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does degravity run in families?

My FATHER'S mother, JESSIE, was originally from Germany.

My mother forbid me to visit Grandmother in her suite of rooms. Grandmother's rooms were located in the bottom corner of our old 3-story farmhouse that was located just outside Buffalo, New York.... Jessie had her own small kitchen and bathroom, and of course her own bed and chest of drawers. Grandmother also had her own door that opened onto a small porch and then out into a large back yard, filled with Pine, Hickory, and Oak trees.

My Mother and Jessie, HATED each other. Mother SAID Grandmother, was a witch.

My father, Albert, was an only child. HIS father, Jessie's husband had died when I was only 3 years old, I can still remember HIM vaguely, like a shadow figure in my mind.
Father had promised HIS father to always keep a place for Grandmother, WHERE EVER he lived. Even though my father and mother, loved each other intensely and completely, and got along without arguments or anger this was the ONE thing my father would not do for HIS wife. He would not abandon HIS mother.

I was a brat of nine. I was forbidden to go into my Grandmother's rooms to visit her..My mother knew how much Grandma and I adored each other. My mother felt Grandma-----being what my mother considered a witch-----was an evil influence on my young mind... Of course I DID go in Grandma's rooms-- all the time--at least twice a day, sometimes more often then that. I was a very sneaky little prick, and was born with the ability to keep secrets.

I was the third child of four. When I was nine, my older brother Charles was 15, my older sister Daphne, 13., and my mother had just given birth to a new baby girl during the same year THIS story takes place. Mother was busy with that new baby most of the time, giving ME plenty of space to escape her scornful eye. The truth is, my mother and I never liked each other.... Sad, but true.

I was a tall, skinny, smooth-skinned-- athletic-- very limber, blue-eyed, brown-haired, brat.

I'd learned the year before, that I could bend over, without any strain, and take my penis in my mouth. When doing THAT the feeling was wonderful, and my penis got very hard and felt very, very GOOD. and tasted great too,even right after I'd peed.

My brother Charles and I shared the same bedroom, and of course it was only a matter of time--one Sunday afternoon--when I thought Charles was outside messing around with our old garden tractor, that he came in our room unexpectently, and caught me while I was nude, laying on my back on my bed, with my legs over my head, and my hard nine-year old penis blissfully down my throat! I hadn't ever had a climax up to this time. The sucking on my own cock produced a wonderful wave of feeling all over my lower body and made me feel wonderful, but I still had no idea that just a little more sucking and friction on my penis and perhaps a tickle on my balls could get me OFF in an ecstasy of trembling and quaking muscles..

Charlie sat on my bed beside my upside-down nude body. "Wow, I wish I could do that," he said calmly, not at all surprised by what I was doing.

Charles and I, had a very close brother-to-brother relationship. He never teased me, or Lorded it over me just because he was larger and older then me. He really was the first boy I loved. Even though I was 6 years younger than Charles, I was the dominate one.

Charles stroked my nude ass. "You have soft skin," he said.. "Have you made yourself cum, yet?"

I stopped sucking and brought my legs back down and then sat next to Charlie on the edge of my bed... "What do you mean by cum yet?" I asked, while looking up into his face. He had a little black grease smeared on his left cheek, but I didn't say anything about it. He'd only started to shave a few weeks ago, and I noticed he had a little wispy blond mustache starting to spring out over his top lip.

"If you do it right, and keep sucking and rubbing your dick, you'll get like a shaking thing all over, and all your muscles will be grabbing and shaking, and the feeling will be so good you'll think you're in heaven." He put his arm around me and looked down at my hard cock, but he didn't make any move to touch my dick or do anything but hold me around the shoulders. He smelled of gasoline and oil from the tractor he and Dad had been working on.

"I have to go back outside and finish up on that tractor-- Dad is waiting for me."

Charlie stood up and looked down at me as I still sat in the nude on the bed.. "Why don't you practice some more, and tonight when everyone's asleep, you can show me again how you do it, and I'll try doing it to myself, but I don't think I'm double jointed like you..."

And he was out the door of our bedroom..

I didn't bother to put my legs over my head this time, I just bent over and cupped my small balls in my hand and slid my lips all the way down my cock to the balls. The feeling BEFORE had always frightened me a little. I'd reached THIS intense, ALMOST point of climax, many times, but had always stopped because I was afraid I might pass out, or hurt myself, or hurt my penis in some way--- but with my big brother telling me what to expect, I was now more than eager to experience this shaking all over thing that Charles had spoken of.

I went back to sucking and stroking my cock and felt it get harder and harder and I had a feeling inside me like something BIG and important was about to happen to me, like something was going to burst open.

AND IT DID HAPPEN,,,OH MY GOD. THE FEELING was beyone anything I'd ever felt. I knew I was making NOISES,, AWWWW OHHH.

I tried to hush myself, but the trembling and beautiful spasms seemed to go on forever.. No semen was spurted out of course. My body was too immature for THAT, but the feeling I felt then, was the same as I feel today when I cum, many years later.

Afterward, I lay back on the bed in the nude and pulled a light blanket over me, and was asleep almost instantly.

That night at around midnight, Charlie woke me. There was a full moon, and the light from that moon lit up the inside of our bedroom so we could see each other without turning on the overhead light.

Charles sat on the edge of my bed in the nude. His cock was hard. I'd seen him naked many times, but never with a hard on. "I can't do it," he said. "Watch!"

Charles bent over while sitting on the edge of my bed in the nude and put his arms around his legs to give himself some leverage and tried to pull his head down to his hard cock, but it was no use, he was a good ten or eleven inches away from his dick.

By now, I was wide awake. "I'll do it for you," I said.

"You will?"

I sat up, I was wearing a white t-shirt and cotton jockey shorts. I bent over Charlie's cock. It looked red, throbbing, and beautiful in the white moonlight. Both Charlie and I were circumcised and Charlie's cock had a curl of brown hair growing around it's base. His cock was not huge, but It was much larger than mine. Like my cock, HIS had a large mushroom shaped head, his cock was probably about 6 inches long and quite fat. When I touched it, it felt hot and smooth like silk..

I took command of my big brother. I pushed him gently down on my bed so he was spread out comfortably on his back. I put both my hands palms down on his abs and stroked his smooth stomach and down his thighs.Charlie opened his legs wide, so his hard penis and testicles were fully exposed to my hands and kisses. I can see it all in my mind's eye so vividly now, that I have an erection as I type this, as it flows out of me. I know I'll have to stop writing soon in order to masturbate to the thoughts flooding back over me.... The intense memories..... YES! Sooo good!

As my child's red lips took Charlies hot cock in my mouth I stroked his chest and played with his small hard nipples I stopped sucking on his cock and moved up to his mouth and kissed my big brother. We had kissed before, but never as passionately as this time.. I put my tongue in his mouth and he sucked on it.. I felt the little soft hairs of his silky boy's mustache... . I was guided by some inner knowledge-- of some learned knowledge from another life-- on how exactly to give pleasure. Charles groaned and used my blanket to muffle his moans as I slowly, expertly, went back again to his penis, and then licked and sucked on his testicles... Finally I took his penis all the way into my throat and brought Charles to orgasm. He pumped his cum into my mouth, and that was the most exciting thing I'd ever experienced. I tasted sperm cream for the first time in this lifetime. The feeling of Charlies sperm shooting into my mouth in spurt after spurt, was so exciting and so fulfilling, that I knew then and there, that I loved this. I loved doing this so much that it would be a lifetime pursuit for me.. I wanted it for my lifetime for always.

I held Charlies cock in my mouth long after it had shrunk to it's placid size. Gently, Charles pulled it from my mouth and sat back up on the bed, and went over to HIS bed with just a pat on my head. Within minutes I heard him breathing deeply and knew he was already sound asleep.

I could still taste the salty flavor of Charlies cum, and I went down on myself and made myself cum within a few downward wet plunges of my hot mouth. The memories of how wonderful it felt when Charlies cum shot into my mouth and I had pulled back a little so I could fully taste its creamy, salty flavor, rocked my young body, and I tried to stifle my excited moans as I made myself cum. A few minutes later, I too was sound asleep in my comfortable bed.

Early the next morning , Monday-- it was the end of summer and there was no school-- I crept into Grandmother's rooms.

No one in the house missed me. It was too early for breakfast, and I knew if I showed up at breakfast which was a good hour away, I could tell Grandmother everything that had happened to me yesterday,and last night... Grandmother knew all my secrets. Everything! Grandmother loved me like no one else did, like no one else has EVER loved me... I KNEW this as a child the way one looks to the sun, and knows it will set at the end of the day. Grandmother and I shared every secret. I seemed to have been hardwired at birth to know how to keep secrets. Grandma knew this about me, and over the years I learned amazing things about her that she had never told anyone but me. Grandmother taught me things.

I told Grandmother the entire story, and pulled down the jockey shorts I was wearing to show her how I could suck my own dick. I had told her before that I could do THAT, but this time she wanted to see me do it.

Grandma--Jessie--clapped her hands and told me I was WONDERBAR! Grandmother was 84 or 85 at this time, but she was still healthy, and as I told her my story-- and she asked me for every DETAIL-- a spot of pink appeared on her cheeks, and she removed her dentures while I spoke and placed her teeth in a cup filled with well water. I had removed my cotton shorts and was sitting on a soft chair across from Grandmother with only a white t-shirt and cotton socks on, and as I spoke of taking Charlies cock in my mouth, Grandmother's hand stroked my hard boy's penis and brought it fully erect.

As I told Grandma how wonderful it felt to me when Charlies' cum shot into my mouth and I tasted it for the first time... Grandmother placed a pillow on the floor and got down on her old knees in front of the chair I was sitting in, and gently took my cock into her toothless old mouth.. The heat of her mouth, and the image of her beautiful old, face--even with her age-- the DESIRE AND LUST IN THE way she sucked on my cock made me cum within minutes and as I rocked and ground my hard dick into her face, Grandmother spoke words of endearment to me in German and frantically rubbed her crotch where the housecoat she was wearing, covered with orange and blue flowers, had been opened by her at the front, to reveal her almost hairless pubis.

"Our secret forever liebschen, " Grandmother said after we had both calmed, and she had replaced her teeth, and buttoned her pretty housecoat.

In three years, I was still sucking off my brother almost every day, and Grandma was sucking me off, not each day, but anytime I wanted it. She loved for me to stand naked in front of her, and fuck her toothless mouth while she stroked my ass and body as I came.. She was a wonderful cock sucker. Today, I love women who wear false teeth and don't have implants so they can remove their teeth.... To get a blow job from a hot-- healthy --toothless mouth, is a trip to paradise. Take it from one who knows!

"Are you a witch. Grandma?" I asked her one day.

"Ya, " she replied. "Now I teach you some things too, liebschen...." God! How I loved, and still love that woman. She's been gone from this earth for years, but I still feel her presence around me.

And before I bring this story to an end, which of course is fiction, right? --Some of you are probably wondering about anal sex. Yes! But that's for another story, and another time.


Written by Stardust8937 for XNXX sex stories on 9-30-10...

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stop talking like THIS you mother FUCKER

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