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Part Two
A New Beginning

Part Two

Standing between Norma and Steve, I said it was party time. Norma you will have to wait your turn. Turning to Steve I took the step and place it in front of him. I got up and stood in front of him. I told him, it was time for him recieve his. With that I hit his face with my fist. It snapped his head back hard. Then i hit his face again and again. Then both of us heard his jaw break with the last blow. I raise his head up to the point of his face looking at me and said, this one is for me. I punch him again and his head was down. With blood dripping from his nose and cut lip he was out again. Turning around to face Norma, she was scare. She was crying and shaking on what she just saw happen to Steve. She was breathing hard as her chest was raising with each breath she took. Her tits stood firm and proud. She had no fat anywhere on her. She was shave around her pussy. My cock was stranding to be released. Then I said to her, it was her turn. I reach out and begin to feel her left tit. Watching how the nipple grew from my touch. Then the same result on her right tit. Gently running my fingers down to her pussy, I began to rub it. She had let out a small moan as I slip a finger into her moist pussy. Feeling her, I slip another finger into her and began to stroke her pussy. She was tight with 2 fingers, I could hardly wait until I fucked her with my cock. I got down from the step and began to undress. Her eyes almost pop out of her sockets when she saw my cock. All 9 inches and very thick stood straight out proud of her body. Looking at her I said, now you are about to feel what a cock should do for you. Just then Steve begin to moan as he woke up. He just look at me and then at my cock. Good you are awake to see Norma get fuck. With that I walk over to Norma and begin to suck each nibble. Working my way down to her pussy with kisses until I reach her honey hole. I lick slowly and softly at her pussy. Hearing her moan was all I needed. I slipped my tongue into her and tasted her juices. She was breathing harder and moaning more. I continue my assult on her pussy until she came. Feeling her juices on my lips made me feel like I was in heaven. Turning back to Steve, I could see his cock beginning to grow. Taking the step and placing it behind Norma, I got up on it. I began to slide my cock gently on her pussy. Norma, I want you to know what it is like to get a cock this size fucking you I said to her. Steve, now you will see Norma get what she needs. And with that I began to slide into her pussy. She let out a scream when I was half way into her. She was really tight. But with one mightly push I was all the way in. She was struggling hard now. I guess it was to much for her, But I did not care. I began to fuck her with each thrust driving deeper into her. I could hear her moans and by the way Steve was watching I could see his red cock standing straight out. I whisper into Norma ear that I would be fucking her ass, tits and mouth later on as well. And you can watch Steve get fuck as well. She was just about to cum when I told her that. That made her cum. She was shaking when I came inside her. My cum coated the inside of her and began to leak out and run down her legs. Then I said to her, it was time for Steve. With that she began to plead with me.
I walk over to Steve and remove the wire from around his cock. He was somewhat please when it was removed. Feeling my own cock beginning to hard again, I remove the rubber cock from his ass. It was dry now and Steve yell as I remove it. Finding a second step to stand on. I got up behind Steve and said to Norma, watch what happen nexts. And to her and Steve amazement, I slide my dry cock up Steve ass. He began to scream and yell through his gag, as I push farther into him. With one last push, I felf the inside flesh give way. I began to feel the blood run down my cock as I fuck him hard. He was shaking when I came inside him. When I pull out of his ass, he again pass out from the pain and fucking he just recieve. Looking at the time, it was almost 11 pm. I needed to have some sleep. I walk over to Norma and said it was time for her to sleep as well. With that I landed a hard blow on her chin. It snapped her head back and then down. She was out cold. Feeling good about myself, I went upstairs to have a shower. Had something to eat and look around their place. Not to much to find, but did manger to get some hidden money. I walk into their bedroom and lay down in their bed and turn the light out.
When I awoke the sun was up and I feel great. My cock was rock hard and knowing how to take care of it, off downstairs I went. Both of them were awake. Without saiding a word I walk over to Norma and got up behind her. She knew what was about to happen. Time to party. I slide my cock into her dry pussy. It burn a little until her juices began to flow. This time I fuck her to please me only. It did not take long and I was cumming inside her. I went back up and shower again. Got something to eat and return to the basement. I was just finishing my milk when I said one of them would be sleeping for a long time. They both look at me with wide eyes. But I did not know which one would be leaving first. Well I did know which one, but I did not tell them yet. Steve I said, look at your balls. They are bigger then yesterday. I bet they would look good hanging from Norma ears. I turn toward her and saw the look on her face. With that I landed a blow right on Steve's ball with my fist. He just pass out again. I looked at Norma and said it is time for that ass fuck you needed. And with that I got up behind her and slip a finger into her ass. It was tight and I told her to relax. That way it would not hurt as much. To my amazement she did as she was told. I lean forward and ask her if this is her first time ass fucking and she shook her her no it was not. I began to feel good and I slide my cock half way up her ass. She was crying and shaking now from my big cock in her. Again I did not care about her. I just wanted to fuck her. I came a short time later filling her ass. She was sobbing now and it gave me much pleasure from it. I told her the party was almost over. But I wanted her to watch Steve suck cock. I went over and found an old table and drag it over to where they were. Steve was still passed out. I turn to her and said, you know who is the first to leave the partydon't you. She was crying now and shook her head yes. I took Steve down and place him on the table on his back. I pull him up until his head was over the edge of the table. I then tie each leg to the legs of the table. Giving Steve a couple of slaps across the face woke him in pain. I had just remember his jaw being broke from last night. I held up his head so he can see that I had a knife position above his heart. I said to him, he was going to suck my cock and if I felt any teeth that the knife would find his heart. Removing his gag with one pull causing him to yell in pain, but I quickly push my cock into his mouth. I could feel his tounge working against my cock. This made me even harder. In the position he was in, I could shove my cock all way down his throat. I could hear and feel him coughing as I slide my cock down his throat. Then without warning, I came hard. filling his throat and mouth with my cum. I remove my cock from his mouth and turn to look at Norma. As I watch her, I push the knife between the ribs and straight into the heart. Steve, shook, and cough a few seconds and everything was quiet except for Norma sobbing.
I walk over to Norma and said, now you will pay for slapping me. I reach for the roll of wire and cut of a piece and began to tie it around each tit. I made sure that it cut into each breast. She was shaking and sobbing louder now. I lower her down now to where her feet just touch the floor. I grab a handful of her hair and began to slap her tits. With the wire firmly holding in place, she was screaming and sobbing now. Her tits were being cut into and blood was running down them. I look straight into her eyes and told her that this was a learning time for me. I let go of her and return to my bag. I pull out a set of pliers and scissors. Along with that I also pull out a small axe. Turning to her, I did not want to be caught so I needed to make sure no one knew who he was. I walk over to Steve and open his mouth. With the pliers, I remove all of his teeth putting them into a small bag. Taking the axe next I cut of his fingers and put them into another bag. I walk over the Norma with the knife that I use on Steve and said the party is over. With your boyfriend ready for to be bury, it was her turn. She was crying and begging for her life. I stood behind her and said soon she will be at peace. But do not worry, her sisters and friends will join her soon. And after you are bury, I will burn the house to the ground. And with that, the knife cut through to her heart. A few seconds later all was quiet. I lower her to the floor and remove her teeth and fingers. It was dark out now. I went out to the flower bed in the back yard and dug to graves. Placing both bodies into them I shovel the dirt back over them.
As I was walking away, I thought to myself all the sluts who have turn me down in the past. Maybe I should go and visit a few of them again. I bet they would not turn me down again. As I reach my home, the quiet of the night came alive with sirens. Going to a house fire I thought to myself. Will not be the last for them or me. And I know they will be more missing people in the near future as well.

The End

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