a moms continued lust
Billy was only about 3 inches long but at this point I don’t care. I climb on top of him straddling his hips and reach down and guide his little dick into me. I start rocking my hips and he just looked up at me wide eyed . Billy dick was just inside me and every time I rocked it would pop out and flick my clit. I was in heaven my body jerking on its own with every thrust his dick would flick my clit just right. I was felling more aroused than I had ever been and I came hard. Oh Billy oh my oh oh Billy . I rock and thrust my hips I come again. This little boy is sending me over the edge into one long orgasium. I am rocking and cumming and I can’t stop. Wave after wave hits me. My hips are on auto pilot now. I can feel my whole body going numb I had been moaning and cumming for over 10 min. finally my hips give out and I fall forward ontop of him. Seat covered my body creating a slippery coating between us. My energy drained out of me as I lay ontop of him shaking. I get up and sit on the edge of the bed. Just then I realize I just molested another boy. It was the best orgasuim I had every had lasting over 15 min from the time it started. My legs were weak and shaky as I stood. I grabed a towel and wiped Billy off with a towel. like a mother would dry her son off after a bath.

I talk to billy now really for the first time since he arrived. I tell him we had to keep this a secret and not tell anyone. He just shakes his head up and down and smiled. I notice after finally coming out of the sex crazed fog I was in he was still hard.
I had fucked him so hard and went over the edge so quickly I had scared him so much he never came.
I reached down and griped his dick. He jerked a little when I did. Its ok I said I wont hurt you. And I lean over and take him in my mouth.

I start sucking him working him up and down.I hear his breathing get heaver and I bob my head up and down his little pole. The little pole that had tickled my clit so perfectly just a little bit earlier. I feel billy swell a little bigger and then it erupted in my mouth. I sucked up ever drop and then look up at him and smile.

He was so cute smiling back at me. I lean in and give him a motherly kiss on the cheek then reach for his underwear and get him dressed. I peak out the door and see the John is no where in site and tell Billy he is probably down stairs playing games on the x box and I watch him run down the hall to find him.
The next 2 days went on pretty normal. Billy dad hit the spot I needed I guess and I was not sexually frustrated anymore. John had came in the next morning wanting to do it again but I told him moms and sons were not suppose to do that and did not let him.

About a week later my husband Mike wanted to do it so we start kissing and get undressed. He climbs on me and we are making love and I start getting aroused. I fell my clit to start to tingle and I am getting real wet.just then mike pulls out and shoots his load on my belly. He rolls over and gets up and goes takes a shower leaving me frustrated on the bed. I play with myself and get off while mike was in the shower.
A few minutes later he comes out and says he got to go to work and leaves. John is at school leaving me home alone.

I play with myself the rest of the day. Each time I cum it just is not enough leaving me more frustrated than before. John got home from school and I am still naked from the morning I go to his room and he looks up at me. I am breathing hard and my body was acting out of pure lust . I get to him and pull his pants down droping to my knees I start sucking him. As I was I was thinking this was mikes fault. The ass cant please a woman and gets me worked up and leaves. I am angry. I take it out on mJohn as I suck him. He gets hard and I push him back on the bed and climb ontop of him. John is longer than I remember and I sit on him and feel him going in I let out a moan.I start humping him and John came right away.I keep riding him and I feel him going soft.

Mom it hurts he says. I guys dick gets sensitive some times when they come. I did not care. John you are not going to be like your dad. You are going to learn to please a woman. I grind my hips into him tight so he don’t come out of his moms pussy and keep rocking my hips. His dick shrunk but I could still feel it in me and I rocked my hips hoping to keep it in me.then I felt it. It had shrunk to the point it pop out and I felt it hit my clit then sucked back up into me again I felt it . Every time it sent a jolt through my body. Then I started cumming. Just like with billy. Wave after wave hit me.oh John baby mommies going to cum. Oh baby im cummming!! Oh John oh oh oh John .
I feel it wave after wave hit me washing over my whole body. I wipe the sweat out of my eyes. Its glistening off my tits as I am sent into extasy . My hips start going numb and I lose feeling in my legs but still I can feel my pussy pulsing on his dick. Johns dick get hard again and goes all the way in me. I am getting to weak to move but John grabs my hips and helps me and I still am cumming. I roll over my body slippery with sweat and mark slides up me and starts fucking me again. As soon as he hit bottom I feel it explode in me sending me over the edge once again.
john comes in his mommy once again as my pussy pulses on his dick milking every last drop out of him.I cant move. As John rolls off me and goes to the shower.I look down and see his bald dick driping with my juices as he turns and walks out of the room.I froce myself up off the bed and go down the hall to me room and colapse on the bed covering up I drift off to sleep.

The next morning I wake up and I am sore all over. My legs and hips still feel like I head for the shower. john comes in and looks at me. With out saying a word he leans me forward over the sink and enters me from behind. Its just like his dad except he dumps his load in me instead of pulling out.I stand up and kiss him on the cheek and leave the bathroom while he got in the shower.

Two weeks later I find out I am s not billys cause he did not get off till I sucked him . And mike always pulls out. So I am left with the thought of being pregnant with my sons child. What do I do?


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Loved it there has too but more

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i loved it is there going to be more


2012-05-26 21:21:04
I learned to suck cock at 6, my great uncle used to play with me strip me and bath me and then lick me all over I loved it! Keep letting the boys fuck you your husband will thinks its his all the better.


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I learned to suck cock at 6, my great uncle used to play with me strip me and bath me and then lick me all over I loved it! Keep letting the boys fuck you your husband will thinks its his all the better.

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ijAD60 Of course, I understand a little about this post but will try cope with it!!...

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