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a gentle poem
ROUGH SEX ( a poem by Stardust 8937, 9-27-10)

Don't ask me for hard sex, rough sex--
I won't do it--
I CAN'T do it--

If your KINK demands it, then
even though it hurts me,
I understand

Many men
and women
would do THAT for you
Not me.

I won't rope you--if you NEED that
go to others
let THEM be harsh with you

I won't judge your needs-
Your reaching for fulfillment.

It's alright, go to OTHERS!

I can only stroke your body softly.
My hands, strong as they are,
could never hit you, or force you,
I only have gentleness in my heart
for you--

It's alright--
Never be ashamed of THINGS you need.
I understand it...
I've been there---
but with you, NO!
I will not...
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