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Coming Together After Many Years
My name is David, but most still like to call me Sonny. My story is simply a normal reflection that we've all had. A search or remembrance of the love that once was.

I was in the United States Air Force at that time, and was assigned to the country of the Dominican Republic. There I became acquainted with a family gathering, and I became like family.

So much that when a tragedy came to one of my favorite families in 1978. I agreed to take one of the children into my home. After all I was alone and had a extra bedroom. So Maria at the age of thirteen, moved in with me. We got along well from the beginning. Plus Maria had family dropping by at my home all the time. Making my home a frequent hang-out.

Soon after when we had time alone, Maria began to ask me questions about most everything including sex. I always tried to give her my best answer. But the sexual questions were more harder to talk to her about after a time. Especially since she was developing quite well into an extremely attractive young lady.

It seemed that as the questions got more sexual, her clothing became less of an option when were at home. In fact Maria tended to dress with as little clothing as she could get away with. Most days without a bra and in a tee-shirt & shorts. But I also noticed she was secretive about her dress. That she would change quickly into something more appropriate, when someone visited us.

Although I wasn't her father, she began saying "Daddy This!" and "Daddy That!" after a short while. I have to say that I loved her calling me Dad. Hoping that the military would keep me assigned to the R.D. forever. But knowing that would never be the case.

Then came the day when Maria was bra-less under a white tee-shirt, showing her hard nipples. This was a couple of months before her fourteenth birthday. When she caught me looking at her she said, "Daddy! Do like the way my boobs are growing?" I smiled "Yeah! They look nice.."

Walking over to me, you pulled up her shirt and said, "Well Daddy.. Some of my friends are much bigger. Do you really like mine?" Again I said "Yes Princess..They look great.." So after pulling it back down, she kissed me on the cheek, and went off to her bedroom. Leaving me totally confused at what had just taken place.

That evening and night, we had a severe thunderstorm. So bad that we lost power in my home. That's when I saw Maria's figure, standing next to my bed. "Daddy.. Daddy.." she whispered. I said "What Princess?" "Daddy.. I can't get to sleep. Can I sleep with you?" Pausing for a moment, I said "OK, jump in!" So after you snuggled her back up to me, with my arm around her, we fell asleep.

A few hours later, thunder rocked my home with a great "BOOOOMMMM!!" It woke us both up. But after a moment or two, it got quiet again. The difference however, was that I realized my hard cock, was now resting in her pantie covered butt. But acting like everything was OK, Maria she began to chat, as though she couldn't feel me.

That's when I whispered "Maria.. We shouldn't.." You kissed me for the first time on my lips with a "Yes we should, Daddy.." "But Maria.. You are not even fourteen yet.."

"Well Daddy, being around you has made having needs to be loved by a man.. A very special man.. Someone I can trust to love and care for me as you already have and do.. Daddy.. I want you to make love to me.. Please Daddy.. You are the first I've ever loved, and I want you to have all of me. Please Daddy.. Take Me.."

That's when I reached my hand down my daughter's hips and peeled her panties off. You lifted your butt off of the bed, so I could remove it from your body. When I touched your pussy, I felt it was very wet with juices. Still remembering I had some lubricant in my top drawer, I pulled off my boxers and lubricated both my cock and your pussy.

Knowing that your were a virgin, I put a towel up under you. So of we continued, any extra blood and goo, wouldn't stain my bed. When I pulled your tee-shirt off, this made us both completely naked. That's when I mounted you. Against my better senses, we kissed passionately for the first time.

I asked you if you were sure that you wanted to go all the way, and you said you did. That's when I alerted you that the first time was always the most difficult. That it would get better if we made love after this. With a glaze in your eyes you nodded that you understood what was coming.

So yes we made love that night. Slowly and safely with as much love as I could give you. When I finally was all the way inside of you, you screamed like never before. I was thankful that the storm was was still thundering outside, to silence you loving expressions. That night we both cried, laughed, kissed, and basically love the night away. We also had our first loving shower together that night and the morning after.

From that night, ever so many times after, we made love throughout my home. After which always showering together. Before long it was common for us to go naked throughout a whole day. We had a very loving Daddy-Daughter relationship right through Maria's fifteenth year. But then I was told about my reassignment to Africa.

Maria took my assignment so hard, crying everyday "Daddy! Daddy Don't Leave Me!" Finally she went into a deep depression, but I stood beside her all the while. I even asked to delay my leaving for a year, but they gave me just three months. This did give me time to get my daughter's mind into a better understanding.

The real sadness was when it was found that I would be assigned to Africa for three years. But regardless, my mind was that I would always stay in touch with Maria. As well as return to visit from time-to-time. But when the day came for me to leave, we both almost collapsed at the airport. Somehow I made it off with a knot in my stomach, and a promise to return as soon as I could.

But days turned to weeks; weeks turned to months, and months turned to years. Also came were my letters returned with "No Such Name At This Address!" Still over the years, I kept trying to find you Maria.

Daddy, I kind of knew that because I kept moving, it would be hard for you find me. But even that, I wondered if you even cared anymore. I mean I'd think about you and whispered "Oh Daddy.." at times when I was alone. Then think about the many things we happily did together. It made me smile but sad at the same time. But as the years mounted in my life, I knew that I had to somehow get on with my life.

In 1986 I met my love at the time. He was handsome and though I wasn't totally in-love with him, he was nice to me. Soon after we had two children. But as love would have it, we drifted apart. In 2004, we decided not to remain together any longer and we parted. With the exception of my children and church, I had little to look forward to.

Meanwhile as for me having gotten out of the military. I had two failed marriages and was a recovering alcoholic. I simply saw myself getting older. But I stayed active and then my health got much better. Soon after, God graced me with great health and a helpful mind.

So when it was time for retirement, I first visited my stepdaughter in the Kenya, Africa. But after returning the United States, I knew that if I didn't visit the R.D. one last time. I might die before I did.

So off I flew from the United States to the Dominican Republic. When I landed I thought something silly. "I wonder if Maria could feel that I was back in her country?" But then again she lives in Santiago, and I was going to Santo Domingo to see friends.

On a day that I was doing nothing but chatting with friends, it was asked if I had a wife or girlfriend. When I said I did not, she suggested that I meet her cousin Catalina who lives in Santiago. I remarked that I knew Santiago well when I was in the military.

When I was shown a photo of her cousin on the computer, my heart almost popped out of my chest. The photo looked much like my love Maria, but older. When she asked me if I wanted to meet her, I agreed. Later that day I was told that she would be visiting the following day.

On that Saturday, I was very curious as to what type a man my cousin was setting me up with. So I stood at the window awaiting his arrival, when Sonny arrived in a taxi. He was older then the Sonny I remembered, but the man was still attractive. Not sure if this man was my Daddy, I tried to be as calm as I could. After all, there had been many years between us.

But as we talked, I saw that the smile was the same. Best of all, you were in very good shape Dad. This surprised me seeing how so many others have let themselves go. But during the exchange of words, I felt certain that it was you. Though I could tell that you weren't sure about me.

When you agreed to meet me and my cousins at Bonita Beach. There was one test that I knew would answer all my questions. So the following day when we strolled along the beach, you took me in your arms and we passionately kissed. That's when I truly understood that Sonny was my Daddy from long ago.

Somehow it accepted that we break away from the group. Which is how I ended up spending the night at your home. But that night when you entered into me, I cried out "OH DADDY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" After all the years, we were finally back together.

Soon after, we both being adults. We vowed under God, to love each other and never part again. This we both happily accepted. Of which we are massively in-love now and forever more. The End!

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