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Growing up together
Anyone looking for a story full of sex then I suggest you switch to another story, this one is long and meant to be romantic. For those interested in getting their rocks off there is an alternative ending, if you can be bothered to read through the boring first bit, that is!

I’ve had to break it into chapters so I hope you don’t get bored.

Chapter one

My Best mate Dan.

All my life I had known Dan. We were born one month apart, lived on opposite sides of the same road, our parents were close friends and inevitably we did everything together. We learned to talk together, learnt to walk together, went to the same pre-school, primary school, ate out together and spent all our spare time in each other’s company. Spoke about our dreams and our fears, family and everything.
O.K. we sometimes fought but woe betide anyone who crossed the two of us as we were both very protective of each other.
Most people, who didn’t know, thought we were twins. Both being about the same height, hair colour etc. only Dan had green eyes as apposed to my brown.

That was until the fateful day when Dan and her parents moved away. Yes “her” parents, you see Dan was short for Danielle. Although she was a girl she was very much a tom-boy, sometimes much tougher than me! At our young age it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between girls and boys but now, looking back at old photo’s, it was quite obvious, really, even with her short hair, that Dan was going to be a stunner one day, especially if you had seen her mother.

Dan leaving left a great void in my life, sure I made new friends but never anyone as close as Dan and I had been.

During the summer break from school I had gone to stay with my grandparents. Due to bad weather my plane home had been delayed a couple of days and so I was two days late starting back my last year of secondary school.

I arrived at school, my first morning, to be greeted by Tom and Bill, a couple of lads I knocked about with, both members of the same local football team as me. “Jeez Jack, how come your late starting back?” they both asked. I explained what had happened about the weather and the plane when Tom burst out.
“Jack, you aught to see the new girl, she fucking gorgeous!”.
Bill joined in, “Gorgeous, your joking! She’s the most shaggable thing on two legs ever been born”.
I laughed at them both. None of us had been lucky enough to have lost our virginities yet. Yes we’d groped boobs, even got “sticky fingers” but never gone all the way.
“So I take it she’d hot then?” I mocked.
“HOT!” Tom exclaimed “Hot!” he repeated, “Just about every guy at school’s drooling over her, including some of the teachers”.
“Some of the females ones too” added Bill nudging his mate.

“So what’s her name, age, VITAL STATISTICS?” I asked, emphasising the latter.
“Her name is Jade, she’s blonde, she’s in our year and she is seriously stacked”, blurted Bill. “And here she comes” interjected Tom. I spun around to be smacked in the face with this vision of wonder called Jade. True enough she was gorgeous, long, wavy, flowing blonde hair, a hefty 38D up top (I guessed) slender waist and womanly hips, real hour-glass, only about 5’2” tall though. There was something vaguely familiar about her?

Suddenly she rushed towards the three of us. Quite naturally we turned to look behind us to see who was the person, or persons, whom were the object of her attention. Seeing no-one behind us we turned to face the impending arrival of the new girl.
“Jack” she shrieked, arms flung wide, smile as wide as her face would allow and a sparkle, nearing tears, in her green eyes. Green eyes, that smile, the voice, it was my Dan.
The realisation hit me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. It was just as big a shock to me as to my friends, stood either side of me. “Dan….Dan…what are you doing here?” I asked, suddenly remembering the feeling of loss when she had left all those years ago.

“Dan?” said Tom, “I thought your name was Jade?”

Ignoring my friend for a moment Dan let me out of her embrace, stepped back and smoothed herself top down, which emphasised the size of her chest even more. Still beaming she punched my shoulder. “Pleased to see me?”

I was lost for words, I must have looked a total jerk. A heavenly female seeking my attention and all I could do was stand there, my mouth open, unable to speak. “Yes my name is Jade though everyone, other than family or my best friend calls me Danielle or Dan for short”, she answered Tom, “Danielle is my middle name”.

I shook my head in disbelief, trying to get my head around the situation, “What, where, why?” The School bell went. Dan grabbed my hand and led me inside. She said something, many things, she always was a fast talker but I was still dumbfounded. “I go this way” she said as she let go of my hand and spun off into a classroom. “See ya at lunch” she cheerfully said as she disappeared into the room.

Tom and Bill more or less had to guide me to our classroom. I couldn’t take in what had happened, all morning my mind was filled with memories of our past time together, happy times, wonderful times, tears and joyful times.

Lunchtime came, at last. I couldn’t get to the dining room fast enough. I scanned the room, urgently, looking for my old pal but couldn’t see her. Then, in the middle of a group of guys I saw my Dan. I caught her eye, she raised a hand and waved me over, almost poking one guy in the face. She stepped out of the gaggle of admirers and we made our way over to a table. I didn’t see the faces of the guys in the room but apparently they were a bit miffed at me stealing their prey.

Dan brought me up to speed on events, telling me that her family had moved back into the area and she was so pleased to be back “Especially with you”, she teased.

“I didn’t think you were very pleased to see me this morning?” she said, amongst the rattle of other things she said.
Like I mentioned earlier she was a talker.
“It was such a shock to see you again”, I managed to fit in between her talking
“And such a pleasure”, I added using a little bit of charm.
Danielle gave my shoulder a push, almost knocking me off my chair.
“Don’t try to be smooth with me, don’t forget I know you”, she said mocking my attempt at charming her.
“Well I used to know someone called Dan but your nothing like that person” I said admiring her up and down and giving her a gentle push back.
“You’ve grown too”, she replied, gripping my bicep in her hand, “Mmm, impressive”.
We laughed and joked as though we’d never been apart, the bell to resume lessons came all too quickly.

The next couple of days we caught up with each other when we could, it was just like “Old times”, and I soon forgot (somehow) that Dan was indeed a very attractive young lady and thought of her just as my old pal. Friends started teasing us, about our relationship but true to historical form we looked out and stuck up for each other.
My parents knew that the family were back in the area but had decided to save it as a surprise.

“What you doing this week-end?” Dan asked on Friday lunch. “Nothing much” I replied, “Cant play football as I’m still carrying an injury”, I said “Pulled groin”.

“Fancy going to the Spring?” she asked.

The Spring, memories. My older brother and Dan’s older brother used to take us to the Spring, it was as it’s name suggests a spring out the back of town. Not many people knew of it and we would spend a lot of time there during the summer. It was just a pool, fed as its’ name suggests by a spring. The water was always beautifully clear, deep enough to dive into, shallow enough to stand, in places. We’d enjoyed many a summers day splashing around there.

“Yeah great, shall we take a picnic?” I replied.
“Oooh very civilised” Dan teased, again pushing me.

Saturday morning and Dan arrived on her bike, it was a new hybrid racer/mountain bike. I got out my old beat up, scavenged bike, no brakes, no gears etc. Slung on my back-pack and of we set. It was a long bike ride away. Dan used her bike to full potential, leaving me trailing behind, then like a good friend waiting for me.
We eventually arrived at our destination. Neither of us had been here for years. It hadn’t changed much, a bit more overgrowth but other than that it was as we remembered it, peaceful and secluded. We dismounted and sat on a bank of grass high above the water, dangling our feet over the edge.

“I’m starving” I told Dan “Let’s break out the grub”. Dan hadn’t brought anything so I shared my booty with her. After that we lay back in the sun, telling jokes and recalling past experiences.

“Fancy a swim?” Dan suddenly proposed during the middle of one of my jokes.
“I, er haven’t brought my swim stuff” I replied. “Never stopped us before” Dan countered as she started to strip down to her underwear. It was the first time I had got a good look at the new grown up Danielle. Her broad shoulders suspended two very large breasts which, although of great size, were surprisingly held high on her chest. Either by a great feet of bra engineering or by natural design.
She had a very slim stomach and waist, much slimmer than appeared by the clothes she wore and this was accentuated by her womanly shaped hips. Her panties highlighted the hourglass shape she had, making a deep “V” between her thighs. Her legs were more muscular than slender but formed a beautifully smooth transition from hips to legs to feet, which looked too small for her frame. At first glance you’d probably consider her to be overweight but as you looked at her she was shaped like a woman should be, bulges in all the right places and in the rest slim and firm.

She took two quick steps and “bombed” into the water, “C’mon slow coach” she yelled. By the time I had striped to my “y” fronts she had resurfaced and was facing me. I did a none too fancy dive into the cold, clear water. We splashed about, dived under each other, raced each other and generally fooled around. I started to feel my groin tighten, told her so, and told her I had to get out.
I strolled out the water and back to the grassy bank, laying back down in the sun. Dan swam around for a bit, I watched her glide through the water before she too joined me on the grassy bank. Even through her heavily constructed and well padded bra Danielle’s nipples proudly stuck out.

It was at that moment that I started to think of her more as a girl, a very attractive girl, than a pal. Nature and hormones took over and I quickly rolled onto my stomach, not wanting Dan to see my ever growing problem. She lay down next to me, rested her head back and closed her eyes. “Mmm, this is nice” she murmured. Without thinking I looked down her body, firstly being struck by how her boobs stuck proudly up in the air, her nipples trying their dam best to poke through the material of her bra, her flat stomach and her wet panties. Her panties had visibly shaped to her pussy mound. This wasn’t helping my predicament. I had to pull myself together, this was my pal!

“Your groin giving you problems?” she asked in a way that suggested she was in a far off place. “Yeah, just a bit” I replied nonchalantly, attempting to hide my embarrassment. “You want me to rub it for you?” she asked innocently (or at least I think it was, just a friend hoping to help). “Nah, I’ll be fine” I replied.
“No seriously” she suddenly sat up, resting herself on her elbows “Let me look at it for you, I know a thing or two about massage you know”.

“Nah, I’m O.K.” I insisted, still trying to control myself.
Not having any of it Dan, strong girl that she was, flipped me onto my back, she took one look at my groin area, covered her mouth with her hand and laid back down, not saying a word. I slowly rolled back onto my front, begging my hard on to go away. Nothing was said.

After a while Dan sat up, “I suppose we ought to make our way home soon”. That said we both put our clothes back on and headed back home on our bikes. The ride was unusually quiet, I was hoping like mad that I hadn’t spoiled our friendship.

I offered to ride halfway back to Dan’s house, which she duly excepted. As I bade her farewell she turned, smiled and said, “Same again tomorrow, except I’ll remember to bring the sandwiches”.
Glad that things hadn’t gone the other way I raced home

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