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(a narrative poem by Stardust8937)

Every year,
Like a too hot God-damned, panting wild dog,
the desert summer heat
TRIPS me like Maca Root
into changing pools of light, and
ass-fucking, cunt-licking, pussy pounding,
"Wanna' cum, Wanna' cum,"
primal, animal-screeching,
howling, fucking need... of LUST!

Like my body is dreaming,
and tossing and turning in that dream
from sleeping on the wrong side of a bed
filled with cracker crumbs--
and with my cock so hard and hot
and spurting in my sleep as if I
were still nineteen.

I wait below my house
on a trail covered with desert brush,
and finally see her mountain bike
heading toward me.
I'm like an undercover sex-cop
on a vice probe, watching her
pumping away on the red machine
dressed in pink shorts and yellow halter.

Oh my God, look at those eyes,
flashing black as olives
staring out from a green dinner salad.
I will surely eat you for dinner tonight, girl!

What sand patch trail leading you here,
filled with burrow weed, creosote bushes,
mesquite, jumping cactus, and who the hell knows what?
Have you crashed into?--I want to ask her....
Scratching your ankles and even up your thigh?
Even the God-damned BUSHES trying to keep you FROM ME.

Lay next to me on this shaded patch of white sand.
Lay here, where I've smoothed a heavy red blanket--
my green shirt, brown shorts, a large blue towel, one gallon
of store-bought water-- and your favorite lube.
Lay next to my nakedness,

I wash and lick the blood from your feet.

Last summer and the summer before,
even the summer before THAT,
I told you of THIS BEAUTIFUL spot.
I took you pictures, of this desert
river bed, untouched by men,
with soft white sand,
shaded by Smoke trees.

This is a perfect ride for you from town,
I told you many times.
Your passion was biking....
The first time I'd seen you stocking cans of Campbell's soup,
on your knees in the market, looking up at me
as I paused my shopping to lock eyes with you
and to WANT you so bad, so badly in my mind,
your face turned red and you had to turn away.

Then every week I saw you, and talked with you,
you knew what I wanted, and little by little, our talks
became a secret way for you to cry to me
of a sexless marriage and needs
like mine... Always peaking in the heat
of the interminable desert summer.

YOU made crazy by the summer heat,
searching for a hot stiff cock
and warm hands to pet your slit,
looking for a scorching mouth to taste your cunt
and not be afraid
to taste the salt of sweat, desert dust, and friction heat
from your mountain bike ride from town.

Now, a little later, we lay, and I remove your scanty shorts
and halter, and you curl into me as I slide my hands
on your body and part your perfect slit for my tongue
to probe, and then turn you to lick your asshole.
You take my cock in your mouth and open wide
until my balls rock against your chin,
you open wide and feel the silky skin
on the mushroom head of my cock
slide against the back and top of your mouth
I thrust into your fucking face-- your face fucking me,
faster and faster
you grasp my ass in your hands
and moan softly in your throat
as I fuck, fuck, fuck your pretty face...
Until I scream like a coyote on it's night time prowl
and give cum up into your sucking baby lips.

You kiss me and I taste my cum
then plunge my tongue deeply into your ass.
Into your cunt.
I lick the remaining blood
from your legs, and lick on your bush
smooth as silk, salty with sweat
"Fuck my ass," you plead.
"Fuck me in the ass."

My dick slides into you where you love it best
and as you, on your hands and knees
buck against me, I ride you , and ride you , and ride you
until your throbbing ass
clenches and spasms the mushroom head of my cock
and your gurgling moans as you cum,
make me cum and cum...

The LORD of LUST has taken us both again,
and for a day or two, we can both sleep
peacefully and dream of this white sand.
Of our secret place.

The end... by Stardust8937--10-02-10

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2013-04-27 02:45:50
keep writing more poem only on anal fuck

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2012-03-21 14:35:52
lol yeah sorry xD just noticed it hehe tkanhs this guy is hot id love him to suck me and just stare at his eyes nice hole tomerry christmas!!

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