Just a fun short story
Hey readers! Sorry it's been some time! Well here's a brand new story. It involves young children, so if you're against that: stop reading. Also there's no point in giving me negative ratings without telling me what I did wrong. So I'll recieved any comment with pleasure! Enjoy!

*Damn he's so cute...* I thought to myself. I was looking at my neighbor from my window. He might be 9 years old, but he sure knows how to make a pre-teen horny! Well let me introduce myself! My name's Jack, and I'm 13 years old. I'm 5ft8" and have a nice build. My dick is 3.5" when soft and a good 6" when hard. 

So, back to the story. My neigbors name was Sebastien. I had fallen in love with him since we first moved in a few weeks ago. I purposely picked the room with a perfect view on their backyard, where he spent most of his time. 

I had fantasized about him sucking my cock, and then letting me butt fuck his tiny, little puckered ass. As I was starring out the window, I heard the phone ring. My mom picked up and moments later yelled, "Jack it's for you!"

"Ok I'll be right down!" I said, curious of who it could be.

I took the phone and asked, "Hello?"

"Hi, how are you? It's Sebastien's mom, Martha. I know it's short notice, but I was wondering if you could babysit little Seb tonight. My husband recieved a last minute invitation to his boss' house for dinner. Do you think you could make it? I'll provide all you need to survive the night."

"Sure!" I squeaked, trying to keep in my enthusiasm.

"Great! See you at 6:30 then alright?"

She hung up and I went to go pack a small bag of games to keep us occupied, including my itouch. I took my shower and put on some clean, loose clothes. It was finally 6:30.

I only noticed how big their house was once I was standing in front of their front door. I rang the doorbell an almost instantly the door opened. It was Martha, "Ah finally you're here!"

"Hello ma'am" I said with a smile on my face. I wanted to give a good impression for future babysitting jobs here. 

"Come in! Come in! We were just about to leave, pizza's on the table! Be good Sebastien!"

"Yes mommy!" I heard Seb scream from the playroom. Oh how I was dying to see him...

I walked into the playroom and found him playing a racing game on the PS2, "Mind if I play too?"

He looked at me and scooted aside. I grabbed the second controller and started a new race. He looked at me and said, "What's the prize for the winner?"

"You get to pick, just to make it fair" I said smiling,

"Ok. Loser has to run around the house in his underwear"

I HAD to win. What could be better then seeing a cute 9 year old running in his adorable briefs? The race started and I got a good head start. The race lasted 5 minutes and I won. He sighed and stripped to his poka dot briefs. He looked so sexy in them, especially with his small bulge. He ran around the whole house and stopped in front of me. It was already 8:00 by then so I told him he had to get to bed. He went reluctantly to put his PJ's on, said goodnight, and slid under his spiderman covers. 

I went downstairs and turned on my itouch. After a few songs, I fell asleep right on the couch. 

I woke up with Seb standing next to me in his briefs. He held out a smalltube and said, "What's this?"

I took the box and read *C...I...A...L...I...S*, "Where did you find this?!"

"In my daddy's room... I couldn't sleep..."

"Well did you take any?!"

"Only one! Stop screaming you're scaring me..."

"Sorry..." I said, observing the tent forming in his briefs. I couldn't help but laugh. A 9 year old standing in front of me with a rock hard dick? Priceless... Unfortunatly it also made my dick rock hard. And I couldn't help but get super horny. He asked, "What is it? Is it bad?"

I thought, trying find an answer that could sexually relieve me, "Well if you follow all the steps and do them right, you'll get super powers!"

"Really? Like shooting lasers out of my eyes, that sort of stuff? COOL! So what do I have to do?"

"Well you HAVE to do every step and THEN you get the powers. First, you have to take your undies off."

He hesitated, but his immature mind took the best of him and he pulled his undie down, exposing a rock hard 3.5" dick. I starred, thinking of what to make him do next, "Ok. Now you have to suck my penis!"

"You mean your pee-pee?" he asked inquisitively,


"Ok... And you're sure it'll give me super powers?"

"100% sure buddy" I said winking at him,

He smiled as I ripped off all my clothes. He starred at my 6" dick and gulped. He finally came up with the courage to kiss it, "Go on! It won't hurt!"

He smiled at me and took half of my dick in his mouth. I moaned and shook with pleasure. His small mouth compressing my cock like that was amazing. He pushed as much as possible in his mouth till he started gagging.

I felt my orgasm climbing, but I wanted to keep my jizz for later. I pulled his head off my dick and said, "Ok you passed the second step. Now the third will be nice for you. I have to suck your pee-pee. He reluctantly stood closer exposing his rock hard dick. I looked up, and he had already closed his eyes, waiting for the pleasuring.

I took his small weiner in my mouth and swished it around, licking the top, sucking his small ball-sack... He moaned with pleasure. A few minutes later he had the most powerful orgasm I'd seen. He shook with pleasure for the next minute. I told him, "Ok nice job. The fourth and last step might hurt a little, but you'll like it I'm sure."

I ran up to his parent's room searching frantically for some lube. I knew this wouldn't work if I didn't have the lubrication. I opened the last drawer and found some water-based lube. I thanked God and ran back downstairs finding Seb sprawled out on the couch admiring his dick. I told him, "Get up, I need to put my pee-pee in your bum." 

"I've seen mommy and daddy do it once!"

"Oh really?" I asked smiling.

He leaned naturally against the couch, butt in the air. I squirted some lube on my hand and rubbed it all over his butt, "Ok I'm going to give you some practice by sticking my finger in there."

"Ok but stop of it starts to hurt..."

I stuck my pinky in there and he yelped, "That feels weird!"

I stuck my middle finger in as he started moaning. Once his butt looked loosened enough I told him, "I'm putting my pee-pee in ok?"

"Do it quick it feels so good..." he said in ecstasy.

I slowly pushed my dick into his tight hole. It felt AMAZING! Seb was moaning like an animal screaming, "MORE! MORE! HARDER!"

I started ramming my cock in his puckered hole. I couldn't last any longer, I let out the biggest load into his ass. My orgasm lasted over a minute. 

Sebastien got back up, sperm dripping down his leg, "I feel so powerful already!"

"You should! You're almost done! The last step is that you have to vow NOT to tell ANYONE about this ok?"

"I promise!"

"Ok, the powers are within you!"

I told him to go take a shower and to go back to bed. A few minutes after I kissed him goodnight, his parents came home. They asked, "So how was our little monster?"

"He was an absolute angel" I said smiling, "Most fun I've had in a while!"

I left with a good $70, hoping i'd be hired again soon.

Thanks for reading guys! I might make a second part to this one if you have any good suggestions! Once again, any comments are appreciated! 

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2014-09-17 04:08:24
Would love to see all of these as painted pceies. As nice as the vector images are, the paint just brings something fresh to it with colours merging and textures, which totally transform the feel of the image. You could experiment with different painting techniques too. The Niark 1 poster is my favourite for the simplicity and composition

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2013-10-23 09:53:02
Would love to see all of these as painted picees. As nice as the vector images are, the paint just brings something fresh to it with colours merging and textures, which totally transform the feel of the image. You could experiment with different painting techniques too. The Niark 1 poster is my favourite for the simplicity and composition

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2013-02-28 09:40:15
Wowza, problem sovled like it never happened.


2010-10-29 10:54:38
oh, the innocence of a child!

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