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This is another recount of an actualy event between my step mom and I. Please read my other stories about us first if you have not already done so.
After two semesters and a summer session at the community college, my girlfriend (now wife of 6 years) and I transferred to a small private college about an hour and a half away from my dad and step mom's house. Around the same time, my step mom had become addicted to pain killers and alcohol (and the mixture of the two). She had several cosmetic surgeries after her stomach stapling which is when she developed her addiction. She had a tummy tuck, thigh tuck, butt tuck... any flabby skin that was left as a result of losing 250+ pounds was cut and tucked. Her addictions proved to be too much of a strain on her marriage to my father and she had at least one affair (outside of her and I) before she left him.

My dad, being the nice guy and still madly in love with her would take her in when her new boyfriend would kick her out. He went to the jail house to get her out of the drunk tank after several DUI's and drunk and public charges. She would come and go, but I kept my distance. She had said some mean and hurtful things to me and my girlfriend and I was worried that if I got involved with her again, she would blow my cover or worse. I did not know where she had been and who she had been with, I did not need an STD as a sophomore in college with a girlfriend who was looking more and more like she would be my wife.

I did not see my step mom for a little over 2 years. I was on winter break in my senior year of college, I had just proposed to my girlfriend on Christmas Eve and was working part time at the job I had when I was at the community college. I was the on-call camera man for the news channel during a severe winter storm. I had been staying with my mom and step dad and was called in to work around one o'clock in the morning. I was called in before the storm was to hit so I would be ready to go to cover the road condtions. The storm came earlier than predicted and we got pounded with a fast 4 inches of snow. By about 10am that morning the roads had been cleared and I was sent home for the day.

Dad had called me the day prior to tell me that there was mail at the house for me and to stop by sometime and get it. On my way back to my mom's I had to go right past the exit for my dad's so I decided to stop. I also decided that since he would be at work and the house empty, I would chill out at his house, watch a few porn movies and jerk my 6 inch cock a few times. (I would not be seeing my fiance until the weekend.)
I turned the corner heading to his house and saw my step mom's car in the drive way.I stopped my car 2 houses down and called him at work from my cell phone.

"Dad, did you know that her car is at your house?"
"Yes son, I did not think to tell you. She got kicked out by R___ again and had no where to go. I understand if you don't want to see her so I will gather your mail and meet you somewhere tomorrow with it." He told me
"No its ok, I have not seen her for a couple of years, I am over it. I will be civil and go in and chat with her." is what I said. But what I was thinking was, "Me, Her, Alone, YESSSSS!!!!!"

The front door was open and the music from the enterainment system was blasting. I walked in and found her in the kitchen, standing at the sink in short, tight shorts and a tank top. The shorts were tight enough to see that she had no panties on due to a lack of panty lines and I know her well enough to know that when she is at home, she never wears a bra. She was dancing and singing while standing barefoot at the sink washing the dishes. She always did make a good housewife.

I quietly leaned against the refridgerator and waited for her to notice me. I smiled and laughed to myself at her free-form "dance as if no one is watching" moves. She had let herself go some, probably due to the drugs and alcohol, but was still very attractive.

After a few moments of her uninhibited dancing, she caught a glimpse of me out of the corner of her eye. She jumped back, startled that I was standing there. When she caught herself she said "Hey you!!!" in an excited voice and then looked sheepishly at the floor, remembering all of the things she had said and names she had called me and my now fiance. "I hope you don't hate me."

"Don't be silly," I told her "I could never hate you. I know that it was not you talking, but the drugs and alcohol."

She walked up, gave me a hug and held me tight. It was a loving hug and a hug of release, finally someone who truly loves her back was holding her in their arms.

She broke the hug and walked into the living room to turn off the music. She turned around to me and congratulated me on my recent engagement and hugged me again. We spent a few minutes talking and catching up. She told me about the fight she was in with her boyfriend and her internal battle between her love for his cock and her needing to get away from him. I sat down on the couch as she sat on the floor, several feet from me, in front of the entertainment center. There was a few moments of awkward silence.

"So....what are you doing here?" She asked
"Dad told me that I had mail here, so I came by to pick it up on my way home from work. I also was planning on turning on some of his porn and rubbing a few loads out before going home." I told her.
"Well, I will get back to cleaning the kitchen, shut the door and leave you to it."
"Are you serious? After everything we have done, like I would ask you to leave while I jerk off." I replied laughing.

She changed the subject and continued to ask me about life, how college was going, how I proposed to my girlfriend. We made small talk, none of which I can remember as my mind was battling my want to bang my step mom again and the fact that I knew I should not cheat on my girl now that we are engaged.

Now, since the last time I had sex with her and had gone to college, for the most part I had been faithful to my girl. With the exception of a few 'visits' from my step brother at college and one where he brought his ex for a bi-threesome, I was an angel.

Like I said, I can not remember all of the details of the small talk between my step mom and I, but I do remember that the talk turned to sex, as it usually did with her.

"R___ has the most beautiful cock I have ever seen," she said "No offense to you, son, but his is a bit longer and thicker than yours. The best part about his, is that even when he is not erect, it hangs down and sways when he walks. He has long blonde shoulder length hair but keeps the rest of his body completely void of hair, including his cock and balls."
"No offense taken," I told her, "But I do have one thing on him..."
"What's that?"
"I'm your step son, fucking me is taboo and hot."
"Yes it is..." she said as she trailed off with memories of what we had done.

She quickly changed the subject back to him again. "All he has to do is walk up to me naked and it is like a drug. I have to get on my knees and suck him hard and suck him off. I have always loved sucking cock, and now, his in particular."

"Do you want to suck mine? You know, for old time's sake?" I asked.
"Really?!?" she asked excitedly.
"Sure, why not?"

She got off the floor and came to sit next to me on the couch. I placed my hand on her upper thigh and lightly squeezed. She looked at me with passion and love in her eyes. There was a hint of sexual desire in her look, but I could tell that she was uneasy with the situation.

"What about your fiance? Its different now that you are engaged to her."
"What she does not know can never hurt her right?"
"I guess you are right." she said, and then she changed the subject back to her boyfriend.

"He loves to do freaky things," she told me "He loves to eat his cum out of my pussy and has asked if I would get a strap-on to fuck him with."
"Sounds fun." I told her "But why don't you try and set something up with the three of us while I am on break, that way he can experience the real thing."
"No, he knows that you are my ex-husband's son and would never go for that."

The more we talked about sex, both their escapades and our own, the more horny I got. Finally, I said "Well, are we going to do this or what?'

"You really are serious about this aren't you?" She asked
"You say that like you don't want to." was my smart ass comment back.
"Oh no, I want to, I want my step son in me again. I thought that as soon as I saw you in the kitchen. I just don't want to put you in a bad position with your fiance."
"Again, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. And, I fucked you before I was with her, so you get dibs."

She laughed and told me to go to the bed room, get undressed and she would be right there.

I went into my dad's bedroom, stripped off my shirt, shoes, jeans and long-johns. My cock was starting to swell with the excitement of what was to come. I intentionally did not touch it. I wanted her to take me completely from start to finish. I laid on my dad's water bed naked. I heard her in the bathroom brushing her teeth. I heard the linen closet open and knew that she was getting a wash cloth wet to freshen up her pussy.

She walked through the door, naked, sexy as hell. She crawled up the bed to me, stopping between my legs to give my semi-hard cock a kiss before comming up to me to kiss and make out with me.

"I have always loved you, son, and I think about our special times together often. I have been waiting for the day this could happen again. I am so glad you came by today."

With that, she slowly kissed her way down my chest to my cock. She took me in the mouth and slowly started to suck me. She licked my cock and balls, and took my entire 6 inches into her mouth. She expertly worked her tongue and her hand and I was quickly reaching heights that only she could take me.

"Lay on your side," I told her "So I can feel your hot cunt in my hands."

She complied and was laying to my right, on her right side, with her left leg bent at the knee, giving me easy acess to her wet pussy folds and very sensitive yet hard clit. I started rubbing her pussy and clit slowly, in time with her love making to my cock with her mouth. The scent of her motherly, well used pussy filled the room. She was moaning on my cock and grinding on my hand as I had my middle and ring figers inside her fuck hole and my palm firmly rubbing her clit. I started finger banging her faster and harder as I was reaching my explosion point.

"Mom, I am about to cummm..."

She pulled her mouth off my cock and squeezed the base of it extremely hard. She kept my cum confined to my now swollen and sore nuts. She closed her legs tightly on my hand and continued to buck against my finger fucking to her first, screaming orgasam.

She never let go of her tight grip around the base of my cock until her spasms subsided and she released her thigh hold on my hand. When she did let go, my cock was still enlarged, but not fully stiff. It fell pointing up at my face and rested on my lower tummy.

"How is that fair that you got to cum and I didn't?" I said, rather frustrated.
"Calm down baby, you are going to cum in my pussy."

With that she climbed on top of me. She positioned her pussy with my cock between her lips. Using her wetness as lube, she started to grind on me, the underside of my love stick rubbing her clit, down to her entrance and back up. She leaned down and pressed her tits to my chest and we started to make out. She kept grinding on my cock until it was back to its former state of arousal. She broke our passionate kiss and pushed her upper body up enough to let me start to suck on and play with her nipples and tits. They were still as saggy as they had been the last time I saw her, but her nipples seemed to be bigger and thicker, and very easy to suck and bite on. As I slowly and lightly clamped my teeth down on her left nipple she rasied her lower body just enough to let my cock rise, and let herself back down, impaling her cunt with my cock.

We just laid there for a minute, her nipple in my mouth, my cock in her pussy and enjoyed the feeling. She pulled her tit away from my mouth and leaned back to kiss me. We made out for several minutes until we slowly started to grind against each other. I was finally, once again making love to my step mom and I reveled in the feeling of the moment.

She broke our kiss and looked down into my eyes with a loving stare that only a mother lover could have and said, "Son, no matter where we are in life, no matter who we are each married to, your (step)momma will always be here to suck, fuck and make love to. That promise I am making to you right now."

She pushed herself up, brought her knees forward and leaned back, still grinding on me and giving my thumb easy acess to her clit. I massaged her clit with the thumb on my right hand and grabed her tits, alternating between her left and right with my other hand. She started grinding on me faster and harder. Front to back she worked her pussy, all the time clenching and releasing her pussy muscles around my cock. With my rod working her insides and my thumb on her love button she started to moan louder, indicating her impeding orgasm. Seeing the pure, raw lust in her face and the feeling of her cunt tensing and releasing on my cock triggered my explosion.

"Oh my fucking god I'm cummmmmiiiinnnnnnnnggggg!!!!!" I yelled out as I coated her love tunnel with 5 or 6 thick sprays of my cum.

She was so lost in her own ecstasy that she could not utter any more than loud, deep-toned moans. I felt her body get tense and her pussy contract as I finshed dumping my cum into her and she started to shake. She had never done this before, but it felt as if she was having a seziure or something. Her breathing had gotten shallow and her eyes were fixed on mine in a dead stare. Her faced started turning red as she continued to convulse on me. My cock was still hard inside her cunt so I tried to grind it into her to break her from her trance. That only made it worse as her clenching around my cock got tighter, which got me aroused and ready to go again.

Finally she let out a long breath as her body went limp and she fell straight on to me. My cock was still fully hard and inside her pussy. I could feel her pussy twitching around and I surely did not want to move her off of me. Her breathing was now back to normal as I rubbed my hands up and down her back.

"Momma? Are you ok?" I asked in my most concerned voice.
"Mhm" is all she could utter.

She stayed on top of me for several minutes, as if she could not move. I continued to rub her back with each downward rub going a little further. Soon I was cupping her ass with both hands and rocking her up and letting her fall back softly on my hard cock. The motion of the water bed helped me keep up the rythm.

She kept moaning in my ear "that feels good son keep it up. That was amazing. I can't move. Ah just like that keep doing that..."

I continued to rock her body back in fourth and started to gind my hips into her. I could feel her cunt starting to come back to life as she gripped my cock with her muscles firmly. She never moved any other part of her body though. She kept her arms down by our sides, her head on my chest facing my left and her hips were still. Her body was like rubber, on top of me, the water bed below me. With each move I made, her body and the water responded equally and a good pace was started.

"Cum in me again baby, fill me up."

Her dirty talk and the feeling of her lifeless body on top of me sent me over the edge. I rocked her forward one hard time and when she came back down on me, I buried myself in her to the hilt and held her there. I came in her again, shooting only 2 or 3 thick streams of cum in her followed by several smaller spurts.

"Oh yea, thats it, that feels nice." she said in a low and quiet voice.

I was done, spent, game over. I fell asleep with her on top of me, my dick slowly softening up and falling out of her. I could feel our love juices tricking down my shaft and balls.

I am not sure how long we slept or when she got her legs back and got up, but I woke up to her sucking on my limp dick. It felt fantastic and I placed my hand on her head and bucked my hips up towards her mouth. My cock sprang to attention and she quickly sucked it into her mouth. She sucked me fast. I did not have to fuck her face at all as she did all of the work. Within a few minutes I was depositing whatever I had left in my nuts down her throat. She swallowed and sat up to look at me.

"I was not trying to get you off again, I was just trying to clean you up a bit." She said laughing.
"I-I'm sorry." I stammered.
"Don't be, I love your cock and tasting your cum."

We cuddled for a bit and kissed each other softly. Dad would be home from work soon so I got up, got dressed and kissed her goodbye.

"Thank you, I needed that." I told her
"Anytime, and remember what I said, I will always be here for you." She winked at me as I walked out of the door.

I only saw her one more time, That story is next.

Thank you for reading, comments are welcome.

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