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This story is similar to others that my readers have enjoyed. Have fun, and I'd welcome your comments in a PM.
Our hot tub is enclosed in a veranda for use during the winter months. One wall, made totally of sliding glass panels, faces a patio area and opens completely, facing the back of the house. A second faces the pool and can also be opened like the first. The two back walls are solid, for privacy. The patio between the veranda and the pool is completely secluded from outside view in any direction.

The reason this is important is because after our children left home, my wife and I evolved into quite enthused naturists. At home, clothing is seldom a bother. Our sex life has always been better than average, and recently, well . . ., she just can’t seem to get enough. We deduced early on that being healthy makes for better sex, and have always worked to stay that way. Life is good!

Last Saturday, I’d finished my homeowner-chores and put my tools away. It was close to noon, and the day was one for the postcards; sunny, with a clear, azure sky and a temperature like bath-water. The desert southwest is an awesome place to live. My wife had been sunbathing in the late morning and brought a couple of cold beers to the patio after she had risen from her towel on the deck. Passing me a beer, she asked, “Are you about ready for a break?” I’d worn a pair of cutoffs through the morning chores, but Sandy was still completely nude after sunning.

Her tanned body glistened with tanning oil as she extended the beer. Her namesake blond hair was pulled back into a clip, and the swell of her pert breasts just as titillating as the first time I’d seen them. I noticed that she’d shaved her pussy, and was as smooth as a ten year-old; something she does from time to time. I reached to caress her left tit with my free hand and rubbed my thumb lightly across her nipple. Instantly aroused at my touch, the little pink-pearl firmed in my hand. She sat her beer to the side and reached into the waist of my shorts with her fingertips. Smoothly releasing the button and fly, she opened the top and let them slide down my legs to my feet. “You won’t be needing these for awhile,” she smiled.

My cock was rising to the occasion as we walked to the outdoor shower we use during the summer. The water was perfectly refreshing as we stood together, the jets spraying total relaxation into our beings. I caressed Sandy’s body softly while lathering her skin, giving special attention to her neck, shoulders and lower back. Her breasts and inner legs were not neglected and she purred as I made sure I washed her everywhere. For her part, she seemed content with lathering my cock and running her hands expertly up and down the hard shaft.

She continued to stroke me as the water rinsed all traces of soap from our bodies. I turned it off and watched as Sandy knelt in front of me and looked at my penis like she was seeing it for the first time. “It’s so beautiful,” she breathed, almost inaudibly. “So hard, yet so soft, and oh, so perfect.” With one hand on my thigh and the other wrapped at the base of my rod, she leaned and kissed the tip softly, running her tongue along my length, pursing her lips and swallowing the head. The warmth of her mouth was immediately radiated through my body and I stiffened even more inside her velvety confines. She took me almost to the hilt and began to bob back and forth, sucking me thirstily.

I was enjoying what she was doing, but wanted to taste her too. I put my hands on her shoulders and suggested hopefully, “Why don’t we do this together.”

“Oh, Baby,” she responded, pulling her mouth from me, but continuing to stroke my throbbing meat. Then, standing, she led me by my bouncing pole to a spot near the pool where she had sunned on an oversized beach towel earlier. We toweled each other dry and Sandy hugged up to me, pressing her cool skin against my body. As she rubbed her breasts across my abdomen her nipples drew a path of ecstacy in my flesh.

Stepping back, she gave me room to get into position on the towel, placing another rolled up towel under my head. She then lowered herself to her knees on either side of me, and leaned forward toward my throbbing prick. Leaning on one elbow with her ass lifted above my face, she grasped my cock to slide smoothly down onto me. The warmth of her mouth is something that always amazes me as she takes me in. She took me deeply and I relished in the rush of sensual adrenalin as I was engulfed.

Sandy bobbed her head, her tongue washing across the bottom of my penis, licking sexily as she slid her lips around me. I cupped my hands around her waist and pulled her gently to my waiting face. The aroma of her sex was a pure aphrodisiac and I flushed, deeply inhaling her sweetness. I kissed her inner thighs and teased her slit with my tongue. She allowed this a couple of times then squatted forcefully into my face, rolling her pussy across my lips and nose. I extended my tongue stiffly and she rocked her hips back and forth, sliding her clit and outer labia across me. She began to moisten immediately and I lapped at her wetness as she continued to sway over me.

Sucking on my cock and stroking me with one hand, Sandy began to fondle my balls with the other, rubbing across my perineum with the side of her thumb. She dropped her index finger to the tight star of my anus and rimmed around me with soft pressure, while continuing to rub at the base of my scrotum. An often unspoken delight with a long-time lover is that one learns to genuinely pleasure a partner. Sandy knows what I like and is a considerate lover; she gives pleasure and ensures that it is what pleases. She has never been reserved or reluctant to do anything I’ve asked of her.

I try to return her zeal, with interest. She also likes me to toy with her rectum while I give her cunnilingus. I employed one hand on her ass and one at her clit, holding her open as I circled the erect bud with my tongue. With each stroke across her, she moaned around my cock, expressing pure delight. My clit-stroking arm was between her legs, the other was positioned behind her thigh allowing me access to pleasure her anally.

We continued for several minutes, each enjoying what we were receiving, but also relishing in the sensations we gave.

We had positioned ourselves on the far-side of the pool away from the house. I wanted to give Sandy a memorable orgasm, and pushed her away from my mouth long enough to suggest, “Let me finish you first.”

She rose from her ministrations to my throbbing prick and sighed, “Oh, Lover! You are too good to me.”

Rising to a knee, Sandy slid to one side of the towel and allowed me to sit up. We exchanged places and she lay on the towel where I had been. As I rose and turned, positioning myself at the juncture of her long legs, I looked across the corner of the pool and was shocked to see our seventeen-year old neighbor sitting spread-legged on the back-end of the diving-board. She wore a very stringy, yellow string-bikini, the panties of which were skewed to the side as her fingers worked rather furiously inside her pink, swollen pussy lips, her thumb stroking her clit in sync with her movements. A linen wrap lay at her feet, which were spread far apart, her back arched severely. A pained expression was etched on her face and as my eyes met hers just before she closed them, she let out a guttural moan, bitting her lower lip and gasping in orgasmic release. “Aungh, aungh, aungh, aungh,” she panted over and over, as she continued to thrust her fingers in and out of her youthful well of sex.

I was speechless watching her finish. Sandy sat up and followed my stare toward the beautiful site before us. Toni and her parents have lived next door for the past ten years, and we had both watched her grow and mature into the gorgeous creature now masturbating in our backyard. The blood of the Mediterranean was obvious in her smooth olive-skin and dark eyes. Her long sun-bleached auburn hair was blown by a slight breeze as she came down from what appeared to have been an earthshaking cum. Her body was incredible, with round, full breasts and very long legs. She was toned, tight, and firm. I had noticed how attractive she had become, but this was a picture I had never even imagined.

No words came to either Sandy or me, as I struggled with what to say. After a brief and awkward moment, Toni finally blurted out, “Oh my gawd, I’m so sorry! I was just coming over to ask to go swimming. I had no idea, I mean . . . I’m sorry.” She didn’t cover her glistening pussy or remove her still stroking fingers from it.

“Have you been here long?” Sandy asked.

“I came to the gate just as you began your shower,” Toni replied. “You really caught me off guard and I couldn’t stop myself. I know I shouldn’t have stayed, or especially come into your yard after . . .” her voice trailed off. As if just realizing that she was still exposed to us, she pulled her fingers from her moist snatch and closed her legs slightly. Her panties were still pushed to the side and her downy covered mons and wet lips were amazingly sexy.

My wife and I exchanged looks and I had no idea what to do, really. I mean, I knew what I wanted, but had no idea how that could possibly happen.

Sandy solved that. She stood and walked the short distance to where Toni sat on the diving-board. Even compared to Toni, Sandy has an incredibly inviting body. Her firm breasts and tight skin were tanned to a dark bronze and she moved with a sultry ease, approaching the beautiful teenager by the pool. “It’s okay, Baby, we’re not upset. You surprised us as well,” Sandy soothed.

Toni’s eyes roamed freely over Sandy’s body, taking her in lustily. Her breathing was elevated, her face deeply flushed. “You are so pretty,” Toni whispered softly, unconsciously allowing a hand to caress her own breast.

My cock was strained and throbbing beyond any time I could remember, and the women were obviously as aroused as I. Sandy straddled the diving-board and sidled toward Toni, her legs encircling the nervous teenager. Toni was facing my side of the pool, her young pussy still visible to me. I watched Sandy slide closer until her legs were in contact with Toni’s upper-right thigh. She reached a hand and gently caressed Toni’s cheek and brushed her long hair back from her face while softly tracing circles on her back and shoulder with the other hand. From Toni’s expression, I saw that she was confused and uncertain about what might happen.

With soothing words and movements, Sandy continued to caress the younger woman’s face and shoulders. She leaned closer, parting her lips. Toni instinctively returned the advance and the two were soon entwined in a passionate kiss. I watched their tongues begin to dance erotically across each other. Toni’s hands were soon occupied around Sandy’s firm titties and Sandy’s soon dropped to the small straps on the yellow bikini bra and wordlessly slid them off Toni’s smooth shoulders. Then, reaching behind the girl’s back, she pulled the tie, allowing the barely-there fabric to drop without ceremony to the cement below.

The younger breasts now exposed were full and round, the nipples untouched by the sun. I guessed about a 34C without being over-generous. Sandy cupped the globes in her hands and ran her fingers softly over the cocoa-colored areolas and toyed easily with Toni’s pinkish nipples. Both continued to kiss and tongue the other, Toni almost panting in her excitement.

Sandy pulled away from the kiss and placing her hands against Toni’s shoulders turned her to straddle the diving-board as well, facing her, then encouraged her to lie back. She took the string bands of the yellow panties and pulled gently. Toni raised her hips to allow their removal and was soon as nude as my wife and I. The teasing view I’d had before did nothing to compare with what I now saw. Toni’s body was incredible, no . . . it was delicious; I could not pull my eyes away!

The young woman was so aroused I thought she’d scream, the expression on her face one of raw lust. Sandy’s response was curious to me, we’d never discussed a threesome and the afternoon’s surprise was progressing like a runaway train. While part of my brain struggled with all this, other parts of me were growing very impatient to get into play.

Sliding backward, Sandy leaned forward until her lips were just above Toni’s quivering outer-labia. Blowing softly through pursed lips, she moved her face back and forth, hovering just off Toni’s flesh. Toni began to clinch her muscles in response to this sensation and her panting moans grew louder. Blowing in circles over her mons, Sandy bent and kissed Toni’s clitoral hood with soft kisses. Toni bucked her hips upward and begged, “Oh, yes! Oh, fuck . . . please kiss my pussy. Oh, fucking shit! Oh, Mrs. J, that feels so fucking good . . .”

Under the circumstances, Toni’s ‘missus’ reference seemed strangely ironic, but, . . . well, we’d have to sort that out later. I smiled at the thought.

In true Sandy fashion, my wife began to give pleasure in earnest. She placed her hands in position to hold Toni’s moist lips slightly apart. Beginning low, she lapped upwardly and stopped just where the soft-brown bush began to cover Toni’s mons. A startled expression flashed briefly across her face as she tasted another woman’s pussy for the first time. “Oh Baby, you have got to have some of this,” she said, casting her eyes toward me.

I’d walked over and stood near the lovers. Toni began to take in my body with her eyes, feasting intently and without shame as she devoured me visually. My wife continued to lap at the young pussy in her face, rolling her head in slight circles as she feasted. Toni responded with soft moans, gently grunts, and an occasional expletive; it almost seemed that she was purring.

After a few minutes, Sandy raised up and looked directly into my eyes, “I really want you to taste this girl,” she said.

“Ok, Baby” is replied, trying not to seem over-anxious. I knelt beside the women and leaned down toward the youthful treasure that had dropped into our lovemaking. With one knee on the ground and propped on my other foot, my throbbing cock was now very near Toni’s left breast and arm. I leaned further and kissed Toni’s lower belly just above her vulva. She sighed deeply. I kissed my way downward, easing gently toward her waiting sex. I caught my first whiff of her youthful arousal and was immediately intoxicated by her scent. I grasped her neatly trimmed pubic bush in my lips then pulled my mouth away. This was repeated as Toni moaned and rocked her hips.

I began to place soft kisses all around her sweet pussy, avoiding direct contact at her lips or clit. She knew I was teasing, and began to draw-in quick breaths of anticipation. I opened my lips and extended my tongue, placing my mouth at the top of Toni’s moist slit. Licking from her clit downward, I was rewarded with sexual nectar like I’d never experienced before. At my first direct contact with her genitalia, Toni thrust her hips up and against me. “Oh, fuck that feels good,” she moaned.

I continued eating Toni’s young snatch and extracted as much of her moisture as I could get. She tasted wonderfully sweet and salty and sexy. From the awkward position I was in, I knew it would be difficult for me to make her cum; Sandy had other ideas anyway. She leaned from where she sat and whispered in my ear, “Let me bring her off, Baby!”

I rose, smiling; my face wet with Toni’s sex. Sandy resumed her cunnilingus enthusiastically and I couldn’t blame her for that. My cock ached for release as I watched her slurping hungrily at the younger pussy. I straddled the diving-board myself and backed down, my legs spread, cock and balls hoovering just above Toni’s upturned face. Her long hair, spread beneath her and hanging on either side of the board tickled my inner-calves. I leaned forward, placing my hands on the diving board above Toni’s head and lowered my engorged tool toward her cute mouth. She licked her lips and smiled up at me, “You have a beautiful penis, Mr. J.”

Just as she spoke, a large droplet of pre-cum dripped directly onto her tongue from the end of my prick. She rolled it around her mouth before swallowing, her expression recapturing her arousal and lust. Toni reached with both hands and encircled my cock, pulling me down toward her opened mouth. Her extended tongue flitted quickly across the tip, as her lips opened and engulfed the mushroom shaped, purple head. I pulled up slightly and she wet her lips again as I slid myself back into her warm mouth. She stoked me awkwardly, and took a moment to get her movements in sync. I realized this was probably the first time she had ever blown anyone and wondered how many other firsts we’d see today.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that Sandy was really muffing into Toni’s pussy. She had her pussy-lips spread wide and lapped at the abundant moisture she produced. Sandy was also massaging the area around Toni’s sensitive clit without making direct contact with the small, pink bud. By Toni’s actions with her hands and mouth on my swollen prick, I guessed she was very near another climax. Sandy moved up and lapped at the girl’s clitoral hood and Toni began to buck her hips intensely, moaning loudly around my cock. The movements of her hands and her sucking changed to staccato jerks than stopped as the intensity of her orgasm increased.

“Aungh, aungh, anugh,” she grunted into my prick, sucking down and holding her mouth still. I went over the top at this sensation, pistoning my dick in and out of her mouth, feeling the back of her throat with each thrust. The blast of seminal heat shot out of me and into her still clinging mouth in repeated waves of ecstacy. Toni swallowed some of my seed, but much of it spilled out of her mouth and ran down both sides of her face. I couldn’t remember when I’d cum so much.

I didn’t pull my prick away from Toni’s lips until I felt myself begin to soften in her mouth. She sucked down on me all the way out, and my cock made a plopping sound at the last. Toni’s and my breathing was ragged and hard, only Sandy was able to say anything at that point. “Well, shit! I haven’t cum yet today. You two are way ahead of me,” she said, wiping her mouth and chin with her hand.

I noticed the skin where Toni wasn’t tanned was getting pink, and suggested, “Let’s get under the veranda and out of the sun, before this girl burns to a crisp.”

Sandy smiled and replied, “That sounds really good, let’s go.”

Turning to Toni, she looked seriously into the girl’s eyes and asked, “You sure you’re ok with this?”

“Oh, yes! This is incredible. The truth is I’ve dreamed of this for a long, long time,” Toni responded enthusiastically.

“Really, how’s that?” Sandy wrinkled her brow.

“Well, honestly . . . I, um, well, . . . I can see more from my bedroom window than you might think,” Tone said, a bit uncomfortably.

“So you’ve watched us before?” I was taken back. We’d had some pretty wild times over the years.

“Yes. The first time I felt myself, uh, down there, I was watching you,” she said.

I walked in the middle as we moved to the veranda, the women on each side. I pulled them close around their shoulders and each draped an arm around my lower back. Their breasts rubbed against my sides, as did their hips; I felt like the king of paradise.

We entered the opened veranda and moved toward a cushioned bench near the back wall. I pulled the cushion onto the floor and Sandy spread another beach towel over it. She sat down in the middle of it, then lay back with her legs drawn up. Her pussy was spread, wet, and inviting. “You were saying something about taking care of me,” she said raising her index finger and motioning for me to ‘come here.’

I knelt between her legs and reached to softly caress her wetness. Sandy reached and pulled my arm, drawing me down to her. She wiped her hand across her pussy, then moved it away to allow me full access to her hot slit.

I made contact with my extended tongue and Sandy shuddered at my touch. “Oh, Baby! I am so ready for you!” she exclaimed. I cupped one hand under her and began to rub across her perineum, slightly entering her slit with my thumb at the bottom. She moaned. I began to lick her in long strokes from bottom to top, pausing at her clit to make small, light circles on her flesh, then resuming long strokes. Sandy bounced her ass in response and rocked against my face as I ate her.

Having gained a rhythm, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Sandy would cum. About then, I felt Toni’s hands begin to roam over my buns and tentatively explore the smooth inside of my ass-crack. I didn’t know what she intended, but what she was doing really excited me. My cock responded instantly. She reached down with one hand and toyed, first with my balls and then, reaching past, began to gently stroke my erect penis.

She continued stroking me with one hand, and with the other began to rim around my rectum, softly at first, then gaining confidence, with increasing pressure. With her seeming innocense, I was amazed that she knew to do any of this. “How much did she really see of us?” I asked myself inwardly.

Toni placed her thumb firmly against my sphincter and started to push. “Apparently, she saw a lot!” I realized.

She had moistened her thumb with her saliva and slipped in me to the first knuckle easily. She continued to apply pressure and was soon buried as deeply as she could go. Sandy does this for me often, and I am used to the sensation. However, the fact that a seventeen-year old girl was diddling my ass was extremely erotic at the moment. Toni continued to stroke my cock with her free hand and was soon in sync with the rhythm I’d found with Sandy.

I ate her like there’d be no tomorrow, and she responded in kind; bucking and thrashing against me intently. Toni, novice though she were, was not shy about trying. She fucked at my tush with her thumb and continued jacking my cock. It would be a bit before I’d cum again, but Sandy hadn’t yet. I felt the tell-tale responses that always announce her climax as she crescendoed toward release.

“Humph, humph, aungh, . . . oh shhhhhiiiiiiiit,” she panted loudly as she came, finally pushing me away from her now sensitive, but very happy pussy. She noticed what Toni was up to, and motioned for her, “Come here Baby,” she said.

Toni pulled out and away from my backside, and knelt beside Sandy on the wide cushion. Sandy drew her into another passionate kiss and their breasts were soon pressed together beautifully. Sandy still had her legs drawn up and Toni beside her, had her’s beneath her. Her buns faced toward me and I could see her pussy lips between her cheeks, a rivulet of her honey dripping from her.

I knelt behind her on my knees and felt her heat as my prick touched her perineum. She reached behind her with one hand and grasped my throbbing pole to guide me home. I needed no further encouragement and began to press forward feeling the parting of her lips around me as my cock-head slipped insider her hot flesh. She was oh, so tight, and very, very wet. She was pushing back against me, and contracting her cunny-muscles. I gave her a moment to adjust and resumed my forward thrust. She and Sandy had broken their kissing and Toni had her head in the cusp of Sandy’s shoulder, her cheek against her breast. Toni now had both her arms around Sandy and was clinging to her tightly.

As I pushed, I met resistance that I knew was her maiden-head and paused, uncertain if I should go further. I couldn’t believe that she was a virgin after what we’d done together already. I looked at Sandy and searched her eyes for guidance. Realizing the situation, Sandy put her arms around Toni’s shoulders and mouthed to me, “Do it, Baby. Just be easy.”

Easy? It’s like breaking an egg; not hard to do, but you have to do it. I pulled back to just inside Toni’s tight lips. I rocked back and forth a couple of times to ensure her moisture covered me. I grasped her hips with my hands and pulled her onto me as I thrust quickly to her depths. Her hymen tore easily as she loudly groaned, “Oh fucking shit, that hurts!” She trembled while I remained buried inside her.

Sandy caressed her back and soothed her softly saying, “Just give it a minute, it’ll be ok. It’ll be ok.”

Toni whimpered briefly and drew in her breath sharply a couple of times. I then felt her push against me and knew she wanted me to resume.

I drew out slowly and paused, rocked into her and bottomed out again. She gasped. I repeated the action. She moaned. I repeated again, and she cooed. Her moisture was complete and I was able to fall into a motion that felt absolutely wonderful. Shortly, Toni began to earnestly fuck me back, rocking with me and milking me inside her. Our flesh slapped together loudly, smacking noisily inside the tiled veranda. Toni turned her face toward Sandy’s and the women were soon tonguing each other’s mouths again.

My vasectomy had ten years proof, so there was no worry of pregnancy. I felt Toni’s pussy clamp around me as she began to pant, “Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck me! Oh, fuck! Oh, yessssss!! Aungh, aungh, aungh . . . Oh, fuuuuucccckkkk!”

My balls tightened coincidentally with her release, a searing heat rushed through my groin, and another force took control of my thrusting loins. Hot streams of my semen fired into her depths in waves of complete ecstacy. I watched as my cum began to seep around my cock and run down Toni’s legs.

Our orgasms were so intense that neither of us could really catch our breath. My legs trembled so badly that I just pulled back and let my softening dick fall from her body, rocking back on my haunches.

Toni lowered into a near fetal position, still resting on her knees and Sandy’s breast. My cum continued to drip out of her pussy in sexy streams, pooling beneath her.

Sandy rose and helped Toni take the place where she had been on the cushion. She kissed the younger woman on the lips saying, “It keeps getting better and better, Sweetheart.”

She then maneuvered herself around and looking with loving affection, lowered her face again to Toni’s youthful cunt. “I’ve always wanted to taste you Tom, in another woman’s pussy,” she breathed almost inaudibly. She extended her tongue and lapped slowly from the bottom to the top of Toni’s sex. Pulling her tongue away at the top, a streamlet of mixed ejaculates extended from Toni’s clit to Sandy’s tongue, breaking only when her face was a handbreath away. She rolled what she had retrieved around in her mouth, relishing in a never experienced delight. She swallowed and smiled up at me.

Winking, Sandy lowered her face and scooped a second helping of our fluids into her mouth. She rose and turned to me, the parting of her lips an overwhelming invitation. I embraced her to me tightly and excepted her kiss and the gift she pressed through my lips with her tongue. The tangy taste of our mixed sex was different than I expected it would be, but was not unpleasant. Holding what I had, I leaned across Toni’s beautiful body and kissed her fully on the lips, allowing what I held to dribble into her mouth below me. Her tongue met mine and we held the kiss for a long moment before breaking away.

I’d never expected the day to take this turn, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We kissed and cuddled, fondling and caressing each other softly. Sandy led us back to the shower and we bathed each other in the waning sunshine.

“I’d better be getting home,” Toni finally said with more than a hint of sadness. “Would you guys mind if I come back before too long?” she asked plaintively.

“I think you could come over anytime you like,” Sandy said, kissing Toni once more.

Tony leaned down and took my cock in her hand lifting the tip. She took the head into her mouth and sucked tightly as she pulled off. “I’d like to, and often if you don’t mind,” she said. She kissed my lips lightly and walked to her bathing suit near the pool. I watched her dress, and marveled again at all the day had held.

Toni gathered her wrap around her shoulders and waved as she made her way toward the side gate. She turned and blew a kiss as she disappeared around the corner of the house.

Tomorrow is Saturday again, and I’m laying here in the dark waiting for the night to end. I can’t wait to see what this day might hold.

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