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An infatuation with dog sex begins...
Part 1

As a young girl, I frequently fantasized about fucking a dog. And now, to this day, I still rub my hot pussy until I cum hard while thinking about being filled with dog cock. As a child, our neighbors had a couple of medium sized dogs, some kind of Pitbull mixes, and I first caught a glimpse of dog sex while watching the male fuck the female out in their backyard while I stared from my bedroom window, fingers slick with juices while I rubbed my tingling pre-teen pussy, loving the new feelings going through my young body. From the window, I had a clear view of the male and female dogs playing around with each other. I could see the male jumping on her back and thrusting at her but not penetrating, then jumping away and chasing her around some more.

Then finally the female stood still while the male mounted her, and this time he didn’t jump away. He humped away at her backside, then I saw his body slam into hers hard and stay close to hers. His front legs wrapped around her waist tight, holding her in place below him while he thrust hard into her. I wasn’t sure what exactly the beasts were doing, but it was arousing my young sex the way the male was so effectively dominating the female, the way she was standing there taking it. I could only imagine how full she felt.

Soon he started pounding her so hard that he was pushing her around the yard with his jackhammer thrusts. My own cunt was slick with juices while I could see some kind of juices flowing from the female dog’s pussy. The male then slowed his thrusts but stayed still inside of her, legs still wrapped tight around her, not letting her go. While the male dog was still inside the female dog, my neighbor, Mr. Stephens, walked out the back door. The male dog, excited to see his master, turned around so he was ass to ass with the female dog and started running to Mr. Stephens, dragging the bitch behind him pathetically.

Mr. Stephens patted the male dog on the head while the male remained stuck to the female dog, both dogs panting hard. Then I saw a sight that would stay with me the rest of my life, making me long for years to feel dog cock inside me-- the male dog finally pulled himself out of the female, gallons of clear liquid leaking from the female. The male stood there with the first dog cock I would ever see, pink and long, shiny and veiny, with a huge purple ball at the base that had been stuffed inside the bitch dog.

From then on, I would come home from school and immediately go to my bedroom to watch for the neighbors to let the dogs out. A couple weeks later I saw the male again penetrate the female dog in the backyard while I stood by the window, rubbing my bald pussy, wishing I was the bitch so I could feel the male dog’s long pink meat so tightly inside me. I would try sticking all kinds of things in pussy to emulate the dog fucking-- like cucumbers, screwdriver handles, and bottles-- don’t get me wrong, I was able to cum hard, but I craved being on my knees stuck to a powerful dog.

Several weeks after I had begun watching the neighbor dogs fuck around (and noticed the female dog getting fatter), I was sitting near the window while the male dog was fetching a ball thrown by Mrs. Stephens, the petite but voluptuous blond wife of Mr. Stephens. She was wearing a little summer dress, her ample breasts bouncing as she threw the ball for the dog to happily retrieve.

After a little while of playing fetch, Mrs. Stephens sat down on a lawn chair. The dog playfully came up and started sniffing under her dress. At first she laughed and pushed him away, but he kept coming back to sniff under her dress. I then saw her lift her dress slightly to allow him easier access under it. To my surprise, she was letting the dog eat her pussy. Hers had some hair on it, and was not bald like mine. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy letting the dog lick her private parts. I could see him licking down to her butt hole. She was moaning and rubbing her big breasts through her dress while he licked her, breasts heaving.

I began to get disappointed when I saw her then push the dog away from her and then walk into the house. Then I got excited when she came out of the house holding a blanket, which she then placed on the ground. She spread her legs and the happy dog started licking her crotch again while she moaned and squealed and laid back. Every so often she’d pat him on the head or rub the sheath where his penis came out. I could tell the dog was getting more excited, he was playing around with Mrs. Stephens the way he played with his own bitch, jumping on her and then running away. She ground her pussy into his snout, letting him lick deep into her. While she was still flat on her back, the dog started to lick her face and I could see the tip of his penis coming out and poking at her legs. Instead of pushing the dog’s cock away, she spread her legs open and let him hump at her. He wrapped his legs around her waist tight, just like he did with the female dog.

I saw his cock fruitlessly slip around her holes while she giggled and moaned. She then reached down and spread her cuntlips wide open. The dog cock found its way to her stretched hole, and with that he started humping her faster. I couldn’t see his penis anymore; I could tell it was inside her and probably expanding with each thrust. She moaned, pulling her breasts from her dress so that they were exposed to the world, tweaking her big nipples hard while the dog panted with the effort. I was rubbing my little clit hard, wishing I were in Mrs. Stephens’ place.

The dog banged into her like a machine, pushing her off the blanket. Mrs. Stephens was now sweaty with the intense pounding and big dog on top of her. I watched as the ball at the base of the dog’s cock was pushed up against her vagina. The dog was struggling to get it in and she was screaming from the pleasure. I orgasmed just as it was forced inside her. The dog became still on top of my neighbor, locked inside her. Just then her husband came out, holding his camera and laughing.

I couldn’t tell what he was saying but he was pointing the camera at her while she covered her face and turned away. They were both laughing. The dog was panting, stuck in place. To my shock, I saw Mr. Stephens rubbing his own crotch through his pants, making a large bulge. He put the camera down so he could rub himself and then unzipped his pants. He unleashed his own cock, the first human cock I ever saw, and stroked it in his wife’s face while she was locked to the dog. Mr. Stephens’ cock was stiff and straight, and very thick. I was surprised at this new development, and super aroused, with two fingers in my cunt.

Then Mrs. Stephens put her husbands cock up to her mouth and started sucking on it like a lollipop. He grabbed onto her head and started thrusting his cock inside her mouth, making her choke on it. The dog, still tied to Mrs. Stephens, stepped around her so he was ass to ass with her, struggling to pull out of her but not quite able to do so. I could see fluids dripping out of Mrs. Stephens. She continued to suck her husband’s meat while the dog was inside of her. Her husband seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

After several more minutes of her choking on his thrusting cock, Mr. Stephens threw his head back and cried out, then pulled his cock from her throat. I saw her swallow hard. The dog pulled away again and this time managed to release his prick from his human bitch. It was such a hot scene, watching the dog’s 8” cock and ball slide out of her, releasing his fluids from her oozing pussy. Mr. Stephens helped his wife to her feet and they kissed on the lips. I could see the dog’s liquid running down her leg. Hand in hand, they summoned the dog and went back into the house. The experience left me even more infatuated with dog cock, and human cock as well.

Part 2

The neighbors’ dog eventually had puppies, and I successfully begged my parents to let me adopt one of the male pups. I had hopes of training it to fuck me like Mrs. Stephens had been fucked, but my parents got the dog neutered and it never showed much sexual interest in me and rarely humped anything. I trained him to go down on me, but that was as far as he’d go.

In high school I became sexually active with some boys my age as well as some of their older brothers or friends. My breasts filled out to a perky, attention grabbing C cup, my body stayed tight and in shape with field hockey at school, and my long strawberry blond hair fell naturally down my back. I could feel men molesting me with their eyes where ever I went, and had no problem attracting sexual partners. I would fantasize of the dog cock while being fucked by the boys, never feeling completely as satisfied as I felt I’d be with a dog fuck. I kept my dog fantasies to myself and slept around to satisfy my strong teen libido.

When I was 17, I became pregnant with the child of a 34yr old man, or at least I’m pretty sure it was his. He was financially well off, and offered to do the honorable thing and marry me after I graduated high school. He wanted me to be a stay at home mom and fuck-toy. I agreed, due to give birth a few months after graduating, and we moved to a quiet, upscale neighborhood to raise our daughter.

My husband Tom was aware of my huge sexual libido, and often brought his friends over to enjoy me. While pregnant I had my first double penetration with Tom and his best friend, with Tom in my ass and his friend in my pregnant cunt. I loved the feeling of fullness, being an insatiable cock slut. I had fantasies while pregnant of being knotted by dogs, my pregnant womb being pumped full of dog cum and then having it sealed inside me.

I had the baby, and Tom hired a nanny to help with raising her so my time wouldn’t be too occupied for Tom and his friends to fuck me. They enjoyed fucking my slim body once again, folding me up and stuffing me full of their pricks. I continued enjoying myself, too.

One day I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, not having much to do, and while out I struck up a chat with one of the neighbors who was out getting his mail-- a tall, handsome man with glasses and light brown hair named Paul. He invited me to his house for some lemonade to rest from the heat, explaining that his wife and son were out for errands.

I agreed and he led me through his house, well kept with photos of his pretty brunette wife and their young son. I remarked that maybe one day their son would be a good playmate for my daughter. Paul agreed and just then a large German Shepherd bounded into the room, sniffing up my skirt. I squealed, pussy instantly getting wet with the dog’s intrusion near my pantyless crotch, and Paul called the dog away, apologizing profusely. I assured him it was okay and mentioned that I loved dogs. Paul said they had a female dog as well, and mentioned that since they were trying to breed her, the male, Bowser, was more frisky than ever. My pussy got even wetter thinking of the big dog’s virile cock.

Paul led me out to the backyard deck and we sat at the table, drinking lemonade and gossiping about the neighborhood. He let both dogs out to play in the fenced in yard while we continued to talk. A half hour later, I couldn’t help but find myself distracted, bare pussy slickening, watching the male dog, Bowser, humping around at the female bitch, Peaches.

“Sorry they’re putting on a show for you,” said Paul with a smile, gesturing at his humping dogs. Bowser hadn’t penetrated her yet, but it looked like that was his ultimate goal. I was getting more and more breathless and turned on at the sight, and I think Paul picked up on it.

“It’s okay,” I replied, clearing my throat and trying to avert my eyes as the bitch licked around the male’s sheath, and then the male started sniffing the bitch’s cunt. Paul rested a hand on my knee and I smiled. We tried to go on chatting about the weather and our neighborhood, but I found myself quiet when I saw Bowser mount the female again, this time his prick aiming straight for her waiting hole.

My mouth dropped open a little. Paul picked up on my interest in his aroused dogs and called them closer, up to the deck near where we were sitting. He patted them both on the head and they soon resumed playing around with each other right there in front of us. Paul just laughed at their horny antics.

After licking each other’s genitals for a few moments, the male dog finally got back in place on top of the female dog and started getting into position to pound her. He wrapped his front legs around her, the tip of his prick positioned near her pussy hole. I licked my lips, and Paul reached out and squeezed my thigh.

“Marissa,” he said to me, calling me out of my dirty thoughts. “You really get turned on watching them, don’t you?” I tried to focus again as I felt my attractive neighbor’s hand creeping up higher on my thigh.

“Oh, ahem, sorry, how can you tell?” I said a little sheepishly.

“Well, you’re licking your lips, unconsciously spreading your legs wider, nipples hardening through your thin little dress, face flushing… and I can feel your pussy juice dripping down your thighs.” I shuddered. He was absolutely right.

The male dog started thrusting his pink prickhead forward again at his mate’s waiting hole, this time hitting his target. He started jamming into her with a rapid pace as Paul reached over and started French kissing me. Turned on, I eagerly kissed him back. I moaned a little when his fingers then brushed against my shaved pussy. My eyes were on the mating dogs as he began kissing my neck. He kissed down my bare chest to the neck of my low-cut shirt, then pulled one of my breasts out and began licking and sucking it. He started fingering my clit softly, teasing me my touching it, then rubbing it, then pulling his hand away.

I was beginning to breathe heavier now, and so were the dogs. They were panting, Bowser giving Peaches his all, trying hard to impregnate his bitch. Paul got my second breast out and was licking and biting my hard nipples. He slipped a finger inside me, making me moan. Then he brought his finger out and raised it to my lips, making me lick my pussy juice from my finger.

“You’re sexy, Marissa. You can come watch my dogs whenever you want. You should see what my wife does with Bowser.” He had my full attention with that remark.

“Yes, I’d love that, Paul,” I said, breathlessly, and he kissed me again. He started finger fucking me harder while Bowser pounded mercilessly. Then, standing me up, he bent me over and pushed his face into my cunt from behind so he could eat me out while I watched the fucking dogs. He licked all over my cunt, inserting two fingers into my wetness and finger fucking me good. I ground my cunt into his face as he lapped me up hungrily and rammed his fingers in me. Peaches was getting pounded herself. Bowser was fucking her with a rapid pace and hadn’t yet let up. His knot was huge, softball sized, and he was trying to force it into his bitch. I wished a human could fuck me like that!

Several more minutes of hard fucking and Bowser’s knot slipped inside his bitch’s cunt. He finally slowed down his manic pace, big balls swinging to a stop as he held tight to his mate. Paul stopped licking me after nearly bringing me to orgasm with his fingers and tongue. I was still bent over, watching the now knotted dogs, when I felt Paul put his cockhead against my pussy. He began fingering my clit from behind with one hand and teasing my nipples with the other, and gently kissed my neck. Bowser pumped his bitch a few more times; they were stuck together tight and watching me and Paul now.

After rubbing his cockhead on my pussy lips, Paul then pounded into me completely with one hard thrust. I hadn’t even seen his cock yet, only felt it deep in my pussy walls. He felt good, pounding me rhythmically while I was transfixed by his male dog’s large swinging balls and huge knot locked inside his bitch. I moaned, Paul banging me hard from behind, his own hard balls banging against my bare ass. He was fucking me good; I was thinking to myself that I should introduce myself to more neighbors as he then fucked his cock into me hard and slow for a little while, making me moan with pleasure…

Paul grabbed my breasts from behind and squeezed while picking up his pace. The dogs panted; I could see some dog cum dripping from the female bitch’s pussy, which sent me over the edge. I came long and hard underneath Paul while his cock pistoned in and out of me, screaming and moaning with my orgasm. Paul was grunting and thrusting into me hard. We watched as the male dog pulled his cock and knot from his bitch’s stretched, cum filled hole. Cum bubbled out of her and dripped onto the deck. The male alternately licked his long, pink prick and licked at his bitch’s cum filled pussyhole.

Paul grunted and suddenly I felt his cock throbbing inside me. He breathlessly unloaded his cum into my womb and slapped my ass when he pulled his long cock out of me. His subsiding human cock was about 7” long or so, and thick since it was uncut. Cum dripped from his delicious looking cock head, so I bent down and sucked him clean. Just then, to our surprise, the sliding glass door opened and a petite, busty brunette stepped out onto the deck, smiling at the dogs and us. I quickly rose to my feet, cum dripping out of my pussy.

“Honey, who’s this?” she asked Paul with a smile.

“Rachel, this is our new playtoy-- our neighbor Marissa. She says she can’t wait to see you play with Bowser. I think she wants to try him out, too,” said Paul, gesturing at me. Paul’s wife walked up to me, her husband’s sperm dripping out of me, and French kissed me while pinching my nipples.

“It’s nice to meet you, Marissa,” she said. “You're a sexy little thing, aren't you? I can’t wait for us to play with the dog…” my pussy tingled again with her words. “I can tell this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship…” and with that she spread my legs and licked her husband’s cum clean from my pussy.

To be continued…


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"Confessions Of A Cock Slut: Craving For Dog Meat" - Marissa, and Paul and Rachel (Married Mother, and Neighbor Husband and Wife)

Marissa has her fantasies, and urges and sexual orgasms thinking about fucking a male dog. She meets a neighborhood husband and wife, he's fucking Marissa in the backyard, watching his male dog fuck his female bitch as his wife, Rachel, walks in the yard. They talk, and Marissa and Rachel share their interests in being fucked by a dog. They make plans for the occurences to happen.

The story is kinda slow, short and only one fuck (several others are alluded to by Marissa but no details!

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