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This an interesting Idea I had. please comment but if u dont like it say what you dont like. dont just say it sucks
My name is Nick, Nick the Dick my friends call me. I lived with my dad in Denver. My mom and him split when my sister, Lisa and I were very young. I didn’t see Lisa very much and as time passed by we didn’t see each other at all. By the time I got into high school, I had no idea where she and Mom lived. I guess it didn’t really bother me. Ya know, out of sight out of mind kinda stuff. But I did ponder from time to time about them and how their life went. Dad never married again but he had a steady stream of ladies that passed through our lives. Most of them were out as fast as they came in but a few hung around for different lengths of time. It seemed that just when they started to get a little too comfortable though, dad showed them the door. Guess Mom broke him of wanting a full time woman around the house. “Don’t ever let a girl get her hooks into ya Nick. She will bleed you dry and suck your best friends cock while you slave away at work!” he would always say right after booting a crying woman out the door. There was one of them though that stayed the longest. Her name was Sybil and she was a hot, young blond college student. She would scream loud enough to shake the rafters. I laid in my bed and masturbated many a night while listening to them fucking upstairs. One Saturday morning at the breakfast table my pop and I were eating some cinnamon rolls and he leaned over to me and asked, “Son. Did you hear us last night?” I had just turned 16 and I had a perpetually hard cock all the time. Of course I heard them and I made a mess of my bed and myself as a result. I looked down at my food in silence. “It’s ok son. Look your 16 now and I know what your going through. Hell I went through the same thing!” he admitted with a smile. I looked at him astonished. He continued, “Man I gotta tell ya I thought I would wear my dick down to nub, I whacked so much! Son, there is nothing wrong with satisfying yourself sexually and don’t let anyone tell you different!” he finished sternly.

That night we were all sitting in the living room watching a movie and I kept looking at Sybil but when she looked at me, I turned away quickly. This went on till the movie ended and Dad suggested that we watch something a little different. With out waiting for a response he got up and went to his locked cabinet. He opened it with a key and retrieved a dvd. I looked at Sybil and her eyes got real big. Dad winked at me and then slipped the disc into the player. On the way to his seat next to her, he lowered the lights dramatically. The movie loaded and I glued my eyes to the tv. It started right off with a large breasted bimbo slurping on what looked like a ten inch dong. My prick swelled immediately as I struggled to be comfortable in the easy chair. I glanced over to see my dad with his hand up Sybil’s blouse and she was trying to hide it from my view. “Brandon? What are you doing? Stop, he can see what you’re doing.“ she whispered. Dad turned his head and spoke a few words into her ear and she looked over to me with an odd expression on her face. Her eyes took a short tour of my entire body and smiled. She nodded and then got to her feet. Sybil broke into a very seductive dance while she slowly began to disrobe. Dad waved to me and I went to sit next to him on the couch. We watched as she stripped off her clothes while never breaking eye contact with me. “Tonight is your night son and you won’t ever forget it” Dad whispered in my ear just before he got up and left the room.

“Wow what a dad.” I thought to myself. Sybil moved close to me dressed only in her bra and panties. She lowered herself down to her knees and her hands went directly for the large bulge at my crotch. Again, never losing eye contact, I felt her left hand snake up the leg of my shorts and cupped my balls. I sucked in my breath hard as her hand lightly squeezed my nut sack. My cock ached as it strained to be free. Sybil leaned to me and placed her mouth over my lips. Our tongues fought for position and I was amazed that this woman was so excited to have sex with a young dude like me. My heart raced as she backed away and unclipped her bra. Her perfectly shaped breasts defied gravity and her nipples were a deep red. I went for them like a hungry newborn and filled my mouth with as much as I could. The taste was incredible with a mixture of sweat and perfume. While I nursed on those heavenly globes, her hands work feverishly to get my shorts off. My prick sprung out like a bull at a rodeo. “Mmmm, nice cock my little man. Like father like son, eh?” she observed. She stroked my 8 inch member and licked her lips as she moved her face close enough to rub her chin against the head. My balls were on fire as she buried my shaft into her throat. In no time I lost control and I felt the surge of my cum moving up my cock. “Arggggg, I gonna cummmmmm!” I screamed. She moaned as she increased her pace and suction on me and I exploded into her mouth. My body shook as spray after spray filled her mouth. Sybil choked as she fought to swallow it all and I grabbed her head and held it onto me. She jerked and bucked until I let go and she gasp for air like emerging from under water. “You damn near suffocated me, you little bustard!” she screamed. Just then, Dad leap from no where and slapped Sybil across the face. “Don’t ever yell at my son you fucking whore!” dad demanded. He then grabbed her and ripped her thong off and bent her over his lap. I watched in amazement as he reached for a ping pong paddle from the side of the sofa and began to assault her bottom with it. She screamed and cried and even begged for forgiveness.

My pecker recovered immediately to full mast as I marveled at the sight before me. While dad continued to redden the cheeks of this beautiful blond girl, I realized that she had stopped crying and in fact started moaning with pleasure. She was digging it! Dad looked up at me and smiled as I stroked my cock. “Come over here son and take her ass.” he commanded. I damn near jumped as I move into position. He spread her blistered cheeks apart and I pushed the head of my throbbing cock against her forbidden hole. I looked at him for a signal and he nodded at me. I pushed hard and my entire shaft disappeared into her ass. “Ohhhhh fuck meeeeee! Uhhhhgggggggg, I’m ripping apart! Fuck me Nick, fuck my ass. Punish me like the dirty bitch I am.” she begged. Dad pulled her hair back hard and said, “Shut the fuck up bitch. We’re not here for you. You’re here for us so be quiet and take it!.” She nodded her head and I punished that ass as hard as I could with a barrage of rapid fire strokes. The heat built up with incredible speed and I busted my nuts into her ass. Cum shot out the sides of my cock and splashed onto my balls. My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I fell on the floor. “Clean him up!” ordered my mentor. Sybil immediately dove for my dick and licked me clean and my balls too. When she finished, Dad grabbed her and lifted her up on to him and shoved his cock into her neglected pussy. She wriggled like a worm on a hook and thrashed her head side to side. I had a great view of dad’s dick reaming her cunt and my cock began to swell once more. Dad saw me and pointed at her butt. I knew exactly what he meant and I moved to fuck her ass again only this time she didn’t see me coming. I jammed my whole shaft into her ass just when she was grinding down on Dad. “Ooooogggggggooooooooddddaaaaamn it! I can’t take it!” she bellowed. I could feel dad’s cock through the thin wall of her ass and I knew I wouldn’t last long so I gave it all I had. “Here I go again! I’m cuuuuuummmmmmmiiiinnng aaaarrrrrggg.” I screamed. I shot more cum in her ass than I thought possible. My whole body shook and I fell on the floor again. Dad threw her off of him and blew his load all over her tits and face.
The following morning I woke to a car door slamming and a cab pulling out of the driveway. I went into the kitchen to find dad fixing some pancakes. “What happened?” I asked. I knew the answer before I asked. “I’m done with her. She was useful long enough and besides, I didn’t want you to fall for her.” he explained. My dad was the smartest man I have ever known and he was right about me. I really could have fallen for her if she had stayed.

The next six months I was schooled in the art of seduction by my father. He brought bimbo after bimbo home to hone my skills into shape. By the time I was a junior I had fucked the entire cheer leading squad, the girls soccer team and four teachers. There was never a shortage of pussy to be had or for that matter, offered. I even fucked two twin sisters and their mother at the same time. Life was good and I didn’t give a damn about any of them. My manhood grew to a robust ten inches long and almost seven inches around. Yeah Nick the Dick, that was me. I attracted so much pussy that I had a crew that would fuck my overflow while doubling as body guards. I had been assaulted a number of times by jealous boyfriends and even husbands, so I recruited a bunch of the biggest fellas that played on the football team. Hell there were even requests from a couple of adult men to serve in my behalf and of course theirs.

Then the unthinkable happened on Halloween night. My dad was killed by a drunk driver on the way home from a costume party. Dad didn’t drink much because he didn’t like to have anything clouding his judgment. Especially when it came to women so I knew that someone else had to be the blame. It seems that a drunk women crossed the median and hit dad head on. He died instantly. The state patrol delivered the news and I went into shock. They took me to the hospital and sedated me for a few days. I didn’t know up from down and I was lost. When I was discharged, the authorities sent me to my mom in Sacramento. I lived in a blur for what seemed months. I didn’t speak to anyone nor did I acknowledge them when they spoke to me. My world had ended and my mentor, my superman, my father was gone. Mom and Lisa tried their best to cope with me but I would often focus my pain and disgust at them. Mom was smart though. She learned quickly when to speak to me and when not to. She also knew what to say and how to say it. I saw what dad had seen in her. I bet they had some lively debates when they were young.

Lisa on the other hand was another story entirely. First of all, she was incredibly gorgeous and she knew it. Like mom, she had a great set of tits but hers were much larger. In fact, after all the women that I have chewed up and spit out, I never saw tits as big as hers. As you may have guessed, I’m a tit man. Other than the pussy, which I simply adore by the way, the breasts of a woman are the single, or should I say double, most distinctive asset that a woman possesses. They’re like billboards for the penis to read as he passes through life. Anyway, Lisa did not like me cramping her style. She had mom to herself for most of her life and I presented her with an unwanted distraction. It was kinda weird because mom just like dad, never remarried. I wondered if there were any other similarities. I couldn’t imagine her parading men past Lisa like dad did me much less mentor her in fine art of seduction. Still I couldn’t help but wonder how these two beautiful women handled the onslaught of admirers that wanted to bed them.

In light of the personal tragedy that I had endured, my junior year was erased and so I was forced to repeat it. So I spent the summer getting to know the area and of course the local talent. I hadn’t had any sex since the accident so my dick was hungry for some hot pussy. I guess I had gotten used to having a reputation. When everyone knows you have a big cock and you are a good lover, pussy has a way of finding you thus your seduction skills suffer from lack of use. I tried to reach back into my memory banks and recall the teachings of my dad in order to satisfy my desires. But there were many sunny afternoons when I went jogging through a park where I saw quite a few girls there but none of them seemed to want to talk. I couldn’t figure out the problem. Did I have a small town geek sign taped to my back? After another day of rejection, I pointed my bruised ego toward home to do some private meditation. When I got there I saw a man that I didn’t recognize leaving out the back door. I remembered then that Lisa was gone with her friends for the week so I went in to check on Mom. When I walked into the house I find mom coming from the bedroom dressed in her robe. The air smelled of sex as I asked, “Hi mom, what’s going on?” She didn’t see me right away and my question startled her. Her face turned white and she started to shake. Now I have seduced a lot of women in my young life and I know when they are weak and vulnerable. I don’t know what came over me. Maybe the fact that I hadn’t had any for so long or maybe it was the many rejections I had endured, but I didn’t care. I also didn’t care that she was my mother when I moved at her with lightning speed. Her nostrils flared and our lips slammed together. We embraced and wrestled our way back to her bedroom. I pushed her on the bed and stood over her like a roman conqueror. She looked at me with her eyes wide as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and exposed my chest. Her breath quickened as I moved my hands to my jogging pants which revealed a large teepee supported by my swelling member. With a singled motion, I removed them to the floor. “Oh my god! Oh Nick, your hung just like your father!” she stammered. I reached down and took her hands and pulled her to me and she wasted no time to impale her mouth on my cock. Maybe that guy didn’t finish her because she sucked me like a starved animal. While she devoured my manhood she rubbed my balls with one hand and snaked the other around the back of my ass to pull me into her. She took my cock in her throat like it belonged there. She knew what she was doing and I couldn’t believe the length of her expertise. Now even though I hadn’t had sex for a long time, I still had solid control of my orgasms and so I throat fucked her and let her lick my nuts for nearly a half hour. She looked up to see me smiling down at her and pulled back her head to release me. I guess she thought that I might be ready to unload my sperm into her hungry mouth but I had other plans.

I pulled her up to her feet and turned her around and started to disrobe her as I spoke softly into her ear. “Dear mother, I’m going to fuck you until you pass out so before I get really started, tell me what was that man doing here.” She spun around and tried to slap me but I was too fast and blocked her attempt and slapped her hard across the face. She whimpered as she grabbed her face. I spun her around again and repeated my demand. “What was that man doing here?” My hands moved with precision as I removed her robe to reveal her naked body. I saw it in the reflection of the dresser mirror and fought back my own gasp at her beauty. She was shaking as I reached around to cup her grapefruit size breasts and said, “Well mother? Tell me now.” She pleaded, Please son don’t make me tell you. You don’t understand.” I took her nipples with my fingers and pinched them hard enough too hurt and she moaned loudly. “Make me understand bitch.” I continued as my left hand moved down to her clean shaven cunt and pinched the top of her pussy just tight enough to get her attention. “Oh son, you know what I like. Please fuck me baby.” she tried to change the subject. “You want to fuck? Huh bitch.” I shot back and then I bent her over and rubbed my cock head against her pussy. She tried to fuck herself on me but I resisted. “Goddamn it Nick. I got to have it in me. Come on and fuck me!” she demanded. I grabbed her and threw her onto the bed and forced her down on her back and sat on her chest. My cock waved over her face as she looked frightened and I said, “I don’t care if you ever get fucked bitch, I want you to tell me what I want to know.” She tried her best to break free but I was the stronger and then I reached behind me and teased her clit. I rubbed and pinched it until she would almost cum then stop just before. I continued this until she was in tears and she relented, “Ok, ok, I’ll tell you if it so fucking important! I’m a hooker! I fuck for money and I’m well paid.” I fell off her and landed on the floor beside the bed. I couldn’t believe it. My mom a hooker. I guessed that she was just fucking some married man but I wasn’t prepared for this. Mom slid off the bed and moved in between my arms and started kissing my face and pleaded, “Please Nick don’t hate me. Sex is what I do best. It’s also something I need. I have to have it. Every job I had ended with me fucking somebody so I figured that I might as well make a living at it.” “Does Lisa know?” I asked. She shook her head no and pleaded with me not to tell her.

I agreed and reached for her and kissed her gently on the lips. Our tongues tangled up with each other as our breathing increased to fierce tempo. Her hand gripped my cock and I worked her pussy with three of my fingers. She maneuvered her body to give me easier access to the hole that gave me life. I turned my hand and submerged my thumb into her asshole and rubbed it against my other fingers through the wall that separated her ass and vagina. She quivered and humped my hand until she orgasm. I continued assaulting her as she repeatedly gushed her juices onto my hand. I got up from the floor and pulled her up far enough to sit on the edge of the bed. Then I lowered my face to her oozing gash and proceeded to feast on her most private parts. She fell back on the bed and I lifted her legs high in the hair to gain an uninhibited vantage of her ass as well as her pussy. My tongue worked feverishly ass I tasted her labia and asshole. “I feel soooooo good Nick. You are driving me crazy baby. Nobody has ever eaten me like that. Ooooohhhh fuck I’m cumming again! Ooooooooooohhhhh.” she yelled as her head rocked back and forth. Her clit swelled and I sucked it like a tiny cock. Her legs wrapped around my head and I thought I might suffocate but I didn’t stop tasting that incredible cunt. A flood of cum flowed from her and drenched my face and chest like a waterfall. I stood up and laid my shaft against her slit and just pushed it up and down but not entering yet. Mom tried to grab it to fuck herself but I was faster than her again and held her arms at her side. She looked into my eyes with that desperate pleading look of need and said, “Nick please do me. I have to fuck. I can’t live without it. I’ll give you anything you want!” I leaned down to her ear and just as my prick started to enter her, I said, “I want to fuck Lisa.” She opened her eyes wide as my cock slid in to the hilt. She met my thrusts with her own as I pounded her pussy like a pile driver. Her body jerked and her tits jiggled with my every plunge. I slowly increased my strokes as my balls slapped her ass. Her legs hooked around my thighs and pulled me into her with all force she had. “You have the best cock I have ever fucked Nick. Please fuck me and don’t stop. Oh Nick I don’t believe it, I’m cumming again. Oooooohhhhh fuuuuuck meeeeeee!” she squealed.

My mom finished cumming and collapsed like a rag doll on the bed. Her eyes closed and she passed out. But I wasn’t done. I didn’t cum. I still had one more thing to do. So I got up and went to my room and retrieved a few things and returned to my sleeping beauty. When she woke up she found herself on her stomach with her hand and feet tied to the corners of the bed. She turned her head to see me sitting on the chair in the corner of the room with my hand stroking my cock. She tried to speak but her mouth was filled with a gag and her ass was being held up in the air by a specially made cushion placed under her belly. She tried to communicate to me but I waved my finger to her and said, “Shish mom. I am going to do what I want and so you might as well as lay there and enjoy it.” I then moved from the chair to a position directly behind her ass and began to tease her bottom ever so lightly with my tongue. I spread her ass cheeks and buried my tongue deep into her tight little hole. She moaned in ecstasy as I devoured her ass and pussy until she gushed a river of cum yet again. Then I was ready. I got up on the bed and placed the head of my aching cock at the entrance of her ass. Even though she was tied and spread apart, she still tried as hard as she could to force her self on to me. The head of my swollen prick disappeared into her shit hole and she screamed into her gag. I methodically inched my shaft in until she took it all and my balls rested on her cunt. Her ass gyrated on me and I began to ream her hole faster and faster. Mom continued to cum repeatedly, drowning my balls when I reached up with a single motion and untied her gag. She gasped for air and screamed, “Oh fuck, oh fuck. Fuck my ass son. Fuck my ass hard honey! I can feel your cock in my throat, you big cock.” I felt my cum straining for release and I let it go. “Arrrrggggg! You fucking whore! Take my cum bitch.” I demanded. My cum shot out her ass as I pulled it out. I grabbed my prick by the head and brought it around to her face and sprayed her opened mouth with spurt after spurt. She lapped it up as good as she could being tied. I slid my dick into her mouth and she sucked it hungrily. I reach over to the binding and released the strap that secured her right hand. She immediately grabbed my cock and milked the last of the cum into her mouth.

I untied the rest of the straps and we snuggled together and we went to sleep. The next morning I woke to the smell of breakfast and I found that I was alone in the bed. I rolled out and found a clean pair of boxers on the same chair that I sat on while I waited for her to awaken. Mom. I fucked my mom. Holy shit. And it was fantastic. The whole scene replayed in my head as I sat there and felt my cock grow. “Good morning son.” mom said as I walked in the room. “And it looks like a very good morning at that!” she added while spying at my prick. She put her coffee down, dropped to her knees, pulled out my cock and started to suck it madly. Now as you may have guessed, I have total control of my cock and when I want to cum, I cum. So I let her slurp my dong for a while and when I felt that the moment is right, I let go of my mental control and flood her mouth with hot sperm. The added benefit of being able to hold back an orgasm is that by the time I do cum, it’s a large amount. The longer I wait, the larger the load. Mom did her best to swallow it all but it spewed out the corners of her mouth and down her chin and neck. “My god Nick, you cum like that every time?” she asked as she licked her fingers from scooping it up. “Yeah I do.” I replied. “Mom? Why are you doing this? Why are you selling that great pussy of yours?” I inquired. “Son, when I divorced your father I couldn’t find a man that would come close to satisfy me. Your dad fucked me so good, he fucked me too good. He spoiled me for anyone else. It got to where I needed to fuck four or five men in a day to get my fix. Well after literally fucking myself out of every job I had, I thought that I might as well fuck and get paid for it. Five guys a day at $400 a fuck makes for a pretty good living.” she explained. “But mom that’s a shit load of money. Why live in this house when you could have any house you want.” I responded. “Son I have to be careful to not throw that money around too loosely because the IRS will hunt me down. So I have this modest home and take care of Lisa. When I have saved enough to retire, then maybe we can move to Mexico or further south.” she said.

Mom and I fucked like rabbit’s the rest of the week after she cancelled all of her appointments. She told me, “My dear Nick, you have a wonderful cock and no one has ever satisfied me as well you do. You are even better than your dad was. If I had you everyday, I could give up hooking.” I looked into her eyes and said, “Mom I would love to fuck you everyday from now on. How much money have you saved?“ I asked. She pulled a folder out of a drawer and opened it. She reported, “As of last week, I have accumulated 765,243 dollars.“ I choked on my milk and damn near fell off my chair. She looked at me and laughed and asked, “Is that enough to retire?“ I recovered and said, “Mom, that’s a shit load of money! We can open a small business and funnel the money through it. We then sell the business and retire off that.“ Mom and I agreed to keep things quiet until Lisa and I graduated from high school. She quit her sex business and I became her full time fuck toy.

Over the next couple of months Mom and I worked out a schedule so we could seem as a normal family and still fuck. Lisa was just a year younger than me and we had a lot of the same classes so I decided that the best way to win her over to me was to kill her with kindness. I used every trick I knew to soften her bad opinion of me including helping her with her homework. It was easy since I had virtually seen the same lessons in Denver. She seemed to come around when I refused any compensation for helping her. “You’re my sis! What are big brothers for?“ I countered. At the same time I periodically gave her little glimpses of my manhood without letting it seem that I did it on purpose. When she wasn’t looking though, I would stare at Lisa’s huge tits and precum would leave it’s mark on my jeans. Those two melon sized breasts were simply delectable and I was determined to coat them with my cum. I’m a very competitive guy and so with my goal to pipe Lisa, I had to give myself a deadline just to make it interesting. Her birthday is May 12th and that gave me eight months to strip her of her bad feelings for me and then her clothes for me. Mom watched me work my magic and on one day after a rather wild romp in a motel bed, she confronted me. “I know what your trying to do but I don’t think you will be successful. Lisa is very smart and knows her way around boys and she has shot down some very nice ones. If she gets the idea that you are being nice to her just to get her panties down, she will not only shut you down, she will drain you of your fortitude and leave you for dead.” I listened to her as she warned me but I discounted her prediction of failure because I felt that I was trained by the best.

I made Lisa the main focus of any of my spare time and I was confident of my sexual conquest. I stayed away from the temptation of the girls at school because I didn’t want to get the same reputation I had in Denver. I knew that I would have absolutely no chance to fuck Lisa if she thought that I was a lady killer. As time passed I could see a gradual change in her attitude and I was very careful to not push my luck. Things went pretty much on an even plain until Christmas break. Lisa arranged a slumber party at the house on New Years eve. She invited five of her friends over to bring in the new year and I was enlisted to be the chaperon since mom had agreed to go to a party at the Hilton. I took this as a real chance to show Lisa that she could trust me and so I told her that if she wanted her and her friends to have liquor for the party, it was ok with me and I wouldn’t tell anyone. I knew Mom was ok with it because I promised that I wouldn’t let anyone leave till the next morning. I couldn’t wait for the night to come.

The evening started with the girls being dropped off and being greeted by Mom. There was Tina, Sandy, Gloria, Gretchen and Rachel. Now I feel the need to describe these young ladies that have graciously agreed to get drunk and put their trust into my eager hands. Talk about the wolf guarding the hen house! But I digress. Tina 5 foot 4 inches tall with her jet black hair and perky 32 size breasts and shapely ass, had a reputation of a tease around school. Rumor has it that she was a virgin and was just scared of the first time. “Bet I could brake that mare.” I bragged. Sandy looked just like her name. She could not have weighed over 105 pounds. She sported a really nice ass but she had no need of a bra. She had tits, it was just that she didn’t have to worry about support. Her nipples pointed to the heavens like arrows. Gloria was the geek of the bunch. She was preety but she didn’t promote herself. Her short, kinda pudgy body had its assets like an ample set of tits that had a mile of cleavage and if she wanted to, she would turn many heads. Gretchen must have had german in her because she was the single stongest girl that I have ever met. She is gay and the whole school knew it. Her and I got along ok because I had a feeling that she had the hots for Lisa. Of course she might not have been so nice to me if she knew about my desire to fuck Lisa by her birthday. I saved Rachel for last because she stirred my loins beyond measure. Next to Lisa, Rachel’s pussy called for my 10 inch cock with a megaphone. Her fire red hair and tits not quite as large as Lisa’s shook me to the bone. My bone.

I stayed out of sight until all of them had arrived and Mom sat down with them to lay out some ground rules. “Ok, ladies. I am so glad that you all are here and there is some things that I need to tell you. First I do not want anyone to leave this house for any reason. If there is an emergency, Nick will know what to do.” she said as I walked in. She continued, “Second, I will not permit any boys crashing the party. If you had other plans then tell me now and I will bring you home. Last. Have fun! You can eat anything in the house and Nick will not bother you unless you need him for anything.” They looked over to me and I gave a little wave as I retreated to my room where I had set myself up for the night. I had an ice chest filled with beer and plenty of snacks. Mom came in to kiss me goodbye and squeezed my cock when she said, “Be good tonight son. I know you would fuck them all if you could.” And she was right. I haven’t had a group fuck in over a year and my prick yearned for the pussy that had assembled in the living room. I squeezed her right tit and told her to have fun as she strolled out the door.

It didn’t take long for the girls to get started with the booze. I snuck to edge of the doorway and to get a peek at the proceedings. Rachel had just downed a shot of peppermint schnapps and almost fell over exposing her braless assets. In fact they all were braless like Sandy. Oh fuck, Lisa’s tits looked awesome. I gasped a little and thought someone heard me. I tip toed back to my room and stroked my cock until I shot my sperm across the room. When my senses returned, I heard shuffling in the hall. I pulled my gym shorts up and peered out the door. I moved down the hall and heard Gloria ask, “Well what did you see? What was he doing? Oh my god! Wow it went how far?” Damn they saw me. But who saw me? God I hope it was either Lisa or Rachel. Then I heard, “The thing was this long!” said Rachel. “No way!” exclaimed Gloria. “You never told us that your brother had such a big one Lisa.” she continued. “Well you just don’t go around telling everyone you know about your brother’s dick!” Lisa defended. “Besides I don’t see what the big deal is anyway. I’ve seen bigger.” she proclaimed. “Where? they all asked except Gretchen. “That’s a secret and it’s non of your business.” Lisa snapped. They all laughed at her and started another drinking game.

I slithered back to my room to take a quick shower and think about what Lisa had said. Bigger? It must have been one of the men mom used to fuck. But she shouldn’t have had a chance to see anybody. Mom said that she was always very careful about keeping that away from Lisa. I toweled down, put on some clean shorts and lounged on the bed. Midnight came and went and it got to be about 2 am when I heard a light knock at the door. “Nick? Are you still up?” came a soft voice from the slightly opened door. I wasn’t sure who it was but I was convinced it wasn’t Lisa or Rachel. “Yeah come on in.” I answered. The lights were down low so it was hard to see who she was until I made out the shape of her shadow. She moved slowly to the edge of the bed and I saw her face that match the shapely shadow. “Hi Gloria. What can I do for you?” I asked. She was shaking a bit as I got up and stepped in front of her. I put a finger under her chin and raised her face up to mine and bent down to kiss her. She shivered uncontrollably as I slid my tongue into her mouth and began to fondle her breasts from under her pajama top. She moaned and almost collapsed when I placed my other hand over her crotch. I grabbed her and guided her body to the bed and with one swoop, I removed her bottoms. I laid down next to her and whispered in her ear, “Gloria, what are the others doing?” She looked at me and replied, “They are all asleep.” I then asked , “Have you ever had sex before?” “Yes but it was with my big brother and it hurt a lot.” she said and then added, “I was just wanting to know how it should feel. When they saw you masturbating before, it got me thinking.” I started kissing her on the neck and moved swiftly down to her heaving chest. My right hand cupped her pussy and my middle finger worked it’s way between her lips and into her wet cunt. She bucked her hips as I explored her love canal and she had her first orgasm of the night. “Oh my god Nick. I’ve never done that before!” she said. “Don’t worry sweetie, it won’t be your last.” I countered. I moved myself over her and positioned my cock at the entrance of her wetness. Gloria was shaking with nervousness as my shaft slowly filled her tight pussy to the hilt. “OH fuck Nick, your are huge but it feels so fucking good. Please Nick, fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard!” she demanded and I obeyed. I reamed her cunt good and she came so many times that the bed was soaked. Just when I felt that she was cummed out, I pulled my dick out and gave her face a cum bath. She squealed as she jumped from the bed and ran to my bathroom. “Why did you do that? It was so gross!” she yelled. “Someday you will thank me for that.’ I laughed as she grabbed her pjs and left the room.

I continued to laugh while I changed the sheets on my bed and didn’t notice that Tina had entered the room. In fact, I didn’t know it then but she had been there the whole time I fucked Gloria. “Guess you are pretty proud of yourself.” she whispered. I spun around to see her standing on my side of the door, completely naked. My cock jerked a little when she strutted over to me and wrapped her hand around it. “How long?” I started to ask. “Nice and long lover and now it’s my turn.” she snapped as she knelt down and took my hardening cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head and I felt it get rock hard. She ran her mouth up and down the sides of my long member and when she got to the tip, she stabbed her tongue into my pee hole. It drove me crazy and I fell back on the bed. She jumped up on me and impaled herself on my prick in one motion. This little vixen rode me like she was at six flags. I watched her as she bounced up and down and yelling something about a cock rodeo. If I wasn’t about to shoot my load, I would have laughed my ass off. One thing was for sure, she wasn’t any virgin but what she was, was crazy. Her gushing pussy drenched me and my sheets and my cum was boiling up in my balls. “Tina, I’m going to…” I never got it out. She leaped off my cock and landed square on my face. Her pelvic bone nearly busted my lip as she drowned me in an orgasmic explosion. My cum shot out of me like a cannon and hit her in the middle of the back but I didn’t think she noticed. I laid there trying to catch my breath as she laid beside me and pet my dong like a little pet. “That was interesting. “ I said. She looked up at me and smiled then said, “Nice cock lover.” And with that she was gone. I still never knew where her clothes were.

After I changed the sheets again I decided I needed a shower and think about what had happened. I mean that I thought that I had seen it all back in Denver but I guess you never do see it all. Just as I was contemplating the notion of fucking Lisa and or Rachel, the door of the shower flew open and there was Lisa glaring at me. “Who the fuck do you think you are? I have a little party and you think you can just fuck who ever you want? Your lucky Mom isn’t home motherfucker or your ass would be gone!!!” she screamed as she slammed the door. “Ok. That wasn’t cool.” I said to myself. I glanced at the clock and it read 4:30 and I wished mom was home. She would give me a chance to explain and understand. I walked into my bedroom drying my head and I spot a note sliding from under my door. I picked it up and read;

Dear Nick,
I hope that Lisa doesn’t get you into any trouble, but I thought you aught know that it was Gretchen that told Lisa about Gloria, Tina and you. Everything was fine until Gloria came out of your room. Just wanted to tell you.


PS Damn it, I didn’t get my turn!

I sat on the edge of the bed for awhile thinking about the events of the evening and felt sad that Lisa got so pissed at me. “Gretchen.” I mumbled. “She has to be lesbo, but is Lisa gay too?” I asked myself. “Bi is cool but if she is gay. Then I loose.” I concluded. It was nearly dawn when I heard the car pull up. Mom walked in and came straight for my room. She didn’t even knock as she stepped in and came to the bed. I was laying down and just about to sleep when I saw her removing her clothes. “Mom? You alright?” I asked. “No I’m not alright. I’m horny as fuck and I need your big cock in me now. Those bastards at the party spent the whole night feeling me up but none of them had the guts to take me upstairs and fuck me. There wives were there and they went home with them. Pussy whip fuckers! Fuck me Nick. Give it to momma, please.” she begged. Why not, I thought to myself. She was drunk and I was tired so I knew a good reaming was just what the doctor ordered. I stood up before she finished stripping and bent her over the bed and buried my cock deep into her dripping cunt. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist and I fucked her silly while she still had her high heels on. I pounded her long enough to make her cum several times and then filled her box with my last load of the night. We fell onto the bed and passed out.

By the time Easter rolled around, the word about my dick had spread around school and it seemed like old times. Pussy was as easy as tap water and I didn’t mind that at all except that the two girls I wanted most didn’t want me. I had just about gave on my quest to fuck Rachel and felt that my goal of fucking my sister Lisa was simply doomed. Then a funny thing happened on my way to my car on Good Friday. Rachel was leaning against the drivers door and smiled at me when I got closer. “Hey Rach.” I said in my smoothest voice that I had. “Don’t try that smooth talk on me. I’m not one of you little bimbos.” she declared. I stopped myself from getting closer and asked, “So what can I do for you?” She opened my door and got in and said, “Not here. We got to talk about Lisa.” With that I jumped in and we sped away. I drove us to a secluded spot and parked the car. “Is this where you bring your whores to fuck?” she asked. “No. No one knows of this place. I have been saving it for… What did you want to talk about again?” I changed the subject on purpose. “Well it’s like this. Every since New Year’s Eve, Gretchen has parked her big gay ass up Lisa’s cunt and she trying to get her into the sack if she hasn’t already.” she explained. I knew I didn’t like Gretchen and now she wants to be a part of the family! “Just what do you think that I can do about it. Lisa is still steamed at me for that night, even though it wasn’t my fault!” I pleaded. She sat up straight and looked at me and said, “You don’t know the half of it!” Rachel told me that it was Gretchen that instigated the fuckfest. “Lisa was already asleep when Gretchen got the rest of us together and said that we should all go fuck you and see if we can wear you out. We were drunk and horny and it sounded like fun.” I listened to the plot but my dick was screaming for Rachel’s pussy. She continued, “We all drew straws and Gloria drew the first turn. Tina got up to go to bathroom or so we thought and the three of us continued to drink while we waited our turn. Then Gloria came out naked crying about how you shot yourself all over her face. Well Gretchen changed her demeanor right away and started to say stuff like, “How dare that asshole do that to this sweet girl. Someone needs to set him straight!” Now Nick everything was ok until naked Tina come prancing out like a fucked pony and yelled, “Ride em cowboy!” Gretchen was steaming. She woke up Lisa and told her that you pulled poor Gloria into your room and took advantage of her because she was drunk and Tina too.” she continued with, “There was one more thing that I think you should know, Nick. I know Lisa wanted to fuck you. She is my best friend and we share everything but since that night, Gretchen has wiggled herself in between me and my best friend and you and your sister.”

Rachel was in tears as she finished her confession and I was felt like I was had. Had by the one girl that I never wanted to fuck anyway. But something hung in my mind that I just had to know. “Did you want the short straw?” I asked. Rachel looked at me and moved closer to me. She reached for my crotch and squeezed my thick cock and said, “Not only did I want to draw the short straw, I begged Gloria to let me be first. I’m the one that saw you shoot your cum across the room that night. I knew then that I wanted to have it for myself.” Her lips came to mine and she tasted like heaven. Rachel fought to get the object of her affection out of my pants. I was forced to abandon my desire to explore her anatomy in order to assist her. Once my cock was freed from it’s cotton prison, she attacked my prick with a hunger that I have seldom seen. Her head bobbed up and down as I inched further and further into her throat. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing with this creature of loveliness giving me her all. When she had swallowed my entire shaft, she massaged my balls. “Ohhhh, Rach, I can’t hold it baby. I’m cummmmmmming!” I moaned. She moaned as I unloaded my hot sperm into her throat. Spurt after spurt filled her until she released me and came up for air. I came so much that it spewed out of the corners of her mouth and on to blouse. She didn’t seem to care as she continued to lick my deflating cock clean. I collapsed into my seat and tried to gain control of my breathing. “Wow Rach, I didn’t expect that. You were amazing.” I stammered. Rachel finished her cleaning then moved to the other side of the car and looked like the cat that ate the canary. I looked at her and went to embrace her body and she put out her hand to stop me. “No Nick. I said I’m not one of your bimbos. I did that as a good faith gesture and I just like the taste of cum. The reason that I’m here is that I want my friend back and you want to fuck her.” she explained further. “Yeah Nick, I know you want to fuck her, who wouldn’t? Let me tell you that you won’t be disappointed.” I looked into her eyes and she nodded her head as confirmation. “Yes we made love and we have shared guys at times. The big mistake we made was to let Gretchen in on our little secret. That bitch tried to take over right away. Lisa and I were going to give her the boot right after the new year but things got all fucked up at your house. Now I am the odd girl out.” She started to tear up then stopped and said, “I want my friend back and you are going to help me.” “How, what do you want me to do?” I asked. “Her birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I want you to tell your mom to tell Lisa that she has something special planned for her birthday out of town, family only.” she continued to lay out a carefully thought out plan that would seemingly break Gretchen’s hold on Lisa.

I did as Rachel instructed and Mom agreed to play along. “I have never liked that girl. She is just too butch for my taste.” mom said. The 12th was on a Saturday and so Friday night the three of us packed the car and headed for the coast. Mom came out of the hotel to inform us that we got the last room they had and since it was just the two nights, we would have to make do. The room was large enough to add a roll away bed that the bell boy delivered. So we all showered and dressed for dinner and found a great seafood restaurant. Mom let Lisa and I sneak sips of her wine whenever the waiter wasn’t looking and we got I little tipsy. On our way back to the hotel, Mom stopped and picked up a couple more bottles of wine. We got back the room and Lisa opened the door to a loud barrage of cheers and happy birthdays from about twenty people from home. Of course there was Tina, Sandy and Gloria. Not to mention about six guys from the football team and a few girls of the cheerleading team. Rachel’s plan had worked so far because Lisa cried at all the attention and there was no sign of Gretchen.

Well it didn’t take long for the booze to take affect and girls started to loose their clothes. This birthday party turned into a wild sex orgy that had every body fucking somebody. Mom attracted the linebacker of our football team to her and had him eating her pussy on the floor. Since there was only seven guys to about 16 girls, the wet pussy was everywhere. Before I knew it, Sandy had my cock out and in her mouth. Rachel went right for Lisa and practically ripped her blouse off to suck on her huge tits. While I was enjoying being serviced by Sandy, Gloria pushed me down and sat square on my face. “It’s about time I cover your face with cum Nick! Eat me damn it eat my pussy!“ she screamed. I managed a glance at Mom as she is getting pounded in her ass while she is licking Tina’s cunt. Gloria gushes her juice over my face as she grinded her pelvis into my mouth. I came up for air to see Gloria smiling at me and I winked at her. Sandy impaled herself on my dick after sucking me to edge of climax. Gloria was pulled away by a another athlete and a cheer leader happily took her place. Everything from there turned into a blur. We partied till after midnight when everyone sang Happy Birthday to Lisa then most of them said goodnight and left.

I was sure I had fucked every female in the room except three. Mom, Rachel and of course Lisa. I grabbed a glass of wine and headed for the beach because I knew what was next. I left my sister in the hands of the same people that were at the slumber party and they were about to set the record straight. Mom stayed there to moderate and to pass out. I sat on the beach for what seemed a couple of hours when I felt the presence of someone behind me. “If you are who I think you are, have a seat. If you are the beachside killer, then just do it quick.” I announced to the return of girlish giggle. Rachel sat down on the left of me and Lisa sat down on the right. They were both dressed in a long bed shirt that reached to there knees. “Want a refill, Nick?” asked Lisa. I lifted my glass and she filled it to the top. I drank half of it down and said, “I take it that you were made to see the light, sis?” She snuggled up to me and placed her hand on my crotch and said, “I’m sorry Nick for what I thought you did. Is there anything I can do to get you to forgive me?” My cock, sore as it might be, began to fill once again under Lisa’s tightening grip. Rachel’s hand found it’s way up my shorts and fondled my balls. I put my glass down on the sand and reached for Lisa’s right breast and pinched the nipple ever so softly. She moaned and started to stroke my erection to full staff. Rachel got up on her knees and lifted her shirt over her head to reveal her majestic tits to the moonlight. She brought them to my face and smothered me to ecstasy. Lisa worked my cock out of my shorts and twirled her tongue around the head and sucked out some precum. She moaned as she took my thick shaft into her mouth. I laid back onto the beach and they fought to gain the advantage at sucking my cock. A dream come true. That’s what went through my mind. Lisa stood up to remove her shirt and Rachel pulled off my shorts. Our three naked bodies shined in the moonlight as we made love to each other. Lisa laid down on her back and spread her legs and said, “Come fuck me Nick. I have been watching you swing that monster from pussy to pussy and now I want it in my aching pussy! Please fuck me Nick. Fuck me like you fucked mom. Give it all to me at once.” I didn’t disappoint her as I moved the head of my prick to the entrance of her cunt and Rachel guided it in between her lips with one hand and her other hand was on my ass. Lisa looked up to me and yelled, “Fuck me my brother!” Rachel winked at me and I shoved the whole length of my member deep into my sister. My balls slapped her ass as I hit the bottom of her drenched pussy. Her cunt muscles gripped me like a suction and I felt my reserve weaken. Lisa was incredible and I didn’t want this night to end. I hammered her wet cunt and massaged Rachel’s tits while she sat on Lisa’s face. Rachel looked into my eyes and I saw something that stirred my soul. I leaned to her and we kissed long and hard. Lisa’s muffled moans reached a high pitch as she orgasm on my dick and I pinched Rachel’s nipples. Rachel screamed and sprayed Lisa with so much cum that you could see the sand darken under her neck. Lisa pushed Rachel off of her face and flipped me over. “Time for me to give my dear brother something to drink.” announced Lisa as she sat on my mouth. I tasted her juices and the precum from my dick and I sucked her cunt like a starved animal. Rachel moved around and straddled my throbbing meat and impaled her quivering body. I could hear both of them scream and moan as they pleasured themselves on my torso. Lisa drowned my head and Rachel soaked my balls repeatedly until I could not hold back any longer. I pushed Lisa’s gash up from my mouth just long enough to scream, “Ohhhhh fuuuuuck, I’mmmmmm cuuuummmmminggggg!” It was like an fire alarm went off. Both girls leapt from their positions and dove for my erupting penis. They fought each other for their share of my man goo as I shot stream after stream at them. I thought I would never stop cumming and I even lost consciousness for a short time. I awakened to the comfort of my two sex kittens as they cuddled to me. Rachel and I said in unison, “Happy Birthday Lisa.”

From that moment on, the three of us were inseparable. I asked Rachel to be my girl and she agreed with the condition that I not fuck everybody else except of course Lisa and Mom. After graduation the next year, I proposed to Rachel and we were married. At least that was what everyone else thought. Fact is that I considered myself as married to three of the most gorgeous women on the planet and now Lisa and Rachel are pregnant and Mom and I can’t wait.

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