COmputer Porn Leads Father To Unexpected Fun With Daughter
I was sitting at my computer as usual surfing the young girl sites which were my personal sexual fetish and getting hard looking at photos of young girls in their knickers . My cock getting harder and harder as I clicked on each new pic . Unaware of my daughter standing behind me she soflty asked " Daddy why were you looking at those girls in their knickers?" " I knew there was no point lying to her as she had seen what I was doing so I said "Well baby, Daddy likes seeing pretty young girls in thier knickers " She stood in front of me and looked me in the eye and said "Am I Pretty Daddy". She was too, despite the fact she was
my daughter she was hot and seeing her made my cock throb with desire. Her firm young body was perfect in every way and I had many wanks thinking of her sweet flesh. I smiled and said "Oh yes sweetie You are very pretty" . Her eyes moved to the images on the screen and then to the large bulge in my boxers
that I could not conceal from her knowing eyes. "Do you want to see me in my knickers Daddy". At that moment my cock got harder than it ever been before stretching the boxers I was wearing to their limits.I said " Yes, show Daddy princess, I would love to see you in your knickers baby, Daddy thinks you are the prettiest girl I know and want to see your pretty little knickers " With that she pulled her pajama bottoms down and there before me stood the sexiest little girl body I'd ever laid my eyes on . I was dying to feel her soft skin my cock was jumping at the site of her standing in front of me and the way her knickers clung to her, not too tight but not too loose just right . The pink cotton fabric looked so inviting as it dissapeared between her legs hugging her pussy the way i wanted to with my hand.

I told her to spin around so I could see how her knickers fitted on her arse . As she did I saw her firm young little arse and I thought she really likes posing for her daddy in just her knickers . She turned one last time and stopped and unknown to me my cock has popped out of the slit in my boxers and she was staring right at my hard cock . "Daddy whats that " she said pointing in my lap. I looked down and seen my cock sticking strraight out hard as a rock. I told her that it was my cock and it was hard and very excited to see her in her sexy little knckers . I asked her if she would like for me to show her what I do with it when im looking at pics of girls in thier knickers . She said yeah so started stroking my cock slowly and told her to move around posing like a model and I could feel the cum in my balls ready to blast from my cock . I told her to come closer because daddy's cock was ready to cum and that I wanted her to hold open the front of her knickers for me . She moved between my legs her hips rubbing the inside of my thighs I was stroking harder and faster than I had ever wanked before. She slipped her fingers in her waistband and pulled her knickers straight out and I got the first glimpse of her naked pussy and I leaned forward just enough to point my cock down inside the front of her knickers and the second my cock head touched the the soft skin of her belly huge loads of cum came blasting out, my cock was throbbing so much it hurt. I saw the first thick rope of cum splash over her stomach then I pointed my cock down into her knickers and watched my cock sqirting my hot sperm drenching her pussy and the inside of her knickers . She giggled as I soaked her sweet little pussy, and said" Wow daddy I didnt expect that, its so hot and sticky, what is it?" I told her that it was cum and it was all because she was so sexy and my cock really liked her.

She was standing there in front of me grinning looking into her knickers that were full of my hot sticky cum . I could see my sperm starting to run out of the sides of her cute pink knickers and I was thrilled with the excited look on her face and decided to take it a step further. I asked her if she thought she was a big enough girl to try some things only really sexy girls do ? She said yes I am daddy what do you want me to do ? I told her that big girls always lick their daddies cocks if she wanted to she could get on her knees between my legs and suck the rest of my cum off and out of my dick. She told me that she had seen my
last girl friend doing that to me so she knew what to do . So there I was getting my cock sucked clean by my very sexy little girl as I looked down and watched her long blonde hair draping forward across my legs and the head of my cock disappearing into her sweet tiny mouth . My cock got harder and harder I
told her you are doing a fantastic job sweetie please dont stop daddy wants you to give him the best blowjob ive ever had ,with that she looked at me and grinned with my head in her mouth. Her head was going down on me taking as much of my cock in her mouth as she could which was only about 3 " or so but the feeling was incredible . I told her to hold my cock with one hand and stroke it and play with my balls with the other. When her soft little fingers grabbed my cock and balls i could feel the cum starting to build up deep in my me. There I was getting the best head of my life by my very sexy 15 yr old daughter who was
about to get a mouthfull of my cum to match the load I had already released in her knickers .

I reached down to feel her little nipples and they were hard as tiny rocks . She's really getting off on this i thought to myself . I told her " thats it baby suck daddies cock your mouth feels so hot and wet on my cock do it baby suck the cum out of me " I felt as though I was about to explode with another load of cum as I reached out and put my hand on the back of her head she didnt esist me gentle push and she went down even further on my cock I told her I was going to cum in her mouth soon and she nodded yes never missing a beat I told her ot suck me harder and harder pushing her head down on me. By now I was
rocking my hips toward her fucking her sexy mouth and with one final thrust I pushed about 6" in and I could feel her throat contract around my head as my cum blasted into her mouth She gagged a little and some of my cum leaked out of the sides of her mouth she quickly went back on my cock swallowing harder drinking down all of it . When she was done she leaned back and asked " so how was it daddy
was that better than any of your ugly girlfriends" . I told her yes it was sweetie and nowI guess that makes you the sexiest girlfirend ive ever had .

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I think you are not exactly tell us her real age more like ten that fourteen , my daughter was nine when she first saw my dick. she said she had seen her baby brothers dick but wanted to see a man's one so i took my shorts off and showed her mine and said you can hold it if she wanted to, so she took hold of it and began to play with it. i said do you like it she replied oh yes daddy i said one day when you are old enough i will fuck you with it ok, she said oh yes please daddy. that was two years ago and tonight is when i get to put my dick in her cunt and fuck her. wish me luck.


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Good story

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I'm 15 and I'm not a virgin, age needs to be like 11, I knew what a dick was at round that age

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I'm 15 and I'm not a virgin, age needs to be like 11, I knew what a dick was at round that age

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wMtVnH Really informative blog.Much thanks again. Want more.

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