I guess the only real place to start is the beginning.

Her name was Danielle Diaz. I'd known Danielle since I was very young. Her family lived at the end of our street and we were in the same grade in school. In the earlier years, we'd spent many Summer days together playing outside.

As her last name suggested, Danielle was hispanic. Her father was from Tijuana, while her mother was from a regular white family from middle America. The mix gave her skin a light brown tint, giving the appearance of a year-round tan.

Through the years, Danielle and I maintained what resembled a friendship until the middle school years kicked in. It was around that time that she fell into what I considered the wrong crowd. Her days went from playing in the sun to drinking the night away.

Progressively, things got worse. She eventually moved away and switched schools something like 4 or 5 times before giving up completely in high school.

I stopped keeping tabs on her, but I still heard tidbits about what she was up to here and there. It never sounded good.

Danielle had become known for two things; drugs and a good time for the guys.

The Summer after I graduated high school, I saw a moving van sitting outside their old house. They were moving back in. See, her grandpa actually owned the house, and whenever her parents came on hard times, he'd let them move back in.

The first time I saw Danielle, I was shocked. The little girl with curly hair whom I had spent so much time with was now a developed, nearly stunning, 19 year old.

In a flash, my mind was racing, thinking of a way I could become close to her again. My hopes were dashed the first time I drove by and she gave me a disgusted look and turned away. I hadn't done anything to her, of course. That's just how she'd become.

Within the first month of her return, the police were called to their house 7 times and an ambulance had showed up twice. The last time the ambulance came, it was to take Danielle away. She'd overdosed.

A few months passed with a mundane existance. Every so often, I'd be driving home and see Danielle sitting out on her porch, her exposed legs shining in the sun. Occasionally, there'd be a boy with her, never the same one. They all looked like they were half-tweaked all the time.

I started to forget about her. She wasn't the same person I'd known. I figured my memories of her were just that.

On a not particularly special day in early August, I had walked to the park with a friend of mine named John. We took a basketball and decided to shoot around. By the time we were done, the streetlights were shining brightly against the night sky.

John lived only a few roads over from me, so I generally turned off first and he finished the trek alone. After parting from him, I heard a strange sign coming from near the road in front of Danielle's house.

She was laying there, face down, wiggling about. I had to wonder what a 19 year old, skimpy shorts and tank top-clad, girl could possibly be doing.

"Heeeey. Help!" She called out to me.

I walked over and gave her a hand up. She wobbled about, barely able to stand.

"Are you ok?" I asked, concerned.

"Ah! Tommy!" She screamed. She recognized me. "What are you doing here?"

Something was definitely wrong with her.

"Just walking home. I wanted to make sure you were ok." I said.

"Oh. I'm good. Just give me a second." She said as she wobbled about a bit more, getting her bearings.

"What are you doing out here?" I asked.

"I needed some air." She started laughing hysterically. She was either drunk or high. I didn't know which.

"Why don't you go on inside." It was more of a command than a question.

"I don't know if I can make it up the steps." She pointed toward her porch and almost fell over. "Walk me in."

I looked around and grabbed her arm, aiding her up the steps. We reached the door and she fell into it. She was helpless.

"Alright. Just get me to my room." She said.

I opened the door and walked inside. I was blasted in the face with the smell of stale ciggarettes and pot. Right inside the door was their living room. Her younger brother sat on the couch, a hood pulled down over his face. He was probably messed up too.

She led me through the mess to her room. When we walked inside, I heard a crunch. I turned on the light and looked down. I was stepping on empty beer cans. Danielle collapsed onto her bed.

I was worried and wanted to make sure she wasn't going to be in any serious danger if left unattended. So, I stuck around for a bit.

Almost immediately, her eyes closed. Her breathing seemed normal and she wasn't having seizures or anything dramatic like that.

About the time I decided to go, I spied a small dark mark on her lower side. Her tanktop had raised just a bit and you could only see a little bit.

Sticking my head out into the hall, I saw no one was coming and her brother was the only other person in the house. Looking back at Danielle, I closed her door.

Walking up next to her, I realized the dark mark was part of a tattoo. The dark outline was barely visible under the white tank top. Looking back at the door for a minute, I began to raise the tank top to see what the tattoo was.

It turned out to span the whole length of her side. It was a tree of some kind. It had blossoms and looked like something you'd see in Japan. I noticed part of the tree was hidden by the black fabric of her bra. Must've hurt like hell, I imagined.

I reached out and ran my hand over the tattoo, touching her flesh. I was immediately excited. Her breasts, although covered, were right in front of my face.

I was so intrigued by the tattoo, I wanted to know if she had more. I started looking over her body and saw the only other part of unexposed flesh was hidden by her small shorts. I was compelled to look.

With my heart pounding, I used my thumb to lift the elastic of her shorts up. I peered down, seeing a matching pair of black panties with just enough fabric to cover her pussy. No tattoo's, though.

I could feel myself getting harder and more bold by the second. I stared down at those panties for a long time. Eventually, I let my thumb drop the panties, but quickly slid my fingertips underneath.

Using mostly my middle and ring fingers, I began to massage the area between her legs. I looked to her face for any sign of consciousness. I saw none.

As I gazed at her, her lips seemed to glisten. Bringing my face close to hers, I puckered my mouth and touched it to hers.

My massage on her became more pressurized, and I could feel a moisture collecting around my fingers.

Throwing caution to the wind, I began to slide the shorts from her body. With them out of the way, I got a great look at her. Phenomenal.

Thinking I had come this far, I went ahead and tugged at the panties, too. A lifeless Danielle didn't object.

She had a textbook vagina. Absolutley beautiful. A small strip of hair adorned it, neatly trimmed and kept.

I climbed onto her bed and straddled her half-nude body. I leaned down and kept kissing her. I moved my pelvis to hers and began to slowly grind into her naked lower body. My erection was throbbing.

I squeezed at her breasts. They were the perfect size.

Finally, the time was right. I slid my pants down to my ankles and boxers went along for the ride. My cock was oozing with precum. Sliding Danielle's legs apart, I pushed in.

The hot, wet feeling surrounding my cock was thrilling. I slowly pumped; I wanted to enjoy this. A few times I caught myself getting close and I'd stop.

After awhile, I pushed Danielles tank top up and over her bra. I didn't want to bother with undoing the thing, so I slipped the cups up over her breasts and allowed them to fall where they may.

My mouth attacked, sucking her nipples. I wanted them to become part of me. I couldn't get enough.

The sad thing about all of this was Danielle didn't do anything, and it was probably the best sex of my life.

Knowing I couldn't put off the inevitable, I sucked he nipple hard and began slamming my hips down into her.

Before long, I was over the edge, my head in a euphoric daze. My cum was blasting from my body like a firehose. I tried to muffle my moans, but there are things no one can control.

After catching my breath, I kissed Danielles neck before pulling out.

Once I stood, I pulled up my lower garments, looking natural. I looked down at Danielles still unconscious, freshly fucked body. She still looked hot.

I pulled her bra back into place the best I could, along with her tank top. I wasn't sure what had happened to her panties, so I didn't even bother looking through the mess.

I pulled a blanket over her, saw she was still breathing, and walked out. I passed her brother, who still hadn't moved a muscle and made my way out into some fresh air. Now I understood what she meant.

As I walked down the street to my house, I smiled. She must not have minded, because she never said 'stop'.

Alright. Sorry if this offends anyone. I'm just trying new genre's. I've never, ever written anything that was non-consensual. And, yes, it's purely FANTASY.

How'd I do?

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Have you ever pondered the possibility that it was under the shadow of your great benevolent hand of friendship that your girlfriend started using?

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