a young boy meets mommys new friend
This is a work of pure fiction. No children were harmed in the making of this story.

I watched her from birth. I secretly thought of her as my chubby red-headed princess. She lived next door to me for all of her life. I saw her grow up right before my eyes. I watched her as she began walking and talking, I watched as the diapers she wore under those adorable little dresses became panties and she blossomed into the prettiest little girl I had ever seen. Her sparkling green eyes, the long, curly, fire red hair, the small upturned nose, even the light covering of freckles that dotted her face and the rest of her. She stood now at just under four feet tall still carrying that extra baby fat with her even as she celebrated her 6th 7th and 8th birthdays. Her name was Mary but I had always called her my little kitten. She was my little sister and I loved her. I loved her in a way most would find unusual, I kept her with me every opportunity I could so I did not have to share her. This story starts when she was about two.

I was 8 when she was born. I was a normal kid. I did not even think about anything even remotely sexual until the day mom brought her home from the hospital and I saw her for the first time. She was like an angel. I saw her look at me and I am sure she smiled at me but mom said it was gas she was to young to smile yet. I knew differently, her look and smile melted my heart and I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life trying to keep her safe and happy. That smile from a new baby made my little cock stir in a way I had never felt before. Before I went to sleep that night I rubbed myself until I fell asleep thinking about her pretty little smile.

Two years went by and I spent every minute with Mary I could. I would race home after school to be with her. I spent most of my summer break pushing her in her stroller or playing with her. I would walk her to the park and play in the little sandbox with her. In fact my mother thought I was spending to much time with her that I should play with kids my own age not with an infant. Mom did not press the issue to much as I had taken over most feeding and diaper chores. I dressed her, I bathed her and put her to bed most nights. I even convinced mom to let me put her travel crib in my bedroom so she could get a good nights sleep. After seeing I would not do anything to hurt Mary she more or less left me to raise her.

Mom started going out more, leaving me to watch Mary. She began coming home drunk often in the company of strange men. I would listen from behind my door as my mom and whatever guy she brought home started to fool around. One night I could hear her screaming out like she was hurt. Moaning and screaming Oh God over and over. The noise woke Mary up I think it scared her. I snuck out into the hallway where I could see into the living room. My mom was naked lying across the coffee table. With her legs spread and some greasy looking guys head locked between her legs. I watched in awed silence as he continued working my mom over with his tongue. From my view I could see the expression of pure lust on my moms face as the stranger of the day was working her over with his mouth. I tried to be as quiet as I could as I slipped down the hallway into the kitchen to get Mary a clean pacifier. I made past them and was able to retrieve a clean binky out of the drawer. As I was sneaking back through the living room I tripped over a stray shoe. The noise caused greasy guy to glance over at me and I thought I was finished, but he just smiled and stood up exposing his long skinny cock. He kept staring at me as he slowly worked his cock into her mostly shaved cunt. I stood watching as he began to slide his cock back and forth in her pussy while his eyes never stopped searing into me. After several akward minutes that seemed like forever. I could hear Mary began to fuss but I was trapped watching that strange guy sliding his cock in and out of mom's cunt. I had looked at pictures in magazines and had heard stories on the playground so I knew exactly what was happening but I had never seen the act being commited right in front of me. I had never even seen a real naked girl until this moment so I sat mesmerized by the sight I was witnessing. Mary began to fuss even louder so I was jarred back to the present. I steeled up my nerve and just barged past them like it was a regular thing. I was able to make it back to the hallway and nearly into the safety of my room when mom called out my name. I slipped into my room and gave Mary her binky before going to the hallway to see why I was being called. As I made my way to the end of the hall I could see that they had changed positions and now my mom had her knees on the sofa while she leaned over the back and greasy guy was plugging her from behind. Both of them were looking at me while I stood silently waiting for her to say something. I did notice that the smell of sex in the room was starting to affect me my little cock was rock hard and straining to break free of the thin fabric of my PJ's. Greasy guy commented to mom 'I told you he liked watching us, look at the boner he is sporting. I bet it is taking ever bit of his will not to pull it out and jack off right there.' 'Do you need to jack off baby?' mom asked in a rather husky lust filled voice. I mumbled no but my stiff cock was telling her otherwise. Mom told me to come closer so she could see me better she had me come up behind the couch just inches from her. She reached her arm over the back of the couch and grabbed my little boner and began to rub it through my shorts. Take them off she said to me in a tone of voice that I knew better than ignore. I slipped them off and I was standing naked in front of my mom while she and a stranger continued fucking. Mom was working my tiny shaft up and down with her hand. I thought this must be a bad dream as I stood there with my mom stroking my now painfully hard cock. I was at a loss as to what to do so I just stood there when mom pulled me close enough to lick the head of my cock. I groaned as the pleasure of her tounge was more than I could handle. Hearing my pleasure just made my mom double her efforts on my cock. While I was receiving the first blow job of my young life I had to stare at greasy guy who just smiled and began to talk really nasty to mom saying things like “what a filthy whore you are sucking of your little boy.” and “does it excite you sucking off your kid?” Even more so he began to talk to me asking if it felt good to have my mommys lips around my little pecker? Asking if I wanted to feel what her pussy felt like as it felt even better than her mouth. My mother drunkenly tried to turn around and protest about my fucking her. Greasy guy just slapped her hard across the face and told her to shut the hell up and get ready to get fucked like only the dirtiest of sluts got to.

I was motioned aroud the couch and I was able to get a good look at her pussy close up. Greasy guy grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced my face into her well fucked cunt. 'Lick her clean' he grunted at me 'I want all of my cum out of her' He forced me to my knees and began spreading my ass apart and roughly rubbing a dry finger around my bum hole. I squirmed trying to keep his finger from finding its target. He was finally able to force a finger into me. I screamed out in pain and humiliation but my cries were muffled and blotted out by mom closing her thighs around my head causing me to be buried deeper into her crotch. I felt his finger being removed from my ass I began to think it was over. He took his dirty shit coated finger and shoved it into moms mouth. I was able to look up and see the surpirise when she tasted my shit. Rather than be disgusted and making all of this stop she began to suck him harder and begged for more. Once again I felt his rough finger forcing its way into my butt. At least it did not hurt as bad with moms spit coating it. After a few minutes of him sawing in and out of my little ass it started to relax a little and the sensations changed from pain to pleasure.

Greasy guy noticed I was struggling less and less. He commented that I was turning into a dirty little cock whore like my mommy. He turned me around, and placed his cock at my lips 'Open up you little faggot and suck my cock like your whore of a mother'. Seeing no other option I began to lick his cock up and down like it was an ice cream cone, swirling my tongue around his stiff meat. I discovered that it did not taste as bad as I thought. His cock tasted like moms cunt only there was a saltiness that I could not taste in her. Greasy began moaning and told me to put the head in my mouth and suck in as much of it I could fit. Once I did, he began to force his way further into me. I gagged and felt like I was going to throw up and he pulled back slightly before ramming his cock in all of the way. I felt like I was choking, I could not breath or do anything as he pumped into my mouth over and over. I began to see stars and was starting to black out while he fucked my throat as hard as he could. All at once he pulled his pecker all of the way out allowing me to get some much needed air. I was able to take a single breath before he forched his cock back down my throat. I was able to see my mom looking over at me with a big smile on her face as she watched me being deep throated. “Pull out and cum in his face so I can see it.” I want see him covered in cum like the little momma's boy he is. I can't believe I raised you to be a little girl who would rather play house with his baby sister than play football with the boys in the neighborhood. I raised a little faggot. I should start making you wear dresses.” I started crying as she spoke I had never heard my mom talk to me like that. All of the while I was being force fed cock.

I think you need to show him how proper girls are supposed to behave. Greasy guy grabbed my hair and pulled my off of his cock and slapped me harder than I had ever been hit. The tears started flowing down my face as the sting of his hand began to burn. He laughed and said 'I knew you were a little bitch because you cry like one. With that he slapped me again and said to mom “Can I break him in for you? I love the feeling of fresh young boy cunt. Someone needs to show this little piece of shit just what he is good for because from what I can see He can't lick pussy, he can't suck cock for shit, and his little pecker is to small to fuck. My pinky finger is bigger than his pathetic little cock. “Go ahead and fuck the little bitch” my mom said breathlessly her arousal was obvious. “I want to see that hard cock of yours buried to your balls in the little faggot.

Greasy guy told me to be quiet and stop crying because he was going to make me a woman. He rolled me over to my stomach and raised up my butt so I was on my knees with my face buried in a pillow. He guided his cock up and down my butt crack rubbing against me with a rough force. I waited for the pain to start and wondered why my mom had not stopped this man from raping her child. I felt something warm and soft going up and down my crack I twisted around so I could see what was happening. Mom was behind me licking my butt. Greasy was standing over her watching her rimming me with a look of approval. 'You are the dirtiest slut I have ever seen, get the boys ass nice and wet So I can fuck your little boy right in front of you.' You would like that would'nt you? Mom pulled her face away from my ass long enough to say 'Like it, I would love it. This little princess has been begging for it for quite some time.' Before returning to her wet work on my ass. It felt so dirty but at the same time it was one of the best feelings ever. I could feel her run her tounge around the ring before jabbing it inside of me. It felt like she was stretching me open. It felt so good I did not want her to stop. Before I knew what I was doing I reached down to play with my cock. I started to stroke myself faster and faster I could feel my oragasm welling up in my little balls.

A hard slap to the face brought an end to the feeling I looked over at greasy guy who was smiling that funny smile again. “did'nt you know that whores, even baby boy whores don't get to cum until everyone else is satisfied.” He reached down and swatted my hand away from my cock. Keep your hands off ...this belongs to me now. I will decide when and if you can touch it. I let go of my still ridgid cock.

Mom did something I did not understand. She lay down on the couch with her head hanging over the side greasy guy knew what she was thinking because he picked me up and placed me on top of her with my little ballsack hanging down almost touching her lips. I realized that she was just getting a better view of the upcoming events.

Without warning she reached up and spread my ass apart exposing my tiny hole. Greasy guy bent down and spit onto my waiting ass. Then with a force that made me cry out in pain he forced the rounded head of his cock fully into my virgin asshole. It hurt so bad I began crying and begging him to stop. I pleaded with my mom to make him stop he was hurting me she just laughed and said 'in a few minutes it won't hurt as bad'. As greasy waited for my overstreached hole to relax he reached down a gave my balls a hard squeeze. The pain was blinding. I was so wrapped up in the pain in my teabag I did not notice him stuff his cock deep into my ass. He pulled it back a little bit and then shoved it in all the way. The pain was excruciating as he slowly pulled his cock out. I felt his cock head pop out of my ass. As I lay there I was thinking 'Is that it?' That was not as bad as I had feared. While I was lost in my head he lined up against my streched hole and rammed his cock to the hilt in one thrust. I could feel his pubic hair tickling my butt cheeks as he bottomed out in me. He began thrusting into me like one of those animals you see on the nature channels faster and harder until I no longer cared about the pain I just wanted this to end. I could here mom encouraging him on “Fuck the little bitch, ride him like he's a 2 dollar whore.” She kept at it the whole time degrading me telling me 'I was good for nothing but a cum deposit center,' and how she was going to start bringing home men to fuck me for money so I would be of some use to her. She was sure that lots of men would pay good money to fuck a 10 year old boy.

Greasy chimed in that he could pick up the phone right know and call 20 people who would be willing to pay up to a thousand bucks for an hour with this little queer. He continued 'of course for that kind of money they would expect to do a little more than a 2 minute fuck.' He discribed all of the different ways that the men would want to use and abuse me while my mom fingered herself and he pumped my now overstreached asshole. When he began telling her how some man he knew got his kicks from shitting on people and rinsing it off with his piss. Mom began shuddering and trembling under me her orgasm spurred on by the thought of me covered in shit. Noticing that mom was in the throes of a toe curling event caused by his dirty talk he bagan sawing my ass faster and faster I began to feel the first spurt deep in my bowels but he pulled out and told me to turn around, as I did so two things happened. The first was that he shoved his shit covered cock into my mouth which I kind of expected. The second I did not expect. Mom shoved several fingers into my now gaping ass streching it even further than greasy guys cock. I glanced into the mirror to see mommy fist fucking my ass while I sucked a shit covered cock. I could feel his cock get even bigger in my mouth and his thrustung became more and more powerful ramming his cock down my throat making me gag and want to throw-up before pulling it allthe way out and shoving it back in again at last he said he was going to cum so he pulled his cock out and coated my face with his hot, sticky cum. It seemed like gallons, it got in my mouth and in my hair, up my nose and into my eyes. I started to wipe it out of my eyes as it burned he slapped me on the ass so hard it left a hand shaped welt “I did not tell you to wipe that off, a proper whore loves cum on her face. So don't wipe it off.

Greasy guy stood up and began looking for his clothes while I stood there with mommy's hand still firmly in my bottom and a boner that was as hard as ever. I wanted nothing but for this to be over and pretend it was all a horrible nightmare. Mom reached over and rubbed my cock “Now you can pleasure yourself. I began to rub my cock while mom continued to molest my bottom. As much as I did not want it to I started to enjoy the feeling of her fingers exploring my no longer virgin asshole. It only took seconds for me to shoot the little bit of cum I could produce. As I started to ejaculate mom pulled me around and took my cock into her mouth again and eagerly accepted every drop of my milky fluid while forcefully pounding my ass with her hand. It felt like she was tearing me apart from the inside out. She kept going until my dick started to go soft. Once it was limp she spit it out and pulled her hand from my behind with such force it felt like my insides came out with her hands.

Greasy guy began applauding at our finish. 'That was some of the greatest fucking ever. Your little bitch boy here is going to make a great fuck toy.' Looking at me standing there with my face full of drying cum my ass streched and bleeding and my mom drunkenly fingering her twat. He said he was going to come back tonight with a buddy from work and they are going to fuck me and maybe her like there was no tommorow. So I had better be clean and smelling fresh when they got there or he was gonna beat me until I was unconcious and fuck me anyway.
I looked back at mom hoping she would say something to put and end to this, she looked at greasy guy with a smile and said ' will have him clean and waiting for you when you get back.' I can not wait to see this little fag of mine taking it hard from two hard cocks at once.' Make sure it is after 9 though so the little faggot is done with his chores and he has put the baby down for the night, The last thing I want is that baby bitch interupting everything we have planned for the little queer.'

With that greasy guy gave her a passion filled kiss, whispered something in her ear that made them look towards the bedroom and then back at me. I could feel the evil look from him as they whispered about what was to come tonight.

He finally left and mom told me to get my ass to bed because we all had a busy day ahead of us. I hurriedly went back to my room and cuddled Mary with me in bed thinking about how I was going to keep those animals from getting anywhere near her.

Part II will involve much more.


2015-10-01 21:51:40
In A way this was a good story but it is also very disturbing to read how something like this happens & the mother is 2 drunk & party'd out to give A fuck about her son the boy is more the adult here don't get me wrong I'm not saying I hate it.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-08-07 20:01:23
In a way i find this story incredibly sexy, but i find it sickening at the same time. I was raped as a boy and to talk about this smal child forcably raped, suffering, and in pain as his mother watches him being so badly hurt is disgusting. Being raped as a child is an incredibly horrific experience. To have a full grown man inside you before you have even reached teenage years or even double digets is so so painful it makes me cry thinking of it. This is torture. Now dont get it twisted because i also know that children can enjoy sex just as much as anyone else. But having someone take you that way, when your so small fighting is useless, for someone to help them selves to the most delicate, sensitive and tender parts of your body... i have a hard time enjoying the story when not even the little boys own mother cares about him suffering and in agony.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-05-18 14:57:43
Well, since comments are disabled on the Tommy story, I'll post mine here.
Damn, tough crowd, eh? As far as you being an arrogant".,A SICK FAGGOT COCKSUCKER", some might say arrogant, where I think "self-assured." LOL As for "sick", I wonder what type of stories those "normal" critics are here to read.
Anyway, loved the Tommy story. Glad to see there'll be a "Part 2" cumming sometime soon.

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2015-04-15 04:07:29
This is soooooo good... pretty please, more. please?

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2015-03-25 18:02:22
Please post more soon

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