Becky is home alone, forbidden from seeing her teacher lover for now, but horny as hell.
IHNC 3.5

(These events are from the viewpoint of Becky Whitman, the student/adulteress of Edward Font)

I love Edward Font! I know I say that to myself like a thousand times a day, but I just cannot help it. I have no choice but to accept that he is a happily married man, and now father to two of the most beautiful baby girls in the whole world, but that just makes me love him more.

I know I should stop thinking about him, but after I got him to be my first I want no one else. Mom is strict though, and I know she would KILL me if I break up his marriage, but she still helped me bring him to my bed, so she’s really on my side. I had no choice. If I wanted any relationship with the man I loved, it was as the other woman. I sighed and contented myself to the fact I had that much, and was not shunned altogether.

Mom and I had just had dinner over at Ed’s, and his wife is so nice that I can’t hate her, but oh how I wish it were me that was the mother of his children. Then he’d look at me the way he looks at her. Damn it! My pussy was getting wet just thinking about his smiling eyes.

Mom sent me up to my room to do the rest of my homework before bed, but I’d not had sex in over a week and my cunt was on fire. I couldn’t concentrate or think of anything put when the next time Ed and I would be alone together, and dreaming of feeling his warm love filling my womb.

I was already rubbing my pussy through my clothes when Mom called up the stairs that she had to go out for a few hours to see a friend of hers and that she’d be back before midnight. I looked at the clock and saw it was about nine. “OK!” I yelled back, not even opening the door to my room. I heard the front door open and shut, and the car drive off.

“Alone…” I gasped out and quickly took off all my clothes, dug out my baggiest shirt I owned and put a pillow under it. I posed in the mirror, imagining what it would be like to be pregnant, but it just looked silly stretched because all my shirts were just too small to give a convincing image. Thinking then that Mom was gone, and she had me, so she must still have at least one maternity item of clothing left, I quickly ran downstairs to her bedroom and sneaked in, even though I knew she wasn’t here.

Opening the closet revealed all of my mother’s dresses, suits, an array of clothes that danced over my eyes, but nothing old. I then moved to search her drawers, finding her underwear, a large assortment of bras, and finally in the bottom drawer a bunch of old clothes. Finally! I pulled out a large dress quickly, but it was heavier than I’d expected and a box tumbled out, spilling its contents onto the floor. A bottle of lotion, a strip of shiny square foil packs of condoms, and a simple purple massager spread at my feet.

I was shocked and embarrassed. How could my Mom own these things! Then reason came to me and I’d realized I’d never seen her date anyone, despite being single her whole living memory. Why shouldn’t she? She was a good looking woman. She should really get out and find a guy. Then I it came to me, she hasn’t dated because she wanted to raise me without putting me through that.

I resolved to find her a man in the future, and as I put the items back in the box I hesitated with the long purple massager in my hand. It wasn’t as thick as Ed’s penis, but the unchecked need to feel full throbbed in my core. I put everything back in its place, and rushed back to my room with the stolen tool.

In the security of my room again I stripped off my t-shirt and flopped naked into my bed, got under the covers and turned off the lights. I ran my fingers all over the smooth device, feeling it’s hard and cold plastic form in my hands and thinking it a poor substitute for a real cock, but it would have to do.

Gently I flicked the switch on and felt it come to buzzing life in my hands and that made me giggle at what that would feel like in the confines of my pussy. I turned it back off and pushed it under the covers and down to my groin.

I ran its tip up and down my pussy lips, getting it a wet, but it was uncomfortable because it was so cold. Slowly it warmed up, but as I tried to push it into me it hurt because while I was wet, it was still very dry. I pulled it out and moved it sideways between my lips, hoping to coat enough of my juice on it to make it slick, and just did this for a while, and it started to feel good, just like this.

On impulse I turned it on now, and was in heaven. It was positioned between my cunt lips, with the tip near my asshole, but the side near the switch end was on my clit and that rapid constant vibration shock my clit so nicely I moved the whole thing out and just moved it over my clit. GOD that felt great. I’d never considered masturbating before, but suddenly wished I had a long time ago.

I toyed it over my clit again and again, grinding it into my pelvic bone as I shook with pleasure waves crashing over my body. It didn’t take long for me to have my first mini-orgasm, and my shuddering pussy convulsed emptily. That’s when I repositioned the now slick buzzing rod and jammed it deep into my sopping wet cunt.

If I thought it felt good before, this was even better. I placed my other hand on my clit, frigging it mercilessly, while with the other thrust it in and out of my desperate pussy hard and fast. I started cumming buckets of cum all over my sheets in no time, but I just couldn’t stop thinking of my lover in my arms, thrusting into me over and over, still unsatisfied.

I didn’t let up on my burning bush, stabbing into it again and again with the electric phallus until I’d cum about four or five times. When I was too sore to continue I flicked it off, but left it in my pussy, desperate to feel like Ed was still in me; that I was loved. I rested then, just hugging myself and almost crying from loneliness.

Then I heard the front door close downstairs. Damn! I still have the vibrator! I pulled it out of my sticky vagina and hid it under my pillow, saw the clock said eleven, then closed my eyes and feigned sleep, hearing footsteps come up the stairs.

The door opened and I could hear Mom looking in on me before she closed the door and returned downstairs to her own bedroom. I got up and listened carefully. I heard the pipes in the house turn on, and guessed that Mom was in the shower, so quickly and quietly snaked into her room.

I was SHOCKED with what I saw then, on the bed was a black lace teddy that she must have taken off! I wanted to say or do something, but just opened the drawer and replaced the vibrator in the secret box and returned upstairs as quickly as I could.

I was jealous, hurt, betrayed and a whirl of other emotions. Why was mom wearing lingerie!?! Well of course I know why, but for whom?

Then, thinking back my vow to get her set with a man, I realized why she never dated openly with me before. I relaxed and thought maybe she did date, but just kept it quiet, not wanting it to bother me. Now it didn’t, but with who? Surly she didn’t just have one-night stands or hire male prostitutes! Those were just ridiculous with all the talk of love and respect she always told her about when finding love.

She had raised me well, so the only answer was it was someone she knew. Fantasies drifted all through my head about the men my mother was dating, from local men to coworkers, and eventually super-spies and movie stars as my dreams came and I feel asleep.

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1iEQFo Not bad post, but a lot of extra !!...

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2011-08-17 10:10:45
I cannot remember when I first fingered my cunt but I do know that I was very young. All the girls at school fingered themselves and sometimes each other. When I was thirteen my younger sister caught me frigging myself in the shower and instead of being silly about it said that she could show me how to orgasm, something I'd never done at all. That afternoon we went to bed together naked and we sat facing each other with our legs open. I watched as she spit on her fingers and opened her slit and gently rolled her clit side to side and with her other hand put two fingers into her cunt. I was copying her and it was nicest ever. Soon my whole cunt was hot and getting very slippery and i could get three fingers into my hole. I got my clit between my finger and thumb and gently rolled and pulled it and then i lost all control. I rubbed at my slit like a mad thing and eventually pushed four fingers into myself and then I think I fainted. My cunt tasted nice then for the first time ever.

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2011-07-25 10:58:55
When I was at universty in Leeds there were some very wild parties but I was studying hard and kept to myself. My sex life consisted of fingering my cunt when I went to bed and having the occasional orgasm. When I was nineteen l went to my friends birthday party and really got too much to drink and became involved in some silly games. I had a man l'd never seen before fuck me and afterwards lick my cunt which was lovely then later l was in a masturbation competition. the rules were, a cold start and then the one who could 'come off' and get the wettest cunt was the winner. The very sight of eight or nine girls frigging their cunts was fabulous and in a few minutes I'd cum twice and my slime was running down my thighs and dripping on the floor so l was the winner. No one seemed to notice that some of the juice coming out of my hole was some of the cum that the man had put in me when he fucked me. I later won the 'nicest tasting cunt' competition

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