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Old man, young tenant plus one makes three
Old Man Young Tenant Part 6

This was posted before the crash and I hope it does not show up twice now. Enjoy.

The return of one of the other roommates had awakened Ann.

Ann was looking at Alice with a very warm smile when Alice opened her eyes. She did not move or say anything for several minute as her body registered all the feeling. She realized she was naked and lying next to another naked girl and it felt sort of good. She liked the feel of flesh against her flesh just like she enjoyed the feel of William’s naked body against her. She saw Ann looking at her in a very pleasing way and thought that William had looked at her in the same way. Now she was confuse and shook her head like she was trying to clear her mind.

“Oh man who is back, they can’t find us like this”. She jumped out of bed grabbed her clothes and tried to tiptoe to the bathroom. Once there she dressed and then went to her room changed clothes and picked up her books. Alice was very confused and need to think and find some answers. Ann stopped her before she got out of the apartment and very gently took her head giving her a kiss, not a friend to friend kiss but a kiss only given to a lover.

“There I hope you are not mad at me for last night but you were so good and I really wanted you so bad”. Ann had developed some special feelings about Alice now and she was a little confuse too as the feeling were not just sexual.

“I’m not mad at you, I am just a confused, and I did enjoy last night which is the reason I am confused and I just need to think so I am going out”.

“MMM, are you going to go to your fellow and tell him about last night?”

“I don’t know what to do but I do need to see him. I don’t know what to say or how to explain but he seems to know so much and I know he loves me”.

“Oh that sounds serious and so who is this lucky guy to have someone like you so in love with him”?

“I can’t say any more now I have to go”. With that she hurried from the apartment and started for Williams place without any thought of hiding her movement.

Ann quickly dresses and ran out of the apartment determined to find out where Alice was going. She saw her cross the pool area and followed. As Alice knocked on Williams door Ann was watching from around the corner down the hall. Ann smiled and thought, ah ha now I know where you go.

William opened the door and was a little surprised to see Alice as he thought they had agreed to not get together this weekend as Ann was getting to nosey. “Alice, come in what are you doing I thought we were not going to get together?”
Alice ran to him and put her arms around him and hugged him tight. William sensed that there was more to this and just hugged her back then lead her into the apartment. He took her book bag from her and sat her on the sofa. “Okay tell me what is on your mind, you want a soda”.

“Oh I just missed you and needed to see you”. She was not sure how to tell him about Ann but he seems so understanding about things.

He knew better but thought he would just let her tell him in her own time her own way. “Well I am happy to see you and actually I was missing you and your cute smile”. With that he bent down lifted up her head and kissed her softly at first and then with increasing passion and finished with his tongue. “Oh yes Alice my dear I did miss you”.

She felt a special warmth flood her body with his touch and kiss. His hand had moved from her face to her arm and finally her side and it sent tingles through her body. The kiss was tender, passionate, loving and sweet all in one. She had reached up and grasped his head and now just looked into his eyes.

“Oh William I, well I did something last night and I don’t understand why it happened or how.” Funny but she didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed telling him anything and with that thought she reach out and kissed him softly.

“Well my dear we have crossed many bridges already this one can’t be any more difficult”. He figured that it was that she had told one of the roommates about him or maybe she had taken an interest in some fellow she had met at school. William was not prepared for what she said next.

“Oh William I love you so much you are so kind and well I don’t want to do something to hurt that”. She just wanted to be sure he would not leave her.

“Alice my dear I don’t think there is anything you could do that would change things between us, there might be some adjustment but I will be your friend and as long as you wish your lover”. Wow now that was a statement, there it was “her lover” and he had not hesitated to say it.

“I hope so cause I don’t ever want to lose you” and she kissed him again. “Well you know Ann?”
“Yes the one I got the vibrator for, is she having fun with it?”
“Yes, but well she caught me using mine last night and well I was very hot and she sort of, oh how do I explain it?”

William was a little taken back but he realized she was not going to be able to explain unless he opened the door first. “She helped you have an orgasm, in other words you and her had sex?”

She just stared at him how could he know or understand. “Yes, it just happened”.

“Well was it good, did you enjoy it, did you have your orgasm?” Man this little girl is learning a lot more about sex in a short time.

“Yes actually it was very good and Ann is very nice but I don’t understand how I can have and enjoy sex with you and then with her.”

“Well I don’t understand either but if you are happy then that’s all that matters to me. This might get a little complicated but if you and Ann are good together then so be it I will leave you alone.” He knew this would not last forever how a man his age could continue to satisfy a woman- girl her age.
“Oh no I don’t want that I love you and I don’t want to lose you”. She was afraid now that she might be driving him away. “I just don’t know as I had a very exciting night but I want you.” She reached up and pulled him close and hugged him. The feel of his body next to hers made her feel warm and very good almost like some of the feelings she had with Ann and the confused her even more. “It is just that I don’t know what I feel now or why”.

William shook his head as he could not get it all straight. She seems to like sex with Ann and she also loved him and like sex with him. “So you’re saying you like sex with Ann and me?”
“Well yes I guess so and is that bad or make you mad?”
“I am not mad, maybe a little jealous but will if it make you happy okay”.

“You don’t have to be jealous, she just made me feel good in a different way but you make me feel good all the time and it’s not just the sex with you.” Now it dawned on her what she was feeling. Sex with both of them was good but William made her feel good because she loved him and he loved her.

“Well what do you want to do about this then?” He was now sure what to do now so I let her take the lead.

“I don’t know what to do but maybe is will just sort of go away. I am going to go but please don’t be mad at me about this, okay” and with that she put her arms around his neck and kissed him softly and slowly let her body press against him.

There was no way he could be mad at this cute sexy woman and besides he had learned to make do, get along and roll with the punch. Age does have some advantage as he thought; I am not really jealous more curious.

“Look, I am not mad and I never will get mad at you no matter what, anger is wasteful emotion and I do not have energy to waste. There are a lot of things you have to learn, to sort out in life and well so do I. I am not too old to learn and it seems I am about to get a deeper education with regards to sex and relationships. WE, you and I will learn together. Okay you need to sort things out so go but remember I do love you.” He took her face between his hands and kissed her forehead then each eye; cheek, her nose and finally her lips.

He opened the door and turned her and nodded and then as she started out he patted her ass in a friendly familiar way.
She smiled to herself thinking that all was going to be just fine because William understood EVERTHING. She could have not been more wrong as William was totally confused as to what to do.

Ann was waiting for Alice to returned so she could go find the strange lover of hers. She stood at the door to William’s apartment and hesitated a moment doubting her motives but finally knocked on the door.

William opened the door to find a young woman looking at him with searching eyes. She was rather tall and had a full figure with a sort of tough look about her. She smiled at him and simply said” oh sorry I must have the wrong apartment.”

He looked at her and simply smiled, “oh I think you have the right one ANN”.

Her eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise and she started to turn and leave.

“No, stay, you knocked so you must have a reason to see me.”

She did not know what to do and she just stared at him until he reached out and took her arm and gently pulled her into the apartment. Nothing was said as she just let him lead her to the sofa and she sat when he nodded.

“Would you like something to drink? I think you have a lot to say and you might need it.”

“Oh, ah, well sure a coke is fine. What do you mean a lot to say?”

Coming back from the kitchen with a glass of ice and can of coke, “Alice has told me everything or at least I think she has and she is rather confused now.”

Ann took the coke and poured it taking a long time to reply. She looked at this man, William, that Alice seemed to love and who seemed to love her back, but how could that be he was ancient. Then she looked at him closer and rethought that, well he may be old but he does not look so bad in fact he is rather pleasant to look at, but oh man in bed no way but still Alice had found something to give her satisfaction.

“So she told you everything?”
“Yes and now you can tell me your point of view about what is happening.”

“Oh man, I don’t know how to explain it to you, I mean you’re a man and her lover or whatever you are. Look at first I was just teasing and being nosy, then when she got me the vibrator and things took a different twist and I got move interested in her.” She was not sure how to say it or tell HIM.

“You took a sexual interest in her, so what are you a lesbian?”

“No not like that I mean I have dated men and well it has been a really long time. Let’s face it I am not a petite sexy woman and I have not had a man in a long time. There it is, is that what you want to know? I was horny and she is cute and well sort of easy, but hey I like her and she is the sort of person you take too. Well it seems that’s what you did.”

It hit him like a semi truck and the muscles in his gut tightened. Was she right, had he taken advantage of a vulnerable woman? No that was not what he had done, he …… well he loved her.

He smiled softly and simple said,” I would never take advantage of her, I simply love her.”

Ann looked at him and she could see in his eyes that he truly did love her and she thought, I got to find me a man like that. She jerked her head back as the thought that just ran through her mind registered. No way, I do not want someone that old but then she looked at him and the look he gave her made her relax.

He saw her body first tense then twist away then relax. His years had taught him how to read body language and he realized that Ann was confused and wanting. Slowly he sat next to her on the sofa and took her hand.

“Okay, relax,” and with both his hands holding hers hand he started to explain, “ you see at first I just wanted to be Alice’s friend but it turned into more and now I realize I love her and I will do whatever it takes to make her happy and keep her safe. She seems to have found a new set of feelings and accompanying emotions since you and her had sex. I think she likes what she got from you with regards to sexual satisfaction but she is very confused about how she feels about you on personal level.”

“Well at first all I wanted was a good orgasm and I got that but then I started to wonder and well I am not sure how I feel. I want to be with her as, well , what can I say it was good.” She relaxed and leaned back on the sofa and put her other hand on his. She suddenly realized how comfortable she felt next to this man. Now she looked at him in an entirely different light. She was beginning to realize what Alice saw in this man.

“It seems there is no problem here as we both only want Alice to be happy so why don’t we just let her decide what she wants to do. If she wants to be with you so be it and when she wants me I hope you will be okay with that?”

“Man she has got it made then, she gets to have us both but what do I get?”
“You get Alice when she wants you, isn’t that enough? I mean how much more do you want?”
“You’re right that should be enough but somehow I just want something more and I don’t know what, well yes I do but she cannot help me there.”
“Oh, and just what more do you want?”
“I want a man, a real man and not just another asshole like I have had in past.”

“Well you will have to work on that then and maybe look at yourself. Maybe your attitude and behavior attracts the sort you men you do not like. You have to decide what you really want from a man and then figure out where that sort of man can be found. If you want a rough tough bad ass man then the local church social is not the place to go but then if you are looking for loving caring tender man the local skuzzy biker bar is not a good bet. So you have to do some deciding.” He went on to explain many of the things he had learned over the years about the relationship between men and women. Then he finished, all that he has said may not apply to her at all but that she will just have to take and use what she wants to use and discard the rest.

As he was talking Ann had move closer to him and at the end she had her cheek on his shoulder looking up at him with a very soft smile on her face.
She did not realize it but some how she felt very comfortable with him and listening to him made her feel good. She thought about all he had said and realized this was the kind of man she wanted. When he finished talking she did not know why but she just reached up with her hand at the back of his head she kissed him hard and full. Her lips parted and she bit his lip and then let go as she was afraid of offending him and she wanted him to be her friend.

He was taken back but did nothing thinking it would be best to let her decide just what she really wants form him.

“Oh, dear I am sorry I don’t know why I did that. I hope you’re not mad at me?”

He chuckled and then held her chin with thumb and finger and looked at her deeply. “Young lady I am not offended, surprised yes, but not offended. Let’s face it when a man my age is kissed, and kissed with passion, by a pretty young woman he is not offended he is flattered.”

“Oh good cause I like you and want to be your friend and well I was afraid that well.” Before she could finish he bent and very lightly kissed her a short quick kiss.

“Look a lot has happened these past few days and you need to think about things. I do not offend easily and if you want me as a friend fine, but you need to talk to Alice and let her know that you came here. No secrets okay”.

“Okay but I am afraid that Alice will be angry with me and I may lose her.”

“If you think that is going to happen you tell her to come and talk to me or you both come and talk to me”.
“Okay” With that Ann got up giving William one more kiss as she left.

When she returned to the apartment only Alice was there staring at her books. She walked up to her and caressed her hair and just looked at her then said.” Hey I need to talk to you are you busy?”
Alice had just been staring at her books as she could not sort out all the feeling and thoughts going through her now. When Ann came in she had gotten the urge to run up and throw her arms around her and just hug her but thought that would not be right. So when Ann caressed her hair and said she wanted to talk a heavy weight was lifted from her.

“Alice I know about William and I met him”.
“What, how, why oh no you can’t tell anyone,oh please".

“Easy it’s okay and all is safe. We actually had a long talk and it seems we both have some very strong feelings about you and we agreed that making you happy was all either of us waned. He does love you, you know and I sure wish I could find someone to love me that much. I told him about you and me but I guess you have told him everything and he explained some things to me and well I hope you don’t get upset but I would like to talk to him some more. I can see why you love him and why he makes you happy. “

“What did he say, about you and me and what do you mean you want someone like him?”

“Easy I want someone to love me the way he seems to love you. I want someone that is as kind and caring as he is. He seems to understand so much and he is so easy to talk to. He explained that I have to look at myself and change that I am if I want something different. He just knows so much about life, but then hey he has been around awhile I guess. Anyway I want to talk with him some more okay.” She reached out caressed the side of her face and then just bent down and kissed her.

Alice was really mixed up but there was no mixing up the kiss and she liked it and responded by grabbing Ann and kissing her hard and deep.

Both women had pent up urges and so they were soon touching each other all over then the clothes were coming off and then fell on the bed naked entwined in each other. Alice moaned as Ann sucked on her breasts and she could not help but bend around and stroke her hips and legs then spreading her legs probe her pussy which was very wet. Ann was licking then sucking her nipples and breast but when she felt the finger on her pussy she could not help but moan and start to talk dirty to Alice. When Ann called her a little slut she got really turned on and pushed her fingers deeper and then licked the pussy and found the clit. Alice was now sucking on her clit with two fingers in her pussy rubbing the g spot. Ann had an orgasm that was as good as she ever had and then she exploded squirting all over Alice.

Alice was in ecstasy as Ann orgasmed but then when she squirted she did not know quite what to do but it was a real turn on and she reached down and rubbed her own clit fast and hard trying to bring herself to orgasm. Ann felt Alice start to rub herself and quickly turned around and started to kiss her belly and move down and then pulling the hand away she started to lick suck and bit her pussy and clit. Soon Alice had an orgasm and both woman collapsed into each other’s arms and kissed softly.

William was not sure where things were going to go but so far he was doing okay. He was having more sex than he has had in the past 10 years, hell 20 years for that matter and he loves it. As he went down to the pool he held his head high his back seemed to be straighter and there was a different swagger to his walk. He was thinking, sex with a younger partner will do that to you. Just then he saw Rachel walk past and he turned and notices the swing of her cute ass, yes a younger man put that there.

Ann and Alice had talked some but both were not sure what to do about William. Alice had told Ann all about sex with William and as the two of them had just had very passionate sex Alice had not left out any details. In fact the deion had caused Ann to get hot and that lead to another hot passionate session. Ann told Alice she could tell her all about fucking William any time she wanted as it was a real turn on and made her feel like she was there with them. That comment made them both stop short and change the subject.

Several days passed before Alice visited William again.

He had been making supper when she knocked and he hollered “Come In” but then remembered it was locked and he had to open it for her.

“Well hello, come in I am making supper are you hungry?”

She looked at him and then all the feeling came back and she just wanted to run to him and hug him, kiss him and oh just touch him all over. “Yes I am hungry but I want more than supper”, and with that she reached out and grabbed him and kissed him hard.

One hand still had a fork and the other was covered in flour, “hey no fair I have my hands full and not with you”.
Still he surrendered to the kiss and bending down for better contact he let her tongue play with his and his cock got hard.

The kiss broke and as her body made full contact with his he felt her leg rub his now stiff cock. Giving a little moan he recovered, “hey I have the oven going and I need to finish the casserole.” He went back into the kitchen and continued fixing the meal. “Say, I got something for you” and he wiped off his hands and took a key off a peg, “here this is so I don’t have to run to answer the door when you want to come here. That is a key to the apartment so you can come and go as you please.”

She was spell bound and just looked at him. He had just given her, her own key to his apartment. She felt all warm and fuzzy and so excited. She smiled and looked at him then the dam broke and she ran and jumped at him throwing her arms around his neck and wrapping her legs around his waist. She kissed him with such force and passion he was not sure if he was going to make it.

Her hands played with his hair and head in frenzy while her tongue attacked his mouth. Her legs were around his hips and she was grinding into him as thought there was not tomorrow. He could not resist and put the towel on the counter and grabbed her sweet ass with both hands and squeezed her cheeks hard. The feel of her was just so wonderful he forgot all cares and worries as all he could think about was her naked next to him.

He broke the hold and grabbed the casserole and almost threw it into the oven then turned and grabbed her and kissing her hard. His hands move all over her body and then up under the blouse to cup her breasts. Her nipples were hard as he took them between thumb and finger causing her to moan as he pinched. She had a firm hold around his neck and as he straightened up her feet left the floor and in this manner he walked into the bedroom.

With her still holding his neck and their lips locked together they both started to shed clothes. The need for sex, a good screwing, a really good fuck, was to strong in both that they were naked in no time.

They fell on the bed with him on top. His lips now move from her lips to ear to neck and down to breast and nipples. As he sucked her nipple into his mouth her hands were reaching for his hard cock. The moaning and groaning was loud and strained. She rubbed her pussy with his cock and then parting the lips she arched her back and bucked up her hip. The head slipped into her very wet pussy and she moaned, oh yes fuck me fuck me hard yes”. She had not been so vocal before and it turned William on even more, “ I am going to fuck you so hard you…” and he could not finish as he just wanted to suck on her more as his cock started to pulse.

The feel of her hot wet pussy wrapping around his cock and then the feel as her muscle clinched hold of it made him shudder with passion. She laid beneath him legs spread wide, arms tight around his neck hands grabbing his hair and her lips kissing and biting everything she could reach.

His lips were kissing her and then every part he could reach, eyes, ears ,nose , breast, nipple and shoulder while his hands were first squeezing her tits and nipples then her ass. As he rammed hard and deep his hands pulled her ass to his hips making his cock go as deep as possible. Then he exploded pumping his full load of cum into her pussy. She could feel it squirting into her and it caused her to scream, “ah yes you fucker you give it to me fill my cunt with your cum, more give me more” and her words stirred him to more passionate thrusting until all he had was in her. Now as he continue to thrust the cum oozed out and she felt it between her butt cheeks and it felt good.

They lay together, he very much exhausted and she very satisfied but still wanting some more. She rolled to him and started to kiss and play with his chest hair and nipples and her leg rubbed his now very soft cock.

“MMM that feels so good dear but I think I need to check the oven” and with that he got out of bed put on a shirt and pants and hurried to the kitchen.

Supper was a somewhat quiet meal with general conversation about school and the fact that Alice had been working out at the pool and exercise room. William had notice this as he also worked out occasionally at the pool and he also noticed some of the other men-boys looking at her in that new swim suit.

Later in the living room William had gone and sat in his easy chair without much thought and when she came in not wanting to sit on the sofa alone she sat in his lap. She felt safe and very comfortable in his arms. With her head on his shoulder she just looked at him then kissed his cheek. “I really love you, you know? “

“ I do and I love you as well” and he kissed her forehead. “So how are things between you and Ann?”
“Oh it is just fine well better than fine actually I mean the sex is really good. We have been a little over indulgent I guess seems now we cannot stop touching each other. Once I got over the fear or whatever and decided to just enjoy sex, well I did and do. It’s strange now thought that we just had sex cause when we have sex it is somehow different. No matter cause I love you not Ann” and with that she snuggled into him tighter.

“Actually we had to sort of cut it back some as the roommates were getting a little suspicious and we do not want them to know. There is just not much room or free time for everything.”

“Well then maybe you need to spend more time here with me” and he hugged her.

“Oh I would but school is getting very demanding and well Ann is so close. You know she told me how at first she could not imagine you and me together but I guess after you and her meet and talked she has a whole different opinion of you. She even said she envies me because how we feel about each other and how really nice you are. She actually said she would like to find a man like you.”

“Oh, sure she wants an old man right.”
“Not an old man but a man that is kind, caring and loving and good in bed.”
“Oh so I am good in bed, well I thank you for that but just how does she know that, how much have you been telling her?”

“I hope you don’t get mad but we just sort of ramble on when we are together and after well we mostly talk about sex and I still have things to learn and she is rather knowledgeable.”

“Oh great so I am the topic of your sex conversations, if this gets out I will be in some trouble you know.”
“Oh nobody will know and Ann really likes you so she is not going to say anything.”

“Well I better get back and get some work done”, and with that she kissed him and left.

Back at the apartment she settled down to study and then realized she had a key. She took out her key ring and was putting in on when Ann saw what she was doing and asked? “So what’s with the key?”

Alice no longer was afraid to tell Ann anything and simply said, “ he gave me one so I can get in and he does not have to answer the door every time.”

“Oh that is nice so now you have a key to William apartment, when are you going to move in?”

“Oh it’s not like that silly”, but then she thought how it would be nice to live with him to go to bed with him every night and get up in morning with him beside her. She was dreaming when Ann broke in.

“Hey come back dreamer, so you got a key that’s great cause you know when things get crowded here we could always go there.”

“Oh we could not that would never work he would find out and then I would be in real trouble”

“Oh he is gone most of the time, you know that what with all the things he volunteers for and besides you is into you so much he would let you do anything, heck he does not mind you and me being together. He seems to be really okay with the sex and everything. Hey maybe he might join us.”

That hit Alice hard and she spun on Ann, “what do you me join us, he would never and you think he is just an old man anyway that’s just a crazy idea.” Ann could see the comment had really upset Alice.

“Easy I did not mean anything by it I was only being funny.”

She said that but Ann had started to get some rather kinky thoughts lately about Alice and William. She wondered what it would be like to have a threesome with him but then she thought; probably kill the old fellow but what a way to go.

A week went by in usual fashion with Ann and Alice having sex after school just before the others got back and then Alice being with William on Friday and Saturday. Alice was enjoying sex but Ann was still feeling like something was missing, a cock to be exact.

On Wednesday afternoon the two were having sex when the other roommates returned and interrupted a hot sex session. Because they both were very excited and wanted to continue Ann had suggested they go to Williams’s apartment. At first Alice had refused but as they were both so hot and horny and remembering that William was gone till late, she relented and they went to the apartment.

Alice let them in with her key and they immediately went to the bedroom and started to strip each other. Ann was so horny she just tore at Alice’s clothes kissing her all over as the skin became bare. Alice just swooned with pleasure as Ann kissed her and ripped at Ann’s clothes. Finally both women were down to bra and panties and still their hands move to take off the bras. As hands cupped breasts and started to pinch and pull nipples they began to talk dirty to each other and it got louder the hotter they got. Ann was calling Alice her bitch, whore and dirty slut and telling her how she was going to fuck her and then get every man she knew to fuck her as well. Alice was begging to be fucked, abused in every hole possible. Soon it was two naked women rolling on the king size bed probing every hole possible on each other. Then they split legs and started to rub their pussies against each other in wild passion. As the sensations increased so did the moaning and dirty talk. Ann kept begging Alice to rub her pussy harder and calling her a bitch and slut. Alice just wanted to orgasm and begged Ann to fuck her.

There had been a lot of help at the food pantry and so William had taken off early. As he opened the door he heard strange noises and then he recognized one of the voices. Slowly and quietly he entered his apartment and made his way back to the bedroom where the sounds were coming from and carefully looked into the room.

He saw two woman sitting facing each other with legs split so their pussies rubbed. They were kissing and then sucking each other’s breast and nipples with such passion he instantly got an erection. The sight of the two of them naked was suck a turn on and his mind started to think of all sorts of dirty things he wanted to do to both of them.

The passion rose in both women and soon both were screaming and moaning as they shook and clutched each other tightly. Alice felt the surge rush through her and the juice from her pussy covered Ann’s pussy and legs just as Ann screamed and because it was such an overpowering orgasm she also squirted and covered not only Alice’s legs but her lower body and bedding as well.

The women lay wrapped in each other’s legs and arms just gently touching and kissing. William watched and pushed the very hard erection down as it had gotten tangled in his shorts. He decided to just take the lead and so he walked in.

Both girls jolted to their senses and grabbed the sheet to cover up.

“Hey no sense covering up I have seen you both”, so you needed a place with a little more private to be together did you? Well you sure had a good time but we better get the sheets off the bed and into the laundry.” Ann had really gotten the bed wet with her squirting and now Alice was getting very upset and worried.

“Oh god William I am so sorry I,I,”
“Easy now, we just strip the bed and dry it out and everything is fine.”
“But aren’t you mad about Ann and me here and this?”
“Hey sorry about the bed but I had such a great orgasm I just could not help it, I mean it does not happen often only when I get really hot and have such an intense orgasm.”

“Well it was a very arousing show and there is nothing to get upset about.” He started to pull the sheets and such off the bed but could not help but stare at the two naked women.

Alice felt a little self conscious and started to put on clothes but Ann was very bold and figured this was just the opportunity to see what he was all about. Ann could see the hardon in his pants and so just reached out and gently took hold of it.

“Oh looks like you did enjoy our little show and you still have such a big hard cock. You want us to take care of that?”

“What do you mean, ahhhh, oh that does feel good woman.”
Ann just kept holding his cock and looked at Alice, “hey don’t just stand there come here he is your fellow aren’t you going to take care of his cock? I will if you don’t, it’s so nice and big and hard.” She unzipped his pants and before he knew it she had his naked cock in her hand and quickly bent to kiss and lick the tip. “Oh that is such a taste cock” and then she let her lips slid down the shaft.

William whole body shuddered and he moaned as the desire had built up in him to such a degree that he did not care who sucked his cock as long as it got sucked. “Oh god woman that feels so good” and with that he grabbed the back of her head and pushed ramming his cock deep into her mouth. The show he had just watched had turned him on so that he was on the edge and when he felt his cock sliding into that wet sucking mouth he just let go.

He did not last more than a few strokes before he shot a load of cum into her mouth. She gagged at first and then just swallowed sucking all he could produce. He moaned and his body shuddered as he pumped all he could. Then he collapsed sitting on the bed with Ann between his legs licking his cock with a devilish smile on her face.

“Oh you taste so good, Alice never told me how good it was or hasn’t she sucked your cock and tasted your cum?”

Alice had been sort of stunned at what was happening and only now came to realize what Ann had done. “I have tasted his cum and get off, what are you doing?”

Ann, “Easy, he had a really big hard on from watching us fuck and I just help relieve him of it and besides he sure enjoyed it, right?”

William, “Yes, you do give a nice quick blow job, but I did not expect that nor did I expect to come home and fine you two here. This is certainly made things a lot more complicated.”

Ann, “What is complicated, it is simple now you have two women to fuck.”

Alice.”What do you mean two women that is not why I brought you here; William is not something to just pass around.”

Ann.”Oh come on, he likes sex same as you do and now we can just be a happy sexy little family right.”

William, “I think we all need to stop and think about what just happened today and what is going to change. Nothing is going to be the same and I am afraid there may be trouble.

Alice did not want trouble and she just put her arms around William and forced him back on the bed lying on top of him, her bare body tight against him. “I don’t want trouble I just want you.” She kissed him hard and deep forcing her tongue into his mouth and seeking his tongue. He responded by wrapping his arms around her and kissing her back.

Ann watched and started to get the sexual urges again. She moved in and started to take his clothes off and as soon as the shirt was off Alice kissed his chest and sucked his nipples. Then both women started to work at getting him naked and soon he was with Alice kissing and licking his chest and Ann paying more attention to his cock. He move onto the bed and on his back then pulled Alice over him so he could kiss her nipples and suck them. Ann had now started to caress his balls and stroke his cock which was getting hard again.

He did not care about anything now except fucking and sucking and it did not matter who was where.

Alice was hot and very excited as she moved around and saw Ann sucking on his cock. It was exciting to see another woman suck her mans cock and this made here pussy want some attention so she squatted over his mouth and soon his tongue was parting her lips and licking her clit. His hands hand found her tits and nipples and she was wiggling with desires.

Ann had gotten his cock hard again and now finally she was going to get fucked by a real cock. Straddling him she parted her lips and sat down impaling herself on his cock without hesitation.

He felt his cock quickly go deep into a warm wet pussy and he then felt the muscles grip it tight.

Oh man that woman has a loose cunt but what muscles she has got. She can strangle my cock any time.
Now there was a real threesome going with Alice sitting on his face with his tongue either deep inside her or licking your clit and Ann impaled on his cock bouncing up and down. Ann took the lead and reached out and grabbed Alice’s tits and then pinched the nipples hard and Alice then did the same to her.

His hand went from Alice’s back to her butt and then pulled the cheeks apart and slowly slipped a finger into her ass causing her to moan loudly and sit down harder on his face. His other hand went to Ann butt and there his finger easily slipped into her ass and she also moaned.

The gyration went on for several minutes as the passion built and then he exploded into Ann causing her to tell him” fuck me you old bastard fuck me hard and deep now” and she shook as her orgasm raged through her body. Alice seeing and hearing what was happening started to reach her peak and then she to shouted “eat me you bastard eat that pussy suck it now finger my ass good” and he did. She too had another orgasm.

Then there was a mass of naked bodies on the bed all entwined with one another. Hands were now moving slowly about touching and caressing.
His limp cock was being touched by first only one hand and then by another. His hands had found two different tits and two different butts to caress.

Then as the haze of passion lifted from his mind he realized that he had now entered a very dangerous but oh god so satisfying a situation. He just lay there thinking about how best to handle this while the two women kissed and touched him all over. He had just cum twice was exhausted and if he wanted to stay alive he had better get up and stop before these two fucked him to death.

“Oh man that was mmmmmmm well it was.” He kissed first Alice with a very special feeling and then reached out taking Ann’s face in his hands kissing her tenderly. “I just don’t know what to do about you.”

“Well you don’t have to do anything really, Alice and I are really really good together and well we can share you as well, and I did not see you complaining about it.”

Alice was a little taken back but she was use to letting Ann direct things and well it had been very enjoyable and so sharing William might not be so bad besides the sex was getting better all the time.

“Ah well let’s just say it was a very interesting afternoon okay and let me go and you two think about this alright.”

Oh man what have I gotten into, how can I handle two of them and without any jealousy. As he got up his head started to spin and he sat down again fast. His heart was racing and there were little spots in his eyes; I better get to a doctor and get this check soon or I could literally fuck myself to death.

End of Part 6
I think there is only one more part left. The story line is getting to long and convoluted.
Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments.

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