I think this story has to appeal to alot of men and women, enjoy
As told to me directly from the young lady herself about a year later...enjoy it.

Hi my name is Debbie when I was a senior in High School I used to baby sit for a couple that had a new baby, she was one year old and her name was Destiny. It was an easy job cause all I had to do was feed her a bottle and put her to bed when they went out. My 18th birthday had just come and gone and I graduated just a few weeks before this happened.

I was in love with Destiny’s Dad from the first moment I saw him in his business suit. He was sooooooo hot! That I often fantasized about him making a move on me. He had dark thick hair and looked to be in fantastic shape….I ran track and his athletic body made me undress him in my mind every time I saw him, as I wondered what he looked like with his clothes removed.

“Okay we’ll be at this place and here is the phone number.” Chad told me, “You just call if you have any problems?” He told me on several occasions before he and his wife left Destiny in my care and left the house for there regular Saturday night date.

“Sure” I answered and took the post-it note from his tan hand.

Chad’s wife was only a few years older than me and smiled as she handed over her baby to my care as they left the house.

I watched them leave and dreamed about Chad….he was so hot that I prayed that he would make a pass at me. I pushed down the thought and took care of Destiny and settled into the normal routine of watching T.V. until they got home just like ever Saturday night around midnight.

I watched Destiny for them for about 6 months and then it got interesting one week when Chad and his wife asked me to help out while Stephanie would be gone for a week to visit her parents on the east coast.

“Chad will be working but if you could stay all day we can pay you for your time.” Stephanie said to me and I quickly agreed since I needed the money and a fantasy teased my brain about Chad wanting me instead of her.

“Sure….I can do that since I’m not in school.” I told her.

The summer was so boring that I didn’t really care with no current boyfriend and needing the money.

Amy said, “Great! That will just be great” I swear that Chad looked at me and winked when his wife turned her back.

I remember my face turning red as I blushed and wondered if he had really winked at me?

Monday morning arrived and Chad opened it and let me in.

“Hi Deb” He said smiling in his suit and tie, “I’ll be back around five, if you have any problems just call this number.” He handed me a business card and raced out the door and drove off leaving Destiny in my arms while I thought about him and what he might look like naked.

Chad was like….. 32 and I was eighteen but I was in love with him….he was so hot that after I fed Destiny I sat on the couch and thought about him again and almost masturbated when my hand found its way up between my legs and started rubbing my mound through my jean shorts.

I know that it was wrong to think of a married man like that but he was so good looking that I could not help my self. All I could think about was seeing him naked between my legs and I knew that I would have let him between them if he really wanted me.

I kept Destiny awake all morning and around one in the afternoon I put her in her crib and padded down the stairs to watch Jerry Springer on the T.V. About 1:30 the door opened and Chad walked in.

“Hi Deb what’s Des doing?” He asked as he undid his tie.

“I just put her down for a nap, what are you doing home so soon?” I asked him.

“Oh well I got the afternoon off….you can leave if you want or…..?”

“Or what?” I asked hoping that he would come up with a reason for me to stay.

“Well I was planning on drinking some beer….you want to join me?” He asked.

I was never much of a drinker at that point in my life and the thought of spending some time with him made me say, “Sure”

“Okay let me go change out of this monkey suit and I’ll bring out the beer.” He laughed and ran up the stairs to change.

A few minutes later Chad walked in to the living room with two beer bottles.

“Here ya go….drink up!” He told me.

Chad had on some shorts and a tank top and I noticed the bulge in his crotch and I thought about pulling them down to see what was making it….. as we toasted the bottles together. I took a sip and the taste was strong and made me cough a little.

“You okay?” He asked as he sat down next to me on the couch.

“Yeah” I told him as he patted my back while I coughed.

The next swig went down better and before long I was asking him for another one.

“Sure” He said and returned with two more cold bottles.

In just a short while the second beer was empty and my stomach growled as the brew inside it churned in my tummy.

“You want to watch a movie?” Chad asked.

“Sure what do you have?” I asked him as I started on my third beer.

Chad put a DVD in the player and hit the play button.

“Oh it’s something I think you will like.” He told me grinning.

The movie began with a bang….a girl was sucking a huge dick and moaning out loud. I was shocked at first but curious enough to watch as the girl in the film was obviously enjoying her self. I sucked down the beer in big gulps wondering why he had chosen that particular movie.

“Have you ever done that?” Chad asked me.

“No that’s gross” I told him but could not tear my eyes from the screen as the man groaned while the girl sucked hard on the big knob that was inside her mouth.

“I bet you would be good at that.” I heard Chad say as I kept starring at the T.V.

Secretly I was turned on by the movie and watched the girl sucking the big shaft until the man in the movie began to pump his thing hard….The girl held her tongue out as white stuff shot out inside her mouth and then started leaking out as it started dripping off her chin onto her huge breasts.

“That’s gross” I said and sucked on my beer.

“How do you know?” Chad asked, “Unless you’ve tried it?”

Chad must have known the movie was turning me on….I remember squirming a little as the man in the movie said, “Yeah baby suck my fucking dick!” while he jacked the big shaft up and down… as more cum poured down the girls face.

“Maybe you aren’t old enough to appreciate this kind of thing?” Chad said and moved closer to me.

I felt the heat of his body as he moved closer to me and invaded my space.

“Maybe you need an older guy to teach you some things……” His voice trailed off as he looked deep into my eyes.

“Maybe I do?” I told him and quickly looked back to see what was going to happen next.

Chad kissed me and I let him…..his warm hand quickly moved up under my top and slipped inside the cup of my bra and teased my nipple that was already hard and pointed.

“What are you doing?” I asked watching the movie.

“Oh well your boobs look so good I just want to feel them.” He said as his other hand moved up under my bra to squeeze my left boob.

I let Chad kiss me and kept my eyes open as the girl on the T.V. screen wiped the cum from her chin as she lay down on a sofa and spread her legs wide. I could see the pink insides of her pussy as she spread her lips wide and told someone off camera to, “Come here and fuck this little pussy!”

I could not take my eyes from the screen as another man got on his knees in front of her and stroked the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I could feel Chad as he lifted up my top and fumbled with the front of my bra until it popped open.

“Damn…..your boobs are awesome!” I heard and strained to watch the huge cock head being rubbed up and down the little blonde girl’s wet pussy.

I guess the fact that he was married never entered my mind until later. Between the movie and the beer I just let him do what ever he wanted to me. I felt a warm wet mouth cover my hard nipple and felt his tongue as it flicked at the tip and then he started sucking on it.

“MMmm your nipples taste good, and it’s so hard.” I barely heard and watched the movie intently.

I squirmed again and it felt like my crotch was soaking wet as the man on the T.V. pushed the huge pink knob inside the tiny girl as she groaned and told him, “Yeah baby fuck me with your big dick!”

I felt Chad’s mouth switch to my other nipple and I rubbed my hand through his thick black hair on his head as he sucked it hard.

“You like that?” Chad mumbled as his mouth quickly sucked my nipple back into his warm mouth.

“Oh yeah that feels good.” I told him.

I watched in fascination as the huge cock disappeared inside the tiny girls vagina….she groaned and told him, “Oh fuck your cock is so fucking big…..Fuck me with your big hard dick!”

I could feel Chad’s fingers undoing the button at the top of my jean shorts…quickly his fingers started unzipping them while he teased my nipple with the tip of his wet tongue.

“Rise up.” He said as he tugged at the tops and tried to pull them off me.

I raised my hips up and my shorts slid over my butt and down my legs. Chad pulled them all the way down and tugged them over my sandals and threw them to the side as I watched the girl in the movie start screaming as the huge cock started fucking her little pussy.

“Oh yeah baby…..fuck me….Unnhhh yeah fuck meeeeee!” The girl was moaning as I watched the big wet cock sliding in and out of her as Chad hooked his fingers inside the waist band of my panties and pulled them down my legs.

“Oh God!” He said when he saw my shaved pussy for the first time, “Can I eat your pussy?” He asked.

“Sure what ever.” I told him more interested in the movie.

I quickly smiled at him and then looked back at the movie. He pushed my knees apart and moved up between my legs on his knees. I pushed my hips out to the end of the sofa and held the back of his head as he began to lick my navel and slowly move downward.

I let out a moan when I felt Chad’s tongue slip between my lips. No one had ever gone down on me before and it felt wild as the tip of his tongue began to lick my wet slit. I wanted to see the man in the movie cum in the tiny girl’s pussy. He was grunting hard as his strokes became faster and faster making the woman moan out loud as he fucked her with his big wet shaft.

Chad’s tongue found my clit after teasing me for what seemed like an eternity, I jumped a little as the vacuum of his hot mouth sucked my clit up into his mouth and the tip of his tongue flicked it like a snake.

“Oh shit!” I groaned and pulled his head deeper into my crotch.

I could not ignore the feelings any longer and let out a moan at the same time the girl in the movie did. I pulled my top over my head and tossed it aside….. and squeezed my breasts with both hands while Chad ate my pussy.

“Mmmmm yeah….eat my pussy baby!” I told the back of his head that was buried deep in my crotch.

I felt a finger slip up inside me as Chad sucked my clit even harder.

“Oh Oh FUuuuuck!” I groaned as the woman on the T.V. held her legs by the back of her knees and pulled them wide apart as the man with the huge cock grunted and fucked her even faster. I had never seen a porn movie before and it was really starting to make me hot.

I could see white creamy fluid leaking out of her pussy and coating the big cock as it banged in and out of her on the screen.

“Unnnhhh AHHHHHHHH!” I groaned and held Chad’s head down in my crotch and bucked my hips upwards into his face when my clit exploded and sent electric current up my spine as I got off harder than I ever had before.

The man in the movie was yelling and I could tell that he was Cumming in her as he just left the big head inside of her and jacked the fat shaft up and down hard pumping his cum inside of her.

I ground my hips on Chad’s sucking mouth until my orgasm wound down and unfortunately the movie ended and the screen went black soon after the woman stuck her own fingers inside of her cum filled pussy and then licked the creamy white fluid that covered them.

“I love the taste of your pussy.” Chad looked up at me…his chin wet from me.

With nothing else to watch I bent down as he kissed me…..I could taste my own fluids as his tongue slipped inside my mouth. The smell was strong and I was so horny that I didn’t care.

Chad stood up in front of me….standing between my legs and began to unbutton his shorts. He pulled them down and then his boxer shorts as I watched his cock spring up and stand out like a spear.

“Debbie you want to learn how to suck cock?” He asked me.

His thing was not as big as the one in the movie but a lot larger than any boy I had ever been with before. I watched as he stroked it up and down.

“You want to suck on this for me baby?” Chad asked me again.

I was so horny I just told him, “Sure” not knowing what I was in for. I had never sucked a cock before and the one in front of me looked huge as he straddled me and the big knob filled my vision as he put it up to my lips.

“I don’t know what to do.” I confessed.

“Kiss the end and then open up and let me in.” Chad told me.

I kissed the end….it felt hot on my lips and then I opened my mouth wide as he pushed it inside. I could smell the musty scent in my nose and the big warm head felt so smooth and slick in my mouth. My tongue could feel the veins that stuck out on his shaft as he began to slowly push it in and out of my mouth.

“Oh yeah that’s right…..just suck it…hard.”

I sucked hard as I clamped my lips around the warm shaft. The big knob moved deeper inside as he held my head with both hands. I felt something warm on my chin….the warm sack of his balls was resting on it and I could feel the big knob as it tickled the back of my throat.

“Oh Damn….girl….that’s it suck my fucking dick!” Chad told me.

“MMmmm” Was my answer, as I concentrated on sucking the warm slick cock inside my mouth.

Chad held my head and pushed his cock deep in my mouth until my nose touched his body.

“Oh Fuck Yes!” Chad groaned.

His cock felt alive in my mouth as it began to swell up and jerk with the beat of his heart.

“Baby I’m going to cum in your mouth…..Unnnnnh….and when I do I want you to suck as hard as you can.”

I wanted to please him and there was no way I could answer with his thing stuffing my mouth.

“Mmm huhhh!” I moaned on his dick.

I held Chad’s round hard ass with my hands as he began to moan and groan as he fucked my mouth.

“Oh Oh here it cums babe……suck it hard…..!” He told me.

Chad pulled his shaft out all the way except for the head and began to jack his shaft. I could feel the big warm knob swell up in my mouth….I sucked it as hard as I could and a few seconds later a huge spray of cum blasted out and hit the back of my throat.

“AH AH AH OHhHhh FUUuuuccck Yesssss!” Chad yelled as I almost drowned while his cock spurted inside my mouth.

“OH fuck Yeah.... suck it down baby!” Chad encouraged me.

I swallowed in big gulps to keep from drowning… took a few seconds before the taste and smell hit my senses. It was a bitter sweet taste and smelled rank as I kept swallowing. My eyes started watering…I put the bottom of my tongue over the end of it as it jerked one last time as it leaked and filled my mouth with cum. I opened my mouth and could feel the excess drip down my chin and onto my tits.

“Oh Fuck!....OH God Damn!” Chad groaned and jerked his shaft hard with his hand.

I sucked hard and as one last little squirt leaked out just before he pulled it out of my mouth.

I looked at him as he continued to pump his shaft.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah…..I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you.”

“Oh Chad I’ve always wanted you to fuck me.” I told him.

Chad got off the couch and moved back to his knees between my legs.

“Oh Damn your pussy looks good.” He told me as his hand jacked his shaft up and down.

Chad slapped the big shaft against my pussy lips and then started to rub the big knob between my hot folds that wanted him.

“UNNNNhhhhhh” I groaned when he pushed it inside of me.

“Fuck your tight!” He told me….. but that didn’t stop him from pushing even deeper.

I could feel the big warm knob as it lead the way for his shaft and sunk down deep in me.

“Oh yeah” Chad groaned, “Your pussy feels good.”

I watched the big shaft disappear between my legs and could feel it inside of me as it pushed my vagina wide and slid inside of me.

“Fuck Me Baby!” I told him and winced when the end of his cock drove deep inside me.

Chad grabbed my tits in his hands and began to fuck me with long hard strokes that made me want to scream out…..I did and begged him to fuck me harder just like the movie.

Each time his body slammed into me and I felt his balls between the cheeks of my ass I groaned out loud and begged him to fuck me harder….just like the little slut I was becoming.

I came again and felt my insides get wetter as Chad continued to fuck me.

“Turn over.”

I got up and lay on the floor as he got behind me and put his cock back in my pussy from behind me. I was so fucking horny that all I wanted was to feel his cock inside of me. Chad started to bang me again as he held my shoulders and fucked me hard….his cock felt huge as he took me from behind. I could feel his body pressed up tight against my butt….the big warm dick deep inside my pussy.

I could feel that Chad was going to cum in me…his cock was growing inside of me and I could feel it when it began to jerk and spurt hot fluid inside my pussy.

“Oh OH FUUUUUucccck yesssss!” Chad yelled out as his cock exploded deep inside me and made my pussy gush with its own fluid. I came and squeezed the jerking shaft, raising my butt and pushing back against his thrust.

“That’s it baby..... fuck my dick!” He told me as I pushed back against him loving the feeling of him deep inside of me.

“Squeeze my dick with your pussy!” He told me.

My pussy was warm and wet with Chad’s cum as I bucked backwards and wiggled my ass as he moaned and unloaded two more hot spurts inside of me as I squeezed his jerking shaft with my vagina.

We were both gasping for breath when the front door lock began to spin and Amy walked in.

Chad was on top of me…his cock buried deep inside of my pussy as it continued to leak his wonderful cum. I squeezed my butt cheeks and milked his shaft with my vagina. I raised my head and looked at Amy who stood there in shock….her husband’s cock was deep inside me. My orgasm continued to cause my vagina to milk Chad’s jerking shaft in spite of my wishes and I grunted each time it jerked inside me…..

“Ohhhh GOD!” I groaned out loud when his last spurt blasted out inside of me.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Amy screamed out loud and dropped her keys on the floor.

I looked up into Amy’s face which was turning red as she looked at her husband who was on top of me….his cock still buried deep in my pussy. I felt Chad’s cock jerk one more time and my vagina responded on its own and squeezed him one last time before he yanked it out and stood up above me.

"Hi baby" Chad said.

“I leave for half a day and you start fucking our baby sitter!” Amy screamed with her fist clenched in rage as I looked up at her from the floor. I could feel Chad’s warm cum dripping out of my pussy as it flowed down over my swollen clit and I shivered.

I looked up at Chad who stood there next to me…his banana shaped cock dripping creamy white cum onto the shag carpeting.

“Hey babe it’s not what you think?” Chad tried to explain hurriedly.

“Just shut the fuck up you ASS HOLE!” Amy screamed, “You stand there with your dick dripping wet from that little bimbo’s pussy and try to tell me….. It’s not what I THINK!” Amy yelled and I dropped my head to the carpet and wished it was all a bad dream.

“Hey I couldn’t help it…..” Chad mumbled, “She told me she wanted to fuck a man instead of the boys at school.”

“Is that true? Did you show your cute little body to my husband and beg him to fuck you!” Amy yelled at me.

“No…..Noooooo! Chad put on a porn movie and got me undressed and then ate my pussy.” I cried as tears ran down my face.

“And you liked it didn’t you!”

I was balling and yelled back, “Yes…..yes I did.”

“Oh I see how you did it Chad.” She said loudly, “And when you were turned on he put his cock in you…….right?”

“Yess yeeessssss” I cried and buried my face in my hands.

“Chad you ass hole you took advantage of this poor girl!” Amy’s tone softened.

“Yeah hon I guess I did….but her pussy felt so good!” Chad told her...... like that was a perfectly good excuse.

I felt Amy standing over me and her hand began to rub my head as I cried my eyes out.

“She is very cute.” I heard Amy say, and tried to make sense out of her words.

“Come on Debbie…its okay I know it was my husbands fault not yours.” She said and rubbed her fingers through my hair, “Let me help you up.”

Amy took my hand and helped me up and sat me down on the sofa, “There you go honey don’t cry…..okay?”

I sniffled and sat there naked on the couch trying to stop my tears and wondering what the hell was going on.

“Oh my God……your little pussy is shaved bare and looks yummy!” Amy said and I looked up trying to understand the words she had just spoken to me as Amy began to take off her suit coat and quickly yanked her top up over her head…..her bra less boobs had huge nipples that stuck out….gold rings poking through them.

Amy started talking to me like I was a baby, “Did my mean old husband stick his big hard dick in your tiny little pussy?” as she dropped down in front of me and pushed my knees apart.

“Uh Hunh.” I sniffed and looked her in the eyes, I let Amy spread my legs apart not knowing what the fuck was going on?

“I bet he filled your little pussy with cum? Didn’t he?” Amy said and peered down at my crotch.

“Yeah” I said wondering about the change in her attitude, still trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.

Just then I felt some more liquid dripped out of my freshly fucked pussy and run down the crack of my butt as Amy watched and I stared at her huge boobs with the pierced nipples.

“You really filled her up didn’t you baby?” Amy said to Chad.

“Oh Hell Yes!.....she has a sweet little snatch.” Chad replied. I looked over at him and he was stroking his cock right there in front of us.

“I see that honey, it looks like you fucked her good.” Amy remarked looking at her husband's cum that was dripping out of my pussy.

"Did you like the way my husband fucked your little pussy?" Amy asked me....tell Amy the truth!

"Yes....oh Yess I did!" I told her and started crying again, "He made me cum 3 times."

Amy grabbed my hips and pulled them forward to the edge of the sofa and bent down in my crotch….I could feel her warm breath on my wet pussy lips and then jumped as she covered my pussy lips with her hot mouth.

“OOooh!....What are you doing?” I yelped out loud.

Amy let my lips slip out of her mouth and looked up at me, “Your little pussy taste good baby…I’m going to clean it up for you before you go home.”

“But I thought you were mad?” I asked.

Before I could complain any more Amy’s mouth quickly dove back down to the opening of my vagina and I could feel the suction as she started to suck hard. I was so fucked up trying to figure out what was happening that I just let her.

“Oh my God that’s so hot baby….suck my cum out of her tight little cunt!” Chad said and stroked his cock.

Amy’s warm tongue was lapping inside of me while her mouth sucked me hard. Her hand rose up and pushed down on my tummy and I felt my vagina contract hard. I felt warm fluid pour out and Amy just sucked harder…..sucking Chad’s cum out of my body like a vacuum cleaner.

I moaned out as Chad’s wife ate….no sucked her husbands cum out of me like it was her last meal on earth.

Chad jumped up on the couch and put one knee over my body….straddling me and his hard cock was once again at my face level. I focused on the purple knob and he touched it to my lips.

“Suck my cock….get it nice and hard and I’ll fuck Amy for you.” He told me grinning.

I wanted to yell at them both and run out of the house when Amy’s mouth started sucking on my clit again…..I was trapped by my own lust.

“AHHHhh” I groaned and Chad’s cock slipped in my open mouth once again.

I could taste Chad’s cum and my own pussy as he began to fuck my mouth. Amy was licking my clit and then dropping lower to suck Chad’s cum from her fingers that she had been fucking me with.

I realized then that they had fooled me….they had planned this but I didn’t care. All I cared about was Amy’s mouth on my clit and Chad’s cock in my mouth.

Chad removed his dick from my mouth and got off the couch and dropped down to his knees behind Amy. I watched as he lifted her skirt up over her back. I could tell he was pulling her panties down and then his head disappeared from view and Amy groaned into my pussy.

“Oh baby your pussy is wet… must like eating Debbie’s little pussy just like I did!” Chad said.

Amy moaned on my clit again and I almost came and reached down to hold her head.

I watched Chad behind Amy as Amy’s tongue began to increase its speed when Chad pushed his cock into her from behind. Chad grinned at me and began to fuck his wife who was busy eating my pussy.

“Watch me fuck my wife….just like I fucked your sweet little cunt.” Chad grinned at me as he slapped Amy’s butt cheeks with both hands.

Amy sucked my clit hard one more time and I yelled and came in her mouth…….feeling more fluid being sucked out of me as my hips rose and I ground my pussy on her mouth and tongue that was swishing around inside of my pussy.

“Oh yes baby fuck me……Oh God fuck my pussy!” Amy groaned as I got up from in front of her to watch Chad’s hard dick as he fucked his wife from behind while Amy grabbed the edge of the couch.

I had never seen a man fuck a woman before and watched as Chad’s hard shaft slid in and out of his wife from behind. Amy’s wet folds caressing the fat wet shaft as he drove it in and out of her.

“You like that?” Chad looked at me.

“Yeah….it’s cool.” I told him.

“Come here and get a closer look.” He told me and motioned with his hand as Amy groaned out loud again.

I got down on my knees and moved up next to him. I could hear Amy’s pussy making wet sounds each time Chad drove his cock all the way up inside her….she groaned and begged for more. I put my hand on her round ass cheek and she groaned from my touch.

“Watch this.” Chad said and pulled his cock all the way out.

I could see the pink insides of Amy's vagina as it slowly started to close after Chad’s cock was removed. He pushed the wet head back between her pink and his cock slipped back in easily until his tummy touched her butt making Amy moan out loud once again. Chad pumped his cock in and out of Amy a couple of times and then pulled all the way out again and pointed the head of his wet cock at me.

“Lick it for me.” He put his hand behind my head and pulled my mouth down to the shiny wet end.

It tasted funny…..I could smell and taste Amy’s pussy and for some reason it made me reach down with one hand between my legs and rub my clit as I sucked the head of Chad’s cock until he pulled it out of my mouth and stuck it back in Amy’s pussy and started fucking her again as she started cussing and groaning, “Oh Yeah baby…Oh Ahhh Fuck Yes…..Fuck my pussy hard!”

We repeated doing that a few more times before Chad told me, “Get under her and lick her clit.”

“Back up babe” Chad told Amy after I looked at him like he was crazy.

Amy scooted back wards into the middle of the floor never breaking the connection of her husbands cock inside her.

I crawled under Amy and lifted my head up between her legs as Chad pulled out of her once more. I rose up and boldly stuck my tongue between her pussy lips. Amy jumped a little and then said in a deep gravely voice…..”MMmm oh eat my sloppy pussy baby!”

Amy pushed down and my nose slipped in between her wet lips and I could feel the tip of it just inside her vagina as I lapped my tongue on her clit.

“Unhh Yeah baby….Ohhh yeah that’s good…. eat my pussy!” Amy groaned out again.

The smell of Amy’s pussy was strong and I felt her warm hands as they pushed my legs apart and then her face dropped in between my legs as Amy stuck her own tongue in me just like I was doing to her.

A hand pushed my head down out of Amy’s pussy and I watched from below as Chad’s cock slipped back inside of Amy as he began to fuck his wife from behind. I stuck out my tongue and tried to catch the drips of juice that dripped out from her but missed each time when Chad’s balls banged into my head.

Amy was moaning as she licked and sucked my clit harder while Chad fucked her. I felt like I was going to cum again while I lay flat on my back and watched Chad’s cock slam in and out of Amy’s drippy pussy. I reached up and touched the hard sack of Chad’s balls and he groaned and stuck his cock all the way inside of Amy as he yelled out and slapped her ass cheeks with loud pops.

“Oh yeah …..OH FUCK Yeah!” Chad hissed out between his clenched teeth.

I new that he was Cumming in her just like he had done to me an hour before and it turned me on when I remembered what it had felt like…..Chad’s cock jerking inside of me and the warm sensation as my pussy had been filled with his cum.

Amy groaned on my clit and started to shake, I could feel her cold nipple rings on my tummy as she shook and came in waves above me.

Chad pulled his cock out of Amy and a large warm splash of cum leaked out and fell on my lips. I liked it and wanted to do just like Amy had done to me. I pulled on her hips until her crotch sank down on my face.

I was so fucking horny that I sucked hard on her pussy and swallowed the warm globs of cum that filled my mouth each time her pussy contracted.

“Unh Unh OOOohhhhhhhh FUuuuuucccck!” Amy groaned as I sucked Chad’s cum dripped into my mouth from Amy's pussy that kept contracting on my tongue….each contraction causing cum to pour out into my mouth.

My clit was burning hot and exploded…. But I managed to keep sucking Amy’s pussy until I made her cum again in my mouth. Oh I was so hot and out of breath as her body shook above me as her pussy leaked Chad’s warm cum into my mouth…filling it with her and her husbands cum.

They made me take a shower and get dressed before paying me for babysitting. I tried to refuse the money after what we had all just done but they told me non-sense and to be back in the morning at 8:00 A.M.

Before I could put my bra back on Amy came over to me and kissed my lips hard…her tongue playing inside my mouth…her hands squeezing my tits and I melted into her embrace.

Amy pulled her lips from me and hugged me hard…I could feel her nipple rings as she pushed her warm soft boobs against mine.

“I have the rest of the week off honey…..when you get here in the morning Chad and I am going to fuck you silly!” She whispered into my ear.

“That sounds good.” I told her meaning every word as she held me tight.

“Wait till you feel his cock up your cute little butt.” She said and let me go as I hooked the front of my bra and wondered what it would be like to have Chad’s cock in my ass. I have to admit that the thought of it made me feel dirty and horny at the same time.

I heard Destiny start crying and Amy raced up the stairs as I walked out the door with Chad behind me.

“If you want to come back tomorrow we can have some more fun?” He asked.

“Don’t you have to work?” I asked him.

“Nope I took the whole week off.” He grinned.

“See you in the morning.” I told him and walked out to my car. Wondering what it would feel like to have his hard cock inside of my ass?

I started my car and wondered if it would hurt…..and what it might feel like when he came inside me?.... I drove home and played with my pussy in bed until I came….thinking about tomorrow.

I woke up early after a night of tossing and turning wondering what Chad and his wife had planned for me. I stared in my closet trying to figure out what to wear and finally decided on a little halter top and some really tight shorts that showed the curve of my butt cheeks hanging out the back.

Mom and Dad had left for work and I decided to leave the bra and panties behind since they would probably get pulled off any way.

When I arrived at their house about 9:00 A.M. I sat in my car wondering if I really wanted to do this? Chad opened the front door and motioned me to come inside. I took a deep breath and headed inside.

“Hi babe.” Chad smiled at me, “Amy and I wondered if you would really show up today?”

I took a deep breath and told him, “I wondered myself but I guess I just had to see if yesterday was real or just a dream.”

“It was no dream honey…..I loved feeling my cock inside of your sweet little pussy.”

I started to blush and suddenly felt horny just like the day before….embarrassed and horny at the same time. I had loved what we had done and I secretly hoped it would continue no matter how wrong it felt, not to mention how much my head hurt from the beer.

Chad closed the front door behind me as Amy walked down the stairs feeding Destiny with a bottle.

“Hi Deb….God you look sexy!” She smiled at me.

“Oh Hell Yes she does!” Chad said from behind me.

“Come sit on the couch with me…..Chad go get lost for a while.”

“Sure hon I’m going to go get some beer.” Chad grinned and walked out the front door leaving me and Amy on the couch as she fed Destiny the bottle.

“So hon how do you feel about what happened?”

“Well…..I guess it was hot!” I stuttered and tried to figure out where the conversation was going, “But it seems wrong somehow.” I told her truthfully.

“Well I’m sorry we tricked you but Chad just had to have you and I always let him have what he wants.”

“That’s okay….I mean I liked it.” The words slipped out from my mouth before I could stop them.

“You’re so cute Debbie…..if my husband wanted to have a fling I can’t thing of anyone else he should be with but you.”

“Uh thanks.” I told her turning red.

“You have a tasty little body and I have to tell you that I enjoyed what we did together.”

“I did to.” I told her meaning every word.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure honey”

“Were you all serious about the anal sex thing?” I asked worried.

“Yes but don’t worry about it….I think you will like it.”

Amy put Destiny over her shoulder and patted her back until she burped loudly.

“I don’t know it seems really wrong.” I told her.

“Let me put Des down for a nap and we can talk about it some more.” Amy said and carried the baby up stairs.

When Chad got back home I helped him carry in several cases of beer and wondered why he needed so much beer?

“Oh well it’s cheaper if you buy in quantity.” He told me, “You want one?”

“It’s kind of early but okay” I told him and nursed the cold bottle waiting for Amy to return and continue our talk.

I was lost in my thoughts as I sipped on the beer. I just could not believe what was happening to me…..Amy was not even mad that her good looking husband had had sex with me! And then she had done the same!

I jumped when Amy’s voice said, “A penny for your thoughts.”

“Oh Hey I was just thinking about everything.” I told her.

“Wondering how I could let my husband have sex with you?” She raised her eyes as she started sucking on a beer of her own.

“Yeah I guess so…..I thought that you would be pissed when you caught us.”

“Well you know we set that up….I’d be pissed if he had done it with out asking me first.”

“I’m a little pissed about that….the way you set me up.” I told her.

“Sorry baby….I guess we just couldn’t ask you if you wanted to have sex with us.” Her smile looking genuine, “I guess we were not sure that you would play along.”

“Its alright….I guess I just feel a little used.” I told her.

“Well us girls always get used one way or another.” Amy smiled again, “I’m sorry we just didn’t ask you…but we were afraid you would say no.”

The empty beers contents had softened my resolve and my headache was going away when I told Amy, “That does okay just don’t do it again.”

“Don’t worry….we won’t. Say you want to watch a movie and see what anal sex is all about?” Amy said changing the subject.

“Uh sure.” I told her still afraid of the subject.

Amy and I sat on the couch drinking beer and watching a porn movie in which every woman in it ended up with a big cock fucking them in the ass. I was amazed and still afraid even though the girls on the screen seemed to enjoy it.

The men in the movie had giant dicks and it amazed me when they seemed to pop inside the little woman under them. I started getting turned on when a close up showed one of the actors cocks jerking….I could see the base of his cock as it jerked…a big tunnel of skin sticking outwards as the cum obviously pumped up the shaft and filled the girls ass as his balls moved up into his body. The huge sack now reduced to a small sack that looked like a walnut.

In the middle of the movie Amy said, “Oh honey I can’t help but see your cute little nipples sticking out from your top…..”Can I kiss them for you?”

“Sure” I told her as I watched the big knob of a man on the screen as he pushed it inside a tiny brunettes butt as she screamed out that it hurt and minutes later started telling him to fuck her little ass harder.

Amy sucked my nipples into even harder points and then got up to get us some more beer as I watched the movie. My halter was pushed up over my boobs and my nipples cooled as Amy’s saliva evaporated from them.

I watched closely as the girl in the movie got banged up the rear….she was groaning and I could see on her face when the man came inside of her. She looked like she was in heaven completing the nasty act as the man behind her screamed and groaned as he obviously enjoyed filling her butt with his seed.

The man pulled his cock out of her red puffy ring of her butt and cum started dripping down over her pussy lips…her little puffy hole still wide open from the big cock that had just been pulled from it…..white globs of his cum kept leaking out in a close up that shocked and made me feel slippery at the same time.

I watched two whole movies and was as horny as hell when Amy yelled that lunch was ready. Chad, Amy, and I had soup and egg sandwiches washed down with more beer. I had emptied at least 4 beers and my head was beginning to buzz.

I was beginning to wonder when we would all get down to having sex when the door bell rang and Chad raced over to open it.

“Hey Bill…come on in and have a beer.”

Chad introduced Bill to me and I liked his smile as they went out back to drink beer by the pool.

The door bell rang two more times in the next half an hour and soon Chad had 3 friends out at the pool with him. I realized then why he had bought so much beer. The men all looked attractive…especially the tall black man with the huge smile who kept looking through the sliding glass door in my direction.

In spite of how drunk I was getting I helped Amy get Destiny fed and down for a nap. After we got her to sleep and closed the door Amy said, “Hey you want to help me out?”

“How I asked her.”

“Well once in a while Chad invites some of his friends over and we….well we all get naked and….” She trailed off.

“Have sex?” I filled in.

“Yeah….and girl it’s really good, I love it each time he brings some of his buddy’s over and share’s me with them.”

I was in shock at what she had just admitted to me, “You like it?” I asked.

“Well Yeah….there is nothing like feeling different men in you.” She said like I had no clue.

I was so drunk and horny that I just said, “Okay what do you want me to do?” I replied and my pussy began to itch.

“Oh good but we have to play by the rules.”

“Rules?” I asked.

“Yep” Amy said and pulled out two blind-folds from her dresser drawer.

“Take your clothes off and put this on.” She held a blind fold in her hand.

“Hunh?” I asked.

Amy stripped off her clothes in front of me and tied a blind fold over her head and then pushed it up over her eyes.

“Just like this.”

I was so horny looking at Amy’s huge boobs and narrow hips. It was hard to believe she had given birth a year ago…she was thin and her crotch showed a white patch of skin were the hair had been.

“I shaved because Chad told me how hot he got fucking your shaved little pussy.” Amy said after reading my mind.

“Wow!” was all I could say thinking about Amy’s husband telling her he had loved fucking me.

I had to admit that the older woman’s pussy lips looked swollen and I could see her clit poking its pink head out at the top of her slit. It turned me on so much that I was sure that I would do anything she wanted from me.

I striped off my clothes and Amy helped adjust the blind fold over my head and I pushed it up so I could see.

“Perfect come on.”

I followed Amy down to the living room and got on my knees next to her in the center of the living room carpet.

“What now?” I asked.

“Now the fun begins honey….and when this is over I want you to let me lick your sweet little pussy.” Amy grinned at me.

“Sure….I’d like that.” I told her.

“Okay pull the blind fold down over your eyes and wait.” She told me.

I did what she said and I heard Amy whistle and waited in the darkness as I heard the sliding glass door open and then close and listened to the sound of footsteps as several men surrounded us.

“Damn dude is she old enough to be here?” I heard a man ask.

“Yep she is eighteen and wants to join our little group.” I heard Chad tell him.

I felt a warm hand rub over the curve of my ass and then up my spine until it grasped my hair, “Is that true fluffy……are you old enough?” The strange voice asked.

“Yes” I answered and shivered.

“What is it that you want baby?” The voice said in my ear.

“Just tell them what you really want Debbie.” I heard Amy say.

I was so horny from the beer and the movies that I blurted out the truth, “I want some one to fuck me.”

I heard the other men saying stuff like, “Oh hell yeah! Chad you’re the man!”

“I’ll be the judge of that little girl.” The voice said in my ear again as I felt his hand move back down my spine and between the cheeks of my ass. I jumped when his fingers crossed over my butt hole and started to poke inside of my folds.

“Yep….your little pussy is dripping wet.” He said, “I think your telling me the truth.”

“Are you going to stand around all day or fuck us?” I heard Amy tell them.

I strained and could hear the rustling of clothes and zippers being unzipped as the men around us got naked. My pussy was quivering and I let out a moan as a rough dry finger slipped inside me. I heard Amy let out her breath hard and I pictured in my mind that she was feeling the same thing.

I stood there on my hands and knees in the carpeting as I felt and heard someone sit down in front of me as a strange hand guided my blind folded head down ward between his legs.

“Suck this hard dick.” He said in a strange voice and I felt the warm slick head of his cock on my lips.

I felt hands on my ass and jumped when a tongue slipped inside of my wet pussy. I gasped and the big warm head of some ones cock pushed inside of my open mouth, “Suck my dick” Was all I heard him say.

The big warm knob in my mouth filled my senses and I sucked it hard…wetting the warm skin with the saliva that began to fill my mouth. I reached down and held the warm sack of balls as he began to push his cock up wards and fuck my mouth.

“Mmmm yeah that’s right suck my fucking cock!”

The tongue behind me found my clit and I jerked forward and swallowed more of the strange mans dick….it slipped down my throat and I felt the need to gag and started to cough.

“Whoa easy girl…take your time.” He told me and pulled it back out an inch or two.

I put my hand around the warm shaft and began to jerk it up and down while I concentrated on sucking the warm head, as I heard Amy groaning and slurping next to me.

The mouth behind me licked and sucked on my pussy until I came gasping around the cock in my mouth. Hands held the back of my head by the hair and pushed my open mouth up and down on the big warm cock.

“Mmm Oh Fuck!” A voice said, “Suck my cock and Daddy will give you some candy.”

The man’s balls were wet in my hands from the saliva that was leaking out of my mouth. The strong hands held me by the hair and moved my mouth up and down on the big shaft as he bucked upwards.

When the mouth behind me was done sucking my pussy I felt hands pulling my pussy lips apart and then groaned on the big cock in my mouth when I felt a warm knob touch my insides and begin to push inside me.

I jacked the warm shaft harder and sucked the big knob when I felt the man behind me push hard as he held my hips as his cock slipped inside my pussy.

“Oh Fuck! That’s a tight little pussy!”

The man behind me kept pushing and his cock slipped deeper until I felt his balls on my ass. I groaned on the cock in my mouth as the man in front of me pulled my head down on it until my nose touched his belly.

“Make me cum girl…..I want to cum in your hot mouth!”

The cock inside my pussy began to slip in and out making me so fucking horny that I sucked the big knob in my mouth hard as I pumped the warm shaft up and down.

“Uh Un that’s it……suck my fucking cock!”

The man if front of me pulled my hand from the shaft of his cock and pushed my head all the way down on it as he groaned, “Yeah Oh Fuck here it comes!”

I could feel the big knob swell up in my mouth and then erupt with long hard spurts of hot cum that hit the back of my throat. I sucked it hard as his cum dripped out of my mouth and ran down on to his balls that I rubbed lightly.

“FUCK oh GOD Damn!” He groaned out as two more long spurts of cum filled my open mouth.

I could feel his cock begin to shrink and he pulled it out. I started to yell as my pussy began to squeeze the dick that banged me from behind hard.

“AH AH AH OOHHHHHHHH FUuuuucccckkc YYYeaeaah!” The man groaned from behind me and I felt my pussy get warm and slick as he came inside me. It felt like a fire hose spraying warm liquid as it jerked hard.

As soon as the cock in my pussy was pulled out another one took its place. I groaned as another hard shaft slipped inside of my pussy that was dripping wet and filled with cum and immediately began to bang me. I could not help yelping out loud as wild sensations raced from my clit up my spine to my brain.

I concentrated on pushing backwards on the new dick as I listened to Amy groaning and finally yelling out loud as she came right next to me.

“Damn Chad this girl is tight!” I heard a strange voice say from behind me as his cock continued to pump me.

“She’s an anal virgin and I’m going to be her first.” I heard Chad say in the distance, “lie down and make her get on top.”

The man pulled out of me and pulled me over the top of him after he lay down on the floor next to me. I straddled his body and sat down on the wet head until I felt his warm balls between my ass cheeks.

“Bend down and kiss him.” I heard Chad tell me as I felt his hand on my back pushing me down over the man on the floor under me.

I felt the rough hair of his chest on my boobs as I melted into his body and kissed the strange man.

“Oooh!” I jumped as something cold dripped on my butt hole.

“It’s just some lube.” Chad said from behind me.

I was afraid and kissed the warm mouth hard and banged my hips up and down the warm shaft that was filling me.

Something slipped inside my butt that felt like the tip of a bottle, “MMmmm” I moaned when I felt the cold lube being squeezed out inside me. A warm finger replaced the nozzle and I felt it stretch my butt open as it slipped inside.

“Mmm mmmmnnnnn” I moaned as I sucked the warm tip of some ones tongue that was poking in and out of my mouth.

I finally relaxed as the finger began to feel like it belonged and I groaned as the cock inside my vagina began to bang upwards again.

Chad’s finger slipped out and I panicked again when I felt the warm knob touch my little butt.

“Just relax and push out baby.” Chad said.

I did what he said and pushed out like I was going to the bathroom and the big warm knob popped inside my ass.

“Ahhhh UNnhhhhhhh!” I groaned as the fat shaft of Chad’s cock quickly pushed the big knob deeper inside me.

The round warm shaft sent shivers up my spine as my butt hole stretched open around it as Chad began to fuck me.

I groaned and held the man under me’s shoulders hard. I could feel both of their hard cocks inside me……The big shafts felt like they would split me open and I remember screaming out from the sensations of two cocks using my body like a fucking little whore.

“Oh yeah…baby fuck us like you mean it.” I heard Chad say from behind me.

I don’t remember much after that except cussing and begging them to fuck me as I became some sort of animal as I fucked the two cocks inside me. The sensations drove me wild and I came at least three times before I felt my pussy begin to get sloppy, warm, and wet as the hard cock started to fill me with hot spurts.

“OOOhhh God Damn girl!” The man under me moaned as he came inside of my pussy.

Chad grabbed my hair and jerked my head up and back wards, “Unh Unh Yeah you little cum whore.” He yelled behind me as he drove his shaft all the way up inside my ass.

I felt Chad’s hard cock swell up and then begin to jerk inside my butt…..I came when my butt started to leak warm fluid as he fucked me hard and fast as I pushed back on his dick.

I screamed out for him to fuck my ass….and cum in my ass like I was some kind of whore. Chad kept pumping his cock inside me until I felt it begin to shrink. When both of them finally pulled out I flopped over on my back and tried to catch my breath as warm cum leaked out of my body.

I felt a warm hand pull me up, “Come on honey lets go take a shower.” I heard Amy say and I let her lead me to the hot shower.

Amy pulled my blind fold off when we were in the bathroom and said, “So how did it feel?”

“God it was incredible but my ass hurts.” I told her truthfully.

“Oh well you will get used to that.” She said and pushed me into the shower and soaped me down rubbing her boobs on my body every time she could.

Strangely enough I found myself soaping her down and rubbing her huge tits in my hands as we shared the hot water.

“You want to suck my nipples?” She asked me.

“Oh Hell Yes!” I told her and sucked her right nipple as the hot water poured down on us.

Amy turned off the tap and dried me with a big fluffy towel before telling me to jump up on the vanity with my back facing the huge mirror.

“I want to eat your little pussy.” Amy said and spread my legs wide.

Before I could object her warm mouth was between my pussy lips as she started to suck hard at my vagina.

Amy had her nose buried in my crotch and it rubbed my clit as she sucked hard with her mouth. I felt my pussy contract as some cum dripped out into her mouth.

Amy sucked harder and lapped the leaking cum like it was her last meal…..I came and she just sucked harder as I lost all control and groaned holding her head as she ate my pussy.

When she finally rose up with her wet face she said, “My turn” and pulled me off the counter as she jumped up on it and spread her legs in front of me.

“Oh yeah honey….I want you to suck the huge load of cum out of my cunt.”

Amy pulled my head downward towards her wide open crotch.

“I held every drop inside.” She said and then moaned as my mouth spread her shaved puffy lips.

I almost drowned in hot cum as Amy relaxed her pussy and the warm fluid began to pour out into my mouth.

“Yeah Yeah….Oh Fuck that’s it….suck my cum filled pussy!”

Some how I sucked and swallowed the rank fluid from her pussy until she came…screaming and yanking me by the hair and holding my mouth over her dripping hot pussy.

My mouth tasted like cum…..rank and powerful and nasty. I borrowed her tooth brush after words and when we walked down stairs all the men were waiting for us. …..stroking their cocks and looking at us with hope in their eyes.

“How did you like your cute little ass being fucked?” Chad asked.

“I loved it and if some one will give me a beer……they can have me.” I said…and wondered why?

All the men jumped up with their cocks sticking out as they scrambled to find me a beer. I no longer gave a fuck that I had become a whore. All I wanted was a beer and a hard cock in my pussy, ass, or mouth.

Amy went to take care of Destiny who started crying as I drained two beers and let each one of Chad’s friends take turns fucking me.

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