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"Ow!" Tony grimaced, twisting on the bed as his mother rubbed his back. "Be careful, Mom! That really hurts!"

"I'm sorry, darling," Sylvia sighed. She sat straddling his hips, kneading her thumbs into the aching muscles paralleling his spine. "I'm doing my best. I'm afraid you're just going to have to get used to this kind of pain if you keep playing football."

Tony said nothing. He lay naked on his stomach, a towel modestly covering his bare ass, a tall, lean, handsome teen who wanted nothing more than to be the star wide receiver on his varsity football team. In practice that day, he'd hurt his back after leaping for an overthrown pass. Sylvia had worked as a nurse during the early years of her marriage, and she knew that the injury was nothing more than a back spasm that would disappear within a few days.

"It's so embarrassing," Tony sighed. "I haven't even made the team yet, and I have to get injured."

"Now, now," Sylvia chided. "You know it's not your fault, darling."

"I wish we didn't look so much alike," Tony said softly.

"Oh? What's wrong with us looking alike?" Sylvia smiled.

She had short, wavy, dark-brown hair, like her son, and they also shared their naturally olive-tan skin and wide brown eyes. People always immediately identified Tony as her son, but they often thought that Craig, was adopted. Craig was a blond, like her kid sister Jill.

"Well, everyone could tell you were my mom," Tony protested. "I mean, they all know it was my own mom driving me home after I got myself hurt."

"What did you want them to think?" Sylvia giggled, playfully pinching his ass through the towel. "That I was a mysterious older woman?"

"I'll bet the other guys don't have their own mothers take them home from practice," Tony grumbled. "I mean, they were all staring at you and everything."

Sylvia felt her cheeks flush. "I... I think you know that men usually have other reasons for staring at me, honey."

Tony didn't answer, but his expression told Sylvia that he knew what she meant. Sylvia had just turned thirty-seven, and she wondered if she would ever be old enough not to have problems because of the extreme voluptuousness of her body. She was delicately built, with the slender bone structure of a model or a dancer, but every inch of flesh on her seemed to have been sculptured to make her a sex object.

Her legs were well-toned and curvaceous, shapely at thigh and calf. Sylvia's buns were round and firm and plumply protuberant. She had lost count of the times she'd turned suddenly on the street to find some horny male with a bulging crotch staring transfixedly at her ass. Her waist was only twenty-two inches; she hadn't gained an ounce since her eighteenth birthday.

But the main problem with her body, of course, was the size of her tits. Sylvia sighed as she looked down at herself, still rubbing Tony's back, seeing how her huge, firm tits stretched the terry robe. Her tits would have been just the right size if she'd been a broad-shouldered, tall female basketball player. But they were obscenely oversized for her delicate bone structure, and her nipples were just as outrageous, wide and deep red, with big, protuberant tits. It was impossible to go outdoors without having countless men gawk at her enormous, round tits -- and gawk was the word for what half of Tony's football team -- had been doing when she'd picked him up that afternoon. More than once she'd caught even Tony and Craig ogling the incredible voluptuousness of her figure.

"Rub lower," Tony said. "Shit, it hurts." Sylvia slid farther down his waist, wishing that she'd worn panties, flushing as she felt her furry pussy pressing Tony's bare thigh as she straddled him. She rubbed his spine briskly, trying to remember the techniques she'd once learned as a nurse. Suddenly Tony moaned and clutched desperately at his upper leg.

"Oh, fuck!" he gasped. "My thigh! It's killing me!"

"Sometimes the pain shoots down there," Sylvia said, wincing sympathetically. "It's normal."

"Oh, fuck!" Tony bit his lip. "It's like a knife!"

"All right. Turn over, honey. I better rub you there too."

Tony swiveled quickly onto his back, in so much pain that he didn't notice that the towel had almost fallen from his hips. Sylvia knelt beside him and briskly rubbed his upper leg. Slowly Tony relaxed.

"It... it's getting better flow," he sighed. "It was just this really sharp pain, just for a few seconds."

"That's what back spasms are like," Sylvia said, briskly rubbing and kneading his thigh, staring down at it. "Your leg probably won't hurt again tonight, I'll bet. The whole thing'll probably disappear tomorrow. Does your leg feel better now, honey?"

But Tony didn't answer. Several seconds passed, and Sylvia glanced curiously at his face. There was something strange in his expression now. His eyes were very wide. Why was he staring at her like that? Then Sylvia looked down at her body.

"Oh, Tony!" she gasped. "I'm so sorry. How careless of me!"

The carelessly-knotted robe had come completely open while she'd changed positions. Her son was staring helplessly at her naked body, at her dense pussy triangle and her round belly and what had to be the biggest firmest tits he'd ever seen in his life. Sylvia felt embarrassed to realize that her nipples were stiff, her fat tits protruding from the wide, crimson circles like eraser tips. She tried to close the robe hurriedly, but she was so nervous that she couldn't seem to grab the sash, and the movement just made her giant tits jiggle more seductively.

"Oh, darling, I'm so sorry! I should have worn my clothes, I... oh, Tony! Oh my Lord!"

Tony watched his mother's lips and eyes open wide with amazement. Then he saw what she was staring at. The towel had slid completely off of his hips, actually pushed aside by the sudden, dramatic stiffening of his extremely large cock. Sylvia stared in wonder at the gigantically long, fat hard-on now standing stiffly out of her son's cock-fur, his fuck-shaft twitching obscenely over his belly, his cock-knob red and bloated with cum. Looking at his mother's naked body had given her son the biggest hard-on she'd ever seen in her life.

"Good Lord, Tony!" Sylvia whispered breathlessly. "It's simply huge!"

Moaning with embarrassment, Tony tried to cover his huge cock with his hands and started to roll onto his stomach. But he couldn't. He gasped as the pain shot through his spine again. All he could do was lie helplessly on his back, looking guiltily at his mother as his mammoth cock continued to pulse obscenely in front of her.

"Oh, shit, this is so embarrassing!" he mumbled. "I'm really sorry, Mom."

"You... you don't have to be embarrassed."

But Sylvia hardly heard her own words. She tried to stop staring at his huge cock, but she couldn't seem to tear her eyes away, and soon she felt herself trembling with an irresistible, shameful lust. Lord, what a big cock, she thought, over and over... my son has the biggest cock I've ever seen...

"Mom, I'm really sorry about this," Tony mumbled. Guiltily he slid his hands back to his sides, knowing that he couldn't possibly conceal his hard-on. "I guess you better go now."

Sylvia hardly heard him.

"Look at how stiff it is, Tony," she whispered breathlessly. "It's throbbing so ltd. Did looking at my body do that to you?"

"I... I guess," Tony admitted.

"You'll have to jack off, won't you?" Sylvia murmured. "You'll never be able to get to sleep when your cock's this hard. Do you think you'll be able to?"

"I... I don't know. It hurts to move my arm." He chuckled nervously. "I guess I'll have to hope for a wet dream, huh?"

Sylvia didn't answer. Her cunt was throbbing very hard now, her pouting cunt-lips growing wet and swollen with her intense lust for her son's cock. Dazedly she continued to stare at his cock, completely forgetting that her robe was still open. Gradually Tony's guilty eyes returned to her body. He stared at her lush, naked tits again, and Sylvia gasped as his massive cock throbbed harder than ever.

"Oh, Tony, your cock looks like it's going to explode!" she whispered. "Do you want me to help you?"


Sylvia raised her arm, her hand trembling, sliding her fingers up her naked son's thigh. Tony gaped at her in amazement as she wrapped her hand tightly around the fat base of his cock. His cock was so thick that she could barely get her hand around it. Sylvia shuddered as she lewdly started jacking his enormous hard-on, lovingly stroking her own son's cock.

"Mom! What're you doing?"

"I'm helping you," Sylvia whispered. "You need me to help you beat off, Tony. Your back hurts too much. I need to help you shoot out all that cum!"

Tony just gaped at her. Sylvia switched hands, gripping his huge prick with her left fist, pressing her palm on his spongy cock-crown. She jacked his massive cock-tool slow and very hard, making her son shudder as his piss-hole squirted out more oozing jizz. Sylvia moved her palm on his cock-head, coating her hand with the goo. Then she returned her right fist, lubed with spunk, to his jutting cock-shaft. The precum was sticky and plentiful, lubing his aching cock almost as well as oil or Vaseline. The horny mother's huge tits jiggled firmly as she started jacking her son's cock fast and hard, whipping her right fist rhythmically up and down his giant, throbbing cock.

Tony groaned as his cock bucked wildly between her fingers. He gave in, gasping and trembling with pleasure, letting his own mother beat his cock-meat. Sylvia jacked his big cock harder and harder, making more spunk ooze out of his piss-slit, pausing occasionally to press her palm on his spongy cock-knob to catch more of the lube. It was perfectly natural and wholesome, she told herself dreamily, to jack her son's cock like this. She'd had to do it many times as a nurse, when an immobilized patient would develop an enormous hard-on while she gave him a bath. Many of the other nurses, too, had regarded it as part of their duties to relieve the painful stiffness of a client's cock with a brisk jacking session. They always slept so much better after she jacked out a big load of cum.

"Does this feel good, Tony?" Sylvia panted. Her fist was a blur now, whipping feverishly up and down her son's huge cock. "Is this making your cock feel better?"

"Oh, Mom..." Tony trembled beneath her, shuddering as his cock throbbed and oozed, his balls loaded with cum. "Harder, Mom... oh, fuck..."

"I... I don't think this is so awful, do you?" Sylvia said, trying to convince herself more than she was trying to convince him. "I mean, I know that most mothers don't... don't give their sons hand-jobs, but I'm just trying to make your cock feel good. You'd never get to sleep if I didn't help you shoot your cum like this. Do you think it's awful, Tony?"

"No. No, Mom! Oh, fuck..."

"But you... your cock is so huge, Tony. I don't know if I can do it with just my hand. I... I better do more than just jack on your cock to make it cum. I think l's going to have to suck on it too."

Tony gaped at her in horny bewilderment. Sylvia leaned down, her huge tits swaying pendulously, her mouth watering in shameful anticipation of sucking the hot goo out of her own son's enormous cock. She whimpered with pleasure as her lips touched his oozing, shiny skinned cock-knob, tasting the musky, meaty taste of his cock for the very first time.

She opened her mouth wide and plunged her lips onto his cock-shaft, slurping in over a third of it, locking her lips in a wet, ovaled circle around the swollen shaft of his cock.

"Oh, Mom! Mom!"

Sylvia started sucking, her eyes closed and her cheeks flushed, hungrily slurping and sucking the tasty stiffness of her own son's cock. Lovingly she gripped the root now, squeezing and milking it, feeling his cock-shaft pulse.

Her buttery mouth bathed his flared cockhead with saliva, the spit mingling with the jizz oozing from his piss-slit. Sylvia swirled her tongue around and around the spongy head of his cock, shuddering with lust as she lapped up her own son's salty, milk-white cum.

"Oh, Mom, it feels so good!" Tony gasped. "Suck it, Mom! Suck it, make me cum!"

I'm sucking my own son's cock, Sylvia thought dazedly. The knowledge of the obscene reality of what she was doing to him made her pussy throb even more wetly, her clit tingling and her pouting cuntlips pulsating with desire. Deep down inside she'd always been aware of her lust for her sons, the lust that, to her, was only an extension of maternal love. She'd never thought it could happen, but now it was.

She felt Tony's eyes staring down at her, watching his own horny mother with her mouth stretched around his cock, slurping feverishly on his big cock. She was actually giving a blowjob to her own flesh and blood.

The giant prong oozed heavily now, throbbing wildly between her ovaled lips, continually oozing cock-juice onto her laying, lapping tongue. Sylvia heard her own slurping, gurgling sounds emanating from her throat, as she continued to suck loudly and wetly on her son's magnificent prick. Her tongue dug into his pisshole, then lovingly swabbed his spongy cock crown with spit. Her belly ached for the spurting load of her son's delicious cum.

She wanted to ask how good her sucking was making his cock feel, but she didn't want to take his cock out long enough to speak to him. Instead she hungrily sucked his giant fuck-tool harder than ever, nearly choking herself as she thrust her face onto his hairy crotch, taking his cock even farther between her lips.

She couldn't open her mouth any wider now. Her lips were utterly gorged with his cock, stretched to bursting around the aching, oozing stiffness of his hard-one Sylvia kept gurgling and slurping and sucking, covering his cock with so much hot spit that it oozed out of her ovaled lips around his cock.

Her cheeks were very red, puckered sharply to increase the suctioning pressure around his cock-meat. Sylvia pumped them in and out like a bellows, puckering one moment, puffing out the next, now sucking her son's enormous cock as hard as she possibly could. Her cock-sucking noises were so loud that she couldn't even hear Tony moaning over them. Sylvia's fingers clung to the root of his cock-shaft, then started jacking his prick again, stroking hard from the base to her sucking lips.

"I'm gonna cum!" Tony gasped. He raised his arms, ignoring the pain in his back as he clutched her head, holding her wet, sucking mouth firmly onto his cock-meat. "Suck it, Mom! Oh, Mom, jack it harder! It feels so good, Mom! Ahhh, Mom! I'm gonna cum!"

His enormous cock throbbed to an incredible new stiffness, pulsing violently on the roof of her mouth. Sylvia's pussy creamed as she realized that she would soon be gulping down cock-juice. She panted through her nose and sucked his aching cock as hard as she could, her fist a blur as she jacked the cock-shaft, urgently trying to coax the sappy load out of his balls.

"Oh, Mom! Mom, Mom..."

His cock exploded, bucking hard between her lips, spraying a geyser of thick, milky cum down the horny mother's throat. Sylvia shuddered happily as she tasted her son's seed, as the salty jizz lashed and splattered around the inside of her mouth. Expertly she sucked and jacked his gushing cock harder than ever, struggling to milk out all of his cum.

His pent-up cum-load raked out of his wet, throbbing prick, squirting her belly full of cum. Sylvia's pussy spasmed as she nursed his spouting hard-on, whimpering as the white torrent spewed across her tongue, bathing her tonsils with fizz. Tony pulled her hair and writhed beneath her, almost unable to bear the intensity of his orgasm. Sylvia kept sucking and jacking feverishly long after the cum had subsided, craving every drop of her son's hot, tasty fizz.

Then she knew she had to look at him again. His enormous cock remained as hard as stone, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. Slowly Sylvia slid her lip off of his mammoth cock, gulping down the last of her spit and his cum. The blood pounded in her cheeks as she looked at his dazed, sweaty face, Tony knew how much she loved cock-sucking now. What would he think of her now that his own mother had willingly sucked his cock?

"Well... that was something, Tony," she mumbled breathlessly. Quickly she moved her tongue around the corners of her mouth, licking up his jizz. "I... I guess that was pretty shocking, wasn't it? I guess I shouldn't have done that for you, Tony. No, I know I shouldn't have. But... but you did shoot an awful, awful lot of cum, honey. So now maybe you can get some sleep."

Tony didn't answer. She was sitting up again, and the robe was still wide-open, and Tony was again staring at his sexy mother's naked body. Sylvia looked down at her huge tits, seeing how stiff her nipples had grown from the pleasure of cock-sucking, how her rubbery tits now protruded nearly an inch from the wide, crimson circles. Then she looked back at her son's giant spit-dripping cock, and then her pussy burned even more uncontrollably with incestuous lust.

"Why, T-Tony," she stammered. "Your cock isn't getting soft. It isn't getting soft at all!"

His enormous cock looked as stiff as ever, pulsing over his stomach as he gazed transfixedly at his mother's naked body. Sylvia slid her hand up again, shuddering with fuck-need as she lewdly fondled his prick.

"It's still such a hard-on, Tony," she panted. "But you just came so hard. I was swallowing for over a minute isn't it going to get soft now?"

"I don't think so," Tony said.

"Oh, Tony. You... you need another cum, then, don't you? I guess it wasn't enough for you, just shooting out one load. You've still got more cum in your balls. Do you..." she moaned, squeezing his cock harder, "... do you want me to help you cum again?"

"I guess." Tony stared at her body, licking his lips. "Mom, could you take off your robe the rest of the way now?"

"... all right, Tony. If that's what you want."

She rose from the bed, standing beside it, her face flushed with shame and desire. Sylvia peeled the robe off of her delicate shoulders and let it fall to the floor, revealing to her own son the incredible naked body that men had ogled for as long as she could remember. She turned to let him see all of her, wiggling her round, plump ass salaciously. When she turned back, her son's cock throbbed even more stiffly than before, his wet cock-shaft jerking and twitching painfully over his navel.

"Mom, could you get on top of me?" Tony murmured.

"But... but, oh, Tony." The naked mother trembled with lust, realizing what her son wanted. "I really don't think we better. I'm your mother. You can't want to fuck your very own mother."

"Please," Tony winced. "Please, Mom..."

"Oh, sweetheart. Oh, this is so wrong..."

But she was already crawling onto the bed with him, shaking with incestuous passion, already knowing that she was going to succumb to her wanton need to give her pussy to her own son. Sylvia's nipples were painfully stiff, and her cunt was so hot and wet that it hurt, dripping with juice, creaming on the insides of her thighs. She gasped as she crawled onto her son, straddling him, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his lean hips.

"Tony, this is incest now. We both know it. Are you sure you want to do this with me?"


"Oh, my precious baby..."

She dropped her hand between her thighs, again grasping his huge, wet cock with her trembling fingers. Sylvia stared down at her hairy pussy, lowering her hips, until the oozing knob of Tony's cock pushed onto her cunt.

His cock was so huge that it was hard to get it into her tight pussy. Sylvia wiggled her ass, gasping as his spongy cock-head nudged into her clasping, pouty-lipped pussy. She forced her hips down, shuddering as his massive cock stretched its way into her narrow, dripping, horny cunt.

"Oh, Mom!" Tony stared at her hairy pussy triangle, sighing as he saw his veined cock-shaft disappearing into her small, tight cunt. "It feels so good, Mom! It feels even better than when you sucked me! Fuck me, Mom! Fuck me!"

"Oh, Tony, this is so wrong. It's such a sin... fucking my own son."

Her pussy throbbed and sucked around the tip of his cock, growing even wetter and hotter, anticipating the full, skewering length of his cock. Sylvia leaned over her body, her enormous, stiff-nippled tits jiggling over his chest as she clutched his shoulders for support. Gradually she started humping and wiggling, grimacing and biting her lip with intense pleasure as she made his giant hard-on go farther and farther up her creamy cunt.

"Oh, Tony!" she gasped as the pleasure coursed through her loins, as her small, wet, curly-haired fuck-opening spasmed repeatedly around his prick. "It... it's just so big, baby! I can hardly believe what a big cock you have! Unnggghh! Oh, Tony, I'm getting awfully horny now. My pussy's so wet. Do you like the way Mom's wet pussy feels around your cock?"

Tony just groaned with pleasure, watching his rigid, veined fuck-pole disappearing between the curls of his naked mother's pussy. Sylvia eagerly started wiggling and humping faster, her beautiful face contorting with lust as his massive fuck-tool gushed deep inside her belly. Then she was sitting flat on top of him, wriggling her bare ass on his upper thighs, the entire length of his giant prick buried in her drippy cunt.

"Oh, Tony! Oh, it's so big, son! I... I can't help it! I'm so horny!" Sylvia clutched his shoulders and feverishly started humping her ass up and down, sliding her wet, clinging pussy up and down on his cock. "Fuck your mother, Tony! Oh, I can't help it! Fuck Mom's pussy, fuck Mom's horny cunt!"

Tony grimaced as he started grinding beneath her, so excited that he could ignore the intense pain in his back, dazedly staring at his naked mom's giant, jiggling tits as he started stroking his cock through the clinging tightness of her cunt. His immense hard-on stroked in and out of her pussy, satisfying her hairy fuck-hole, packing her cunt to busting with every stroke.

I love my son's big cock, Sylvia thought dreamily. She held his shoulders tightly and humped much faster, rhythmically banging her quivering buns onto his upper thighs, panting as she fucked her throbbing pussy onto the stabbing shaft of his cock.

"Harder, Tony, harder!" Already her gooey cunt had begun to spasm uncontrollably, contracting repeatedly around the stretching thickness of his cock. "Oh, darling, your cock is so huge! Fuck me hard, Tony! Please, baby, please, fuck the shit out of me! Fuck Mom, lover, fuck me hard, oh, shit, I really need to cum!"

She humped still faster, hearing the bedsprings squeak, feeling the mattress bouncing beneath them as she torridly fucked her burning, itching pussy up and down on her son's cock. Tony was fucking as hard as his back would let him, but she was still doing most of the humping work. And her own energy amazed her. Soon the stacked, naked mother was bucking and fucking like a well-paid whore, gasping with wanton pleasure as she furiously slammed her throbbing, furry fuck-slit up and down on Tony's cock.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" Her voice was very loud now, almost loud enough to awaken her son sleeping downstairs. "Please fuck harder, Tony! Unngghh! Awww, my baby, fuck my pussy, Mom needs your cock! I'm gonna cum, Tony, Mom's really gonna cum!"

The sweat poured off Tony's face as he fought the pain in his back, desperately horny for his mother's pussy, intensely excited by the sucking, spuming pressure of her cunt around his cock. He slid his hands up her slender waist, gazing wide-eyed at her enormous, bouncing tits, finally filling his hands with the spongy softness of her huge tits.

Eagerly Sylvia leaned farther forward, shaking her tits over his face. Tony opened his mouth wide and sucked in one nipple, slurping it hungrily between his lips. The taste of her stiff, rubbery tit made his cock grow even stiffer up her pussy. Slurping on his mom's tit, Tony fucked her cunt as hard as he could.

"Yes, Tony, yes!" she groaned and gasped with desire, her lips pulled back to bare her teeth, panting obscenely as she pounded her throbbing, juicy pussy onto his cock as fast as she could. "Unngghhh! I'm cumming, Tony! Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! Oh, my baby, oh, my sweet, sweet baby, oh... unngghhh! Cumming! I'm cummiinnnngggg!"

Her pussy spewed out juice, contracting and spasming uncontrollably around his stiff, throbbing pisser. Tony let her jiggling tit slide from his mouth, sighing as the cum churned painfully in his balls. Then his cock suddenly started squirting again, blowing the second wad of milky cum deep inside his mother's cunt.

Sylvia trembled with passion as his sticky cock-juice streamed into her pussy, splattering her glistening inner cunt-walls with spunk.

I let my own son fuck me, she thought dreamily. I let him fuck his own mother's cunt.

Her cheeks flushed with shame again. She knew she would have to tell Tony that this would be the first and last time she relieved him this way. But for now the fuck-hungry mother continued to grind willingly on top of him, flexing her pussy-muscles, helping her son's mammoth hard-on shoot out all of the jizz.


Sylvia went straight to bed after that, more ashamed than ever, wondering if she would ever be able to look herself in the mirror again. She paused outside her son's bedroom door, relieved to hear Craig snoring peacefully. Then she went to her own room and crawled under the covers without washing, without wiping the crusty white flakes of her son's dried cum from her inner legs. The size of Tony's cock and the joy of fucking her own son had both relaxed and satisfied her. Despite her guilt and confusion, she fell fast asleep.

She awoke abruptly six hours later, at the crack of dawn, immediately aware of an intense, pounding need deep inside her cunt. Sylvia immediately knew that she'd been having a wet dream about fucking her son. Her pussy was swollen and dripping wet, and the remembered image of her son's huge cock loomed irresistibly before her mind's eye.

It's so sinful, Sylvia told herself. It's so wrong to want to fuck my own son. But her pussy still pulsed violently, and she knew she'd never be able to get through the day with her cunt feeling like this. Hurriedly she kicked the covers to the foot of the bed, exposing her stacked naked body in the grey first light. Her rounded ass wiggled into a good humping position on the center of the bed, and she splayed her curvaceous thighs as wide as she could. Then she put her hand on her hairy pussy and immediately started finger-fucking, thinking helplessly about her son's big cock.

"Oh, Tony!" Torridly she banged her fingers in and out of her dripping, hairy cunt-slit, shuddering as she remembered how it had felt when her son had shot his cum-load down her throat. "Oh, Tony... fuck me, Tony... Mom's so horny... fuck me, fuck Mom's cunt!"

The whispered obscenities continued to burble from her moistly parted lips. The naked mom shut her eyes, blocking out the real world as she jacked off her horny pussy as fast as she could. She didn't open them until she suddenly felt the mattress give beneath her, and realized that someone was joining her on the bed.

It was Tony. Her naked son grinned down at her as he crawled into position, his enormous cock throbbing before her wet, curly-haired fuck-hole. Before Sylvia could say a word to him, he'd nudged his spongy cock-head into her cunt.

"My back feels all better, Mom," he whispered. "All it needed was a couple of hours sleep. I woke up early, just like you. Slit, Mom, I'm so horny for you!"

"No," Sylvia panted. "No, Tony, we can't do it again! It's a sin, oh, Tony... oh, don't push it in... don't slide it up my pussy, unngggghhhhhh... oh, it's stretching me... it's so big... unnggghh! Oh, Tony... ugghhh!"

She lay spread-eagled beneath him, shuddering and panting shamefully as her hung son worked his hips rhythmically, spearing his enormous fuck-tool deeper and deeper into the clinging tightness of her cunt. Sylvia's pussy throbbed violently now, greedily contracting around his prick. Her guilty, shameful thoughts gradually gave way to a wanton craving that was as strong as the night before.

Sylvia wiggled beneath him, gasping as his massive cock pushed deep inside her pussy. Suddenly she lifted her legs high in the air, tossing them together around her son's back. Her arms came up, twining around his shoulders. Then the ashamed, naked mom started humping rhythmically, fucking her tight wet pussy onto the satisfying length of her own son's cock.

"Fuck me, Tony!" she panted. "I can't help it. I just can't. Mom wants you again! Unnnggghhh! Oh, baby, fuck my pussy deep now! Really hard, Tony! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

Tony slammed his lean hips down hard, his back obviously completed recovered, panting with pleasure as he bored every inch of his stiff pisser into the clinging tightness of his mom's fuck-tunnel. Sylvia shrieked with pleasure, wailing as his enormous cock speared up to her womb. She clung to her son's body and started humping in a frenzy of fuck-passion, pistoning her horny, throbbing pussy onto his cock.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" she chanted, her blushing ass driving feverishly off the bed. "Ram it in, Tony! Oh yes, fuck Mom's pussy just as hard as you can!"

Tony sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her enormous, round tits under his chest, panting on her shoulder as his aching cock soaked in the gooey tightness of her pussy. His cock felt incredibly stiff, just as stiff as it had been before she'd sucked it the night before. Tony slid his hands down, clutching the sides of her humping, heaving ass-cheeks. Then he commenced a slow, driving fuck-rhythm, groaning every time he speared his throbbing cock into the gushing sheath of his naked mom's cunt-tunnel.

"Harder!" Sylvia gasped. Her whole body shook as the lust mounted in her belly, her pussy nipping and spasming around his cock. "Fuck Mom's cunt! Uunggunhunggg fuck me, unh ungg fuck Mom's cunt!"

Tony fucked harder, breathing on her shoulder, driving her ass onto the mattress with every spearing stroke of his mammoth cock. Eagerly Sylvia heaved to meet his strokes, the bedsprings squealing and her groans filling the room as she fucked her hairy pussy onto his cock-meat. Then mother and son were nakedly humping in unison, lost in pleasure, oblivious to everything except the in-out pumping of his big, hard cock.

Sylvia lifted her legs higher, until her knees nearly reached their joined shoulders, completely opening her gooey fuck-passage for the skewering strokes of his cock. It occurred to her that she was moaning too loud, that it might very well awaken her son sleeping down the hall.

Sylvia told herself to keep her mouth shut while her son fucked her pussy, but she was too horny not to voice her lust. Soon she was practically wailing out her passion, frantically bucking and humping off the mattress, fucking her own horny son as fast as she could.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" she gasped, her pussy contracting and juicily sucking his cock-shaft. "Ungghl! Oh, fuck, gonna cum! Harder, Tony! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... oh... ohhh... ohhhhh, Tony! Unggghhh! Oh, fuck! Unngghh! I'm cumming, Tony! Annhhh, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

It was a long, violent orgasm, pounding through her throbbing, cock-gorged pussy, making her hairy fuck-hole spasm and juice uncontrollably around Tony's cock. Tony moaned, fucking her cuming cunt harder than ever, suddenly sighing as the morning's first cum-load blew out of his balls.

"Oh, Tony."

She squealed as his hot, milky cock-juice spewed into her pussy, squirting rhythmically deep inside her cunt. Again and again the white torrent gushed out of his cock-head, sucked out by the instinctive flexing of his mother's cunt.

Sylvia began to feel ashamed again as she lay beneath her naked son, keeping her legs wide open, letting him drain all the jism into her wet, pulsating cunt.

"All right, Tony," she murmured. "Take it out now. I have to talk to you."

Tony looked at his mother, then slid his big cock out of her pussy and flopped on his back beside her on the bed. Sylvia curled onto her side next to him, her huge tits resting on his shoulder. She felt ashamed and determined to end their incestuous affair, but her pussy wouldn't stop tingling lewdly. She couldn't resist fondling and squeezing his dripping, throbbing hard-on as her wide, luminous brown eyes met the eyes he'd inherited from her.

"Tony," she whispered. "I suppose you know this has gone far enough."

"No." Tony shook his head stubbornly. "I don't know it at all."

"Well, it has," Sylvia sighed. "Darling, please try to understand. I'm not going to pretend that I don't like it, and I know that you do too. But I just can't keep on spreading my legs for you every time that big cock of yours gets stiff. Mothers simply do not fuck their own sons!"


"Don't you know how much noise we just made?" She glanced nervously at the door. "I mean, it's a miracle we didn't wake up your little brother. Can you imagine what Craig would think if he knew his big brother was fucking Mom every night? You're going to be a full grown man very soon, darling, and I want you to meet a nice girl and be happily married. You're never going to bother finding a wife if you're busy fucking your own mom every time your cock gets hard."

"I can fuck both of you."

"Tony, no." Sylvia took a deep breath. "I... I'm going to visit your aunt this afternoon, honey. I know she'll let you stay with her a few days. It'll at least give us time to think about what we're doing. Please just do this for me, baby. You don't have to promise to stop fucking me yet. We'll just take a little break."

"Well..." Tony sighed, looking into his mom's eyes, then shrugged in reluctant agreement. "Okay, Mom. If that's what you want."

"Thank you."

But even as she spoke the words, Sylvia felt a little stab of disappointment. She almost wished he weren't such a good son, that he would just sneer and crawl on top of her gorgeous, naked son again, and keep fucking her wet, horny pussy whenever his cock got hard. Her hand was still holding his cock, and she sighed as she realized how big and stiff it still was, glistening with a lurid sheen of pussyjuice from his own mother's cunt.

"It... it's still so hard, darling," she panted, lewdly fondling his prick. "Do... do you always cum twice in a row?"

"When I'm really horny."

"Tony, I guess it wouldn't hurt if... would you like me to suck it again?" Sylvia asked eagerly. "I mean, this will be the very last time, and you are going to be away for a few days. Would you... I'd like to suck it again, Tony, if you wouldn't mind. One last time."

Tony grinned, his giant cock pulsing eagerly between her fingers. Sylvia quickly slid off the bed, her nipples tingling stiffly and her pussy throbbing as she dropped to her knees beside it. Her asshole felt hot and tingly, and she suddenly realized what she craved most of all -- a good, deep ass-fucking, the stiffness of her own son's cock pounding up her shiner. But no, Sylvia thought shamefully, she wouldn't ask her son to do anything so obscene. He would think his mother was a whore.

"Sit up on the edge of the bed, honey," she panted. "Mom can suck your cock best that way."

Tony did as she asked, sitting up on the edge of the mattress, his enormous fuck-organ pulsing in front of his mother's face. Sylvia wrapped her fingers tightly around his cock-shaft, groaning with pleasure, as she started beating his cock-meat again. It was long and fat, she thought wonderingly. How on earth could a teen be blessed with such a gigantic cock?

"It's leaking again, Tony," she panted, as her jacking fists made pearls of cock-juice ooze out of his throbbing pisser. "I'll bet your cock feels awfully good now. Ready for Mom to suck on it?"

Tony gulped, nodding. The naked mom opened her mouth wide, whimpering as she plunged her lips onto the throbbing stiffness of her own son's cock. Quickly she wrapped her mouth around it, forming a wet, sucking circle around the jutting hardness of his hard-on. Lovingly Sylvia milked his cock-root as she started slurping and smacking, sucking her own pussyjuice off her son's meaty prick.

"Oh, Mom!" Tony groaned with pleasure as he gazed down at her, loving the sight of his beautiful mother with her mouth stuffed with hard cock. "That feels so good! You're such a good cock-sucker, Mom! I never knew getting sucked could feel as good as this!"

Sylvia squealed shamelessly around his throbbing cock, lewdly excited by the compliment. She shut her eyes tightly, panting through her nose, thinking of nothing but the feel and taste of her son's enormous cock. The slurping, gurgling sounds of a good cock-sucking grew progressively louder as she worked on his aching prick, swirling her tongue around his spongy fuck-knob, lapping up his oozing cum-cream.

But still she couldn't stop thinking of her horny asshole. Her hairless pink sphincter only itched for a good reaming when she was extremely horny, but the itch could get very intense. Sylvia had given her pussy to her late husband nearly every night during their marriage, but she'd only ass-fucked him once every few weeks. It had always happened on a weekend, after they'd spent a whole day fucking their brains out in bed. After the third or fourth fuck in a row, Sylvia's asshole would start throbbing and burning unbearably. Sometimes she had refused to let her husband leave the room until he'd satisfied the intense need throbbing in her shitter.

And now she wanted her son to fuck her asshole too. Torridly the naked mom kept sucking his giant, tasty hard-on, slurping and smacking her lips on it, lapping the oozing cum from the knob of his aching pisser. She tightened her fingers around his cock-shaft, jacking it hard and fast, from the root to her wetly-sucking lips. But she wiggled her ass more and more as she knelt before him, and then she knew that she couldn't let her son leave either until she'd felt his massive cock ramming between her rounded ass-cheeks.

"Tony..." Sylvia popped her wet mouth off of his hard-on, blushing as she jacked on it, looking into his eyes. "I... I hope you won't think I'm a slut, but I want you to do something special for me. I... I'm very, very horny, Tony. I can hardly think straight. Tony, have you... have you ever ass-fucked a girl before?"

Tony grinned as he guessed what his mother wanted, his cock pulsing eagerly between her fingers. "A couple of times."

"Oh, that's good," Sylvia sighed. "Tony, please, baby, would you fuck my asshole for me? I know it's awful. It's just so horny, lover. I really need a good ass-fucking, honey. I need it awful bad."

Tony smiled. "Get on the bed, Momma."

"Oh, Tony!"

Swiftly she crawled back onto the mattress, her asshole tingling and burning in anticipation of his cock. She leaned across the bed, opened the nightstand drawer, and withdrew a little jar of Vaseline. She handed it to her son, then sprawled on her stomach on the bed, thrusting a pillow under her hips.

Oh, fuck, her asshole was so hot and itchy! Sylvia reached behind her back, digging her fingers into her round, plump, mouthwatering ass. Then she spread her ass-cheeks wide, revealing her puckered asshole to her son.

"Lube it up, Tony!" she panted. "Hurry, son, hurry!"

Tony uncapped the jar, smearing the Vaseline heavily on his staining prick. Sylvia shuddered as he pasted it on her rubbery shit-opening, thrusting one, then two lube-coated fingers deep inside her asshole. Sylvia's shit-muscles sucked eagerly around his fingers, and she realized that she would have had to spend the whole day jacking off her asshole if Tony hadn't agreed to fuck her up the ass.

"That's enough!" she panted. "Fuck Mom's asshole right now, Tony! Hurry, baby, Mom needs a big cock up her ass!"

Tony swiftly mounted his naked, horny mother, aiming his dripping cock-head at her throbbing shit-opening. Sylvia bit her lip, grimacing as her muscular sphincter stretched to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock. Then the grimace turned into a wanton gasp as she felt his massive cock plowing into her asshole, inch by inch, invading her tenderly sucking bowels.

"Oh, Tony! Oh, my darling, you've got such a big cock!" Sylvia frantically started humping, shuddering as her asshole sucked convulsively around his cock, eagerly thrusting her itchy ass onto her own son's cock. "It feels so good, Tony! Ahhhh, shit, fuck Mom's asshole! Ram it in, Tony! Fuck Mom's horny asshole with your big, stiff cock?"

Tony had been afraid that his giant prick would hurt his mom's asshole, but her moans of passion made it obvious that pain was the last thing on her mind. The Vaseline felt hot and slippery now, heated up by the spasming pressure of her asshole around his cock. Tony slid higher up his mom's jiggling ass, so that his huge cock would spear straight into her bowels. Then he humped much harder, stuffing every inch of his blood-swollen cock into the forbidden tightness of his mom's shit-tunnel.

"Oh, Tony!" Sylvia's face contorted obscenely as her asshole sucked his cock, bolding it deep inside her bowels. "Fuck Mom's asshole, Tony!"

She released her jiggling ass-cheeks, thrusting her hand between her pillow and her belly, immediately beginning to finger-fuck her gooey pussy as fast as she could.

"My asshole is so horny, baby! Aww, please, fuck Mom's asshole! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck my horny ass!"

Spurred on by his mom's obscenities, Tony started reaming her tender shit-tunnel with deep, pelvis-jarring strokes of his huge cock. The itch finally disappeared from the mother's stretched bowels, scratched deliciously by the repeated thrusts of her son's cock. Sylvia finger-fucked in a shameless frenzy of passion, smiling obscenely as her asshole sucked pleasurably around his prick.

"Oh, my baby... that's what Mom needs..." Her obscene desire continued to burble mindlessly from her lips, as she voiced her lust for her son's cock. "Yes, yes, fuck Mom's asshole. So big up my asshole, so big and stiff. Oh, Mom loves ass-fucking... unggghh... harder, Tony! Naaaanhhh, fuck my asshole, fuck it deep and good! Gonna cum, baby! My asshole's gonna cum!"

Tony sprawled on top of his naked, horny mother, panting and sweating as he started ramming his aching hard-on into her asshole as deep and fast as he could. The bed springs started squeaking again, as Sylvia finger-whipped her pussy and whipped up her ass with all the strength in her loins. Her stretched, rubbery asshole was starting to spasm now, contracting uncontrollably around the driving stiffness of her own son's cock.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck Mom's asshole!" Her voice was very loud now, but she was too horny to think of her son down the hall. "Unnnggghhh! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, gonna cum now, Tony! Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole! Ahhhh, yes, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The intense fuck-pleasure pounded through her abused, stretched asshole, making her burning shit-tunnel contract even more tightly around her son's cock. Tony feverishly reamed his mom's tingly ass as hard as he could, moaning as the cum churned in his balls. Sylvia almost screamed as she felt his hot cock-juice spewing up her asshole, basting her horny shit tunnel with a torrent of milky cum. Shamelessly she flexed her shit-muscles around his throbbing, gushing cock, her sucking asshole drawing out every drop of her son's cum.

"I'll... I'll go see my sister today," she said at last, ashamed that she felt so much regret at her own decision. "You might as well just go to Jill's house after school today. I'm sure she'll say yes."

Craig was four inches shorter than his big brother. His hair was blonde, like his Aunt Jill's, and he also had his aunt's blue eyes. Craig knew he had a surprise for the girl who would eventually pop his cherry -- his cock was just as large as Tony's, and, in contrast to his slightly-built body, it looked even bigger.

It was rock-hard now, as the son stood silently in the hallway, listening through Sylvia's bedroom door, realizing that his big brother had finished fucking their mother up the ass. It was time to go, or he'd be caught. Craig returned to his bedroom, his enormous cock protruding obscenely through his pajamas. He felt hurt, and angry, and jealous. It wasn't fair that his big brother got to fuck their sexy mom. He wanted to fuck her too.


Several hours later, Sylvia began to second guess her decision as she drove to her kid sister's cozy bungalow on the other side of town. She knew that she had to stop fucking her son and she knew that Jill was the only person who would be utterly horrified by the story Sylvia was going to tell her. At the same time, she wondered seriously if Jill would keep her hands out of Tony's jeans.

Jill was a slut. There was no use mincing words, Sylvia knew, because that was what Jill called herself. She was twenty-eight years old now, a tall, long-legged blonde with mischievous blue eyes acute ass and a nice pair of tits. Jill looked like a sweet, wholesome girl at first glance. But Jill had a constant need for sex.

She'd already divorced two husbands, both of whom had caught her with her legs wrapped around another man's back. Jill never blamed herself for cheating on them. She blamed her ex-husbands, for not giving her the constant, violent fucking she craved. Sylvia's kid sister apparently didn't think it was too much to ask a man to cum five times a day. Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- there was no chance of Jill marrying again. The last husband had inherited money, and Jill was quite content living alone in the cottage off of his alimony checks.

Sylvia parked her car at the curb, and was halfway up the path to Jill's little house when the door opened in front of her. Out stepped what looked like a college student, a tall, muscular teen with a dreamy, contented smile on his face. The teen was buttoning his shirt. He grinned at Sylvia as they passed each other gazing shamelessly at her huge tits. Sylvia turned, watching as the teen hopped into a gray convertible and drove away.

The door was still open. Blushing, Sylvia looked inside the house. Jill was sprawled on her back on the couch, stark naked. The nympho blonde was finger-fucking as fast as she could, grimacing up at the ceiling, humping her round ass off the sofa in a frantic fucking motion. Sylvia stared helplessly at her sister's curly-haired pussy, watching her fingers going in and out, seeing how wet and gooshy Jill's cunt looked. The college kid had obviously just finished fucking the shit out of her. It was just like Jill to jack off right after some stud had shot a big load of jizz up her cunt.

"Unngggggghhhhh!" Jill moaned. "Oh, so good... unh, unhhhh..."

Red-faced with embarrassment, ashamed of the hot tingling she felt in her panties, Sylvia quietly shut the door. She stood on the step, counting the seconds, then finally rapped firmly. She heard Jill curse, followed by the protest of the couch springs as the naked blonde hopped off the sofa and padded to the door.

"Who is it?"

"Guess," Sylvia said sarcastically. "I called you an hour ago. Remember?"

"Oh, yeah. Well, come on in..."

Jill swung the door open, obviously completely unconcerned with her nakedness, or even with the white drops of spunk that showed clearly inner thighs next to her pussy. Jill turned on her side and Sylvia stared helplessly at her sister's round, peach-shaped ass. The cheeks were flushed pink, obviously from all the humping Jill had done that morning.

"Okay, shoot," Jill said. She sprawled on the couch, wiggling her back on the padded armrest and carelessly spreading her long, slender legs apart. Sylvia blushed, trying not to look at her sister's wet cunt. "What do you want Tony to stay with me for?"

Sylvia's blush darkened, and she averted her eyes in embarrassment. Then she told the story. It was the truth in nearly every respect, the story she'd agreed upon with Tony that morning, the only story that Jill would believe. She left out only the fact that her incestuous lust for her son had actually been consummated, that she had naturally fucked her very own son.

"Wow!" Jill's eyes shone as she listened to the story. "This is really a turn-on! Okay, what happened after he got a hard-on?"

"I... I got very excited," Sylvia admitted, wringing her hands together. "I'm afraid I just couldn't help myself. I was very horny, and I decided right then that it would be wise to get Tony out of the house for a few days. Tony agreed with me. He was very ashamed when his cock got hard from looking at his own mother's body."

"Wow, this is too much," Jill murmured. "Does Tony have a big cock?"

Sylvia stared at her sister in horror, her eyes widening as she watched Jill slide her hand between her slim legs, darting a finger in and out of her wet, just-fucked cunt.

"Jill, I don't think that's any of your fucking business," Sylvia said hotly. "And no matter how much I could use your help, I won't let my son stay here if I think you're going to give a blow-job to your own nephew the first night he stays here."

"Okay, okay," Jill sighed, reluctantly popping her finger out of her pussy. "It's just a real turn-on story, that's all. I'll bet you must still be super, super horny."

"I already admitted that," Sylvia said stiffly. "Ummmmm. You better do something to take care of your pussy, Sylvia. Or you'll be so horny that you'll just wind up begging Tony to fuck you as soon as he gets back."

"What... what do you mean?"

"Well, why don't I show you?"

Suddenly the naked blonde sat up on the couch, sliding across the cushion until she was sitting beside her big sister. Sylvia's lips parted in shock as Jill brazenly thrust her hand under her skirt, pressing her fingers lewdly on Sylvia's horny cunt.

"Jill, stop that!"

But her legs wouldn't obey her mental command to clamp shut. She just sat there.

"Wow, your panties are all wet!" Jill giggled. The blonde shamelessly rubbed her big sister's pussy, expertly stroking her cunt-slit through the sheer panty-crotch. "Oh, fuck, it really feels hot. Wow, Sylvia, you have got a super, super horny cunt."

"Take your filthy hands off me," Sylvia gasped.

But she didn't try to shut her legs. If anything, she spread them wider.

"I think you need someone to suck this horny pussy and make it feel better," Jill purred, in a baby-talk voice. "Want me to lick your cunt and make it cum?"

"No!" Sylvia gasped. "No, this is so awful!"

"Why don't you knock off the shit, big sister?"

Jill giggled as she slid off the couch, kneeling in front of it, reaching up to roughly yank off Sylvia's skirt. The panties went next, leaving her naked from the waist down except for her sandals. Roughly Jill pulled Sylvia's ass to the edge of the couch, pushing her legs wide apart, groaning shamelessly at the sight of her big sister's hot, throbbing, dripping-wet cunt.

"Wow," Jill purred. "Now that's what I call juicy!"

"Oh, no!" Sylvia whined. "No, please..." But by then Jill had already buried her face between her big sister's spread-eagled legs. Lewdly the nympho blonde pressed her mouth on Sylvia's throbbing pussy, moaning with pleasure as she smelled and tasted the heavy flow of musky fuck-juices flowing from Sylvia's fuck-slit. Sylvia trembled helplessly as Jill feverishly began licking and sucking, lapping her tongue greedily between the swollen, hairy folds of Sylvia's cunt.

"Unngghh! No, stop, no... unnngggghh!" Sylvia shuddered as the intense pleasure mounted in her loins, as her furry, drippy pussy responded to Jill's urgent licking. "No, don't do that! It's so filthy, it's... ungghhh! Oh, Jill! Oh, oh... ungggh! Unngggghhh!"

Red-faced and guilty, shocked by her own lesbian incestuous passion, Sylvia realized that she was now much, much too horny to make her nympho sister stop. Her ass started moving off the couch, her enormous tits jiggling as she wiggled and humped. Her hands came down, clutching Sylvia's head, curling in her long, blonde hair. Then she started humping in a delirium of passion, groaning and whimpering, fucking her throbbing pussy on her sister's face.

"Hold still," Jill said. The nympho blonde raised her head momentarily, giggling as she pushed two fingers in and out of Sylvia's cunt. "Wow, you really are horny, aren't you?"

"Suck it some more," Sylvia gasped. "Oh, please..."

"Did your cunt get this wet when you looked at Tony's big cock?" Jill whispered. "It's okay to fantasize about it, Sylvia. Would you like to think about your son's big hard, cock while I suck your pussy?"

"Oh, you're awful. You're such a slut."

Jill just giggled, again burying her face between her big sister's splayed, trembling thighs. Now she sucked her hairy, throbbing pussy with concentration, peeling her swollen cunt-lips delicately apart, exposing the glistening pink interior of her big sister's painfully horny cunt.

Jill mooned, loving the taste of the brunette's fuck-juices. Avidly she licked and lapped and sucked, as if determined to lick all of the cunt cream out of her big sister's cunt. Her mouth moved gradually high, her tongue popping out to thrust deep inside the gooey fuck-opening. Then Jill started licking directly on her swollen, aching clit, making Sylvia's whole body quiver helplessly with lust.

"Oh, fuck!" Sylvia whined. Desperately she clawed the back of her sister's head, trying to hold Jill's mouth on her clit. "Suck it! Please, please, suck it, lick it! Oh, fuck, fuck."

"Wow," Jill purred, lifting her head long enough to admire the large, swollen bud. "You've got a big one!"

Jill wrapped her lips around Sylvia's aching clit, sucking it hard, as if she were trying to nurse milk out of a stiff nipple. Three fingers straightened, gliding deep inside Sylvia's burning, horny pussy. Jill jacked off her cunt fast and hard, sucking the tingling clit, licking the underside hard with her tongue.

"Oh, shit, oh, fuck, fuck..." Sylvia clawed the back of Jill's head, writhing and humping, her expression obscenely contorted as the intense pleasure of the sucking throbbed through her loins. "Suck it! Oh, fuck, it feels so good! Suck... annnhhh, not so hard! Ohhhh, ohhhhh..."

But Jill sucked very hard, puckering her cheeks around her throbbing clit, slurping so feverishly that the pleasure became painful and unbearably intense at the same time. Sylvia writhed as mindlessly as a horny animal, shuddering and moaning, not knowing whether to pull away from her sister's vacuuming mouth or to thrust her cunt on Jill's mouth as hard as she could.

"I'm cuming!" she shrieked. "Oh, fuck, fuck, suck on it! Ahhhh, fuck, fuck, suck on it! Ahhhh fuck, fuck, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her cunt spumed violently, sucking the fingers that pounded in and out of her hairy fuck-hole, her clit pulsing like a tiny heart between Jill's lips. Jill finally stopped sucking so hard, instead using just enough pressure to make the cum last a long time. Helplessly Sylvia writhed in ecstasy on the couch, clawing Jill's neck, humping her ass until the contractions finally diminished deep inside her cunt.

"Oh, motherfucker!" Sylvia moaned. "Oh, that was... oh, Jill... Jill..."

Jill didn't answer for nearly a minute. The naked blonde was still busily lapping the musky fuck-juice out of her big sister's pussy, holding the swollen cunt-lips open as she shamelessly tongued all the cream out of Sylvia's cunt. When Jill finally raised her head, the cunt-juice shone in a blotchy circle all around her mouth. Jill giggled unconcernedly.

"You liked that, didn't you, Sylvia?" Jill licked your lips. "Ummm, your pussy really tasted good! You ought to come over and let me suck your cunt a lot more often."

"You're... such a slut," Sylvia moaned. "I'm your sister. You don't even care."

"Wow, Sylvia, look at your nipples," Jill murmured. "Look how stiff they are!"

Suddenly Jill had joined her on the couch again, straddling her bare thighs, wiggling her naked ass on her legs as she filled her hands with Sylvia's enormous tits. Hungrily Jill kneaded and squeezed the giant tits, then started to pull up Sylvia's blouse.

"Stop it," Sylvia moaned.

"Wow, you've got such huge tits," Jill sighed. "I mean, I've got big ones too, but yours are really whoppers. I swear, I used to really spend a lot of time staring at your tits when I was a kid. I used to think about them when I jacked off, even before I started thinking about cocks."

"You're disgusting."

"I want to see 'em!"

Jill roughly pulled off the blouse, groaning at the sight of her sister's mammoth tits. Hurriedly Jill undid the clasp, letting the giant tits wiggle out of confinement. Sylvia's nipples were at least three inches wide, dotted with little goosebumps, now swollen to a deep violet in color. Her rubbery teats protruded nearly an inch.

"Oh, shit, they feel so good!" Lewdly Jill rolled her enormous naked tits under her palms, sighing as she kit the spongy softness of her tit globes. "Can I suck on them?"

Jill lowered her head, opening her mouth as wide as she could, enveloping all three inches of Sylvia's stiff, sensitive nipple. Jill puckered her cheeks and started sucking very hard, basting her teat with saliva, slurping noisily on her big sister's tit. Sylvia moaned as her pussy started throbbing again, as the wet, horny tit sucking made her cunt burn with fresh need. Shamefully she cradled her blonde sister's head, silently encouraging Jill to suck her stiff nipples as hard and long as she liked.

"Mmmmm, I like that!" Jill sighed. The blonde finally lifted her head when both teats were even stiffer than before and wet with saliva. "I'll bet that made your pussy all juicy again, huh?" She giggled, sliding her hand back between Sylvia's thighs, feeling her gooey, horny cunt-slit. "Wow, now it's even wetter. Want me to suck it again?"

"Oh, please," Sylvia moaned submissively. "Please!"

"But Sylvia, you're not really being fair to me. My cunt got all wet too."

Then Jill stood up on the couch, wiggling her toes on the cushions to either side of Sylvia's hips, smiling down at her, her hairy fuck-mound now level with her big sister's face. Jill lifted one long leg, resting the knee on the back of the couch. Now Sylvia found herself staring straight at the wet, red, pouting lips of her sister's tight cunt, with the college student's milky cum still shining on her cunt.

"Did you see that kid leaving when you came in, Sylvia?" Jill purred. "The one with the car? You did, didn't you? Do you know what he just finished doing to me?"

"No," Sylvia moaned. But at the same time she couldn't help feeling the shameful lesbian desire, helplessly excited by the strong, musky smell of the just-fucked pussy. "Oh, you're such a slut."

"He just shot a big load of jizz in there. He fucked me all night and all morning, and I didn't clean myself once. We were too busy humping." Jill giggled, clutching the back of Sylvia's head, thrusting her horny pussy on Sylvia's mouth. "So I guess you get to clean it up for me, big sister. Come on, pussy-juice is good for you. I know you'll love sucking out all that hot cum!"

She dug her fingers sharply into Sylvia's neck, wiggling her naked ass, lewdly rubbing her wet, spunky pussy all over her big sister's mouth. Sylvia shuddered with submission, her own cunt throbbing, loving the taste of her sister's pussy in spite of her guilt.

"I'm getting impatient with you, Sylvia. I want you to start licking my pussy right now!"

Sylvia obediently thrust out her tongue, feeling strangely helpless, burrowing it deeply between the hot, pouting lips of her sister's cunt. She glued her mouth to her sticky fuckhole, sucking it, vacuuming the milky cum-juice from the depths of Jill's always-horny cunt.

"That's right," Jill giggled, looking down at her. "You like the taste, don't you?"

Sylvia knew she did. The mixture of pussyjuice and jizz was intensely arousing. She almost felt starved for it eager and willing to suck every trace of her sister's pussy-juice. Her hands slid up Jill's long, slender thighs, clutching the ball-bearing globes of Jill's humping, wiggling ass. Then Sylvia started eating pussy in earnest, sucking and then licking again, sluicing her tongue busily up and down between the swollen, tingling folds of her sister's cunt.

"Ummmm, I'm getting real horny now," Jill sighed. The wanton blonde wiggled her ass in a rotating motion, making Sylvia's lips and tongue push higher on her pussy-hole. "Now lick my clit, Sylvia. Doesn't it feel all hot and swollen? I want you to suck it for me, just like yours. Oh, fuck, I'm getting so horny! Please suck my clit please make it cum!"

Jill dropped one hand, skillfully opening her pussy-folds with her fingers, letting her big sister get at her tingling, pulsing clit. Feverishly Sylvia started licking it, loving the cunt-sucking now, anxious to make Jill cum on her mouth. Jill's clit was large and located very close to her small, pouty-lipped fuck-hole. It probably got more than its share of friction every time a horny guy slid his cock inside her. No wonder her sister craved fucking so much.

Sylvia pursed her lips, slurping in the swollen, wet clit. Jill shuddered and dug her fingers into her neck again, humping rapidly now, fucking her throbbing pussy on Sylvia's mouth. Sylvia kept her mouth glued to Jill's clit nubbin, sucking it gently but forcefully, now straightening two fingers to goosh them into the narrow, clasping interior of her blonde sister's cunt.

"Suck it harder!" Jill whined. "Oh, fuck, I'm horny! I like it to get sucked hard!"

Sylvia did as her nympho sister asked, sucking very hard on the swollen, aching nubbin, slurping the clit between her lips. Feverishly she banged her fingers in and out of Jill's throbbing fuck-hole, marveling at the tightness of her sister's horny cunt. Jill's whole body trembled, bucking and wiggling as the cum mounted deep inside her loins.

"Ahhhh, shit, that's goood!" Jill gasped. "Unh, fuck! Oh, fucking shit! Oh, that's right, suck it, suck it good, I'm gonna cum now! Awwwnnhhhh! Cuming! Suck my clitty! Awwww, cuummmiinnnggggg!"

A heavy stream of fuck-juice flowed out of the naked blonde's pussy, coating the fingers that kept pumping wildly in and out of her exquisitely-tight cunt. Sylvia kept her lips around the throbbing, cumming clit sucking it hard, lapping it with her tongue. Jill clawed the back of her neck hard enough to draw blood, moaning and crying as the cum pounded again and again through her cunt. Finally a wanton, satisfied smile spread across her face. She hopped off the couch and again knelt on the floor before her big sister's legs.

"Now don't you feel a whole lot better?" Jill said. "I told you you'd like licking my pussy, didn't I?"

"You're... you're not going to seduce my Tony, are you?" Sylvia panted. She felt ashamed and horny, painfully conscious of the taste of cunt in her mouth, and the way the throbbing fuck-need persisted between her legs. "I mean it, Jill. You keep your dirty hands to yourself while my son is staying here."

"Oh, Sylvia, don't be like that," Jill purred. "I'm his aunt. You don't think I'd try to fuck my own nephew."

"He's not so little anymore, and you know it!"

"Now, now, Sylvia. Don't worry about a thing."

Jill giggled, sliding her hands between Sylvia's thighs, meeting no resistance as she spread them wide apart.

"Want me to lick it again?" she asked, sliding her finger back into her big sister's hairy, throbbing pussy. "Wow, Sylvia. Now it feels wetter than ever. You do want me to lick it, don't you? You need another cum."

"Go ahead," Sylvia whispered shamefully. Smiling triumphantly, Jill again pushed her face between her sister's legs, greedily sucking the fresh flow of musky fuck-cream from the swollen lips of Sylvia's cunt. She loved the taste of a nice, juicy pussy, particularly her sister's, but she still loved sucking on a big, throbbing hard-on even more.

Like her nephew's. Jill smiled secretly to herself as she worked between Sylvia's trembling thighs, hungrily lapping the tasty cream out of her sister's cunt. No way she was going to keep her hands off Tony, no matter what she'd promised.

Besides, she thought, she'd be doing Sylvia a big favor by fucking the guy. Maybe Tony wouldn't get big hard-ons in front of his mother if he knew how much his sexy aunt loved sucking cock.


"Move over, Tony," Jill said, late that evening, smiling at her nephew as she joined him in her living room. "What'cha watching?"

Tony turned his head from the TV set, glancing at his aunt and then nearly falling off the couch as he saw what she wore. Jill had behaved herself all that afternoon and all during dinner, trying to put her nephew at ease. But it was eight o'clock now, and she'd been trying to look at his bulging crotch far the past four hours, and her pussy was dripping wet. Jill wasn't going to satisfy herself with finger-fucking when she was in the same house with her nephew's big hard cock.

So she'd dressed to make his cock stand up in a hurry. The negligee was the skimpiest in her wardrobe, a teddy, that clung transparently to her big, firm tits and her slim waist and her round, hot ass. Jill knew her nephew could see all of her long, sleek legs, and, best of all, her hairy pussy triangle through the fabric. If this didn't make his cock get hard, nothing would.

"A... a TV show," Tony mumbled numbly, trying not to stare at her body.

"Well, I can see that for myself, silly." Jill giggled, sitting beside him on the couch. "What TV show?"

"It's just some movie. I don't know which one."

Jill shrugged and looked at the set. It only took a minute to realize that the teen's choice in television programs proved that he was still thinking about sex. The movie was on one of the cable channels, a shallow R-rated skin flick with a lot of sexy topless girls prancing around on a Southern California beach. Tony obviously hadn't turned it on to follow the plot.

"I see you like looking at naked girls, Tony," Jill smiled. She gestured at the screen. "Which one do you like best?"

"I dunno," Tony mumbled. He knew about the explanation Sylvia had made to his aunt, and he felt nervous and embarrassed around her. "They all look pretty good."

"Mmm," Jill agreed. "Don't you think it's a turn-on that they show stuff like this on TV now? I swear, if I was a guy I'd just jack myself off like crazy watching this stuff." She glanced at his crotch, feeling her pussy tingle as she noticed the swelling. "Do you want to beat off, Tony? I can leave, if you want."

"Don't talk like that," Tony winced.

"Oh, sweetheart, don't be so shy," Jill purred, wiggling closer, until her bare hip touched his thigh. "I can see you've got a big hard-on!"

Then she slid her hand swiftly between his legs, shamelessly squeezing her nephew's big cock. Tony flushed and started to close his eyes, glancing at her in shock. Jill giggled, squeezing and kneading, until she felt the obviously extremely large fuck-organ throb under her palm.

"That feels good, doesn't it, honey?" she purred. "You like having your cock played with." She paused. "Tony, isn't there something you'd like to talk to me about?"

"I... I dunno," Tony mumbled, his cock throbbing, his face getting red.

"Darling, you know your mother told me why you're visiting me." Jill lovingly squeezed his cock. "I wish you wouldn't act so shy and guilty. Your mother has a very, very sexy body. There's nothing wrong with getting a big hard-on from looking at her. Guys your age are very horny. I'll bet this big cock of yours gets hard all the time."

Tony looked at her, and then he finally seemed to understand the meaning of the negligee, and the probing hand between his legs. His cock immediately started pulsing much harder, pounding stiffly against the denim as he looked at his gorgeous aunt in nervousness and lust.

"Tony, you like the way I squeeze your cock, don't you? I'll bet when it gets hard like this, you'd like to slide it inside a nice, tight, juicy pussy. That's what you think about when you beat off, isn't it? I wish you wouldn't be ashamed of being horny, darling. It's natural. It's even natural to jack off when you think about fucking your own mom. But I'll bet I could help you with your problem, Tony. Maybe you wouldn't have gotten a big hard-on in front of her if you'd just had some woman like me to give you some relief."

Her hand moved up to his zipper, grabbing the metal tag and puffing it down. Tony just sat there, too shocked to move. Jill reached into the opening of her nephew's jeans and cooed with pleasure as she hauled out his enormous cock.

"Oh, my, Tony," she said approvingly. "You've really got a whopper, don't you?" Tenderly she handled his naked, pulsing hard-on, squeezing it, stroking his flared, mushroom cock-crown. "Your big cock is getting stiffer, Tony! You like the way I play with it, don't you?"

Tony mumbled shyly.

She slid off the couch and knelt in front of him, giggling as she roughly spread his legs wide open. "I don't think you really have a problem at all, honey. I think you just need some nice, understanding woman like me to suck on your prick!"

She tore open his belt buckle, then grabbed his jeans and hauled them roughly down to his ankles. He wore no underwear, and the horny aunt moaned with desire at the sight of the massive fuck-organ now pulsing stiffly in front of her face.

"And look at how stiff it is, darling. You really do need your cock sucked, huh?"

"Oh, Aunt Jill," Tony moaned. "Oh..."

"There, there, sweetheart. You just relax and let Auntie do the work. I'll make this big prick feel better in a hurry!"

Then she dropped her head to his crotch, opening her mouth wide, groaning with shameless cock-hunger as she engulfed the first several inches of her nephew's huge prick. Jill panted through her nose, whimpering as she wrapped her lips in a tight, clinging circle around the veined stiffness of his cock-meat. She puckered her cheeks and feverishly started sucking his tasty hard-on extremely hard, mewling as she swirled her tongue around his puffy cock-knob, lapping up his delicious, oozing cum.

"Oh, fuck!" Tony moaned. He stared down at his sexy blonde aunt in disbelief, shocked and excited by the sight of her mouth stuffed obscenely with his fat prick. "Oh, shit, suck it, Aunt Jill! Oh, that feels so good! Suck it hard!"

Jill shut her eyes, blocking out all thoughts unrelated to the taste and feel of the big cock in her mouth. His huge hard-on throbbed painfully with its load of cum, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth, oozing out hot droplets of jism. Jill made gurgling, smacking sounds as she sucked wetly on his fuck-pole, jamming her head repeatedly onto his crotch, trying to fuck his meaty hard-on faster between her lips.

If only she'd known her own nephew was so incredibly well-hung. Jill felt a slight irritation as she sucked hungrily on his pulsing prick, thinking of all the countless one-night stands she'd had in search of a big, stiff cock just like this. If Tony wanted it, she was already sure that she could help him to the point at which he would never have an unwanted hard-on again. She'd be perfectly happy to suck the cream out of her nephew's balls every day from now on.

"Does that feel good, Tony?" she asked, momentarily popping her wet mouth off of the spit-dripping knob, of his hard-on.

"Yes!" Tony moaned. "Keep sucking!"

"There really isn't anything wrong with you, Tony. You're just a horny young man." Jill wrapped her fingers tightly around his cockroot, jacking it fast and hard. "You'd like me to keep sucking your cock, wouldn't you? And then you'd like to shoot a nice, big load in my mouth. I'll be happy to swallow your cum for you, sweetheart. And I'll do it for you every day from now on, if you want. You walk past my house on the way to school, don't you? Well, any morning you like, you can just drop by and visit me for a nice, long cock-sucking. You can stop by after school, too. Don't you think you'll concentrate better in class if I suck out all your cum for you and keep your cock from getting stiff all the time?"

"Please shut up and keep sucking!" Tony moaned. "For chrissake!"

"Oh, you poor guy."

Jill slid her hand down, tightly gripping the fat root of his prick. Again she plunged her mouth onto his jutting cock, now taking it even farther down her throat. Then she clamped her lips around his throbbing cock-shaft and started sucking it even harder than before, wanting to give her handsome nephew a blow-job he'd remember for a long, long time.

Her lips worked like a bellows around his massive fuck-tool, alternately puffing out pinkly and then puckering sharply inward, wetly vacuuming around the painful stiffness of his cock. Jill moved her fist on his cock-root and started jacking it fast and hard, whipping her right hand up and down from the base to her sucking lips. Her cock-sucking noises grew progressively louder as she abandoned herself to the incestuous blow-job, the slurping, gurgling, lip-smacking sounds drowning out the noise from the TV.

"I'm gonna cum!" Tony gasped. He dropped his hands to her head, gripping her long, golden tresses. Eagerly he humped his hips off the couch. "Suck my cock, Aunt Jill! Oh, fuck, it's so stiff! Suck, oh, please..."

The horny aunt sucked his tasty cock as hard as she could, her pussy throbbing as she realized that she was soon going to be swallowing a spewing load of cum. Her right hand pounded wildly up and down his cock, beating his cockmeat up to her mouth. Finally she moved her left hand between his trembling legs.

Tony made a yelping sound as his lewd aunt put her fingers between his ass-cheeks, thrusting one digit onto his tight, puckered asshole. His giant cock immediately grew even stiffer as she wormed her finger up his shit-tunnel, then shamelessly started jacking off his asshole as fast as she could.

"I'm cumming!" Tony whined helplessly. "Suck my cock, suck my cock! Ahhhh."

His enormous cock throbbed and jerked, spewing out great sappy gobs of jizz. The milk torrent rained down Jill's throat, making her cock-sucking noises grow even sloppier sounding as she hungrily started gulping down his goo. His spunk was thick and creamy, the best tasting cock-juice she'd ever swallowed. Happily the cock-loving aunt clung to his squirting, throbbing cock, sucking and jacking it, finger-fucking his spasming asshole until he'd sprayed out the last of his cum-cream.

"Well!" Jill exclaimed, sliding her wet mouth off of his red, dripping cock. "That was really a nice, big bellyful you gave me, wasn't it, darling?" She giggled, stroking his cock as she lapped the stray drops of cum from her mouth. "Mmm, it tastes so good! Does your cock feel better now, Tony? You really did need that sucking pretty badly, didn't you?"

Tony didn't answer. He sprawled dazedly on the couch, his cock still throbbing stiffly between her fingers, and now Jill was excited to see how intently fr stared at her body through the negligee. A half-minute passed, and she realized that his cock wasn't getting soft at all. Her nephew obviously wanted to do more with his sexy aunt then shoot a big cum-load down her throat.

"Oh, my, Tony, maybe you do still have a problem," she sighed. "Why are you staring at my body like that? And why is your cock still so stiff?"

"Cause you're sexy," Tony said softly. "You're really stacked!"

"Why, Tony, I think you actually want to fuck me now," Jill purred, stroking his cock a little harder. "You don't even care that I'm your aunt, do you? You just want to fuck my tight little pussy and shoot out another big load of jizz!"

Tony grinned, nodding at her. Jill released his cock. She thought for a moment, then decided that she'd like it best if her hung nephew fucked her doggie-style. His cock would go in even deeper if he did it from behind.

"Okay, Tony. You know I want to help you," Jill giggled. She turned her back to him, crouching an the floor on her knees and elbows, wiggling her small, rounded ass at him enticingly. "I guess you'd better go ahead and do it right now, Tony." She spread her knees apart, arching her ass up a little higher in unmistakable invitation. "AU right, I'm ready now. Fuck my cunt, sweetheart. Go ahead and fuck my tight cunt!"

Tony dropped to his knees behind her, his huge cock throbbing like an iron bar. He slid his hands up the backs of her slender thighs, making Jill wiggle as he fondled her saucily-rounded ass-cheeks. Then he pulled up the lacy hem of the negligee to her wait, completely exposing her ass-cheeks, staring at the pink, puckered ring of her asshole and the hairy slit of her cunt.

Holding his cock in hand, Tony moved forward, aiming his wet, swollen cock-knob at her dripping fuck-opening.

"Ooooh!" Jill mewled, wiggling excitedly as his meaty cock pushed into her pussy. "It feels so big, Tony. I think I'm going to like helping you this way a whole lot!"

Tony gripped her lithe hips, staring at her pink, puckered asshole, then staring at his huge fuck-tool, watching it disappear between the pouting, clasping lips of his aunt's wet cunt. He started humping behind her, groaning with pleasure as he fucked his aching cock farther and farther up her juicy pussy. Jill's ass jiggled as she started humping too, fucking her wet pussy onto his cock.

"It really is a big cock, Tony!" she gasped. "Unhhh! Oh, fuck, your cock's really stretching my pussy good! Do you feel my pussy stretching, honey? Do you feel my pussy sucking your cock?"

Tony just groaned with response, his cock throbbing harder than ever, waking in the gooey, sucking, spasming interior of his aunt's cunt. He ground his hips steadily behind her, wiggling to make his huge cock bore all the way up her cunt-channel. Finally it was all the way up her pussy-hole, buried to the balls in the throbbing grip of her cunt.

"Unggghh! Oh, motherfucker!" Jill dropped her shoulders low, her pretty, innocent-looking face contorting obscenely as his fat cock-head reached her womb. "Oh, shit, Tony, you're hung like a donkey! Auntie's getting super, super horny now, Tony! Unnggghhh! Fuck my cunt, Tony! Hard, baby, do it hard! Fuck my horny cunt!"

Tony started stroking, humping his ass, rhythmically sliding his freshly cum-laden cock in and out of his aunt's wet, sucking cunt-hole. Frantically Jill humped to meet his fuck-strokes, her big tits jiggling and quivering, gasping with pleasure as she pumped her wet, sucking pussy onto the root of his cock.

"Fuck me faster, Tony!" She clawed the carpet strands and humped her ass in a frenzy of desire, groaning and shuddering, biting her lip as she felt his huge cock slamming even deeper up her cunt. "Do you... like the way my pussy feels, baby? Ooooh, shit, do it faster... you like my tight pussy, don't you, Tony? Unngggh! Oh, shit, fuck it for me, Tony! I'm so horny! Fuck my tight pussy and make it cum!"

Tony groaned with pleasure, his cock pulsing rhythmically deep inside her buttery fuck channel. He clutched her hips and started pounding into her juicy pussy very hard and fast, ramming up to her womb with every fuck stroke. Jill's cunt burned and tingled, battered deliciously by the pounding rhythm of her horny nephew. She fucked her ass wildly to meet his fuck-strokes, her ass jiggling as it bounced off his upper thighs.

"Play with my asshole, Tony!" she gasped suddenly. "Please, oh, shit, can't you see how it's throbbing? Put your finger in it! Unngghh! Oh, fuck, oh, yes, fuck the shit out of me! Fuck my pussy, play with my ass!"

Her humping ass-cheeks were splayed in the doggie-position, enabling her hung nephew to stare straight at her pink, hairless sphincter. Tony dropped his hand to the cleft of her ass, pressing his finger on her rubbery asshole. He pushed the finger deep inside her rubbery bowels, then started jacking it off, fucking furiously into her pussy, darting the finger in and out other ass.

"As! Aw, fuck, love it! Play with my asshole!" The horny aunt's cheeks were very red, her face contorted obscenely with desire. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy! Unnggghhh! I'm cumming, Tony! Fuck my cunt, fuck it, fuck it... cuuummiiinnnnggggg!"

Her pussy and asshole spasmed violently, one sucking his finger, the other contracting and juicing heavily around his pounding cock. Tony kept fucking her cumming cunt as hard as he could, moaning as the second load of jizz churned in his balls. Then his sticky cum started spewing out in mid-stroke. Heavily it streamed and squirted up his aunt's tightly-clasping curt, spattering her glistening inner cunt-walls with a nice bath of cum.

"Oooh, lover, that was a good one," Jill sighed. "Take your cock out now. I want to suck on it some more!"

Tony obediently withdrew, flapping on his back on the floor with his huge slightly softened cock twitching lightly over his stomach. Jill turned around to face him, licking her lips as she stared at his massive prick. She curled onto her side next to his hip, sliding her hand up his legs, wrapping her fingers around the root of his cock-meat.

"Tony, don't cum in my mouth this time," she murmured. "I want to suck your cock nice and stiff again so you can ram it up my asshole. Would you like to ass-fuck me, sweetheart?"

Tony gulped, nodding. Jill moaned as she sank her face onto his crotch. Again she sucked in his tasty prick, wrapping her lips around it, immediately beginning to suck as hard as she could. Her asshole was tingling, and she knew that a good, hard ass-reaming would be a nice capper to her first fuck-session with her nephew. Jill's fantasies about the ass-fucking spurred her on as she worked on his fuck-tool, sucking and jacking insatiably. Tony moaned with pleasure, his cock swelling back to total stiffness. Soon his cock was as hard as stone, juicing heavily, spitting out little droplets of jizz. Jill moaned as she swirled her tongue around his cock-knob, jacking furiously at the same time, lapping down the cum.

Shit, she loved the taste of her nephew's cock so much! Maybe she'd wait for the ass-fucking for another time, Jill thought mischievously. Maybe she'd just suck hi cock all night!


"Ungggh!" Sylvia moaned. "Oh, Tony! Mom's so horny! Fuck your mother, darling. Fuck Mom's juicy cunt..."

But Tony wasn't with her in the bedroom. Sylvia sprawled naked on the mattress, groaning and grimacing, her enormous tits quivering as she whipped her fingers in and out of her pussy as fast as she could. It was only ten, and she already wondered if she would be able to finger-fuck herself enough to get to sleep that night. All she could think about was her son's enormous cock, remembering how it had felt in her pussy and asshole, spewing his hot, sappy cum down her throat.

"Cumming!" Sylvia gasped. "Oh, my baby, my sweet, sweet baby... cumming..."

Feverishly she rubbed her clit shuddering and biting her lip as the cum pounded through her fuck-starved body. Then Sylvia relaxed, resting her hand on her throbbing pussy and staring at the ceiling. It would take a long time, she told herself. She knew it was a good thing that she'd sent Tony to Jill's house, that she was fighting her lust to fuck her own son. But it would be many, many months before she could forget the intense pleasure she'd enjoyed with her son.

Suddenly there were loud footsteps in the hall outside her room, followed by the violent slamming of the door to the den. Then the television came on, much too loud, blaring through the walls. Sylvia sighed as she slid off the bed, reaching for a short, terry robe, and tying the sash around her waist.

Well, it was time for her and Craig to have a little talk. Ordinarily a well-behaved son, her son had been behaving horribly all day long. She'd tried to ask him what was wrong at dinner, but he'd just stared at her coldly. Sylvia set her lips in a determined frown as she padded down the hall. No matter how personal the problem might be, Craig was simply going to have to tell her what was wrong.

"All right, Craig," Sylvia sighed, entering the den. "What's the matter?"

She turned the television set down to a whisper and stood in front of it, looking at him coldly. Her blond, innocent-looking son was on the couch, wearing only his pajama bottoms, looking up at his mother sullenly.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he mumbled.

"You certainly do!" Sylvia crossed the room, sitting beside him on the couch. "You've been acting like a spoiled, grumpy guy since you got up this morning. Slamming doors, stomping from room to room, glaring at me. You wouldn't say a thing during dinner. It's not like you to act like this, Craig. I want to know what's the matter."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Oh, now, sweetheart." Sylvia automatically slid closer to him, lifting her hand to stroke his hair, her heart welling up with sympathy and love. "Please don't be that way. It can't be so awful. Why don't..."

"Clot your fucking hand off me!" Craig blurted suddenly. "What're you going to do, Mom? Fuck me the way you fucked him?"

A cold fear stabbed through the shocked mother's chest as she suddenly knew what had happened. Craig was glaring at her, seeming to tremble with rage. Sylvia moved her eyes down, the gasped as she saw how the flannel pajamas were tented over his crotch. His stiff cock throbbed under it. He was angry and horny at the same time.

"I heard the whole thing, Mom!" Craig biased. "I heard you fucking Tony this morning. That's right. How long have you been fucking my brother, Mom?"

"Oh, Craig!" Sylvia covered her lips with her fingers. "Oh, darling."

"Fuck you!"

He stood up, tromping past her into the hall. Dazedly Sylvia stared at his crotch, seeing how obscenely it tented from his hips. Craig's bedroom door slammed shut. Sylvia just sat there, gaping at the wall, all her worst fears coming true. Craig hated her now for fucking his big brother. How had she ever dared to let Tony do it to her, to fuck her own son?

She had to talk to him. Somehow, no matter how awkwardly, she had to try to explain. Sylvia rose, biting her lip nervously as she walked down the hall to her son's room. She hesitated, bracing herself, then turned the knob and opened the door. Then she gaped at the bed in shock.

Craig had taken off his pajama bottoms. He sprawled flat on his back on the mattress, grimacing up at the ceiling as his fist flailed feverishly on his absolutely enormous, rock-hard cock. Sylvia had never seen a man jack off so hard in her life.

"Oh, Craig!"

Craig's hand froze, and he looked at his mother in the door. He started to look embarrassed, and then he screwed up his face in stubborn, defensive anger. His hand slid off of his cock. It remained as stiff as ever, an incredibly long, fat cock.

It was just as big as his older brother's. His enormous cock looked as if it would start spewing out pints of cum at any moment, throbbing and jerking obscenely over his stomach.

"Well?" Craig said tersely. "What are you looking at?"

"Oh, Craig."

"Okay, you caught me beating off. Okay, so what?" Craig glowered. "I mean, if you just want to fuck Tony and not me, then what do you expect me to do, okay? I guess I just have to use my own hand, right?"

Sylvia stared at him, finally understanding what was wrong. She shuddered softly a tremor passed through her body, as her pussy suddenly grew unbearably hot and juicy with lust.

"Why, C-Craig," she stammered. "I... I think you're jealous."

"You're fucking well right I'm jealous!" Craig said hoarsely. "I mean, you should have heard yourself this morning! How do you expect me to feel?"

"Oh, my poor baby..."

She crossed the room, staring wide-eyed at her son's enormous cock, her pussy throbbing uncontrollably with passion. Sylvia sat beside him on the bed, red-faced and trembling, trying not to stare at his cock.

"Craig, I... I'm glad you found out," she whispered dazedly. "It was a horrible, horrible thing, what I did with your brother. It was all my fault, darling. I just lost control of myself. That's why he's staying with your aunt, Craig. I've already told him that it can never, ever happen again."

The anger was leaving his face now, replaced merely with frustration. "It's not fair!"

"What do you mean, Craig?"

"Well, you already gave it to him!" Craig said, and now he looked embarrassed too. "I mean, Tony's already fucked lots of girls. I'm the one who's a virgin. It's not fair!"

"Oh... oh, Craig," Sylvia said, almost panting out the words. "You... you can't mean what you're saying, darling. Two wrongs don't make a right. You... you can't really want your own... your own mother to fuck you, too."

Craig hesitated, looking momentarily embarrassed. Then he set his jaw firmly.

"Yeah," he said. "That is what I want."

"Oh, Craig."

It felt as if the room were spinning around her. She knew that it would be a mistake to fuck her son, that it would only drag her further into the depths of depravity. It would make it that much easier for Tony to again spread his mother's willing legs when he returned from Jill's, and then she would be trapped with two hung, horny sons in the same house. Sylvia's pussy suddenly throbbed violently as a degenerate mental image flashed before her eyes -- the picture of both her sons fucking her at once, eagerly ramming their giant cocks into her pussy and asshole while she writhed frantically between them. Oh, it was so wrong... but Craig was so mad at her. She couldn't have him hating her like this, could she?

Sylvia suddenly moved her hand, sliding it up her son's thigh. Craig watched her. She shuddered as she wrapped her fingers around his enormous, aching cock, groaning as she felt the size of it, tenderly beginning to jack his cock up and down.

"Oh, Mom," Craig sighed.

"... does this feel good?" Sylvia whispered.

"Oh, Mom!" Craig looked down at her hand, watching it jack with faster, longer strokes. "Do it, Mom! Do it!"

"Craig if... if I let you fuck me too, will you not be so angry with me? I can't stand to have you so mad at me, darling."

Craig nodded, groaning as his huge cock pulsed in her hand.

"I know it must be hard being a virgin," Sylvia whispered. "I... I guess it would be all right if you learned how to fuck with your mother. It might even be for the best."

"Do... do you want to fuck Mom now?"

"Yes! Oh, yes!"

"All right, honey." Sylvia blushed brightly as she stared down as his huge cock, her mouth watering. "Do you mind if I suck your cock a little first? I mean, as long as we're going to do it anyway. I... I'd like to suck it, Craig. Would you mind?"

Craig shook his head. Sylvia groaned with lust, sliding down to her knees beside the bed and patting the edge of the mattress. Craig quickly swiveled around into a sitting position, his huge cock pulsing in front of her face. Sylvia put her hand around it again, sliding her fist to the root of his cock-shaft. She lowered her head, pressing her lips on his spongy, crimson cockknob in a wet, sucking kiss.

"Oh, Mom!"

She jacked his swollen, veined cock-shaft slow and hard, shuddering as her pumping fist made hot, milky cum drool out of his piss-hole. It was delicious, just as good as Tony's. Nothing on earth tasted like her own son's spunk. Shamefully the horny mom clung to his giant cock, moving her lips up and down his cock-shaft, licking and lapping, until his meaty cock glistened with spit.

Again she pressed her lips on the tip of his throbbing pisser, now gradually letting her mouth open. Her lips slid down his throbbing cock-shaft, her mouth opening wider and wider, stretching to accommodate the massive thickness of his cock. Sylvia shut her eyes, forgetting her shame as she abandoned herself to the intense pleasure of sucking his cock. She ovaled her mouth in a tight, wet circle around the veined trunk of his prick.

Her cheeks puckered sharply, and then she started to suck, sucking wetly and very hard, as if she were starved for the taste of her son's cock.

I suck off my sons, Sylvia thought dazedly, and the obscene knowledge that she gave blowjobs to both her sons somehow made her even hornier. Lovingly her tongue swirled and laved around his fat, spongy cock-head, bathing it in spit, contentedly lapping up his tasty cum-cream.

"Mom, it feels so good!" Craig moaned. He lowered his hands, clutching the back of her head gently but firmly, guiding her head movements as she started to bob, fucking her face with his cock-meat. "Oh. Mom, I think I'm gonna cum pretty soon! I can't hold back!"

Sylvia lifted her head momentarily, popping her lips off of his cock, but keeping his fat, pulsing cock against her mouth. Her face looked flushed and dazed as she spoke to him.

"You can, darling. I want to taste your cum, Craig. I'd really like to. Don't worry, honey. I'm sure your cock will stay hard. I promise I'll teach you how to fuck me as soon as I'm done sucking you off!"

"Oh, Mom."

She lowered her eyes again, wantonly returning her attention to his enormous, painfully throbbing cock. Sylvia continued to milk and squeeze his cock-shaft, loving the way his hard-on pulsed on her palm. Again she slid her lips onto his heart-shaped cock-head, and now she made her head push much farther toward his crotch, sinking a full third of his giant cock down her buttery throat.

Craig needs to cum, she thought dreamily. She needed to give her son a good, hard cocksucking and gulp down all his cum. Sylvia shut her eyes again, flaring her nostrils to breathe around the blood-beating thickness of his cock. Again she started sucking, much, harder than before, her cheeks rhythmically puffing out and then puckering sharply.

"Mom, it feels so good! Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

Sylvia bobbed her head again, fucking her mouth with his cock. The wet, hungry, slurping sounds burbled out of her lips now, as she sucked harder and harder on his aching cock. His cock-shaft seemed bloated to bursting now, ready to spray her tonsils with jizz. Sylvia started jacking her son's throbbing cock very hard, encouraging his milky load to spew between her lips.

"Harder, Mom, harder!" Craig gasped, as the cum churned in his balls. "Mom, I'm about to cum!"

Sylvia started sucking as hard as she could, plunging her mouth onto his cock, whipping her fist violently up and down his cock-shaft. Craig gasped, and then an incredible stream of hot, milky cum spewed between his cock-loving mother's lips. It sprayed out of his huge cock in torrents, splattering on the roof of her mouth, squirting across her tongue.

Sylvia whimpered in ecstasy as she tasted her son's gushing jizz. Feverishly she sucked and jacked his erupting prick harder than ever, slurping and gulping loudly.

"Oh, Mom!" Craig groaned. "That was so fantastic. I never thought a blow-job would feel that good!"

Sylvia blushed deeply as she looked up at her naked son, painfully aware of the wet need pounding in her pussy. His huge, spit-dripping cock was still as hard as iron, and Sylvia knew it would remain just as big and hard when he slid it up his mother's cunt. Again an obscene mental image appeared before her eyes, this time of herself sprawled on her back on the bed, humping furiously as her son rammed his giant fuck-pole in and out of her cunt.

"I... I'm glad you liked it, Craig," she whispered. "Most men love having their cocks sucked. Do... do you still want to learn how to fuck with Mom? Your cock still looks so stiff. Would you like to slide it up my cunt?"

"Yeah," Craig grinned, his cock throbbing even harder. "Yeah, I would."

"All right, baby." Sylvia rose to her feet, trembling with the unbearable need pulsing in her pussy. "What would you like me to do?"

"Take off the robe!"

"All right, sweetheart. I guess you'd like to take a good look at my body, wouldn't you?"

She dropped her shaking fingers to the knotted sash, undoing it, then sliding her hands back up to slide the robe off of her smooth, delicate shoulders. It dropped to the floor, and suddenly Craig found himself staring at the mouthwatering curvaceousness of his mom's naked form.

His eyes moved up her luscious, perfectly formed thighs, pausing to stare intently at her hairy pussy-triangle.

"DO you like looking at my body, son?" Sylvia whispered, his violently throbbing cock toiling her the answer. "I have a sexy body, don't you think?"

"Lie on the bed," Craig said, in a hoarse, excited voice.

"All right, honey."

She joined him on the bed, her enormous tits jiggling spongily as she sprawled flat on her back on the mattress, wiggling her round, horny ass on the sheets. Craig immediately moved on top of her, eagerly filling his hands with her flesh, moaning as he stroked her thighs and belly, hungrily kneading her luscious tits.

"Oh, that feels so good, Craig," Sylvia gasped. She whimpered as he guided her thighs apart, placing his hand at the juncture of her legs, gently fondling the pouting, curly-haired lips of her dripping fuck-slit. "Ungghh! Oh, baby, Mom likes that! My pussy's all wet, Craig! Touch it, darling... oh... ohhhh!"

Craig stroked the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, shyly touching her pussy, his fingers stroking gently up and down between her swollen cunt-folds. Sylvia hungrily ground her hips off the bed, thrusting her pussy on his fingers. Craig lowered his head, licking her heaving belly, kissing his way up to her enormous tits. Sylvia shuddered with fuck-need as he cupped her giant, spongy tits, locking his lips around one fat, stiff nipple.

"Suck them!" she gasped, cupping his head. "Yes, oh, yes, suck your mother's tits!"

Craig slurped hungrily on her big nipple, sucking it deep inside his mouth, as if he were determined to suck milk out of her stiff, rubbery teat. Her nipple felt stiff and tingly, pulsing lightly in his mouth, remaining deliciously swollen as her horny, tit-sucking son slid his mouth to her other tit. Sylvia finally pushed him away when her wet, hairy pussy throbbed violently with desire.

"All right, Craig, that's enough. I... I'm very, very horny now. It's time to teach you about fucking. I can't wait."

Craig slid off her body, waiting impatiently, his big cock pulsing obscenely with expectation. Ashamed and very, very horny, Sylvia spread her curvaceous thighs wide apart, completely exposing the curly-haired slit of her pussy. She wiggled her ass on the bed as she lifted her legs high in the air, until her knees almost reached her shoulders, knowing it would make it easier for her virginal son to slide his huge cock up her tight cunt.

"You can get on top of me now, Craig," she panted, trying to control her voice. "Go ahead, that's right... put your arms out straight. Now move up a little higher, honey. Spread your knees apart... that's right. Now let me just get ahold of..."

Her words trailed off as she reached down to take hold of his cock, directing his enormous cock to her pussy. A delicious shudder pumped through her body as his spongy cock-head first pressed her cunt. Lewdly she rubbed his cocktip up and down between her wet, clinging cuntlips, teasing herself with it, finally pressing his fat cock-head into her cunt-hole.

"Push your hips down, Craig!" she gasped. "It's in now! Push your cock in!"

Craig pushed his hips down. The naked mother kept gripping his enormous cock, helping him guide it. She moaned loudly as his fat, rosy cock-knob pushed into her gooey pussy, the first several inches stretching their way into her throbbing cunt.

"Oh, Craig! Craig, it's in my pussy now! Oh, fuck, what a big cock you have! Oh, Craig! Push it in farther now, baby! Push your cock in!"

Craig hovered over her, his expression dazed, his cock throbbing wildly as he experienced the wet, clinging pressure of a tight, wet pussy around his cock-meat. Clumsily at first, tentatively, he pushed his hips down, working his ass-cheeks. His mom's cunt was very tight, but it was also very wet, and he met no resistance. Sylvia thought she would pass out with the intense pleasure of the long, skewering first fuck-stroke, as the meaty inches of her son's hard-on slid into the clinging interior of her cunt.

"Oh, Craig! Oh, fuck!" She slid her hand from the root of his cock, whimpering with pleasure, tossing her arms around his shoulders. Her round, peach-shaped ass wiggled and humped skillfully, helping her son guide his giant fuck-shaft all the way in. "I love it, baby! Mom's so horny now! Deeper, Craig, deeper!"

Craig grunted, pushing his hips down hard, stuffing the last inches of his enormous cock into her pussy. A powerful tremor stabbed through Sylvia's cunt, and she suddenly started cumming helplessly, her pussy spasming and juicing around his cock. She bit her lip to keep herself from crying out, not wanting to confuse him by blubbering out her passions, her desire to be fucked as fast and hard as he could stroke his prick. Craig looked down at his cumming mom in confusion, watching her face contort and grimace as her pussy spasmed and sucked sharply around his cock.

"Mom, are you okay?"

"I... I just came," Sylvia panted, trying to recover herself. "Oh, honey, you've got a simply beautiful cock. It feels so wonderful up my pussy. Oh, Craig! Do you like the way my cunt feels?"

"I... I think I might cum too," Craig moaned.

"Not yet," Sylvia said, giggling weakly. "You haven't really started fucking me yet. Now I want you to m-m-move-oh, I'm so horny -- move your hips up, but don't slide your cock all the way out of me. Just up to your cockhead. Then push it back in again. Go ahead, Craig. Do it!"

Craig lifted his hips, moaning with intense pleasure as he slid his cock out, as his mother's wet, horny fuck-hole dragged needfully around his prick. He paused with just his cock-knob inside her, pulsating inside her pussy. Then he worked his hips down again, nearly throwing his naked mom into another violent cum as his enormous cock pushed even deeper up her cunt.

"Oh, Craig! Craig, Craig, it feels so good!" Sylvia's pussy throbbed uncontrollably, contracting repeatedly around his prick. "Now... now... unggghh! Oh, motherfucker... keep on doing it! Keep moving your hips like that... up and down, in and out, oh, Craig, please, fuck Mom's pussy. Please, please, fuck my hot cunt!"

Slowly then Craig started stroking, teaching himself how to work his leanly muscular ass, sliding his huge, stiff cock in and out of his mother's pussy. Sylvia forced herself to lie still, biting her lip every time his mammoth cock went all the way in, fighting the urge to start humping as fast as she could.

"That's right, baby," she panted, keeping her knees all the way up. "You're doing good. Do you like fucking Mom's pussy?"

"Oh, Mom... oh Mom."

He kept fucking slowly for over a minute, teaching himself, sliding his huge fuck-tool in and out of her gooey, throbbing cunt-slit. Then he seemed to grow more confident. He bent his arms, now supporting his weight on his elbows. He spread his knees apart between her thighs, changing the angle of his hips, so that his cock would spear more directly into her throbbing fuck-hole. Then he started fucking into his mom's tight cunt faster and faster, shuddering as he plowed his cum-aching cock deep into her cunt.

"Oh, Craig! That's so wonderful! Unggghh! Fuck Mom's pussy, Craig! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck! I... I'm gonna start humping too now! Slow down, just a little. Just for a sec."

Craig slowed his rhythm, steadily pumping his rock-hard fuck-shaft into his mom's cunt. Sylvia started humping. She kept her hips tightly in check, moving carefully, meeting every thrust into her pussy. Soon they were screwing in slow, rhythmic unison, her hips rising to meet every downward stroke of his cock.

"Oh, Craig! I... I'm gonna move faster now! Oh, fuck, Craig, I think I'm gonna cum again!"

She twined her arms tightly around his shoulders, shuddering and gasping with pleasure as she bucked her nimble ass faster and harder off the bed. Craig met his mother's rhythm, not missing a stroke, pounding his cock into her gooey wet slit every time she humped her ass up. Sylvia's pussy was so wet that her juicy cunthole sucked and squished obscenely around her son's pumping prick.

"Oh Craig! Fuck Mom, fuck Mom!"

She humped harder and harder, her tits jiggling, eagerly pumping her pussy onto his cock. Craig moved his ass to meet her rhythm, surprising her with his skill, fucking his mother as if he'd been drilling her pussy every night for years.

Craig fucked harder. Sylvia fucked harder. The bed squeaked more loudly. Then they were both fucking as hard as they could, lost in passion, unconscious of everything except the intense pleasure of her throbbing, spasming pussy clasping around his huge, hammering cock.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Sylvia whipped up her ass in a frenzy of desire, squealing and twisting her head wildly from side to side on the bed. "Unh unh unh, oh, fuck, oh, shit, fuck your mother, fuck meeee! Harder, harder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

The hoarse litany of obscenities came nonstop from her lips. Craig fucked furiously, finally sprawling flat on top of her, crushing her enormous tits under his chest. The torrid, driving, incestuous fuck lasted for a full ten minutes more, as the teen struggled to keep the cum in his balls, as Sylvia's pussy seemed to cum non-stop around his cock.

"Craig, I'm cumming again!" she shrieked at last. The churning in her pussy now was incredibly intense, on the verge of making her faint. She clawed her son's shoulders, humping her blushing ass in a delirium of craving. "Ahhhh, shit, fuck your mother, fuck Mom's pussy! Shoot your cum, Craig! Unh cumming, unh cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

It was an even more violent cum than she'd had during her first fuck with Tony. Her pussy spasmed and gushed, contracting uncontrollably around her son's pounding cock, sucking his cock-shaft again and again. Panting on her shoulder, Craig kept fucking her creaming cunt-slit as fast as he could, ramming his cock all the way to her womb. Then his second load of cock-juice started spewing from the tip of his cock-meat.

"Oh, Craig! You're cumming! I can feel you cumming!"

His huge cock spewed out cum-juice, spraying thick streams of cum deep into his mother's pussy. Craig fucked wildly, practically lunging into her clasping fuck-hole, crying out as her spasming, sucking pussy drained his balls of jizz. Sylvia whimpered in ecstasy as she felt his salty cum-cream oozing back out of her hairy fuck-hole around his stabbing prick, puddling under her gyrating ass on the bed.

"Oh, Craig!" she panted. She clung to him, wrapping both her arms and legs tightly around his torso, not wanting to let him go. "That was so good... you're such a good fucker, darling. You fucked Mom's cunt so good oh, Craig, I love you... love you, baby, love your cock!"

His huge cock remained stiff inside her pussy, and the naked mother wondered dazedly if it would ever go soft. Then Craig slid out of her drippy, ravished cunt-slit, sliding back down to cup her tilt Sylvia stroked his hair, sighing as her son fondled her enormous tits, taking turns sucking, her fat, rubbery nipples.

"Yes, sweetheart," she whimpered, stroking his hair. "Suck them, darling. Suck Mom's tits... oh, Craig... ohhhh."

Craig finally released her tits, sliding down her lush body, planting wet kisses on her belly, then sprawling on his stomach between her wide-spread legs. Sylvia's pussy burned as she realized that her son wanted to lick the cunt that he'd just finished fucking, that he'd just filled with so much cum.

"No, Craig," she murmured, blushing shyly. "I'm... I'm all dirty down there now. Let me clean myself up first."

"I like it this way," Craig said. Eagerly he spread his naked mom's legs wide apart, staring hungrily at the juice-matted curls fringing her fuck-slit, at the thick blobs of cockjuice gleaming on her pouty-lipped cunt. Sylvia shuddered as her son dropped his head, eagerly puffing his lips to her pussy. Hungrily Craig started licking, lapping his tongue happily up and down between the flowering folds of his mom's just-fucked cunt.

"Oh, my baby!" Sylvia dropped her hands, clutching his head, mewling as the intense pleasure of being eaten throbbed through her pussy. "Yes, lick it, sweetheart. Lick Mom's pussy... oh, Craig, you're making Mom's cunt feel so awfully, awfully good!"

Busily Craig licked and lapped, panting on her hairy fuck-mound, pausing occasionally to thrust his tongue deep inside her cunt. He obviously adored the taste of her musky smelling fuck-juices, but he obviously also knew nothing about her clit. Wiggling her ass hornily on the bed, the naked mom slid her hands down to delicately peel open the lips of her pussy-hole, exposing the glistening interior, and the swollen, protuberant bud of her clit.

"Wait, Craig," she gasped. "Do you... do you see the little bump at the top?"

Craig smacked his lips, licking the pussy cream from his mouth. He nodded, looking at his mother's clit.

"That's Mom's clit, sweetheart. That's the most sensitive part." Sylvia bit her lip, fighting again to keep her horny ass from bucking off the bed. "Darling, please lick it for me. You can suck it too. Please, Craig, lick ray clit for me!"

Craig lowered his head, now moving his mouth higher up her throbbing fuck-hole, starting to lick her clit. Sylvia shuddered with pleasure, digging her nails into the back of his neck.

"Harder, Craig!" she gasped. "Lick my clit all over! Lick the underside! Oh, Craig, Craig!"

Craig laved his tongue all over the swollen, pulsing bud, smacking his lips gently around it. His mom's eager bucking motions told him that she liked it best when he licked the underside. He did, pressing his tongue on it, finally taking the sensitive, throbbing nubbin between his lips.

"Oh, fuck!" Sylvia gasped. "Ahhhh, yes, that's right, suck my clit, suck my clit!" Her pussy had begun to spasm again, thrilling to the pressure on her clit. "Unngghhh! Oh, Craig, p-p-put your fingers up my pussy now! Jack off my pussy, baby! Oh, please!"

Craig straightened two fingers, sliding them into the narrow, clasping interior of his mother's pussy. His lips tugged feverishly on her clit his tongue swiping and pressing on the underside, grazing the tip. Craig started finger-fucking his mom's gooey fuck-hole, whipping his fingers in and out as fast as he could. Sylvia's thighs and ass trembled and quaked, her belly knotting up with the cum.

"Suck my clit, suck my horny clit!" she cried. "Unh unh unh, play with my pussy! I'm cumming, Craig! Ahhhh, yes, suck your mother! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy contracted sharply, milking around his fingers, her clit tingling lusciously between his sucking lips. Sylvia humped and wiggled, clawing his neck, gasping and squealing until her cum finally subsided. Craig reluctantly withdrew his lips from her pussy, licking the pussy-juice off his mouth as he rose to his knees between her legs. Sylvia needed only one look at his enormous, throbbing cock to decide that her son needed another good fuck up his mother's cunt.

"Your cock is stiff again, honey," she panted. "Put it back in Mom's pussy!"

Craig mounted his fuck-hungry mother again, this time holding his throbbing cock in hand and putting it in by himself. Sylvia wiggled helpless beneath him, groaning as his big cock-knob pushed into her pussy, then crying and squealing as inch after inch of his long, fat cock plowed up her cunt. Deeply it stabbed up her narrow, clasping pussy-channel, stuffing her up to her womb.

"Oh, my baby! Fuck me, Craig! Fuck Mom's horny cunt again!"

She locked her arms and thighs around him, excitedly humping her plump, rounded ass off the bed. Craig thrust to meet his mother's rhythm. Soon they were again lost in incestuous ecstasy, moaning and gasping, making the bedsprings squeak, fucking as fast as they could.


"Unh! Unh! Up my asshole!" Jill sprawled gleaming in the early morning light on the bed, rubbing her clit as her hung nephew rammed his cock in and out of her Vaseline-lubed shit-tunnel. "Ungghh! Fuck my asshole, Tony! Harder, baby. Fuck my asshole hard!"

Tony humped rhythmically on top of his horny aunt's round, jiggling ass-cheeks, groaning as he sawed his aching cock through the rubbery, sucking grip of her stretched sphincter. His cock's pulsing stiffness was slightly painful, after a long night spent satisfying his nympho aunt's constant need to cum. Tony had lost count of the times he'd sprayed cum down her throat, or shot off in her pussy, or gushed a big load up her juicy, sucking asshole. And yet his cock-meat eagerly kept growing hard every time she reached for his prick.

"Harder, Tony!" Her hand worked rapidly under her belly. She gasped as she rolled her clit feverishly with her finger. "Oh, shit, oh, fuck, drill my asshole! Harder, baby, harder! Fuck the shit out of my horny ass!"

Tony staffed humping faster, moaning as his mammoth fuck-pole drilled jute the forbidden tightness of his aunt's itchy ass. Her stretched, puckered asshole-ring clung tightly to his probing cock, sucking it like a wet, throbbing vise. Harder and harder Tony fucked on top of her, pounding his mammoth fuck-pole into her horny, eagerly-sucking shitter.

"Ahhhhh, fuck, gonna cum!" Jill cried. She put both hands under her belly now, rubbing her clit with one, using two fingers of the other to jack off her wet, hairy pussy. "Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole! Awww, motherfucker! Gonna cum, cum... unngggbhh, cumming, cuummiiinnggg!"

Her asshole spasms violently, contracting uncontrollably around her naked nephew's huge prick, milking it deep into her bowels. The shameless aunt finger-fucked in a frenzy of passion, fucking her asshole onto the root of his cock. Tony ass-fucked as hard as he could, guiding her through her orgasm. A wanton smile of satisfaction spread across Jill's angelic face. She lay still beneath her horny nephew, letting him ram his rock-hard cock in and out of her shitter as hard as he liked.

"Want another blow-job, lover?" she giggled. "You know how much I love sucking out your cum!"

"Okay," Tony panted.

He groaned as he slid his giant cock out of her hot, clinging asshole, sprawling flat on his belly on the bed. Jill slid off the mattress, reaching for the bowl of soapy water on the nightstand and the washrag. She'd brought it into her bedroom, with a larger bowl of fresh water, after their first ass-fucking session the night before. It wasn't as much fun going down on him when she had to suck Vaseline off his prick.

"Sit up, sweetheart. I have to wash you off." Tony sat up obediently on the edge of the bed, his huge cock quivering like a great, fleshy arrow. Kneeling before him, Jill started sudsing the goo off his cock, occasionally jacking his cock with the rag.

"Now, what're you going to do after school today, Tony?"

"I'm gonna go home and get my stuff, like you said," Tony answered. He sighed as his aunt cleaned off the Vaseline, then rinsed off his prick from the other bowl.

"And what are you going to tell your mother if she's there?"

"That... that I still don't feel right about staying there, and that I figure I ought to spend a little while longer with you." He looked at her. "Okay? That's right, isn't it?"

"That's perfect," Jill giggled. "That way your mother won't get suspicious of what we're doing together. She knows what a horny slut I am. Why, she actually told me that she was afraid I might try to seduce you, Tony! What do you think of that?"

"Just awful," Tony grinned.

Jill giggled, dropping the washrag. His cock was completely clean now, dripping water, as hard as iron. Jill wrapped her fist around his cock and jacked it very hard, making fresh cum ooze out of his cock-tip. Lovingly she coated her palm with it, then again wrapped her fingers around his cock-shaft.

"Shoot a nice, big cum-load for me, sweetie," she purred. "It's gonna have to hold me until your get back this afternoon."

Jill opened her mouth wide, plunging her lips onto his wet, throbbing cock. She locked her lips tightly around his cock-shaft, moaning as she ran her tongue around his cock-tip, lapping up his tasty, oozing jism.

"Shit, it's stiff!" Tony groaned. "Suck it, suck it!"

He dropped his hands, curling his fingers in her long blonde hair. Jill feverishly started sucking her nephew's big cock very hard, slurping and smacking her lips noisily on his cock-shaft. Up and down her head moved, fucking his cockhead down her throat. Her fist tightened on his bloated cock-root, then commenced a rapid, jacking hand-job, whipping her hand in a blur up and down his prick.

"Make me cum, Aunt Jill!" Tony moaned. "Oh, shit, it's so stiff! Make my cock cum!"

Jill sucked his magnificent hard-on as hard as she could, puckering and bellowing her cheeks, again and again, forming a strong, vacuuming pressure around his cock-meat. Her fist worked like a machine, jacking and stroking. Then she moved her left hand between his trembling ass-cheeks again, straightening her forefinger, pressing it onto his shitter.

"Unggghhh!" Tony moaned. "Oh, fuck, yes..."

She wormed her finger deep inside his asshole, then started pumping it rapidly in and put, still jacking and sucking his huge cock as hard as he could. Tony's big cock grew even stiffer between her lips, nearly choking her. Then his massive cock staffed spewing out cum-cream.

Jill gurgled wetly and obscenely as his hot, tasty cum-juice started shooting down her throat. Hungrily she started gulping down his cum-load, clinging to his spurting cock, sucking and jacking even harder than before. Her finger dug up his asshole, massaging his prostate, coaxing out the cum.

Tony looked like he was about to faint as his huge, throbbing cock sprayed out the seed, filling his aunt's belly with rich white jizz.

"Just remember to come back as soon as you pick up your stuff," Jill purred, whispering the words on the swollen knob of his cock.

"Suck it, Mom!" Craig moaned, sprawled naked on the living room couch. "Oh, shit, my cock's so hard! I love the way you suck me, Mom! Unh, fuck, suck my prick!"

It was three in the afternoon, the time that Craig and Tony would ordinarily be due home from school. But Tony was staying with his aunt, and, after their first fuck the night before, Sylvia hadn't even thought of letting Craig go to his classes.

She was much, much too horny for him. Her conscience told her that she had to stop fucking her son, that she would have to explain to Craig, as she'd explained to Tony, that Mom's pussy was off-limits. Earlier that day, she had, a few times, mumbled words to that effect to Craig. Craig hadn't seemed to hear, and Sylvia wondered if it was because she had hardly heard them too. She told herself that she was still playing catch up, that she was just giving Craig all the mouth and pussy and asshole that she'd given his big brother. But the excuse of the matter was ridiculous. Deep down inside, the guilty, horny mom knew that she craved her sons big, juicy cocks more every day.

"Suck harder, Mom!" Craig moaned. He clutched her head, nearly choking her as he eagerly fucked his ass off the couch. "It's throbbing so hard! Suck it, Mom, suck my cock!"

Sylvia shut her eyes, concentrating on the taste of his throbbing, oozing fuck-pole, locking her wet lips greedily on his cock-shaft. The gurgling, slurping sounds of the cock-sucking filled the living room as she worked feverishly on her son's cock-meat, sucking his enormous cock as hard as she could.

Her head bobbed feverishly on his crotch, fucking his blood-bloated cock into her gullet. Sylvia tightened her fingers around his cock and jacked it fast and hard, urgently beating his cock-meat up to her sucking mouth.

"Play with my balls," Craig panted.

She moved her left hand between his thighs, cupping the hairy, wrinkled sac containing his balls. Lovingly, the naked mother fondled her son's balls, warming them, coaxing the jism to come spraying out of his prick. The action of her mouth and right fist contrasted sharply with her gentle balls-fondling. Sylvia jacked and sucked his aching cock with all the energy she had. Experience had taught her well. The harder she sucked and stroked, the more jizz would squirt out when he came.

"Oh, Mom! Mom, I'm cumming!"

His massive cock swelled to total stiffness in her mouth, and then his hot, sappy cock-juice started spurting. It shot onto the roof of her mouth, spraying on the insides of her cheeks, basting her tonsils with spunk. Sylvia whimpered happily around his gushing cock working her throat muscles, determined to gulp down every drop. For a minute straight, she sucked the jizz out of her son's cock, until she'd licked the last traces of goo off of the spongy head of his prick.

"Oh, Mom!" Craig panted, looking dazedly down at his still-stiffened cock-meat. "I don't know why it still stays so hard. I keep on shooting out all these cum-loads, but my cock won't go down. I don't even know if it can get soft anymore."

"It will eventually," Sylvia assured him, happily licking the spunk from her mouth. "You're just a very, very horny young man, Craig, and you happen to love fucking your mother's pussy. Darling, I'm ready to do it again, if you are. Would you like to fuck Mom's wet cunt again?"

"Yeah," Craig smiled.

"Then let Mom sit on top of you, sweetheart."

Swiftly the stacked, naked mom mounted her son, planting her knees on the couch to either side of his hips, her enormous tits jiggling spongily in front of his chest. Reaching between her thighs, Sylvia eagerly grasped his wet, spit dripping hard-on. She wiggled her hot ass in a downward spiral, gasping as she felt the velvety pressure of her son's cock-head, piercing her gooey cunt.

"Oh, Craig! Oh, sweetheart, your cock's going up Mom's pussy again!"

She shuddered as she humped herself onto it, biting her lip and grimacing as inch after inch of his massive prick bored into her gooey, clasping cunt. She'd lost track of the times she'd fucked her son since the night before, but his cock still stretched her pussy every time he put it in. Sylvia held onto his shoulders, her huge tits shaking, humping and wiggling until every inch of his meaty fuck-tool was buried up her cunt-slit.

"Now fuck me!" she gasped. "Fuck Mom, lover, fuck Mom's cunt!"

Craig slid his hands down her slim waist, clutching the plump, protuberant cheeks of his mother's mouthwatering ass. He started grinding his hips off the couch, fucking his cock through the gushing sheath of her pussy. Torridly Sylvia humped to meet his fuck-strokes, panting as she fucked her cunt on his cock. Soon the naked, incestuous couple was fucking fast and hard, making the couch squeak beneath them as her wet, clinging pussy pumped juicily up and down his long, rigid cock.

"Unh unh unh, oh, shit, Craig, Mom loves your cock!" Sylvia gasped, her tits shaking more and more wildly. "Mom's so horny! Unh unh unh, fuck your mother, fuck your mother's pussy, Craig! Oh, shit, keep fucking me, Mom wants to cum!"

Craig pawed his mother's ass, kneading her humping, gyrating ass-globes, ramming his cock into her pussy. Soon they were both fucking as hard as possible, oblivious to everything except cock and cunt, not even hearing the light rap on the door, and then the door opening behind them.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" Sylvia pleaded, her lust-trembling voice rising to a wail. "Unh unh awwnnhhh, fuck Mom's pussy! Fuck it hard, Craig! Mom's gonna cum!"

"Well, I'll be fucked!" a voice said loudly behind them.

Sylvia shrieked, swiveling her head around so fast that she nearly sprained her neck. It was Tony. Her tall, handsome son stood in the middle of the living room, gaping at his naked mom and brother on the couch.

"Oh, no!" Sylvia groaned.

"I can't fucking believe what I'm looking at!" Tony said.

The silence that followed seemed painfully long. Sylvia didn't move, so shocked and ashamed that she didn't even think of sliding off the immense cock that continued to throb stiffly inside her. Craig just sighed, apparently not worried at all. Tony stepped closer, his crotch bulging as he ogled his stacked mom, sitting on his kid brother's cock.

"Is this why you wanted me to stay with Aunt Jill?" Tony finally asked. "Shit, I thought you were afraid you might keep fucking me!"

"It happened after you left," Sylvia sputtered, wincing with embarrassment, glancing rapidly between her two sons. "Craig heard us. He was jealous. And then... then it just happened. I was going to stop. It's so wrong to do it with either of you. I mean, you're my sons, it's just so awful..."

"Hey, Tony," Craig said calmly. "Why don't we both fuck her?"

"Wha-at?" Sylvia swiveled her head back, looking at Craig in horror. "Craig, please! What a filthy thing to say..."

"Oh, come on, Mom," Craig sighed. "You're super horny for both of us, and we both know it. I mean, I heard that stuff you said this morning about wanting to stop, but then three seconds later you'd reach for my cock again. You're super, super horny for both of us, so why don't you just admit it?"

"Oh, Craig, that's awful!" Sylvia said.

But already she could feel her pussy getting unbearably horny, again, squeezing eagerly around Craig's cock.

"You know what I'd like to do?" Tony said eagerly. "Fuck you up the ass while Craig fucks your cunt!"

"Oh, that's so filthy!" Sylvia sputtered.

"But then I wouldn't be mad at you, Mom," Tony persisted, seeming to understand his mother's logic, the excuses she had to make to herself to keep on fucking her sons. "I mean, we'll just do it this once, okay? And then I won't get mad for catching you with Craig."

"Well..." Sylvia licked her lips, her pussy sucking Craig's prick, her asshole starting to throb and burn. "Just... just once. I... I guess you'd better get some... some stuff, then."

"What stuff?"

"You know." Sylvia blushed. "To lube me up."

Tony grinned and trotted into the bathroom for the Vaseline. Sylvia looked at Craig, holding his shoulders, thrusting her wet, furry pussy on the root of his cock.

"I guess we have to do this," she said. "So Tony won't get mad."

Craig grinned. Tony returned a moment later, undressing on the way, scattering his clothes across the carpet. Sylvia's mouth watered as she stared at her older son's enormous, stiff cock, momentarily tempted to further apologize to Tony by sucking out his first load of cum. But then Craig was twisting her around, twisting her sideways on the couch with his huge cock still embedded in her pussy. Sylvia felt the horny itch deep inside her asshole as Craig spread her ass wide apart, exposing their mom's puckered shit orifice to his older brother.

"Use lots of Vaseline, Tony," Sylvia said, blushing. "You've got an awfully big cock!"

She sprawled forward, crushing her enormous tits on Craig's chest, waiting. Tony lubed his hard-on first, then started pasting the jelly on his mother's round, tightly-muscled sphincter. Sylvia shuddered with fuck-passion as he wormed one, then two fingers up her asshole, basting the rubbery interior with Vaseline.

"Okay, I'm ready now," Sylvia panted. "You can fuck my asshole now, Tony. Go ahead, honey."

Tony mounted his mom's, ass, aiming his swollen, puffy cock-head at his mother's wet asshole. Sylvia bit her lip, grimacing as his invading fuck-pole stretched her asshole wide around his cock-knob. Then Tony's huge cock was boring relentlessly up her bowels, and she suddenly felt more stuffed with fuck-meat than she'd ever felt in her life.

Craig's cock felt enormous in her pussy, reaching up to his mother's womb. Tony's cock was halfway up her asshole now, and she could practically feel the two giant fuck-poles grinding obscenely against each other, separated only by the thin membrane dividing her twin fuck tunnels. Sylvia gasped as her whole body began to throb, her pussy and asshole contracting uncontrollably around the immense stiffness of their cocks.

"Oh, Tony!" she cried. "Awnngghh! Oh, it's so big! Tony, Craig, oh fuuuck!"

She lay helplessly between them, panting loudly, biting her lip repeatedly as she let her older son stuff his mammoth hard-on all the way up her tight, rubbery ass. Then the two huge cocks were stuffed to the hilt in her naked body, pleasuring both her pussy and asshole at the same time. The violent throbbing in her loins bordered on the edge of pain, but it wasn't actually painful. It was the most intense, irresistible pleasure she'd ever felt in her life.

"Fuck me!" Sylvia cried. "Fuck me hard, fuck me haaard."

Feverishly the naked mother started to hump, working her ass like a machine, gasping and whimpering as she desperately tried to fuck both of the giant cocks at the same time. The throbbing waves of pleasure pounded through her twin fuck-channels, making her asshole contract wetly around Tony's cock, her pussy ooze and spasm around her son's prick.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" There was no reluctance in her voice, no hint of guilt or shame. Sylvia grimaced obscenely, humping as fast as she could. "Awwww! Awwnngghh! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Both her naked sons started moving at the same time, working their hips, sliding their enormous fuck-poles in and out of her willing, writhing body. The sweat poured off the horny mom's face as she humped as fast as she could, almost fainting with the intense fuck-need throbbing deep inside her quaking loins.

"Harder! Haaarder!"

Craig and Tony quickened the pace, moaning with the pleasure of her sucking pussy and shitter, ramming their swollen pricks into their moms gorgeous body. Then both of the naked studs were fucking her in unison, reaming out her pussy and asshole with the driving strokes of their cum-laden cocks.

"I'm cumming!" Sylvia shrieked. It was one of the fastest, most violent orgasms she'd ever experienced. The delicious, throbbing fuck-heat exploded through her pussy and asshole at once, making her stuffed fuck-channels suck even harder around their pricks. "Fuck my pussy, Craig! Awwww, Tony, fuck my asshole! Fuck Mom's asshole! Unngggghh! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming! I can't stop cuming!"

"Oh, Mom," Craig moaned, humping furiously beneath her. "Mom, I can't hold it! Oh, Mom..."

Sylvia passed out, completely overwhelmed, shuddering as she fainted, as both her sons fucked her cunt and ass as hard as they could. When she came to a minute later, both of her sons were fucking into her ravished body as hard as they could. Craig's cock started spewing up her pussy, splattering the inner walls of her throbbing pussy-hole with a gushing stream of jizz.

"I'm cumming again!" Sylvia gasped. "I can't stop! Oh, I'm cuming, cum..."

Craig kept on fucking his mother's cunt, moaning as stream after stream of hot, milky jizz cascaded up her pussy. Tony hammered relentlessly into her bowels, spearing his cock completely up her stretched, sucking asshole with every thrust. Then her older son's cock swelled to total stiffness in her rubbery sphincter, and then Sylvia's burning asshole was deluged with a second gushing tide of cum.

Tony's milky jizz blasted up her ass, his sticky cock-juice shooting to the depths of his mother's stretched, sucking ass. Sylvia kept humping wildly between them, cumming again and again, moaning and crying in a delirium of incestuous pleasure. A voice in the back of her mind already told her that there was no longer any chance of ending her liaison with her sans. The profound ecstasy of the double-fucking had changed that. Whether she liked it or not, her craving for fucking had won out over her guilt.


Oh, damn that bastard, Jill thought peevishly.

It was the next morning, and Tony hadn't kept his promise to come straight back to the bungalow after school. He'd apparently gone home to his mother and stayed there. At eight o'clock, Jill had received a hasty call from Sylvia, thanking her for babysitting Tony for one night, and saying that Tony was now home where he belonged. Jill had asked to speak to Tony, intending to bawl him out for letting her spend the whole day watching the clock and rubbing her wet, itchy cunt. But Sylvia had hung up before she'd been able to finish the question. It had been a strange, rushed conversation. Sylvia had sounded completely distracted.

I wonder, Jill thought. The blonde aunt sprawled on her bed, her gorgeous nakedness illuminated by the early morning sunlight as she stared at the ceiling, idly pumping her finger in and out of her gooshy cunt. She'd had to spend a few more hours finger-fucking her aching pussy after Sylvia's phone call, and she'd awakened with her finger in her cunt this morning as well. Jill knew there were countless studs eager to service her wet, needy pussy, but something prevented her from making the phone call. She wanted to fuck Tony again. She'd only had one day with him, but she'd already fallen in love with sucking and fucking her nephew's enormous cock.

And she knew he was horny for her too. Jill stopped finger-fucking, thinking hard, putting the pieces together. Then a lewd smile spread across her face, and she reached for the phone. If Tony wasn't coming back to her for more pussy, it could only mean that he was now getting his pussy elsewhere. And there was only one cunt he could possibly enjoy fucking more than his aunt's.

His own mother's. Which meant that Sylvia was undoubtedly spreading her legs for Craig too. Jill giggled as she dialed, thinking of the old refrigerator that she needed moved from the laundry room into the garage. Sylvia might get suspicious if she asked for Tony's help, but Jill was going to ask for her nephew instead. It was about time she sampled Craig's cock too.

"Fuck Mom's asshole, Craig!" Sylvia gasped. She sprawled on top of Tony, her older son's cock embedded deep inside her pussy, waiting eagerly to feel Craig's huge cock spearing up her ass. "Hurry, Craig! Mom wants to get double-fucked again! Fuck my asshole, Craig, fuck Mom's ass!"

Tony had his arms around his mother's back, his fingers spreading her plump, protuberant ass-cheeks wide apart, baring her horny shithole to his kid brother. Sylvia's itchy asshole throbbed in and out, well-lubed with Vaseline. Craig mounted his mother, pressing his swollen cock-head on the rubbery ring of her shitter.

"Unngghh!" Sylvia grimaced, biting her lip. "Yes, Craig! Awww, fuck Mom's asshole, Craig! Ass-fuck me, darling, fuck Mom's ass!"

Craig started humping, moaning as he drove his enormous cock deeper and deeper into the sucking, spasming grip of his mother's asshole. Soon both of the two huge cocks were buried inside her, thrilling her pussy and shitter at the same time. Torridly the naked mom started humping and wiggling, fucking both of her sons at once.

It was nine in the morning. Sylvia had awakened a half-hour earlier, naked with her two sons in her bed. The trio had had less than four hours sleep. She'd spent the whole night fucking her sons, quickly opening her mouth or spreading her legs for them every time one or both of the huge cocks got stiff. Sylvia still felt guilty about it, but she knew there was no longer any possibility of cutting them off. She felt as if she were addicted to double-fucking now, as if she craved the simultaneous pussy and asshole reaming.

"Harder!" Sylvia moaned. Torridly she wiggled her pussy on Tony's cock, trying to fuck her asshole harder onto Craig's prick. "Deeper, Craig! Fuck my asshole! Fuck Mom's horny asshole!"

Craig started reaming out her shit-hole much harder, groaning as he slammed his huge, swollen cock through the vise-like grip of his mom's stretched sphincter. Tony met his kid brother's rhythm, fucking her cunt as hard as he could. Soon both of her naked sons were fucking the shit out of her, ramming their pricks to the hilt with every thrust.

"Harder, harder, harder!" The fuck-hungry mom's face was contorted obscenely with passion, her cheeks and forehead red, her lips pulled back to bare her teeth. She moaned and grunted and gasped, no longer caring if she sounded like a slut, hopelessly addicted to fucking her eons. "Unh unh unngggghh! Fuck my asshole! Fuck my pussy! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! I'm cummmiiinnngggg again!"

The spasms pounded through her loins the incredibly intense spasms that only a furious double-fucking could yield. The stacked mom writhed in the throes of ecstasy, the sweat dripping from her face as she shamelessly fucked her sons as hard as she could. Tony and Craig kept pounding their cocks into their gorgeous mother, on the verge of shooting their loads into her cum-throbbing pussy and ass. They would have both started shooting off within a minute if the ringing phone hadn't interrupted them.

"Oh, damn it!" Sylvia sighed. She stopped humping, then giggled mischievously as she reached for the phone on the nightstand without changing her position, with both of the huge cocks still buried inside her. "Don't take them out! This'll just take a sec..." She cradled the receiver. "Hello?"

The conversation only lasted a minute. Sylvia sighed as she hung up, looking at Craig over her back.

"Better take your prick out, sweetie," she said. "That was Jill. She wants you to move something at her place."

"But I gotta cum first!" Craig groaned.

Sylvia smiled, flexing her asshole around his cock. "I know you do, baby. But Jill said she was in a hurry, and you'd better do what she says, or she'll get suspicious. I don't know why, but she asked for you." Sylvia flexed her asshole again, making Craig moan. "Don't worry, sweetheart. You can save up all that cum and shoot it up my asshole as soon as you get home."

Craig sighed, sliding his enormous, throbbing cock out of his mom's sucking sphincter. He wiped his Vaseline-coated cock off hurriedly with a paper towel, then struggled into his clothes. When he glanced at the bed before leaving, he saw that Tony was now sitting up on the edge, and that Sylvia was kneeling in front of it. Sylvia waved to Craig, but she wasn't looking at him. She was bobbing her head on Tony's cock. The wet, slurping sounds filled the bedroom. Tony groaned with pleasure, letting his mom suck and jack the hot jizz out of his huge, aching prick.

"No, that's okay." Craig gulped nervously, looking at his aunt's sexy body. "I kinda gotta get home."

"Craig, please sit on the couch." Craig shrugged and sprawled on the sofa, expecting his aunt to go into her bedroom for her purse. She didn't. His eyes opened wide in surprise as she dropped to her knees in front of him, giggling as she ran her hands up to his bulging crotch.

"What're you doing?" he gasped, looking down, watching her hands skillfully knead and massage his cock.

"I'm giving you your payment, honey," Jill purred. "I would give you five dollars, but I'm afraid I forgot to go to the bank yesterday. So I guess I'd better just suck your cock instead, huh?"

Craig gaped down at her, too shocked to move. The quickness of Jill's fingers showed that she had plenty of practice in taking down men's pants. It took her less than five seconds to undo his belt buckle, tug down his zipper and haul his jeans down to his ankles. Her nephew wore no underwear. Jill groaned at the sight of his enormous, stone-hard cock.

"Oh, Craig!" she gushed. "Craig, your cock's so big!"

He was incredibly well-hung, toting a long, meaty cock between his legs that was every bit as huge as his big brother's. Jill eagerly wrapped her hand around his mammoth fuck-pole, starting to jack it fast and hard. Then something made her stop.

Craig's cock was all sticky, and the stickiness wasn't dried cum. Holding the son's prick tightly, Jill lowered her head and sniffed. Her nose recognized the smell immediately. Why, her nephew had obviously just finished fucking some lucky girl up the ass!

And he'd just come from his mother's home. It could only mean one thing. Jill's pussy throbbed with desire as she realized, with near certainty, that Sylvia was fucking both her sons. She looked up at Craig with a knowing, mischievous expression, lewdly jacking his huge cock.

"Craig, sweetheart," she cooed softly, "whose asshole have you been fucking this morning?"

"What?" Craig looked suddenly nervous. "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about."

"Don't lie to me!" Jill giggled. "I know what an asshole smells like. And you've got Vaseline all over your prick." She smiled at him, jacking his prick faster. "Honestly, Craig, I'm terribly shocked. Not at you, honey. I just didn't know that your mother liked getting her asshole fucked!"

Craig's face flushed scarlet. "That's a lie!"

"Bullshit, Craig." Jill paused, thinking of a bluff. "Craig, I'm just going to have to ask everyone I know, if you don't tell me? That wouldn't be very nice for your mother, would it? If I tried to find put if anyone knew when my big sister started fucking her sons?"

Craig stared down at her, looking nervous, obviously defeated. His long, fat cock remained completely stiff. Jill mewled and continued to jack his enormous cock, her mouth watering with the desire to shove his big cock as far down her throat as she could.

"How long have you been fucking your mother, Craig?"

Craig hesitated, licking his lips. "Just... just a little while."

"And your big brother fucks your mom too, doesn't he? Isn't that right, Craig? Why, your mom's just a horny slut. Were you double-ticking this morning, Craig? You were, weren't you? Your big brother fucked your mother's pussy while you took care of her tight ass?"

"Yes," Craig admitted. "What... what're you going to do to us?"

"Nothing terribly awful, Craig," Jill purred. "It just looks like I'm going to have to suck all this Vaseline off your big cock. That's all."

She giggled, sliding her hand to the root of his cock, holding it up. The shameless aunt opened her mouth wide, plunging her lips onto his cock. Craig stared at her in amazement, watching the sexy blond engulf a full third of his giant, pulsing cock.

He'd wiped off most of the Vaseline. Jill shut her eyes, ovaling her mouth wetly around his throbbing cock, puckering her cheeks. Wantonly she sucked the traces of petroleum jelly off of Craig's huge cock, slurping and laying her tongue around his cock-knob and cock-shaft. But the pungent taste of Sylvia's asshole remained on his cock, and that made Jill even hornier, to know that she was tasting her big sister's asshole while she sucked the pulsating stiffness of her nephew's cock.

"Ummllpp," Jill gurgled, the cock-sucking noises growing very loud and obscene as she worked feverishly on the tasty stiffness of her nephew's cock. There was still Vaseline on the root of his cock, and that made it easier to jack him off. Tightly the horny aunt gripped his cock root, beginning to pump it furiously, beating his cock-meat from the base to her sucking lips.

"Oh, shit!" Craig gasped. He dropped his hands, twining his fingers in her long, blonde hair. "Shit, that feels good! I... I was about to cum up Mom's asshole when you called! Oh, shit, my balls feel like lead! Suck it, Aunt Jill! Suck my cock!"

Jill whimpered around his aching cock, thinking of all the delicious jizz ready to spew out of the crown of his cock-meat. Her cheeks puckered and bellowed rhythmically, flushing obscenely as she worked on his cock. Her fist was a blur as she jacked him off, milking more and more gooey pre-cum out of his piss-hole. Jill slurped loudly as she ran her tongue around his leaking cock-tip, loving the taste of his spunk.

"Make me cum, make me cum!" Craig moaned, puffing her hair. "Oh, shit, I'm getting so close!"

Frantically Jill sucked his wildly-throbbing cock, her lips dragging needfully up and down his cock-shaft. Her forearm ached as she wildly beat his cock-meat with her fist, trying to make all the sappy jizz stream out of his prick.

"Oh, Aunt Jill! Cumming! Cumming!"

His giant cock erupted, spraying milky cram on the roof of her mouth, spurting load after load of spunk down her throat. Jill clung insatiably to his gushing cock loving the taste of his cock, sucking and jacking out his cock-milk as hard as she could.

She drained his balls, working her throat muscles, slurping down all of her nephew's cum. For a half-minute straight, the torrent of cum sprayed out of his cock-head, lashing all around the inside of her mouth, bathing her tonsils in jizz. Hungrily Jill sucked and jacked his erupting cock, refusing to release her nephew's fuck tool until she'd licked up every drop.

"Oh, fuck," Craig moaned. He sprawled heavily back on the couch, breathing hard. "Oh, fuck, that was so good..."

"Am I a good cock-sucker, Craig?" Jill giggled, licking the flecks of cum off of her mouth. "Or do you like the way your mom sucks your cock even better?"

"You're... you're both good," Craig murmured.

"Mmmm. But maybe I'm not good enough, darling. 'Cause you've still got an awfully big hard-on." Jill put her finger on the spongy tip of his meaty cock, playfully wagging his cock from side to side. "Honey, my cunt got awfully wet from sucking you off. I need a good fuck immediately. You'd better go into the bathroom and clean the rest of that stuff off your cock."

Craig nodded, gulping, his big prick pulsing stiffly before him as he went to the bathroom. Jill heard the water running as he sponged off his cock. When he returned, his aunt was naked, sprawled on her back on the floor. Her long legs were spread wide apart, showing her nephew her wet, tight, curly-haired cunt.

"Oh, shit, it looks so pretty," Craig sighed. He dropped to his knees between her legs, eagerly aiming his swollen cock-head at her gooey fuck opening. But Jill placed her hand daintily over her steaming pussy at the last moment.

"Unh unh, honey," she giggled mischievously. "I guess your mom didn't teach you any manners. You're supposed to lick a girl's cunt before you fuck it for the first time, at least if she wants you to. And I do, Craig. Lick my pussy, nephew. Make it even juicier for your prick!"

Craig winced, obviously very eager to fuck her, his cock throbbing painfully with a fresh load of cum. He slid down to his stomach between her legs, staring at her hairy, pouty-lipped pussy. Jill whimpered happily as Craig buried his face between her thighs, licking and lapping her cunt.

"Unnggghh! Oh, Craig, that feels so good!" She splayed her thighs as wide apart as she could, shamelessly opening her wet fuck-hole for his tongue. "Lick it all up, nephew! Lick up all the cunt-juice!"

Craig moaned, loving the taste of her fuck oils, slurping his tongue steadily up and down between the swollen folds of her throbbing cunt. He moved his hands up, peeling open her pussy petals with his finger-tips. Jill grimaced as he moved his mouth up, licking her swollen, protuberant clit.

"Oh, fuck!" she gasped. "That's right! You're a good pussy-licker, aren't you? Unnggghhh! Yes, yes, lick my clit, sweetheart! Lick Auntie's clit!"

Craig wrapped his lips around the little bud, sucking it, pressing his tongue on the underside. Gently he sucked and slurped on her spasming clit, sending waves of hot pleasure pounding through her body. Two fingers straightened gooshing up her tight, clasping fuck-hole. Craig started jacking off his naked aunt as his lips clung to her clit.

"Cumming!" Jill gasped. "Suck my clit, suck my horny clit! Cumming, cuummiiinnnggg!" Her wet, horny pussy spasmed deliciously, spewing cunt-cream on the son's fingers as he continued to suck on her clit. Jill finally had to push him away, when the sensations became too intense. Craig rose to his knees, licking the cuntjuice from his mouth. Jill stared at his enormous, throbbing hard-on and again felt the irresistible need for fucking deep inside her cunt. She loved getting sucked off, but nothing could take the place of a big, stiff pisser like her nephew's. His cock could go a whole lot farther up her pussy than his tongue.

"Okay, Craig," she murmured. "I guess you get to fuck me now. Go ahead and put it in, lover. Auntie wants to get her cunt fucked!"

Craig swiftly mounted his horny aunt, aiming his swollen cock-head at the furry, pouty lipped pussy he'd just finished licking. Jill automatically cocked her long legs high in the air, completely opening her gooey cunt-passage for the invasion of his cock-meat. Craig held his prick in hand, getting his cock-tip in. Then he started humping on top of her, moaning as he slid his throbbing cock farther and farther into the clinging tightness of his aunt's exquisitely tight cunt.

"Do I have a tight pussy, Craig?" Jill panted, starting to hump beneath him. "Does it suck your cock as good as Mom's does?"

Craig didn't answer. He sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her big tits under his chest, shuddering as he sank every inch of his huge cock into her wetly-pulsating pussy. For a moment he lay still, letting her cunt-muscles milk around his cock. Then he started fucking his naked aunt hard and fast, panting on her shoulder, drilling his cum-swollen fuck-shaft in and out of her tight, juicy cunt.

"That's right, Craig! Unnnggghhh! Oh, fuck, you're a good fucker, aren't you?" Jill threw her long legs together, scissoring her ankles together around his back. Her arms came up, twining around his shoulders. Then she started humping her ass to meet his rhythm, fucking her tight, horny pussy onto his stroking prick.

"Do you like it, Craig? Are you gonna an again? Unggghhh! Oh, Craig, fuck my pussy now! Unh unh unh, fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my horny cunt!"

Craig humped his ass faster, his ass-cheeks contracting, spearing his massive cock in and out of his aunt's hot, syrupy fuck-slit. Jill felt his huge cock pounding into the depths of her cunt-hole, reaching her womb with every thrust.

She humped her ass like a bitch in heat, groaning every time her nephew stuffed her cunt with his cock.

"Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum!" she chanted. "Fuck my cunt, Craig! Oh, shit, I can feel it now! An, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy! Cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy contracted sharply around his stabbing cock, gushing fuck-juice onto the root of his cock. Craig fucked her right, tender pussy faster than ever, intent on squirting another load of cum-juice up her belly. But suddenly Jill stopped him with a little giggle, pushing his chest up hard, wiggling until she'd made his cock pop out of her cunt.

"Unh unh, baby," she murmured. "You know I'd love to feel your cum spouting inside me, but right now I want you to save it. Right now I think it's high time we paid a visit to your mother!"


"Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt," Sylvia gasped, practically shrieking out the words. "Mom's so horny, Tony! Unh unh unh, fuck Mom's horny pussy! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, gonna cum now! Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt."

She was on top of her older son, her enormous tits bouncing wildly as she humped her ass in a frenzy of passion, pistoning her wet, hairy pussy onto his cock. His huge cock reached the depths of her cunt, spreading her throbbing, creaming cunt-slit wide. Tony writhed beneath his mom, clutching her hips, humping furiously to meet her thrusts.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" Sylvia squealed. "Awwnnhh! I'm cumming, Tony! Fuck Mom's horny pussy, fuck my brains out! I'm cumming, sweetheart! Cuuummmiiiniinggggg!"

Her pussy spasmed violently sucking around her son's hammering cock-shaft. Her whole puckered and tingled as she kept humping madly on top of him, banging her throbbing fuck-hole onto his cock. Tony lunged off the bed, groaning as he buried his aching, burning cock up his mom's wet pussy. Sylvia groaned with satisfaction as she felt his milky cock-juice streaming into her cunt.

"Oh, my baby," she sighed, humping more slowly now. "Yes, darling, cum in Mom's pussy. Fuck your mother, sweetheart. Cum in Mom's cunt!"

Lovingly she flexed her fuck-muscles around her son's huge cock, helping him shoot out all of his cum-cream. Sylvia whimpered as she felt it spouting into her cunt-channel, splattering on the glistening inner walls of her cunt.

Finally she lifted her leg, sliding her wet, hairy fuck-hole off of his hard-on. She giggled as she felt the globs of cock-juice ooze right back out of her pussy, dripping obscenely on Tony's cock.

"Oh, lover," she sighed. "Mom wants to suck on it again!"

She knelt beside his hips, opening her mouth wide, plunging her lips onto his cock. Feverishly she sucked his tasty cock, puckering her cheeks around it, keeping it as hard as stone. She paused occasionally, taking his cock-meat out of her mouth to lick and lap his cock shaft, shamelessly gulping up the cum that had just oozed out of her cunt. Then she popped his meaty cock back into her mouth and sucked on it as hard as she could, vacuuming her cheeks around his prick.

A minute later, the naked, horny mom was satisfied that her son wasn't going to lose his magnificent hard-on. Hurriedly she mounted him again, her huge tits quivering spongily, again planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips. Sylvia reached between her thighs, grasping his big, dripping cock. She wiggled her ass down, shuddering as she popped his fat cock-knob back into her pussy.

"Oh, Tony!" Her giant tits jiggled over his chest as she leaned over him, clutching his shoulders. Sylvia's expression contorted with shameless passion as she bucked her ass, wiggling to help his huge cock again slide all the way up your cunt. "I'm still so horny, sweetheart! Please fuck Mom's pussy again! Oh, Tony! Fuck me, baby, fuck your mother..."

Soon she was humping as fast as before, banging her pussy up and down on his enormous fuck-tool, her huge tits swaying and slapping together over his chest. "Fuck your mother, fuck your mother," she cried, over and, over again. Voicing the fact of their incest seemed to excite her even more. Never in her life had she dreamed that she could ram his huge cock up her tender, throbbing asshole too.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt!" Sylvia squealed.

The fuck lasted longer, now that her older son had just finished dumping a huge load of jizz up her pussy. Sylvia grimaced, wiggling and humping, fucking her son as fast as she could.

"Wow!" a voice said suddenly from the door. "Look at that hot ass move!"

Sylvia immediately stopped bucking, gasping in dismay, swiveling her head to see who it was. Then she knew for certain what a part of her had guessed long before, even before the phone call had come earlier for Craig. Deep down inside, she'd always known that a horny slut like her sister couldn't keep her hands out of Tony's jeans, and that Jill would eventually discover that Sylvia had fucked both her sons.

Jill grinned back at her big sister, leading Craig into the bedroom. For a moment the two sisters just stared at each other, Jill's smile broadening, Sylvia's face reddening as she realized that there was no possible excuse. She was naked, and so was Tony, and Tony's cock was throbbing deep inside her. She'd been caught, and Jill was holding all the cards.

"Why, Sylvia," Jill murmured, crossing toward them, "you shouldn't have stopped fucking on my account. I just came over with Craig to join you!"

Sylvia remained silent and unmoving, her pussy still sucking lightly around the root of Tony's cock. Jill sat beside them on the bed, shamelessly admiring the sight of Tony's huge cock disappearing into his mom's hairy pussy. Tony gasped as his aunt pushed her hand between his legs, playing with his balls.

"Tony, I guess I forgive you," Jill said. "I was so mad at you for not coming back yesterday to fuck me again. You could have at least stopped by for a quick blow-job. But I can understand now, darling. You just wanted to stay home and fuck your mother!"

Jill raised her head, giggling, staring into her big sister's eyes.

"I'll bet you didn't have any trouble falling asleep last night, Sylvia. If Tony didn't fuck you dl you passed out, then Craig could. It must be fantastic having two horny motherfuckers in the same house."

"Don't... don't say things like that," Sylvia whimpered.

"Why, you hypocritical bitch!" Jill giggled. "Just for that, I guess I'll just have to play with your asshole while Tony keeps fucking your cunt."


"You don't want me to tell everybody about this, do you, Sylvia?"

Sylvia stared at her sister in horror. But the horror was obviously pretended, obvious even to her, as she felt her pussy sucking eagerly around Tony's cock. Sylvia offered no resistance as Jill pushed her shoulders down, until Sylvia's enormous tits were crushed on Tony's chest. Tony grinned, reaching around his mother's back, spreading her ass-cheeks with his fingers.

"Ooooh, look at this juicy asshole!" Jill purred. She straightened two fingers, sliding them into her big sister's pink, puckered shithole. "Wow, there's still a whole mess of Vaseline in here. I understand that Craig gave you a pretty good ass-fucking before he visited me, Sylvia. Too bad my fingers don't feel as good as his cock, huh?"

Then Jill thrust in a third finger, starting to jack off Sylvia's shit-ring with hard, deep strokes.

"Fuck her pussy, Tony!" Jill hissed. "Let's see if we can make your mom even hornier!"

"Oh, this is awful," Sylvia gasped.

Tony started humping again, driving his mammoth prick in and out of his mother's pussy. Jill giggled as she jacked off her big sister's asshole, meeting Tony's rhythm, running her fingers in every time Tony impaled her with his cock.

"Oh, fuck!" Sylvia cried. Then she felt herself humping again, unable to resist the pleasure. "Yes, yes, do it harder! Unngghhh! Fuck my cunt, Tony! Oh, fuck, fuck..."

"Why, you poor, horny slut," Jill giggled. She popped her fingers out of the wet asshole and looked at Craig. "Sweetheart, I think you'd better get on the bed again and take care of your mother. Sylvia needs you to fuck her asshole again."

Craig had already stripped off his clothes. Eagerly he climbed back onto the bed, his cock throbbing at the thought of again invading his mother's bowels. Jill stepped aside, rubbing her pussy as she watched. Tony spread his horny, naked mom's ass wider, opening her pink asshole for his kid brother's cock.

"Fuck my asshole!" Sylvia gasped, no longer caring what Jill thought. "Hurry, Craig! Hurry!"

Craig mounted his fuck-starved mother, pressing his spongy cock-head onto the rosy ring of her asshole. He thrust down hard, nailing the first several inches into her bowels. There was plenty of Vaseline squishing in her narrow, rubbery ass-tunnel, lubing the way for his huge cock. Craig humped rhythmically, fucking his mammoth prick farther and farther between his mother's blushing ass-cheeks.

"Fuck my asshole!" Sylvia panted. She started humping again, grinding her pussy onto Tony's cock, thrusting her red-hot asshole onto her son's cock. "Deeper, Craig! Aww, I'm horny! Fuck my asshole, fuck Mom's asshole!"

Craig pushed down hard, nailing every inch of his huge cock into the rubbery grip of his mom's burning slitter. Then he started assfucking again, drilling her stretched ass as his older brother fucked her cunt. The two teens had lots of practice double-fucking now. Soon they were both fucking fast and hard, meeting each other's rhythm, feverishly ramming their giant cocks into their naked mom's horny cunt and shitter.

"Does it feel good, Sylvia?" Jill panted. The blonde had stripped naked, standing beside the bed with one foot on the mattress, finger-fucking as she watched. "They're good fuckers, aren't they, Sylvia? Don't you love fucking your sons?"

"Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt!" Sylvia cried. Her face was obscenely contorted again, oblivious to everything but the pleasure pounding through her body. "Fuck my asshole, Craig! Fuck Mom's horny asshole! Unh unh unh, gonna cum again! Fuck me, fuck me, as hard as your can!"

Both Craig and Tony picked up the pace, gasping as they slammed their enormous fuck tools into their mom's throbbing cunt and ass channel. Their mammoth cocks stoked deep inside her belly, stretching her fuck-holes, making her pussy spew juice, and her asshole sucked and tingled around Craig's cock. Sylvia humped in a frenzy of fuck-need, until the irresistible fuck-heat finally exploded in her loins.

"I'm cumming, cumming!" she cried. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole! Cuummiinnnggg!"

The cum lasted for over a minute, hammering through her naked body, making her pussy and shit-ring contract uncontrollably around their cocks. Tony and Craig kept fucking furiously, guiding their naked mom through her cum. Finally Sylvia had to pull away from them, dazed and happy, waiting until Craig popped his aching cock out of her asshole before she slid off the bed to the floor.

"My turn," Jill said.

Sylvia sat on the rug, looking up dreamily as Jill climbed onto the bed. The horny aunt moved swiftly, mounting Tony, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips. Jill grasped his hard-on and dropped her ass, nudging his spongy cock-head into her cunt.

"Ooooooooh, Tony," Jill purred. "This is gonna be so gooood!"

Jill started humping and wiggling, sliding her tight, wet pussy down onto her older nephew's cock. Tony raised his head, watching his cockshaft disappear into her hairy cunt-slit. Jill quickly started fucking, her ass-cheeks jiggling as she slid her gooey pussy up and down on his cock.

"Okay!" Jill gasped suddenly. She sprawled forward, crushing her tits on Tony's chest. "Spread my ass cheeks, Tony! My asshole wants Craig's big cock!"

Tony spread her ass-cheeks wide with his fingers, exposing his aunt's pink, puckered shitter. Craig climbed onto the bed, his tool dripping Vaseline from ass-fucking his mother. Sylvia watched with wide, shocked eyes, growing harder and hornier, watching her own sister being double-fucked by her sons.

"Fuck my asshole, Craig!" Jill panted. "Hurry, honey, hurry!"

Craig mounted her, aiming his spongy cock tip at her swollen, throbbing hole. Jill grimaced, biting her lip as his huge cock started stabbing its way into her bowels. Her rubbery ass-channel stretched wide to accommodate his fuck-organ, eagerly sucking and spasming around his cock.

"Oh, shit, it's so good! Oh, you're both so huge!" Jill squealed in ecstasy, overwhelmed by the indescribable pleasure of being fucked by two huge cocks at the same time. "Deeper, aaag! Fuck my asshole! Oh, Tony, fuck Auntie's horny cunt!"

Tony started humping again, driving his mammoth prick in and out of her pussy. Craig sank onto his aunt's blushing ass, shuddering as he sank his throbbing cock to the hilt in her whole. Slowly at first, he stroked his cock through her stretched ass, feeling her sphincter sucking tightly around his cock.

"Fuck my cunt, fuck my hole!" Jill cried. She writhed madly between them, overwhelmed by the pleasure of the double-fuck. "Both of you! Ahhhh, gonna cum! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Craig picked up his pace, ramming his rock-hard prick in and out of her wet, sucking sphincter. Tony matched his brother thrust for thrust, drilling his cock into their aunt's juicy cunt. Soon the two naked studs were fucking her in rhythmic unison, reaming her throbbing, spasming pussy and ass with every stroke of their cum swollen cocks.

"Fuck me, fuck meeee!" Jill shrieked.

Her face locked even mote obscene than Sylvia's had been, contorted in a crazed expression of total fuck-passion. The sweat beaded on her forehead as she humped as hard as she could, pumping her pussy on Tony's cock one moment, fucking her itchy asshole onto Craig's cock.

"Gonna cum," Craig moaned. "I can't hold it!"

"I'm cumming too!" Jill wailed. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole harder, harder! Unnggghhh! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming now! Cuuummiiinnngggg!"

The cum was incredibly intense, pounding through her pussy, making her asshole contract around Craig's ramming cock. Craig collapsed onto her jiggling ass-cheeks, his cock throbbing wildly as it sprayed the milky jizz into her shit tunnel. Jill squealed as she felt his sappy cum spouting up her asshole, soothing her burning ass-walls with a hot bath of cum.

"Oh, fuck!" Tony cried.

He lunged into her pussy, gasping as his hot cum fountained into his aunt's cunt. Craig was still shooting off too, squirting jizm into her asshole. Jill fucked both of them, the sticky cum spewing up her pussy as the last drops of Craig's cum splattered into her ass. Finally she wriggled away from them, exhausted and satisfied, her body still tingling in the aftermath of the best fuck of her life.

"I want to suck it!" Sylvia panted.

She giggled as her big sister suddenly pushed her onto her back, spreading her legs wide apart to reveal the light brown curls fringing Jill's dripping, just-fucked cunt. Whimpering with need, Sylvia glued her mouth to Jill's pussy and started sucking out Tony's jizz. Sylvia didn't care anymore if she was a slut, as long as she had the three of them to fuck her to pieces all day and all night. Shamelessly she tongued the milky goo out of her kid sister's pussy, then rolled Jill over, eager to suck Craig's cum out of Jill's stretched asshole too.


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