Sometimes your first time isn't at all what you expected.
This is a story that deals in boy on boy sex. If you the reader are offended by such material then please do not read any further.

My name is John Karver I’m a fourteen year old freshmen at Thorn Academe, and a total nobody. To put it in crystal clear perspective I’m at the very bottom rung of the social ladder. Even those that were classified as geeks, brains, or nerds come before me, even though I myself would have been classified as their king.

I stand about five feet eight inches tall, thin, and when I say thin I mean just that thin. I’m not athletic in any way so there are no hard ripping muscles, no six pack abs no bulging biceps. Just a short, skinny, brown haired, brown eyed kid that wears glasses. If you were to pass by me you would forget you ever saw me standing there five minutes later. That just goes to prove how unremarkable I am.

This story begins on a day that I found myself weaving and dodging my way through the halls doing everything that I could to avoid the more popular and older class mates that took a great delight in making my school life miserable. What can I say, it suck being at the bottom of the food chain.

Thorn Academe, is an all boy private school. Its supposed to be one of the best in the country, but to me it was just another school with all the same problems as any public school. The only difference was that we all had to wear uniforms, and there were dorms for those student who’s families lived out of state.

Such as it was, my day was not complete unless I had been belittled, picked on, or ridiculed by at least half a dozen other students. I few of the more bolder students even tried to corner me so they could fuck me. Luckily I was quick enough to get away from them before they had the chance to rape my ass, literally. What do you expect in an all male school? Guys get horny at the drop of a dime. Anyway, it happened so often that it was somehow common place now. I, John Karver, the unrecognizable king of the freshmen geeks was forced to endure academic life as an endurance trial day in and day out.

For the most part I did not have any friends, save for one fellow geek, and partner in academic glory, Eric Stevens. The two of us met in at the tender age of five in kinder garden, and our friendship was instantaneous, and strong even at such a young age. We did everything together, played, talked, shared secrets you know the kids of things that age did. More to the point, when we would have the common sleep over the both of us would even take baths together playing with toys in the bubbly soapy water, or comparing our little peckers to one another when they would get hard for no reason. A few times we even use to hump each other because it just seemed to feel good to us. We were five after all, and best friends. So it seemed only natural for us to explore our own bodies with each other.

I still smile a touch at that memory, and several others. For as far back as I can remember, Eric was always there, and I am rather glad of that, even if I didn’t have anyone else I knew I would always have Eric to watch my back, or wash it, as sometimes happened.

As I continued his walk down memory lane, quietly reflecting, about my best, and only friend, I failed to notice the three much older, more popular, and cruelest boys approaching me with mischievous glints in their eyes, and twisted smirks on their lips. That is not until it was far too late with the ring leader of the trio , Brent Carson, slamming me back into the locker lined walls of the hallway, and the Franks twins, Bobby, and Billy, flanking either side to keep John from getting away. I have to admit here that the slam against the wall hurt like hell, and almost knocked the wind out of me.

“Hey there fag boy.” Brent hissed though his twisted grin at me. “We were just wondering which one of you was the butch or the bitch. I mean, I know you and that cross dressing fagot, Stevens, are getting it on. So which one of you takes it up the ass?” He added with the grin on his lips turning into a cruel smile.

I took a deep sigh and looked down before speaking. “Brent I’m not gay.” I replied knowing that this supposed King of Cool would not believe me, he never did and the homosexual jokes about Eric and myself was their favorite form of torment. But never the less, I had to make the attempt. As I may have mentioned before, being in an all boy school there were many other guys that well, for lack of options messed around with each other. For these three however they took a delight in ragging on Eric an me about fucking each other.

The sad part is that I’m still a virgin, and as far as I could tell so was Eric.

“You trying to get smart with me you little cock sucking fuck?” Brent said with a harsh note of violence hovering on his lips. I knew then that things had just gone from bad to worse.

“I think he is Brent.” one of the twins said.

“Yeah fuck him up man.” the other twin added with a gleeful sneer.

“No- but- I meant-,” I began trying to defuse the situation, but could already see that it was far too late to even try to reason with the much taller and heavier boy as he came closer fists balled. So I closed my eyes at that point knowing what was coming, and bracing myself for the first blow that was soon to fly at my face. Hello black eye, or bloody nose. Its been a while.

“Gentlemen, don’t you think it is time you all should be getting to your classes?” The voice from behind the three older boys said, and to my ears was the sound on a guardian angel coming to my rescue.

I opened his eyes and looked into the face of Ms. Anderson. The looks she returned however was one of cold contempt for the three older boys that had me pinned against the wall. “Well?” She added placing her hands on the flare of her hips and tapping a foot in the hard floor.

“We were just leaving.” Brent hissed through clenched teeth as he continue to stare me down. “I’ll see you later Karver.” He added in a malicious whisper before moving on down the hall with his two friends in tow.

“Come along John, get into class.” Ms. Anderson said with a soft sympathetic smile on her lips.

I did not need to be asked twice as I smiled and nodded scooting around her and entering the open doorway of her class grateful beyond belief that I had been spared the indignity of trying to explain the bruises to my mother again.

There were a few snickers, and jeers from other students that had been close enough to hear what was going on, but I paid them no mind as I sat down next to Eric who seemed to have a knowing little look on his slight round pale face.

“Let me guess Brent and the butt nugget twins again?” Eric asked me in his soft naturally girlish whisper as he leaned closer to me for a moment while he was getting his books out. Eric and I had learned quickly how to talk without being noticed, and to whisper so softly that no one except us could hear what was being said.

“Yeah, Ms. Anderson came out just in time to keep them from beating the shit out of me.” I whispered back as I took out my own books.

“That fucker Brent caught me earlier. Gave me such a wedge that my ass crack still hurts, and I can still taste my tighty whiteys for fuck sake.” Eric whispered leaning just a little closer. “Before I forget, Mom is going out of town on business, and I asked if it was cool if you came over and spent the weekend at my place.” He added with an impish little grin coming to his full lips, and a twinkle of wickedness in his long lashed eyes.

“So it would be just you and me, for the whole weekend?” I asked a grin also coming to my own lips. A weekend of nothing but me, Eric and an empty house to just fuck off in? Hell yeah sign me up for that, I could almost taste the shit load of junk food we would devour in a couple of days. The best part about it all was the fact I would not have my mother checking up on me every five minutes.

I could tell that Eric was more than a touch excited about the possibilities as well, and it seemed like we were on the same wave length. Then again we always seemed to have about the same thought running thru our minds at any given time. I guess that comes with being friends for so long.

“Yeah.” Eric finally whispered back his hushed words coming almost as a faint breath to my ears.

It was at that time that I noticed how close Eric was to me, and the sensation of his soft breath across my ear and neck was sending a chill down my spine, and my pulse to quicken rather unexpectedly. It was at that moment that I took notice of something that I had failed to notice after all the years I had known Eric.

From head to toe Eric looked so soft, fragile even to a point, feminine. From the long dark lashes of his eyes, to the natural full lips that instinctively made him look like he was pouting when he was thinking about something. I have to admit seeing this side of him was new, and strange, but also at the same time a touch thrilling. “Yeah, sure. We can stop by my house on the way home so I can clear it with my mom.” I finally answered back in a hushed tone.

A minute or so later the class was called to order, and began, but I watched Eric from the corner of my eye, with this new found revelation of Eric’s appearance. I burned every detail of my covert observation into my mind. From the long lustrous coal black hair that fell to about the middle of his back, and was always pulled back into a neat pony tail, to how even the bone structure of my best friend’s face was so much like a girl’s.

I allowed my eyes to take a quick glance at that moment, then looked right back to my book. Everything about Eric just screamed feminine to me. Aside from the long lashes of his bright green eyes, to even how he sat like a girl with one leg crossed daintily over the other. How had I not noticed these things before? I wondered, and the more I wondered the more I felt my pulse quicken.

Just then I felt a slight jab in my ribs and looked at Eric who was secretly motioning to the front of the class where Ms. Anderson was looking at me, and waiting for an answer to a question she had called on me to answer. Quickly I looked the dry erase board behind her, my mind calculating the proper response, then answered the question and looked down at my text book embarrassed by being caught off guard, and still feeling the distracting thrill of my racing pulse.

For the rest of the class I silently thought about the differences in Eric, and more so how this new perspective was making me feel. Strangely enough I was at peace with being so excited, although part of me knew that the very core of my sexuality was being challenged. Was it just teenaged hormones that was getting me all excited? Was I really getting a thrill at how girlie my best friend was? And if I was, what the hell was I going to do about it? I didn’t have any answers at that moment, and wondered if I should even say or do anything about them.

Just as I was questioning what I was feeling, Eric moved and leaned back in his seat. I had a good view at his lap at that moment, and much to my surprise there was the straining outline of his swollen cock pressing at the zipper of his tan uniform slacks. I quickly averted my eyes, but the image of him sitting next to me with a hardon was forever stuck in my mind. It was that image that now had my own dick starting to pulsate and rise to attention. I could feel my cheeks starting to burn red with embarrassment, but never the less my cock was getting steadily harder with each passing second. Well I suppose that settled one thing, and my resolve of whether I was attracted to Eric or not was no longer in question. I was full blown sexually attracted to my best friend.

I knew that Eric was a little sissy in personality. It was one of the things that made life for him and me both in school so much hell. Everyone automatically assumed that he was gay, and therefore I must be too by association. Hell, even I had the thought a time or two that he might be homosexual, but that didn’t bother me in the least bit. He was my best friend, and I never once felt my own sexual tastes threatened by him. That is until now, and it wasn’t him that was posing a threat to how I viewed sexual attraction, but myself.

Here I was sitting next to him, my cock trying to split the front of my slacks open with how hard it had gotten, and it was all because I caught a quick glance of my possibly gay friend sitting next to me with a boner too. I wondered what it could have been that had gotten him all hot and bothered. I knew what my reason was, but still I was curious about why he was sitting with an erection as well.

I had to push my thoughts out of my mind at that moment, and ended up spending the rest of the class period fighting my own raging hardon. No matter how hard I tried to get a clear head I still found myself pondering my new found problem. Was I really gay for being attracted to Eric? Then I thought about how so many of the dorm bound students would sneak about late at night for the occasional blow job, or even fuck, and I wondered if there was anything to be making such a big deal over.

When the class bell rang to go home, I was still thinking about the problem at hand. I was no more closer to a solution then I had been since my cock decided to stand at full attention over a quick crotch glance. So, slowly I packed my books up, and secretively readjusted my still rock hard member so that it wouldn’t be to noticeable to anyone, not even Eric.

“John you alright?” Eric asked, and it was his soft voice that jerked me from my thoughts. Damn that voice of his, my pulse was already racing as fast as it could, and my dick began to throb and twitch with the need to fuck.

“Yeah I’m good.” I lied. “Lets get out of here before Brent and his two buddies comes looking for us, besides we need to get to my house so I can get permission to spend the weekend at your place.” I suggested with a slight even almost nervous smile, and with that Eric and I made our escape from the school.

We had several exit routs, and we never used the same one twice in a row for the fact we didn’t want to be harassed on our way out. Like I said before, it suck being at the bottom of the food chain. At least this way there were two sets of eyes looking for possible trouble coming our way and not just one that could easily be ambushed.

Ten Minutes later we were on our way to my house, having made a clean get away, joking laughing, and talking about the things we might want to do over the weekend if I got my mother‘s okay. Eric and I were lucky, our homes were only a few blocks away from the school so the need for us to use the dorms was pointless, we both were thankful for that. Although now with what I was feeling I could almost see the both of us rooming together and letting ourselves be a bit more up close and personal if you follow my meaning.

It didn’t take long for us to get to my house which was the first one we came to. After opening the front door I went straight away to look for my mom, and I found her sitting in the den watching some cheesy daytime court show that she liked to watch in a the early afternoon hours.

“Mom can I spend the weekend over at Eric’s?” I asked with a sweet little smile and of course with Eric standing right behind me with his best puppy dog eyes.

My mother looked from me to Eric then back again with a grin on her lips. “I suppose so. Besides your mother called Eric, and told me that she was going out of town and already asked if it would be alright if John kept you company while she was gone.” My mom said smiling at the two of us. “Besides the two of you will most likely spend the week end eating junk food, and plying one of those games you like so much.” She added after a moment or two had past.

I had to admit that neither Eric nor myself had taken into consideration that Eric’s mom would have made such a move, but never the less it could not have worked out better. “Thanks mom!” I said excitedly, with Eric also excitedly giving his thanks as well.

In a frenzy of activity we rushed up to my room and packed an overnight bag for me. We grabbed a few games along the way thinking they might be nice to up load on Eric’s computer and play later, although I had the feeling that the games were going to be left fairly much alone. We were running head long to the freedom of a weekend filled with what we wanted to do without supervision. Both of us did not mask our excitement, there was no point in it, since we were so close that we both knew what the other was feeling.

With a quick goodbye, and the front door slamming shut behind us, we were on our way to a weekend of adventure. I was carrying the overnight bag packed with sleep pants, fresh underwear, a few t-shirts, and the few afterthought games, we had hurriedly packed with Eric following right beside me as we moved down the sidewalk at a brisk walk once again, and just like any time before we talked, joked and laughed at the things we found funny.

As we walked down the side walk towards Eric’s house which was only a block or two further away, I noticed how Eric didn’t walk much like a boy, but swayed with the sensuous glide of a female, with his slightly flaring hips swaying from side to side in an almost graceful strut. Remember I did say he was a bit on the sissy side, and his feminine like walk just makes that point clearer. “So what should we do when we get to your place?” I asked trying to take my mind off the still bubbling attraction I was feeling from earlier that day in class.

“Hell we can do anything, from lazing about watching TV, play some games, to getting butt naked and streaking through the house.” Eric replied with a giggle just behind his comment.

It was the getting naked part however that really caught my attention. “Well wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen each other naked. Hell I could have left the sleep pants at home, along with most of my other clothes if I knew that was a possibility.” I said back with a grin. Now I think I need to make it clear here that I am in no way a bold guy. In fact I am rather shy about things like nudity, except with Eric. Not to mention for some reason I was feeling very daring and even a touch wicked around my feminine best friend at the time.

It was at that moment Eric stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me, a mysterious little grin playing across his lips. “You know I think I might just like that idea.” He said and that grin grew just a touch more, before he started to walk again at my side.

I wasn’t sure how to take that, but part of me knew that Eric was up to something, and for that matter so was I. The thing was neither of us knew that we were up to the same thing. “Ok fine,” I began, “we get to your place and we spend a weekend naked.” I finished before laughing. “Although I think you might get sick of seeing my dick all weekend long.” I half joked, but Eric didn’t laugh, he just grinned at me.

“Don’t be so sure.” I heard him say softly, and that confirmed my thoughts. This weekend was going to be one that would totally change the way I thought of life in general.

A few minutes later we walked into Eric’s house, and noted that it was silent. That was odd enough to have Eric walking through the home calling for his mother. Once we reached the kitchen however Eric stopped and pulled a note down from the front of the fridge. “Well looks like we got the house all to ourselves.” He said sweetly then grinned at me. “Mom had to leave for her trip sooner than she had planned.” He added handing the note to me to read.

I gave the note a once over before looking back to him. “Ok so what now?” I asked thinking that I should wait to see if I had to make the first move or if he would.

“Lets go put your bag in a entertainment room. Then we can get naked.” Eric joked, and another giggle pealed from his lips. I, on the other hand, thought about that. I knew he could be joking about such things, but there was that part of me that knew he might have been a touch serious about it.

“Ok.” I said with a slight smile on my lips, and then we headed down into the converted basement. My mind was racing at that moment, I knew there was something happening here, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell if it was all a joke. So I decided I would pose a few questions. “Hey Eric?” I began, watching the slow sway of his hips as we walked down the basement stairs.

“Yeah?” he answered softly over his shoulder.

“You know the guys that are in the dorms right?” I figured that was a good place to start.

Eric nodded his head and I watched that coal black pony tail swaying with the movement of his head. “Yeah what about them?” He asked me in return.

“Well I wonder if the rumors about what they do late at night are true.” I commented, and Eric knew what I was talking about. Everyone talked about the male on male sex that was common place in the dorms. There wasn’t a student that didn’t know, or had not participated in it in one way or another.

Eric stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked back at me as I joined him in the basement. “Well if they are then at least someone is getting laid.” He said grinning impishly.

“Yeah true, hell sometimes I think I envy them. I mean it must be better to actually fuck someone then to have to jack off all the time.” I said in such a common place manner that it was almost conversational. Then I moved further in and set my overnight bag down on the floor next to the big over stuffed sofa that sat before the big screen TV.

For a moment Eric just stood at the foot of the stairs and looked at me. There was a mixed look written across his face that I couldn’t quite recognize. “What’s wrong?” I asked and for a brief moment I began to wonder if I had in someway crossed a line I would not have wanted to cross.

“Well I wouldn’t want to have some random guy’s dick in my mouth, or butt fucking me like they do in the dorms, but if I was roomed with you, then yeah I could see that happening, You know a light romp between friends.” And there it was, Eric had said the one thing that confirmed his attraction for me just as I had the same for him.

“Really?” I asked not exactly sure how to go about getting anymore details from Eric at the time. Plus the fact that this new found sexual energy between us had made my sensitive cock jump with eagerness.

“Hello, Earth to John. I’m gay you know, or have you not noticed that?” Eric giggled, albeit a touch nervously with one hand propped on one hip and kicked out to the side striking a very female like pose.

I gave a slight laugh and shrugged my shoulders. “Ok yeah I noticed. Anyway that’s cool that you would want me to do that sort of thing with you.” I said thinking that the stage was set, now all that was left was for one of us to make that ultimate move, but neither one of us did. Instead there was an odd silence between us, and it was a touch uncomfortable.

It was Eric that broke the awkward silence between us. “You want pizza for later? I can phone it in now and have it here for when we get hungry?” He asked looking around the basement uncomfortably. I could see that he was still a bit uneasy about the strange silence that had passed between us.

“Yeah sure, then afterwards we can jump on the net look at some porn or something, then strip down and let the good old cocks and balls flap about in the breeze.” I said half joking, and half serious. To be honest I don’t know where that particular idea came from but the look I got back from my feminine gay best friend was one that was a mix of excitement and doubt that I was even remotely serious about it.

“You sure you want to do that?” He asked grinning a touch.

“Sure why not?” I replied noting that rather impish grin on his lips that spoke whole volumes about the workings of my best friends mind.

“Well what if we get all excited? You know, start springing boners and need to beat off? Not to mention with me being gay and all what if I just don‘t want to beat off?” I had to admit that those two questions caught me off guard, and they were questions I really didn’t have answers for.

“Well I can deal with seeing you jack off if you can deal with seeing me doing the same thing.” I finally answered after giving it a few minutes of thought. I knew what was happening here. We were testing the waters, sensitively of course, cause neither one of us really had any clue about what we were doing, but we did know what we wanted to do. “As for the other part. Well if the guys in the dorms don’t mind sucking on cock and such then why should we? Like you said a nice little romp between friends.” I added.

After a few dramatic moments of thought, which Eric was famous for, he spoke. “Ok I can live with that, and like you said we’ve seen each other naked before so why should this be any different, little romp and all?” Eric replied the grin on his lips curling to an absolute sultry little smile.

“Damn right.” I smiled back.

After that Eric headed up to the kitchen to phone in the pizza order to be delivered to us. Then suggested that he wanted to get out of his school uniform. I thought about that for a moment then grabbed my overnight bag getting out a baggy pair of grey sweats, and a loose fitting black tee-shirt. If things were going to get interesting then I at least wanted to be somewhat comfortable.

We both headed up to his room to change clothes. Granted normally this wouldn’t be any big deal, but after our little talk down in the basement about things getting very heated between us, we both were a touch self conscious about our nudity. At first we both shed our shoes, and socks, then our shirts. At that moment I could feel my heart hammering against my chest. In just a few more moments we both would be damn near naked in front of each other, and my cock was already swollen to full blown steel hardness, to the point of throbbing painfully. I thought to turn away so he couldn’t see the dick lump at the crotch of my uniform slacks, but I changed my mind and just faced him as he faced me.

Once more it was Eric that broke the discomfort by undoing his belt and slacks letting them drop till he was standing in his tighty whities. I swallowed hard as I saw that just like me his cock was hard and straining against the tight fabric of his underwear, but there was more than just his hardon that I took notice of. Eric had no hair at his arm pits, and when I glanced down his legs I noticed that those too were hair free, and had the shine of legs that were shaved regularly.

We didn’t say anything to each other, and it was my turn to shed my own slacks. I could feel my hands shaking nervously as I fumbled with the belt around my waist, then the button, and lastly the zipper. One final move and I would be almost just as naked as my pretty male friend was. With one deep breath I let my pants fall to the floor and there I stood, hard cock tenting my undies to the point I might as well have been totally nude, as all seven inches of it made a very detailed outline for Eric to see, and see he did. I watched as Eric took a nice long look at my hidden boner, and his tongue slowly licked at his full lips.

“I guess we both are feeling more than a bit turned on huh?” I said looking down again at his own hidden pulsating member. It wasn’t as big as mine was, but it was pretty close. He might have only been half an inch shorter then I was at the most, and only slightly thinner.

Eric nodded his head at that looking up to my face. “I almost wish the pizzas were here already so I didn’t have to get dressed at all.” He cooed at me taking an unconscious step closer to me. He was right however, I didn’t want to get redressed either. In fact I wanted to drop my briefs and let him see how hard my throbbing dick really was, and it was all because of my thoughts of him.

“Yeah me too.” I said stepping closer to him as well.

Then something happened that I had not expected. In fact I think it was the attraction he and I both felt that made us close the empty space between us, feeling our bare chests pressed together not to mention our fully engorged cocks still bound by our underwear grinding against each other. I could hear the catch of my breathing as the sensation send a chill down my spine, and obviously Eric was feeling much the same thing I was at that time.

“Um Eric?” I half whispered as I felt the hard pulsating shaft of his imprisoned cock pressed firmly against my own. I knew in that close moment that I wanted him, I wanted to be close to him in everyway two boys that were so attracted, and close to each other could be.

“Yeah?” Eric breathed back with a slight shiver to his body, his chest rising and falling with the rapid pace of his breath.

“Would it be ok if we, you know, kissed? To see what it’s like?” I asked as a shiver of excitement ran down my spine from being so close to this very sexy feminine boy.

Eric didn’t respond, instead he bit his full lower lips in anticipation. His bright green eyes seemed to sparkle with a lusting want, as he moved closer tilting his head to one side. I moved the rest of the way, tilting my own head so that we would meet in that perfect moment. I too was burning with a want of my own, and when our lips met it was like electricity was flowing between us. I found my arms instinctively wrapping about his bare thin waist as his wrapped around my neck, and the kiss deepened. The kiss was slow at first, testing to see how far the other would allow. First our tongues shyly touched, then rolled along the side of each other with more gusto, and finally we were fully exploring each others mouth hungrily.

We pulled each other closer together and I could feel myself grinding my hard cock against Eric’s thru our underwear. It was as if we both wanted to almost crawl inside each other’s skin, as we pressed our bodied harder against each other’s. A few times I heard him or maybe it was me moaning in our long lasting kiss as we stood in the middle of his bedroom slowly dry fucking each other thru our tighty whities. I let my hands fall from his waist and reached down to grip the tight full round mounds of his ass cheeks thru his underwear. That sparked a moan in him, and I liked the way his flexing ass felt in the palms of my hands. Everything in this moment just felt so right, so natural to me.

I don’t know how long we just stood there kissing, groping, and humping our hardons on one another, but it was the ringing of the doorbell that startled the both of us back to reality. Instantly we separated, and Eric snatched up my grey sweat pants, and black tee-shirt throwing them on and dashing out of his room before I could offer any kind of protest at having been left in his room in nothing but my briefs.

I stood just behind his half closed door and listened as Eric paid the pizza delivery guy for the pies he had ordered, and let out an explosive breath as I heard the front door shut, and Eric’s voice. “Coast is clear!” he called up to me. Slowly I left Eric’s bedroom and walked downstairs into the kitchen where Eric was waiting still wearing my clothes he had stolen in the heat of the moment.

“Do you think I can have my clothes back you thieving ass?” I said with slight indignation.

“I don’t know I think I like seeing you in nothing but your undies.” He joked giving a nice long look up and down my mostly naked body.

Part of me wanted to be mad at him but he was just too cute at that time, so we both laughed about it, and he took off the sweats, and shirt handing them over to me, leaving him to stand in nothing but his undies as well. For a moment I actually thought of putting my clothes on, but then just tossed them on the kitchen table next to the pizza’s.

Eric looked at the clothes I had tossed then looked at me with a slight smirk on his lips. “I think I like seeing you in nothing but your undies too.” I said by way of explaining my actions.

Once again we let loose with laughter, and took the pizzas back down to the basement to eat, and just be close to one another. We each had a few slices, and washed it down with cold cans of soda talking and joking about how we were cock blocked by the pizza delivery guy. I knew that if my mother had saw anything of what had happened up in Eric’s room she would have shit a gold brick, but she wasn’t here. It was just me, and the boy with whom I wanted to get even closer with. That singular thought caused my now deflated dick to twitch back into life.

Eric must have been reading my mind because the question he asked was just what would be the thing to get us even closer, not to mention he was starting to form a nice bulge at the front of his undies as well. “So you want me to set up another chair in front of the computer, and we watch that porn now?” He asked.

I, of course nodded my head and grinned. “Yeah, sure.” I answered back standing up from the big sofa we had been sitting on down in the basement. I didn’t even bother to hide that my cock was getting hard, nor did Eric. We were past that point of being uncomfortable, and now it was time to explore. Although I have to admit I don’t think we really needed to watch porn by that point.

In any case we were soon sitting next to each other in front of his computer, and watching some chick getting her asshole solidly rammed by some huge hung guy. I glanced once over to Eric and saw that he was slowly stroking his hard cock thru his underwear, hell for that matter so was I, but it wasn’t really the porn that was making me want to beat off. It was Eric, and I knew that thru and thru.

“God if this keeps up I’m going to have to pull my dick out and jack off.” I said looking back to the monitor palming my hardness thru my briefs vigorously.

“If you do then I will too, cause I’m about to lose my fucking mind here.” Eric whimpered as he was groping his own crotch just as much as I was my own.

I nodded at that and stood up from the chair. Eric stopped watching the porn and focused on me. I was feeling a bit empowered now so without any reservations I looped my fingers into the waist band of my underwear and pulled them down. In that split second I had a barrier between my crotch and my best friend’s eye, now I didn’t and my cock was out at full attention sticking out before my pelvis.

True to his word Eric then stood up and did the same thing. Just like his arm pits, and his legs Eric didn’t have any pubic hair around his throbbing hard cock, or his ball sack, and for a moment we just stood staring at each other now fully naked to each other.

I felt just like I had up on his bedroom in that moment. The porno we were watching was lost to us, and soon we found ourselves back in each others arms kissing and grinding against each other’s hard hot meats. God I loved the way he kissed, and the feeling of his smooth heated skin against mine was almost more then I could take.

For a minute or two we just stood there dumping our cocks together kissing, and letting our hands move up and down each other’s back and gripping each others ass cheeks. Finally Eric stopped kissing then reached up and pulled his long black pony tail out letting his hair fall down his back. I was stunned at how beautiful he was.

“John can I touch your cock?” He asked softly, and I could see in his eyes that he was more then ready to go as far as I wanted to go which was pretty damned far.

I blinked a few times before nodding my head. “As long as I can touch you too.” I said in return.

Eric grinned and nodded and we found ourselves sitting on the big sofa. I had never felt another person’s hand wrapped around my dick before, nor had I ever wrapped mine around another cock but my own, but the silky hard smoothness of Eric’s dick in my slow stroking hand felt very good. And having his around my pulsating shaft was bliss.

“Oh damn that feels so good.” Eric sighed as he stroked my cock and his hips rose and fell with my slowly pumping fist.

“Yeah it does.” I gasped as we continued to jack each other off slowly.

We shared a few more kisses while sitting on that sofa teasing each others mouths with our tongues, but we both wanted to do more. Before I knew what was happening Eric parted our latest kiss and leaned forward. Next thing I felt was Eric sinking my cock past his lips and moaning against my shaft as he took as much as he could fit into his mouth. I moaned deeply at the wild sensation of feeling my best friend giving me my first blow job, but the angle he was at forced me to let go of his cock and take a grip of his long hair, guiding his head up and down the length of my cock.

It didn’t take long for me to feel my balls about to boil over with my cum, and each time Eric drew his head up till nothing but the tip of my dick was in his mouth he was suck harder trying to make me explode. “Oh fuck I’m about to cum so hard.” I gasped from between quick breaths.

Eric stopped for just a few seconds at that point. “Do it, cum in my mouth baby.” He almost seem to purr at me before he sank my ready to burst raging hard pole back into his mouth and began to bob his head up and down the full length of my shaft as fast as he could adding more suction as he fucked me with his mouth.

That was all I could take “Oh shit I’m cumming!” I groaned out loudly as I felt my balls draw up tighter to my body, and my cock began to pump wildly in his mouth shooting globs of my thick milky cum into the back of his throat for him to quickly swallow down. Every time my shaft filled with cum I emptied it into Eric’s hot oral passage to which he would moan happily at having been given yet another mouthful of my sticky spunk to swallow.

Eric didn’t stop sucking my cock until he was sure he had drank down every last drop of my hot salty cock goop. Then and only then did he lean up his cheeks flushed licking his lips and grinning at me. “God that was very tasty.” He said leaning back, and I could see that his prick was still ragging hard, and twitching with the need for some attention.

I grinned at him still breath hard from my release, but I thought one good turn deserves another, and I leaned forward wrapping my hand around his swollen hard shaft and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth as far as I could take it. If he was going to take a load for me, then I sure as hell was going to repay him for it. I quickly got the hang of using my hand to aid me in sucking him off, and in half a minute I had him pawing at the back of my head with his hands, his hips bucking in time with my mouth, and whimpering with the pleasure of having his fleshy fuck stick in my mouth.

“Fuck you suck my dick so good.” Eric cooed, his slightly flaring hips rising and falling as he fucked my mouth. I looked up into his eyes at that moment, then like him I threw everything I had into getting him off, bobbing my head up and down his shaft and sucking harder to make him explode in my mouth. “Oh God I’m going to…” Eric never finished what he was going to say, and I felt the first salty tangy splash of his cum as it hit my tongue. I loved the taste of his cum, and I eagerly drank it down drawing out more of his thick sticky release as he emptied his balls into my mouth to drink down.

While I drained his cock I felt my own starting to stir once again, but I was still too spent for it to get fully hard, and when he had finally finished cumming in my mouth I leaned back and licked what little cum had escaped me. Eric leaned closer to me after I had leaned fully up into a seated position once more and we kissed tasting the last remains of our orgasms on each other’s tongues.

After the kiss Eric just snuggled closer to me and we both sat shoulder to shoulder in naked silence. We really didn’t know what to say to each other. I mean its not like we could look at each other and say ‘Well that was fun so wanna play a video game or something?’ No, things were now different between us, we just didn’t know in what way things were different. I mean, were we still just close best friends, or were we now something akin to a couple? I didn’t know and I wasn’t sure if Eric had the answers either, but as the quiet seconds passed I was really wanting to know one way or the other.

“Eric?” I began trying to formulate the words in my mind before I spoke them.

“Yeah?” Eric’s voice came back sounding soft, and vulnerable to my ears.

I took a moment to get my thought together then spoke. “Are we different now?” God was that the best I could do? I only hoped that he understood what I was trying to say.

Eric sat leaning against me looking down at he basement floor for a few minutes, or at least that is what it felt like to me. “Yeah, I think we are.” He confessed. “Are you regretting we did that?” Eric asked, and I knew he thought I was feeling bad about having him give me a blow job, and then doing the same thing to him.

I firmly shook my head. “No, I liked it. I liked it a lot.” I started. “What I mean is are we still best friends or….” I left the question hanging there and once more hoped I wouldn’t have to try to explain further because just as vulnerable as Eric sounded my emotions were just as much if not more so.

It took a moment for Eric to catch on to what I was hinting at, but I saw it hit him between the eyes as they grew large and his full pouting lips began to turn into a smile. “You mean are we together, together? Like you’re my boyfriend?” His voice had dropped to just barely a whisper, and was much softer then it had been before.

I nodded my head. “Yeah.” I said my voice had also dropped in volume, and I felt all the more exposed to his bright green eyes.

“Would you like to be my boyfriend?” He asked and I could see an intensity in his eyes that I saw that first time we shared a kiss up in his bedroom. He had to have an answer to that question, he needed it just as much as I needed to give it to him.

“Yeah I would, and that would make you my boyfriend too, right?” I asked as I looked at him sitting there his green eyes almost brimming with unshed tears.

“Wait here.” He said with a slightly quivering voice, and quickly he ran out of the basement and up the stairs. I was floored. I must have said something wrong, and at that moment I was tempted to get some clothes on and just go home wishing I had never opened my mouth or even entertained the thought of what had passed between me and Eric. Now everything was ruined, and the one guy I knew would always have my back, and I would have his was gone.

I still don’t know why I didn’t just get up and leave, but I just sat there, my mind was a confusing welter emotions. Part of me wanted to scream, another wanted to weep, and another just wanted to get really pissed. Then I heard the foot steps coming back down the stairs that led to the main floor of the house and looked to see Eric standing there, but he didn’t look like the Eric I knew.

While I was down in the basement feeling mortally wounded, Eric had gone upstairs and made a transformation of sorts. He was now standing at the foot of the stairs, his long black hair was pulled into two pig tails like a girl’s. He wore a black cut short tank top that fit snuggly across his chest like a halter top that left his midsection exposed, and a pair of black women‘s thongs. His cock was hard once more as it tented the front of the panties. He also had on a pair of thigh high socks that were red and black striped.

“No I don’t want to be your boyfriend. I want to be your girlfriend.” He said with a soft smile to his full lips, and just me seeing him dressed like a female had my cock instantly springing back to full rock hardness.

“My girlfriend?” I asked as the sight of him, and his words finally sank into my befuddled brain.

Eric nodded his head and smiled some more as he came closer standing in front of me, and doing a little turn around so I could see everything, even the thin strip of the thong that rode up his sweet tight ass crack. I could only stare it him with a stupid grin on my face, my cock was bobbing to my now rapid heart beat. “My girlfriend.” I repeated nodding my head.

The next thing I knew Eric had straddled my lap, pressed his lips to mine driving his tongue into my mouth, and had his arms thrown around my neck hugging me tightly as he kissed me. I could feel his renewed hardness pressing and gyrating against my own engorged member thru the silken material of the black thongs he wore It was all I could do as I wrapped my arms around his waist with my hand gripping and pawing at the smooth flexing globes of his ass.

“John, I want you to fuck me, will you?” Eric panted into my ear between mind blowing kisses.

I brought everything to a halt at that moment and stared deeply into Eric’s wonderful green eyes. This was the moment I think he and I had both been waiting for. That defining moment where after almost a decade of friendship we stopped being just friends and became even longer lasting lovers. I felt my heart skipping more that just one beat as time seemed to stop for the both of us. “Yes, I want to fuck you.” I whispered back.

No sooner had the words passed my lips when Eric had me by the hand and we were walking slowly up the stairs to the rest of the house, ultimately to end up in his bedroom. I sat on the very edge of his bed as he moved to his desk and pulled out a tube of KY from the top drawer. I have to say I had never been more nervous in all my life. I had heard in passing some of the other male students that to have a dick up your ass hurt, and I didn’t want to hurt Eric. Never the less I was on autopilot, and I watched as my new very special girlfriend got down on his knees between my legs and began to slowly stroke my hard thickness with one hand and lick at the reddened crown with the tips of his tongue catching the slow drooling pre-cum with the tip. I couldn’t help the slight moan that sounded in my throat from the sweet sensations he was giving me.

Then I felt something moist thick and cool at the head of my cock. I looked down and watched as Eric applied a liberal amount of the lubricant to the head of my cock and began to glide his hand up and down the full length of my shaft coating it so that when the time came it would slide more easily into his rectum. Satisfied that my hard prick was well lubed for the ass invasion to come. Eric stood up slipped the thongs off and took his already slick hand he had used to get my member ready to impale his ass with, and rubed the remaining KY jelly between the crack of his ass and to rub at the tight little hole of his sphincter.

Slowly he climbed into bed with me and laid on his side facing away from me arching his back so that his ass stuck out invitingly to me. I turn and slid up behind him. I let my hard slick cock grind at the crack of his ass a few times, and that made us both softly gasp from the thrill of knowing we were about to have sex for the first time. I knew then it was now or never, and took my cock in one hand positioning it at the tight ring of his ass. “Are you sure you want me to do this?” I asked softly in his ear.

“Yes, God yes I want you in my ass. I want you to fuck me.” Eric whispered back with a quiver of a voice. As he gripped my naked hip he was pressing and grinding against my slick cock with the lubed cheeks of his ass.

Slowly but steadily I began to push forward, feeling the head of my cock pushing at the tightness of his hole until it relaxed and was allowed to pass beyond that constricting ring of muscles. Just as I was pushing into him, I felt Eric pushing his ass cheeks back against my slow forward thrust, slipping my hard thick cock deeper into the hot depths of his ass. I didn’t stop pushing forward until I had all seven hard throbbing inches of my dick deep within his bowels, and I moaned deeply from feeling the radiating heat that was wrapped around my cock shaft. Eric was shivering slightly, and I could hear him give little whimpers of pleasure, and possibly pain.

“Oh God your ass feels so good.” I whispered in his ear then slowly began to draw back till nothing but the head of my cock was left in his ass. To which of course I slowly slipped back in filling him once more with me.

“Oh shit this is so good.” Eric gasped as I began to slowly ride him. “God fuck me faster baby, I want you to pound my ass.” He whined sweetly as he pushed his ass back onto my impaling dick.

I wasn’t about to disappoint my lover, and so I began to steadily increase the speed and force of my thrusts, and soon the room was filled with the soft dull thuds of flesh pounding into flesh, whimpers and moans of sexual bliss, and the smell of sweaty sex. Eric’s ass had relaxed to the point that there was no resistance to my hammering cock, and bounced back and forth off my hard rocking hips.

“Oh fuck you are so hot.” I moaned out as I held Eric’s back tightly to my chest and jack hammered my cock in and out of his ass hole.

“I’ve wanted this for so long. Fuck me John, make me your bitch!” Eric almost squealed in sexual delight as he fucked his own ass on my ramming meat rod just as I was slamming it into him with it.

I then relaxed my arm that was around his waist and reached down to his hard member that was flapping about with the wild hard pace of our love making, and took a firm grip on it. I quickly began to jack him off as I fucked his stretch hole. We must have been going at it like that for a good forty-five minutes with me jacking off his cock in bursts, each time I really pounded my shaft into him before I began to feel that tell tale signal that I was soon going to blow my load deep into Eric’s ass, but it was him that was even closer than I was.

“Oh fuck, going to cum going to cum!” He exclaimed bouncing his ass back even more against my cock that wasn’t too far from exploding in his bowels, his cock swelled in my pumping hand and soon he was shooting streamers of milky sperm on to his bed. His voice was squealing with mind blowing delight as he reached climax of being fucked up the ass and jacked off.

“Fuck yeah, me too.!” I groaned out and with one hard final thrust I shoved all my cock up into his little fuck hole and began to have the most mind blowing and intense orgasm I would ever have. Over and over again my cock filled and spewed my cum deep into his ass, until there was nothing left, but my cock was still convulsing like it was trying to work up more from my balls just for me to shoot into my very special lover.

We laid there panting from the exertions of our first time having sex, my dick was still crammed up Eric’s ass as I held his body tightly to mine when I was pumping his rectum full of my love juice, and then we simply fell asleep having no energy left to even speak to each other. All I knew just before sleep came over me was that my world was now totally different, and the boy I had known all my young life was now something so much more then just a friend. He was now my lover, and I could not have been any happier.

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