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So like I've said in the past, I've gotten my girl on the idea of taking more than one cock. She's still in high school and has 36 DD's, long legs, and a nice bubble ass. Even she's only taken two different guys dicks in her ass, mine and the dude in the previous thread, she loves to have cock in her pussy. So here's something that gets me even harder thinking about when I fuck her. This is 100% true and happened just last Tuesday, the 21st of September.

Hope you enjoy.

A week ago, she told me she was leaving 3rd period with a couple of friends that are guys. We'll call them Daniel and Tom, both of which she's had things with in the past but had done nothing more than blowjobs with them. Anyways she texts me shortly after saying that she wasn't going to leave which I found weird because she was passing up dick. So come to find out a couple of days later while I was fucking her (I get all my info out of her when I'm fucking her, she seems to tell the truth), she tells me she left with them during lunch instead.

They went to Daniel's Ford Expedition which has tinted windows and began kissing and pulling her DD tits out of her shirt to suck on. She had been teasing both of them about fucking them and getting their cum all morning and she finally was going to get it. They left the school parking lot and went to a less crowded area to continue.

She had them pull off their pants and move to the back of the Expedition so that there was more room. She also took off her pants to reveal her wet pussy and tan, long legs. They had limited time as they needed to make it back for 5th period, so she began sucking both their cocks as they grabbed and pulled on her tits which she loves. Having a cock in both hands made her even more wet and get more excited. She rolled over and told Tom to put his average 6", white cock into her pussy as she poked it up in the air and sucked Daniel's cock. He did in quite a hurry. His dick penetrated her pussy lips with ease and began to thrust deeper and deeper.

She pulled off of Daniel's cock and told Tom to slap her ass and pull her hair and to treat her like a slut. Then she went back to licking and sucking on Daniel's dick and balls. Tom picked up his pace and began fucking her relentlessly making her moan and lift off of Daniel's cock. He pulled her hair back and she smiled and moaned and told him, "your cock feels so good in my pussy." She looked up at Daniel and told him she wanted him now. Daniel and Tom switched positions while she kept her ass poked up.

Daniel's cock was a bigger white cock about 7" and thick. He pressed the tip, which was already wet from her sucking him off, against her dripping pussy lips and pushed in. She spread her pussy open more with her hands pulling her ass cheeks apart giving herself a different feeling while his cock entered her. No time was wasted as he began fucking her and slapping her ass. Pulling her hair forced her mouth off of Tom's cock and she let out a moan as his balls slapped against her pussy. He told her he was about to cum and asked where she wanted it. Instead of having to worry about a mess when she went back to class, she told him to fill her mouth with cum. He pulled out and Tom moved quickly to the back as he shot cum in her wide open mouth with some getting on her lower lip. She grabbed his cock while Tom entered her again and sucked all of the cum he had left. Daniel continued to play with her tits as Tom fucked her making her scream. Her tits were bouncing back and forth and the "clap, clap, clap" noise quickly picked up.

He too would cum soon after and shot another load of warm, sticky cum down her throat. She smiled as the boys climbed over the back seat to get their pants back on so they could head back to class. She lay there for a moment or two before doing the same.

This was not her first threesome with Tom and I will tell that story if more are interested. A reminder that she only lost her virginity to me in December of '09. Everything I say is true and there are no exaggerations. If you would like to see pics of her, send me a message.

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2010-11-29 21:42:05
Ermm your gf fucked two guys on you.... thats not particularly something i would bloody fuckin share eh.


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would love to see pictures of her pussy and legs. nice story, hot woman.

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h e l i o . p a u s e @ h o t m a i l . c o m

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