Little Lacy Pt6 Sleepover pt3

After we had all showered off we decided to have some popcorn and try and watch some T.V. since the movie idea was not gunna work.
The girls decided to just stay naked after the shower since I was the only one around and they were trying to make me horny again. Tonight I was actually going to take the virginity of both these little vixens.
I was sitting on the couch in just a pair of boxers and flipped through the channels till we found something interesting to watch…… ok I was looking at two preteens laying on their stomachs on the floor with their legs spread, they were watching T.V. I couldn’t take my eyes off their soft smooth little asses that seemed to stick out and beg to be filled with my big dick.
As we sat there I suggested they put some lotion on for bead because I liked to feel their soft skin. Mina looked up at me and grinned as she went into Lacy’s room to grab a bottle of Dora the Explorer skin lotion. She returned and I was entertained by watching to little preteens rub each other down for my viewing pleasure.
Mina opened the lotion said to Lacy “Who am I?” She then squirted the lotion out all over Lacy’s budding little breasts with three squirts. They then both giggled and looked at me. I said “Well I guess that is supposed to be me…. And it will be me again for bedtime.
Mina started to run the lotion into Lacy’s chest and running her fingers over her stiffening pink little nipples. She then moved down her belly and then over her hips just above her little slit. She applied more lotion down her legs and moved up her thighs to the inside of Lacy’s legs. She then rubbed the little lotion she had left over Lacy’s clit and started moving it around in circles. I watched as Lacy closed her eyes and had her tongue sticking out slightly. I asked Mina “Do you like touching her little pussy?” she looked at me with those sexy little brown eyes and said “yeah…. I wanted to do what you did to her because it makes me feel funny down here too.”
Lacy then flipped over and Mina continued down Lacy’s back and over her juicy little jailbait ass down her legs. She then decided to explore the region between Lacy’s ass cheeks. She spread them open and ran her thumbs down the inside of her cheeks and looked at that puckered asshole. She then Looked at me and said “Does it feel good when your thing goes in there?” I replied “I’m gunna make it feel good for you tonight in there baby, because you are the hottest little girl along with my lil Lacy I have ever seen.” She smiled and the girls switched positions.
Lacy seemed to know what she was going after and quickly rubbed the lotion into Mina’s puffy nipples and moved down her belly to her clit. She started to masturbate Mina right there without any though of foreplay. She ran her fingers over Mina’s clit and rubbed the lips. Lacy then looked at me and said “Daddy… can you stick your thing in her first I wanna see what it looks like?” Mina replied before I could say anything “Yeah stick your big thingy inside me first I wanna be a big girl.”
Holy fuck, how could I say no to what to preteens begged me to do. Then I moved off the couch and told them lets go to the bedroom where It was more comfortable. The followed as I pulled my boxers off to reveal my stiffening pussy pleaser. The girls got on the bed and I told Mina to lie on her back and grab her ankles so that I could see her sexy little holes for me to play with. Lacy then watched with delight. I asked Lacy to grab the lube from my bedside table and rub some on my cock and on her friend’s two holes. I stopped to watch what was really about to happen. Two preteen girls naked on my bed waiting in line for me to take their virginity….. both holes….
After Lacy jerked my cock a few times making sure I was lubed up I told Mina that I was going to stick it in and it was going to hurt for a few minutes but I would feel better. I had Lacy hold Mina’s slit open for me to stick the plum size head into the entrance of her pussy. I slowly pushed forward and felt how tight her little pussy walls were starting to grip the head of my cock. Mina grunted some and breathed shallow in anticipation for the giant size cock … to her …. Fill up her pussy. I told her there was going to be some pressure and then pain. She waited and then I shoved my stiff cock against her hymen and pushed forward till I felt a pop. She looked into my eyes with a loss for words and breathed until the pain subsided. I then pushed in further and then stayed there being three quarters of the way inside her. Lacy watched with amazement and jealousy that her friend was getting fucked by me. She started to moan some and I moved in and out of her pussy as she started to feel more pleasure than pain inside her pussy walls. I started to fuck her a little faster enjoying the tight little pussy wrapped around my cock and her little mouth making “oh oh oh” noises and I took her innocents away from her. She started to breathe faster and then I watched her body seize up and she closed her eyes and shook for 20 seconds and let out a long sigh. I asked “So Mina how did you like your first orgasm from a big cock inside of you?” She smiled up at me with her blushed face and said “oh my god that felt soo good. Can you be my daddy too?” The girls both giggled and Lacy soon switched positions with her preteen counterpart.
Lacy got down in front of me and I had already wiped the blood off that would have freaked them out even more. I asked Mina to jerk my dick off some using the lube and then rub some on her little friends slit. I looked into Lacy’s eyes and slowly sank my cock inside her pushing into her hymen and then heard a pop. Lacy let out a cry/moan as she lost her innocence to the one man she had fallen in love with. I slowly started to move in and out giving her time to adjust to the pussy filler she was rocking up against. Soon she was pushing her hips against me trying to enjoy the sexual feeling she longed for every night since I fingered her ass. I started fucking her harder than Mina because I was more responsible for making sure Mina was returned to her family less damaged. I fucked Lacy harder and she moaned loud and became short breathed and let out little wincing sounds as she arched her back and convulsed three times and I knew she too had cum for the first time by my dick. She then relaxed and I told them I didn’t want to be left out and I wanted to cum too. They both regained their strength and played with my now cleaned dick. Lacy and Mina both had their hands and tongues all over my dick. It wasn’t going to be long before I came since I took the virginity of two sexy lil preteens. Mina rubbed my balls and ran her tongue along the base of my shaft and Lacy Had the whole head in her mouth swirling her tongue around sucking hard as if to repay me for the pleasure I gave her. I pushed Lacy’s head down further on to my cock and she willingly obliged and had half my dick in her mouth as the head tickled the tip of her throat. I bucked my hips up a couple of times and told them I was going to cum. I stood up and had them both on their knees holding each other with their mouths open and I jerked my cock off and sprayed several shots of thick white creamy cum on to their faces and tongues and watched it trickle down their chins to their bellies. I watched for a minute as they licked some of the cum off their chins with their little tongues giggling at each other. I finally collapsed on the bed as was spent from such an overwhelming and unbelievable experience. We had to shower off again and decided to fall asleep naked and cuddling.

lee houghamReport

2015-10-25 07:38:40
I loved it, made me feel so hot as if I was there in the room with them

Anonymous readerReport

2015-03-06 20:45:27
Seriously? Were all of these written by the same person? You should, at least, try to keep the facts as you have presented them in the story, straight. <ahem>

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2014-12-06 01:08:34
Reasonable story, but far too short to really enjoy.

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2014-03-21 02:04:20
I would have shot my cum in both their pussies

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2012-10-13 23:48:16
While the story was hot!!can't imagine how hot and tight a 8 and 10yr old pussy would be even so Lacy's ass was fucked earlier in the story and when you fucked her pussy you said she didn't have a cherry pay attention

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