My high school sweetheart, Linda, was such a slut. At the tender age of 16, she had already fucked around with several guys before me, a couple of them much older than her. She was desired by many, and I enjoyed hearing about her past sexual escapades. I also enjoyed her wild libido and impressively high stamina. As bored, horny teenagers, it was not uncommon for us to fuck for hours at a time.

We continued to date through college, where she affirmed her reputation as a super slut, but I would have to say my favorite sexual memory of her came when we were juniors in high school. It was after a football game-- she was a cheerleader, and me, a star athlete. She surprised me by sneaking into the locker room to congratulate me on the game while I was getting undressed. Most of the other guys were in the showers. We kissed passionately, and my cock jumped when I reached under her short little skirt and realized she had no panties on. She started doing sexy stretches with her athletic legs spread high against the lockers, showing off her beautiful, bald pussy. I could see her moist little pussy slips and clit begging for some attention. My cock was hardening as she reached out and began stroking me. Some pre-cum dribbled from my cock head, which she used for lubricant to stroke me and make me harder.

I fingered her pussy while her leg was stretched out against the locker, and she pressed my hand against her to shove my fingers even deeper into her. Her pussy juices were beginning to flow, and I licked my lips and bent my head down to start tonguing her little clit. She moaned out against the locker as I nuzzled my head deep in between her legs, lapping at her sweaty cunt.

One of my teammates walked by while I was eating her but he just smiled and gave me a thumb’s up. Linda moaned as I jammed my fingers up inside her, tonguing her clit furiously. When I felt her pussy good and wet, I let her start sucking on my cock. She dipped her fingers into her wet pussy, lubricating her hand for my cock. I moaned out as she sucked me and rubbed my balls. After a few more minutes, I bent her over the bench and started fucking her with all my might.

My balls started slapping noisily against her perfect peach of an ass. I fingered her throbbing clit from behind as we both began moaning loudly. By now I knew the guys would be finishing up their showers soon and walking back to the lockers. I didn’t care, I was going to keep fucking her until we both came. After a few minutes of fucking Linda doggy style, I stood her up and fucked her up against the lockers. She was clawing at my back, legs wrapped tight around my waist as I held her pressed up hard against a locker. Just then, one of my teammates, Sammy, came up and slapped my bare ass while I was fucking my girl. I pulled out of Linda and swung at him, but he ducked and laughed. A few other guys started to wander over after hearing the commotion.

“Haha, don’t get all fired up, man. You can’t go around fucking this hot little slut right here and not expect your teammates to want a piece of the action,” said Sammy. His cock was out and hard; he was probably watching me fuck Linda up against the locker for a few minutes. To my slight annoyance, a few of the other guys chimed in and agreed. Linda just shrugged and raised a leg onto the bench, baring her pussy to the crowd that had formed. Two guys grabbed Linda and raised her up, two more guys spread her legs, and another of my teammates, Bruce, began diving in to lick her pussy.

Hands began rubbing all over her, fingering her pussy and asshole. She was laughing and moaning with the attention, her cute freckled face getting flushed, blond hair starting to get sweaty. While she was held up by the guys, I pushed those tonguing her clit and asshole away so I could fuck her. If these guys were going to have a go at her, I might as well be the first. Her arms were held back and her legs were spread as far open as possible, so my cock reached deep down into her womb. I fingered her clit while my cock was inside her, and she moaned out.

I started pounding into her hard, throwing my head back as I bucked wildly. My balls were slapping wildly against her firm ass, which felt great. We kissed passionately as I fucked away at her pussy. After a few more minutes of intense pounding, I unloaded my sperm deep inside of her and pulled out. Another guy took my place instantly.

She moaned, welcoming the new guy to her cunt while still being held up by the other guys. I didn’t mind, I liked the thought of my cum getting jammed up into her by those enjoying her after me. And to his credit, the guy fucking her, my teammate Jimmy, had a sizeable cock-- 9” or so, at least 2” longer than mine. He pounded into her, pushing her legs against his chest so that she was folded up, and grinded his crotch into her.

I watched as he then pulled out, having deposited his load inside my girlfriend. The next guy, James, picked her up and bent her over the bench, fucking her doggy style with his 6” prick. By now, the whole team had gathered around and were stroking their hard cocks. Cocks of all sizes were shoved in her face, and she started sucking expertly while being fucked like a dog. James came fast and was replaced by Mike, a tall, muscular black guy. His cock was about 10” long, the longest of the group so far as I could see. He stuck it inside her slow until he was in balls deep. She was moaning and choking on the cocks in front of her while Mike fucked into her slowly. He let his cock go all the way in until her whole pussy swallowed it, then he pulled it out almost to the cockhead and admired his huge veiny meat covered with cum and her juices. He then slammed his cock deep inside her, making her cry out. He repeated this process, fucking her slow and deep, while someone else, Tom I think it was, came up and licked her clitty. She loved having her cum filled pussy fucked, I could tell. Mike started pounding into her harder and faster and then suddenly stopped, pulling his cock out. It was still spurting cum when he withdrew it, and it splashed onto the back of her cheerleading uniform. She looked so hot covered in cum stains.

The next guy, Sean, turned her onto her back and fucked her with her back pressed against the bench and legs high in the air. A couple of other guys held her legs far apart so he could really ram into her. He moaned as he fucked my girlfriend. Tom stuck his cock in her face and she eagerly sucked it. When Sean was done, Tom turned Linda over so she was doggy style again, and started fucking her from behind. He got his cock all lubed up with cum filled cunt juices, and then pulled out. Fingering her clit from behind, he inserted the tip of his cock into her asshole as she squirmed below him. She grinded her ass into his cock, pushing him inside her a little deeper as he furiously fingered her clit.

After a few moments, he pushed his cock deeper inside of her so it was halfway in. He was thick and uncut, and she cried out with each push. Once halfway in, he started thrusting into her harder and harder while still fingering her clitty. He thrust into her until his balls pressed against her and grunted, cumming deep in her bowels.

The next guy to fuck her Johnny, was a tall, lean black guy with another huge cock, 9” or so. He placed his cock to her freshly fucked ass and pounded her unmercifully. She jerked a couple cocks to either side of her, crying out from the harsh fucking. Johnny came inside her after several minutes of ass squelching sex, and was instantly replaced up her ass by Sammy. Sammy fucked her fast, and came pretty quickly, adding his load to her gut.

When Sammy pulled out, I slid onto the bench under Linda and placed my cock into her cunt. Guys began queuing up to fuck her ass while I fucked her pussy. Bruce started penetrating her ass, the pressure of his anal penetration was causing pleasurable constriction for me. Linda started screaming with the intensity of the double penetration, and I quickly covered her mouth with my hand so she wouldn’t be so loud.

Bruce and I fucked into her slow and hard, each of us sawing in and out of her holes. She was sweating profusely. I could feel cum and her pussy juices dripping onto my balls while my cock was jammed up inside her. Then I felt Bruce pull out, having cum up in her ass, and he was replaced by another guy, Don. Don’s cock was massive, not too long but nearly thick as a forearm. Linda began screaming again, and I again covered her mouth with my hand as she adjusted to the new, huge cock in her bowels. More dicks were thrust to her mouth to keep her quiet. Suddenly a deep male voice made us all jump. It was our football coach, Mr. Hadley.

“What the hell are you kids doing?!” he yelled. “Trying to impregnate the cheerleaders?! Fucking them up the ass while their dads wait outside in the car for them? You little fuckers.” Don had pulled out when the coach startled us, but she was still on top of me with my cock inside of her, her asshole dripping sperm now. For as angry as our coach seemed, he appeared to have a huge erection. “You stupid kids, if you’re gonna fuck her, fuck her right, at least,” and with that, Mr. Hadley grabbed her uniform and began pulling it off while she screamed. The guys held her down on top of me.

Still on top of my dick, she was now nude and exposed to the big, muscle-bound, groping men. I began licking and sucking on her perfect little titties. The coach stroked his cock through his shorts, and then pulled his shorts down, exposing his raging uncut hard-on and massive hairy balls. He yelled to Sammy to eat out Linda’s cum soaked asshole.

“I don’t like ‘em too juicy,” said Mr. Hadley. “Sometimes I like ‘em raw.” Sammy slurped away at her asshole, and when he was done the coach called Mike over to lick and suck her asshole. Several minutes later, the coach pulled Mike aside and raised his hard prick to my girlfriend’s 16yr old asshole while I was in her cunt, and then plunged into her hard. Coach covered her mouth with his hand so her cries weren’t too loud. Once the coach was fucking her ass hard, the guys resumed jacking off around us as we fucked, and dicks were again shoved in her hands and face to jerk and suck.

Coach was fucking her with a rapid pace. He gritted his teeth and said, “Ah, man, I love a good slut! Love fucking a slut up the fucking ass. Then again, love fucking ‘em in the pussy, too!” Coach continued fucking her ass, fucking her hard, grinding her into me more until I could take no more and came deep inside her. Coach pulled out so I could get up. “Good boy, inseminating and sharing this slut girlfriend of yours,” he said to me as my cock dripped.

Linda paused and rested on the bench, complaining that her back was starting to hurt from the hard bench fuckings. We picked her up and carried her over to some old gym mats laying around on the floor, and dropped her there on her back. Coach began fucking her pussy now, folding her legs up so that she was bent up in half and her legs pressed hard against his shoulders. His balls started slapping obscenely against her legs and ass. Two cocks were forced into her mouth, and a cock was slipped into each hand. Coach grunted, fucking her like an animal. Suddenly he pulled almost out until just his cockhead was in her, and then plunged deep into her, grinding his pubic hair against her young pussy and throwing his head back, groaning, shooting his sperm deep inside the young cheerleader’s womb.

When he was done, someone turned her over and started fucking her ass again. Her pussy dripped cum onto the mat, making it slippery. Another load was deposited into her ass, and then Johnny came up and pushed her onto her back again, spreading her legs to plunge his cock into her pussy. Her lean sexy body was naked and exposed, the guys surrounding her and jerking off over her as she was getting fucked. Johhny plunged his cock in deep, then almost pulled out, then plunged into her hard again. Her legs were folded behind her head while the huge cum-coated cock jammed in and out of her. He continued on for several moments while she moaned beneath him.

Then Johnny rolled onto his back and pulled her on top of him, facing away from him, and placed his cock in her asshole now. He started fucking her hard, cum oozing out of her pussy and down onto his balls as his dick plugged her asshole. I loved watching the cum drip out of her. Just then Mr. Hadley came up, hard dick in hand, and placed the tip of his cock against her asshole.

“NO, what are you doing?” cried Linda. Coach ignored her, and continued pushing his cock into her asshole to join Johnny’s cock deep in her bowels. She cried out against the double anal penetration, and began squirming, but was held down by several strong men. Her legs were stretched open wide. Mr. Hadley began rubbing her clitty and she calmed down. He inserted a couple fingers into her pussyhole while stuffing her ass full of cock. Johnny was still below, letting coach set the pace for the double anal fuck. Steve came up and stuffed his cock in her mouth, others were pinching and licking her nipples. Coach pulled out of her ass and started fucking her pussy while Johnny continued to plug her ass with his large cock.

When Johnny unloaded his seed in her ass, Mr. Hadley pulled her on top of him, exposing her ass for penetration. Since her asshole was just double penetrated, it gaped lewdly, dripping cum. Two guys stepped up, Steve and Sean, both men placing their cocks to her gaping asshole. She screamed, and Coach again grabbed her mouth to silence her as he fucked her pussy. He held her firmly against her while Steve and Sean began stuffing their pricks into her asshole, each one jabbing in and out while she writhed below, not consenting to a triple penetration. Steve pulled out and let Sean fuck her ass solo for awhile, and then Sean pulled out and returned the favor. After awhile of Steve solo fucking her ass, Sean began shoving his cock into her asshole again along with Steve’s.

The action had me turned on again, and when Steve and Sean were done I shoved my cock into her ass. Cum bubbled up around my dick. I alternated strokes in and out of her with the coach beneath her. My cock was so lubed up that I took it out and placed it to her pussy, already occupied by Mr. Hadley’s cock. She screamed and tried to pull away, but someone held her down for me. I shoved my cock next to Mr. Hadley’s, and he and I both began to fuck her pussy for a double pussy penetration. She moaned and cried; I placed my hand over her mouth to try to keep her quiet. The tight feeling of her pussy had my balls hardening, and I moaned that I was about to cum. As my cock throbbed inside my girlfriend’s young pussy, spurting my seed deep inside her pussy walls, my coach released his sperm deep up into my girlfriend’s womb, too. I felt his cock throb next to mine as our seed flooded the young girl’s hole.

We pulled out and her pussy was dripping more globs of cum. Mike, tall and strong, picked her up and started fucking her from behind as he held her up, his long 10” cock in her ass. Bruce went up and began fucking her pussy, her legs stretched wide by a couple other guys as she was double penetrated in the air, cum leaking out of her holes. When Bruce came inside her, he pulled his oozing cock out and was quickly replaced by Don. His cock was thick but slid easily into her sperm coated cunt. The two strong men fucked her athletically while she was suspended, her petite body stuffed with hard meat. She was moaning weakly now, head lolling around, pussy swollen and red with all the penetrations.

When Bruce and Mike were done, they carried her over to the showers and someone turned on a cold shower to clean her up. They dropped her on her hands and knees on the tiled floor. She squealed from the cold water, nipples instantly hardening. Goosebumps broke out all over her firm, tan skin, making us lick our lips. Of course the guys were still excited, most of us still with erect cocks, all fired up still from winning the game and fucking a hot cheerleader. Some of the guys stuck their cocks in her face, letting them suck her off and then cumming down her throat or on her face.

While she was down on her knees in the shower, Coach grabbed his hard cock and pushed her down, fucking her ass again from behind, pushing her down until she was flat against the tiled floor, crying out under his weight as he fucked her wildly. He began doing push-ups while he fucked her, his cock going into her deep and slow. After a few more minutes of slow ass sex, he pulled his cock from her bowels and walked up to her face. She tried to refuse his ass flavored cock, but he pinched her nose, forcing her to open her mouth and take his cock. He fucked her face hard and groaned loudly as he came in her throat, making her gasp and choke on his cum.

As he stepped away, Sammy and Sean began double penetrating her again, shower water running onto their hot fucking bodies. I was still jacking my cock to my sexy, young girlfriend being used like a whore. Just then, we heard a male voice calling out, “Hey, what the hell are you guys doing? What the hell are you doing to my daughter?!”

It was Linda’s dad, who had been waiting to pick her up after the game. He stood still in shock while we violated his daughter in the showers. Sammy and Sean didn’t stop fucking her, they continued pounding her holes and squeezing her budding breasts.

“Daddy!” she cried out. Cum was still dripping from her holes.

“You had me waiting outside all that time so you could fuck a bunch of guys like a little fucking slut? Fucking whore!” Her dad was big and angry. His cock was bulging in his trousers. Coach was smiling, knowing the scene was getting more interesting.

Linda’s dad walked up, stroking his cock through his pants, watching the two young studs fucking his little girl. The men grunted and sawed away at her tender holes. We watched as Linda’s dad stripped and rubbed his bare erection to the sight of his daughter’s double penetration. His thick cock hardened, 7” and veiny. Linda was crying out, her repeated moans of “No, no, no” were going ignored. Mike walked up and stuck his prick to the already filled asshole of the young cheerleader, making her scream out weakly again as she was again triple penetrated.

“Your daughter’s a nasty whore,” said Mr. Hadley to Linda’s dad with a smile.

“I know, she’s been a filthy whore since she was a damn child,” said Linda’s dad, still stroking his cock. “Look at her, shaking while getting fucked by those cocks, she loves it. Look, I think she’s orgasming right now.” She was gasping and moaning, muscles taut, very possibly cumming with all of the pricks inside her. The men fucking her came all around the same time, all inside her holes. Linda’s dad then stepped up while she was crumpled and wet on the tiled floor.

“No daddy,” she said weakly.

“Fuck that shit,” he yelled at her. “You’re a cum slut, been fucking cocks since you were a little girl! I know it’s been awhile since I fucked you with mine, but you made me wait for you so you could fuck these guys, so I’m gonna get myself a piece for my inconvenience!” And with that he rammed his cock deep into her pussyhole while she screamed out. He grabbed onto her tits hard from behind and fucked her fast. Cum still dripped out of her used up holes.

“Daddy, stop, please…” she said again, but he didn’t listen. His balls slapped hard against her ass while he fucked her teen cunt with all his manly might, grunting like a beast.

“You’re such a fucking slutty tease to me…” said Linda’s father. “Ugh, I’m definitely gonna fuck this slut pussy way more often.” I was turned on at the sight of her getting fucked by her handsome, strong dad, and was jacking my cock hard to the sexy scene. Her dad was fucking her very hard, making her groan with his pleasurable thrusts. He held her small body down while pounding into her. “Now bitch, give me a piece of your slutty ass!” She screamed again when he forced his cock into her ass and fucked her intensely, pushing all the cum out of her asshole. “Fucking nasty whore, there’s gallons of cum inside you. I can barely feel my cock in your damn asshole.” He was so deep inside her that he was almost stepping over her while he was balls deep against her ass.

I walked up to the father-daughter fucking and stuck my dick into her ass where I could, trying to help with constriction and also to bust my own nut once more. Her dad moaned out with a second cock in her ass, tightening her used hole. I was so fired up that it didn’t take me long to cum, and I unleashed my sperm up into her ass. When I pulled out, her dad pulled out of her ass and jammed his cock in her cunt again. I watched while he grunted again and became still, his cock unloading sperm into his daughter’s young womb.

He slapped her on the ass when he was done and told her to rinse off and hurry out to the car. The rest of the guys jacked off onto her face while cum oozed from her used pussy and ass. She was whimpering, weak, and used up. A couple of the guys pissed on her face as she lay on the shower floor. Sammy came up holding a football, and held it to her used pussy. She cried out and fought with the last bit of energy she had while Sammy pressed the football to her cunt. It took some effort and a few guys holding her down, but he got it halfway in. We then all queued up to fuck her up the ass once more while her pussy was tight and plugged with the football. She was in and out of consciousness while we dumped our last loads in her bowels, and left her there on the shower floor with the football jammed in her cunt.

She was a little mad at me for my participation in her brutal gang-bang, but confessed that she did enjoy herself thoroughly. She admitted her dad had fucked her by force a few years ago and she didn’t completely hate it. From then on it took at least a half dozen guys to fully satisfy her sexual needs at any given time. And it was definitely not an issue for me to assist her with fulfilling those sexual needs after I became a frat boy in college a couple years later. But that’s another long, nasty story!

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