The best sex of my life was during my teen years as a wild, young gang-banger in L.A. There was never a shortage of bitches throwing themselves at tall, muscular, hard cocked men like me. And if there was resistance from a woman, me and my boys would undoubtedly find a way to fuck her anyway. Fucking rival gang members' girlfriends by force became an effective weapon in turf wars. I even had some women fall in love with me after some forced sex acts-- they were so impressed with my cock and performance they wanted more! By my mid-teens, I'd participated in a number or consensual and non-consensual gang-bangs. I fucked a different piece of ass every night through my teens.

Definitely one of the hottest bitches I ever fucked with was the slut sister of one of the boys in my gang. I'd heard stories about her slutty ways and cock teasing, tales that made my own prick rock hard with lust. She fucked teachers at school, her family members, strangers, and gang members all day long. It was my understanding that she was trained as an expert cock sucker by her brother and dad, and was eager to please men of all ages.

I first met her (if you could call it that) when I walked into my boy J.J.'s basement to a crowd of around two dozen or so big strong black men crowding around the pool table. There she was, a young 15yr old slut with hair in pig tails, an innocent look on her freckled face and her legs spread wide open, exposing moist, white cotton panties under her little plaid skirt. Nude from the waist up, my cock jumped at the sight of her well formed titties. They were a perky, beautiful overflowing handful. Her belly was taut and tan. She raised a finger to her lips, and then rubbed her moistened finger against the slit of her little cunt, visible through her white panties. I could see her delicious looking nipples harden with her arousal.

The men cheered, stroking their cocks through their boxers or jerking huge exposed cocks, pants around ankles. I quickly began stroking my own raging boner. Men swarmed the pool table, licking on her pussy through the little white panties until they were so wet they were translucent, and her sweet pussy was clearly visible. J.J. got up on the pool table near her head and slapped his cock on her face, and she eagerly sucked on it while pulling on her hard nipples. Someone pulled her panties down to her knees, exposing her perfectly smooth pussy for the men to begin fingering and licking. I made my way up to the table and began sucking on one of her perfect nipples. I pulled my cock out of my underwear and jerked it right there at her face. She began alternating between sucks of my cock and her brother’s.

The men started pulling on her like vultures at the sight of her sucking some cocks, two men spreading each leg wide open so that her little cunt could be devoured. I could see her little clit was hard as a rock from all the attention. She was moaning and gasping with pleasure. Her body was small, so the men easily pulled her around, sticking tongues in her every orifice. Cocks were rubbed all over her ripening tits. Someone stuck a finger in her ass, then a tongue up in her pussy simultaneously, making her scream out. All the men were ready to fuck, with raging cocks in hand. Judging by J.J.'s sister's moans and cries, she was ready to fuck, too.

A couple men lifted her up off the pool table and easily carried her petite body to a mattress in the middle of the floor. A gang bang porno was playing on the huge TV behind the mattress. Once on the mattress the men continued licking and fingering her pussy while she sucked cock after cock. Nobody shot their loads though-- everyone was waiting for her pussy or her ass. J.J. finally stepped forward, his 8" prick in hand, and rubbed his swollen cockhead against her cuntlips.

"Ah, sis, I love how you're down to fuck everything and anything!" And with that he pressed his cock into her pussy and started fucking her. She squealed with delight, and more cocks were stuffed into her mouth. I rubbed my cock against her pert breasts while J.J. fucked her wildly, her legs raised high on his shoulders. His balls began slapping against her ass with his thrusts. It felt good rubbing my cock in between her bouncing breasts. I saw J.J. pull his cock out of her pussy for a moment, plunge it into her asshole without warning for a few pumps, and then stuff it into her pussy again. He began alternating between her pussy and ass for a few minutes before focusing his attention deep in her pussy again, fucking her cunt with all his might as he grabbed her breasts. He moaned with his release, throwing his head back, erupting cum inside her. After a minute he pulled his dripping cock from her cunt, having deposited his seed deep up inside her womb.

Another man quickly replaced him, spreading her legs wide open to fuck her little pussy deep and hard. She was surrounded by huge strong black men stroking massive erections, this young, petite Latina slut, her perfect body being used as a cum dumpster by all these big dicked thugs. She screamed and moaned, fuck #2 of the gang-bang making her start to sweat. The second guy dumped his load deep inside her. She moaned and rubbed her pussy, her hole now starting to leak a little cum. I stepped up to her leaking pussy and became fuck #3.

Her small body lay beneath mine on the mattress, her taut belly now slick with sweat, she was breathing heavily, breasts heaving. A sparkling belly piercing stood out against her firm, tan skin. Her face was pretty, the freckles making her look so innocent. I watched as she sucked a cock, oblivious to me about to penetrate her. Taking my hard cock in hand, I rubbed it against her puckered little asshole which then got her attention. She squealed while I teased her ass with my cockhead, but I didn't actually penetrate her. I then took my cock and plunged it into her pussy. She screamed out beneath me as I fucked her at a frenetic pace. I fucked her so hard she couldn't even suck any of the nearby cocks; the men stood around jacking off while I fucked her brains out.

I knew I had a huge cock, 11" hard and straight as an arrow. After my initial wild animal fucking, I slowed down so I could watch her pussy swallow my entire cock. I could tell I was deep inside her womb, and thought to myself how I could so easily impregnate the bitch if she wasn’t on the Pill. I had no idea if she was or not. She moaned and writhed below me as I started rubbing on her clit. She was so wet from the previous cum deposits that my dick was glazed with cum and her own lubrication. I continued rubbing her clit but started fucking her harder as she moaned loudly. Feeling her pussy squeeze and spasm around my hot, hard prick, I was almost certain she was orgasming. The feeling of her pussy contracting sent me over the edge, and I jammed my cock into her again deep into the womb and unleashed my seed into her while grabbing her waist hard. She was breathless beneath me as I pulled my dripping cock out of her used pussy.

The next man had her get on top of him, facing away from him, while he fucked her in the ass, first dipping his huge cock into her wet pussy for lubrication and then placing his cock to her asshole. His dick was at least as big as mine, so some effort was required to stuff it in her asshole. Her asshole swallowed his cockhead, and he allowed her to get used to the intrusion of cock in her ass. Her pussy bulged out lusciously with her ass full of cock. Once halfway in, he began mercilessly fucking her asshole with reckless abandon. J.J. started eating out her pussy while she was getting anally fucked, inserting first one, then two, then three fingers into her cunt while sucking her clit until the guy doing the fucking had her get on her knees so he could fuck her ass from behind. Her ultra aroused pussy glistened with J.J.’s spit and her own lubrication; I was mesmerized watching her pussy bulge out while her ass was stuffed. The intense pace of his hard fucking and his strong muscular body her made her collapse under the pressure, and he continued to fuck her as she was sprawled flat on the mattress. A few guys were stuffing their cocks in her mouth. He pounded her flattened body, grunting like an animal as he fucked her hard up the ass. Groaning, he shot his load way up in her bowels.

After that, the next 4 guys fucked her up the ass while she was mostly doggy style, grabbing onto her firm tits or fingering her clit madly as they fucked her hard. Her pussy hole dripped cum as her ass was pounded. The 9th guy decided to fuck her cunt as she rode on top of him. She threw her head back, fondling her tits while riding the cock. I watched for several minutes, and then walked up and put my cock to her asshole. She stopped, surprised, but leaned forward to allow me to stuff my cock in her ass for a double penetration. Her asshole was juicy so my cock slid in pretty easily but still felt nice and tight around my raging prick. I pushed my cock in as far as I could, until my balls were pressing against her ass, gripping her waist tight, and then the guy below her and I began sawing into her holes while she clawed us and moaned. I could feel other men’s sperm dripping out of her asshole as I fucked it. The other guy and I began fucking her at a harder and faster pace. Men were still slapping her face with cocks for her to breathlessly suck on.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, I unleashed my load into her ass and pulled out of her sloppy hole. From then on out, after I initialized the double penetration, she was stuffed with cocks simultaneously in her ass and cunt. Her holes were dripping spunk; the puddle that formed beneath her on the mattress expanding. Slimy hands were wiping cum onto her tits and on her face as she continued getting fucked. She was sweating furiously by now. The room was filled with the sound of her squelching pussy and balls being slapped against her ass and thighs. I loved seeing her holes stuffed with cocks, seeing balls pressed hard against her ass cheeks. So did her brother J.J. He was proud of his slutty little sister, and was eagerly plowing his cock into her pussy while a huge guy with a veiny footlong cock fucked her ass. Then, a third guy came up and stuck his cock in one of her holes for a triple penetration-- I couldn’t tell which hole it was-- and just watched in awe as the screaming slut was stuffed full of glistening meat. The crowd jacked furiously to the sight of the young girl full of cock.

Shortly after J.J. deposited his seed into her womb yet again and the other guy came in her ass, two other men tool their place in her cum soaked holes while J.J. walked upstairs. Her belly bulged out from the double penetration, both men inside of her at least 10” long. J.J. came down several minutes later with a huge leashed Rottweiler. Then men in the room cheered out, knowing what was to come. His sister gasped when she saw the dog.

“Come on sis, I love seeing you fucked like a dog,” said J.J. The two men that were fucking her came quickly inside her cunt and ass, knowing they were about to witness a hot dog fuck. J.J. brought the dog close to his sister’s face so that she could rub his sheath and start playing with its cock. The large animal began getting excited, its pink prick beginning to descend inch by inch. Her pussy and assholes gaped open obscenely, with cum dripping out of both holes. When the dog started humping air, J.J. led the animal behind his sister, who was on all fours for her dog fuck. J.J. teased her by letting the dog’s cock graze her asshole, making her shriek. He then helped place the dog cock at her wet pussy lips and let the dog hump at her. The massive animal tightly wrapped its front legs around her waist, and once the beast felt its cock within bitch pussy it rammed its prick into her as hard as possible.

The beast began fucking her with a manic pace impossibly fast for humans, making her cry out and moan with pleasure. It seemed well trained to fuck the girl. I could see globs of human cum dripping out of her cunt as the dog fucked her rapidly. Her titties bounced furiously with the force of the dog fucking. I saw her reach below and rub her clit while the dog plowed into her, and she cried out that the dog’s cock was expanding inside her. The men were all still standing around stroking hard cocks at the raunchy sight; some walked up and shot their loads in her mouth while the beast fucked her.

After several minutes of jackhammer fucking, we could see the softball sized knot that had formed at the base of the animal’s prick was pressed against her wet pussy, and she was grinding on it and moaning. She cried out that the dog was cumming gallons inside of her, and we saw the animal plunge hard into her once more, shoving the knot into her cunt as she screamed. We could see cum dripping out as the huge beast became still. Its large furry body completely covering the petite bitch’s body. The men that had been standing around jerking off to the scene were spurting their cum in her face, in her mouth, on her back, on the dog. I went up to her and shoved my cock in her mouth, throwing my head back as my seed erupted deep in her throat.

The dog stayed knotted to his bitch for about 10 minutes, then easily slid out of her used up pussy. Cum flowed out, human and animal, when the animal withdrew his 8” cock and knot. Most of the men retreated to play pool or sit around smoking and drinking, while J.J.’s sister passed out on the cum soaked mattress. At least a half a dozen people fucked her holes or came on her face while she was passed out. Finally someone shoved a baseball bat inside her cunt to plug up the sperm inside it, and it was jammed inside her when she awoke.

She was a sexy little bitch. I heard later that she had gotten knocked up during the gang bang that night, and could only wonder if it was my seed that impregnated the little slut. For now I just look back on that night, jerking off furiously to the hot memory of gang banging J.J.’s young sister.


2014-07-09 21:52:52
i had my first gangbang when i was young too and i love it still do along with dogs

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2013-06-06 02:36:52
I think it's a little too late to say "that's someone's daughter!!"

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2011-10-08 15:37:44
.there are guys out there with 11 to 12 inches a friend from my teen years and i experiment with a bi sex at 15 he was a good thick 8 and my arse to it first go with a little pain by the time he was 17 he was just over 11 and as thick as a soft drink can and still to this day we get together for some fun and i can take him up to his balls in my arse and love it i would like to find bigger and thicker but havent yet

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2011-06-07 18:46:07
This is a fucking hot story!! Keep writing stuff like this! ;p


2011-05-12 23:44:03
Yes, from my own experiences with drunk friends running around doing lascivious group things, I've seen at least one guy who was 10" if not two. I love writing gangbangs!

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