This story involves a sexual relationship between a father and daughter.
This story involves a sexual relationship between a father and a daughter. If that is a subject that do not enjoy reading, please exit the story. If that is a subject that you do not enjoy reading, read it anyway, and want to comment on how you didn't like the subject, blow me.

My name is Eric Mathews, I’m a married man in my early forties, and I am also a father. My daughter Amanda is twelve years old is an angel. I know all dads say that about their little girls, but my daughter really does have a heart of gold. She honestly has a hard time figuring out if someone is doing something bad, because she believes everyone is a good person. She thinks everything bad was an accident, or that the person who did it had a good cause.
Not only is she sweet, she is also beautiful. She had long dark-blond hair, blue eyes, and freckles.
Now here is where the story makes its twist: she’s literally an angel, and the only thing I can think of is completely violating every orifice of her slender frame. Do I love my daughter with all of my heart and never want her to get hurt? You’re damn right I do. But do I just want to bend her over the table and mount that tight round ass of hers? The amount of used tissues in the trashcan in my room should answer that…
I don’t know if it was the taboo of her being my daughter, that I’m maybe a closet-pedophile, or both. But one phrase started it all,
“Hey daddy, do you like my new bikini?”
I remember it was the middle of spring, and I was sitting in the living room, reading the morning paper. I heard the words spoken as my daughter stepped out from behind my chair. She was wearing a skimpy orange bikini, dotted with purple Hawaiian flowers. She did a quick spin, showing me her sexy form, just lightly covered by the thin fabric. Jenny (my wife) was standing beside her with a proud smile.
“We just got it at the mall today. She looks great in it, doesn’t she?” She beamed.
As her father, I had seen Amanda naked several times, but now I actually wanted to. This was the first time I had ever noticed her smooth thighs, her round ass, and her small but perky breasts. She was one of those girls that were developing early, and seeing her in that bikini was causing my cock to inflate like a blimp.
While she expected a reply, I was honestly trying to figure out if my daughter was actually arousing me.
“It’s… cute.” I finally said, in a mix of disbelief and confusion.
She smiled and walked away. As she left, I looked at her back, watching how her slender hips swung from side to side with every step. Her bikini bottom only covered half of each ass cheek, leaving the rest to the imagination. I couldn’t help but lick my lips as my hand moved onto my bulging manhood.

I couldn’t stop wondering if I was really finding my daughter arousing. But I was definitely given plenty of opportunities to figure it out. Over the course of the next several weeks, Amanda began to get… more comfortable around me. She had always been affectionate, and rarely hid anything from me.
But now she was starting to walk around the house in her underwear, she would curl up next to me whenever we watched TV and would even lean her head on my shoulder, and she would even leave the bathroom door just slightly open when she took a shower or bath.
I quickly accepted my new feelings towards her, and even started to think up fantasies. Jacking off to thoughts of my daughter was even better than the best online porn. Jenny was a doctor at the local hospital, so she often worked at strange hours. This gave me countless opportunities to beat off with the image of my naked daughter in my mind.
But after the next few months, I began to get restless. My harmless fantasy and imaginary scenarios were turning into an unstoppable desire. I began to jack off in the middle of the night, standing in the hallway while I watched Amanda sleep. Every time I saw her, I had to fight the urge to mount her like a dog. Seeing as how I did her laundry, I even began masturbating with her underwear wrapped around my throbbing manhood. My daydreams quickly turned into plans, on how I might be able finally fuck my daughter.

It was an evening in late August as I walked down the hallway. A beam of light was shining from the bathroom door, which was slightly ajar. Amanda was taking a bath, and I could hear the lapping of the water against her flesh. My cock began to inflate at the sound.
“Daddy, can you come in here for a minute?” I heard her say.
My cock instantly hardened at her words. With shaky hands, I slowly opened the door. Amanda was sitting in the bathtub, with the water giving her naked form a beautiful shine. I had too keep my mouth from hanging open when I saw her perky tits. They weren’t very big, but they weren’t too small, they were flawless.
“Daddy, could you do me a favor and wash my back? I stretched the wrong way and my shoulders really hurt.” She asked, rubbing her sore shoulders.
“Sure.” I said.
I slowly lathered my hands with the bar of soap and gently began rubbing her bare back. My cock bulged as I rubbed her soft flesh.
“Could you please rub my shoulders, they’re really sore.” She said.
“Sure thing baby.” I shakily said.
I gripped her shoulders and began gently massaging them, trying to work out the tension. Amanda would give a soft hum with every squeeze, as if I was instead working my fingers between her legs. The whole time I was rubbing her shoulders, I was staring down at her breasts and vagina. Her small tits seemed to jiggle with the slightest movement, and just the lightest film of dark pubes covered the lips of her pussy. I had to keep from licking my lips as I gazed at her nude form.
“Is that where it’s sore?” I asked.
“Just a little lower.” She hummed. I moved my hands down her back, but stopped when she said,
“Actually daddy, it’s the other side.”
I gulped nervously as I moved my hands to her collarbone and continued massaging her.
“Oh, that feels so good. Just a little lower.” She said. I moved my hands down a little lower, with the tips of my fingers just inches from her breasts.
“Oh yes, almost there.” She hummed.
“Uh, baby, I can’t go any farther.” I said.
“You can touch them daddy, it feels really good when they are squeezed.” She purred.
It was then that a wide smile crossed my face and I realized things were about to get good. I moved my hands down, and cupped my daughter’s breasts. I bit my lip and grinned as I felt her tender flesh under my fingers and her nipples against my palms. Amanda gave a soft moan as I gently squeezed, exploring every inch of her soft skin.
“So how do you like them daddy?” She asked coyly.
“They are absolutely perfect honey… Round, soft, and perky.” I said with a smile as I rolled them in my hand, squeezed them, and pinched her nipples.
“You can also rub my pussy if you want, daddy.” She said as she bit her lip.
“Amanda! Where did you learn that language?!” I scolded both angrily and jokingly. She looked up at me innocently. That was the first time I had heard her use any kind of vulgarity.
“I found a weird website on your computer, called I saw a lot of weird videos, and I heard all of these strange words. They did all of these things that made me really hot and wet. Will you do those things to me daddy? I really want to know what they feel like.” She asked softly. I smiled and licked my lips.
“I would be happy to, honey.” I said.
While squeezing her breasts with one hand, I moved my other hand down into the hot bathwater. I rubbed her slim belly with my palm as my probing fingertips reached her inner thighs. I didn’t just move to my daughter’s luscious pussy, I wanted to savor this.
I traced her vagina with my fingertips, just out of the reach of her pubic hairs. She hummed and bit her lip as I teased and tantalized her. I dragged my index and middle finger up the two lips of her vagina, causing her to shiver. Licking my lips, I pressed my fingers between the soft lips. She gave a high-pitched moan and clamped her legs together with my hand between them. It was like when someone pulls back when you tickle them.
“You like it.” I said.
“Yes.” She gasped.
“Then just relax, and open your legs to daddy.” I said as I dragged my tongue against the back of her ear.
She slowly spread her legs and I pressed down again, causing her to squirm. I began rubbing her pussy while I fondled her luscious breasts. She moaned as she bit her lip, and squirmed as I rubbed the soft lips harder and faster. With my arm against her chest and hand squeezing her breasts more and more aggressively, I was pressing her against the side of the tub to hold her still. It was hard to rub her pussy when she was squirming like an eel.
Finally, I inserted my index finger into my daughter’s pussy, up to the first joint, causing her to give a loud whine. I could feel pre-cum oozing from my bulging cock as I felt her soft wet insides. I pushed it deeper in between the soft lips, up to the second joint. I began pulling my finger out and pushing it in, quickly picking up speed.
“Yeah, you like having my fingers deep inside you. You like having her daddy finger-fuck your wet cunt.” I grunted, becoming more and more aggressive.
“Oh yes daddy, don’t stop. Please don’t stop, it feels so good!” She moaned, rolling her head back.
I took that opportunity to press my lips against hers. She hummed as I kissed her, and she wrapped her wet arm around my neck as I wrapped my tongue around hers and licked the inside of her mouth. As my tongue explored the insides of her cheeks, her tongue, and her gums, I heard something that made me curse,
“I’m home!”
Jenny was back from the hospital.
“Damn, just when things were getting good.” I muttered. I looked down at my naked daughter, who was staring at me like a cat watching a moth hovering around a light.
“We’ll finish this later.” I said with a smile.
I rushed down the stairs with a bulge in my pants.
“Oh hi honey. How was-“ Jenny began as she put down her purse.
She stopped as I rushed over and started kissing her. She hummed with surprise and wrapped her arms around my neck as we became more and more passionate. I was so horny right now that I would have gone out and humped the neighbor’s dog if my wife and daughter suddenly left.
We moved to the kitchen and I started unbuttoning her shirt.
“Whoa Eric! Let’s at least move up to the bedroom!” She laughed as I picked her up and put it on the table.
“Come on darling, don’t tell me you’ve never wanted to do something kinky.” I said as I ripped off my shirt and pulled out my belt.
She unclipped her bra, showing her round full breasts, and I pulled off her skirt and panties. I climbed up onto the table, and began sucking on her tits as she unbuttoned by pants and helped me get them and my underwear off. We began making out as I gripped my throbbing manhood and guided it to her milf cunt.
I pushed it into Jenny’s pussy, and she gave a soft moan. I began moving back and forth, thrusting my cock deep inside her, pulling it out, and then ramming it back in. She moaned and dug her fingernails into my back as I picked up speed, fucking her as fast as I could.
As we both screwed on the dinner table, little did we realize that Amanda was watching us. As I fucked Jenny, Amanda was rubbing her soft pussy and chewing on her lip.

Jenny’s beeper went off in the middle of the night. With a curse, she picked it up and illuminated the room with its green light.
“There’s been a huge pileup on the freeway. Everyone has to come in.” She said as she got up and got dressed.
“By the way, what was with that quicky on the table?” She asked with a smile.
“Well, let’s call it a mid-life crisis. It won’t be long until I’ll only be able to get it up with Viagra. Minutes before you got home, I realized how old I was. It was only when you stepped inside that I realized I had an erection. And well… I didn’t want to waste it.” I said sheepishly. Jenny laughed until she left the house.
As I listened to her drive off, my thoughts drifted to my preteen daughter, just down the hall. With my cock fully inflated, I got up and walked down the hall in the nude. I silently stepped into my sleeping daughter’s bedroom. She was sound asleep, with the moonlight illuminating her curves. Since it was August, she was sleeping with only a very thin blanket.
I walked over and gently pulled the blanket off of her, trying not to wake her up. I licked my lips and grasped my erect manhood as I looked at her sleeping form. I slowly climbed onto my bed and suspended myself over her, trying again not to wake her.
I lowered my head and wrapped my lips around her left nipple, sucking on it gently.
“Daddy?” Amanda moaned as she slowly woke up.
“You remember all those things that you wanted me to do to you? Now that mommy’s not here, I can do all of those things to you and more.” I said as I traced her nipple with my tongue.
She smiled and licked her lips as I moved my hand down between her legs and began rubbing her pussy with my thumb. She began to softly moan as I moved between her tits, sucking on the nipples or just broadly licked the plump mounds of flesh. I pressed down on her pussy with my thumb, and rubbed between the soft lips.
I then began to move down her body, kissing her chest, her slim belly, and finally reaching her twat.
“Do you want your pussy licked by your daddy?” I asked with a smile.
“Yes please daddy, I want you lick my wet pussy.” She moaned.
I took in the sweet fruity odor of her pussy, and then reached out with my tongue. I gently pressed my tongue against the wet lips, causing Amanda to squirm. I began taking broad licks of her soft cunt, savoring the taste, the feeling, and the mental realization that I was eating out my preteen daughter.
Amanda gave a loud whine as I inserted my index and middle finger into her clit and explored her soft wet insides. She moaned and rolled her head from side to side as finger-fucked her, causing pussy juice to flow onto my tongue. Once pre-cum began to ooze from the head of my bulging cock, I knew that it was time for me to do what I had wanted to do for the past several months.
I sat up on the soles of my feet and gripped my manhood. I began grinding the shaft of my cock against the lips of her pussy, teasing the both of us. I wanted to ravage her so bad that I couldn’t stand it, but I also wanted to savor it.
“Do you want me to force my huge dick into your wet cunt?” I asked, pressing the head against my daughter’s vagina.
“Yes daddy, please fuck me.” She moaned softly.
“Again with the bad language! Well young lady, I know just what to do with you. For swearing, your punishment is to become my sex slave.” I said as I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock up into my daughter’s cunt.
She screamed as I forced it in halfway. The head was gently prodding against her hymen. Her cunt felt even better around my cock then I could ever imagine. It was so soft, wet, and tight. I almost shot my load then and there.
‘Wow, I’m going to deflower my daughter.’ I thought as I licked my lips.
“Daddy, it hurts.” Amanda whimpered.
“Sorry baby, it will hurt a little more, but then it will feel really good.” I said.
I then forced my cock all the way in, rupturing her hymen and causing blood to ooze from her pussy and coat my dick. I put my hand over her mouth and stifled her scream from the painful deflowering. I then pulled out my crimson manhood and then rammed it back in, as far as it could go. She gave another stifled whine and gripped the bed sheets so tightly that the veins in her wrists bulged.
I began pulling it out and forcing it in, trying to get used to my daughter’s preteen pussy. Once her cries turned into high-pitched moans, I took my hand off of her mouth and gripped her shoulders. With a good grip on her, I began fucking her as hard and fast as I could.
I grunted with every thrust, enjoying the tightness as my daughter’s cunt. She was so small compared to me, that I was pretty much wearing her as a condom. The house was filled with the clapping sounds of my thighs against hers as I violated my daughter over and over again.
She whined and moaned in both pleasure and pain as she felt my cock forced farther up inside her then she thought possible. Her small breasts bounced and rolled as my ball sack slapped her ass over and over.
“Take it baby, come on, spread your legs for daddy.” I said aggressively as I fucked her as hard as I could.
“Oh yes daddy, please don’t stop. Fuck me harder.” She whimpered.
I got down on top of her and shifted my angle, moving my whole body as I ravaged her. Her titties bounced against my chest as I licked the inside of her mouth. Like her mother, she buried her face in the side of my neck and dug her fingernails into my back.
“Daddy, I’m going to cum.” She whined.
“I know baby, I’m going to shoot my load.” I replied.
“Cum inside me daddy, it feels so good.” She whimpered.
Happy to oblige, I gave one final burst of speed and fucked her as fast as I could. Finally, I grunted and she moaned as we both came. Pussy juice flowed from between the wet lips, and I shot load after load into my daughter. Globs of cum overflowed from her cunt as I filled her up.
I sat up, and before she could say anything, I flipped her over and grabbed her hips. She screamed as I forced my cock back into her sloppy cunt and mounted her like a dog. I lifted her up onto her hands and ravaged her with new speed, fucking her brutally and making her cry out.
“Oh daddy, it hurts! You’re hurting me! But it feels so good!” She moaned.
I grunted a reply as I gripped her shoulders and ravaged her. Her shrill whimpers just made me more aggressive as I fucked her harder and faster. Finally, I gave one last groan as I ejaculated into her pussy again. Amanda collapsed and I pulled my cock out of her. I gripped my manhood and began rubbing it furiously, masturbating until I shot thick streams of sperm across her back and her round ass.
I got up and looked down. Amanda was passed out on the bed, with sperm covering her back and blood and cum oozing from her ravaged pussy. She was unconscious, and it would take a lot to wake her up.
“Damn, I was hoping that I would be able to go anal, or at least get her to suck my cock. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to see what will happen next time.” I said with a smile as I left the room.


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i truly hope there is more to come. it seems just a little bit rushed, but good overall. love the fact that you kept it animalistic and tore her up as that is what happens when you get a nice tight, young pussy. it drives you wild and the animal takes over. the only problem i have ever encountered is the fact of cumming too quickly, especially in super tight, young pussies.
cannot wait for part two if it is cumming.

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