A couple of days later Sarah was cooking when Katie came in from work.
“Hi mum had a good day?”
“Yes fine, been busy at work, can I have a word with you?”
“Of course you can, something wrong?”
“I just want to know if you are serious about having Marks baby.”
“Yes I want Marks baby, is there a problem then?”
“Well I am his wife don’t you think you should have ask me first? And not just blurt it out over dinner.
You realise your body will change it wont be as it is now, you will have flab and stretch marks as well, look at mine.”
“I can go down the gym”
“I went down the gym but it didn’t get rid of the stretch marks, Mark probably wont want you when your body changes.”
“I don’t think that’s true do you? He still loves and wants you.”
“But I was like this when we met; he met you when you had a gorgeous figure.”
“Sounds like you don’t want me to have his baby.”

“No, I’m ok with it. You also realise also that you will have to give up work and look after it?”
“Yes I know all that.”
“Long as you do, it’s not a doll you can put down when you are fed up with it, and there are the nappy changes.”
“I am aware of all this, I saw you with Carly when she was a baby. I’m going for a shower.”
She was getting annoyed with the way her mum was getting at her.

Katie had her shower and came down stairs Sarah was still in the kitchen.
“Mum, can I ask you something? I want to take Mark away for a weekend somewhere.”
“To have his baby?”
“Katie you always get what you want, why ask?”
“Because you are married to him that’s why, I want your approval.”
“Reluctantly, yes its ok with me have you spoken to Mark?”
“Not yet, I shall over dinner.”

Over dinner Katie asked me about going away for the weekend.
“What do you say Sarah?” I asked.
“I’m not bothered, up to you, please yourselves.”
Katie got up to clear away the plates, and went into the kitchen.
“You don’t sound very keen Sarah.”
“Katie always gets what she wants, so you may as well go away for a weekend with her; get it out of her system.”
“I don’t want to upset you.”
“No you go away with her, if she doesn’t get her own way there will be trouble, and it will be directed at me.”

A few days later Katie announced over dinner that she had arranged to go away to a hotel in month, and had asked Lauren to join us.
I could see Sarah wasn’t happy, but she insisted that we had to go away, and she would look after Carly.
Katie had even said she will pay for us to stay at the hotel.

The day arrived and Katie was very excited about it, unlike Sarah who seemed very frosty towards us both, but she kissed me and smiled when we left, and whispered to me, “have a good time Mark, you will come back to Carly and me though wont you?”
“Of course I will why do you ask?”
“It’s about the seven years into my marriage that my ex left me, I don’t want to go through that again.”
“I will be back I love you both you know that.”
“But you love Katie more I know that too well.”
“You are being silly now, I promise Ill be back Sunday evening, now stop worrying.”

Carly wanted to come with us but Sarah told her it was a grown up weekend.

Katie asked as we drove off, “what was all that about?”
“Your mums a bit concerned, that’s all.”
“About what?”
“That I may run off with you like your dad did.”
“Would you run off with me if I asked you to?”
“No Katie I wouldn’t.”
“You seem very sure.”
“I am, Ill never leave them, so don’t say any more.”

We met Lauren and Tony at the hotel, and had a few drinks with them before going to our room.
Katie had made sure they would have the room next door to us.
We unpacked and joined them once again for some lunch.

Katie took Lauren to one side and had a word with her; I don’t know what about, I sat with Tony talking to him.
In the late afternoon they both went out, Katie said to do some shopping.
They both returned a couple of hours later, Katie loaded with bags.
We had arranged to have dinner at 8pm, and would meet them in the bar.

I showered and dressed, and lay on the bed waiting for Katie, she always took longer then any one else.
When she appeared she was a vision of beauty.
She wore a scarlet dress, with one strap crossing from her right breast to her left shoulder; the dress length was short, as Katie always wore.
She loved showing off her legs.

Her hair was in a bunch at the back, with just a few strands down each side of her face.
A gold necklace, gold earrings and gold bracelets.
“Will I do? You won’t be ashamed of me will you?
“How could any one be ashamed of such a gorgeous creature as you?”
“Do you think Tony will like the look of me?”
“Tony? Yes I think he will, is that important?”
“It will be, Lauren and I have arranged a foursome, she quite fancies another session with you, and it’s been a long time for both of you.”
“By that I take it you also fancy a session with Tony?”
“Well he is good looking, and Lauren says he’s well endowed as well, make a nice change.”
“A nice change from what?”
“Oh, nothing.”
“Meaning you think I’m small in comparison?”
“No, not at all, its kept mum happy for a long time.”
“But not you?”
“Yes silly, of course I’m happy with it.”
“But you would prefer something bigger is that it?”
“Never really thought about it.”
“You liar, then why mention it to begin with?”
“I was only saying, that Lauren said Tony’s was bigger, I didn’t mean I want something bigger, any way if the evening works out I shall find out any way, you want to make love to Lauren again don’t you?”
“No I don’t think I do, that part of our lives has gone now, she has Tony.”
“But I know she still wants you, even though you are smaller then Tony.”
“What’s all this about size all of a sudden?”
She didn’t answer, just said, “Shall we go down?”

She kissed me and we left to go downstairs.

When we joined Lauren, Tony gave her a wolf whistle, and Lauren said “wow you look lovely.”
Katie looked around the room. “Yes Katie the boys have seen you.” Lauren laughed.
I looked around, there were six maybe eight, and all were looking at Katie.

Lauren was quite modest in her clothes unlike Katie who loved the attention she got.
We sat at our table, and we looked through the menu.
“Is it still on for later Lauren?”
“I think so.”
“Haven’t you told Tony?”
“Told me what?”
“About our foursome Lauren and I have planned.”
“No ones told me.”
“Aren’t you up for it then?”
“Well if Lauren and Mark don’t mind, be fine with me.”
“I know Lauren is she’s told me all about you.” She smiled at Tony, and then looked at me; she could see I wasn’t happy.
“Marky is a bit grumpy at the moment, but I’m sure Lauren and I can persuade him.”

We ate our dinner, I was very quiet during dinner, I hadn’t seen Katie acting like this before, and I didn’t like it.
We went through to the lounge; the guys spotted her straight away, and were staring.
“I think I could have my pick of men in this room, maybe all of them if I wanted.”
“Ok Katie that’s enough.” I told her.

Katie had been hitting the Jack Daniels quite hard all night, and she was beginning to get very mouthy, something I never have liked about her, she couldn’t hold her drink at all, or know when she has had enough.

“Lauren he’s nice over there, maybe we should have a five some.” And she burst out laughing, looking a me she said “come on Mark enjoy yourself, mum won’t let us out again together like this.”
I answered, “I hope not.”
Lauren looked at me, she could see I wasn’t happy with the comments Katie was making about the other men.

Lauren tried to change the subject, by asking about Sarah and Carly, but Katie soon turned it back to the men in the room.
“Have you ever been involved in a gang bang Mark?”
“No I fucking haven’t.” I replied.
“I was just wondering what it would be like, there’s about eight men around plus you two, do you think I could take ten men one after the other? I think I could, just think Lauren ten rampant men at your beck and call, doing just what you wanted. Wow, I just thought twenty hands touching every part of your body at once, plus ten dick big dicks. Well nine.”
She looked at me again, I knew, I was in her eyes, the smallest.

I stood up, “I’m going to get some drinks.”
“Ill help you.” Said Lauren, and we left Tony and Katie talking.

While I was stood at the bar I noticed Katie put her hand on Tony’s hand and they both laughed at some comment she had made.
Probably about my size I thought.
He then leaned across and kissed on the cheek, and they both laughed once more.
She saw me looking and looked away, straight back at Tony, still holding his hand.

“She’s annoying you isn’t she Mark?”
“You could say that.”
“She’s winding you up, she told me she would, and you know what she’s like after a couple of drinks.”
“Well you had better watch Tony, she a fucking man eater, and he will stand no chance with her.”
“She told us both she was going to wind you up, he’s just playing along with her, when we go back Ill take her to the toilet and have a word with her, don’t get mad, this is a special weekend for her.”
“Why is she doing it?”
“She wants to get you so frustrated; you will make love to her all night.”
“Well it’s not working. It’s turning out to be a crap night for me for me.”

We returned to the table and sat down.
“I’m going to the toilet, Katie you coming?”
“Yes ok.” They both got up and walked off.
“What were you two talking about Tony?”
“Oh nothing, just something Katie said made me laugh.”
“Yeah, she is a real joker is our Katie.”
I didn’t want to know what the comment was; I knew it was about me.

Katie and Lauren came back ten minutes later, and sat down.
Katie put her hand on mine, “you ok Mark?”
“I’ve been better.”

Had Lauren had a word with her?

Katie drank her Jack Daniels in one mouthful, and passed the glass to me, “more please Marky.”
“Haven’t you had enough?”
“No, I’m just getting the taste.”

I got up and went to the bar again, Lauren followed, and “this is her last tonight.” I told Lauren.
“I’ve had a word with her, told her you were annoyed with her, and was having a crap night. Think she will be ok now, please don’t get angry.”
“Too late Lauren, I’m past angry, on the verge of going home.”
“No, don’t do that, she’s so looking forward to a weekend alone with you, as been for weeks, hasn’t spoke about anything else.”
“Then why try and spoil it?”
“She thinks it’s all a game, likes to see how far she can push people. Give her a little time to calm down she will be better now I’m sure.”
“Ok, for you I shall stay a while longer, but if she carries on I’m off upstairs to get my things. Then home”

We returned to the table and sat down; Katie was now sitting beside Tony.
Lauren had to sit beside me.
I turned to Lauren, “getting better?” she didn’t answer just looked at Katie.
“Why have you moved Katie,” asked Lauren.
“Four some Lauren, time we got acquainted.”
I saw her hand go under the table, a few seconds later she said to Lauren “you are right about Tony.” And laughed.
I got up to go, Lauren put her hand on my arm, I looked at her, and she shook her head.
I sat back down.

Katie looked at me, then at a black guy by the bar.

“Is it right Mark what they say about black guys?”
“Black guys?”
“Yes him, do all black men have big cocks.
Lauren looked at me; she could see I was fuming, then Katie, “oh shit Katie.”
I stood up, “Kate outside NOW!”
She looked up at me, “NOW outside”
Lauren turned to Tony, “she is in the crap now.”
“How can you tell?”
“He called Kate she hates that, mum used to call her that when she was naughty, when she was a kid.
Katie stood up and looked at Lauren, “you are in trouble now girl.” She told her.
“I can handle him.”
“NOW.” I shouted once more and she followed me to the exit.

When we got outside I pushed her against the wall.
“If you want a four some, five some or a fucking gangbang, or try a black guy then that’s up to you, but I’m off home, Lauren can give you a lift home Sunday, after you have fucked every man in the hotel, but don’t think I will want you when you have.”
“What’s up with you?”
“You have been acting like a slut all night, showing off for the men. Don’t you care what I may be thinking? This was supposed to be our weekend, and all you want is every fucking bloke in the building.”
“It is our weekend, just having a bit of fun that’s all.”
“You want a black cock, then Ill arrange it for you, Ill give him our room key, and you can fuck him all night. Who knows you may even have a black baby, proof enough you have had a big black dick up you white cunt.”
“Don’t you talk to me like that, I don’t want a black baby, Ill make him wear a condom.”
And she once again laughed.

“That’s it Kate I’m going home, any thoughts you have of a baby with me have gone.”
“I was only joking Mark, I’m not really bothered about the black guy. But a gang bang would be nice.”
And she laughed again.
There was no getting through to her, she was totally gone.

“That’s it I’m going, Ill see you when you get home, maybe you will get pregnant by one of those others.”
I turned to go.
“Where are you going?”
“To get my things and the car keys, you have a wonderful time.”
She could see I was serious at last, and her mood immediately changed.

“Don’t go Mark please, it was only a wind up, Lauren knows I told her, I’m not lying its true, you ask her. I don’t want those other men honest, just you. Please come back and join us, I promise I won’t say anything else.”
“But I know you will,”
“I won’t, I promise.”
“And you are touching Tony’s cock under the table?”
“I didn’t, I touched his leg, Lauren would never have allowed me to do that. Remember Simon when my knickers were in the middle of the room, you jumped to conclusions then as well. Nothing is going to happen, no four some, gang bang or anything, just you and me in our room. Now let’s go back inside.”
“Ok, but if you say one more thing I’m going home, ok?”
“Ok I promise.”

We rejoined Lauren and Tony. They were now sitting together.
“Have you been told off?”
“Severely, I’m going to be good now.”
And she cuddled up close to me.

“Well that will be a first for you,” Lauren replied, “like how you were when you got Mark thrown out?”
“That wasn’t me that was Mark.”
“I like the sound of this Lauren tell me more,” asked Tony.
“Well mum caught Katie being naughty with Mark, and she threw him out.”
“Since they have been married?”
“No, she was only twelve.”
“What was she doing?”
“That’s another story; you need to be family to hear that one.”
“I want to join your family Lauren.”
“Is that a proposal of marriage?”
“Yes, do you want to marry me?”
She throw her arms around his neck and they kissed, “you know I do”

“Think I had better get some drinks to celebrate then.” I said.
“None for me Mark I’ve had enough.” Katie told me.

I went to the bar.
Katie followed me.
“I’m sorry Mark for being a bitch; I do love you so much.”
At last she was beginning to calm down, and returning to my old Katie that I loved.

“She is lucky, getting married, wish I could.”
“You could have if you hadn’t stayed with us and found a man of your own like Lauren.”
“I told mum I had found a man, but he’s already married, to my mum.”
I kissed her cheek, “am I Katie again now?”
“Yes, you are Katie again, but you aren’t forgiven.”
“I promise I won’t upset you again, I don’t want you to go home, and this is our special weekend. I’m sure I can find a way to be forgiven, if you let me.”

We returned to the table, Lauren was telling Mark about the time Katie run away, and blackmailed her mum into getting me to live with them again.
They were both reliving the past, having a good time telling Tony of their exploits.

Katie looked at her watch, “god its gone midnight.”
She looked at me, “Marky, KFC.”
Tony looked at her, “where you going to get one of those this time of night?”
Lauren told him, “she doesn’t mean Kentucky Fried Chicken; it’s her code word she used when she was thirteen.”
“What’s it mean then?”
“Katie Fancies Cock.”
They both laughed, “I’m going to love being part of your family and having Katie for a sister in law.”
“Well don’t look forward to having Katie, she taken, and she always will be.”

Katie looked at me, “time I took my man to bed, I have to prove I love him, I think he’s forgotten that, the way I have been tonight. If I make too much noise Lauren bang on the wall.”
They all laughed again.
She took my hand and led me up stairs.

When we got to our room she cuddled up holding me around my neck.
“You have been a right bitch tonight.”
“I know, I think you had better punish your bitch don’t you.”
I threw her back on the bed, her dress went above her panties, she was wearing a matching scarlet thong.
I walked over to her and began undressing.
Standing naked in front of her I reached down and took hold of her panties and tore the elastic straps and pulled them off her.

I reached down and put my hand on her pussy it was soaking, either with the thought of the gang bang she may have had, or the fact I was going to punish her, I didn’t care.
I pulled her towards me, and immediately opened her legs wide, and without a moments thought I plunged my hard cock inside her cunt.
She let out a squeal as I entered her, and I began pumping her, her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer.
In less then two minutes she was screaming to orgasm, telling me to fuck her harder, I did as she asked.
“Punish your bitch,” she kept saying out loud, so I pumped her cunt harder.
She unwrapped her legs from my waist. I withdrew and in a second turned her onto her stomach.

Pulling her into a doggy position I plunged back into her cunt pushing harder each time, again she was shrieking to another orgasm.

I again withdrew and put two fingers in her pussy and pulled them out, both soaking in her juices.
I began reaming her arse, both fingers opening her arse for me.
Again I gathered more juice and reamed her arse some more, my fingers entering her brown cavity easier now.
I pumped her cunt some more then withdrew again, my cock covered in Katie’s juice.
I began to push the head against her brown hole, slowly it began to enter, but I needed more juice.

I repeated it again, my cock covered once more, and began to push, watching as her arse begin to open for my hard dick.
I was now half way in and began to pump, she was pushing back “punish me you bastard, fuck my arse, it’s so good, fuck me deep with your black cock.”
So that’s what made her wet.

I was fully embedded in her pumping deep, her pushing back on my throbbing cock.
Her fingers playiny with her clitty.

Screaming to orgasm again, I had never known her orgasm so often so soon.

Unforgiving I rammed her arse, telling her she deserved to be fucked up the arse for the thoughts she had.
I was on the verge of an orgasm, I pushed once more until my balls hit her cunt lips, and filled her arse with my cum.
I stayed motionless as I emptied all my balls contents into her arse, then collapsed on the bed.
We lay together, looking into each others eyes. “That was heaven, why haven’t you fucked my arse before?”
“You were never a bitch before.”
“Then I shall be a bitch more often if that’s what I get.”
She kissed me.
“Mark, did you cum up my arse?”
“You are a doughnut, I wont get pregnant if you cum up my arse, even though it was lovely.”
“Tomorrow I shall make you pregnant with new sperm.”
We lay together until we slept.

We joined Tony and Lauren for breakfast.
“You two had a good night didn’t you?”
“Did you hear us?” Katie asked
“Along with most of the hotel I should think?”

We looked around and a few of the guys were giving knowing smiles.
It looked as though Lauren was right.
“That was Katie again, embarrasses me where ever we go.”
I got a poke in the ribs for that remark.
We all went out in the morning for a look around, and didn’t get back until mid afternoon.
We arranged to meet again at six for dinner.

I was ready first again, then Katie came out wearing a shimmering white dress, almost to her knees which was unusual for Katie to wear them so long.
Once again she looked terrific.
I was adjusting my tie when she walked up to me and asked “Mark if you hadn’t married mum, would you have married me?”
“If you had wanted me to I would have, why do you ask?”
“Would you marry me now?”
“I’m married I can’t.”
“We can, all we have to do is say the words.”

“Yes,” she stood close to me and took my hand, “I Katie take you Mark to be my lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forth. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live. Now you say it. ”

I looked into her eyes.
I thought I would play along with her game if that’s what she wanted.
“I Mark take you Katie to be my lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forth. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live.”

“There we are married now, you may kiss your bride.”
I pulled her close and kissed her.

We went down stairs and found Tony and Lauren.
Katie handed Lauren a camera, “what’s this for?”
“To take our picture, outside by the flowers.”
“It’s our wedding photo, but you mustn’t tell mum, promise.”
I think Lauren thought Katie had gone mad, but she did as she asked.

“We need you two in the photos too, as witnesses.”
Katie looked around and found a man passing by, “excuse me could take our picture please?”
“Of course I can,” he took the camera and all four of us posed.
He handed Katie the camera and walked off, Katie looked at the photo and was very pleased, “I shall treasure this all my life, my wedding day photos.”
“Not really,” Lauren started.
“Lauren it’s my wedding photos, ok?”
Lauren didn’t push it, it was Katie’s wish that it be her wedding pictures, the only ones she would ever have, unlike her, when Tony and she got married.
“Of course they are Katie, I’m sorry, they are beautiful, and so are you.”

We decided to stay at the hotel for a meal then to move on to a club that was nearby.
Before we got out of the car, Lauren leaned over the seat, “remember last night? You be good tonight ok, no more wind ups.”
“I wasn’t going to, it’s my wedding night, I don’t want trouble, tonight of all nights.

Katie and Lauren danced the faster numbers, but Katie always wanted to dance with me on the slow ones. Only once did a man try and make her dance with him as she walked back to me.
She made no bones about telling him to “fuck off”.
He turned straight away and walked back to the bar.
I told her I thought that a bit unkind, he only wanted a dance.
“I don’t believe you, last night you were going to leave me and go home; tonight you are happy if I dance with guys.”
“Last night you wanted to fuck the guys. Tonight you don’t.”

We had a good night. Katie was as good as gold, as she said she would be.
At about twelve, midnight she wanted to go home.
When we got to our room she undressed and got into bed, “Mark I haven’t been a bitch tonight have I?”
“No you have been a good girl.”
“So you wont treat me rough tonight, but make love to me, this is the night I want to have your baby.”

I climbed in bedside her and put my arms around her neck and kissed her slowly, her tongue playing with my tongue.
I began to kiss her neck, she laid back her eyes closed, I moved slowly down her body to her tits, taking each nipple in my mouth in turn, sucking them into my mouth as they became erect.
She was groaning softly now.
I kissed her belly moving further down her body till I found her pussy and licked each side of it, before burying my tongue deep inside her, licking the inside if her pussy.

She was becoming wet as I knew she would.
I licked around her brown hole then back to her pussy, my face becoming wet with her pussy juice.

She began to buck on my mouth as she began her orgasm, soaking my face even more.
When she had subsided she pushed me on my back and began to take my dick into her mouth, licking the end and tasting my precum.
Before I knew it my cock was deep in her throat, giving me sensations I had only experienced with Katie.
Her hands fondling my balls, she knew when to stop, and immediately climbed on my dick, lowering herself slowly over my rock hard dick.
It slid slowly into her, and she began to move with slow long strokes, taking my full length inside her.
She leaned back, her hands on my hips, and I was able to squeeze and pinch her nipples, again she began to cum over my dick, her eyes closed and her tongue licking at her lips to stifle her cries.

She fell forward on to my chest breathing hard, as she was trying to catch her breath I slide from under her, and one again I pushed into her.
My full length moving quicker and harder with each stroke.

“Cum for me Mark”, she cried, “make me a baby, I want your baby.”
She legs wrapped around my waist pulling me in and holding me close, as spurt after spurt entered her body.
She could feel it spurting, “that’s it give me it all don’t waste a drop, I need it all, I must have your baby on my wedding night.”
I had finished cumming and lay on her chest as she held my neck, smothering my face in kisses and telling me she loved me so much.
I also held her and told her of my love for her.

We lay for several minutes my cock still buried in her.
“I don’t want to move.” She said, “I frightened that some will come out and I won’t have a baby.”
“No need to be Katie, there is enough for your baby.”
She still didn’t move, even though I had gone limp, she wouldn’t let me roll off her.

Finally she released her grip on my neck and I was able to lay beside her.
We lay in each others arms till we fell asleep.

We met Lauren and Tony for breakfast.
Packed our things and left to go back home to Sarah and Carly.
Lauren followed, she wanted to tell her mum that Tony and her were going to marry.

When we arrived home Lauren told Sarah the news, and Sarah broke out a bottle of wine and we toasted the happy couple.
They began to make arrangements for a date, next year was agreed.

Katie would be maid of honour, Carly bridesmaid along with two of Tony’s nieces.
Carly said she couldn’t wait to be her sister’s bridesmaid; she was so excited you would think it was her getting married.

Lauren had left; Sarah was in the kitchen with Katie.
“So you had a good weekend away then?”
“You realise I wont let you go off with him again don’t you, it was a one off, I really don’t know why I let you go this time. But it won’t happen again. All weekend I have been worried that you wouldn’t bring him back to me. That you had planned to persuade him to run off with you. You don’t know what a relief it was when I saw his car pull on to the drive. ”
“Mum, I had no intention of running off with him, I couldn’t hurt you like dad hurt you, and I know how it felt to be with out a dad, and I couldn’t do that to Carly. Whatever made you think I would do that?”

“I don’t know, but I do know he worships the ground you walk on, and you are a beautiful woman. You could take him off me any time you felt like it. You said to me when you were fourteen that you were born thirty years too late, but that doesn’t matter, even at fourteen you could have taken him. I can’t risk you running off with him again.”
Katie kissed her mum, “yes I could have taken him off you when I was fourteen, but I cant now, he loves you and Carly so much, he won’t ever leave you, for me or anyone else. And I’m so happy the way things are here. I still think you’re the best mum a girl could have.”

They both cuddled and kissed like mum and daughter.
Sarah was once again reassured.

Laying in bed Sarah asked how I felt about Katie, I couldn’t lie to her, and she knew already how much I loved her.
“Tell me honestly Mark, is she your first love, do you love her more then me.”
“I love you all equally; I don’t show I love her more do I?”
“No, it’s just sometimes I wonder.”
“I think you have those old jealous feeling returning but I love all my girls the same, honestly.”
“It just seems that anything Katie wants, she gets without question, but if Carly and I want something, you sometimes deny us.”
“I don’t think that is totally true, she doesn’t always get her own way. Now lets stop all this talk, I’ve missed you this weekend.”

I leaned over her and kissed her, holding her tight to me to reassure her everything was fine between us.

We made love, and I hoped I had put her fears to rest.


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