeling caught

“Don’t worry Amanda” Denise smiled “I’m not going to tell, I think its fucking hot”

“You do?” Amanda gulped her OJ

“Yeah I do I would love to watch, but even more I’d love to partake”


“Well yes of course I have always had a thing for young boys”

“What about Star?”

“What about her?”

“Well if we get Brandon…” She trailed off

“Then we can teach her” Denise said.

“Your serious?” Amanda stammered Denise just kissed her new friend, her tongue probing the recesses of her mouth. Amanda gasped when Denise finally let her up for air.

“Have you sucked him off?”

“No I think it… its well dirty”

“It is” Denise said “But oh so good”

“I think I want to seduce your daughter” Amanda admitted.

“mmmhmmm” Denise smiled. “Be my guest of course with the understanding that I can in turn seduce your son”

“Sounds like a fair trade” Amanda sighed

“Oh don’t worry Amanda,” Denise licked her lips “We will share him I’m not going to steal your boy from you”

Chapter LXIX

Janna was nervous trying on these slinky outfits. Gloria had insisted that they go shopping, and now she had been handed several sets of underwear that, she was shocked existed. She had heard of such things but she would have never believed that anyone would have bothered to make a bra that supported but left the nipples and the tops of her breasts completely exposed. “Well how does it look?” Gloria asked
“I … “ Janna stammered a bit the door that she had thought she had secured swung open and Gloria came inside with a sales girl in tow. Mortified Janna jumped as if to try and cover up.

“What we can’t have you parading around in that in the store now can we?” Gloria asked “She looks hot don’t you think…” Gloria looked at the teen’s nametag “Rebecca?”

Rebecca flushed and stammered, “I… think she looks great in that”

Gloria pushed Rebecca forward almost into Janna, “I mean look at those tits Rebecca don’t they look so good and suck able in that bra?”

Janna watched as Rebecca licked her lips and whispered, “Yes”

“Look really close Rebecca, aren’t those tits begging to be sucked, look at how hard and erect those nipples are. I bet if you sucked them we’d make sure you got your commission and then some.” Rebecca leaned forward and Janna gasped when the young woman’s lips brushed her nipple and then finally took it between her lips. “That’s it Rebecca suck my friends milk jugs… It makes you hot doesn’t it?” she whispered Rebecca just nodded not taking her mouth from Janna’s swollen breasts. “That’s it Rebecca, suck those titties get the other one too” Rebecca pulled her mouth off one nipple a string of saliva hanging from her mouth to the nipple she just finished sucking. Janna glanced down to see Gloria’s hand inside of the front of the young woman’s pants; Gloria was fingering Rebecca while she sucked her nipples. She groaned with the sheer nasty naughtiness of it. Gloria leaned forward and licked Rebecca’s ear, “Pull her panties down.

. Rebecca did as she was told it was as if she was hypnotized by the two women and couldn’t control her own reservations. “That’s it Rebecca now lick her pussy like a good girl Gloria moaned as she gently pressed the sales girl’s shoulders. Janna shivered as the girls quick hot tongue lathed her slit she spread her legs pulling one up onto a bench and pushed the girls face in closer. Gloria kissed Janna quickly before she could cry out as the Rebecca’s long tongue split her slit from the bottom and danced in her throbbing hole before slipping higher between the lips of her sex until it circled her clit. Gloria groped Janna’s breasts while the other girl worked on Janna’s dripping pussy her lips circled her clit. It was no time at all before Janna trembled and nearly collapsed as the orgasm rocked her body.

Rebecca stood, and Gloria licked the girl slime off her face before offering her a Kleenex. Rebecca looked in the mirror and dabbed her face a bit straightened her clothes and walked out. “Oh my” Janna said after she left

“They run a full service place here”

“I see that” Janna gasped.

Janna got dressed and they walked to the counter where their selections were piled. Paid and Janna turned to go but before she did she saw Gloria handing Rebecca a card.

As they walked out to the parking lot Janna asked, “What did you give her?”

“My address” Gloria laughed “so that if she wanted more she could come and get it, she had the sweetest tasting pussy and I’d love to taste her tits.”

“Mmm yeah that would be nice” Janna moaned slumping into the passenger seat.

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