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THREE MOMS (Author Unknown)


A mid-afternoon soap opera droned unnoticed in front of the living room couch in her small, pretty suburban home. Nancy Johnson, a petite, big-tit divorcee with a girlishly young face and short, brown hair, sat with her round little ass pushed to the edge of the couch and her knees hiked up high in the air. All she wore was a t-shirt and a light, flower-print mini-skirt. The skirt bunched around her slender waist, exposing her naked cunt.

Staring blankly at the television, thinking about her son Ricky's prick, Nancy finger fucked her pussy as fast as she could. It was a hot, dry, sunny afternoon, and such days always made the horny mother especially eager for sex.

Nancy was always jacking off. Though she was well into her thirties now, with a son nearly full-grown, Nancy still had a more constantly horny pussy than that of any woman she'd ever met. For as long as she could remember, she'd spent nearly every waking minute of every day thinking of getting her tight, juicy pussy stuffed full with a big, stiff, throbbing prick.

Her clit-bud was very swollen, tingling and pulsing like a little heart. Faster and faster, Nancy rubbed her itchy little clit-nubbin, grinding and humping her horny ass off the couch as she grew closer and closer to cumming.

Finally, the front door opened. Ricky stepped into the living room, kicking the door shut behind him and dropping his schoolbooks absently on the bureau. Nancy never missed a beat. She stared eagerly at her handsome son's bulging crotch and finger-fucked her burning pussy harder than ever, alternating between rubbing her clit and dipping her fingers into her throbbing, gushy cunt.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Oh, Ricky, what took you so long? I've been waiting for you! Oh, shit, Mommy so horny! Fuck me, Son! Fuck my cunt!"

He strode toward her, smiling unashamedly. Nancy stared at the giant hard-on straining his jeans. Ricky told her he always got a hard-on while walking home from school, knowing that he would soon be pounding his cock up his mother's cunt, Ricky loved fucking his mother every day. He was nearly as eager for fucking as she was.

"Been keeping this nice and juicy for me, Mom?" Ricky asked. He dropped to his knees in front of the couch and smiled as he pushed two fingers up her pussy. "Shit, it really feels wet today! And it smells so good, Mom! I could practically smell it on the street!"

Ricky lowered his head and glued his mouth to his mother's wet, throbbing, always-horny cunt. Nancy squealed as his tongue thrust out, probing between the flowering folds of her fuck slit. She clutched his head with both hands and started humping her ass off the couch in a slow, hard rhythm, pumping her juice-oozing pussy against her son's mouth.

"Suck your mother!" she moaned. She clawed the back of Ricky's neck and whined more loudly as he lapped and slurped, tongue swiping the hot pussy-dew from his mother's feverishly over-heated fuck slit.

She relaxed slightly, a shameless smile of obscene, sexual contentment washing over her face as her son avidly sucked, licked and tongued her horny cunt. Ricky pushed two fingers into her narrow, spasming pussy channel. His tongue wiggled directly on her clit-bud, sending tingling waves of sensation coursing through his mother's body.

Relieved that her child was finally eating out her horny cunt, Nancy lewdly stroked his hair. "Oh, Ricky, that pussy feel so much better! Unghh! Oh, Ricky, you're gonna make me cum!"

Nancy felt her pussy begin to spasm, her curly-haired fuck-hole throbbing against her child's lips and oozing fuck-cream onto his tongue. Ricky eagerly lapped his mom's spunky little pussy more eagerly. He thrust his tongue deep inside her hairy cunt-hole, lapping up the dew line from the gushing depths of her pussy-channel.

"Oh, Ricky!" Nancy pretty face contorted with passion as the lust mounted to bursting in her loins. "Ahhh, shit that right, eat your mother, baby! Suck me, Ricky, suck me good! I'm gonna cum now! Suck me, Ricky, suck me good! I need to cummmm!"

He wrapped his lips around her clit. Ricky sucked her clit forcefully, puckering his cheeks to increase the tantalizing, dragging pressure. Nancy humped as if she'd been shot, moaning and crying in a delirium of incestuous fuck need as she pumped her hair pussy against her boy's mouth.

"Suck your mother! Suck your mother!" she yelled. "I'm cumming now, Ricky! Oh, fuck, please keep eating me! Oh, fuck! Oh, shit, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

"Ricky, would you like to fuck me now?" Nancy asked anxiously. She stared down at him with a pleading expression as she wiggled her ass impatiently on the couch. "Please, Ricky, I'm hornier that ever now. Oh, Ricky, take off your clothes, darling! I want to feel your big cock slamming in my cunt!"

Ricky grinned at his mother and rose to his feet. Staring at her juicy, curly-haired pussy, he took off his clothes. Nancy squealed with desire, then twisted sideways on the couch, putting herself in position for the good, hard fucking she wanted.

Nancy hiked her skirt up farther, past her navel, then splayed and lifted her slender legs as high and wide as she could, anxiously, she finger-fucked her dripping pussy-slit as she awaited the meaty invasion of her boy's prick.

"Hurry, Ricky!" she wined. "Hurry up and fuck your mother, honey! Oh, shit, Mommy wants your fuck-rod so fucking much!"

Ricky slid out of his jeans, leaving himself completely naked. Nancy moaned loudly at the sight of his gigantic cock -- one of the longest, fattest pussy-pleasers Nancy had ever seen in her life. His mighty fuck-rod was as hard as stone, jerking and throbbing obscenely straight before him, oozing milky cream out of his piss-hole as he prepared to slide his cock up his mother's cunt.

Nancy fingered her cunt faster than ever as she watched her son join her on the couch, crawling into position between her splayed legs.

"Hurry! Oh, shit! Oh fuck!"

Her voice broke off as he reached down, grabbed her wrist and took her hand away from her pussy. Ricky quickly replaced it with the puffy, spongy knob of his prick. Excitedly, Nancy looked down, watching him fit his heart-shaped cock-crown between the pouting lips of her throbbing cunt. Her gorgeous face contorted with shameless fuck-finger as she felt her pussy lips spread around his cock as Ricky fucked deep inside her cunt.

Nancy lifted her legs as high as she could, draping her ankles over her son's shoulder. She started fucking, gasping and crying as she thrust her red-hot pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of Ricky's cock meat.

Ricky supported the weight of his torso on outstretched arms, watching his mother's big, round, braless tits jiggle as he slowly stuffed her pussy with his fat, throbbing cock. His face contorted as he felt the wet, sucking tightness of her cunt-channel, spasming and sucking around his prick.

"Deeper, Ricky! Oh, darling, fuck me with every inch of it! My cunt's so hot, lover! It needs all of your cock!"

Ricky sank on top of his fuck-hungry mom, crushing her big tits under his chest. He rammed his huge prick all the way up her pussy, moaning as her tender-lipped cunt sucked in all of his prick.

"Oh, Ricky!" Nancy moaned with passion as her pussy was plowed full with all of her son's as her pussy was plowed full with all of her son's cock. She writhed frantically beneath him, shuddering as his cock pulsed all the way up to her womb, stretching her cunt-channel to the bursting point.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Nancy heels bounced against Ricky's shoulders. The horny mother pistoned her red-flushed ass-cheeks madly off the couch. "Unh, oh, fuck! I'm so horny, Ricky! Fuck me!"

Ricky pulled out slowly, withdrawing his cum-bloated prick from his mother's juicy pussy until only his mushroom-shaped cock-knob parted her itchy cunt-lips. He pause, then stabbed his giant cock even deeper up her gooey hole.

Whining and gasping, Nancy humped her ass in a frantic rhythm off the couch. Ricky settled into a hard, driving fuck-rhythm, the sweat glisening on his contracting ass-cheeks as he speared his huge, rigid fuck-pole in and out of his mother's gushing cunt.

"Faster!" Nancy pleaded. She wiggled and humped at the same time, biting her lip and twisting her flushed face from side to side as the incestuous pleasure mounted steadily in her pussy. "That feels so good, Ricky! Mommy loves it, baby, Mommy loves getting fucked! Do it faster, lover! Fuck Mommy's juicy, little cunt just as hard as you want!"

Ricky picked up his pace, panting hoarsely as he speared him cum-cock in and out of her pussy. Nancy cunt grew progressively gooier, her itchy, burning cunt-lips repeatedly sucking and smacking tightly around her boy's stiff, stroking cock. Her clit was chafed lusciously by his fuck-rhythm, massaged with every inward and outward stroke of his cock.

Her pussy spasmed and spewed, contracting wildly around Ricky's driving prick as the fuck cream flowed out of her cunt. Ricky slammed his cock to the hilt in her pussy, shuddering as his balls slapped the crack of her ass.

Hot gobs of cum streamed up from his balls, making his enormous prick pulse and jerk in his mother's pussy. His meaty fucker spat jizz into her cunt. Ricky fucked his cock-loving mother harder than ever, moaning as his milky white spunk rained into her cunt. Eagerly, Nancy flexed her fucking muscles around his cum-squirting cock, helping her child shoot all of his goo into her cunt.

Nancy thought about her friends, the other single mothers she knew in the suburbs, wondering if they experienced the illicit, deliciously forbidden desire for their sons. There was pretty, petite, red-haired Sandra, who had once confessed to Nancy that she loved sucking cock more than anything else.

And then there was her friend Betty. Nancy wasn't a lesbian, but her pussy still creamed even more heavily around Ricky's cock as she thought of Betty. Tall, long-legged and slender. Betty had once been one of the most in demand figure models in the country. Betty was forever having to put up with men whistling at her and making passes. And Nancy knew that Betty's son. Johnny, was a tall, handsome, muscular stud for his age, who had undoubtedly noticed the incredible endowment of his mother's body.


"Johnny, please!" Red-faced and embarrassed, her stacked, naked body still dripping water from the shower, Betty stood by her bed and held the towel defensively over her enormous tits, trying to conceal her body from her son.

"Take the towel away, Mom!" Johnny said, grinning. "Come on, why'd you think I busted in on you, anyhow? I want to look at your body!"

"Johnny, this is disgusting!" Betty sputtered. "This is the third time this week you've deliberately walked into my bedroom right after I've showered. How... how dare you want to ogle your own mother, when I'm not wearing clothes! How dare you!"

Johnny just grinned and leaned against the wall, staring at her. He was a tall, lean, muscular youth, and there was no mistaking the incredible size of the hard-on bulging through his pants. Betty look at him indignantly and wondered what she could do. Johnny would leave if she pushed him out of her bedroom, but if she did that, he would see even more of her body. She would have to take the towel away from her tits, if she wanted him to move.

Now it had gotten to the point at which Johnny brazenly barged into her bedroom to see her naked body. He'd even told her that he thought about her when he beat his cock-meat.

"Johnny I'm asking you nicely," Betty insisted. "I don't want to show your my body, but I do want to take this towel away, and I do want to put on some clothes so I can make dinner. Now, would you please leave, Son? Please?"

"No harm in getting dressed in front of me, Mom!" Johnny grinned. "Come on. I won't touch you. I just want to watch!"

There was a long silence. Betty suddenly decided to do as he ask. She was, she told herself, tired of arguing with him. And if he really wanted to look at her body so badly, she might as well give him the thrill.

"All right, Johnny," Betty said, sighing. "If you really insist on acting like a horny, little boy, I suppose I'll have to treat you like one."

Acting as nonchalant as possible, Betty let the towel drop to the floor. Johnny groaned. His mother's tits were nearly as big as baby water melons -- huge, firm sponge-melons encased in soft, cream-white flesh.

Her luscious tits quivered slightly every time. Betty moved. She flushed as she realized how stiffly her nipples were, how appetizing her fat, distended, rubbery tit-buds were.

Johnny continued to groan softly under his breath. His gaze moved up his mother's long, perfectly formed legs, pausing for a long time on the rich, fleecy, light-brown cunt-bush curling on her lower belly. Her waist was small, and her belly was soft and plump rounded in a girlish way. Little drops of water from her shower continued to slide down Betty's body making her smooth, creamy flesh seem even more desirable than before.

"All right, Johnny," Betty said. She stood brazenly facing him, conscious of the illicit, giddy excitement she felt as she allowed her son to stare openly at her naked from. "This is what you wanted to see, isn't it? Are you satisfied now? Would you please leave my room and let me get dressed in peace?"

"Oh, shit," Johnny groaned.

Then her son shocker her. Leaning against the wall, staring intently at his mother's giant tits and hairy pussy, her horny son suddenly un did his belt buckle and yanked down his zipper. Betty gaped at him inspeechless horror as her child suddenly hauled out his huge, rock-hard cock, letting his massive shaft of fuck meat twitch and pulse luridly straight before him.

"Why, J-J-Johnny!" Betty sputtered. "What on earth do you think you're doing?"

Betty felt fuck-juice rushing into her pussy as she realized that she couldn't take her eyes off of her boy's enormous prick. His prick was the longest, fattest, stiffest cock she'd ever laid eyes on in her life.

"Johnny, you put your prick away!" Betty sputtered. But she couldn't stop staring at his cock, her cunt throbbing harder and harder as she watched his giant, juicy cock twitch up and down. "Johnny, this is disgusting! How dare you expose..."

Johnny wrapped his hand around his gigantic fuck-pole, then jacked on it. Betty's mouth dropped open as she stared transfixedly at the huge, rosy knob of his cock. His puffy, reddish cock-flesh was swollen to bursting, and milky, sticky-looking drips of spunk oozed out of his piss-hole. Johnny cock throbbed in his hand as he jacked on it, and Betty dazedly watched pearls of jizz drip from his aching hard on to the carpet.

"I want to fuck you, Mom!" Johnny moaned hoarsely. "I can't fucking help it! You turn me on so much. Oh, shit, Mom, I think about fucking your pussy every single, fucking day!"

He continued to jack on his enormous fuck-tool, staring openly at his mother's naked body. Betty realized that her breathing had quickened until she was nearly panting. Her cheeks were red, and her nipples were stiff and tingling. Her pussy was so wet that it was nearly dripping. Never in her life had she felt so incredibly eager to cum.

I want to fuck my own son! she thought dazedly. Yes, I really do! Johnny wants to fuck me, and now I want to fuck him too!

Betty felt herself moving forward, her enormous tits heaving as she stared down at her child's prick. She felt as if she no longer had control over her own actions. Never taking her gazed off of his steely cock, Betty dropped to her knees in front of her son. Her hand trembled as she raised it, pushing Johnny's fist away and replacing it with her own.

"OH, Mom!"

"You're a bad boy, Johnny!" Betty hissed.

"Did you know that? You're a very, very bad boy!"

She started jacking his enormous fuck-rod, moaning under her breath as she feverishly whipped her fist up and down his throbbing cock. Johnny sighed as he looked down at her, watching his gorgeous mother beating his prick-meat. Betty's beautiful face contorted in a feverish expression of fuck-passion. She never took her eyes off of Johnny's cock. Eagerly watching every milky drop of prick-juice ooze from his piss-hole onto her fist.

"Does this feel good, Johnny?" she moaned. "Is this how you beat your meat when you think about fucking me? That's that you want to do, isn't, Johnny? You want to fuck your own mother's juicy cunt!"

"Yes! Oh, yes!"

"But would you like Mommy to suck this big prick for you too, Johnny?" Betty hissed. Her voice cracked with the intensity of her incestuous lust. "Would you, Johnny? Is that going to make my sweet baby boy's huge cock feel better? If I stick it in my mouth and suck out all the cum?"

"Suck it, Mom! Oh, please!"

Betty opened her mouth wide and immediately plunged her mouth onto her child's gigantic cock. She locked her lips around his prick-shaft and quickly forgot everything except the salty, musky taste of his prick in her mouth.

Betty shut her eyes, choking as she crammed his stiff cock farther down her gullet. Her lips formed a tight, pursed circle around the swollen stiffness of his fuck-rod. Then the naked mother started sucking, slurping and gurgling noisily and contentedly as she nursed on the rigid length of her son's price.

Up and down her head bobbed, her blonde hair bouncing lightly on her shoulders as she eagerly sucked his prick. Betty sharply puckered her cheeks, then bellowed them outward, working on her son's huge fuck-tool like a saliva lubricated milking machine.

Her cock-sucking noises grew progressively louder. Betty's beautiful face flushed nearly scarlet as she banged her face against her boy's crotch, struggling to cram his meaty prick even farther between her lips.

"Oh, Mom!" Johnny dropped his hands, pawing shamelessly at her enormous tits as he eagerly watched his mother sucking his prick. He caught her stiff, rubbery nipples between his fingers and pinched them hard, encouraging his naked mother as she sucked his prick. "Harder, Mom! Unngghh! Oh, fuck my cock is so hard! It feel ready to explode! Oh, please, Mommy, suck the juice right out of my prick!"

Never had Betty imagined that she could feel so starved for the taste of a stiff, young cock and a bellyful of squirting cum. Her mouth was already tired from slurping so feverishly on his cock, but she didn't car. Avidly, she swirled her tongue around the rosy, leaking knob of his cock, swallowing down all his oozing cum.

"Harder, Mom! Suck harder!"

Betty sucked her son's prick as hard as she could. His cock-meat had grown even stiffer, signaling to Betty that she was about to receive the hooting jism her belly craved so badly. Betty returned her hand to his blue-veined fuck-shaft, wrapping her fingers around his cock very tightly. She jacked his hard-on while she sucked his cock-head, her pumping fist attempting to coax the white jism out of his balls.

He thrust his hips forward, chocking his mother as he jammed another half-inch of his painfully pulsing cock down her throat. His sappy prick-juice spewed up from his balls, making Johnny's massive prick twitch and pulse luridly as it jetted long, sticky strands of cock-sap down his sucking mom.

Swallowing the last squirt of his spunk, Betty took his huge cock out of her mouth. His prick was dripping wet from the center of his cock-shaft ups, coated with a shining sticky mixture of her saliva and cum.

I need to fuck my son, she thought as she stared transfixedly at his massive fuck-pole.

Johnny's enormous cock was sill swollen with blood as if he'd never cum at all. His huge prick continued to twitch and throb, more than ready to be stuffed deep inside his mother's horny, burning cunt.

"You want to fuck me now, don't you, Johnny?" Betty hissed. Lewdly, she continued to fondle his massive cock, shuddering as she stroked her fingers delicately on its juice-slickened stiffness. "You want that even more than a blow job, don't you? Would you like to fuck me on the floor, Johnny? Or would you like me to lie on my back on the bed, so you can lie flat on top of me while you shove this huge cock up my cunt?"

"On... On the bed!" Johnny whispered. Betty rose to her feet, her enormous tits quivering, never taking her eyes off of her son's cock as she stepped back to her bed. Quickly, she sprawled on her back on the double bed, wiggling her rounded asscheeks on the sheets, then splaying her long legs a far apart as she could. Her wet, hot, curly-haired pussy was wide open, ready to be fucked deep and hard by her son's enormous prick.

"Fuck my cunt, Son!" Betty whispered. Betty wiggled her ass and started dry-humping, unable to bear the intense need pounding in her cunt. "Please, Johnny, hurry up and fuck me! I need your prick inside me, darling! Oh, please, Mommy wants your cock so much!"

Johnny approached the bed, his huge cock pulsing more stiffly than ever as he stared at his naked mother's luscious body. He climbed on the bed and got into position on top of her, supporting his weight on outstretch arms as he pushed his hips down, nudging his wet cock-tip between the pouting lips of his mother's cunt.

Betty automatically lifted her legs high in the air, until her knees hovered over her shoulders. Staring at the hairy juncture of their bodies, Johnny started sliding his huge prick deeper into his mother's cunt. Betty felt every inch of his cock pushing into her pussy, stretching the swollen lips of her cunt.

Betty wiggled her blushing ass-cheeks on the bed, shuddering as she helped her child fit his gigantic prick farther up her buttery pussy. She twined her long legs together high across his back, then the naked mother started humping, groaning and crying as she pumped her dripping pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of her son's prick.

"Unh... unh...! Fuck your mother, Johnny! Fuck your mother's cunt!" she cried. "Oh, yes, ram it up my pussy, Johnny! Ram it all the way in! Ahhh! Your cock's so fucking big, Johnny! Oh, shit, you're got a suck a big horse prick! I said fuck my cunt deep, Johnny! Fuck Mommy's juicy cunt!"

Johnny worked his hips steadily between his mother's splayed thighs, gasping as he slid his cock farther and farther up her tight, juicy pussy. Finally his cock was all the way inside her pussy, buried to the balls in the gushing heat of her cunt.

Johnny quickened the pace of his humping, panting loudly as his mother dripping pussy sucked his stiff prick again and again. In and out his bloated cock sawed, probing the depths of his mother's pussy with every thrust.

"Make me cum, Johnny! Oh! Yes, keep doing it! Fuck me, Johnny, fuck my horny ass off! Ahhh, Johnny! You're making me cum, Johnny! Fuck me harder, as hard as you can!"

Johnny fucked his sex-crazed mother as hard as he could. Their bellies slappped sweatily together as they humped, and Johnny slammed his enormous prick all the way up his mother's cunt. Betty felt the cum mounting steadily inside her, making her pussy suck convulsively around his prick. Her boy was an incredibly good fucker. He was the best fucker she'd ever had, she thought.

"I'm cumming now!" Betty cried. She locked her legs tighter around his waist and heaved her ass high off the sheets. "Oh, shit! Oh, yes, I'm cumming! Fuck your mother, Johnny, fuck your horny mother! Oh, shit! Oh, yes, I'm cumming! Fuck me, fuck me, Mommy's cummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy exploded into orgasm, her hairy fuck-hole spasming and contracting around the pelvis-jarring length of her son's huge fuck-stick. Johnny fucked his cumming mother as fast as he could, his furiously stroking hard-on guiding her through the sweet intensity of her cum.

Finally, Johnny collapsed on top of her, stabbing his giant cock to the hilt in her buttery, wet pussy, Betty gasped in ecstasy as his hot, milky prick-juice started spouting and squirting into her pussy, bathing the glistening inner walls of her fuck-channel with a soothing coating of cum.

"Squirt it in me, Johnny!" she groaned. "That's right, squirt out every drop!"

Encouraged by her words, Johnny kept fucking wildly into his naked mother's pussy, moaning every time more cum spewed into her cunt. Staring at his grimacing face, Betty flexed her cunt-muscles around his cum-shooting cock. The last of his cream bubbled back out of her furry pussy-slit, puddling under her humping ass on the bed.

His cock-shaft still stiff and throbbing is his mother's pussy. Johnny pushed up and cupped one enormous tit with both hands. He stared down at her huge, milk-white tit, sighing as her stared at the breath of her crimson, goosebumped nipple. He dropped his lips to her nipple and feverishly sucked on it. His cheeks puckered as he sucked shamelessly on his mother's enormous tit.

Betty groaned with pleasure and cradled her son's head, stroking his hair and encouraging him to suck her tit as long as he liked. His cock throbbed more stiffly than ever up her pussy, despite having shot out big loads of cum. Betty could feel her fuck-hole clasping and gripping his cock, and knew that Johnny's tit sucking would be followed by another wild fuck.

Betty smiled broadly as she thought of Sandra Miller, the seemingly she redhead with the lard, inviting mouth and the wide, innocent-looking blue eyes. Sandra had a son named Tommy who was nearly Johnny's age. And Sandra had once told Betty, a long time ago, of her special appetite for giving head.

Maybe Sandra was already sucking her son Tommy's hard-on, Betty thought. Perhaps that very night.


Sandra Miller stood silently outside her son Tommy's bedroom door. Her long, red hair fell loose past her shoulders, and her freckled, wide eyed face was set in an intent, shameful expression of incestuous lust. She wore only a transparent negligee, which clung to her slender body and barely covered the succulently rounded cheeks of her small, tight ass.

Tommy had never seen his mother in such skimpy apparel before, but Sandra was determined that he would see her that way tonight. That did not mean, Sandra thought, that she would allow him to sample the joys of her wet, small, red-haired pussy.

Sandra liked fucking, but she loved sucking cock much more, and that was the reason she had come to Tommy's room. She desperatly wanted to give Tommy the blow job of his life, to suck out his prick-juice until he simply couldn't make his prick stiff again, until he was physically unable to shoot out another drop of cum.

Trying to keep herself from trembling with desire, Sandra pressed her ear carefully to the door and listen. At first, she wasn't sure that she was hearing it. Then as the seconds passed, she was sure that she did. Tommy was jacking off in there. The soft, rhythmic squeaking of the bedsprings was unmistakable.

Tommy was fist-fucking his big, throbbing cock, and Sandra had come to his room because she didn't want him to do that anymore. From now on, she wanted to suck her son's cock for him every day and every night.

Sandra wasn't sure what had made her such a cocksucker. All she knew was that she'd fallen madly in love with big stiff pricks the first time she'd ever put one in her mouth.

That had been in high school, and she'd long ago lost count of the number of eager boys and men she'd blown before graduating. She probably would have continued to suck a different prick a day if she hadn't finally met Joe, now her ex-husband.

Sandra simply had to find out if her boy was hung like Joe had been. She'd been embarrassed, in recent months, by the fact that she was always staring at Tommy's crotch, wondering how big a cock he packed behind his zipper. She'd even begun sneaking around the house late at night, standing outside his door and listening, hoping that she'd hear him jacking on his stiff prick.

Tommy was an almost compulsive jack-off, addicted to pumping his prick several times a day. He usually jacked off in the morning, and often in the afternoon, then always at night before going to bed. Sandra felt her cunt throbbing as she listened now, hearing the bed springs squeaking faster and faster.

She heard Tommy groan. That did it. Red-faced with shameful desire, Sandra stood straight and put her hand on the doorknob. She turned it as silently as she could, then threw the door open, knowing that she was taking the fateful step in the beginning an incestuous relationship with her son.

Tommy was naked. He sprawled on his back on the bed, his thighs spread and shaking slightly, his hand at his crotch. Ringing out of his fist was an enormous prick, and even longer and fatter pussy-pleaser than Sandra had dreamed of seeing in her wildest fantasies.

"Oh, fuck!" Sandra whispered.

That was when Tommy realized he wasn't alone. The red-haired youth's face froze in an expression of fear. His hand stopped moving on his gigantic prick as his mother swiftly crossed the bedroom, standing beside the bed and staring hungrily down at his prick.

"M-Mom!" Tommy sputtered helplessly.

"What are you doing here? Why didn't you knock...?"

"Because I wanted to see what your cock looks like, Tommy!" Sandra said softly. "And my, it certainly is a big one, isn't it?"

Sandra sat on the edge of the bed beside her child, her mouth watering as she stared transfixed at his enormous, stone-hard prick. Her hand trembled as she pushed Tommy's fingers out of the way and replaced them with her own, wrapping her fist lewdly around the blood-pulsing shaft of his hard-on. The cock-loving mother shuddered as she felt how fat, hot and stiff her son's prick really was.

"Oh, Tommy, what a big beauty you have!" she purred. "I am sorry for barging in on you like this. It's just that I've heard you jacking off every night for months now, and I couldn't stand the idea of you being so sexually frustrated. You are awfully horny, aren't you, Tommy, to jack on this big prick so much?"

Tommy didn't answer. He stared at his mother with side eyes, obviously shocked by her behavior. But his massive fuck-rod pulsed more stiffly than ever between her fingers, and Sandra knew he was hot to have his cock sucked.

"Why, Tommy you poor boy! You need some sexual relief, don't you, Son? Would you like your mother to help this big, stiff prick of yours feel better? Hmmm?"

"Y-yes!" Tommy groaned.

"All right, baby."

Sandra dropped to her knees beside the bed. Her mouth watered as she realized that she was finally going to sink her boy's enormous prick down her throat. Eagerly, she patted the edge of the bed.

"Sit up here, Tommy. That way Mommy will be able to do a good job of sucking her beautiful son's prick."

Tommy obediently sat on the edge of the bed, his huge prick throbbing more stiffly than ever, right in front of his mother's face. Sandra wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of his throbbing hard cock. Then she started jacking her son's prick much harder and faster, moving her freckled hand in a blur up and down his prick.

"Does this feel better, Tommy?" she asked. "Mmmmm? Do you like it when Mommy beats your prick-meat for your really hard like this? Do you like this better than jacking your cock all by yourself?"

"Oh, fuck!" Tommy groaned. His cock-rod pulsed madly in his mother's hand, and Sandra could see white, milky prick-juice oozing heavily out of his piss-hole. "Your cock is leaking, Tommy!" Sandra said, jacking his cock faster and faster. "Do you want Mommy to give it a good sucking now? Would you like that, baby? Would you like Mommy to suck your prick for a long, long time and drink down all of your shooting cum?"

Tommy just nodded. Sandra dropped her head, planning her lips on the spongy, wet tip of her child's magnificent cock. She thrust out her tongue, sliding it through his narrow piss-trough, shuddering with pleasure as she savored the taste of his oozing spunk.

Shutting her eyes, Sandra let her wide, full-lipped mouth open, sliding her lips slowly down over the aching hardness of Tommy's fuck-stick. She was blessed with a large mouth, and years of constant practice had made her expert at sucking even a gigantic cock like Tommy's nearly all the way down her throat.

Sandra made loud, shameless slurping noises as she pushed her mouth steadily toward her son's hairy crotch, sucking in inch after inch of his stiff, throbbing sucker. Finally, she had nearly two-thirds of his cock jammed down her throat. Sandra locked her lips in a wet circle around his hard-on, then started sucking extremely hard, determined to quickly coax a big load of cock-sap out of her son's rock-hard fuck-meat.

Tommy stared down at his mother, amazed that she could suck in so much of his cock. Sandra nearly chocked herself as she forced her face farther down, until her son's prick-curls brushed her upper lip.

Her mouth stretched wide around the meaty base of Tommy's hard cock. Sandra bobbed her face on the base of his cock, and then slid her mouth slowly upward, letting the saliva-sickened inches of his harder-than-even prick slide back out of her mouth.

"Oh, Mom!" Tommy groaned. "I can't believe you're doing this to m! Oh, fuck, moan! Oh, fuck!"

Her eyes shut tightly, utterly absorbed in the taste and feel of her son's fuck-meat, Sandra bucked her head rapidly up and down, wildly fucking her face with Tommy's prick, Tommy's was the biggest cock she'd ever tried to deep throat, but her shameless hunger to suck her son urged her on.

Panting loudly through her nose, the cock-sucking mother wrapped her mouth in a tight, wet circle around her son's hug prick, directly under his cock-head. She started sucking his prick as hard as she possibly could.

Her cheeks reddened brightly with the intensity of her cock sucking, her torrid eagerness to swallow the spunk stored in Tommy's balls. The horny mother puckered and puffed up her cheeks around her son's hard-on, working on his sensitive cock-head like a tight, wet vacuum, desperate to drink Tommy's jism.

More and more cum bubbled out of his pisshole, and Sandra lapped it up with her swirling tongue. Finally, she knew the time was right to jack Tommy's prick again while she sucked his cock.

Her hand closed around the root of his fuck-rod, holding it firmly, even though his cock was so thick and stiff that she could barely get her fingers around it. Hearing the loud, wet sounds of her own prick-sucking fill the bedroom, Sandra started pumping her son's bloated fuck-pole as fast and hard as she could.

"Oh, Mom!" Tommy gasped, "Oh, fuck, Mom! I'm gonna shoot!"

Sandra jacked his prick harder and harder, her lips sucking feverishly on his cock-knob, jacking and sucking his prick furiously at the same time. Tommy clutched his mother's head and grimaced as he jerked his hips up off the bed.

Tommy's hot, milky prick-juice spewed up from his balls, raining into his mother's mouth in a torrent of spunk. Sandra instantly knew that it was going to be one of the biggest, tastiest loads of cum she'd ever swallowed in her life.

Jism streamed out of his cock-shaft, the whole length of his cock pulsing on the roof of Sandra's mouth as his prick squirted its salty-tasting contents into his mother's mouth.


"Oh, shit, I'm horny!" Nancy moaned, "Oh, shit, I need fucking bad!"

It wasn't even ten in the morning yet, and Nancy was already so horny that she felt ready to climb the walls. Ricky had given his mother a good, hard fucking before leaving for school, but that had been over an hour ago, and Nancy didn't know how she was going to last until he returned that after noon.

The more her son fucked her pussy, the more she craved being stuffed to bursting by stiff, pelvis-pounding fuck-meat. Nancy was naked, her big tits juggling spongily as she sprawled on the carpet, using both ands to jack off her hairy cunt. The fingers of one hand held her swollen pussy-folds open while three fingers of other hand dug deep inside her throbbing horny cunt.

Nancy glanced through the living room window, and noticed a familiar youth passing on the sidewalk in front of her house. It was Johnny, she realized, Betty's son. The curtains were half-drawn she could see him, but he couldn't see her. Nancy finger-fucked faster than ever, ogling Johnny's muscular physique and his tempting bulge in his jeans.

Nancy wanted to fuck him. Ricky had always been enough to satisfy her, but today, at least he wasn't. Her pussy dripped and burned to badly that she couldn't stand it. She didn't care what Johnny thought of her. He was young and undoubtedly horny, and Nancy simply had to have his stiff prick.

Nancy went to the window, crouching low so that only her face and neck would be visible over the still. She didn't want Johnny to know she was naked, at least, not until he was safely indoors. He ws almost down the street when she called his name.

"Oh, Johnny! Johnny Stone!"

Johnny turned, looking at her. Nancy smiled and waved. Johnny walked back up the sidewalk.

"Hi, I don't know if you remember me," Nancy said distractedly. "My name's Nancy. I'm a friend of your mom's. Could you help me move some boxes, Johnny? They're in the closet, and they're a little too heavy for me."

"Sure!" Johnny said, and shrugged. "I'm kind of in a hurry, though."

"That okay, honey. This won't take very long. Just come on in. The door's open."

Johnny nodded and went to the flagstone path leading up to her front door. Nancy returned to the couch. She sat on the edge of it, squirming her hot, naked, little ass eagerly on the cushion. By the time she heard Johnny turning the door knob, the shamelessly horny mother had already bun jacking off her pussy again, feverishly slamming her fingers in and out of her curly-haired cunt.

Johnny opened the font door and stepped inside. He froze, gaping wide-eyed at eh spectacle awaiting him on the living room couch.

"Oh, fuck!"

"Sorry about lying to you, Johnny!" Nancy hissed, staring at his crotch and darting her fingers into her wet pussy faster than ever. "I guess you can see why I had to get you inside. Do you know what his is, Johnny? This wet, hairy, little slit I'm playing with so hard? Hmmmmm?"

A slow, leering grin spread across Johnny's face. Unhurriedly, he shut the door behind him, then approached the naked mother. Nancy finger-fucked faster and faster as he saw an enormous cock erecting in his jeans.

"Yeah, I know what it is!" Johnny said.

"I thought you did, Johnny. It's a wet pussy, horny, hot pussy, and it needs fucking awfully bad! Do you think you can take care of my hot, little pussy for me, Johnny? See, I don't really have any heavy boxes to move. The only thing I really need move is my juicy little cunt!"

Johnny hurriedly stripped off his clothes. Nancy gasped as his enormous prick came into view -- a long, fat, stone hard pussy-pleaser that was every bit as oversized as her son's. Faster and harder she finger-fucked her aching pussy, staring transfixedly at the steely stiffness of young Johnny's cock.

"Oh, yes, Johnny, what a big, stiff cock you have!" she groaned. "What to fuck my tight, little pussy now, Johnny? Do you? Right her on the couch?"

"If you just take your fucking hand out of the way for a minute, I will!"

Nancy immediately withdrew her hand from her sopping wet cunt. She twisted sideways on the couch, lifting one leg over the back of the sofa and cocking her other leg nearly up to her shoulder. Johnny joined her on the couch, aiming the swollen tip of his fuck-tool at the fleecy, dripping slit of her cunt.

"Oh, yes, Johnny, fuck my cunt!" Nancy moaned. She reached down, eagerly grasping his enormous cock and pulling it into her pussy. "Ungghhh! OH, fuck, I need it so bad! Slam it up my tight little cunt, Johnny! All the way up my tight little..."

Johnny thrust his cock into her, crushing her big tits under his chest as he stabbed inch after inch of his cum-bloated cock-shaft into the slippery tightness of the mother's cunt.

The relief that coursed through Nancy's naked body was utterly pleasurable. She felt like a starving woman finally tasting food again, or as if she were gulping down her first glass of water after nearly dying of thirst.

Johnny's rock cock felt so good up her pussy. His meaty cock pushed, spreading the swollen lips of her hairy pussy-slit to the bursting point, making her tight, hot cunt accommodate all of his cock.

"Ahhhh, yes! Fuck my ass off! Oh, please! Oh, fuck the piss out of my horny cunt!"

Nancy wiggled her ass skillfully on the couch, helping the horny youth stuff the last swollen inches of his cock into her clasping pussy. She wrapped her slender legs tightly around his back, then humped like bitch in heat, rhythmically pumping her gooey, red hot pussy onto the womb-reaching length of his cock.

"Fuck my cunt, Johnny! I said fuck my juicy little cunt!" Nancy voice was loud, nearly loud enough to be heard on the street. Nancy didn't care. She raked the young stud's muscular back with her fingernails and desperately pulled at his ass-cheeks, trying to make him sink his massive cock even farther up her cunt.

Johnny fucked the naked mother, panting as he speared his blood-laden cock in and out of her wetly sucking pussy. Nancy heaved up to meet his strokes, gasping and crying as she listened to her dripping pussy squish audibly around the probing length of his prick.

"Haaaarder!" she pleaded. "Fuck me harder, Johnny! Oh, fuck! My pussy loves your prick!" Johnny quickened the speed of his humping, gasping as he slammed his enormous cock deeper and harder into the gushing sheath of the mother's cunt. The naked couple humped in rhythmic unison, their bellies slapping sweatily together as they wildly, feverishly fucked.

Her pussy thrilled to the bone jarring thrusts of Johnny's huge cock. She bit her lips and twisted her head dazedly from side to side on the couch, overwhelmed by the furious intensity of his fucking. "My cunt's cumming now, Johnny! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my juicy, little pussy!"

Her hairy fuck-hole spasmed violently, spewing juice around Johnny hammering cock as her fucking muscles contracted uncontrollably uncontrollably around his prick. Johnny fucked the horny, naked mother as fast as he could, guilding her through the intensity of her cum. Then he dropped on top of her, spearing his prick to the hilt in her cunt.

Hot, frothy, white prick-juice streamed up from his balls, making his giant fuck-pole buck and pulse as it spewed its sappy contents deep into Nancy's cunt. Nancy whimpered with fuck-passion as she felt his cum rushing into her cunt, bathing the inner walls of her pussy with spurt after spurt of cream. Hornily, she flexed her cunt around his gushing cock, helping the sturdy young fucker shoot out every drop of his jism.

"Satisfied now?" Johnny asked, grinning down at her.

Johnny slowly pulled his huge prick out of her wet pussy and climbed off the couch. He really was in a hurry to get somewhere, Nancy realized, as she watched him reach for his pants. But she couldn't let him leave yet. Now that she'd just received the violent fucking she'd craved, her always-horny pussy was wetter and itchier than ever. Nancy knew she desperately needed another cum.


"Shit, Mom!" Tommy groaned. "I just can't believe how much you love sucking cock!"

Tommy sat at the kitchen table, naked, except for his pajama top. Sandra knelt naked on the kitchen floor, unmindful of how the hard linoleum hurt her knees as she bobbed her face feverishly on the pulsing stiffness of Tommy's huge cock.

He rose from the chair, his big, limp prick dangling between his legs. Sandra whimpered and groped for his cock, trying to pull his meaty prick back into her mouth.

"Please, let Mommy suck it again, Tommy! I promise I'll make it stiff for you again. OH, Tommy, don't leave me like this."

"I'm getting outta here, atleast for a while. I'll be back tonight."

Tommy went upstairs and changed clothes. A minute later he was gone, headed outside for a walk.

Not feeling at all hungry for anything but more stiff prick, Sandra left the kitchen and paced around the living room. She felt suddenly tense and irritable, and her stomach was knotted up. She need a pacifier... another huge, stiff pisser to suck on, all hot and throbbing and loaded down with cum.

There is a knock on the door and Ricky who is Tommy friend.

"Hi," Sandra said.

What caught her eye now was the huge bulge is his crotch, Sandra carefully studied the front of Ricky's pants. Then she gulped hard, and felt the hot fuck-oils practically spewing into her cunt. She never seen anything so obscene!

"Hi, Mrs. Miller," Ricky said polite. "Is Tommy is here?"

"No, Tommy step out and wont be back till tonight."

"Would you mind coming in here, Ricky?" Sandra said.

Ricky noticed she was smiling in a strange way. "There something I want to talk to you about."

"Well... Like what?"

"Just come inside, Ricky. You'll see how important it is in just a minute."

As soon Ricky walk in. His big prick pulsed more stiffly than ever, and he wondered if Sandra would notice it.

He gasped as he saw what was waiting for him. Sandra Miller was kneeling on the floor, utterly naked. She pushed the door shut behind him and reached immediately for his bulging crotch.

"Hi, Ricky," she said shamelessly. "Now do you see what I wanted to talk to you about?"

Ricky just gaped at her. Sandra shuddered under her breath as she saw, up close, how packed the young stud's crotch was with hard fuck-meat.

It's really gonna be a big one, she thought as she took the school books out of the dazed youth's arms and dropped them to the floor.

"What... what're you doing?" Ricky murmured.

"I'm just taking out this big prick of yours, Ricky!" Sandra purred. "I saw how stiff it was, I just thought I'd see what I could do to make it feel better. You don't mind if I suck your cock for you, do you, Ricky? I've never met a young stud yet who didn't like getting his cock sucked!"

Ricky seemed unable to speak. Sandra's hands trembled as she undid his belt buckled and yanked down his zipper. She could see thick cock-curls sprouting on his lower belly, and her pussy creamed as she realized he didn't have on shorts.

"Lets get these pants out of the way..."

Sandra yanked his jeans roughly down to his ankles. Ricky's enormous cock, hot spunk dripping out of his piss-hole as his meaty cock jerked and twitched in front of Sandra face. Sandra gasped in awe as she saw what a monster cock Ricky was toting around between his legs. His big, stiff fucker was every bit as enormous as her son Tommy's cock.

"Why, Ricky!" Eagerly, Sandra wrapped both hand around his giant hard-on, squeezing and jacking on it. "Why, what a simply enormous cock you have! I had no idea! And it's so fucking stiff!"

Ricky's massive fuck-rod was as hard as bone. Sandra shuddered with cock-loving pleasure as she lewdly and expertly fisted his magnificent cock, whipping her strong hand up and down the blood-shank of his prick.

"What made your cock so stiff, Ricky's?" she asked, darting her eyes from his confused, youthful face to the cum-oozing tip of his prick. "I'll bet you didn't pay a bit of attention in class today, didy you? How could you pay attention, with a monster like this about to break right through your zipper. You mist want to fuck some lucky girl's tight, little pussy awful bad, don't you, Ricky? You must be awfully horny to have a prick this big and stiff!"

The naked mother feverishly jacked on Ricky's burning fuck-pole harder and harder whipping her fist in a blur up and down the trunk of his cock-meat. Ricky leaned against the hallway wall, letting the shameless mother do as she pleased. More and more milky, translucent cock-juice leaked out of his hard-on, oozing onto Sandra's pumping fist.

Sandra couldn't stand it any longer. She lowered her head, flicking out her tongue and swirling it around the puffy mushroom crown of the youth's straining hard-on. She lapped up his spunk-cream from the crown of his cock, delighting in the taste of Ricky's jizz.

"Oh, shit!" Ricky lowered his hands, curling his fingers in Sandra's flowing, red hair. He stared down at her, seeing how energetically she slide her mouth up and down the blue-veined stiffness of his prick.

"That feels food, Mrs. Miller!" he moaned.

"Unggg! Oh, fuck, I can feel my balls filling up! Suck myprick harder, Mrs. Miller! Oh, shit, suck my prick as hard as you can!"

Sandra shut her eyes, thinking of nothing but the taste of the young stud's cock in her mouth. She humped her head up and down torridly fucking her face with the jutting stiffness of Ricky's huge cock.

His prick seemed to be growing even stiffer, already closer to spraying her mouth full with torrents of cum. Sandra realized how desperately she craved a bellyful of spunk.

Sandra knew that Rick's balls were positively stuffed with prick-juice. She was determined to give him the blow job of his life, to make him really spew his salty, white bum into her stomach.

"Gonna cum," he groaned over and over under his breath. "Gonna cum, gonna cum..."

Sandra wrapped her fist tightly around his pole. Slurping noisily on his prick-head, she jacked on his stone-hard prick as fast as she could, trying to coax his load of cream to really gush out of his prick. Her left hand toyed with his ball-bag, then she remembered the little trick that had made Tommy's cock shoot so hard only minutes before.

Whipping her fist wildly up and down his prick, sucking loudly and wetly on his, cock, Sandra moved her hand between Ricky's ass-cheeks. Ricky made a yelping sound as Sandra found his tight asshole with her fingertip.

"I'mmmm cummming!" Ricky cried. "Oh, shit, I can't hold it! I'm cummmmiiiinnnggg!"

He lunged forward, nearly choking the prick sucking mother as he thrust his prick farther down her throat. Sandra suppressed the gaging reflex and continued to jack and suck on his aching hard-on as hard as she could, darting her finger deep inside his asshole, at the same time.

Ricky's prick pulsed and jerked, ant then it began spewing out a thick, gusher of milky cum. His hot sap spray on to the roof of Sandra's mouth, nearly cocking her as she struggled to gulp down the youth's erupting load. His initial blast was followed by an incredible shot of rich, musky cock-juice that pumped out of Ricky's balls in spurt after spurt of jism.

She could feel jism shooting into her stomach, giving her the bellyful of cum she'd wanted so badly.

Sandra's wrist ached as she continued to pump madly on Rick's cum-shooting prick. The sound of her swallowing became even louder than the sound of her sucking, as she contentedly gulped down every drop of his cum.


Oh, fuck, where was he? Nancy thought miserably, Ricky always come home immediately after school to fuck the shit out of her. Johnny had left hours ago, and Nancy was desperate for more prick.

Nancy had retired to her bedroom, where she could do a better job of jacking off her always horny cunt. She was sprawled on the bed on her back, with her knees hovering over her shoulders and three fingers shoved deep inside her pussy. Nancy jacked off very fast, twisting her head from side to side as she relieved her dripping cunt with her hand as well as she could.

"I'm home, Mom!"

It was Ricky at last, Nancy thought. She finger-fucked faster than ever as she heard his footsteps in the hall.

"I'm in the bedroom," Nancy cried. "Get in here right now!"

Ricky chuckled, realizing that his mother was undoubtedly climbing the walls with lust. He entered the bedroom, his magnificent cock already stiff and straining against the front of his jeans.

Nancy took her fingers out of her pussy and immediately sat up on the bed. She grabbed Ricky's belt and pulled him over to her, wrestling impatiently with his zipper.

"Where the hell have you been?" she demanded, undoing the belt and yanking down his zipper. "You know I need you to fuck me every day after school. How dare you make me wait like this!"

Ricky grinned down at her, stepping out of his shoes and sliding out of his shirt. "Some other chick beat you to it today, Mom! Sandra Miller, your friend. Surprise?"

Nancy hesitated. A strange new heat pulsed in her pussy as she evisioned the illicit fuck-session between her son and Sandra. Nancy no longer felt angry. Instead, she felt even hornier, picturing Sandra feverishly and compulsively sucking the spunk out of Ricky's balls.

"Oh, she did, did she?" Nancy hissed. Ricky was naked now, and Nancy hornily started jacking his huge cock as he stood before her. "Let me guess, Ricky. Sandra sucked your prick for you, didn't she? And I'll bet is was one of the hottest blow jobs you've ever had in your life, huh?"

Ricky nodded. His naked mother beat his prick-meat faster and faster, groaning as he watched the fresh prick-juice oozing out of the tip of his prick.

"Well, you're not the only one who's been messing around today, Ricky," she whispered. "I fucked Johnny Stone this morning, honey. You know him, don't you? He's the one with the mom with the super-big tits! Betty Stone. Do you know her, Ricky? Hmmmmm?"

Ricky nodded, and his cock throbbed more stiffly than ever in his mother's jacking fist. Nancy couldn't resist lowering her head for a moment, stuffing her son's gigantic cock into her mouth and giving it a long, loving suck. Finally, she withdrew her lips from his prick and continued to jack on his saliva-slickened cock.

"Ricky, would you like to take the day off from school tomorrow? Then you could pay a little visit to Betty Stone's house, and see if you can give her the kind of fucking I gave Johnny today. Would you like that, Ricky? I'll bet Betty's a super-hot fuck. Johnny certainly was, and I think his mother will be every bit as horny. So would you like to see if you can fuck Betty tomorrow, honey?"

Ricky just grinned at his sex-obseessed mother. Nancy's pussy pulsed so hard that she could barely sit still on the bed. She released her child's cock and crawled onto the sheets in a dog-fucking position. Staring anxiously at his huge prick, she lowered her shoulders and wiggled her rounded ass at him invitingly, knowing that she was in the perfect position to be invaded by every inch of her son's huge prick.

"Because, you know something, Ricky?" she said. "I'm going to see if I can fuck Tommy Miller tomorrow. But right now, Ricky, I want you to fuck me. But, hurry, Ricky, fuck Mother's juicy cunt. Hurry, Ricky, hurry!"

Ricky joined his mother on the bed, kneewalking forward until his spongy cock-tip pulsed before the pouting lips on her very wet, curly haired pussy. With her cheek resting on the sheets, Nancy wigged her ass at him, desperate to feel her son's gigantic cock plowing up her cunt.

"Fuck your mother, Ricky! Hurry, Son, hurry! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck!"

Holding his enormous prick in his hand, Ricky fit his swollen cock-tip between the curly haired folds of his mother's pussy. He held her little hips, then thrust forward, guiding the meaty inches of his fuck-pole deeper and deeper into the wet, clinging tightness of his mother's juicy cunt.

"Oh, Ricky! Yess, baby, yess, that's what Mommy needs!"

Ricky shoved his giant cock deeper and deeper into his mother's creaming cunt, wincing as he felt the tightness of her pussy-lips sucking in his prick.

Nancy's horny pussy was stuffed with her son's prick. She clawed the sheets and feverishly humped, wiggling as bucking her ass at the same time. She pistoned her dripping pussy-hole onto the satisfying stiffness of her son's fuck-meat.

"Fuck your mother!"

Ricky obediently quickened the pace of his fucking, making his mother's ass-cheeks quiver as he slammed his giant, stone-hard cock in and out of her cunt. He stared down at her crotch as he fucked her, seeing how her pink, puckered little asshole throbbed in and out every time he stuffed her pussy full of his prick.

"Yes, Rick!" Nancy squealed, as she felt her son's fingertip probing her asshole. "Oh, fuck, I love that!"

Slamming his stone-hard cock wildly in and out of her hair, clasping pussy.

Nancy humped as fast as she could, her face red and twisted luridly with sexual ecstasy. She gasped every time her son slammed his cock into her pussy.

"Fuck your mother, Ricky, fuck your mother as fast as you can! I'm cumming now, honey!"

Her pussy spasmed violently, her hairy pussy slit nearly overflowing with juice as her fucking muscles contracted repeatedly around her son's enormous cock. Ricky kept fucking her cum pussy. Finally Nancy pulled away from his prick, collapsing on her belly.

Tommy winced as he walked home from school painfully conscious of the enormous hard-on throbbing down the inside of his pants leg. He knew his mother was sitting for him, and he knew that she'd feverishly suck every drop of spunk out of his cock as soon as he walked through the front door.

But when was he going to get to fuck her? he wondered. Tommy sighed under his breath, walking with a slight limp because of the great stiffness of his fuck-rod hammering inside his jeans. He loved the way his mother sucked off his cock, but she was so crazed for prick-sucking that she hadn't even given his first fuck yet.

"Hi, Tommy!" a voice said beside him. "Need a lift home?"

A sedan had pulled to the curb alongside him. Tommy glanced in the window, seeing the smiling face of Nancy Johnson, one of his mother's friends. Tommy grinned and reached for the door.

"Sure thing, Mrs. Johnson! I appreciated it."

Tommy opened the door and slide beside Nancy on the car's leather bench seat. Nancy saw his friendly smile change to a look of open mouthed surprise and confusion as he saw what she wore.

Nancy had left home with the sole intention of picking up Tommy Miller and fucking the shit out of him, and she'd dressed carefully for the occasion. Her pink gym short were several sizes too small, highlighting her slender legs and showing her pussy-slit plainly through the fabric. The bikini tops, too, was much too small for her big, round tits, and the crocheted pattern allowed her fat, red nipples to show through the webs of the cups.

"You must have been sunbathing today Mrs. Johnson," Tommy said nervously.

"Not really, Tommy. This is just what I like to wear on hot days."

Nancy smiled at him and shot a quick glance at his crotch. Instantly, she felt her pussy creaming. It suddenly became a struggle not to wiggle her ass on the seat as she drove. Tommy had a hard-on! The bulge rising in his jeans couldn't have been any more obscene!

"I see you like what you're looking at, Tommy!" Nancy giggled, driving slowly.

Tommy flushed. "What do you mean?"

Nancy's pointed look at his crotch was all the reply he needed. Tommy was embarrassed, but his giant prick continued to twitch eagerly is his jeans. Nancy drove a little faster, realizing that it wouldn't be necessary to seduce him into her home, as she had planned. She was going to be able to fuck the young stud right in the car.

"Where are we going?" Tommy asked as the road branched out into the countryside.

"You'll see!" Nancy smiled.

A minute later, she pulled the sedan across the grassy soft shoulder, over a mound of dry, brown dirt and into a heavy copse of maple trees. The boughs obscured the view of the road behind them, and Nancy was confident that they wouldn't be disturbed.

Confidently, she shut off the engine and twisted sideways on the broad bench seat, facing Tommy. She spread her legs so that the pink fabric of her shorts would cling even more obscenely to her wet, hair cunt.

"Tommy," Nancy said simply, "I've decided that I'd like to chat with you a minute before taking you home."


"Because I notice how you were looking at my body, Tommy." Nancy lowered her eyes shamelessly to his crotch. "I noticed that hard-on sticking thought your jeans. Honestly, Tommy, I'm surprised at you. I realize that I'm surprised at you. I realize that I'm sexually attractive, but I didn't expect to give such a gigantic hard-on to a boy young enough to be my own son!"

Tommy gaped at her, his huge prick pulsing and jerking lewdly in his jeans. Her pussy burning, Nancy slid across the bench seat and pressed her hand tenderly to his crotch. Tommy gasped as she wantonly massaged his big, stiff pisser through the denim, measuring its length with her fingers.

"My, you do have a big prick, don't you, Tommy?" she asked, smiling, "Does it feel good when I touch your cock like this?"

"Yes, Mrs. Johnson!"

"Tommy, I'm going to ask you a very personal question now," Nancy purred, squeezing and massaging his hard-on. "Yesterday, your mother stopped my son Ricky on the street and asked him to come inside. She sucked his cock for him, Tommy. Does that surprise you?"

Tommy gasped at her, cum leaking out of his piss-slit so heavily that it formed a wet stain on his pants leg. Nancy couldn't restrain herself from sliding her hand between her legs, rubbing her horny pussy through her shorts.

"It doesn't surprise you, does it, Tommy! You already know what a horny, little cock-sucker your mother is, don't you? And you know that, because your mother is sucking your prick too, isn't she? Tell me the truth. Your mother sucks this big, juicy cock of yours for you every night."

Tommy's wildly throbbing fuck-pole provided all the answer Nancy required. She giggled as she leaned over him, skillfully undoing his belt and yanking down his zipper. Tommy lifted his hips to help her as she tugged his jeans roughly down to his ankles, baring his thighs and freeing his cock from confinement.

"Oh, Tommy! What a monster!"

Tommy's massive cock rose straight out of his balls and cock-fur. His cock-knob was puffy and red, coated with a sticky, white sheen of prick-juice. Nancy wrapped her hands around his oversized cock and jacked it hard, making Tommy smiled with pleasure on the seat.

"Yess, Tommy, your mother does suck your prick for you doesn't she? I'll bet she's so busy giving you blow jobs that she doesn't do anything else. I'll bet she hasn't even fucked you yet, has she?"

"No," Tommy gulped.

"Would you like to fuck my pussy, then, Tommy?" Nancy asked, lewdly quickened that pace of her hand on his jutting prick. "I have a very tight, juicy cunt, Tommy, I think you'll like fucking it an awful lot. Would you like that, Tommy? Would you like me to take off my shorts and sit on top of you now, so you can slide your big prick up my hot, wet little pussy?"

Tommy moaned, his fuck-rod hammering wildly between Nancy's finger. Nancy laughed and released his giant prick long enough to wiggle out of her shorts. Tommy stared at her wet hairy pussy as she got into position on top of him, her small, plump, little ass wiggling as she planted her knees on the seat to either side of his hips.

"All right, Tommy," she whispered. "I'm gonna put your cock up my pussy now. I think you're gonna like this an awful, awful lot!"

Nancy reached down and grasped his pulsing fuck-pole with two fingers, holding it up as she lowered her hips and nestled his spongy cock-tip between the curly-haired lips of her cunt. She wiggled her ass, fitting his cock-knob securely into her pussy. Tommy looked down in amazement, watching his massive cock disappear into the damp, dark fur fringing her fuck-slit.

"Does this feel good, Tommy?" Nancy moaned. She held onto his shoulders as she ground and humped her ass, wiggling occasionally to help her tight, and juicy pussy slide easily over the long, massive shaft of his prick.

"Well, does it, Tommy? Do you like the way my pussy feels, sucking your prick?"

Tommy moaned and nodded. He could feel the horny mother's cunt muscles sucking and clasping around the thickness of his cock. Nancy's pussy felt fantastic, he thought; better than he'd ever dreamed a cunt could feel. It was like asexually milking machine, built for no other purpose than to suck the jism right out of his prick.

For a moment, Tommy looked down dazedly, watching his fuck-rod appear and disappear into the curly-haired slit of her pussy. The he started grinding his hips, melting her rhythm immediately. Soon, the horny couple were fucking in rhythmic unison, both of them shuddering every time Tommy's giant cock stabbed to the hilt in the horny mother's sucking cunt.

"Oh, shit, you're a good fucker, Tommy! Oh, yes, I'm really getting horny now! I think I'm gonna cum! I'm really getting horny now! I think I'm gonna cum! I'm going to start humping faster, Tommy! Mover your ass."

Nancy quickened the pace of her humping, grunting obscenely as she pistoned her throbbing pussy onto the root of Tommy's cock. Tommy moaned and worked his hips to meet her strokes, driving his giant fuck-rod farther and farther into the wet, tender, sucking tightness of Nancy's pussy. They fucked as fast as they could, the car filled with the lurid sounds of their gasping and groaning, and Nancy's cock-filled pussy squishing and sucking juicily around Tommy's prick.

"Fuck me, fuck my cunt!" Nancy groaned. She was crazed with lust, too wild for fucking to remember or care that the youth she was humping was a virgin. "Unh! Feels so good, Tommy, feel so good up my pussy! Ahhhh, shit fuck me faster! Fuck me, fuck me, I'm cummmming now!"

She climaxed in mid-stroke, her wet, hairy pussy-slit spasming and contracting uncontrollably around the massive thickness of Tommy's cock. Tommy moaned and heaved his hips off the seat, spearing his prick to the hilt in the mother's cumming pussy.

Nancy gasped with passion as she felt hot gobs of spunk spew up from his balls, spraying torrentially into her cunt. His hot jism spattered deep inside her pussy, coating her glistening, cock-hugging cunt-walls with a soothing bath of cum.

Nancy flexed her fucking muscles around the youth's gushing cock, helping Tommy shoot out all of his goo. She giggled as she felt his cum oozing back out of her hairy pussy-hole, pudding between his legs on the leather seat.

"Tommy," Nancy purred. "I think I'm going to have to pay a little visit to your mother, to talk about all this fucking. Real soon, Tommy. Real soon!"


When was Johnny going to get home? she wondered. She needed her son to give her a good fucking again. She'd been thinking about Johnny's huge prick and rubbing her wet pussy all day.

The elastic, blue tube top was much too small for Betty's enormous tits, and the weight of her giant tit-melon jiggled obscenely as she paced back and forth on her living room carpet.

Beside the tube top, she wore polka-dot bikini bottoms that expressed all of her long lets, the plump lower curved of her ass-cheeks and even let thick tufts of pussy-hair peek out from her crotch. Betty wanted to make her son so horny that he'd just throw her on the floor as soon as he walked in, rip off her bikini bottoms and immediately bury his giant cock deep inside her tight, creamy cunt.

The doorbell rang. It couldn't be Johnny, but in her excitement, Betty let herself imagine that he'd somehow lost his key. Her enormous, stiff nipple tits quivered under her tube top as she rushed to the door, throwing it open without bothering to glance thought the peephole.

"Oh, it's... I though you were someone else!"

Betty felt instantly embarrassed by her near-naked as she saw the bewildered expression on the face of the handsome youth standing on her front step. It took her a moment to recognize him as Ricky Johnson, Nancy's son. Ricky wore only a pair of short, denim cut off, and his gaze was already riveted to the stacked mother's tits.

"I thought you were..." Betty sighed realizing that a true explanation was impossible. "Oh, never mind. You're Nancy's son, Ricky, aren't you? What can I do for you?"

"Well, I'm trying to start a little after school business," Ricky said. His expression was dazed as he spoke, and it was obvious to Betty that he was having a hard time not ogling the incredible voluptuousness of her body as he spoke, "I'm uh, trying to do some gardening. Or any kind of handyman stuff, actually. So I just figured I'd ask around the neighborhood."

"Well, I have my own son to help me with all of that, Ricky," Betty replied distractedly. She wanted to be polite, but she also wanted to get rid of him. "Thank you, though, and if you'll excuse me..."

"On second though," Betty said awkwardly, "maybe there are some things you could help me with. Why don't you come in, Ricky, so we can talk about it?"

Ricky followed her wiggling, peach-shaped ass into the living room, sitting beside her on the couch. Betty sat much closer than she ordinarily would have, her eyes darting rapidly from his cock to his face, then back to his prick.

Betty put her hand on his prick. She gasped as she felt how huge his cock was, and briskly rubbed his cock-knob that peeked out of his cut-off.

"Mrs. Stone!"

Betty rose from the couch, panting hard, yanking her tube top over her shoulders and tossing it to the floor. Ricky's cock pulsed more stiffly than ever as he gazed at her enormous, firm tits quivering in front of his face.

"Oh, fuck!" Ricky moaned.

"Suck my tits, Ricky!" Betty tore open the two knots holding her bikini bottoms together, leaving her completely naked. She pushed the handsome, young stud back on the couch and sat on top of him, thrusting her enormous tits in his face.

"Suck them!" she moaned, pawing his giant cock through his cut-off. "Oh, fuck, what a big prick you have, Ricky! Go ahead, honey, suck my tits!"

Ricky opened his mouth wide, wrapping his lips tightly around the straining nipple of one huge tit. He sucked it as hungrily as a nursing child, lifting his hands to lewdly cradle and knead her giant, spongy tits at the same time. Betty whimpered, and pinched his puffy cock-head, wiggling her horny ass all over his laps.

"That's enough!" she moaned. Both her nipples were painfully stiff and dripping with his saliva. "Take off your pants, Ricky! I want you to fuck me now, darling! I want you to fuck my juicy pussy right here on the floor!"

The cock-starved mother quickly stretched out on the carpet, her enormous tits bouncing and quivering heavily as she wiggled her ass into a good fucking position. She splayed and lifted her long legs ands wide and high as she could. Staring down at her wet pussy, Ricky stepped out of his sandals and yanked down his pants.

His enormous prick throbbed and jerked stiffly as he dropped to his knees between the horny mother's legs, his giant cock oozing jism onto her rounded, heaving belly. Ricky got on top of her, supporting the weight of his torso on arms outstretched to either side of her shoulders. Betty grasped his hard-on, pulling Ricky's cum-leaking cock-tip into her cunt.

Ricky slide his cock into the naked mother's tight pussy, gasping with pleasure as he savored the snug fit of her juice-glistening fuck-hole around his rigid cock. Betty lifted her legs even higher, draping her ankles over his shoulders, completely opening her gooey fuck-channel for the spearing thrusts of his prick.

Ricky worked his ass, expertly sliding his giant fuck-tool deeper and deeper into the mother's sucking cunt. Then he started fucking her just as she wanted to be fucked, hard and fast, bouncing her ass on the floor with every feverish thrust of his prick.

Ricky fucked Betty savagely, ramming his stone-hard cock relentlessly into the gushing, clasping grip of her pussy.

But it still wasn't enough for the sex-crazed mother. Suddenly, she rolled him over, surprising Ricky with her strength as she twisted him onto his back. Betty sat on top of him, her enormous tits quivering over his chest, in the perfect position to control the pace and speed of their fucking.

Panting loudly, his face shining with sweat, Ricky heaved his hips off the floor and struggled to meet the naked mother's rhythm, ramming his cum-laden cock in and out of her gooey cunt. They bucked fast and hard, Betty gasping and moaning, Ricky shuddering as his giant prick soaked in the fuck spewing out of her throbbing cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me!" Betty chanted, her voice growing louder as her cunt got wetter and hotter around the youth's giant prick. "Unh... fuck my pussy, Ricky!"


The voice came from behind her, and Betty filled with cold sense of dread. She turned, meeting the stare of her shocked son Johnny as he gazed down at her. Johnny stared at his mother's pussy, seeing how wetly her curly-haired cunt-lips clung to Ricky's prick.

"Oh, Johnny!" Betty sputtered. "Oh, no!"

Johnny stared at his mother's face for several seconds, as if he were angry with her for fucking another young stud. Then a lewd smile spread across his face, and Betty gasped as she saw the hard-on erecting rapidly in his pants.

"Hey don't get upset, Mom!" Johnny said and grinned. "I'm not mad. Besides, there still room for me to join in!"

Betty glanced between Ricky and Johnny in horror, amazed that her child would brazenly reveal the secret of their incestuous coupling in front to a stranger.

"Johnny, don't say that!" she hissed. "Not in front of..."

"I think I want to fuck your asshole, Momma," Johnny interrupted. "Yeah, I know you love getting poked up the ass. You sure did dig it the other day, huh?"

"Johnny, please! Not in front of him!"

Betty looked down at Ricky in terror amazed that Johnny would so openly admit incest in front of him. But Ricky didn't look shocked at all. Instead, he just grinned up at her, and his huge cock felt even stiffer up her cunt.

Betty glanced back at her son. Johnny was already naked. Involuntarily, Betty felt her asshole puckering as she looked at her child's huge cock, imagining how his prick would feel piercing into her shitter. She was too shocked and horny to resist as Johnny gently pushed her down, so that she was lying flat on Ricky's chest, with Ricky's cock still embedded to the balls in her pussy.

"Spread your ass-cheek, Mom!" Johnny spit on his hand and rubbed the saliva on his giant cock. Cum oozed heavily out of his piss-hole, and he spread that on his cock, too. "Come on, Mom, you know you want it! spread your ass cheeks so I can fuck you up the ass!"

Betty felt horrible ashamed, but she was also incredibly horny. Red-faced and feverish, the naked mother reached behind her back and spread her ass-gloves as wide apart as she could, expose her asshole to her son. She winced as she felt Johnny's cock-head press onto her shitter.

"Oh, Johnny, how ca you do this to me?" she moaned, "In front of Ricky and everything. Oh, Johnny..."

Johnny's giant fuck-pole cleaved into her asshole, stretching her puckered shit-sphincter to the bursting point. Betty whimpered and looked down at Ricky. Nancy son looked dazed with pleasure. Ricky started humping again, driving his huge fuck-rod in and out of her cunt.

"You're gonna love this, Mom!" Johnny groaned. "You're really gonna love this a lot!"

Johnny kept humping on top of her, grinding his huge prick deeper and deeper into the sucking tightness of his mother's rubbery shit. Betty thought she might faint by the time Johnny had half of his prick upto her ass. Their cocks felt incredibly huge inside her, separated only by the thin membrane dividing her cunt and asshole.

Johnny laid sill, giving her a chance to accustom herself to the size of his fuck-meat. Betty had never thought it was possible to be so utterly stuffed with prick. The throbbing had begun; the intense, satisfying throbbing that seemed to pulse through both her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Betty blushed with shame and passion as she started humping again, grinding her puss onto Ricky's prick one moment, then thrusting her asshole onto her son's cock.

"Fuck me!" she gasped dazedly. "Unggghhh! Fuck me!"

"Come one, Ricky!" Johnny said, looking over his mother shoulder at the other young stud, "Let's give Momma the fuck of her life!"

Ricky grinned and started humping much faster, slamming his rock-hard prick in and out of Betty's cunt. Johnny met Ricky's rhythm, grinding his huge fuck-pole deeper and deeper into his mother's asshole. Betty humped wildly too, overwhelmed with pleasure, fucking both of them as fast as she could.

"Harder!" she pleaded. "Unngg! Fuck my asshole, Son! Oh, yes oh, shit, fuck your mother up the ass. Fuck my pussy, Ricky! Come on, Ricky, fuck my cunt!"

Johnny reamed out his mother's stretched, tender asshole much harder, relentlessly drilling his enormous fucker into the rubbery grip of her shit-tunnel. Ricky heaved his lean hips frantically off the floor, pumping his massive fuck-tool into the juice-streaming tightness of Betty's cunt.

"I'm cumming now!" Betty moaned. Her face was red, contoured into a grimacing mask of utter sexual ecstasy. "Fuck my ass, Johnny, fuck Mommy's asshole! Harder, Ricky, keep fucking my pussy."

Her pussy and asshole exploded at the same time, her cunt spewing fuck-juice onto Rick's pounding cock, her asshole sucking and contracting around the driving stiffness of her son's huge prick. Boat Ricky and Johnny buried their pricks deep inside her, gasping as they let spunk rain out of their balls.

Johnny came first. His heavy load of jism streamed up his mother's asshole, bathing the interior of shower of cum. Them Ricky's aching prick started gushing up her pussy.

Betty whimpered and flexed her fucking muscles, making her pussy suck Ricky's cum-shooting cock-shaft, and her asshole nurse the last drops of jism out of her son's prick.


Sandra eagerly answered the knock on her door the next afternoon. She was surprised to find her friend, Nancy. Nancy smiled mysteriously, and Sandra felt herself flushing as she held the door open, remembering the great hoy she'd experienced in sucking Nancy's son's huge prick.

"Why, Nancy!" Sandra stammered. "What a surprise! You haven't visited in a long time, have you? Won't you com in?"

Nancy followed Sandra into the living room, sitting beside her on the couch. There was a long silence. Nancy seemed content just to stare at Sandra, still with the same bemused, enigmatic smile. Sandra squirmed nervously, again recalling her torrid suck-session with Nancy's son.

"What brings you over this time of day, Nancy?" she asked feebly. "I mean, I do like the visit, but..."

"I think you know why I'm here," Nancy said.

Nancy seemed to be looking right through her, and Sandra felt her blush deepening. Nancy moved much closure to her on the couch, lightly placing her fingers on Sandra's leg.

"Sandra," Nancy said softly, "Ricky told me that he had a little visit with youth other day. And he told me what kind of visit it was. You sucked his prick for him, didn't you?"

Sandra's face turned nearly scarlet, "I... I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Don't lie to me, Sandra," Nancy said calmly. "I'm not mad at you. I just want to know the truth. You liked sucking my son's cock, didn't you? Ricky told me that you practically dragged him in off the street. Did you do that, Sandra? You are compulsive cock-sucker, aren't you?"

Sandra just stared at Nancy, trembling lightly wondering what Nancy could do to her. But Nancy really didn't seem at all angry. If anything, she looked amused, and slightly horny. Sandra gasped as Nancy slid her hand slowly up and down Sandra's thighs, moving closer and closer to her cunt.

"Sandra, I know something else about you," Nancy said. "You see, I decided to repay you for helping yourself to my son's body. I decided to have a little session with Tommy. And do you know what Tommy told me, Sandra?"

"Oh, no!" Sandra moaned.

"That's right!" Nancy smiled. "You suck his cock, too, don't you, Sandra? You're so obsessed with prick-sucking that you even give blow jobs to your own son!"

Sandra just looked at Nancy dazedly, wondering what her friend was driving at, fighting off frightening images of the police, public trials, and jail cells. Tommy was almost full-grown, but it sill had to be illegal to wrap her lips around the throbbing cock of her own son, no matter how much he loved it.

Nancy put her hand squarely on Sandra's pussy. Lewdly, Nancy rubbed Sandra's cunt-mound through her jeans, making the cock-loving redhead grin and writhe on the couch automatically spreading her legs. Nancy's smiled was almost feverish now, and Sandra suddenly realized that her friend was very, very horny.

"You're just a cock-loving bitch, aren't you, Sandra?" Nancy purred. "You love sucking off your own son, don't you? And you loved sucking my Ricky's prick, too. I'll bet you'd suck off just about any other man, as long as his cock was hard for you! Why, I'll bet you like to suck on a nice, meaty fuck-rod right now! Wouldn't you?"

"Yes!" Sandra gulped, moaning helplessly as Nancy fondled her pussy. "Yes, you're right! I love it!"

"Boys!" Nancy called loudly, turning toward the window. "You can come in now!"

Sandra froze on the couch, looking on in wide-eyed horror as the front door opened, admitting both Ricky and Tommy. Both of the youths were grinning, as if delighted by a shared joke, and both sported enormous hard-on thrusting through their jeans.

"It's time to do some more cock-sucking, Sandra," Nancy purred. "Except, this time going to join you. Come on, Ricky and Tommy step tight over here!"

Ricky and Tommy stepped up to the couch smiling down at the two horny mothers. Sandra gasped in surprise as she watched Nancy slide off the couch, kneeling in front of Ricky, Sandra's mouth dropped open as she watched Nancy hurriedly open up Ricky's pants, undoing his belt buckle, tugging down his zipper and yanking his jeans down to his ankles.

"Step out of them, Ricky!" Nancy said. She sot a shy glance at Sandra. "See, Sandra? You're not the only mother in this town who craves the taste of her own son's cock!"

Ricky was naked from the waist down, his giant, stone-hard fuck-pole throbbing and twitching in front of his mother's face. Nancy shot a last, knowing look at Sandra as she wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of Ricky's prick.

Nancy turned all her attention to her son's cock. She started jacking on Rick's cock very fast and hard, sighing as his not, sticky cockmilk oozed out of his piss-hole. Nancy swooped her mouth onto Ricky's jutting prick, slurping it deeply between her lips. She sucked hard, puckering her cheeks sharply around the throbbing length of her son's cock.

That was all Sandra needed to see. Tommy grinned down at her, and Sandra felt her mouth watering as she watched Nancy giving head. Sighing, Sandra slid off the couch, kneeling less that two feet away from Nancy, and ogled her son's bulging crotch. She could see Tommy's prick pulsing in his pants, obviously eager for a long, satisfying blowjob.

"Take off your pants, Tommy!" Sandra moaned. "Mommy wants to suck your big prick for you again!"

Tommy hurriedly stripped off his jeans. Beside her, the sound of Nancy's contented cock-slurping had grin progressively louder. Nancy was completely immersed in the shameless act of sucking off her son. Dazedly, Sandra watched Nancy bobbed her face on Ricky's crotch, noisily fucking her mouth with Ricky's huge prick.

Tommy was naked from the waist down, and Sandra stared hungrily at her son's enormous fuck-organ. His cock was every bit as huge as Ricky's prick -- a swollen, rock-hard wand of cock-flesh rising out of his cock-fur, capped with a rosy, spongy prick-knob that was heavily leaking cum.

The slurping sounds of Nancy's incestuously blowjob filled the living room and Sandra realized how horny it made her to hear another woman sucking cock. Sandra jacked on Tommy's prick, groaning as she felt its meaty thickness throb stiffly in her hand. Sandra opened her mouth as wide as she could, plunging her lips down over the lewdly beating shank of Tommy's prick.

"Oh, Mom!" Tommy groaned, curling his fingers in her long, red hair. "Sucking it, Mom! That feels so good!"

Sandra sucked Tommy's prick as hard as she could, rhythmically puckering and puffing her cheeks around the cum-oozing stiffness of his hard-on. Her fingers tightened around the base of his prick, jacking off her son as fast as she could.

The two horny moms were both wrapped up in their individually blow jobs. Nancy noisily sucked and stroked Ricky's fuck-rod, encouraging her son's cum-load to spout up from his balls. Sandra's face reddened more brightly than ever as she feverishly sucked Tommy's prick as hard as she could, moving her fist in a blur on the aching shaft of his cock. The room was silent except for the occasional moan of the two horny youths, and the constant, obscene slurping sounds of two prick-loving mothers sucking frantically on two enormous pricks.

"I'm cumming, Mom!" Ricky moaned.

"Sandra!" Nancy said. "Sandra, watch!" Reluctantly, Sandra slides her wet lips off of Tommy's saliva-dripping cock and turned her head to watch. Nancy was giggling, wildly jacking her fist up and down on Ricky's enormous cock. Intently, Nancy stared at the cum-drooling piss-slit in the tip of her son's cock.

Ricky gasped, and then his cock-cream started spewing. Sandra looked on the in amazement as Ricky's milky load sprayed all over his mother's face. Sprout after spurt of thick, sticky cum rained out of Ricky's giant fuck-tool, gushing onto his mother's cheeks and chin and into her hair. Nancy gasped as she kept on pumping her son's erupting cock-shaft, finally plunging his prick back into her mouth and sucking out the last drops of Ricky's cum.

Hornier than ever, looking forward to the taste of her son's cream, Sandra slide her lips back onto Tommy's cock. She sucked Tommy's cock as hard as she could. She was shocked when she felt Nancy pulling her back, making her take Tommy's cock out of her mouth.

"I would like to see you fucking Tommy," Nancy said.

Sandra looked at her son's enormous prick, wistfully thinking of all the sweet, gushing cum she could have slurped out of his balls. But she felt her pussy burning, and realized suddenly that her obsession with prick sucking had prevented her from realizing how long it had been since she'd enjoyed a good, hard fuck.

Sandra rose from the floor and swiftly stripped naked, scattering her shirt and jeans on the carpet. Ricky and Nancy laughed at her eagerness and Sandra got on her knees on the couch, resting her elbow on the back and wiggling her ass at her son.

"Go ahead, Tommy!" Sandra stammered excitedly. "You heard what Nancy said. Fuck your mother, Tommy! Fuck my tight, juicy cunt!"

Her ass was level with his hips. Tommy didn't have to bend over at all. He moved forward, holding his cock in hand and nudging his saliva and cum-dripping prick tip into his mother's cunt. Then he started to slide in his massive cock, making his mother gasp as she felt her cunt being stretched to bursting by the thickness of Tommy's prick.

"Fuck her good, Tommy!" Nancy hissed. "Come on, you know you love to fuck your mother! Fuck the piss out of her pussy, Tommy! Fuck your mother as hard as you can!"

Encouraged by Nancy's words, Tommy grabbed his mother's hips and roughly nailed every inch of his enormous prick in her cunt. Sandra shuddered and immediately started humping, her peach-shaped ass-cheeks jiggling as she thrust her dripping pussy onto the root of Tommy's prick. Harder and harder, Tommy slammed his cock into his mother's cunt, until he was humping Sandra's pussy as fast as he could.

"Fuck me, too, Ricky!" Nancy cried, over whelmed with lust. "Hurry, Ricky, help me out of these clothes. Fuck me, Ricky, fuck me!"

Tommy and Sandra had settled into a fast, furious fucking rhythm, as if they'd been fucking together every night for years.

Seconds later, with Ricky help, Nancy was completely naked. The brunette mom got on her knees on the couch beside her red-headed friends, also bending over the back of the couch, also wiggling her ass invitingly at her son. Ricky stepped up to his mother's ass, sliding his gigantic prick slowly into the clasping wetness of Nancy's dark-furred cunt.

"Unnnggghhh!" Nancy feverishly started humping, thrusting her dripping cunt onto Ricky's prick. "Yes, Son, fuck Mommy's pussy now! Fuck me, Ricky, fuck me good!"

Ricky held his mother's hips and slammed his stiff prick wildly in and out of her pussy. The two mothers and two sons were all fucking in unison, the women squealing and the boys groaning as two tight, tender pussies massaged two huge, driving cocks.

"I can't hold it!" Tommy cried at last. "I'm cumming, Mom!"

Tommy heaved forward, driving his cock to the hilt in his mother's pussy. Hot cum spewed up from his balls, spurting and squirting torrentially into Sandra's cunt. Ricky moaned beside Tommy, burying his prick into Nancy's pussy. Ricky came too, spraying his second load of cream deeply into the clasping depths of Nancy's juicy cunt.

She sighed as Ricky pulled his cock out of her pussy, then looked at Sandra and winked.

"Let go to Betty's house, Sandra. Come on, this is too much fun to keep to ourselves!"

Sandra looked at Nancy in amazement.

"Betty! You mean..."

"Yes!" Nancy said impatiently. "She fucking her son, Johnny, too. I fucked Johnny myself, and he told me all about it. Come on let's get dressed and hurry over there! I'll bet Johnny's fucking the shit out of her right now!"

"Fuck my asshole, Johnny!" Betty groaned. "Oh, yes, your prick feels so good up Mommy's ass! Harder, Johnny! Fuck the shit out of Mommy's juicy, little ass!"

Betty crouched naked on her living room floor, her enormous tits mashed on the rug and her rounded ass lifted slightly, moaning and panting as Johnny drilled his gigantic fuck-tool in and out of her asshole. Betty puckered shit-hole was coated heavily with Vaseline, and the gooey cum, suck as it clasped the driving thickness of Johnny's prick.

"Harder, Johnny, fuck Mommy's asshole!" Shamelessly crazed with incestuous fuck-hunger, the huge-titted blonde mother thrust her hand under her belly and jacked off her pussy. Feverishly, she rubbed her clit in time with Johnny's pelvis-thrust into her ass.

Johnny panted on top of his humping mom, slamming his cum-laden fuck-pole relentlessly into the rubbery grip of her ass.

Suddenly, the front door flew open behind them, much too quickly for Betty and Johnny to cover themselves, Betty gasped in horror as she looked over her shoulder, watching Nancy, Sandra and their two sons step into the living room.

Three mothers, three sons, she thought giddily. She was sure they'd all be fucking together for a long, long time.


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