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A sweet lady goes to the master for fullfillment
Master X! By Will Buster

Master X: Welcome back to my chat room little Amy. What may I do for you today?

Amy” I need to submit to a forceful dominant male like I told you before. It’s taken a long time for me to accept this but I’m ready now.

Master X: I see, are you interested in a stirring encounter soon?

Amy: Oh yes Master X. I’ve heard about you from a few other girls on Adult Friend finder and a few bondage sites. They say you’re super hot.

Master X: Of course I can cum to you but I recommend you visit my place. ! I have all the proper equipment and my special bed is supplied with velvet lined ankle and hand cuffs to properly restrain you. Would you like to make a date?

Amy: What are you going to do for me if I visit you?

Master X: That depends on what you need. Some women desire a lot of pain. Others need to submit and be forcefully restrained. Others loved to be chained and caged so they feel treated like worthless slaves. I know that might shock you but many women have very dark fantasies.

Amy: I’ve been in a few relationships but I never get fulfilled. I need to be taken and used and yet I require some tenderness to. Down deep inside I think sex is dirty and if I’m restrained then it’s no longer my fault. I have no choice. I have to perform sex for the master. That might sound stupid but I’ve thought about it a lot.

Master X: that’s not stupid at all. I’m truly sorry that you’ve gone through so much frustration. Perhaps some adventures with me will bring you to a better realization of your own sexuality. I think I can help you.


Amy was a petite, shapely little minx complete with steamy blue eyes, hot pink glossed lips and hair that was dyed bright blonde. Ralph could tell it was artificially yellow because of the dark brown roots that could still be seen upon closer inspection. It was quite a turn on causing Amy to look cheep and common like some sleazy, street slut.

Amy was shocked when she got her first look around the Master’s pad. He’d set up a complete dungeon in his basement. Amy was getting wet just staring at it. His bed looked almost like a medieval rack. A burlap blanket covered the thin mattress and the wood frame was accented by four steel poles that served as restraint points for the chains and ropes. Christ, there was even a cage in the far corner! But the biggest attraction was Master X himself.

She was glad he’d warned her about his appearance because when he’d let her in, her spine tingled with fear. He wore a full dark red head mask that had openings for his eyes, nose, ears and mouth. The rest of him was covered in a skin tight black uniform that was reminiscent of an executioner straight from the Middle Ages. His sinister appearance was topped off by highly polished black boots and a black cape that came down to his calves. And was that a whip that hung at his side?

“Good evening, Amy my little sweet.” His rich, aristocratic Welch accent leant an aura of even greater mystery to this dark adventure.

Amy’s eyes were round with apprehension and desire when she looked into those cool gray eyes. “I can’t believe all this. I’ve never seen anything so….so…..!

“Deviant?” Ralph snickered at her shocked sudden stutter and beet red face.

She shook her head. “It’s so intense! So utterly sinister and evil looking like from some horror flick about the inquisition.”

The hooded host grinned at her. “I’m gratified that my humble little playground has caught your foxy little fancy. But I must insist that you call me either master or sir at all times. I can’t tolerate disobedience or disrespect at all. So Amy, are you prepared to service me for the week end? Hmmmmm?”

Amy’s groin was twitching wildly. Even the carpet was jet black and there was what looked like an authentic torch flaming on the cement wall in its holder. She shuddered when she noticed what she assumed to be instruments of torture on a rack at the far end of the room. She recalled how internet chat girls claimed that this particular master was superb down to every groin tingling detail. So Amy didn’t bolt at the sight of those gruesome implements.

“Yes master. I’m here to do your bidding in all things. I want to stay. I need your guidance.”

“Excellent! Strip off all your clothes including your jewelry and leave them on the bar counter over there.” He pointed to a highly polished cherry wood stand that was surrounded by four plush looking bar stools. Behind the counter was a very well stocked looking bar with a myriad of glistening bottles of every shape and color. Pot lights added strategic spots of restricted radiance here and there, adding a strange aura to the unusually furnished place. All the walls were painted black and in fact even the bar stool seats were black. The only colors in the room were the whiskey bottles, various lights and the wooden rack, bed and bar.

Ralph watched with great interest as his new victim partner carefully undressed. The mysterious master licked his lips with anticipation as her girlish shape became revealed. Her sexy legs looked silky smooth and her groin appeared to be slick with moisture. Her modest sized tits stuck out and even at this early stage her nipples were rigid. Everything came off including her hot looking nylons, black bra and panties, ear rings and bracelets.

“Take out your barrette to, my little baby doll!”

Amy gave him a flashy grin. “Yes master!”

Now, “get on the bed”

“Yes master.” Amy padded over to the intimidating looking platform and hopped onto the middle of it. It was very large being about king sized in shape but somewhat longer. The master had apparently built the platform himself and he’d placed two separate mattresses on the solid wooden base. Actually they were exercise mats that she recalled were used in gyms. He’d covered them in some sort of plastic covering that she could see near the edges of the mats. The rest was covered in rough burlap.

The master’s presence loomed over her in all his six foot power. “Now lie on your back little one. You’ve been extremely naughty and your master must train you properly.”

“Yes master!” Her trembling voice sounded small and frightened in the open basement room. He grabbed her right wrist and clamped a velvet lined cuff on it. She had to admit, it was surprisingly comfortable. Expertly he stretched out her arm and adjusted the chain just enough to make sure she was extended out to the max. Amy said nothing but she watched all this with her fearful eyes as he reached down and attached her left arm in identical fashion.

Ralph stood back admiring his handiwork so far and casually removed his cape and carefully folded it and placed it on a nearby chair. For a few moments he put his hand on his chin as if considering his next move. “Yes, me thinks you must needs be stretched a bit more.”

With a chuckle he tightened the wrist restraints until Amy’s slender arms were stretched to the point of pain. “Now what to do with those pretty legs? Hmmmmmm? Let’s see?”

The big question in Ralph’s mind was should he stretch out the legs making his new plaything look like a wide open star fish of delight or should he restrain her legs back toward her shoulders making sure they were widely spread but far back to give the ultimate in easy access. He decided to break her in a bit easy. After all Amy was new to all this and he didn’t want to scare her, at least not to much. Ralph new from experience that fear was a powerful aphrodisiac. After several suspenseful seconds, he opted for the star fish position first. He cuffed her shapely ankles and restrained her legs wide apart almost to the breaking point. Amy couldn’t move now. She realized she was at his utter mercy. There was no escape and even if she screamed for help, she knew nobody would hear her pleading cries. The master lifted her rump a bit and slipped a soft, thick pillow under her bare ass. His little lust feast was ready for total consumption.

Ralph looked down at his shivering guest. “You’ll not speak to me unless you’re spoken to. Is that clear!?”

Tears were welling out of those innocent looking blue eyes. “Yes master! Oh please master! Be merciful!”

The master laughed but without mirth. “There’s no mercy, my little one. You’re my property now. I own your body for my exclusive use. You’ll service me in any way I wish. If you’re properly obedient, you’ll be rewarded with a restful place to sleep over in the cage. I will give you nourishment and you’ll even be permitted to relieve yourself. But cross me! And I’ll subject your body to hellish torments that would torture the very damned! Do you understand my sweet?”

“Yes master yes!” Amy was thinking to herself that this was better than she’d expected. He was really into the role. Even though the pain in her shoulders and upper thighs were becoming more and more uncomfortable, she knew he was leading up to some very exquisite techniques. The other girls had mentioned how much pleasure this DeSadian presence had introduced to them. Her stomach was fluttering with a thrilling combination of sensual anticipation and apprehensive unease.

“Have you been a shameless slut Amy?”

“Yes master, I’m a full service slut!”

“Are you a filthy whore that needs to be punished for her depravity?”

“Yes master! I’m a very wicked whore!”

“Why are you such a shameless tramp Amy?”

“I can’t help myself master! I love to suck and fuck cock as often as I can!”

“Does it matter whose cock you service?”

“No master, any cock will do! I’m a hot, horny pig when I’m aroused!”

Ralph went over to the bar and opened the waste high refrigerator that was behind it on the floor. He casually removed a small plastic container and went back to his spread open chick.

“Well Amy, I need to sweeten you up a bit before I introduce you to my little cat.” He removed his black gloves placing them on top of his already folded cape. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such a naughty, naughty little girl and you look so innocent and sweet to. Well I’ll train you to be a proper body servant Amy. You’re my property now and it is time you were properly disciplined.”

Amy was breathing a little harder now. She saw him stick his finger into the plastic container and then she felt him applying something cool and sticky all over her exposed crotch.

“Clean my fingers Amy!”

“Yes master!”

The master stuck his fingers into her open mouth and she greedily sucked on them. Amy was surprised at the pleasant taste of honey. He’d coated her entire crotch with such sweetness. Perhaps he was going to eat her out and he wanted her to be very tasty. She grinned as her tongue licked and her mouth sucked his sticky-sweet fingers.

“Very good my sweet sex toy! You’re very obedient so far. However you definitely need to be introduced to my cat. You’re such a filthy little fox after all. Aren’t you?”

“Oh yes master! I’m a very depraved girl!”

“Have you ever had two boys at once?”

“Yes master!”

“Did you actually let them enter your pussy and anus at the same time?”

“Yes master! They both took their pleasure inside me and filled me with cum!”

“Disgusting! You’re such a hopeless bitch! I’m not even sure you’re good enough to use! Perhaps I should just give you a sound whipping and kick you out!”

“Please master! Please! I’ll do anything you want! Just let me stay with you!”

“You stupid bitch! I told you not to speak to me unless I spoke to you!”

He took his thumb and index finger and pinched her already swollen clit. Amy gasped! He kept the pinch going for long seconds. “It’s time for the cat Amy!”

The artificially blonde colored hair shook when Amy moved her face from side to side. Her face was flushed with lust, anger, shame and even fear. The naked nymph was at the executioner’s mercy and what he now held in his hand looked very nasty indeed.

“Welcome to my cat fairest Amy. It’s soft leather so that it’s sting will not cut or bruise. But Amy you’re a depraved, fowl vixen. You must be punished for your grievous sexual sins that you have brazenly committed under glorious heaven itself. Tell me Amy have you sucked a boy’s male member to?”

“Yes master!”

“Did you keep sucking him until he spilled his seed down your swallowing throat?”

“Yes master, I drank all of it, every drop!”

“Have you performed these disgusting sexual acts on many occasions?”

“Yes master! I can’t help it! I love playing the wanton whore!”

Smack! Amy screamed. Ralph flicked the silky cat and nine tails right over her exposed groin and lower thighs. Smack! Swish, smack! Amy gritted her teeth and moaned as he criss-crossed her exposed crotch with those hellish little soft leather strips. The pain surged through her pussy and to Amy’s surprise she felt fluid and passion building inside her even as the pain stung like a parade of fire ants all over her wide open groin.

Suddenly his systematic flogging stopped. He shook his head as if disappointed. “I’m afraid this won’t do. You’ll need the clamps as well. You’re such a far gone slut Amy. You’re so despicable. My God, you’ve sucked men off to completion. You’ve permitted double penetration inside your worthless holes and now you actually think you’re worthy to service your master! It’s absolutely beyond belief! Tell me Amy, why should you be permitted to service my person?”

Amy whined, “Because it’s my duty to serve you master!”

“Yes, that is true my little slut! But you’re so unclean with so many bestial sins. You first must be purged of such unspeakable stains. You must repent of your despicable deportment.”

He went to the rack where all sorts of instruments of torture could be easily seen. He’d made sure she was able to see it by arranging the rack in such a way that it was quite a bit higher than the low platform she was chained to. “Hmmmmm, Hmmmmm, let’s see!”

Moments later she squealed as two little brass clamps were attached to her exposed, rigid nipples. Thin chains were attached to the back ends of the clamps and then these were connected to a hook on the wall above the bed. Again he expertly stretched her to the maximum.

“Now my little minx, when you taste pleasure from your kind master, you’ll feel the absolution of soul saving pain each time you writhe in ecstasy. He picked up the cat and swished it over her belly and breast. Ralph knew just how to stroke. Each flick stung but the skin only got a tad pinker. Amy moaned softly as her master punished her carefully and thoroughly. “I’m so sorry master! I wish I could have offered you my virginity! Please forgive me master!”

Swish! Swish! Swish! “You’re such a cute little piece Amy. It would have been so pleasant to have split your cherry and made you a woman. Of course that’s no longer possible in your case because you’ve rutted with so many men in unrestrained heat. Would my vile tramp like a little treat?”

“Yes master! I don’t deserve any reward. But I crave your affection!”

“That’s correct Amy. You’re a degraded wench from all the sexual vices you’ve willingly enjoyed. Did you eagerly play the steamy harlot with many men?”

“Oh yes master! I enjoy being taken and filled with squirting cock! I would even go to bars and try to entice them to visit my apartment just so I could get fucked!”

“Absolutely disgusting! You’re so deliciously low, so incorrigibly lewd. You appear so cute and virginal and yet your holes are as fowl as the deepest levels of hell itself.”

Ralph was getting super hard now. He knew the key to giving this submissive the peak of carnal ecstasy was to prolong the anticipation and mix the pleasure with pain. Ralph stood and undid the cloth that hid his erection. It was a loin cloth actually and once removed it revealed a circular hole in his almost skin tight britches that gave his crotch access to fleshly contact. He climbed up on the platform and undid the chains to her tit clamps. Then he straddled Amy inching his dick close to her open mouth. “Do you want to suck my dick my sweet?”

“Yes master! Please let me suck out your seed! I promise I’ll swallow all of it for you!”

“Open your lips wide and stick out your tongue like a little school girl. Yes that’s it now just lightly lick the head of it and be sure to taste it. Hmmmmmmm? Like that slut?”

“Yes master! I love the taste of your big cock!”

“Next time you enter my abode, you’ll not degrade your appearance with that unnatural hair color. Do you understand?”

She stopped licking for a moment to answer him. “Yes master!”

He moved forward, slipping his penis further into her soft, moist mouth. “Now suck it! Work your lips and tongue on it and gently tickle it with your teeth you degenerate doxy! Yes! Suck slut! Suck my meat! Yes! Yes!”

He soon pumped up and down, using his body weight to force his prick down Amy’s gagging throat. She was pretty good at sucking cock but he didn’t think she’d done much deep throating before. Well it was time for her to learn. “Relax your throat muscles whore! Eat that cock! Suck it down slut! Suck me! I’m gonna come in your throat you mangy minx! This will be your first meal. I’ll nourish you with my warm, rich seed my little fox!”

She gurgled and gagged while her teeth slipped up and down on the shaft and her velvet like tongue flicked and twisted all over that tasty hardness. Amy knew he was right. She was naughty and irredeemably nasty. That’s why she needed a master, this master. He knew precisely what she needed to have.

He gripped her face with his strong fingers and then the black clad instructor tensed and his cock gave a sudden twitch. “God! You fucking wanton bitch! Fffffuuuuccckkkk! Drink it!”

Cum jolted out of his pecker and drenched the back of Amy’s gagging mouth. Desperately she swallowed and gulped as each burst sloshed down her gullet.

“Swallow it all down! When I’m done, keep sucking and licking it until it is completely clean or I’ll give you another taste of the cat, you vile, cock sucking bitch!”

He enjoyed the sounds of Amy gulping and slurping him down. This suck off would insure he would last a long time once he decided to thoroughly explore her two tight holes.

He finally removed his semi-hard meat from her gasping mouth. “Did you enjoy your meal fox?”

“Oh yes master! Thank you for feeding me. Your seed is so rich and warm. I love it! Would you like to squirt more cum down my mouth dear master?”

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“Perhaps later Amy! You’ll find that servicing my cock will be very thirsty work.”

The master re-attached the chains to the tit clamps. The black clad instructor went back to the wooden rack and selected a round metallic tube. It was smooth being thin at one end and thick at the other. He carefully coated it with a generous application of K Y. However Amy didn’t see this as his back blocked her vision. She wanted to ask what he was doing but she didn’t dare. She knew the rules and she dreaded the sting from the wicked cat and nine. Carefully he rubbed her anal pucker with the greased tip of the metal dildo. Amy moaned softly and her groin moved a little. As soon as it did, her nipples sizzled a bit with a needle sharp pain from those nasty clamps. Her moans became whimpers. Gradually he slipped the dildo into her anus, twisting it around to increase both her pleasure and her torment. He also knew that the drying honey added to the itch on her pussy and when he decided to enter her she would have to respond completely and energetically. It wouldn’t matter if a dozen reporters from CNN and her parents showed up to watch. This little horny chick would absolutely have to perform sex and service his dick with her boiling cunt. In short she would have to fuck. Her lithe young body would give her no choice. Deeper and deeper the ass hole filler was pushed until about only an inch was exposed. Amy felt stretched way open now and it felt like she was taking a shit the wrong way.

“Are you ready to serve your master with your depraved, tight pussy hole my sweet little chicklette?”

“Oh yes master! Please enter me and fill me with more of your hot, precious seed!”

Ralph mounted his eager foxette. Gradually he rubbed the tip of his re-stiffened manhood on her sopping cunt lips and perineum. Amy was becoming frantic for coupling as her lush gash was tantalized. It itched from the drying honey and that soft penis head was driving her crazy.

“Oh shit! I’ve got to do something about that damned hair!”

He got back off the platform and Amy moaned with aching need. But she didn’t dare say anything. Moments later he returned with scissors and what she assumed was a razor. She was surprised at his precise, gentle technique as he removed every bit of her chestnut colored pussy hair. It felt so exciting to have the shaving cream applied and feel those stimulating razor strokes slide so close to her itching cunt. Her loud sighs and gasps told him that she was on the brink. “Now you’re ready for service my sweet.”

He once again mounted his prize. “Are you ready to work me with your filthy little fuck hole you shameless sex pot?”

“Yes master! Yes! Fuck me all you want!”

He teased her pussy lips with his throbbing head and gradually entered that hot, grasping warmth. The young bitch eagerly wrapped her convulsing flesh on his rod and she screamed with a wild howl of extreme ecstasy! Her simmering cunt instinctively lunged onto his thrusting shaft sucking him inside her. At the same instant a searing pain ripped through her chest from those nasty nipple clamps. “Eeeeeeeoooooooo! Aaaaaahhhhh!” Amy was squealing as the combination of pain and joy ripped through her. She couldn’t stop climaxing! Ralph’s fucking became a series of vicious strokes. Amy’s body kept shuddering and writhing with the most explosive quantity of orgasms she’d ever had. “Eeeeeeeee! Fuck me master! Fuck me! Just fuck me! I’m your fucking whore! I’m your slut! I love your fucking dick! Ooooooo! Yes! Yes! Fucking fill me! Oh master! Master! Drill my cunt! Eeeeeeeee!”

Tears poured out of her eyes from the intense tit pain and the thrilling vaginal ecstasy that kept surging and rippling through her bare abdomen.

“Are you my sex slave now Amy?”

Amy kept howling. “Yes! I can’t believe this! I’m ccccuuuummmmiiiinnnnnggggg! Oh Jesus fucking Christ! Eeeeeeeoooooooo! Fuck my pussy! Just keep fucking it master! I need your cock! I have to have your huge dick inside me! Oh master! Master! Fuck me!”

Thud! Smack! Thud! Squeal! Thump! Scream! Thud! Yelp! Ralph’s body thumped into that juicy slit. It cramped and churned, gripping his dick in a series of squishing sucks. To his secret delight she even gushed a torrential stream of female juices out of that blazing box. With his free hand he twisted the anal dildo to keep the heat on. Ralph was getting close now. Amy’s tight, girlish body was lighting his own fire. He drilled and thrust, slammed and sliced, swiveled and churned inside Amy’s hole, building that special cock head itch to an overwhelming tingle.

“Whore on my cock you filthy bitch! That’s it! Work it! Work it! Yes you wanton whore! Fuck it! Fuck me! Yyyyyyeeeeeessssss! Oh you bitch! Yyyyyeeeeesssss!”

Amy felt his ramming rigid rod slamming into her still convulsing pussy. She was screaming with climax at the very instant that sizzling man meat jolted and gushed! Amy shrieked at the top of her lungs when she felt the warm bursts of liquiscent lust drench her insides. Her master had taken pleasure inside her roaring fuck hole. The agony in her anus and nipples only enhanced her matchless orgasm more. She was the master’s slut and she loved providing pleasure to his creaming cock.

Ralph stood up at last, his member still oozing a little. “You may now rest in the cage. Do you enjoy being my slave?”

“Amy was still spread out although he’d removed the nipple clamps. “Yes my lord and master. I’m ready to service you any time you want me.”

He undid her legs. “Will you service me with your tiny rectum next time slut?”

“Oh yes master! If I get hungry, will you nourish me again?”

Ralph chuckled, “later on.”

Some hours later, Ralph had Amy trust up with her legs wide apart and back toward her shoulders. He spared her the nipple clams this time but he’d put a pair of very tight fitting buskins on her dainty toes. A different dildo that was much thicker and longer was shoved into Amy’s still aching pussy.

“Now my little sex slave, when I honor your anus with my sacred staff, you’ll work it with your rim as I thrust into you. Do you understand my sweet?”

“Yes master! I will pleasure your cock with my filthy little dirt hole until you’re finished.”

He actually was gentle at first. He made sure he properly lubricated her so he didn’t damage her. In spite of his role as the sinister master, he hated the smell or sight of blood. He nudged his head at the pucker and ever so slowly stretched her rim until he slid in. “Now work it whore! Show me your gratitude! Squirm on my cock with that nasty little rim of yours! Yes, just like that!”

“Aaaaaaahhhhh! Oh master! Master! Fuck my ass hole! Eeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Ooooooohhhhh! Yes! Fuck my ass! Oh shit! Shit! Fffffuuuccckkkk! It’s so big! God! That dildo is so huge in my cunt! I gotta cum! Make me cum! Yes! I’m cumming all over your cock! Eeeeeeeee! I’m ccuuummiiinggg!”

Amy thought she would loose her mind! The anal orgasm blasted her beyond orbit! She lunged upward to meat that impaling dick. “Fuck your whore! Fuck your wicked slut!” Ram my ass! Oh Jesus! Jesus! Screw me! Eeeeeeeee! Aaaaaahhhhh!”

Again and again Amy found volcanic release. It was so massive that she actually ejaculated from her dildo filled pussy and still his pumping went on. The master had control now because he’d already satiated his lust twice inside her. Her exposed groin was on fire. It blazed with a tingling, burning sensation that kept sending her from one violent climax to another. He pinched her swollen clit and savagely ravished her behind. Amy couldn’t believe his power. It seemed he knew precisely what to do to force her body to more ecstasy. Then he gripped her cuppy-cake tits and screamed. She realized at the mind blinding instant of their mutual release that he was as much her slave as she was his. “Fuck my shit master! Fuck me! Yes! Drain it all into me master! Oooooo my lord! It feels so nice and warm when you squirt my ass! Do you wish to use my holes some more? Are you going to keep fucking me all night?”

Ralph was gasping trying to regain his breath. He looked into those now trusting eyes. She’d eventually realized that the bondage and the pain had been used to bring her exceptional pleasure.

His voice became very soft and gentle now. “So Amy, do you enjoy being my full service pleasure slave?”

“Oh yes master! You’re sublime! I’m so glad I decided to stay with you for the entire week end. I love the way you play with every part of me”

He unchained her totally to permit her to rest easy. He sat beside her fondling her breast and kissing her from time to time. She was still totally naked and he intended to keep her that way for the rest of her time with him. “So Amy would you like to be my permanent, full time slave?”

“You mean you would permit me to visit you on a regular basis?”

“Precisely my sweet.”

“I think that would be so enjoyable master. “

“There is one thing though.”

She giggled, “And what is that master?”

“If you decide to be my permanent slave, I’ll have to brand you with my mark so that you’ll become my property. You don’t have to have that done right away but at some point you’ll have to have it if you want to offer your service to me as my exclusive property. Do you understand?”

She looked into those deep gray eyes that she’d just learned to trust. “I believe so master. You’re telling me that the branding will be my last and permanent choice. At that point you’ll own my mouth and holes for your constant use and you’ll give your unworthy servant inexpressible pleasure.”

“You understand so well Amy. I’ve had other slaves of course but they never could reach the levels that you reached today. But take your time deciding on the branding. It‘s a big decision so you must be sure about it. The branding is very painful and it does leave a permanent mark.”

She smiled, “Where will you brand me?”

“On your perineum. I'll place it right at the point half way between your pussy and your anus.”

“Oooooo, that’s so kinky! And after that I have to offer my body to you any time you wish to enjoy it?”

“Absolutely Amy! And if you’re bad or you don’t perform your sexual duties properly, I will flog you until you obey like you should. My name is Ralph Winthrop by the way, what’s yours?”

“I’m Amy Collins, master. She gripped his already reviving cock with her gentle hand. “I’m all yours to command.”

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