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Recording our raunchy romp in mom's room.

Recording our raunchy romp in mom's room.

by Oediplex 8==3~

One morning I saw the oddest sight. I guess mom thought I had already left. I was due for playing over at my buddy's house that Saturday. In fact, I had left, but remembering I had promised to bring a magazine, I returned, having not gotten far. The door to her room was open a little, so as I passed it, I caught a glimpse of her.

She was not fully dressed yet. Of course, that got my attention. Mom is a beautiful blond MILF. Indeed she is MMILF, My Mother I'd Love to Fuck. But I never thought that I would ever stand a chance. Until I saw her prance, and primp and parade in her privacy that day.

That was what was so strange, her movements and her actions. It was in her bedroom, and she was alone. Since she and dad were divorced, it was just the two of us, mother and son. But here she was putting on an act, like a dancer; or a stripper, with the way she was dressed, or rather undressed. I could see that she had on just a black bra and high-cut black panties, with white stockings. As I peeked through the narrow crack, I could observe that she had these weird red platform shoes on as well.

So certainly there was no one else in the room with her. Yet she was behaving as if she were a show girl, putting on an act. Then she did this little twirl, or attempted to, I should say. For with those clunky shoes on, she lost her balance and fell flat on her ass! Forgetting that she was scantily attired, concerned as to if she injured herself, I rushed in.

“Mom! Are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?” I went to her and reached out to help her up.

She laughed and used my help to try to stand, but the stupid shoes still were awkward and she staggered back to plop her butt on the bed. This drew a few more chuckles from her. “I'd be better off bare foot!” she exclaimed. Then realized that she was half naked in the presence of her son. “What are you doing here?”

I knew she meant back home. “I forgot something, and came back. What were you doing? Are you okay? Anything hurt?”

“Just my illusions and possibly my dignity. Not that I have much of that left at the moment, dignity that is.”

“What's with the freaky dancing and stuff, mom? Were you drinking again, or smoking dope?”

“I wish. No I was just pretending to be . .” she sighed. “When I was a young girl, I had a dream of being a star. A dancer, not a ballerina, but a show girl, like in Vegas. I would sometimes pretend in my room that I was on stage. Did you ever do anything like that?”

“Uh . . sometimes I'm a Jedi knight.”

“We all have our fantasies. One year my dad got a home movie camera, what they called 'Super-8', eight millimeter film with sound. I would borrow it and and make my own films in my room of my pretend Vegas act. Then watch it, by myself, 'cause I didn't want anybody else to see and laugh at me.”

I looked interested, but I was sort of puzzled still by her actions of now. It must have shown on my face, because mom simply pointed to her dresser as if that would clear up my wondering. It did. There on the high-boy drawers was our video camera. She had been filming her show-girl shenanigans!

“You were pretending to be a Vegas show girl and video taping it?”

“Silly me.”

“No, mom. You're beautiful enough to be one of those women. You're as sexy as any of them!”

While we were not an overly modest family, generally mom did not go around in front of me dressed only in her underwear. So now she looked down at her state of undress, and said with a wry smile, “I'm glad you didn't come in where I go to the topless part!”

“Can I see the video of you dancing?”

“Well, there's not much to see, I just started to do my strut when I stumbled and you saw what a klutz I am on these stupid platform shoes. I wanted to add height, so I felt like one of those long legged ladies that have the feathers and glamorous costumes when they walk across the stage.”

“I could tape you, that way you could watch where you're going, rather than worry about playing to the camera. I'd be glad to help. And I promise that I won't laugh. Then we can watch it together.”

“Well that's tempting, Darling, but I'm not sure that I should be so indecently clad and parading my body in front of my own son.”

“With the stockings on, you've got more covering your skin than when you're on the beach in a bikini.” I argued. Hoping that I got to stick around for the 'show'.

“That's true, but it's not quite the same thing. Then again, you won't see anything you haven't already this morning. I guess it would be okay. I'm in the mood to have a little fantasy role playing. But won't your friend be expecting you?”

“He's got a bunch of guys coming over, I won't be missed. I'd like to share this with you. Think of it as a sort of bonding time for mother and son.”

“Oh what a big psychological term! Where did you hear that?”

“After-school special, about kids and single parents.”

So mom put on her act for me as her videographer. She got quite erotic, letting herself go and loosened up to allow me to get some close ups and even did a few naughty poses. This prompted me to ask, “Did you ever pretend to be a stripper, mom?”

“Well, I sort of did this tease thing once for a boyfriend, he thought I would have been good at it.”

“Go ahead, let's get it on film.”

It was like the camera was another person other than myself, she was doing things for the lens that she never would have done for my bare eyes. But mom started dipping her bra down and hiking the panties into a thong. “That's it Vivian, show the camera your body, the lens loves you, make love to the lens!” I was quoting this corny line from a porno film I had seen once. It was like a magic spell, mom did start to get wilder, to provide more and more skin for filming.

She pulled her top down so her terrific teats were uncovered. Then as she scampered about the bedroom like she was on the set of an X-rated movie, she lay back on the bed and removed her underpants. Her trimmed bush and shaved labia were exposed. I had been turgid in my pants for a while, but now the tenting was not just uncomfortable, it was painful. I had to pause and adjust my dick. When she saw me doing that. She sat down on the mattress abruptly.

“My God! What am I doing?”

I had to try to salvage the situation before she bailed out of the scene and into reality. “Just being your real self, free and uninhibited before the camera. Just letting your fantasies out. It's health to do that sometimes, mom. I only wish I could have the same sort of freedom, to act out my fantasies.”

“You want to be a Jedi knight, right? She asked

In a stroke of inspirational genius, I said, “What I would really really like to be is . . . no, you'd laugh at me.”

“No I won't, I promise, you let me be me. Let me film you in your fantasy too, Sweetheart, I promise I won't laugh.”

“Would you think I was being bad, if I was . . acting naughty.”

“Well, what are you thinking about?” she hesitated, suspecting possibly something sexual. But I had a way to approach the subject sideways, even though of course my interest in such was aroused, in more ways than one, but in one obvious way. Even with my clothes still on she could tell I had reacted to her daring dancing physically. What male wouldn't?

“There was this book we read in school, called 'Lord of the Flies', boys are shipwrecked on an island . .”

“Yes, by William Golding, I remember, we studied it too.”

“And the kids ran wild and naked and did what they wanted to.”

“Some were good, and some were bad.”

I handed the camera to my mother. “I would be one of the good kids, but everybody was naked and natural.” I began to take of all my clothes. My mother watched me like she was hypnotized, holding the video cam, but not using it. When I was stripped to my birthdays suit, a blond urchin version of my mother, she seemed to snap out of her fog and began tape. I scampered and capered all over the room like a sort of monkey, a naked ape. I had a whopper the whole time I was putting on my antics.

My mesmerized mom was taking this all into the camera; all the while her bra was pushed down to the bottom of her tits. In that configuration it was lifting her beautiful full bosom high on her chest. The delightful tits were capped with round brown nipples that were proudly pointed with nice big buttons. Her ass was bare, the thighs framed by white stockings. The red clunkers still on her feet. I thought I saw a glint of glistening down in her crotch. Were we not involved in some subtle incestuous seductive scene? Could anyone not think that my hard-on wasn't getting to her, as much as her exposure to me was stimulating my libido?

Vivacious Vivian and not so innocent Vincent, cavorting on video with naked vulva and bare boner. But I had more in mind than play acting, I wanted to shoot some real action. I wanted to shoot inside my mother, with my prick in her pussy. Did she think this was going to end any other way?

“Let's make a porno flick!” I exclaimed after I had made sure my mother was fully aware of both my athletic prowess and male power.

“But Vinnie, you're my boy!” she made protest, but I could tell her mind had thought of the same possibilities. “It would be . .”

“Taboo!” I interrupted, “But not as bad as cannibalism, or rape, like in the book. It would be incest, yes, but so good, so nice, so sweet to share that special bonding . .”

“I don't remember . .”

“Forget what the book was about. Let's make a sex tape to watch together, and when we see ourselves having sex then we can get inspired to do it again. Let's get nasty and naughty, dirty and do it. That has been my real fantasy, to fuck you mom, to put my penis in your vagina and let my semen flow into your womb.”

Now I knew this was blowing her mind. That she never would have considered anything before this morning like what I was purposing. But I also knew that she was turned on, that she had been horny since the divorce several years ago; and that she never would have let me get this far without some sort of inkling that a liaison between the two of us weren't something that had always been a possibility.

We had been dodging the issue since I entered puberty, but now it was out in the open at last. It was something magnetic and unspoken, but always an underlying current of lust that flowed between us. The catalyst of the camera had allowed the chemistry to come to a head, and now the mixture of pheromones and hormones were too powerful to resist. It was going to happen eventually, we both somehow knew. Now it was taking place, and I was going to be taking my mother, taking my father's place, and taking pictures of our doing it.

I took the video recorder from mom as she began to go from dazed to daring, from housewife to whore, from wholesome to whole heartedly allowing her son in her hole. The transformation showed on her smiling face like the sun breaking through the clouds, now she WAS the proud and confident actress/star of the movie.

She lay on the bed and bent one knee so that her damp quim was open to my view. “... I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille ...” mother quoted an old movie line. I climbed onto the bed next to her and got a great angle on the crotch-shot.

Then I maneuvered myself to place my cock at the very mouth of my mother's muff. Her calf was resting on my shoulder to give me easy access. I pointed the camera at her grinning image and said, “Here is your close up!”

Her bright white teeth showed between her red painted lips and she spoke, “Fuck me, my son! Fuck your mommy, baby!”

I did. The head of my penis slipped right in the the buttery center of her sex. I aimed the camera at the juncture of her legs where the joining of our genitals was taking place. I got the shot of my dick making progress inside mom inch by inch until my hairless balls banged against her butt and my rod was firmly sock deep as it could go.

Mom took the camera so that I could grasp her thigh and plug away at her tender womanhood. The smack sounds made as I slammed it to her were counter-measured with the slurpy sucking as I withdrew my meat from mom's cavity. The rhythm grew more rapid as I approached my climax and mom had trouble keeping the cam aimed as she also was in the throes of cumming. Then I was creaming my hot wad in the steaming sex of my mother, pumping everything I had in contractions that zinged from my asshole to my ears. Mother arched her back, her magnificent tits pointed straight up as she came in a huge orgasm herself.

MMILF! Filth on film, Vivian and son on video, Vinnie victorious, finally, but not for the last time. Because I was going to make my mother the star of my life.

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Happy Birthday to your Mother-in-Law! My mother turend 91 last week, and I agree with you about time spent with loved ones. They are from a generation of hardy stock. My mother's mom and dad died within months of each other when my mom was 9. She had to drop out of school (third grade) to help her older sister take care of 5 brothers. But she educated herself and can do math I can't do. lol I don't get to see as much of her as I'd like, but we do talk on the phone at least 30 minutes every day.

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Speaking of our children AIB has been linrneag spanish at school, so we continuously prompt him to say words in spanish. Well, riding home in the car yesterday, Asa was babbling as usual, and AIB pipes up See Mom, Asa knows how to speak Spanish, too!

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That addresses sveeral of my concerns actually.

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you tuab hossam tahsen baek

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Dude, I'm a huge fan but these last 3 stories you've submitted have been very much below your standard of writing.

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