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Abduction, based on what I really believe is not precisely such a mistake, I do believe that having something to fuck with is always the best way to link our ways to the new world we are going to make, terrorize, no, just ignore that some bitches may ever regret about this, humiliation, such a funny mistake that shall lead us to the best girl or boy to fuck...
-“What's the matter, mom I don't think we need to go there, please, what is going to happen to me?”- I simply wouldn't believe that having such a bitch mother as mine was the luckiest part of my life. She didn't had the enough money by prostitution, to continue maintaining herself drugged every day/night, just because she needed to feed me, I was only nine by then, so it was having a job or be sold, and I was just too cute for being sold by such a low prize, since no boy wondering round here had English features I had, not there in Vietnam, so she was just paid well enough for having me there as the new boy who was going to be enslaved.

And not saying a single word, she just grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of her, standing in front of an Asian old-man, who did just looked at my barefoot white feet, and pay close attention to the blue-eyes I had, knowing that I had a rare golden hair, then he looked at my mother's face waving his head up and down, and gave two enormous bags filled with a strange currency, then he took a large ablaze metal, and the woman that was no longer my mother, made a strong wrestling from behind me, grabbing my both arms, and pulling my little face down from my neck, using her both hands, so the old man I now belonged to could hit my chest with that large ablaze metal, but, of course, he did broke my white shirt into a half, before he did ever do anything else than watching to my little 124.10 Cm body, and he just put the gunpoint of that metal object into chest and I did felt such a pain, that my young body simply couldn't resist and fell K.O., into the grass. Then the old guy shook his right hand with the old bitch woman, took me inside a large bag, and ran away with me to a completely unknown location, not even in Asia itself, I can only say the air was always warm enough to roast a chicken without any chicken, and there always people talking on a strange language, all of them with an extremely dark skin, just like the darkness itself.

Apparently, after 64 hours I woke up, already blindfolded, apparently with my own white shirt; standing on my knees bound: my both hands tied with some kind of strong, large chains, looking up; my both feet tied back to my own back, and those where linked with another weird kind of strong chains, to a dog collar I had since I was 7 round my neck, and I had such a strong headache that I didn't even got to notice that I was just so near from naked, but a red coat somebody had put me on, having its buttons undone, so anyone would immediately have an invincible wish to fuck me.

I could hear nothing, but the sound of the chains round my little body, and I did only get to know that two men were getting closer to my current position, talking on a weird language, not even Chinese, and I got desperate to free myself, waving the chains holding my both hands, but since I got to know that this was such as useless as lifting 100 Lbs weights with the little, young body I had, so I decided to give up, and began to cry, knowing that even since I suddenly got the strength Hulk use to count with on the comics, there was no place where I would be safe in, knowing that I no longer had got any other home. So I began to accept that I belonged to another guy, and got ready for making for the first day in my life what would actually be my homework.

Steps I used to hear for a while had suddenly stopped in front of the door, in charge of sealing the room, and the owners of those were talking about some kind of freaky deal within him and me, and knowing that they were already going to begin, made me get petrified, not being able to do anything else than breath, and when I heard the sound of the door, opening slightly, my body begun to tremble, just like if I would had been thrown, naked as I am by now, over the Antarctic, lonely over a giant iceberg, and I could just listen their footsteps, slightly approaching to me, naked, bound and gagged, and it suddenly came back to my mind the story of how that bitch had become into what she is now, having a similar case from mine, and knowing that I was not a girl, but a guy, made me regret what would probably mean become gay.

The man put his hand on the shirt round my eyes, and then he put off his black belt, so he could clearly look my face and gave me a rough shot with it on my young face, and as he saw I was still petrified by the simple fact of his presence in front of me, he gave me another three harsh ones with his leather belt, first on my right little cheek, next to my left cuff, finishing with the one he had started with. Such pain was just too much to resist for such a young guy, this made me snap out of it, and I got to know some knowledge about a dark skinned man in front of me, who did untie the hogtie round my both feet and neck, and also untie my hands too, but this ones had a prize, of course, which was only to untie them from those strong chains, to tie them again, now on my back, having my both hands perfectly tied with a large rope, having my arms into a right triangle shape, then he just use some rope he had left to tie my arms strongly to my chest.

He then showed me his enormous, “powerful” pennies, and since he seemed to know English too, he did just said with a commanding voice, -“I am now your master, you little bitch, and it shall be like it for an entire week, you listen! Now I will put off those shirts from your mouth, and when I do that, I want you to put your mouth inside my cock, you got that kid?

I of, course fall into a shock state once again, and I just couldn’t get to know how was I supposed to do my ex-mother’s job, being a guy, and not a girl, and having fall into a shock state once again, made him get angry, so while he roughly punched my chest five times and while he was doing so, he angry replied, -III…SAAIIID…GOOOT….IIIIIIT…KIIIID?!
I immediately said waved my head saying yes, but since I begun to spread some blood outside from my mouth, he took the decision of “washing my mouth”, so he did untie my mouth, and when I begun to suck that enormous thing in front of him, he begun to urinate, which obviously made me put my mouth away from his cock, but instantly, he grabbed my head from my golden hair, and forced me to blowjob with him just to the tip of his experienced pennies, so I may drink the 2 liters of urine he was sparkling out of his cock, and once he had finished with it, he decided that I was no longer spreading any single drop of blood out of my mouth, so he stopped pulling my head, and said with a commanding voice:-“DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT STOPPING!”-, and I did continued soaking, tasting that cum inside it, and once, I did began to enjoy this, I did began to taste softly insider, and much more insiideeer…and oh, boy just too much more insiiiiddeeeer, and it was such a wish of wanting to taste some more, and so I did kept soaking his enormous cock, ‘till I reached the fur dressing his balls, and I did soaked his balls twice, and kept making this blowjob thing on him.

After half of an hour of blowjob, on him, doing nothing else, but standing up and tasting such a cute boy’s mouth with such a male’s black cock, he got bored, and this made him get cruel on me, so he decided to fuck my ass using some kind of electronic device, and sure it was just fine, such a good experience, rather I say such a freaky funny beginning, but I just couldn’t instantly resist the power of those toys, once he had already turned them on, so I did reacted and put my mouth out of his large cock, and hit my head into the floor.

Furious because of this, he grabbed my hair, and not turning off the electronic devices, he once again pulled my head inside my cock, and, begun slapping on my buttocks, saying furiously:-“I...SAID…DON’T…STOP…!-, and thus I did began to like spankings, but I just wasn’t done yet, and I did almost begun to accept the fact that I had already became gay, so I did kept soaking his cock for another half of an hour, while he was having fun with his sex-toys inside my ass.

He once again got bored of doing the same thing on me, and instead, he had a better fucking idea, so he called the man the man who was dealing with him before coming up with me, then he took out the machines out of my little ass, did the same thing with his cock inside my mouth, and gave a cum shot to my mouth, then he got his black ass inside my white young ass, and kept fucking now using something both, much…much bigger, and also much…much larger; and kept giving cum shots, now inside my ass, and got insider, just so hardly, that immediately fall in love with the 40 year-old man, but I did wished a cock to suck, and luckily another black mature, but younger man had appeared, now apparently a 30 year-old one, and also the man my new master had required for this mission, and so the guy stood up in front of me and began putting off his old, mistreated shorts, and so put his cock in front of my nose, and now looking at him with such an innocent, happy face, with those cute blue eyes, I began soaking his black large cock. And since it was my first time, I was obviously crazy for more, so I did slowly got my mouth inside his cock, enjoying this and making some crazy blowjob on him, and after a forty minutes long, I was already tasting some cock inside my both ass and mouth, and because of my excitement, my own cock suddenly begun to cum crazily too!

And this made my master get just too curious, and so he did called another sexy boy, apparently an experienced, Spanish featured, 15 year-old one, and he was just lying down in front of me, raising his chest, and holding it with his both elbows, and so he grabbed my little cock inside his mouth, and so he did began to taste my cum inside his mouth, then he realized my young pennies from his both hands, and he did so got it inside his cute mouth, and this way, allowed me to experience for the first time in my short life, yet; what a blowjob felt like, and tell you what, it feels like nothing else. But he did just lasted an hour, since they were planning my something better for my new look.

Having already such a nice idea about how cute I did looked by then, they did decided to nail my polishes with a red color, but leaving the red coat on me, then they decided to brush me like a cute, short haired girl, kind of messed up hair, left inside the dark room I was left inside when I first came here, and me using a gag ball round my mouth, having well tied those sexy young one's legs, and actually left me staying on my knees; me using that dog collar I've been wearing since I was 7 (only two years ago), and of course using it to make a strong wrestling hogtie (using some strong chains) between my neck and my both beautiful white feet, already tied with some handcuffs the black man (apparently a Sargent) had inside his pocket, and finally having a large bunch of unbreakable chains between my both arms, back, and chest, so I may be unable to move.

Still wanting another 24 hours of sexual activity, I got to look at that old man I had been sold to, using such an innocent looking face using my beautiful blue-eyes, and yet I made it to call an instant view of his attention, only to know about the bold looking having only an enormous interest coming out from his empty billfold, ready to explode once and again, 'till no more money can be posted on it.

Yet, I looked closely to him at the moment he was closing that giant door...such a small kid on his first time, and I just couldn't even move for masturbating just a little bit more, and now, lonely on a dirty dark room, having no response of his both strongly bound arms and legs, perhaps already liking this a little bit more every half of an hour, I just began to cry. But even so nothing to worry I had, knowing that if such a bitch mother I used to had, being just another slave bitch young one, shall be what I best know to do.

What about the future?, huh, quite an interesting question, shall I just say it may not even be to answer as fast as a tie up guy gets fucked by his own father?, or rather I explain you as the following: perhaps not as a child, perhaps not as a teen, thirteen years may be the exact years for me to think about the right answer, but what if I get old enough to be left on the streets alone?, same I explain, thirteen years are just good enough to get to know about my own business, and by this I only mean: "the most experienced slaves, are due to be the greatest enslavers ever".

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2010-11-07 19:31:41
The grammer & the spelling is the worst I have ever read. I didn't even finish the story, it is that bad

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2010-11-04 17:28:32
I understand that English is likely not your first language, but what you may not realize is you definitely don't have a good enough grasp of it to write in English. Get yourself an English-speaking proofreader before you submit again; your stories have potential, but the grammar is appalling.

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2010-10-02 20:18:18
i'm sorry but the appalling grammar and spelling entirely ruined this story. in fact it is so bad i couldn't be bothered to finish reading it. Please try spell checker before submitting further stories.

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