The story of a daddy and his young daughter, re-written, re-posted
For those of you who commented on my first post, first let me say thank you for the encouragement. Secondly, I do consider why I (and people in general) write on these subjects and are fascinated by the taboo. Whenever I try to compose those musings I sound like a stoned hippie. Given that I am neither a hippie nor a stoner, I will spare you the dissertation. Let me just say that I do not condone incest or pedophilia. I do not want to see kiddie porn. I do not want any child to be hurt ever. If I knew of people engaging in these activities in real life, I would, at the very least, inform the authorities.

I am a grown man and all of my intimate relationships are with adults (who sometimes like to pretend to be little girls). Keep in mind that this is a fantasy and all the characters are made up.

I hope you enjoy my story.


It all started back when her mom Joan was still alive. Frequently our daughter would be up in her room masturbating while we waited for her to get done so we could get somewhere like grandma’s house or a dance class or even school in the morning, but Anna wouldn’t leave until she’d brought herself to orgasm or “earthquakes” as she calls them. Eventually Joan had the idea to “help” her. I’ll never forget what she said.

“It works like a charm, I tried it yesterday,” Joan said with a wicked grin on her face.

I was astounded. “How did you … you know, do it?”

“With my tongue. By the way, her pussy is really sweet.”

This was our daughter she was talking about! I didn’t really know how to react but Joan just grazed her fingers along my swelling cock and purred, “Why don’t you try ’helping’ her this afternoon?”

Joan stood in the doorway and watched as I licked my little girl’s quim and probed her tight little hole with my tongue. The juices that flowed from her folds were insanely delicious.

It wasn’t just my wife and I who enjoyed orally stimulating our daughter till she gushed; Anna loved it so much it got to the point where she pretty much only came if one or the two of us were eating her out and fingering her. My wife’s suggestion to get her a little vibrator only made matters worse. Suddenly we had a horny 7-year-old daughter with an addiction to sex toys.

My wife and I had had a consistently good sex life up until that point but after we starting “helping” our little girl masturbate we had the best sex of our lives. Sadly, it didn’t last long. Joan had a tragic accident that spring and, in the blink of an eye, I became a single parent.

Anna and I comforted each other through the shock and the grief as best we could. In the months that followed, bringing my little baby to orgasm became a regular pastime. When your life just turns upside down, things that probably don’t make any sense suddenly start to seem natural and, after time, Anna and I just kind of got into a routine.

I established (at least for myself) a set of rules. I would cum, of course (how could I not?), but never on – let alone in – her. I wasn’t going to get my dick anywhere near my angel’s little pussy. In fact, in the beginning, I would always cum in my boxer-briefs. Of course my little girl was smart and curious and knew that I masturbated too. She wanted to watch and who could blame her? It didn’t take long before I let her give me hand jobs. And so things evolved. By the time Anna turned 8 I had learned that she loved anal stimulation (just like her mother) and, being so young, she was essentially devoid of inhibitions. There was no bullshit in our conversations. Needless to say, I was very clear with her about the ramifications of anyone finding out about our bedroom activities.

Not long after her 9th birthday, Anna discovered porn. She was at her friend Lucy’s house and they found Lucy’s parent’s secret DVD collection. When she came home she had so many questions. When I confessed that I had videos like that, she wanted to watch them all and wouldn’t take no for an answer. You have no idea how convincing a 9 year-old can be, especially when she lets you feel how wet her little pussy is.

From the first second she saw the porno girls she had to get naked too.

“Daddy! They’re so pretty!” she exclaimed.

“Will you get me an outfit like that?”

Jesus! The women’s bodies amazed her: the hairless ones, the big tits, the little tits – all the variations. And she loved how excited I got. She kept asking me questions. We often had to pause and rewind. She wanted to know what all the different positions were. Oral sex and anal sex seemed to particularly fascinate her given that she knew the basic mechanics of human reproduction. I came five times that first night we watched all those dirty movies together naked in bed. I get hard just thinking about how my little angel looked, flushed and spent after a body racking orgasm.

She realized a few things that night. She realized that her daddy is an ass man and that she had a power over me.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me before, but once my daughter understood who called the shots (her from then on out), it was a whole different ball game. It’s a good thing that she was self-motivated in school and more-or-less well behaved. We didn’t get into big struggles over homework or household chores but Jesus she would push the limits. For example, she loved being sexual in public. I mean it’s one thing to fuck your girlfriend at the mall in the GAP dressing room. It’s another thing to finger bang your daughter while she gives you a blow job in the Kid’s GAP dressing room!

I still wouldn’t fuck her though, not even the tip. She didn’t understand but somehow, to me, that meant something else entirely. Maybe, somehow, I could tell myself that all the other stuff was OK (even though as that year passed we just got raunchier and raunchier) but she was so little, so sweet, that was one line I would not cross. But oh the things we would do.

She loved porn and she loved to go to the video store with me to pick it out. Obviously I couldn’t bring her into the adult section because they had cameras so I would surreptitiously bring a few out for her to choose from though usually she’d just tell me to get them all. Too often, though, when I wasn’t looking, she’d just sneak right in there to look at the walls of smut.

She learned the art of talking dirty and in no time was a master. There is nothing like a pre-pubescent slut begging her daddy to work her tight little ass hole and make her cum on her daddy’s face. And though it was difficult, I found or altered outfits to fit her tiny frame.

Her blowjobs rose to a whole new level after porn. She learned that I like them slobbery and she got so good with her hand that she hardly had to move her head, she would just hold her mouth so the tip bumped in as she drooled on it.

After porn, there was no way for me to keep my cock from between her legs. I still wouldn’t penetrate her, but more often than not she would get up on me and wiggle and grind.. Her bald, smooth little pussy slipping up and down, spread over my big veiny shaft. I loved watching her get off while straddling me. I’d squeeze her and kiss and caress her and pet her tight little bottom. It was a strange life; just the two of us, and it never occurred to me that I would need anything else.

It was Anna who suggested I get a girlfriend.

It’s not like I only had eyes for my little angel but, on the one hand, my daughter satisfied all of my sexual needs. Furthermore, I just couldn’t figure out how it could work out: getting into an intimate relationship with an adult and, all the while, have this … complicated dynamic with my daughter.

But once the idea got into her head, she was single minded and it all happened pretty quickly.

There was an engineer at the company where I worked named Jill. Jill was a petite redhead; gamine and saucy. I work for a top-end construction firm so she had to be smart and driven but she was also fun and funny. Her humor was inappropriate and she had this way of making you feel like a confidant. I have to admit; I was caught checking out her little ass more than once. She and Anna had cultivated a rapport in the handful of times they had interacted – usually at office parties or when I was obliged to bring my daughter to work for one reason or another.

As I got out of the shower before our first date, I heard Anna call me from her room. I found her naked on the bed, laying on her tummy with pillows under her hips which propped up her little tushy. I had a clear view of her puffy, bald, moist crotch and my cock instantly pulsed. She looked over her shoulder and giggled.

“In that movie, Something About Mary, the guy squirted before his date with Mary and, well, I thought it might be a good idea of you squirted before your date with Jill.”

“Oh princess.” I half groaned, “I just got out of the shower and I need to get you to Lucy’s house before I meet Jill.” but my towel was starting to part as my swelling cock achieved half mast.

She licked her lips as the head appeared and she slipped her fingers down between her legs.

“Oh daddy, just a little rubbing.”

My towel fell away as I stepped into her room. I thought about what a friend had said about the effect of “The Scent of Pussy” on a guy’s dick. I had planned on saving my cum, but getting my cock wet couldn’t hurt any and I couldn’t resist my little angels hip movements as she touched her tender girl parts.

I held her butt cheeks apart as I dragged my tongue from her clit, through her gash to her puckered little starfish.

Her sweet sex sounds fanned my lust and I pumped her tight asshole with my tongue a little before mounting her. She held my cock to her pussy as I dry humped her. My cock head bumped her clit as her fingers applied pressure to the underside of my veiny shaft.

I was getting more and more worked up and I was compelled to use her ass crack to pleasure myself. I squeezed my dick between her sweet little cheeks. All the while she vigorously worked her swollen button. I knew this would end with me gushing all over her if I didn’t do something about it so I flipped her over and pulled her half off the bed. I kneeled on the floor and flung her legs over my shoulders. It’s so easy to get lost whenever I devoured her precious pink petals and probed her holes with my big daddy tongue. It was all I could do not to spew on her bed skirt when she grunted her little animal grunts and sputtered through a fantastic orgasm but I muscled through it. I cradled my daughter and smothered her with kisses. She smiled and wiped some of the pussy juice off my face.

While Anna got dressed I washed my face. I liked the idea of having my little girl’s spunk on my dick but if I had a chance to kiss Jill, I thought it might be more than a little difficult to explain why I smelled like pussy.

Much to Anna’s disappointment, I didn’t have sex with Jill on our first date but there was so much promise in our kissing and explorations.

The next time we got together, Jill made me dinner at her place. The tour of her apartment ended at the bedroom and it was a long time before we got to the meal she’d prepared.

I thought making love to her might be difficult. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to. Jill was the first woman I’d been with since I met my wife. It was intense, but somehow, in spite of all the emotions coursing through me and the insanity of my life, it felt right.

I didn’t think to wonder at that time how it was that Anna knew, with all her heart, that Jill was the right choice. Anna wanted all the juicy details. Her excitement was palpable as I told her how my heart would soar at the sight of Jill’s flaming red pubic hair. She made me do everything to her that I did to Jill. We simulated all the ways we fucked and sucked and licked and probed.

I told Jill that it was Anna’s idea that we should get together in the first place and, because Jill already knew Anna, it wasn’t long before we all starting hanging out, engaging in activities together, going out for dinner and the like.

Anna seemed so happy for me and the bond with my daughter only seemed to strengthen though I was still resistant to inviting Jill over to our house. Subsequently, despite pressure from both Jill and Anna, it was several months before I had my girlfriend over for the night. Anna promised to “behave herself” and she was on her best behavior through dinner and the movie we watched afterward. Jill participated in “tucking in” even though it was a bit of farce considering that Anna almost never slept in her bedroom.

Nestled between those two all night was wreaking havoc on my fragile psyche and, as soon as we shut of Anna’s light, I had to usher Jill to the boudoir. I pushed her back on the bed and jumped on top of her. As I held her face and lavished her with kisses she undid my pants; my cock was already straining to be free. I got up and kicked off my pants. Jill pulled off her t-shirt. I pulled off mine and she lifted her ass off the bed to push her jeans off. I stood there naked and paused one moment, taking in the beauty of her tiny frame in nothing but black silk panties and a matching bra, splayed out on my bed, bathed in the soft light from the hall.

Her eyes traveled from mine to my raging hard on then back to my eyes. She was asking for it and her hips jerked almost imperceptibly. I spread her legs as I slid onto the bed; my mouth covered her pubic mound, just her sheer silk panties between us. I breathed hard into the fabric to make her pussy warm. After a second deep exhale I needed her lips between mine; I needed to probe her slit and taste her. Pulling her thong to one side I licked through her folds and flicked under her clit hood. I felt her little button swell more. I propped up her ass and spread her cheeks and teased her anus slightly before lapping up through her crotch again and again, each time pressing my tongue into her puckered little ass hole and finishing with a flick of her clit.

I slid my hand up her firm little body and pushed up her bra. Taking her little tea-cup-tit in my hand I sucked her clit while I squeezed her rock hard nipple. I could feel the electrical current course through her body between those two nodes of erogenous sensation. She was as wound up as I was it seemed. I backed off for a second, softening my tongue, then, as I felt her catch her breath, I rapidly stimulated her clit as I gripped her ass and nipple, pushing her over the edge.

She obviously was not used to having a child in her life because she didn’t seem to make any attempt to stifle her grunts, moans and expressions of ecstasy. I couldn’t help but smile, not only had I given her an uncontrollable orgasm, but I knew Anna would surely be listening.

I felt her nails dig into my shoulders as she pulled me on top of her. Her pussy was so wet and ready that I didn’t even have to line up my shaft to slide it right home. So warm and wet, I felt the last convulsions of her orgasm still contracting her fuck hole. I held her face and looked deep into her eyes as I just started ramming her. Her cheeks flushed and her teeth were clenched as she grunted with each thrust. I always loved a woman who was vocal.

“You really need to get fucked hard don’t you?” I asked her.

Between thrusts, she grunted, “Oh … God … Yes … fuck me … hard!”

It amazed me that such a tiny thing (Jill stood barely over 5’ and weighed little more than 100 pounds) could take such a pounding.

I could tell by the way she was contracting her body that all I had to do was pound her and I’d bring her right to her second orgasm. I put one hand on the wall behind my bed and held one of her legs up with the other as I pumped like a piston driven fuck machine. The pitch in her voice rose higher and higher till she fell silent, her stomach clenching before I felt her pussy start to spam and her whole body convulsed. She let out a long, loud moan then started jerking her hips on my cock. I could feel her pussy milking my dick and I gripped the underside of her leg tighter, trying to hold on. I didn’t want to cum yet.

So close to the edge, I reluctantly pulled out of her as I felt one little squirt escape my urethra. I kissed her face and told her how much I loved to eat her pussy after I’d fucked it hard.

I shifted back down the bed and pulled her panties off; her bra was still on but only covered one tit. I held one hand over her tummy and pubic mound, her bright red, well groomed pubes between my fingertips. I sucked the fingers of my other hand and put one in, hooking it up to work the spongy folds of her g-spot. I just watched as my finger parted her labia, all the while, my cock dripped on my leg. I slipped another finger in before lowering myself down to kiss her pussy and alternately finger fuck her and probe her vulva with my hungry tongue.

After coming down from her second orgasm, she started to just relax and let me savor her flowing pussy juice. I didn’t get too far along before I felt her stiffen and put her hand on my face to make me stop. She sat up.

“Baby, the door’s open,” she said like she’d just noticed.


“Did we close the door to Anna’s room?”

“I’m not sure.”

Jill just looked at me like, “Don’t you think you should go check?”

I got up and grabbed a towel to wrap around myself, “I guess I’ll go check.”

Of course Anna’s door was wide open. We live in a house that’s about a hundred years old so, as I closed it, the old hinges made a hell of a racket.

“Daddy?” I heard my little angel’s pleating voice and my dick throbbed. I knew she wasn’t asleep anyway. I glanced towards my room and heard nothing then I slipped into her room.

“Yes kitty?”

“Daddy, it’s weird sleeping in my bed all alone.” I could see her hand moving under the covers and my cock stiffened more.

“I know princess, but this was your idea.”

As I drew nearer she reached up and tugged at my towel, exposing my arousal. I had to hold onto the towel to keep it up.

“Angel, Jill’s just down the hall!” I glanced nervously at the half open door.

“I know daddy, I heard you two fucking!” She smiled broadly.

She was tugging me closer by the towel I was gripping, my member was straining. I resisted her but my resistance was feeble.

“I like the sex noises she makes.”

Her eyes were on my cock and the pre cum seeping from the tip. She reached out and wrapped her little hand around my raging hard on still glistening with my girlfriend’s pussy juice.

“Did you squirt in her daddy?”

I shook my head and her eyes lit up, “This is all her cum?”

I nodded.

She sat up and I saw that she wasn’t wearing the little nightie we’d found for her to sleep in. She started eagerly stroking my slippery shaft.

“Daddy, can I taste it?”

“Oh fuck angel, you said you were going to be good.”

I let her bring my cock to her mouth.

“I will be good daddy, I promise.”

Holding my cock by the tip she got right down at down at the base of my dick and starting lapping up the juice where it collected in the wrinkles of my ballsack. When she started to moan I told her to shhhhh.

She looked so happy as she pumped my cock, “Oh daddy! I can taste her pussy!” I watched as she devoured my rod. It was still so shocking to see how deep she could take it.

She let it slip out and with a string of cum between her lip and my cock head she begged, “Daddy, squirt for me please?”

“No angel, I can’t I …. UNGH.” She buried my cock in her throat, I could feel the contractions of her trachea.

“Oh fuck!” With a huge force of will I pulled my cock out of her face. It made an audible popping sound as I withdrew it from her sucking lips. I knelt down, my towel on the floor now, and wiped the cum from her mouth and kissed her.

“I have to go back and get in bed with Jill.”

“I know daddy.” She bit her lip.

“I love you so much princess.”

“I love you too daddy.”

I stood and re-wrapped my towel, I couldn’t get my dick to go down.

“Are you going to squirt for her?” she asked me.

My chest was heaving, “Yes princess.”

Then she got serious (or as serious as a naked, masturbating nine-year-old can muster) and instructed, “You should come in her mouth. That’s where I would want it.”

I chuckled and caressed her face and kissed her one more time on the forehead before heading back to my room.

I’d pretty much had all I could take by now. Jill was still laying on the bed, half covered and fully naked, her hand absentmindedly diddling her girl parts. I dropped the towel as I closed the door behind me and got on top of her. Dragging my seeping dick up her body she strained to get it in her mouth. Holding her head, I tried to savor the sensation face fucking her but I couldn’t hold back any longer. The sounds of her slurping and gagging drove me crazy with lust and I spewed down her throat. She swallowed every drop and sucked my cock dry.

Completely spent, I slumped beside her. She took a few sips from the water bottle beside the bed then nuzzled into me as I covered us both. Though my mind was racing, I was suffering from sensory overload. In minutes I had passed out.

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</a>Oh yeah thanks for rienmding me, yeah what's with the overuse of xmen characters??? There's too many street fighters, and too many xmen. Cap should have focused more on briging in NEW characters to the series, and then maybe throw in veterans later with dlc. The cast just isn't at all fresh enough.Especially with the game going 3D. Now would have been the perfect time to throw in new characters. Also, what's with putting villians in the game but not having the heroes that fight them???You have superscrull, but no fantastic four characters to fight him? You have Dormammu, but no Dr. Strange? You have Galactus, but no silver surfer? What about the Heralds of galactus? Wouldn't it have been cool to play as characters WORKING for galactus, as opposed to being against him? How about some other cosmic creatures like adam warlock, thanos, death, quasar, eternity/infinity?And back to the capcom side, I agree about the short characters, they are stupid and out of place. VJoe and Arthur, whi

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