Guy sells his kid brother to settle some drug debts....
I sent Tina home, I don’t want her to know how deep I’m in, she’d only yell and get shitty with me.
I was at school with Vince, he was a few years ahead of me but I knew him by reputation, he was a psycho, and now as an adult he was worse. I should have known better than to get involved with him, let alone end up owing him nearly £300 in dope money.
Thank fuck my parents are away for the weekend, if only they’d taken my kid brother with them instead of leaving him here with me. I pour another shot and down it, sitting on the sofa tapping my foot on the floor… agitated.
There is a loud knock on the back door and Vince enters without waiting…
I stand up to greet him as he shows himself into the living room.
“Alright Vince mate”
“Yeah” he grunts
“You wanna drink?” I offer lifting the bottle of tequila
“Sure” he shrugs lowering himself into a seat
I pour him a drink and a 4th for myself… my hands shaking- if I don’t have this money for him fuck knows what he’ll do…
“Here” I hand him the small glass, he takes it and drinks it before I’ve even lifted mine to my mouth
“Where is my money Craig?”
He stands up and slaps the glass out of my hand sending it flying across the room
“You said you would have it by tonight” he stands right up in my face, he is a good few inches taller than my 6’ frame, I just look up at him
“I know I’m Sorry”
“You been messing me about for a few weeks now ain’t ya” he takes a step closer to me, forcing me to move backwards… falling into a seat…
“And I’ve been more than fucking generous- I know you’re good for it you see” he nods around the room… “Mummy and Daddy will always bail you out you spoilt twat”
“Vince- I will get it sorted I promise”
“Stand Up” he shouts at me… I wonder if Henry has heard what is going on. Goody fucking two-shoes… wonder what he’ll do if he has been listening…
“Now” Vince yells again grabbing my collar and dragging me to my feet.
He still stands close to me, his hand now on the back of my neck, he stares right at me, his blue eyes are pale and cold,
“Now craigy- I can’t be seen to be taken advantage of can I?” he asks… I just shake my head “don’t want people thinking I am a soft touch…” he slaps me around the face cutting my lip; the shock of it startles me more than anything else…
“See that?” he asks… “That little bitch slap- I hit you like that because you are a BITCH” he laughs at me. I just stand there in his grip unsure of what the hell he is gonna do…
“Now I’ve had a very long hard day Craigy boy” he takes my hand and holds it against his crotch, my fingers pressed around his hard cock “and you owe me” he glares down at me. I gulp loudly and just shake my head- “No way- no way I’m not doing nothing like that” I try and pull my hand away his cock feels huge and hard under his jeans- he just grins at me and lets my hand go…
“You owe me Craig” suddenly his knee hits me hard in the balls and I’m blinded by pain, I stumble backwards aware that Vince is advancing on me, “No” I moan at him, “C’mon man” he pushes me onto the sofa and yanks down my joggers… “NO” I feel his hand moving over my arse- while he holds my head against the wall, damn he is strong, and I wonder if maybe he is on something.
“My brother is upstairs man- he’ll hear C’mon” his hand slides under my arse and grabs my balls- he holds them hard
“Your brother Henry?” he asks
“Yeah- he’s just upstairs doing home work or wanking off or something”
“He’s that little Ging-er kid eh?
“Yeah- that’s him- you gonna let me go?”
He squeezes my balls tighter and pulls them backwards making me scream a little.
“You still owe me fucker and I got this I need to work off” he says grabbing his own cock and giving it a rub, I think for a second- an idea forming in my head...
“Maybe I’ll just beat the shit outta you- leave some cuts and bruises for mum and dad to ask about eh?” he spanks my arse- just once but hard enough to make me gasp…
“You like Henry?” I ask
“I don’t fucking know the lad”
“No- I mean like”
“Are you offering your bother as payment? He laughs
“He won’t fight like I will” I tell him
He lets go of my balls and lets me stand up- still rubbing his cock- I pull my joggers up around my waist fast
“Your on- you sick little fucker- he just upstairs?”
I nod and adjust myself in my boxers- “Yeah”
“Lead the way then” Vince has an evil glint in his eye and the outline of his hard prick meat is unmistakable- I shudder inwardly at the thought of him touching me with it- not only does the idea make me sick- but the size of his thing would have killed me.
I lead the way through the house and begin to creep up the stairs with Vince a few paces behind
“You go in and speak to him” he leans into my ear- “I’ll come in in a bit- when I do- be sure to hold him down ok”
“Sure- whatever you say” I keep looking ahead- when we reach the top of the stairs I point to Henry’s room- the light is still on.
Vince hangs back at the top of the stairs and takes off his shirt- I leave him to strip and wonder what I’m gonna say to my idiot brother- part of me feels bad for what I’m letting happen to him- but rather him than me- and the little faggot deserves it-
I knock on his door and head straight in without waiting for an answer-
“What do you want?” Henry asks without turning to look at me- he is sitting at his computer desk- typing away like a loser-
“Just bored- thought I would come and say ‘Hi’” I lie- he takes his glasses off and turns to look at me “Yeah- right- where did Tina go?” he asks
I sniff and look around the room- wondering where it will happen “Sent her home- she was doing my head in” his eyes narrow and he comes towards me “What happened to your face?” curiosity on his face- maybe a little concern… he is wearing a pair of my old shorts- I remember they have a huge rip in them- he must sleep in them, and he has on a dorky polo neck… he is a few feet from me now.
The door flies open and Vince- naked and hard bursts in-
“What the fuck” Henry looks at me-
“On the bed Craig” Vince orders- I reach out and pull Henry down onto the bed- I hold his arms down and kneel over them so they stay trapped- I lean over him and hold his rib cage as still as I can- he doesn’t even struggle he doesn’t have time to react to understand what is going on
“If he gets to loud gag him with these” Vince throws a wet white cloth at me- I catch it before realising that its his briefs- and they r soaked in piss- they wreak, I toss them on the bed and wipe my pissy fingers down Henry’s chest- he has started to struggle now, he begins to thrash and yell- legs flying all over the place- he comes close to kicking Vince once or twice before Vince grabs his legs and holds them steady.
Vince’s cock must be 10 inches long- thick and veiny- it’s leaking pre-cum all over the place- drooling the stuff- I’ve never seen another blokes hard-on before- not in real life- the rest of his body is well defined and hairy with tattoos up and down both arms.
“Sorry about this Henry” Vince smiles “but your brother owes me some money- and he said you would make good payment in kind- it’s good of you to help your brother out like this!”
“Don’t” is all Henry can manage to say- his face is red and there are tears in his eyes- he starts thrashing again- Vince just laughs and if its possible he seemed to get even harder- “The more fuss you make Hen- the worse it will hurt mate”
Vince moves in between his legs- and pulls down his shorts- noticing the tear in the crotch as he does “How convenient” he smiles- and moves in closer to my brothers groin.
“Now- just so we know there will be no more nonsense” Vince starts tugging on his huge slab of meat “Smack him” he looks at me
“FUCKING SMACK HIM” he orders, I slap Henry across the face
“Again- Harder”
Henry grunts and whines as I lay another smack across his cheek
“That’s better- keep going”
I have to force all of my weight into my legs to keep Henry still as he wriggles and writhes to get free from beneath me- he winces and begs as I continue to smack his face- over and over again- every time I try and show a little mercy by giving him light slaps Vince punches him in the gut.
“Please Stop” Henry cries; tears and spit running down his face- welts and bruises are starting to form on his face.
Vince reaches for a jar of hair gel and slathers the green goo over his cock –
I stop smacking my brother and watch Vince prepare to rape him-
“You might wanna get ready to use those” he nods to the briefs- “Keep smacking him for now”
“No” Henry just grunts and sobs… looking up at me in horror… I look away from him- disgusted.
Vince climbs between his legs and leans down over his face- Vince rubs his face against Henrys grunting like some kind of wild dog- as I continue to slap him.
“AHHHhhhhhh” “AAAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “Noooooooo”
Henry screams as he is skewered on Vince’s big dick- he screams so loud that I worry the neighbours will hear- so I grab the piss soaked briefs and shove them into his mouth he bites my fingers as I push them deep into his mouth. “Fucker” I yell and give him another good hard smack- I hold my hands over his mouth.
He groans and retches with the gag in- I look down and watch Vince’s thick meat pounding his hole
“Thanks Craig- you can get off now- he ain’t going nowhere”
Vince reaches up and takes hold of Henrys wrists- as I climb off- he pushes himself forwards lifting Henrys arse into the air- he begins to drop his tool into my brother’s arse- power fucking the little gimp.
He pushes his face into Henrys again-
“Mmm take that cock lad- yeah good boy” he mutters appreciatively
Henry just grunts- he has had his eyes clamped shut since Vince pushed his meat inside- his body has run paler than usual- except for his face which is red and blue.
He stopped wriggling- he seems to have gone limp- just wincing and shifting every now and then- Vince has him in a tight grasp- he doesn’t have that much room to move.
The pleasure and power on Vince’s face is intense- he pulls Henrys arms together above his head and pins him down with one hand leaving his other hand free to stroke my brothers aching face-
“Open your eyes beautiful” he paws gently and his face- whistling warm breath onto his cheeks to dry the tears- “Look at me” he jabs his cock in hard making his victim wince and shudder in pain.
His hand moves down to Henrys throat and begins to grip in tight- squeezing
“Open your fucking eyes cunt and fucking look at me!” Vince orders- as he starts too hard fuck again- pulling his thick prick all the way out then ramming back in- laughing at the reaction from my brother.
Henry opens his eyes and looks at Vince-
“Good Boy” Vince grins- “That wasn’t so hard now was it lad?”
“How does my piss taste boy?” he laughs
Henry turns his face away- and sees me watching him he closes his eyes again
“Look at ME CUNT” Vince yells again
“You’ll get used to the taste baby boy”
I watch as Vince rips the shorts even more- exposing more of Henrys round butt- I watch as his raping cock pushes its way deep inside my little brother- Vince’s hairy heavy balls slapping against his arse as the huge Dick grinds into his smooth crack.
“I’m gonna take this out now lad” Vince says- his breath controlled and shallow
“And your not gonna scream and shout- you’re gonna do as I tell you- and this will be over much sooner- OK lad?”
Henry just groans- I think he nods a little but it’s hard to tell.
Vince yanks the piss and gob soaked briefs out of Henrys mouth- he wipes the soiled rag all over Henrys face and hair before tossing them onto the floor.
Henry gags and moans- but he doesn’t yell-
“Good lad- now you just have to tell me what I want to hear ok- you understand?”
Henry just nods- and grunts every time Vince thrusts his horse cock into him.
“Tell me you’re a whore…” Vince whispers.
Henry lies silent- and swallows hard-
“C’mon Hen- nice and loud”
“I’m a whore” Henry mutters-
“Good boy- but louder- say it again”
I’m a WHORE” Henry shouts it-
“Atta-boy” Vince grins pumping hard and steady
“You’re a dirty little cunt boi aren’t you Henry”
“Yes” comes my brothers reply to the insult
“Mmm- call me Sir”
“Yes Sir”
Henry starts to cry again- tears rolling down his face-
“Tell me you love my Cock” Vince grunts- still pumping away
“I love your cock Sir”
“That’s it you fucking Cunt- tell me again”
“I love your cock Sir”
“Atta-boy- are you my little Bitch Henry?”
“Yes Sir” Henry complies
“Yes Sir- what?” Vince pumps viciously
“Yes Sir- I’m your little bitch Sir” Henry says with a small sob
“That’s right you are getting the hang of this”
Vince is grinning ear to ear- pleased with his new bitch- fucking so hard and so controlled that he is sweating buckets
“Keep going boy- you know what I want to hear” he lowers his head down close to Henrys face- he takes a long sniff of my brothers soiled face and pumps away hard
“I love your cock Sir”
“Nice and loud you dirty little queer- nice and loud so your brother can hear you”
“More” Vince just grunts- rubbing his face into my brothers neck as he rides his fucked arse hole.
“I love your big dick fucking me”
Vince laughs
“I love your big dick inside my dirty queer cunt Sir”
“That’s it bitch- let it go” Vince whispers
“I’m a dirty whore for you to fuck Sir”
“Yeah Bitch- you’re my fuck hole aren’t you”
“Yes Sir- fuck me hard Sir”
“Yeah you fucking faggot”
Vince is pumping hard ramming his rod deep inside my brother
“You deserved this cunt” Vince spits
“Worthless fucking queer- your own brother thinks so little of you that he suggested I fucking rape you- and you FUCKING LOVE IT YOU LITTLE SLUT BITCH”
Vince grabs Henry by the thighs and starts to pull my brother deeper onto his Ten Inch fuck tool, Henry grunts and moans- covering his face with his hands and reaching up to touch Vince’s hairy chest as he gets his little arse slam fucked.
“Aaaahhhh Owwww” Henry starts to howl-
“Shut the fuck up dick bitch” Vince spits in Henry’s face
Listening to Henry calling himself a slut and a whore and watching his arse get the fucking dogging from hell has got me hard and wet- I’m tenting in my joggers- I look down at a huge wet patch of pre-spunk that’s soaked through the material- I grope
For my cock- pulling myself off in my joggers
“You love me Henry?” Vince pants- the pant of a man close to exploding
“Yes Sir” Henry moans- I wonder if he even knows what he is saying anymore- the dirty faggot- I always knew he was a bum boy.
“Good Girl- beg for my load then cunt” he growls
“Please Sir- fuck your cum into me Sir- fuck me full of your hot spunk Sir- please Sir gimme your wad Sir- blast your fucking scum into me Sir
WORTHLESS….FUCKING….WHORE….DOG” Vince shouts between panting breaths- I see the expression on his face- the ecstasy of dumping a load.
He slides his hard prick out of the sloppy fuck hole- letting my brother’s limp little body fall down onto the bed- Henry just gasps and rolls over onto his side- away from both of us.
Vince stretches his long body and milks the last few drops of thick cum onto Henrys thigh.
He looks at me- then down at my hard on
“Looks like it’s your turn” he looks me in the eye
“Its called mutually assured destruction you fucking idiot- now fuck him!”
“No way” I protest- I’m not gonna fuck him- no way.
“We both know you want to you fucking pussy now stick it in him”
Vince leaps over the bed and grabs me in a head lock- “Now- you are gonna fuck that little slut- so if the little queer goes to the cops they’ll find two fucking loads up him- you understand!!”
“I ain’t doing it” I protest again- I get a punch in the kidneys, Vince pushes me over the bed towards my brothers shivering mess of a body “Fucking stick your pussy-meat in him or I’ll make you feltch my load right outta his shitter!” He pushes my face towards Henrys battered twat hole.
“You know you want to- look how fucking hard you got” he spits- “No sense in denying it- just do it- he’s just a hole!”
“Fine” I give in- Henry gives a little moan but we both ignore him-
“Are you ready for another Cock up there Princess?” Vince laughs meanly-
Vince releases my neck and pulls Henrys hips up and holds him in a doggy position- “Stay” he laughs giving Henrys round arse a hard slap I stand at the edge of the bed- Vince pulls down my joggers- and pulls Henrys arse open
“Slide on in Craigy-boy; it’s a nice sloppy hole”
I push my hard wet prick into the messy hole- as my cock slides up my brothers torn shit box I can feel the warm sticky goo that Vince left up there. I’ve always fancied taking sloppy seconds- just never thought my brother would be the cum slut I would get to Knob!
“That’s it” Vince whispers in my ear- “you heard him- he loves cock in him- he is a little whore” I keep my eyes closed as I fuck and force my cock into the stretched hole.
Henry moans as I start to pick up a rhythm.
“Shut up and take it you slut!” Vince laughs.
Vince is sitting on the floor looking at Henry as I fuck him- I wonder what he is doing and then I see my phone in his hand- he lifts it up and takes a photo.
He must have taken it outta my pocket when he pulled my trousers down- the fucker
“What the fuck are you doing?” I ask- before I can finish the question he has taken another snap of my cock pushing into Henrys hole.
“Insurance” is all Vince says- “Just in case!”
He crouches down next to Henrys face and I close my eyes again and continue to pump- taking hold of henrys hips and pulling his hole onto my cock
“You’re fucking disgusting” I hear Vince say- I open my eyes and he is talking to Henry I close my eyes again- my cock is no where near as thick and Vince’s and my brothers hole has been stretched like a fucking pussy- I fuck him hard and steady
“You make me fucking Sick you worthless little poof- taking your big brothers cock up your arse you filthy little cum dump” Vince’s voice is quiet and serious
“You’re fucking disgusting- say it!” he gives my half unconscious brother a slap around the face “Say it Cunt”
“I’m fucking disgusting” Henry moans
“That’s Right- how’s that cunt Craig?”
“Good” I mutter- thrusting into the slack cunt- thrusting deep into him
“Tell your brother what you think of him”
“I fucking hate him” I say without really thinking- his hole feeling so good around my cock
“Yeah- don’t tell me- tell him”
“I fucking hate you, you’re a dirty little faggot- I fucking hate you! Goody- fucking two shoes- think you’re so fucking smart eh?!”
He starts to cry- proper sobs coming from him- shaking his whole body I feel them vibrating through him and into my cock
“Henry- if I ever see you in the street” Vince starts- “you turn the other way and you run away- I don’t want you to be anywhere near me- you dirty lump of shit” Vince stokes his hair as I fuck him- the sobs still coming-
“What are you?” Vince asks- pulling Henrys face up to look at him- he gives him another little slap- “What are you?”
“A Dirty lump of shit” the words come between sobs
“Blow your fucking load already Craig- I have things to do” Vince stands and takes a step back
“SHOOT! LEAVE YOUR LOAD IN HIM WITH MINE” Vince orders- he takes his cock in his hand aiming the head at Henrys face- he starts to piss all over my brother- watching him drain his cock all over his face makes me pump harder and harder- Henry moans and starts writhing and bucking on my cock- I blast my goo inside him- grunting as I unload inside.
I pull out of the sloppy spunk filled teenaged cunt- and just sit on the bed next to him. Vince smears the last few drops of piss onto my brothers face and picks him up in his arms
I follow them into the bathroom where Vince just tosses Henry into the bath tub and turns on the shower-
“Poor little fucker” Vince laughs as he re dresses- “Bet he wasn’t expecting that this morning eh?!” he takes his phone out of his pocket and looks at the receive messages- he shows me the image of my cock pushing into Henrys arse through his ripped shorts
“You fucking loved that you dirty little fucker” he chuckles- We walk down stairs- Vince opens the door- “That takes care of the interest Craig- I still want what you owe me- you have a week!”

Fucking Bastard- I thought that was it- debt paid… I storm back upstairs, heading for my bedroom I hear the shower and decide to look in on Henry…
I push the door open and walk up to the tub- he is just lying there- curled up into a little ball… I test the water… its cold.
“Water is Cold Henry” he is bruised and bleeding just whimpering
I shut the water off “Henry?” I stand over him waiting for a response- honestly not knowing what to do…
“How much?” he whispers
“How much what?” I ask
“How much money did you owe that man?” he sobs….
“None of your business” he tries to roll over in the tub- he looks so small and pathetic. He looks up at me- his face smeared with tears, “Do you really really hate me?” he asks his voice quiet and hurt, like a little child.
“Do stop being such a cry baby Henry- its truly pathetic” I sneer at him, a look of guilt and disgust on my face, a little lust- but no compassion. I shut the water off as he cries into his arm…
I reach into my joggers and flop my soft cock out over the waist band- he is snivelling into himself- no idea that any minute now he is about to get showered with hot piss…
He will never get over what we did to him tonight- I know that and I don’t care!

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Needs a better ending, for example kid brother goes to the cops and ass hole brother gets put in jail.

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CaDDdk Hey, thanks for the article post. Keep writing.

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If you were to treat you're brother like that, I hope he would kill you in your sleep. I hope he would fuck your lifeless corpse.

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Someone ought to rape you & kill you. :)

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This is mean but its a great story and the when he asks his brother if he really really hates me was the sadest but please please...... write a continuation i'de love o read more

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