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Chapter 18

“How dare you!”

I had no idea why on god’s green earth Tina was screaming at me but judging by her impish grin (which was usually reserved for those times when she convinced me to bake cake when she was actually on diet) and the fact that she was still holding Keiko’s mouth to my balls it was not all that serious.

“I promised this sweet girl that she could clean me out after our fucking tonight and now you want to make me break my promise and disappoint this innocent little girl?”

Even Keiko with her mouth full started laughing at that. In a very short time Keiko had become a part of our lives and it would stay that way. Not that I minded. I pulled my dick away and we all lay on the bed together. After a short while I saw Tina get up and drag Keiko to the bathroom with her while I stayed behind and thought what we could do next. I always had the fantasy to share my girl with others but after I had met Tina that changed. It was still an interesting fantasy but if somebody touched her he would end up hospitalized for a couple of weeks. It was a strange combination of opposite desires.

It was different with Keiko. I had almost no emotional attachment to her and so I started thinking how I could arrange for her to be fucked by a group of strangers. Or maybe a blowbang to start with? So many possibilities but so limited in this resort.

I realized that a couple of minutes had passed but I still did not hear the shower. What where those 2 up to in the bathroom? Instead of calling out I decided to just go and check. I had the distinct feeling that I would encounter something pleasant to watch.

Tina was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread apart and Keiko was kneeling in front of her. The face of the Asian girl was pressed into Tina’s cunt.

“Why aren’t the two of you doing that in the bed where I can watch you?”

There was that impish grin from Tina again.

“Because I did not want to make a mess.” She said as she let go. I heard the purl as Tina’s urine, or more precisely that part of it that Keiko did not lap up hit the bowl. Tina started to stroke Keiko’s hair and to fondle her own boobs.

“How about you let me suck that dick while Keiko is getting me nice and clean?”

I looked at Tina. She never told me about this fantasy before and I was wondering what the cause for this might be. She was still under my control and had to answer me truthfully.

“Tina, why are you doing this to Keiko?”

“To punish her because you fucked her before instead of me. But now that I am doing it I really enjoy it.”

“Are you done peeing, Tina?”


“Then get up and kneel down here. Keiko, kneel next to her.”

“Listen Tina. I love you but I am going to fuck whoever I want and it’s not up to you to punish. All of this is about me and what I want.”

I put the tip of my dick to her lips and looked at her intently.

“I am sorry.” She answered. Then she opened her mouth to receive the same kind of punishment she had used on Keiko earlier.

Happily we had fucked just minutes earlier otherwise the show I had just witnessed would have given me a hard-on which would have made it impossible to pee. But my limp dick readily and easily started to spurt the liquid into her mouth as Keiko watched.

Soon her mouth was filled to the rim.

“Swallow it.” I commanded and she obeyed. I filled her mouth two more times and both times she swallowed obediently without hesitation.

“Keiko, stand up and bend over the sink. Spread your asscheeks. Tina, use that mouth to prepare me for her.”

Again, Tina obeyed and used her tongue and her lips to get me ready.

“Tina, lick Keiko’s pussy to get it wet and ready.”

But as Tina was turning around to obey my orders I grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up. I turned her around and pressed her against the sink next to Keiko. In one swift motion my dick was in her and I started fucking into her as I brought my mouth to her ear.

“You are an idiot. When you felt jealous of her, why did you not let me send her away? I do not care about her. She’s fun, you are more.”

I could see Tina smiling in the mirror over the sink as I continued fucking her from behind. She was mine and the rules where mine but I was always ready to bend them for her.

Chapter 19

The reminder of the holidays was mainly uneventful. Well, uneventful for a given value of event. I mean, when you are having a minimum of 3 threesomes a day, what counts as event? But those days got me thinking. I realized that Tina’s character was the problem. Her jealousy of me looking at other girls had been the start. Now she was clingy. As long as I was giving her a lot of attention on a daily basis everything was fine but when that attention dropped even a little some annoying shit would happen.

I had 3 choices. Put up with it; rewrite her the way I had done with Keiko or let her go and I needed time without her to think about it. Fate did its little trick to help me get that. I found out that Keiko was rich (for a given value of rich). Her parents had died and left her with a house in a city about 800 kilometers from where I lived and since she was studying and the end of the semester was approaching she was free to move.

I decided to go with her to her town and sell her house. With the money we would buy one close to my place and she could enroll at my university for the next semester. And the time I needed for that would give me time to decide what to do about Tina. Tina’s programming was limited to the time of the holidays so she would go home being herself and when I returned with Keiko I would decide what to imprint her with.

Tina flew to our city and I changed my ticket to fly with Keiko. We had no opportunity to join the mile-high club which was regrettable but you can’t have everything, right? After the landing we took a cub to her place and fucked. It was the first time for over a week that I had sex with only one person but damn, was it good.

We started the preparations for moving and selling the house the next day. We worked all day and fucked all night for 3 days and then the waiting started. Legal issues take their time and there was nothing to do and the weather was bad so, out of sheer curiosity I asked Keiko if she did not miss any of her friends. She did not. I was still curious so I asked her if they were not missing her.

“Has none of your girls called to hang out?”

“Noel called. But I feel uncomfortable around her because she is always hitting on me.”

Now, here’s something you can learn for live. Even if curiosity kills the cat 9 out of 10 times, the tenth may very well be a godsend.

“I would like to meet this Noel”, I told Keiko. And she, always nice and obedient, arranged a meeting for the next evening. We arrived a bit too late so I could have a look at Noel waiting in the restaurant. You know what the problem with dark skin is? It hardly ever comes with real beauty. All the really hot black girls like Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Rhianna or Beyonc?are nor really black. They are dark brown. It seems like that beautiful really dark skin always have something strange about their faces. This one did not. There was absolutely nothing about her that did not scream “perfect” from across the street. I knew I had to have her. And then, in her moves and the way she looked around the room I saw something else. The slightly raised nose, the wave of the hand with which she dismissed the waiter. There seemed to be something snobbish about her and I decided to break that before I programmed her.

“Keiko, listen up. In front of Noel I want you to pretend that we are not in a relationship of any kind. We are friends. During the holidays you discovered your appetite for girls and want to be with Noel. I will leave right after saying hello and I want you to seduce Noel. Bring her to your apartment and play sleep with her. Play her the CD I played you. Have that CD with you at all times. When she invites you to her place, play the CD there. I want it running whenever you 2 sleep.”

It worked. How could it not. But the next week was unpleasant. Keiko and Noel where like teenagers in love. They were together all the time and I was going cold turkey. After 3 weeks of at least 3 times a day sex I went to 0 over night. I just hoped it would pay off.

They spend the 5th night, the first night I could use at Noel’s place and I had no way of access. But the 6th night was at Keiko’s place. I listened as they came in and whispered to each other. I listened to the sound of them undressing each other and to the first moans of their lovemaking. I knew that the time to act was now. Noel was exactly like I needed her for my plan at this moment. The sudden change from love to betrayal when she realized that Keiko had set her up would be strongest when they were in the midst of lovemaking.

I got up from my bed in the guest bedroom and went into Keiko’s. Not storming. Slowly but with determination I opened the door.

“Let me lay down the law. Noel, you won’t be able to move unless directly ordered to perform a certain action. You will be able to speak but not to scream for help. Snap out.”

“Who are you? What do you want?”

I just smiled.

“Help. What happened to my voice? Keiko, please, help me. What’s going on?”

I looked at Keiko and told her to crawl over to me and suck my dick. She obediently left Noel’s side, crawled to me on her hands and knees and opened my fly. Noel was trying to talk to Keiko all the time but got no reaction. Neither from her nor from me. I waited until my dick was in Keiko’s warm mouth before addressing Noel.

“Ahhh, that’s better. Who I am? Not a very nice man. What I want? Some fun. What happened to your voice? You are under a kind of hypnotic command. What’s going on? You are about to find out. First I have a couple of questions for you to find out if you are suitable for long term commands.”

She was scared. Her breathing was fast and her eyes were darting around the room, looking for a way out. After finally getting to the girl she had been in love with for years she now saw that that girl had set her up and was shamelessly sucking that very same man’s dick right in front of her.

“I won’t answer any of your questions. Screw you!”

“As you wish. Those questions are designed to determine if you are able to take long term commands without brain damage but if you don’t want to answer I’ll just try. Ready?”

“What do you want to know?”

“That’s a good girl. Stand up and come closer. Do not try to cover your body!”

She was even more beautiful naked then she had been dressed. Her breasts were big and full. Ds going on DDs. Her waist was slim and her skin was perfect and smooth apart from a little scar on her left hip. She had her hair straightened and let it hang loosely down her back which suited her well. Her pussy was cleanly shaven with the inner labia completely hidden.

“Turn around!”

I could see her trying to fight my command but she couldn’t. Her ass was small and tight and I found myself just wanting to bite it.

“Turn to me again. Please do not try to fight the commands. I gave you weak ones so as not to cause damage. Please do not make me increase the strength and risk getting you into a coma.”

I saw her trying to nod agreement and saw the fear in her eyes increase.

“I understand you are into girls. Have you ever been with a man?”

“Once. All my friends had sex so I wanted to try it but I felt disgusted when we started and told him to go. He took my virginity but left before he finished.”

“Have you ever sucked a dick?”


“Have you ever been anally penetrated by a guy or a girl?”

“No. What does that have to do with programmability?”

“Your reactions to intimate questions have a lot to do with it. Pinch your nipple as hard as you can.”

She tried to resist but she was programmed to move however I instructed her so she could not resist. She screamed at the pain. I had forbidden her to scream for help but this was not for help.

“You may let go now. Do not question me again. I am the one who is in control here.” I said in a flat tone. She blinked a tear away and looked down to Keiko. She was shocked that the girl had not only NOT tried to help her but showed no reaction whatsoever. Somehow punishing Noel had got me horny and I felt that I was approaching orgasm.

“One moment please, Noel. I will be with you again in a moment.” She expected me to leave the room but I just grabbed Keiko’s head and started unloading my sperm into her mouth. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt her sucking it all out of me and down her throat.

Without mentioning or acknowledging what had just happened I addressed Noel again.

“Where were we?” I continued to ask random questions for the next 10 minutes while Keiko continued to service me on her knees. Finally I said to Noel:

“Hmmm…It looks like the probability for brain damage is about 50%. I’m a bit torn. One the one hand I would really love to have some fun with you. On the other hand I do not want to cause any permanent damage. I’ll make you an offer. If you let me have you and pleasure me in any way I ask. If you fulfill all my wishes until…Let’s say…It’s Friday evening…Monday noon, I promise you that you will never have to do anything with me you do not want again.”

She was scared. Everything around her seemed unreal. She had nothing to hold on to and a serious threat right in front of her.

“Promise?” She asked.

“Promise” I replied. And I kept it. In my own way.

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