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This is a ture story that i still dream about.
My friend Kyle

This is a ture story that i still dream about.

Kyle and have been friends for years and we are still close friends. We were in alot of youth groups, slept over at his house alot and we even worked the same summer job togather. We worked as "dick-a-dees" riding from city to city on 500+ pound ice cream bikes. we would get routes close to eachother so we could hang out and have fun all day. You can say we were more than best friends, we did everything togather. We would hit up all of the hot spots from local water parks, pools, baseball game and the beach.

The both of us would find a nice spot where we could lay on the grass shirtless cheacking out the girls and eachother. Just looking at his tan skinny boy body with a nice 6 pack, and what a cute face and what a smile would make me melt. Kyle is a skinny / toned tan cute 17 year old boy with a 6 pack and a cute smile. I just turend 19 and I am 5"11, Athletic build, white as milk skin with farmer tans, with a 4 inch flacid, 7 inches errect thick and circumcised penis with low hanging balls and blonde pubic hair.

Whn i slept over at Kyle's house, we would be downstarirs in his room wearing mothing but our boxers talking about girls we liked, who we have had sex with, our young experances fooling around wit friends and masterbation.Being two hroney teenagers rubbing our hard penises though oour boxers discribing to eachother what our ex girlfreinds where like during sex. It was really hot. Ktle said he was going to sleep, but i know he was masterbatiing and i was too. We did this all the time untill Kyle came ouy and told me he was gay.

This was perfect. I am bi and always wanted to have some "fun" with my best freind And it so happend to be his birthday in a few days. I told him I was secreatly bi and he is getting a early birthday present. Kyle couldn't stop smiling and the next thing you know we are hanging in his room reading the same book getting really close to eachother. I noticed the buldge in his shorts and my hand was getting closer and closer. As my hand made it to his waste he had to take a quick shower and he would be back shortly with a surprise! :)

Now i was getting exited. As i made myself confretable watching tv on his bed adjusting my cock hearing the shower going next to his room. I couldn't wait. Five minutes later kyle come in wearing only his boxers showing off his hot skinny body. He was complaining of back pain so i told him i would give him a full body massauge. At this point He was so hard his cock head was sticking out of his boxers.

I told him to laydown on his stomach and I worked my magic. I stated massauging his sholders workning may was down his back.Kyle was to tence. as he started to relax as I massauged his back working my way down to his lower back and thighs going under his boxers massaugeing his tight ass while he starts to moan. Working my hands all over his legs as I turn Kyle over and start at his legs working my way up as i take his boxers off him exposing his his naked body.

My hands on his inner thighs, grion, fondleing hisr balls as I give Kyle a hand job. My toung licking up and down his skinny long shaft, playing with his cock head and balls and sucking kyle's whole cock and balls. Letting my emotions take control as my hands massauging his bare chest as I suck his cock.Caressing Kyle's chest and niples, My mouth sliding of his hot and hard dick as i start to kiss up Kyle's stomach and chest and my hands massaugeing his shoulders.

As i go back down on him taking all of his 7 inch cock in my mouth going all the way down to his balls and back up makinh him moan in pleasure as my hand rubs his bare chest drvng us wild. Kyle starts panting and hot cum fills my hot mouth trying to swallow it all. He came at least 5 ropes of cum in my mouth. As i lick every drop of cum off his cock and balls as he lays there moaning enjoying it. We both layed there next to eachother smiling with our cocks presed togather.

We took out time getting dressed looking and checking each other out. When we went upstaris The first thing he did was go out side to have a good long smoke. I can tell he really enjoyed that. We kept hinting to eachother how good it was and what we would do the tent time. Every time we see each other we can't help but smile

I cant wait untill the next time we get togather.

Happy Jacking


2013-03-12 07:48:27
That was a hot story. I really like all your stories and I hope you write some more ^_^


2011-05-03 17:14:41
You kept switching between past and present tense, and you were grammatically incorrect in a lot of these sentences. Also, please learn to spell, it really does take away from the story when you can't really read it

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-02 21:28:29
You really do need to learn how to spell or type. Which is it?

anonymous readerReport

2010-10-31 00:03:07
you need spell, and reality, check.


2010-10-29 12:01:35
What a fantastic story about two sexy males! Why couldn't I have been one of them?

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