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My parents have been married now for 20 years, and they wanted to celebrate. My parents are called Ted and Louise; they are a very happily married couple. They met in school and never left each other, then a year after they married my sister was born and a few months after my sister was born I was conceived. You can probably guess why my parents are so happy all the time.

So me and my sister were close in age, now a little bit about my sister. Her name is Charlotte, but she prefers to be called Charley, she goes to the same school as I do but she is in the year above me. She’s 16, she’s 5ft 1, slim, blonde hair that goes just over her shoulders, 34C bra size and has blue eyes. Not to mention great legs! I’ve never thought about my sister in any sexual way, but I know she is sexy.

Briefly about me; my name is James, I’m 15 and I am 6ft and constantly make fun of Charley for being smaller than me. I work out fairly often and have a six pack, so my body is fairly toned. Anyway back to the story…

My parents, both in there mid 40s, decided to have a fancy dress party and invite all there friends and family. My mum came up with the idea of a 60s themed disco party because my mum and dad kissed for the first time at a disco when they were younger, and I’m sure they did more than just kiss if you get me.

On the night of the party me, my dad, mum and sister were all dressed in 60s clothes. Charley was looking amazing; she was wearing a dress with the classic 60s bright colours and flower patterns. The skirt was so short any higher and you could see the bottom of her ass, her hair was done 60s style too, curly and put up a little bit. As I said I wasn’t attracted to her but I knew she was attractive, my friends at school always told me they wanted to fuck her and that she was sexy. My friends often joked that she was the village bike but chose to walk; as in that she could get anyone but chose not too…which just angered my friends more.

Every one arrived; most of them were family and very close friends which we normal just referred to as family. After what felt like a montage of eating sausages on a stick and laughing at my relatives trying to dance it was about 12 at night, our house was pretty big so most family members were staying over; while my parents and the other adults were sitting, talking and drinking in the front room.

I was bored and noticed that Charley was gone and assumed she was asleep or just in her room, and after those hours of rubbing up against women’s bums and thighs I remembered I hadn’t wanked yet today. So I said goodnight and wandered off to my bedroom up stairs. As I was walking past my parent’s room I heard a noise and was confused as my parents were downstairs, so naturally I look in. I see Charley sat on the bed with her skirt VERY high up enough too, yes ironically, to see the bottom of her ass. She was facing away from me luckily so didn’t see my slight tent appear in my trousers, I assumed this was because I hadn’t wanked yet today so I turned to go back to my room thinking that she must have been looking for a DVD or something.

As I turn my foot hits the base of the door frame, Charley turns straight around and says “Oh hey…erm didn’t see you there”. I noticed she seem flushed so I asked “Charley you ok? You look a little flustered” as I step into the room. “Oh yea I was…erm…just feeling kinda tired that’s all” Charley says as she turns and I see her arms move as if she has something. I walk around her and say “So why aren’t you in your room if you’re tired?? And what you got there??” I step round to see several old pictures of people from the 60s in some ones house. “Oh these…mum told me I could look at some of her old photos…” I sat down next to her and said “Cool let me see erm” “No mum said that erm…you can’t look at them….” “What? Why would she say that?” I say with a chuckle and pick up a photo.” Hey this is Mum, Dad, Auntie Sue, Uncle Jack, and Auntie Steph. Haha they look like they’re dressed in the same clothes as they are tonight” “Ha....yea…” I turn it over looking at the date and a note, it read.

“1970-27th-Jully. The first of many parties x”

“Woh that’s 30 years ago…today…exactly today haha, must be some kinda tradition of theirs. WOW Mum looks so much different she looks so erm…” Charley buts in adding “Hot? Hahaha you perv!” ”I wasn’t gunna say that! I just meant that she looks so much younger.” I say going slightly red as, well if I’m honest, she DID look hot. “Well if she’s not hot then why do you have this?? Haha” she says giggling and pointing at my dick that’s made an even bigger tent in my trousers than when I saw Charley’s sexy ass, I mean ass…oh fuck! Did I just think of my sister like that?

“Shut up!” I say trying to cover it. “I wasn’t because of mum” I say in protest hoping that that will make it better. “It happened earlier…anyway I’m goi-” But before I could finish Charley interrupted me, “That’s probably cos you haven’t wanked yet then huh?” “What?? I don’t know what your talki-” She cuts me of again saying “I can hear you James, our rooms are right next to each other, you think I’m not gunna notice the wild flapping of your sheets or the low screaming pleasures of a women coming from your computer” She says as she laughs and continues “So what brought this on then? Huh? It was either seeing mum when she was in her late teens…or when you were just perving at my ass a few minutes ago….”

It was quiet…how did she see me? She must have seen the slight tent when I walked into the room. Shit what do I do?

She broke the silence with…

“I don’t care...people jack off its normal. Hell I was just doing it before you walked in” “Really?” I add feeling more horny “Yea why did you think my skirt was up so high and I was so red, you always look red when you leave your room in the morning” she adds with a laugh. “Shut up...wait you were just masturbating? Why in mum and dad room? And why did you have the pict….Oh my god were you just masturbating over Dad...or Jack?” I say with disgust, but it turned me on the idea of Charley, my sister getting fucked by my Dad or Uncle or even BOTH!
“Your one to talk, stealing mine and mums panties to jack off too!” “I was a kid when I did that I didn’t understand about this stuff back then” I add hoping that she didn’t know I stole her panties yesterday, ok maybe I am kidding my self that I'm not sexual attracted to her. Well I am now obviously she’s a fit 16 year old girl who just masturbated and was probably still horny because she hadn’t finished. I added “You’re old enough to understand that it’s not right!”

I notice a small smirk assemble across her face, she bites her lip and thinks for a moment.

“Your right, I am old enough”

With that she stands in front of me and pushes me back onto our parent’s bed. “What are you doi-“before I could finish she kisses me. My own sister was kissing me! And I loved it! She was so sexy I didn’t care any more! Our tongues met, she sat down onto my crotch and my dick was rubbing along her pussy through my trousers. She broke the kiss and said

“Wow lil bro, you’re a good kisser.” And winked, she managed to unzip her dress slightly so she could get her breast out. As the arms came out I was so hard, Charley pushed down a little and rubbed my crotch with hers. Her breasts were amazing, perfect, and best of all her nipples were rock hard. I lent up and sucked her right one and rubbed the other one with my left hand.

“Mmmm your good little bro! But slow down” She stood up and slid her dress all the way down so I could see her completely naked. “Wow sis you’re so sexy! Why are you not wearing any underwear?” I asked. “It made it naughtier when I danced with Dad and Uncle Jack earlier” she said with a wink. My sister…the so called Bike that chose to walk was kinky and not just kinky VERY kinky! My mates would love to be here I think to myself.

She crawls up my body and kisses my again undoing my shirt and running her hands down my chest until she reached my belt. She giggle’s and says “Think I need to concentrate on this job and get a close up view” She drifted down to my crotch and as she does so I lean forward and take my shirt off completely.

She undoes my belt and uses her teeth to pull down my flies. As she pulls it down my bulge because obvious as I am practically breaking out of my boxers. Charley licks her lips and says “Lucky me” She pulls down my boxers and my rock hard 8 inches jumps in front of her face.
“Woh…not so little any more are you brother, should of guessed with your height!” she says with a giggle.

Charley licks all the way up my cock and as soon as she reaches the head leans forwards and takes it into her mouth. She runs her tongue around my head over and over again sending me into ecstasy I lean back and moan.

“No fair littl….big bro” she says with a wink as lifts her head of my cock and crawls up my body.
She looks me straight in the face, grabs my cock and guides it into her sweet pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh” she moans as I enter her, she throws her head back and says “Fuck me!”
I don’t need to be told twice, I start trusting into my sexy sister’s cunt hearing her moan made me go faster and faster!

“Yes! James fuck me! Fuck me brother!” “God sis your pussy is so tight!”
I thought to my self, her hymen must have already been broken because I'm all the way in soon this thought left my mind as my sis had her hands either side of my head and was bouncing like mad looking me straight in the eyes.

“Fuck sis your cunt is so tight!”

“Fuck me! Yes!! Yes!!! Harder!!” she screams

Her breasts were bouncing up and down like made, Charley is moaning so hard turning me on so much.

“Yes bro I’ve thought about this for years!!! FUCK ME!!”
“Fuck sis you’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever met!”

I feel that I'm about to cum and tell my sis.

“No don’t pull out! Fuck me!! Harder!!! I'm on the pill it doesn’t matter! Now FUCK ME BIG BRO!!”

I moan loud and push up into her cunt, having the best orgasm in my life.

“YES!!” Charley screams as she falls down onto me clearly having an orgasm, Her head falls onto my chest. She waits for a few moments before we have our breath back and says “Yes BIG bro! I’ve wanted to fuck you for years!”

“Really? I always wanted to fuck you too!” I admit to myself and to her, she climbs off me and lays next to me saying “All my friends want to fuck you too” giggling “Right back at ya” I add. She bites her lip and looks at me.

“Wait” I ask “What got you so horny in the first place…why where you in here wanking?” Charley gets up and says “Oh yea I forgot to show you” she pulls out a picture from pile and shows me.

It shows my Mum bent over with a cock in her mouth from Uncle Jack and another one up her ass from Dad and then Auntie Sue and Steph making out with each other, and there all competly naked!

“I wasn’t just wanking over Jack and Dad” she adds… “Mum, Sue and Steph are pretty hot too huh?” she giggles.

I laugh and turn the picture over it reads: See you in the next 10 years x

“They do this every ten years??” I say then suddenly realising…”That means their down there right now…”

To be continued

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2013-12-09 16:00:20
have to agree you suck at math and your writing isn't much better. delete and rewrite it using a good editor.

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2011-06-21 03:12:39
Who cares about the maths this story is great!

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2010-11-02 17:41:37
My parents have been married now for 20 years
a year after they married my sister was born
She’s 16

*blinks* somehow the math is wrong there lol.
Did you write it for another site first where both had to be atleast 18 by any chance? ;)


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2010-11-01 19:27:14
Guessing math wasn't you major concern when writing the story hehe ;)

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2010-11-01 19:20:42
My parents have been married now for 20 years
a year after they married my sister was born
She’s 16

*blinks* somehow the math is wrong there lol.
Did you write it for another site first where both had to be atleast 18 by any chance? ;)

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