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The story of a mans favourite fantasy turning into reality!
The Hairdresser

It was a wednesday morning and I was laying in bed, my wife Jane had taken the kids to school and was then going for some 'Retail Therapy' with two of her friends. The house was quiet, as it would be for another four or five hours. I had woke up with a massive erection and with the house being so quiet I thought id treat myself to a nice slow wank.

I reached into my wife's bedside drawer and pulled out the tube of lube I bought about 2 years earlier. Our sex life had never been the most dynamic and after 10 years and 2 children, it was almost non existent. Hand relief and a good fantasy was the best I could hope for most of the time.

This time my fantasy focussed around one of our friends 'Jo'. She was a really attractive, petite brunette who had just turned 40. You wouldn't know it to look at her, she was slim, had great skin and one of the best arses you could ever wish to see. She had cut my wifes hair a few times and we knew her well. Ive always got on great with her and we always had a great laugh at any parties we both attended. I always cum really hard when I fantasise about her... little did I know that fantasy would soon become reality.
I had applied the lube to my cock and was slowly rubbing it, enjoying every stroke and savouring every second of my fantasy. It was one of those messy wanks that you occasionally get to indulge in, one where
you can cum as loud as you want to.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door... "Shit", I hurried to my feet. Had the missus come back for something? I quickly wiped my hand on a towel Id found on the floor and threw my robe on. I was still pretty hard as I made my way down the stairs towards the front door, I snagged my robe on the hand rail and heard a muffled 'Rip' sound, I looked down but couldn't see any hole or tear so I moved towards the door and opened it.

I opened the door to find Jo stood there in her Hairdressers garb "Hi hun". If only I could've saw myself, I was still hot from my moment upstairs and it must've showed. "Are you alright?, you look kind of flustered" she said "I'm fine hun, I was just asleep and I had to rush around trying to find my robe. Anyway, whats up hun?"

She had come to drop off some hair treatment stuff for my wife "Is she home hun?" she asked "No love, shes gone to do some shopping with her mates, your'e more than welcome to come in for a brew though", she accepted and moved through the door into the kitchen.

She sat down at the kitchen table while I put the kettle on to make us both coffee. We indulged in general chit-chat for a few minutes until I sat down, placing the cups on the table. We chatted for a few minutes but all the while I couldn't help noticing her eyes kept darting downwards. I looked down to see a rip in my robe "Oh shit, Im sorry hun. I ripped it rushing down the stairs".... "Its alright, I was just catching a cheeky glimpse of your cock" she said.

My cock was still a bit swollen from before and as I hadn't wiped the lube from it, it was glistening with pre-cum at the end. "You weren't asleep at all were you" she started laughing "You were having a wank you dirty bastard". What could I say? I could've brushed it off but instead I just smiled and said "Well you've caught me out, I was having a really nice wank until you knocked at the door". She was still looking at my cock, she seemed to now have a lustful look in her eye like she wanted to just kneel down and suck on it. "Well it would be a shame if you didn't finish yourself off hun" she said with a slightly seductive tone. I could've cum there and then, the very woman I had just been fantasising about was now basically telling me to wank myself right in front of her. I hesitated for a moment trying to decide if she was being serious or not, then before I knew what I was doing, I reached inside my robe and pulled out my semi-hard cock.
I gave it a few strokes and due to the situation I found myself in, it was fully hard again within a matter of seconds. She watched intently "You have a really nice cock" she leaned forward to take a closer look "This is making me so wet, Ive always wanted to see your cock". I stared straight into her eyes as I stroked my length. "So jo, are you just gonna sit there and watch me wank or are you gonna give me something to wank over" she smiled and sat back "I suppose I could help you get there quicker".

She stood up and started to unbutton her blouse revealing her pale skin and a black bra. It was one of those bras that pushes the tits together and hers looked amazing. They weren't huge, but they were perfectly formed and the sight of them made me even hornier. She then undid her trousers and slowly lowered them to the ground. "Oh my god" I said, It was like that scene from Austin Powers where his 'Inner monologue' just comes out. She looked at me and smiled "Does this help at all?", she turned around and revealed the arse that I'd wanted to grab hold of for years. She had a black thong on so it revealed her entire arse..... oh my god what an arse. It wasn't too big or small, it was round and pert, one of those arses that you just look at and think "God I could play with that all night".

She walked towards me and turned around, pushing her arse towards my face. She pulled her cheeks apart revealing a tiny bit of her labias and arsehole. I leaned forward and pushed my face into it "Easy tiger" she said. She then slowly peeled her thong off revealing her pussy, just as I was about to start working it with my tongue she moved away and sat back down. She spread her legs and started rubbing her clit, I could see how wet she was and due to the sight of it I could feel myself coming close to cumming. We both sat there for the next few minutes, watching each other until it became too much for me, streams of hot cum spurted from the end of my cock in all directions. Most of it landing back down onto my stomach, hand and cock, the sight of it obviously turned her on as her body started spasming as she started to climax. "Oh god" she whimpered as she came hard on her fingers, all the while looking straight into my eyes.

We both sat there for a few minutes with satisfied smiles on our faces. Just as I was about to get up to clean myself off she said "Don't go anywhere, I'm not finished with you yet" and with that she moved onto the floor and crawled over to me. She opened her mouth, slipped her tongue out and started licking the warm cum from my cock and fingers. It didn't take her long to lap up my come and she was soon sucking on my dick like a woman possessed, determined to get me hard again. It worked, I was hard again within a minute or so as she continued to slurp away at my ready-again cock. My god she was good at sucking dick, she was one of those women who you could tell really enjoyed it. After 10 minutes the sucking stopped and she stood up, she moved forward pushing her tits in my face. She slid down my body, the cum on my stomach sliding in between our bodies. She gently lowered herself onto my hard shaft, the tip teasing against her labia. She slid down onto the head of my cock then moved off again, she repeated it again, this time taking more of my length inside her. I resisted the temptation to pull her down onto me and let her control the speed.

After a few minutes of teasing me like this she slid up off my cock then slammed hard down onto it, god it felt amazing, her pussy was nice and tight and I knew I was going to cum deep inside it. She started riding me slowly but would quicken the pace every now and then. This was heaven, the woman who id been wanking over an hour earlier was sat on my cock with her pert tits in my face. After 5 minutes her body spasmed again as she came hard, her pussy muscles clamping down on me. I gave her a minute to catch her breath then pulled her off and stood up, I wanted to fuck her from behind "Bend me over and fuck me" she growled. I obliged, as I pushed her over the table I looked down to see her arse "Fuck it" I thought "I wanna taste that before I'm finished". So I bent down and started lapping away at her pussy and arse, she tasted so good. "I said fuck me" she growled again, being the gentleman I am, I had to oblige her. I stood up again and pressed the head of my cock against her now soaking pussy, it offered no resistance as the walls of her wet hole welcomed my cock.

I was in control now, I was going to fuck her like a ragdoll.

I started off slowly, grinding my hips against her whilst I rubbed her clit. She moaned as I pulled out my length slowly then powered back inside, her body jerking as I did. I did this another four or five times before I took things up a notch. I started fucking her hard and fast and she loved it. "Oh god yeah fuck me" she screamed as I fucked her like a man possessed. We were both sweating heavily which seemed to make the whole thing feel more sordid and dirty. I was now banging her so hard that the table was rocking back and forth, the motion of it helping us find rhythm. "Oh god yes" she screamed as her pussy clamped hard down on my cock as she came for the third time, this time it was too much for me and with a heavy grunt my cock started twitching as I emptied my hot load deep inside her. Cumming at the same time is one of my favourite things and this was evident by the amount of cum I unloaded into her. We both stood there totally fucked, cum dripping from her pussy, I reached down to rub her clit but she cringed "I'm sore now haha, you fucked me so hard my lips are stinging".

We went and sat down on the sofa for a while, gently playing with each other as we chatted.

Ive seen her since at various parties and dinners and we always just smile at each other, Were each others 'Booty Call' now though and I hope were gonna see each other again soon.

God shes an amazing shag :P

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2014-11-09 05:26:34
I loved this! Got me really hot and wet.

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2014-08-06 17:36:00
Good sex story.It is unfortunate to read that married men still "wank", even though their wives will be available.


2014-08-04 23:33:53
No, I'm English m8. Liverpool specifically ;)

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2014-07-11 00:33:13
So you`re Australian I`m guessing?
Good story though

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