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John and friends
I was in my room looking through my wardrobe deciding what to wear today, as i was looking after the brat, i thought about wearing baggy jeans and jumper, but the slut in me was taking over my life, i chose a really short black skirt, and an old white school shirt, and slipped them on the shirt pulled tight across my tits and made them look bigger, and my nipples were pushing the tight material out and they were rubbing the tight shirt keeping them stiff, the arms were to short and to tight, and didnt feel confortable, but with a bit of work i could sort that out.
I slipped on some plain white panties, not the big knickers but they covered everything including my bum cheeks, i brushed my hair and put on a bit of make up and went back downstairs, i took some scissors from the kitchen and went into the lounge, i took my shirt off and set to work on cutting the sleeves of at the stitching on the shoulders, i slipped it back on and looked in the mirror over the fire place, "not bad" i said to myself, i then got a pen and opend my legs, with the pen i draw around the crotch of my panties but on the outer side of my lips, and then the same around my ass hole, then dropped my panties to the floor, then i took the scissors and carefully cut around the pen lines, and slipped them back on, i had to position the cut out area a bit but once is was either side of my lips it was comfortable. I put my hands up my skirt and could easily feel the bare skin of my pussy and ass hole, i went back upstairs done my hair and put on some make upand went back down, so if John decided he wanted some fun i was set for it.....
A little later i heard the loo flush, and footsteps on the stairs, and John appeared at the door to the living room, "morning" i said he just grunted and walked through to the kitchen, he had on a pair of jeans and his t-shirt was thrown over his shoulder, he put his t-shirt on the table and went to the sink, he had his back to me, he looked kind of fit from behind for a 12 yr old, he was going to grow up to be fit and handsome, I shouted out to him "were all alone John, what would you lik to do today" i teased,
"Im going out" he nervously replied.
"oh John, i've been waiting all morning for you to get up, and your not interested" i walked into the kitchen and up behind him, "dont you think i look sexy today John?, i got dressed up just for you" i put my hand on his back and rub it up and down, he looked in my eyes, he looked scared, and said "your a bitch Wendy, your only teasing me!"
I instantly felt sorry for teasing him, and turnd to walk away, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, he kissed me on the lips, but i dont think he really knew how to kiss properly, and moved away from me.
"I have got to look after you today John so please dont be like this," he was looking at me, at my boobs, my legs and then back in my eyes, "your a bitch" he said again, I was getting upset and asked "why am i?" "what have i done wrong John, it should be me thats pissed off, you were going to tell your mum if i didnt show you my pussy"
"Yeah but your shagging my brother, i heard you and Jason in his room..." he shouted at me with tears in his eyes.
Now i was worried, what if he told on us, i tried to approach him but he kept backing away, " i thought you liked me Wendy,"
"I do John, but you tried to get me in trouble if i didnt show you what you wanted, and now your going to tell your mum about Jason and me," i started crying, i was so scared, he shouted again " i wouldnt of told on you Wendy i just wanted to see it thats all," he put his hand to my face and wiped away a tear, "I'm sorry" i said, "but Jason was showing me what to do thats all" i said "he even showed me how to kiss properly, i can show you it all if you want" and i held his hand to my tit and rub it over my nipple, it went hard instantly he looked at my chest and a sort of smile came over his mouth.
"can we go to your room, please" he said,
I pulled him by the hand and and started to go upstairs, he followed right behind me, he must of been getting a good eye full, we got in my room and i turned and looked at him, he was covering the front of his jeans with his hands, i moved them away and said "you dont have to hide it from me, i have seen it befor" and smiled at him.
He moved his hands away and i reachd up for his button and opened it, then pulled his zip down, i slipped my hand in side and groped his hard cock, then grabbed it and pulled him toward the bed by his hard on, i turned him and pushed him down, he layed flat on his back, i leant over and put my lips on his, i opened my mouth, and put some pressure on his, i slid my tongue into his mouth, and started a real kiss, he soon caught on and done everything i don back to me, i could see he was going to be a quick learner.
I broke the kiss and moved down to his chest and planted a kiss on his nipple,he jerked,and i moved to the other side and done the same, then traced my tongue down his body to the top of his jeans, i put 1 hand either side and pullled themdown and off his feet, then the same with his pants, his cock jumped up and was right in front of my face looking at me he was smiling.
I put my hand around his cock and started rubbing it slowly up and down, then lowered my head and put it in my mouth, i started to give him a blow job, bobbing up and down and sucking on the head for all i was worth, the thought in my head was to blow him and let him go out, and hope he would be happy wuth it but my pussy was saying something else, it was tingling now and i moved my hand down to rub it, and slipt a finger in my already wet pussy, i was trying to concetrate on finishing him off as quick as possible, but my body was taking over the situation, i put a hand up and started unbutoning my shirt to release my tits, i dropped his cock out of my mouth and sat back on my legs and pulled my shirt off my arms, i started to move up his body and hung my nipple over his mouth and imediatly he started sucking my tits first 1 then the other, i lowered my hips down so my wet slit was touching his cock and i rubbed my pussy back and forth against his hard cock, i must of gone to far forward after a couple of times as when i went back his cock actually penetrated my pussy, he instictly jerked his hips, and he was right up inside my pussy, i couldnt stop and rode his cock, squeezing my pussy round his shaft, my orgasm just attacked me, and i pushed right down on his cock and flood him with my juice, it then hit m that he was inside me and i quickly got his cock out of my pussy, i dropped back to my knees and licked som of my cum off his balls, then put his cock back in my mouth and started to suck his erection again, my juices tasted good on his cock, and i doubled the speed on his cock, taking it right to the back of my throat and all the way to the head again.
Then the twitch that told me he was gonna shoot, and then he came, hot spunk coating my tongue, and filing my mouth, he tasted so good, and i sucked till he softened up and fell out my mouth.
i sat back on my lgs and looked at him, he had his eyes shut and looked like a little angel sitting there with his soft cock on his thigh.
"Wow Wendy that was cool, but why did you take it out of your fanny?"
I looked at his face and said "we are both to young to have a baby" he looked me in the eye and just nodded. "can i look at it please?" he asked, i stood up and pulled my skirt up, he was shaking his head and leaned forward and grabbed my panties and pulled them down, he got on the floor in front of me and stuck a finger right inside me, and started frigging my pussy, making me wet again, i lifted 1 foot so my panties came off and leaned over the edge of the bed, he crawled under my legs so he was now behind me, and finger fucking me, but with only 1 finger, i put my hand between my legs and grabbed his hand and pulled his finger out, and put 2 of my fingers in myself, frigged a couple of times and then pulled my fingers away, he took the hint and put 2 fingers in me and started poking my pussy harder and faster, i was really grinding back on his fingers but still needed something more, it was my ass, it was hungry for something, i couldnt shove my fingers in there in front of John, could i........
Well i could, and i did, i heard him gasp with surprise, as i slipped first 1 finger then a second finger into my bum hole, and started to get into the same rythm as him, i was getting close to orgasm, and then put another finger in my ass, he followed suite and put a third in my pussy, this tipped me over the edge, and i squeezed my tight pussy on his fingers and cum all over them, when my orgasm stopped i asked him to take his fingers out and put his tongue in there instead, and i pulled my fingers out my bum, i felt his breath on my bum then his tongue in between my lips, and his tongue was licking my juicy pussy, then i felt his fingers pressing against my ass, this started to build me toward orgasm again, i was breathing heavy again and forcing myself on to his face and fingers, all of a sudden he stopped licking me, his fingers came out of my ass and into my pussy, then i felt his thumb against my bum hole, pushing it in, then i felt a hand on my nipple, i was on my way to heaven,,, then realised he must have 3 hands, then "ouch" his cock was full lentgh in side my bum,,, he was fucking my ass, a couple of thrusts and the pain was replaced with the most glorious sensation, this felt so sexy, i started to cum, it started small but it made me push back against his cock while he was bum fucking me, then the orgasm got heavier, i could feel my thighs getting wetter and wetter, i was squeezing his cock so tight with my ass that when he started to cum it seemed to shoot in such small but quick spurts, i started to relax my bum, and felt his hot cum shoot right into my stomach, he completly filled my ass with cum, and left his cock inthere untill it went soft and plopped out on its own.
i just stayed in that position savouring the feeling of all that spunk in my ass, i could feel it trickle a bit out and down my thighs, i could here him getting up on his feet but i didnt want to move, i felt so fullfilled.
He then bent forward and kissed me passionatly on the lips "thankyou Wendy, that was the best, i hope i get to do that again sometime."
"mmm me to i whispered, that was the best i ever had" i said, and that was the truth at the time......
"see you later Wendy" he said as he grabbed his pants and jeans, he slapped my bum and walked out my bedroom.
I just layed there for a while thinking about how good that felt being ass fucked by MY LITTLE BROTHER, after about 10 minutes i got to my feet and imediatly felt his cum drip out of my bum, even that felt sexy, i just had to run my fingers up my thigh and scoop some of the cum and lick it off my fingers, God i am a cum slut i thought to myself.
Afetr cleaning myself up in the bathroom, i put my skirt, shirt and panties back on and went down stairs and got myself a well needed drink, and sat on the sofa and put the telly on. I must have dozed off, as i was woken when i felt a hand on my ankes, they were being lifted up and placed on the sofa so i was now laying down, i opened my eyes, and saw John, "what are you doing John?" i asked,
"Nothing Wendy, i did say i would only be out for a couple of hours didnt i?" he replied.
"what are you doing to my feet then?" i asked again, "getting you ready for some more fun" he answered,
"Didnt you get enough earlier then?" i was laughing at him, "cant you wait till another time?"
"But Wendy you said you wanted to do it again and i,m here now so lets do it"
"Yes John but we have the rest of the summer holiday, and you wouldnt want to wear it out would you?"
He started to part my legs, i didnt resist and he then rubbed my inner thighs, it felt good i closed my eyes and rested my head on the arm of the sofa, and let my legs fall open exposing my pussy, and ass to little John.
I then felt something pushing against my mouth and opened my lips to except the stiff cock, my thighs being rubbed softly was turning me on and the cock in my mouth started pushing to the back of my throat hard, i grabbed it with my hand to stop me gagging, and opend my eyes, to my shock and horror there was another young boy connected to the other end of the hard cock in my mouth, i tried to pull my head back but the arm of the sofa stopped me, John Spoke "my friends want to have a go with you to Wendy, so just lay there and take your punishment" he was looking straight into my eyes, he looked evil, what punishment was i taking, what had i done wrong now, allmthe questions going through my head, i rolled my eyes around and could see another 4 naked boys all with there cocks in there hands. the 1 in my mouth was pumping really fast and soon started shooting hot cum to the back of my throat, i was still trying to get free but that taste again stopped me from struggling, and i started to swallow. John pushed a finger in my pussy and back out again, it was wet, he held it up in front of my eyes, "you are njoying it then Wendy, look your sopping wet already," i felt myself blush, and the cock withdrew from my mouth, "John you got to stop this, its bad, and you could get caught, you would be in trouble then," i warned.
"we wont get caught Wendy, were taking you up to my room," he then grabbed my arm and his mates helped grabbing my other arm and a couple grabbed my legs, they lifted me up and carried me up the stairs and into his bedroom, 1 of them put his hand up my skirt and ripped my panties off, this made me kick and struggle but they were all stronger than me and threw me on to 1 of the beds, i was on my stomach and felt hands pulling at my skirt, they were stripping me off, my shirt buttons were ripped off as the pulled the shirt from behind, my arms were forced backwards as they pulled the shirt off me, they grabbed my hands and pulled me to the foot board at the bottom of the bed, they placed me so my tits were hanging over the end of the board, this made me get on my knees on the bed so my ass was now up in the air.
1 of the boys came and stood right in front of my face and asked "can i put it in your mouth please Wendy?" and they all laughed at this, i was about to answer no, but as i opened my mouth to speak he thrust his hard cock in, "oh thankyou" he said and burst out laughing. I could feel fingers pulling at my pussy lips, there must have been 3 boys all trying to get there fingers in me at once, they were all laughing, this went on for a couple of minutes, and my juices were flowing i couldnt help that, but did i want this to happen? i dont know, but it was happening any way.
The cock in my mouth was thrusting so fast now i couldnt suck it if i wanted to, then he came, what seemed like pints, i couldnt swallow all of it and it dripped out the sides of my mouth, he withdrew and straight away there was another 1 to takes it place, i could now feel 2 fingers fucking my pussy, i heard John, "keep that up Bobby, she likes that, and she likes this," i felt a finger enter my bum hole, frigging in and out, my body was taking over, i could feel an orgasm in the bottom of my stomach, then i felt lips on my nipples, another finger in my bum hole, the cock in my mouth started to cum, this time i was sucking all the juice out of the cock, it spurtd and spurted hot thick cum, another great big load, i couldnt swallow it all again, and more was dripping down my chin, he withdrew and spurted more right in my face covering my forehead and dribbling down over my eyes, "argh argh," i was screaming as i came, pulling the 2 fingers into my ass and the 2 fingers into my pussy, my orgasm seemed to go on and on, i was moaning and groaning all the way through it, i reached myhands down, and grabbed the 2 cocks of the boys sucking my tits and started wanking them, i then had another cock offered up to my mouth wich i eagerly took in and started to suck on it straight down my throat, the fingers left my pussy and ass, and then i felt a cock poking my bum hole, it forced its way in and soon got into a rythm, my eyes were tight shut and i was groaning around the cock on my tongue, i was getting well fucked now, and i felt my ass swell as the cock in there started to shoot cum.....
the 1 in my mouth started to cum at the same time, this again brought me over the edge and i was comming at the same time....
After the cock was taken out of my mouth i said in an out of breath voice "let me lay down please, this is uncomfortable"
They all moved back from me, and i layed on my back on the bed slightly leaning against the wall, 1 of the boys handed me a pillow, and i placed it behind me, i could now see all 6 boys, and there cocks, amazingly they were all hard and poking toward me. I called John over and grabbed his cock, and pulled him into my mouth and started scking him, then 2 others got on the bed either side of me, i grabbed there cocks and started wanking them both, another put his cock up to my pussy, i pulled John out my mouth just as the cock entered my pussy, and i said not in there, John looked round and shook his head, "up her ass only" he snappd, the cock came out of my pussy and straight up my ass, i squeeled and then John stuck his cock back in my mouth, and started fucking my face, his mate was in my ass and going like the clappers, John looked at the 2 being wanked and said, "tell me when your gonna cum boys" and laughed, his mate shot a load up my bum hole, hot and thick, he pulled out and i felt some drip onto my thighs, my bum felt all sticky and slimy, another cock was entering my bum and started fucking it a bit slower this time, the boy in my left hand tapped Johns shoulder, "you cummin" said John, "gunna cum soon" he said, "what bout you bobby, "mmm YEAH"
"Then get your cocks up here," he pulled out of my mouth and all 3 were wanking in front of my face, "keep your mouth open Wendy, were gonna shoot," i put my tongue out and the first started to lt go, straight into the middle of my face then John into my mouth, then bobby started to cum, his cum was really thick and blobbed out onto my tongue he started wanking his cock shooting his thick stuff all over my face even some in my eye and in my hair, then more cum up my bum, John was still shooting into my mouth and it started dribbling down over my chin onto my tits, the cum was dribbling out of my bum, when john stopped, he moved away and looked into my eyes, he looked happy, with himself, he told his friend to take his place and fuck my mouth, he jumped up on the bed and thrust his cock straight in to my throat making me gag..... John put 2 fingers into my pussy and started to frig me, building me to another orgasm, he bent down and licked my clit, i was getting near, when he stopped, pushed his mate who had his cock in my mouth, then shoved his growing cock into my pussy, he pulled my legs right up in the air and told Tommy to fuckmy ass, another boy was trying to force his cock into my mouth next to his mate, then the final 2 put my hands round there cocks, my ass was now being pound along with my pussy and 2 in my mouth, i started cumming, wave after wave through my body, taking me past anything i have had befor, both cocks shot even more cum into my mouth, i couldnt swallow, my ass was taking another load, and i wanked the other 2 to cum on my belly and tits, the 1 up my bum pulled out, and left john fucking my pussy all the others moved away, it was just john and me, i was still having orgasms and still dribbling spunk out of my mouth, John pinched my cum covered nipples then "hold it I,M CUMMING! " he shouted and filled my pussy with spurt after spurt of creamy red hot spunk, i was taken to another orgasm and reached down to grab his cock to keep it in me while i came, he obliged and seemed to enjoy the feeling as i squeezed his cock with my pussy lips till i stopped cumming. Johns pulled his cock out of me and offered up to my mouth, "suck it clean Wendy" he smiled at me, and i sucked his cock clean of my juices and his cum, from my pussy, i looked round the room and most of the cocks were hanging down and deflated but there were still 2 erect cocks there, i called them over and told 1 to lay back on the bed with his feet in the floor, i straddled over him, and sank my pussy down over his cock, i told the other 1 to put it in my bum, i wanted another orgasm, i heard my bum hole squelch as he forced it in he started a rythm and i joined in riding the cock under me, straight away i could feel myself building to orgasm, but i wanted to hold off for a while, but the boy in my bum had other ideas and started banging away like a steam trainforcing his cock right up till his balls smacked me, i was on the verge of cumming when he pulled out and shot his spunk over my back, it rained down all over my spine right down to my bum crack, the other cock was shooting in my pussy i still hadnt cum and these 2 had finished the boy below me had shrunk and fell out, i stood up on wobbly legs leaned my head down to his soft cock to get my balance and pushed 2 fingers into my pussy, my other hand reached round and 2 fingers into my ass, and frigged myself in front of them all to yet another massive orgasm, falling into a heap on the bed when i had finished.......

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2010-10-31 07:31:10
I cant believe this is true, one or two friends but not five, how could John trust that many not to talk.

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