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It is a fiction story, don't take it seriously....
Allison was going on a hike on a casual morning, in the forest by her house. She had always enjoyed living in such a secluded place, she was able to be alone if she wanted to, and didn't have to worry about anything else. The 17 year old girl often went to the woods to sulk, usually because of her ugly appearance. With no curves or tits at all, acne spread out over her body, and hideous frizzy red hair, Allison had never had anything close to a boyfriend. The only decent part of her body was her att

Allison walked off the trail and into some densely packed trees. As she walked behind the tree and began to unzip her pants, she noticed a large patch of grass 20 feet away . It didn't seem normal, the grass was much thicker, and way too green to be normal. She walked towards the strange growth, but stopped. She suddenly realized she didn't know which way to get back to Derek, as she was in the middle of the forest, but she was distracted by the plant again. She finally reached the grass, and saw that it seemed to be one individual plant, with a small bulb in the center. She reached towards the plant, and touched the bulb. Instantly, the plant began growing before her eyes. The small grass expanded into large tentacles, and the bulb grew to the size of a beach ball. Allison freaked out and ran, but she felt her foot caught by something. The tentacle had reached out and wrapped around her! Allison screamed as the tentacle dragged her back to the plant, as more tentacles wrapped around her arms and feet.

She could not move any of her limbs, the plant had her held tight. She watched in horror as the bulb sprayed something on her, and her clothes began evaporating. Soon, she was completely exposed, including her pussy and A cup breasts. She saw a very large tentacle rise up, almost the size of her thigh. She didn't realize its purpose until it started moving down to her pussy. The slimy tentacle moved to her pussy lips, and slowly pushed aside them. Allison moaned, preparing for the inevitable. The tentacle rammed into her tight pussy, tearing open her hymen in one stroke. Allison screamed, as the tentacle came out bloody. The tentacle pushed back in, getting even farther in. Allison soon found her pain turning into pleasure, and quickly. She stopped arching back and began to spread her legs out as the tentacle thrust in and out at a superhuman rate. Soon, the tentacle hit the bottom of Allison's vagina, but it just pushed harder. The tentacle rammed into her cervix, using it's slime as lube. a whole 10 inches of the tentacle was inside Allison, but it didn't stop there. After one massively strong thrust, the tentacle slipped into Allison's womb, and she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The tentacle filled the remaining space and expanded to stretch her entire pussy. The tentacle thrusted over and over, 15 inches ramming the teenager. Suddenly, the tentacle pulsed and a huge amount of cum erupted out of the tentacle. Allison exploded into the biggest orgasm of her life as load after load streamed into her womb. It didn't seem like it would ever stop cumming; the tentacle had been doing it for 20 seconds, when the stream finally died down. Allison's stomach had bloated, making her look 5 months pregnant. However, this monster didn't seem done yet. With the large tentacle still inside Allison, a new pole plopped up right by Allison's ass. Allison watched in horror as the tentacle grew, secreting liquid off it's sides, and preparing for its duty.

"It isn't going to fit!" Allison thought, but it was too late. The massive cock slammed into Allison's ass, as she screamed at the top of her lungs, and the tentacle shot up. The cock started thrusting, and the tentacle still in Allison's pussy started thrusting too. Still, the tentacle in her ass grew, and she didn't know if it would ever stop. After 15 inches, the tentacle slammed up her large intestine, and traveled up the tissue. Allison's screams turned to moans, as pleasure erupted from both her pussy and ass. She cummed, but the tentacle sucked it up. Finally, both tentacles exploded with a massive amount of sperm, filling Allison to the brim. Allison felt her womb stretch even more, and the ass cum reaching her stomach. Allison erupted in orgasm after orgasm, as the tentacles released gallons of cum into her body. Allison's stomach stretched even more, and she now looked like she could give birth any second. She watched in delight as two arms of the plant moved towards her tits. These seems different from the rest, they looked like radio dishes, but with a needle in the middle. Before she could think any more, the needles squeezed into her nipples, and Allison screamed in pain. The dish tentacles wrapped around her tits, and she felt something going through the needle into her tits. She felt her boobs begin to grow, and the substance kept coming in. Her breasts seemed to be at least C cups now, but the tentacles didn't stop. Her tits stretched to Ds, then DDs, but didn't stop until they were perfectly round 36 F cups. She admired her now perfect tits as the needles pulled out with a pop. She also noticed that her ass was much more round, and her hips were curvy.

For the first time, she talked to the monster. "Why are you doing this?" Asked Allison. Although the monster did not talk, she felt him talking through her brain. He said, "You are my slave. You will be my lover, and will carry my children. I will change your body and make you the most beautiful woman in the world. Once you have finished this you can live your life with a perfect body." Allison believed him, after seeing him transform her flat tits into gorgeous melons. "But what will you do about my hair and skin?" asked Allison. The monster didn't reply, but she knew what would happen next. A large tentacle moved up to her mouth, and started face fucking Allison. She wanted to please this monster, make him happy. She helped the monster deep throat her, still being fucked up the pussy and ass. This tentacle didn't take too long to cum, but right before it did, it pulled out, and jizzed all over Allison's face, hair, and body. The cum coated her in layers, and she orgasmed over and over, holding on to the tentacles for support. She nearly collapsed from the pleasure, but stayed conscious as she began to feel a slight burning sensation all over her body. She looked at her skin, and yelped in shock. The cum was gone, and she saw her skin being transformed. The acne that once covered her body was disappearing, and every hair, mole, and blemish was gone too. Soon, the skin darkened and her white body was given a hot tan. She could see her hair in the corner of her eyes, and saw that it was straitening out and turning a perfectly blonde color. Allison didn't have a mirror, but she knew she had to be stunning. With her tan and curvy body, irresistible tits, and perfect hair, she knew she had to be hot.

"The physical transformation is almost complete, but i will increase your sexual drive and pleasure as well", said her lover. She soon found the pleasure from her fucking getting better and better, and soon she was screaming at the top of her lungs, "FUCK ME! YES! FUCK ME HARDER!" The pleasure in her body increased, and soon every part of her body was on fire with her constant orgasms. More cum shot out of the tentacles, expanding her stomach to huge amounts. Finally, the tentacles pulled out at the same time, giving Allison an empty feeling. Amazingly, while cum streamed out of her ass, almost no jizz escaped Allison's pussy. "I have closed your womb for maximum potency," said the monster. the monster allowed her to stand up, but Allison couldn't, she was too weak. She wanted the monster so badly inside of her, but she knew she was done for now. She eventually was able to get up, and amazingly, her body was clean and there was no stickiness at all. If someone saw her, they would not have known she had been fucked for the past three hours at all, besides the gaping hole in her ass, and the glazed look on her face. Luckily, her house was secluded, and close to the woods, so she was able to sneak back home without anyone finding her naked. Allison looked in the mirror and almost collapsed from what she saw. She hardly looked like the same person, with her gorgeous hair, perfect tits, and tan skin. If her stomach wasn't so filled from all the cum, she could have seduced any man. She lied down on her bed, rubbing her tits and stomach, thankful for what the monster had done to her. She dozed off into a deep sleep, dreaming about the monster and his amazing tentacles....

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2017-01-07 12:01:26
not bad but please more tentacle pregnancy themed stuff.

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2016-12-23 11:10:43
Amazing story. I absolutely love it. Sharing this with my roommates

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2013-02-01 05:34:58
I find the kneejerk uhttgpiness about humour far, far more offensive than any poor-taste humour could ever be.Would you have been as uptight if the term had been boyfriends ? If not, why not? Abuse of women is held as something terrible, but abuse of men is seen as comic relief. Is this a bad thing? I hate misandry, but hey, I'm still happy with humour, even if it gives me a twinge of irritation every time I see some guy smacked around to canned laughter on a TV and ask myself would they laugh if it was a woman? Not thinking a joke is funny, I don't have a problem with. Not thinking a joke is okay is not okay. Why would I get all uptight about it and tell people off for making the joke or for laughing? I would be discriminating about their humour.And while gender will eventually be a thing of the past, a negotiable aspect of our personas, I don't think anyone ever wants to get rid of humour.Freedom of speech is critical. If someone has been abused, to the point where they gets cri

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2012-12-20 18:16:38
That is an excellent idea. My son would never sit still long enoguh for flash cards. I taught him to count by playing physical games and counting out, each time he threw a ball, each step he climbed on the slide, each time he swung on a swing, etc. Learning the academics does not have to be done sitting still and it is much more fun that way too.Rose

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2012-08-26 16:01:52
Anonymous reader 2011-11-12 18:16:47 Get a life! Give the author some feedback and make suggestions of how the author can continue to make the story super sexy.

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