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I was new as a resident in this country. I’ve been here on holiday before but this time was different. I was going to be here for a long time. I was going to stay with my cousin in her in her one bedroom studio flat. She said I could come and I was so grateful to her. I was to manage with a mattress on the floor of her bedroom. Her name was Mel and she was kind and pretty.

During the first few months I slept on the mattress as decided until the day I had a bad back, it was so painful. She then said that I should sleep with her in bed because of my bad back and it wasn’t going to disturb her since it was a big double bed. I shyly agreed, as I did not have much option.

I’ve starred at my cousin’s boobs during these few months but that was just out of curiosity. They were right there, in front of my eyes, it was difficult not to look. The night that she massaged me changed things a little bit though. She was feeling bad about me sleeping on the mattress and she asked if a massage would make me feel better and I said, “Let’s try and see.” I took my T-Shirt off and lay in bed as she put her hands on my back. Her hands felt so nice on me; I had an erection straight away. She slid her hands over my body and gave me goose bumps.

After the massage, I went to bathroom where I sat on the toilet and masturbated. It struck my mind that I was going to sleep in the same bed with my cousin that night. I masturbated quicker and quicker, thinking of her and thinking of her in that manner for the first time. I wanted her. I felt it was wrong but I was a horny bastard.

As the days passed, my perversion increased gradually and each time extended the limits. I was now having closer looks at her dirty panties. I loved them and I started wearing them too. It felt nice and made me so horny. I loved her thongs being in between my buttocks. I was in a fantasy world as I enjoyed my perversion.

It got harder for me as the days went by. I had to try not getting hard ons in bed and avoid thinking of her but that wasn't possible now. I initially slept with shorts on and tight boxers so that my hard-ons would go unnoticed. Whether it did or not, I don’t know.

Mel, my cousin, was petite, fair, had small breasts and dark brown eyes and a small face. Her hips were bigger and suited her very well and she loved wearing skirts and tight jeans. Looking at her curves in those tight jeans is an absolute turn on. She was very cuddly, we held hands many a times and I would caress her hands and arms in a sensuous manner without making it too obvious. I believe she enjoyed it since she never got my hands off her.

I do not know what she had in her mind but I loved each and every second and seized every single opportunity I got to look at her beautiful body. She was incredibly irresistible. She walked in the house in sleeveless tops, not wearing bras and wearing tiny shorts / hot pants. She was sexier than many girls I went out with. I saw her poking nipples many times and I made sure I looked at them. Another thing I really enjoyed was watching her in her PJ's. The reason being that I could see her breasts when she' bend down or if my eyes was in position where I could look down through her PJ top.

I loved my cousin very much. She was like a sister but to me, incest wasn't something wrong. I always thought people should enjoy incest if there were mutual interests.

One fine day, I was thinking of getting a spare phone since I wanted to benefit from the advantages offered by other networks. So I asked Mel if I could borrow her old phone so that I did not have to get a new one. Mel said sure but she needed to check the phone. I got the phone from her room, gave it to her, she checked and said there you go. I kept the phone and it lay there for days until I got the sim. I was now checking the phone and I saw a few videos stored on the phone. At this point I had no idea what I was going to see next. I saw a video of my cousin with her ex bf and all she wore was a black satin panty that I’ve often seen in her pile of dirty clothes. I viewed and reviewed the video and admired her breasts. They were small just the way I liked them. I now got to see her nipples, which I loved so much for however long I wished to.

We did lots together, almost everything. We lived together, went clubbing together, we danced and got drunk together, had food together, went shopping etc... I felt like I was her boyfriend, we just weren't having sex. Dancing with her was my most favorite thing though. Things get steamy in clubs. We get drunk on every visit to the clubs and when we do, we find ourselves very gutsy and carefree. Our last visit to a club, we got drunk, as usual, we held hands and she followed me to the dance floor. We were now half a meter away from each other and looking at each other in the eye. We got closer little by little, step by step in synchronization with the music till I had my right leg in between her legs and almost rubbing her pussy with my leg. It felt damn good and I was rock hard. I laid my hands on her hips and caressed her skin. She turned around and she moved and pressed her butt on my cock as I held both her hands from behind. I posed my chin on her shoulders and intentionally blew on her neck and shoulders and got my mouth closer to her neck till I finally kissed her neck. Mel surely felt my erection, as she pressed harder as she bent down. I got little surprised, thinking "wow! She must so drunk and horny." It looked like I was fucking her doggy style. The night was wonderful and we took a cab to go home.

Once home, we were both so tired and drunk, I undid my pants and got into bed, for the first time, in my loose boxers and to my surprise, she asked me to turn my face the other way because she was to undress herself. I pretended to do as asked; I wasn't going to miss that for anything in the world. I admired her backside as she pulled down her dress and let it fall to the floor. Her butt was beautiful, small and round and she was wearing one of those tanga-type panties.

I was quiet and just didn't know what to do or say or even how to react. She wore a large Tee, sat on the bed and undid her bra, chucked that on the floor and slipped under the quilt and said, "Oh, so tired! Goodnight Ed!” I wished her goodnight too and leaned over to kiss her goodnight and thought, "shit! My hard cock had touched her butt!” She did not say a thing and I thought she must have been acting all cool, like it was nothing so as not to embarrass me. It was hard for me; I wanted to relief myself so bad. I had to! I was still thinking what to do since I did not want her to see my erection when she turned over, put her hands over my chest, head over my shoulders and legs on top of my legs. Her legs were touching my balls. I again thought, "OMG, what is happening!” But I let things happen.

After thinking long and hard, I told Mel,

Me: “Mel, are you sleeping?”

Mel: “No, why?”

Me: “No, just wanted to say that I really had a great time tonight. You’re like the perfect dancing partner”

Mel: “Ha-ha, yes I dance well, don’t I?”

Me: “You know you do! I don’t think I’m ever going to dance with anyone else.”

Mel: “Yeah right!”

Me: “I’ve got to say something to you but I don’t know if I should”

Mel: “Well go on. Why you being a girl for?”

Me: “It isn’t that simple. Ok, you know, uh, we are like best friends, aren’t we?”

Mel: “Yeah and?”

Me: “Well, I believe I can say anything to you, can’t I?”

Mel: “Of course idiot!”

Me: “Well Mel, I’m sorry to tell you this but I have to! I have an erection and I really need to get rid of it”

Mel: “Uh, what? Ha-ha, are you ok? Uh oh, what happened, how comes?”

Me: “Bloody hell Mel, you know how! Don’t act!”

Mel removed her legs off mine and was quiet for a few seconds and I got worried.

Me: “Mel, don’t mind, it’s a nature call. I can’t really control, I would if I could”

Mel: “Yes Ed, I know, I’m sorry. So now what? What have you got to do?”

Me: “Stop! Don’t act like you don’t know! You’re a big girl”

Mel: “How am I supposed to know that? I do have one of those, do I?”

Me: “OMG, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? Ok, I’ve got to masturbate, ok.”

Mel: “Go on then if that’s bothering you.”

Me: “And how the hell am I going to do this now that I’ve told you? Can’t do it if you know I’m doing it, just can’t! It’s awkward.”

Mel: “Go to the toilet or something then.”

Me: “I can’t, shut up now. Tell me, do you masturbate?”

Mel: Uh, ha-ha, no!

Me: “Yeah right, everyone does it”

Mel: “I don’t!”

Me: “I will not believe that. How about if we do it together?”

I was so horny to an unbelievable extent. The situation was getting crazy but I don’t even know how the words were coming out of my mouth. It wasn’t me thinking. I was too horny to think and I had to masturbate.

Mel: “Are you crazy?”

Me: “Come on, then I get sleep! Just tonight, come on! And we’re never going to talk about this again. What’s there if we did it together just this one time?”

Mel: “Oh god, uh, you do it and do like I’m not here.”

Me: “Mel, stop and help me. You play with yourself so I can masturbate too; at least then I’m going to be a little comfortable!”

Mel: “Go on then and we’re never talking about this.”

I pulled my boxers down and held my hard cock in my hands and started moving my hands up and down. I moved the blanket away but Mel pulled it back a little. I moved it again forcefully; I did not want to talk. Mel let it go this time. I looked down and she had her right hand in between her legs. This was so exciting; it was the most exciting thing ever.

Me: “Mel, will you masturbate me and I’ll do you?”

I did not wait for an answer and I quickly took her hands and placed it on my cock. She started masturbating me and I was on cloud nine, I was blissfully aroused. I reached her cunt and started stroking her pussy slowly and increased my speed gradually, so did she. To my surprise, Mel move her head down towards my cock, she took it in her mouth without saying a word. She was giving me a blowjob and this was going to blow my mind. She was sucking hard on my cock and used her tongue expertly. While she was sucking my cock, I slipped my hand in her panty and put a finger inside her pussy. She was wet and slippery. She stopped sucking me and looked at me, she was horny; I could see it from the look on her face. I pulled her head and French kissed her. Our tongues gelled beautifully. I moved forward and kneeled down on the bed and she also took a similar position facing me. We kissed vigorously. I pushed her to lie on the bed as I got down to suck her cunt. I licked her like a savage being. I was licking hard and quick, I wanted to give my cousin the best lick ever. I pushed my tongue back and forth inside her well-shaved pussy. I took her legs and lifted them in the air and started licking her butthole. There something about buttholes that made me super horny. She was mourning heavily and even louder. I dropped her legs and went for her nipples, my most favorite nipples that I’ve watched poking through her tops since such a long time. I was sucking them, I touched and flicked them and squeezed them. My cock was now touching her pussy and I finally pushed it in and started fucking her while kissing her. She then whispered, “don’t cum inside me”. I responded by fucking her harder. There were loud noises as my body touched hers. I fucked her hard and we kissed and kissed and I let some of my spit in her mouth, she was receptive. I was going to cum, I took my cock out and came on her breasts. She then licked my cock clean and I kissed her passionately before we both lay down naked on the bed looking at the ceiling. We preferred not say a word. We shall see what happens tomorrow. She turned on her right and I hugged her and pressed my cock against her bum. We slept off.

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2013-02-11 10:45:17
piss poor writing by an uneducated nonenglish speaking idiot. delete and stop writing you suck at it.

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2010-12-06 12:34:21
Good story. We like it.

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2010-11-07 06:10:08
I actually enjoyed this quite a bit, but I wish you had some more details (e.g. ages; I figured 21-ish) and some more details at the end. I would like a sequel!

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2010-11-07 00:51:38
terrible terrible! coulnt understand to short! mother fucking god awful as hell

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terrible terrible! coulnt understand to short! mother fucking god awful as hell

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