The wicked stepfather and his new toy
I'd been suffering a toothache all day,it was the weekend and I couldn't see anyone about it, and so in the wee hours of the morning I was still, couldn't get to sleep due to the pain. Bored out of my mind, I sat in the living room surfing the net, checking news and emails and eventually drifting to looking at porn. The only light came from the bathroom and from the computer monitor, and I eventually freed my hard cock and began stroking it slowly as I watched videos. I heard the door to my stepdaughters room and quickly shut off my monitor and sat in the dark not wanting to get caught. She was 18, unemployed, not in school, basically a bum living in my house for free. Her mother had never imposed rules or responsibilities on her, and she had never listened to me when I tried. There was a lot of resentment there over it. I'd been thinking of grudge fucking her since she was 14 and started developing. I wanted to use her in the most degrading ways I could imagine and my imagination runs dark and twisted. I'd never acted on these thoughts, but more than once I'd used them as kinky pillow talk with her mother. She was as sexually depraved as I was and got off hearing me talk about her own daughter.

The bedroom door opened and she stepped out into the hall. She hesitated a second, then slowly moved toward the bathroom. I could see her by the light coming from the bathroom, but in my dark corner of the living room, she couldn't see me. She was completely naked head to toe. I had a perfect view of her fat titties and her shaved pussy. My cock throbbed as I watched her. She went into the bathroom and apparently thinking she was safe, thinking no one else was up, she didn't even close the door. I decided that the moment had come and quietly I stood up and moved toward her, pulling my shorts up over my hard shaft, which caused them to tent out noticeably. She gave a little shriek when I walked right into the bathroom. We have a little counter opposite the toilet and I leaned back against it looking at her, leering at her naked body. She was telling me to get out and trying to cover herself with her hands without standing up, She was trying to be the boss, giving me orders. Me, who pays the rent and the utilities and provides for her. Me who is an alpha male and not accustomed to taking orders from the weaker sex. I reached out and slapped her face with my finger tips, just an attention getter. Just to shut her up.

"The free ride is over, starting now. You're going to start paying some rent. And since you don't have a job, and don't have money, you're going to pay me with your body.You're going to pay me with sex."

She had a deer in the headlights look. "Oh HELL no" and she got slapped again, harder.

"You will never tell me no. No matter what I tell you to do, you will never tell me no. You'll do what you're told, or you'll get out, right now. You're choice."

There were tears glistening in her eyes, shock, surprise, the sting of my hand, what difference does it make what caused them? I liked the look on her.

"B..b..b..but it's the middle of the night! I got nowhere to go!"

I smiled sadistically. "Exactly."

I let that soak in for a second. before I continued

"You're going to be my little fuck toy, a sex slave for me just like your mother is. You can call me Master or Daddy, and you will learn some fucking respect. On top of that, you're going to start doing some chores around here. You'll clean every day until you get a real job. You'll do dishes and laundry and keep the house clean. But all that can start tomorrow. Tonight you're going to pay for all the disrespect you ever showed me and all the years I provided for you, you ungrateful little cunt."

I pulled my shorts down and let them fall to the floor, my cock springing free and bouncing in front of her face. I took a step forward and touched her cheek with the wet, pre-cum lubed head of my cock. I smeared the ooze on her face and she whimpered, her mouth dropping open as she tried to come to terms with what was happening. I traced my cock right across her bottom lip and then, without warning, shoved my meat in her mouth. She gagged and tried to wrench her head away but got another slap for doing so.

"Don't ever do that again. You should be thankful. I'm going to show you your true worth. Your value to the world. You aren't smart, aren't as pretty as your big sister, you're a little over weight. So you are going to have to learn how to fuck and do it good. Now. Beg me to put it back in your mouth."

The tears were running down her cheeks but I didn't care. It turned me on more.

"Puh-puh-puhlease put it back in my mouth. Put it in my mouth"

I slapped her again. This time with the back of my hand, harder than before. "Daddy"

She winced in pain and sobbed the words out. "Please put it back in my mouth Daddy"

I smiled more. "Better. But not good enough. Try this...I'm a spoiled little brat and don't deserve it, but please feed your cock Daddy"

My cock was like case hardened steel, rigid and thick with excitement. I don't think it had ever been so hard or so swollen with lust. She said the words, in a quiet, little girls voice and even opened her mouth for me, inviting me to fill it up and I did. Slowly pushing in, watching her face, watching her eyes get bigger when she couldn't take any more, and then I'd pull back just as slowly. I reach down and grabbed both her tits. Pinching the nipples hard, and making her moan around my shaft. It only fueled my excitement.

"This is all you're good for. You're a lazy worthless little pig and sex is all you will ever be good for."

She cried harder around my cock and I pulled it from her mouth and rubbed it all over her face, covering her with her own spit. "Go to your room and get on the bed, hands and knees. Move!"

She scrambled up and squeezed past me and I followed her. She did exactly what I'd ordered. Maybe her mothers submissive nature was inherited, maybe she wanted it, maybe she was too scared to resist, but she complied perfectly. I knelt on the bed bear her hip and cupped her pussy with my hand, it was wet and I was pleased to know it. I rubbed my middle finger along her slit up and down slowly, making sure I teased her clit eat time I touched it, and pressuring my finger deeper between her lips each stroke. I made sure my cock rubbed against her belly as I touched her. She was trembling, still crying softly and I could tell she was torn between being turned on and all the other jumbled emotions. Shoving my finger inside her suddenly, she moaned. "Oh God!" and her arms gave out, dropping her head, her fat tits onto the bed and she buried her face in her pillow as I began fucking her. Like a good little whore though, she kept her ass high in the air for me and fucked her hips back to meet my finger each time It pistoned in to her wet sex. I pulled the finger out and dragged the thick, sticky cunt juice up the crack of her ass and lubed her tight little asshole. She whipped her head back to look at me and cried "NO!" and only got a very firm and long, long overdue swat on the ass for her defiance.
"NEVER tell me no. If you resist me again, it's going to be my cock in your ass not a finger, Understand?"

She gave a sharp cry in response to my hand and sobbed "Yes" so I swatted her again, harder. "OW!" And again, reddening her ass cheek up nicely. She had a few extra pounds on her so she had a very shapely ass, a ghetto booty they call it around her. A nigger girls ass.

"Yes what slave?"
Testing how well she was paying attention, how quickly she learned her lessons. Her training could be as painful as she was defiant or as easy as she was compliant.

"Yeeeesssss Daddy!" She cried now against the pillow.

"Good girl."

As a reward, I went back to stroking her cunt and clit, her asshole spared for a while/ Soon she was moaning and if not for the pillow, it wold have been loud. I think little stepdaughter must be a moaner. I turned my full attention to her clit, rubbing it in hard pressed, tight little circles, grinding it into her body with my callused finger and was only satisfied when she came. Her whole body convulsed wildly, she thrashed her head back and forth and she squirted all over my hand.

She looked back at me, her long hair a mess, strands of it sticking to her tear streaked face, her breathing still labored. "That's never happened before."

I slowly rubbed her wet dripping slit, avoiding the sensitive little joy buzzer of her clit. "What? squirting, or cumming?"

"Both. I never came, Daddy." She blushed when she said it. "and I didn't know stuff would shoot out of me like that."

I scooted closer to her head and touched my soiled hand to her lips. "Suck my fingers slut"

She flushed even more as the blood ran to her cheeks. She tasted it with just he tip of her tongue and scrunched up her face a little as she tried to decide if it was bad or not.

"I said SUCK bitch! not taste. Suck it like a cock. Suck it clean!" She started, jolted by the harsh tone I used, but still, she sucked her own juice from my finger, using her tongue to clean it up. She closed her eyes as she worked.

I'd over heard a conversation she'd had with her mother once, and she had admitted to being bisexual, but having only received pleasure from other girls, and how she had never gotten them off, not by hand or mouth. She'd never tasted pussy before now, and it was her own she was sucking.

"It happens. Your mother squirts too. Not all the time. But it happens."

A memory from years before popped in my head and I reminded her of it.
"Do you remember when you were little, I caught you peeking in a window watching my fuck your mother?"
I pulled my finger from her suckling lips and moved back, slipping in behind her.
"I was doing her from behind like this. Remember?"

I pressed the swollen head of my cock against her wet slit and she squirmed. "Yes Daddy"

"Have you ever pretended it was you?"

Her body shook as I teased my cock along her slit but she answered and I could sense it, I could hear the shame in her voice. "Y..Y..y..yes Daddy. Every time I..."

"Every time you got yourself off? You think of me fucking you when you masturbate don't you slut?"

I pushed into her then, one full, long, sudden stroke and I buried my dick inside her. It was hotter than I'd ever hoped, tighter than any I remembered having in my life and she slammed her ass back against my thighs as naturally as a baby sucks a tit.

"OH GOD YES! I've always wanted you to fuck me! Oh Daddy!"

Her voice broke down into a series of moans and pleasured cries as I fucked her. I wanted to take my time and savor it, but I had been hard as a rock without pleasure for an hour and I needed my pleasure. I was fucking her hard and fast and then end was fast approaching.
"Say fuck me. "
I prompted her, but I think it was on the tip of her tongue anyway. She eagerly said the words. "Fuck me Daddy! God Fuck me hard Daddy! OH! OH! OH! FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!"
The exact same thing her mother had said many times. IT was enough to pull my trigger and and I pulled out of her, grabbing my cock and squeezing it hard enough to hold back the tide of cum building inside. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and jerked her to me and forced my cock into her mouth, immediately letting go of my cock and shooting my load in her mouth. She gagged and wretched but I didn't let her pull away until I finished cumming in her. When I did finally let her go she puked on herself and again had tears in her eyes. She lay on her bed, soiled, used, out of breath and exhausted. I slipped from the bed and turned to leave, to get my shorts from the bathroom and her mother was standing in the doorway. She wore only a silk kimono I'd bought her, and one hand was inside it fondling her own cunt. Her face was painted with lust and excitement. She'd gotten off watching me do her daughter. and it was only the beginning.

I passed her and left her their, mother and daughter staring at each other shamefully, but turned on. My tooth wasn't bothering me anymore so I went to bed, a happy smile on my face, and wicked plans cooking in my head.

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2010-09-30 22:41:28
it was stupid and unrealistic, i was bored with the first few sentences

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2010-09-28 10:34:32
good story can't wait for part two don't add incest it will only take away from the beauty of the story

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