this is a story on how i got tired of moms control and took control myself
It all started when I became a teenager. Mom always had to have control over me she did not want to see me grow up. My mom is 40 now still a nice looking lady. She is 5 foot 4 tall and weighs about 130.she has short brown hair 36 c tits. I know cause I looked at her bra size.she has a nice butt for a 40 year old.

Anyway growing up I was her only son and she always babied me and kept me under her wing. So to say.
When I started to become a teen she would not let me go out with friends or nothing at least not when dad was gone. Dad is a truck driver and not home very often . He pops in about once a week for a day or 2 and leave again. When dad was home he would let me go out and do things and mom was so glad to see him she would not try to override it.

So growing up I was pretty much a home body.Well I turned 16 and started dateing girls mom would have none of it. So I would not go out unless dad was home. I fought with mom a lot over it over the years.
Mom and dad got devorced when I was 16 so he was never home. So there went my social life.
I resorted to playing games and when mom was at work I would surf porn and jerk off all day.

One day I had been looking at porn on the net and mom came home from work early. I was hornie as all get out cause I had not jerked off yet today. She caught me on a porn sight and took my pc away. We got into a argument over it and this is how it went.

You are grounded boy. I am taking your pc and you are not getting it back! Grounded from what you don’t let me go out and do any thing I am stuck in this house and the only girl I get to see is on the computer or my own mom! I can’t take this any more.

Mom started yelling back at me on how she worked hard all day and how I was going to give her the respect she earned and do as she tells me.
While she was yelling at me my hormones got the best of me and I lost focuss on what she was saying she was shorter than me and as I looked down at her I saw her cleavage at the top of her shirt. It was juggling around as she pointed her finger at me and yelled then my eyes traced down her body and the curve of her hips and then back up to her face looking up at me. She looked so sexy and angry. I just lost it.

I said you want respect I will gice you resect and I reached out and grabed her hand that was pointing a finger at me and pulle her to me. As I did so she reacted by jerking her hand back and spun around and fell back into me. I smelled her hair and it was intoxicating.she tried to get away but I wraped my arms around her and bent down and bit her on the neck. She struggled and yelled at me to let go of her..she droped to the floor trying to get out of my grip and when she did her shirt slid up over her head and I stood there with it in my hands.she stood up and grabed for it and I threw it behind me. mom still had her bra on went to get it and I grabed her from behind and pushed her onto the sofa face down. I pined her down and unfastened her bra the whole time screeming telling me to let her go. I yanked her pants down with one hand pinning her to the couch with the other and her under wear too.she was pleading with me let me up stop that what are you doing?

Mom you won’t let me date then I guess im going to fuck you.What I am your mother you let me up this instant young man. I was looking at her butt now bare butt in the air she was putting up a good fight but I was to strong for her.

I get down on my knees with her bent over the sofa and unbutton my jeans and free my dickholding mom to the sofa face down I try to guid my dick into her doggy style. She was too dry so I spit on my hand and rub it on my dick and then line it up to moms pussy.With one big thrust I was in her all the way . She started scremming and wiggling trying to get I said keep it up I am going to cum with you wigling like that. All at once she stoped and just laid there. Please don’t do this to your mom mark. Please stop.I start rocking my hips holding mom down it felt so hot so good lust took over and I pounded mom hard from behind and came deep into her it hit me all at once too soon I thought and I thrust my hips forward and held it deep as I emptied my load into my mom.
I stood up and she just laid there crying. I looked down and saw I was still hard so I rolled her over all of the fight out of her I climb ontop of her and start fucking her again.I pull her leg up so I can go deeper while she just lay there and looks up at ceiling I grab hold of her tits and sqeeze them while I jack hammer into my moms cunt.I bend forward and suck her niples then I lay ontop her and suck on her neck while I pound her into the sofa. I came again and lay ontop of mom out of breath and soaked with sweat.I crawl down between moms legs and start sucking on her clit.she tried to stop me but had not energy to I worked on it for a minuite and could tell her body was acting on its own. Mom I am going to make you cum. No mark please stop. At that I went back down sucking and licking her and then I felt her jerk and she involuntary thrust her hips once and she came.I get up and go to the shower while my mom just layed there and cried.on my way to the bathroom I yell back and tell her this wont be the last time she was a good fuck for being such a bitch to me.
That evening mom was in her room and i went to her. she looked up at me and told me she was not going to tell anyone on me. i said good cause that hicky on your neck would be real embarasing if your friends would find out who give it too you.
mom was in her t shirt and underwear. i told you i was not finished yet and she looked at me with fear in her eyes. isit my pc on the dresser and point the cam at her . what are you doing mark she said with a nervous voice.i am going to get some insurance and i take off my mark no please. i climb on the bed and pull her shirt off. mom had no fight left in her she knew it was useless. i pulled he panties off and looked mom over. then i crawled up on her as she turned her head to the side and i started fucking her again.she just laid ther as i sucked her tits and slamed my dick in and out of her.i turned her head to me and kissed her on the lips. she did not respond but just laid there while her son explored every inch of her body.i got up on my knees and rolled her over onto her knees. i started fucking her doggy style again and then i pulled out and with one push i shoved all 6 inches of my dick up her ass. she screemed out as i started pounding he into the bed. oh mom your ass is tight of mom oh mom im going to cum and i pulled out and shoved back in her pussy and emptied all of it into her.i always wanted a brother lets see if mom can produce


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Totally LOVE your story can't wait for fuckingbin part 2.

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I want to fuck my step mum

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