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I saw more than what I expected on my son's PC
Hi my name is Nick and I am 42 years old. I am married and have 2 kids. My eldest is Jake who is 14 and youngest is Tessa who is 12 years old. My wife is a Doctor and I am a Sales Rep. for a Tech. company. We live in a very friendly area and we only have side neighbours.

Now I am a faithful husband and I have never played around my wife or any other woman. I have always had my sexual urges satisfied but there comes a time when new things can be enticing. I consider myself to have an open mind when it comes to sex and I am somewhat of romantic guy. As time passes by things in my sex life got a bit tense. My wife being 40 had to do more night shifts and that came with a lot of absent nights from dinner.

One evening I was home with the kids and Jen was at work and I decided to check if Jake wanted to play some Xbox. As I neared his room I realised that he was not there but his PC was running and his monitor was switched off and so I curiously turned it on but I was quickly drawn to what was on the screen. I saw a webcam video running of what looks like someone's bedroom. I then heard Jake running up the stairs and I quickly walk towards his Xbox game and started to look through his collections. That was close I thought to myself. When Jake came in he was a bit uneasy but soon cleared that up by saying "oh I just went across by Sandy (our next door neighbour), she wanted me to help fix her webcam". I was ok with all that but in my mind I was wondering if the webcam video on his PC was viewing the room of Sandy. I was curious but careful at the same time.

As the weeks went by all were normal and then my wife made the announcement that she has to conduct a seminar out of state for 2 weeks. It was going to be the first two weeks of summer and so the kids did not have any issues. I also was due 4 weeks’ vacation for the month of July, perfect timing. So as the wife left I was home with the kids and the first challenge was Tessa wanting to spend a week with her girlfriends at Tina (rich girl) house. It was ok with me since Tina lives alone with her mom. Tessa was in heaven since I allowed her 1 week with her friends and now was Jake turn. He came to me saying that he and his buddies want to go camping in the woods. Now Jake is a master of the wilderness and I was ok with that as well, after all summer had started.

So now I found myself alone at home for the next week. Day one and the first thing I wanted to do was investigate Jakes' PC. I made success by accessing his files and soon saw a file named "Smooth Sandy". I was curious and I opened it and was amazed to see all sorts of snapshots from a webcam of Sandy naked and posing in all sorts of sexual positions. I was getting an erection but was starting to get excited at looking at Sandy. Now Sandy is 22 and works at the mall and she is my neighbour. She lives with her Mom and younger brother Jamie who is 12. Sandy is a beautiful, fun and charming young lady with a lot of sex appeal and I mean a lot. Her breasts were of the succulent nature and her ass was round and fat. As I continued to look at the pictures I all sorts of ideas started to come in my mind. One was if I can see Sandy live on the webcam. I decided that I will look at Jake friend list and get the id for sandy. I did that and set up a private profile on a certain social network and added her and she accepted.

All this happened within 6 hours and I was making good progress. I hid behind a profile of a 40 year old man wanting to have some cam to cam fun and I realised that Sandy was into cam sex and was actually feeling a bit jealous of Jake. Monday night arrived and I logged in and sandy was on and we started to chat. Our conversation was all about sex and then she wanted to start our web sex but I was scared a hell for her to see who it was in truth. She allowed me to see her and I was so excited to see her in a white silk vest and a lovely white panty. My cock was hard as ever and when she request for me to show myself I complained about my cam going dead. She was disappointed but offered to assist and so I wondered If I should reveal myself. I did not and what she typed next was mind blowing and heart pounding. Sandy typed "Stop playing games with me Mr. Nick, I know it's you on Jake's computer, I can see your IP address. As a tech man I knew I made a mistake and immediately signed out and left Jake room and turned off the lights.

Here I was caught and busted and I was so nervous and scared and I did not know what to do because I never considered I would get caught. In a matter of minutes the phone rang and it was Sandy and I was speechless. She said "hi Mr. Nick, is it ok for you to come by the fence so we can chat in person, don't worry I won't tell anyone". I said ok and quietly hang up and went outside and saw her standing by Almond tree between our yards and there was little light there. As I got closer I saw that Sandy was smiling and I was quiet. She said "Mr. Nick, I know you like to look at me, do you want to fuck me"? I did not know what to say and finally said "I am sorry Sandy but I cannot go on with this". As I was about to walk away in fear Sandy said "I want you to fuck me Nick". I was happy to know that but was so nervous but wanted to just grab her and devour her sexy body but fear too over again and I said I am going inside. We parted and went inside our houses.

I was confused as to how fast everything had happened from the time of seeing her pictures on Jake's PC to what just happened. I got erected and went and took a warm bath and had a wild and intense masturbation in the shower. I wanted to taste Sandy so badly, make love to her luscious body. Oh I did not understand why I could not say yes when she offered herself. After all the excitement I got dressed and went to make a snack when the door bell rang. I was surprised that someone is at the door at 9 pm. As I looked through the peep hole I say Sandy. My heart started to beat real fast and I somehow found the courage to open the door. When I did the first thing I noticed is that she only had on a T-shirt and nothing below. I asked "what can I do for you?" and she softly replied "I need to feel your cock inside me Nick". I took 2 steps back and she walked in and I closed the door. As she walked in I said "I am not sure this ok for me to do, I am married and as soon as I mentioned married, Sandy said forcefully "now listen mister, I now you want to and if you don't fuck me then I will tell Jake and your wife". I immediately got into the begging mode and started to reason with her knowing full well that I cannot get my way.

I finally gave in and told her "ok, I will do anything to keep you happy". As soon as I finished talking she removed her shirt and there she was in front me, naked as can be and my senses went into overdrive. I felt so alive, I heard my own breathing, my mouth water started to run and I saw only pleasure in front me. She walked over to me and took my hands and we went upstairs. Here I was about to be fucked by this doll and I was confused. As we entered my room I had to run back downstairs and drank some large quick shots of vodka I had in the cupboard. I felt more relaxed and went back up feeling the fast effects of the rum hitting me. When I entered my room Sandy was lying on her belly waiting for me. I walked next to the bed and she suddenly pulled me over and jumped on top me and started to kiss me and soon I gave in and we shared a long, deep and passionate kiss that sent shivers all over our bodies. My manhood was hard like a rock and her nakedness was rubbing all over me. She then proceed to remove my shirt then boxers to reveal my solid 7 1/2 inches of love and she smiled and said "Nick I am going to love this cock for it is the biggest I will have". I gained confidence and it made me
feel like a man knowing that I had a huge cock that she is about to experience for the first time. She moved down and started to suck my dick like a pro and it felt great. The wet soft and warm feel of her mouth stroking my shaft up and down was having a toll on me and I was ready to cum and so I did released all my sperm in her mouth and like a pro she licked it all clean off me. I was so full and over powered by lust, sex, passion and rage that my erection was not going down. I then held her arm and guided her on her knees for the doggy position. I was being controlled by my cock and so I positioned myself behind her and proceeded to lick her anus.

She said "wow Nick you are a master" and so I rimmed her anus and she was in a sexual bliss. She moaned and groaned and was getting her first orgasm when as so as she started to spasm I positioned myself and forced my hard meat into her ass hole. She cried out loud as I stretched he anus to the max that she had some tears in her eyes. She was in pain but I wanted to show here who was boss. She gripped the bed sheet and I had to hold her in position as I realised that she is a anal virgin and she started to orgasm while being fucked in her ass. Every time I pulled out her body would move back and when I pushed she would go forward until she started to respond to my strokes. She was loving it a lot. She was soft and tight and I stroked her anus in and out while she had a powerful orgasm that made her first anal fuck unbearable but full of pleasure at same time.

When her orgasm subsided I rolled her over and went for her pussy. I licked her swollen clit and she was so wet and tasted like honey. As I licked her pussy she grabbed my hair and started to hold me in position and I was getting more excited and as soon as her next orgasm was nearing I moved up and rubbed my cock head around her pussy lips and I started to tremble from excitement. I slowly entered her wet cunt and the feeling of lust and pleasure took over again and I just slammed into her and then started to work my way in and out her hole. Her walls were being stretched and she was screaming and in pleasure at the same time. As I fucked Sandy I was feeling the tension build all over my body and I was ready to cum when I started to fuck her pussy faster and faster until I released my juices deep into her cunt. I did not care about pregnancy and so I emptied myself in her and she wanted more. The lust was in control of both of us and she then signalled for me to lie on my back while she positioned herself and straddled by still hard cock. This girl was so sexy that every time I look in her eyes I felt so brave and proud that she is so sexy and beautiful.

As she lowered herself the level of pleasure was as that same as when we started to fuck and I just layed back and let her take control. She sure did know how to ride a cock and I was happy to know that she could. Her pussy walls were clamping on to every inch of my shaft as she slide up and down. I held her nipples and squeezed them and soon after that I was ready to cum again and allowed her to ride me with all her strength. I shouted in pleasure as Sandy rode my fat cock while I was having my orgasm. I was so mind blowing that I had to hold her down and just let my cock shoot the sperm up her because I could not handle the rush of pleasure to by body. Her pussy milked my cock of every last drop o f sperm and she just rolled to my side and we cuddled and she said "I knew you wanted to fuck me Nick, and I knew I would not regret it". She loved every lesson I thought her about rough sex. I asked her "so how often do you and Jake fuck"? and she said "actually we never did because we just started to chat but that is going to end now since you and I are in motion".

For the next few days Sandy would come over in the night and she would request that I fuck her ass first as it would introduce some pain before she gets wild. Over the months we fucked at the Mall and some nights under the Almond tree.
Sandy was a venture I do not regret because she has gotten more pretty and her figure is the envy of all the ladies even my wife.

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Hey nuffy even if English is NOT your 1st language and I'm guessing you are a proud producr of the American education system anyqay, vodka and rum are NOT the same thing!

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I am so horny I am going to let my guard fuck me now. He has a massive 8 inch cock.

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