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Her red heels means mom's ready for Teddy bare.

Her red heels means mom's ready for Teddy bare.

by Oediplex 8==3~

“Hi everybody. I'm a little nervous, this my first meeting of SA. Deep breath, okay, here goes.”

“Hi, my name is Ruby, and I am a sex addict. I guess we are suppose to tell our story? I'm here because my therapist said that I needed to cum, I mean be here - not . . well, sorry I didn't intend to make that pun . . but that is kind of the point isn't it? I needed to cum, and cum and cum again and again. I had to have sex, it WAS like a drug. I needed that fix, that rush, that chemical boost when you have an orgasm. I averaged at least four climaxes a day, but sometimes it could be six or eight, even twelve if I had multiples. And it was easy for me to have multiples, so easy and so goood, you know how . . . Uh, I'm getting off track.”

“Anyway, well I got caught. Not just caught having sex . . . . . . uuhmm . . . having sex with . . my . . son.”

“I know that sound terrible . . . well, I guess it is. But it wasn't every time I needed sex. I had sex with lots of men . . and sometimes women . . if a man wasn't handy, and I reeaalllyy had to HAVE it. You know what it's like. I suppose that's why we're all here at this meeting of Sexaholics Anonymous.”

“But when all else failed, and I was desperate, then I had sex with Teddy, my son Theodore. He certainly didn't mind. I mean he knew mommy's problem. Hell who didn't? I mean, if you knew Ruby, you knew she was a . . a slut. There I said it. But it was true. . . . Is true. I AM a sex addict. I'm not proud of it. But I'm supposed to be honest, right. I mean, if I can't be honest with a bunch of other sexaholics, who can I be honest with. It's hard to be honest with yourself, that's the toughest thing.”

“As I was saying, Ted knew I liked sex. Everybody did, and I had sex with about everybody who knew me, at one time or another. You might say the everybody who knew me, knew my body, Biblically speaking if you will. Teddy too, it was inevitable. He was so handsome and athletic. He's on the swim team at his school. He's like a young Adonis. A lot better than some of the middle-age losers I've used as a next to last resort. (You weren't so bad Doc, whoops, let that cat out of the bag! I did say everybody . .) Well those guys were next to last resort, because I tried to avoid temptation with my son, but it was hard. And I mean hard, he is firm and fat, long enough, even at that young age.”

I suppose I ought not to talk about my son that way. But that was the problem, I liked it. I not only liked it, I loved it. I loved Teddy and I loved it with him, and he love me and loved fucking me . . . I didn't mean to get carried away. Where was I? Oh yeah . . Theodore was my last resort because I knew it was wrong. Bad. Sinful. But since I became addicted in the last two years, I had no control. Like that Spike Lee movie, “She Got To Have It” That was me.”

“It started when my daddy died. Funny, he always wanted to have me, but never got the chance. He was the one who named me Ruby for my red hair. I always like the the color red, but for some reason, when daddy had his heart attack, I started to crave red. I bought red drapes for my bedroom. And these were not just the red curtains for my windows, they were ruby red drapes for my four poster bed. So I would wake in the morning surrounded by red. I bought red lipstick, well that's not so different, but it was bright red. I always wore red earrings, had matching red nail polish; the face of my watch was a red dial. I even wore red panties. Red patterned bedspread, window frames painted red.”

“I noticed that when I was sexually aroused, that my nipples were a brighter red, and my pussy tissues went from pink to red. That was the point where I started to have the need to have sex constantly. I don't know why but having my private parts red was a big turn-on, and when turned on I like sex even more. That's natural of course, but see, it was a vicious circle: turned-on - get red; get red at my erogenous zones - get more turned-on; get really turned-on - I had to have sex; have sex and my body glowed with Ruby red flesh. And then I would cum: I would cum hard; hard and long; hard and long and lots of times in a row; the climaxes would go on and on . . OH! I'm rambling again. I do that. I'm obsessive about sex. That's why I'm here. Why we're here, I guess I'm not the only one in the room, huh?”

“So I had sex with my kid, he wasn't that young, as young as he looks; because he's small for his age, but well proportioned. When I wanted to have him do me, I wore these special red high-heel shoes. Red leather pumps, classic style. I might have on a red short night gown with red panties, the sort they call a teddy outfit? But it wasn't what I had on my tits or ass, or if they were scarlet; yeah I know all the jokes about being a 'scarlet woman', save them, will ya! It was the crimson high-heels that was the signal. If I wore those in front of Ted, he knew to come knocking at mom's bedroom door in about fifteen minutes.”

“I wore those blood-red pumps in bed when he had me. They were on my feet when I took his cherry. They say red is the color of passion, well that's certainly true for me! You heard about waving a red flag in front of a bull? Well, that's what it does for me sexually. When I see red - I see sex; when I have sex and climax - I see red. Literally, my vision flashes red when I climax. It's like a specialized obsessive-compulsive thing.”

“The day we got caught, Teddy and me, I was extra horny. Nobody had been around all day, I couldn't get laid for love nor money! Even the doorman was out sick. So when Teddy got home, there I was in the kitchen in a pearly white teddy (all the red ones were in the wash), I had on rose colored panties and of course, the red high-heels. Theodore knew what was cooking, and it wasn't on the stove, it was bubbling between mother's legs! I gave him 'the look', that said it all, and retired to my boudoir. Like clockwork, fifteen minutes later there's a knock on my door. I told him to come in, there was only the two of us in the apartment.”

“He enters, and get this, he's caring his old teddy bear. Where the hell he dug that ancient toy up I have no idea, it used to be my daddy's way back when. He had on just his brown shorts, but he shucked them right away, as he crawled up on the bed to me. 'What's that for?' I asked him, pointing to the bear. 'You'll see' later, he answers. Had to be something kinky, but I was too eager to have a dick in me to worry about it right then.”

“Now Teddy and I have a routine. We might fuck in any number of positions as our sessions goes on, but we always start out the same way. I get to the headboard kneeling and Ted gets behind me. I don't know why, but I just love it when he screws me like that. It really gets my motor running. First he kisses my neck and fondles my nipples on my up turned tits. Then, he pulls down my panties, but not all the way off, just to my ankles. It's like he is seducing me and taking me from behind, almost against my will. Almost of course, because my points on the tatas are hard and I'm slippery already, down there.”

“Theodore is hard and he places his thick member at my entrance. He kisses my back right between the shoulder-blades. That drives me wild with lust. He's got one hand on my hip, but the other is by his side, straight down. Like he's almost in a formal pose. Then comes the best part, except for cumming of course.”

“He teases me. 'What do you want?' he asks. I getting wet right now thinking about our little game. He is naked in back of me, when he kneels his prick is prodding my pussy at just the right height to enter, but he doesn't do it yet. 'What do you want?' he repeats. 'Do you want me to do it? Do you want to be bad?' I shake my head and say 'NO!' like I was scared. He talks in a rough low voice, 'But you are a bad little girl. You know you should be punished. What punishment do bad little girls get when they get wet?' I whimper, because I know the answer. His penis is right at the spot where I am wet.”

“He speaks softly now, always we follow the same dialog, 'Say it, what do they get when they are wet?' I speak in the voice of a little girl. Strange how the roles reverse, he the child - I the adult; yet he is the authority figure in this fantasy and I the wayward waif. I say in a tiny meek quaver, 'Please don't put it in!' . . 'IT will feel GOOOD!' he coaxes me, as the tip presses the tender tissues of my vulva open. 'Please?' I beg, but the bulb is hard against my opening, 'oohh . . ohh . ooo!' I squeal, and the knob slips into the mouth of my vagina. I bend forward a little, I grip the drapes to hold on for dear life. His cock is gradually penetrating my hole. I can't stop him.”

I don't want to stop him, it feels too good! The shaft moves slowly in, in, in until the very root of the stalk is jammed against my pudenda. He holds it like that for long seconds. We both understand that we have committed incest. If I can't have my daddy, then I'll have my boy! OH GOD! What did I just say? The light in the room here is turning red. Ted, Teddy is in his mother, my baby, my boy is banging me. He's sawing away at my guts with his beautiful member; YES! TEDDY FUCK MOMMY! My womb is filled with his seed, he is squirting his hot semen in my vagina right now! YESS! NOWW! TEDDY! NOWW! - - RED! I SEE RED! DADDY! DON”T DIE!! I NEED YOU DADDY! FUCK ME DADDY! I . . I . . . I . . . I came.”

“I'm sorry, I got carried away in my story, I . . . It was so real. I definitely have issues . . huh . . Yeah, I can understand why you all are so silent. Didn't expect that, huh? I didn't either. But maybe by going through all that I got to make a little progress. Got to have some insight to what started me down this road to perdition.”

“Oh yeah, You want to hear how we got caught? We were on the second story, the drapes were pulled back, the window open, but there is nothing outside on that avenue, just an old abandoned factory across the street. But that afternoon, of all things, that afternoon, just as Teddy is cumming in me with a big climax; and I'm hitting the high note with my own wail, while I was having a great whopping orgasm. Teddy shouts 'I LOVE YOU MOMMY!' and right outside the window, at that very moment: one of those stupid double-decker sightseeing buses is pulled up to the stop light – which is ironically RED!! The whole twenty people on top deck are looking in our window and seeing us in living color, hearing every word clear as a bell!”

Ya know, I just realized, I never did find out what Theodore was planning to do with that silly Teddy bear.”
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