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My Boss was in the same boat as me, well in a kind of way
Hello my name is Rick and this is a fictional story that took place almost 5 years ago while I was on a camping trip with my buddy Sam Villon. At the time I was 28 years old and had just moved to AL after getting a job offer which I was hoping for since I left college. I lived at home all my life except for the 4 years I spent at college and was now ready to work and live by myself in another state. I was so excited. I am trained in the field of Computers and so I was in demand since I had the goods to supply. I was considered the most effective at my previous location and being approved to work for a more prestigious firm I was happy.

I must admit that did not have a girlfriend since I left college and was busy making a name for myself at work and with the money I was making. Ok so I found myself in AL and got this really nice apartment in a high rise that was very classy. My first day of work saw me get my own office and had a personal tour by my superior. Things went well as I settled into my new job and I was as busy with work as can be. About 3 months in I got my first project completed and it sure did make me proud that I am doing exactly what was expected of me. I got a pay increase and my boss liked me and my work a lot. He was 52 years to be exact and is a good looking dude for his age and being a family man as well. When my second project was completed I was well respected and loved at work and I was feeling at home. I got along with everyone well as I was seen as a guy who can help you get your job completed with perfection.

Now since I was living by myself I had all the privacy I need to live how I wanted to live. I was always in my boxers alone and I masturbated where I want to in my apartment. To be honest I never had sex before but sure know a whole lot from watching porn and online research. I was a master at jacking off and I was dreaming of my first time making love to the only woman I would marry. Yes, I was that type of guy who was careful and wanted my first to be my wife. Although I only dated two women in my life nothing serious really happened. I guess that is why things never did because I was more focused on marriage. Well things were about to change in my life. At work I had become friends with two lads named Joe and Tom. We normally ate lunch downtown and would talk about the sexy girls at work and who would give the sweetest fuck. On one normal lunch meeting Tom asked “guys, would you make love to a man if you were in the mood?” Both Joe and I was surprised at what Tom asked and we all started to talk about gays and lesbians until I was starting to get an erection and also flash images of cocks I use to see in porn fucking pussies and now I was only seeing cocks. I drank some cold water and things settled.

Later that night I was on the net surfing when I remembered the gay chat and started to look at some gay porn for the first time. I was at first a bit serious about it but still it was quite erotic and gave me a strong boner. I started to look at gay porn more and more until I wondered if I could handle a cock in my ass. Anyway at work my boss and I were beginning to spend more time together on a particular project and it gave us the chance to get to know more about each other. Sam was a very down to earth and smart man who seemed to always be in a good mood. One day while we were having a break and taking a drink Sam revealed to me that he and his wife are having some problems. His wife was seeing another woman and he was troubled yet excited about the lesbian thing and his wife. I was slowly becoming his confidential friend and when we got that project completed it came with a huge bonus and I was given a raise. Since my first vacation was nearing I knew exactly what and where I was going to.

When I was at work for the last Friday before my vacation starts I learned from Sam that he is also taking three weeks off to clear his mind and go camping in the park. I had to enquire as I was an outdoor lover and the idea that Sam was planning the same thing was very encouraging. We agreed that we would double camp for two weeks and we had to keep it secret because of jealousy at work. We did not want to offend people at work that the boss and I are friends when that is not what is best if you want to have a sound relationship with co workers.

I met Sam at the entrance road and we both drove almost 3 miles into the park and took a turn through some oak trees until we arrived at a beautiful spot of clear land and a small lake nearby. We parked and set up all our things and we both had tents. Our first night was full of drinking and smoking cigarettes and talking and we had a good time. The next morning we decided that we will go fishing and I wore a shot pants and no shirt and Sam had on his underwear and vest. I must admit that I took little peeps at his wonderful body and well packed cock area. I was fairly fit and owner of a sweet 7” love meat. We went fishing and caught about 9lbs of fish and I took a swim and so did Sam and we were both wet and I noticed him at one time staring at my chest and licked his lips. I saw him and realised that maybe he likes to see my body. Later that night after we had fried fish drank some beers Sam and I started to talk about the stress he has with his wife. Sam confessed that he has not had sex in 9 months. As we talked and I gave as much advice as possible I said “well if you think 9 months without sex is hard, what about me? I have never had sex before” Sam laughed and said “no way, you are joking Rick” I had to convince him that I was a virgin but he understood my reason. He even asked me if I pleasure myself.

As our conversation got more intense he started telling me about sex and all his experiences and the pleasures and orgasms he had. He was giving me a lesson and I loved it so much that my cock was getting hard as ever and I noticed Sam had a boner as well but neither of us said or did anything about that. Eventually Sam started telling me about one time he almost had sex with a man and for some reason I was interested in that story. He talked about some friend he had that wanted to have sex with him but he did not carry through because he was scared. Finally Sam asked me “would you have sex with a man?” I froze and softly said “maybe” and Sam replied “I know you will love sex because you have all that tension and pressure build up in you”. We continued drinking until I got high and went and sleep.

Next morning I woke up at 5am and saw Sam up as well from the light in his tent and I called out to him and he answered. We started a fire and drank some tea and we both had huge boners from the look of things. I was in my underwear and so was Sam. I saw his cock pressing his underwear and so did mine. I noticed he saw mine and he noticed I saw his. It was a moment that both of us were horny and were unsure as to whether we should be more discreet or open and whatever happens would be ok. I looked at Sam in his eyes and I can see that he had passion in them and I suddenly had the urge to just tell him to show me his cock. I really wanted to ejaculate at that moment and my cock was wetting my underwear with pre cum. Sam then looked straight at my cock and said “Rick you are wet and so am I, would you like me to suck your cock?” I was nervous and my mouth got dry and eventually said “I don’t know Sam, I am nervous”. He replied “well if you change your mind I will be most honoured to teach you some things about sex and make you feel like you never did before”. I said I will think about it and got up and went into my tent. It was nearing sunrise and I had to jack off and so I did with the most intense orgasm I have had and all I was thinking about was Sam’s cock and him sucking me.

Later in the morning we talked about going for a hike and then the weather started to change. The clouds were dark and the wind was picking up speed. Seems like we are in for some bad weather Sam said. I told Sam that we have to get in our tents and since it was daytime we decided that we will stay in my 4 person tent and drink some beers and wait out the rain. It rained heavily and we were both tucked in my tent all dressed in nothing but our short pants and t-shirt. About 2 hrs later it was raining still and we got bored but were still drinking when Sam said “hey Rick, would you like to see some porn on my laptop?” I said ok and he went and got it in his tent through the rain. He came back a little wet but with a blanket and his pc. We got more beers and started watching porn. The first video clip was with a man having his way with a young girl and boy was it some hot fuck. We watched and laughed and drank beers and were having a good time. After about 4 videos and a constant erection for both Sam and I things were getting interesting when the next video started with only two men. My eyes lit up and Sam also said “I hope you like this Rick”. It was so erotic and nerve racking to watch gay porn with Sam in my tent and I was getting real wet and I started to get those flashes again. As I looked at the man in the video with his strong hard cock unite with the anus of his mate it sent chills all over my body and I kept drinking my beer and I was slowly getting out of control.

When the creampie scene was over in the video another gay video started and it was at that moment that things got more interesting between Sam and I. When I looked over at Sam I can clearly see the bulge in his crotch and he kept rubbing his cock with his hand. Now since we were in my 4 person tent there was enough space for the both of us and I had an inflatable single bed. We both were sitting on my bed next to each other and our legs were touching. I could have felt his heat from his body. As I sat there changing slowly into wanting sex I turned to Sam and said “take off your clothes Sam”. He heard me and smiled and replied “are you sure you want us to do this?” I said “yes I am”. He took off his shirt then his short pants and finally his underwear. Now Sam was about 190 lbs and he had a nice round little belly that went well with the rest of his body. When he was naked I saw his erect cock for the first time and it was a lovely 6 ½”. He sat back down and asked me to take my clothes off and I slowly took off my shirt then my short pants and finally my underwear to reveal my hard and horny 7” love meat. Sam looked at me and smiled and said “don’t worry this is my first time going so far”. I got some confidence after hearing that and then Sam moved in front of me between my legs.

My body was shaking from excitement and as Sam crawled between my legs and parted them I was ready to blow my load and as soon as he held my cock with his warm hands I shot my juice straight into his face. He said “wow Rick, you are loaded”. I released my sperm and he just lowered his mouth and took 3” of my rod in and started to suck on it and cleaning off my cum. It felt magical to have him suck on me. I did not wasted any time after he was done cleaning me. I held his hand and told him to lay down and let me do him. It was going to me my first cock and I was being controlled by pure sexual pleasure and I was in a trance so there was no room for second thoughts. I wanted to do it badly and so I lowered myself between his legs and I can smell his manhood and his cock was real hard. His pre cum was plenty and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and lowered my head until I felt his hot, wet cock inside my mouth, It tasted salty but nice. I closed my lips and slowly started to suck on his mature sex tool. I felt dirty and used but I was in a sex rage and the only way to stop it was to get my urges satisfied. As I sucked my first cock I was doing a good job because Sam was surely enjoying it. He kept moaning and saying “you are a pro Rick, yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, suck it baby, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhh. I was happy to know that I was pleasing him and I loved it too. My cock was starting to get hard again because all that was in my tent was sex and the pure smell of sweat and lust.

As I continued to blow Sam he held onto my hair and started to fuck my mouth. I was in love with what was happening and as he stroked his cock in my mouth I started to feel his rod getting real hard and twitching in my mouth and I knew he was ready to blow his load in me. I was ready but had no experience and as he released his loads in my mouth I tasted his cum and it choked me and I broke free and his sperm was just oozing out from my lips. He really had a lot of juice to blow. I spit in a beer bottle and went back and started to suck on his cum covered cock head and it sure made me hornier and feeling dirty about myself. After I cleaned off Sam I told Sam “suck my cock now, he moved over me and started to romance my dick with his tongue. Then he sucked on it and I was moaning and groaning and kept rubbing his head as he blow me. I felt so relaxed and tense at the same time. Pleasure ran all over my body and I felt as if I was being drugged. As Sam continued to suck me he suddenly stopped and said “Rick do you have anything greasy? I said “yes, I have Hair Grease”. I grabbed it from my bag and hand it to him not fully being aware as to what he was going to do with it. What Sam did next made my heart start to beat faster and also made me more aroused at the same time.

Sam took the hair grease and started to rub it between his ass cheeks while he knelt down between my legs. That is when I realised that I was going to fuck him in his ass. I was excited and nervous at the same time. After he finished he told me “just relax and it will be nice for both of us first timers”. I agreed and he positioned himself over my hard cock. He then held my cock with his hand and started to rub it around his greasy anus. It felt so wild to have my boss rub his anus with my hard love missile. I was ready and so was he and he slowly lowered himself until I felt his anus open up as my cock head forced itself up him. He then lowered himself wiggling as he moans in pain and pleasure and I also was experiencing something I never felt before. I was now in his ass and he stopped and exhaled in pain and then moved back up and then down and we both danced to the pain of losing our virginity. I was now all the way in him and he started to scream out in pleasure as this act was now getting sweet and intense. Both of our bodies were united in sexual pleasure and I held onto his waist and started to meet his motion with mine and we fucked liked lovers do. He then got off me and bent over in the doggy style and I knelt behind him and pressed my cock into him and slowly it entered him and I started to invade his virgin ass. He loved it, I loved it, and we both were having the time of our lives. As soon as Sam started to shout out he is ready to blow his load from being fucked in his ass I was also ready to full his hole with my sperm. I started to ram my meat deep in him and shot loads and loads of juice in his warm and tight entrance.

As I fell over his back and absorb the finishing touches Sam released his load on the ground and fell over and we both dozed off for about 10 minutes. When we awoke it was more action again. Sam said “Rick I want to enter you”. I softly and happily said “yes you can”. He got the grease and loads it all around his semi hard cock and proceeded to massage my anus with some grease, sperm and sweat all mixed together. I felt revived and horny again. He then pushed his finger and started to work the grease in me and as he did so his cock was now hard again and he greased up his meat and positioned himself behind me and I bent over to let him have all the freedom and access of my body. Sam then parted my ass cheeks and placed his cock head at the entrance of my door and I could have felt his warm cock head pressed against my ass hole. I relaxed and he slowly pushed in me and soon I knew he was in after I felt him tear his way in me slowly. It hurt a lot and I was over powered with pleasure and pain that I started to scream out. He pushed his cock all the way in me and stopped. I started to breath slowly and settled to accommodate him in me. It felt strange to have a man’s cock buried in my ass and it felt so great.

Sam then slowly started to stroke me in and out in and out until the pain started to go away and was slowly being replaced by pleasure. I grabbed onto my back pack as he massage my anus with his cock. Both of us were moaning and writhing in pleasure and Sam started to pick up his pace. I felt so used and free and as he fucks me I can feel his heat in me. My walls were gripping his meat with every push and pull. Our bodies bonded and he started to shout out he was ready. I can feel the inside of my ass getting hot and my cock started to twitch with pleasure. Soon I was blowing an intense load of sperm on the floor and suddenly Sam was now fucking my ass real hard and the pain mixed with the pleasure was too much for me and my knees got weak and I fell over and he was still buried in me but was now grinding his cock in my ass and it felt great. In a matter of moments Sam forced about 7 loads of hot cum in my ass and I felt every drop splashed on the inside of me. As he got limp and pulled out of me his cock head was followed with a moderate flow of his juice and he rolled next to me and we both fell asleep in pleasure. We woke up 4 hours later, hungry, dirty, guilty, and confused but naked.

For the duration of our time we made love every day and Sam and I became best of friends. Months later Sam’s wife ran away with her lesbian lover and Sam and I have been together until now. We are planning another trip over seas and when we get back I will be moving in with him.

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2016-04-30 23:22:41
Camping under the stars and high as a kite on excellent weed, I sucked the only cock I've ever sucked. It belonged to my best friend. I had never had any desire before, but getting high makes me horny and when we started talking about sex related things I started to feel my cock swell. After a while he told me he felt like jacking off. I looked him in the eye and told him to go ahead, I didn't mind. He pulled out the biggest fucking cock I have ever seen (even today). It was a huge 10+ inch throbbing piece of meat with a huge mushroom head. I said "Jesus Christ" and just stared. He asked if I'd like to touch it and after stroking it for a minute I leaned over and took as much of that magnificient cock in my mouth as I could. He just said "Oh Yeah" and I proceeded to suck it like my life depended on it. When he came, I really tasted it all in my mouth before I swallowed it. Amazingly delicious. It's been 30 years and I see him this week. I'm going to suck that monster!


2014-09-27 18:45:46
Great story, great turn-on, reminds me of a gangbang I was in, about 6 on to one (me). What a ride.

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2013-07-06 23:02:32
I would love to see this in person. Maybe make it a 3some!! Someone could pound my pussy and the other could fill my ass with some hot sticky cum. I am so wet!!! Wonderful story!

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2012-08-10 22:55:56
42 male bi slut from Boston. Love younger.

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2012-07-04 07:40:58
At boarding school, the girls dormitory was a hotbed of Lesbianism. In my 6 years at the school I only knew perhaps 4 girls who didn't indulge in a little girl on girl loving.
One girl was really memorable She was 11 when she came (her sister was already with us) the very first night she was with us her sister sent her to my bed. she was tiny, athletic and very very sexy. She soon had her hand between my legs and proved herself to be an expert masturbator. I orgasmed twice within moments and when l was soaking wet she slid her tiny hand right up inside my cunt, it was fantastic. she fist fucked me and bit my tits at the same time as the other hand was fingering my clit.
The following morning l was absolutely worn out and the bed soaking wet. She looked as fresh as a spring morning.
For 4 years until l left for university l fucked with her. she had the tiniest cunt l've ever seen but she could easily fist hersef although she couldn't orgasm without my tongues assistance

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