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Learning new stuff
Chapter two.

Sure enough next morning Dan appeared. “Ready sleepy head” she hollered. Quick as a flash I was on my bike and racing after her. We raced all the way there, both panting, out of breath as we discarded our bikes and resumed our spot, from yesterday. I couldn’t help but notice Dan’s chest rising and falling as she caught her breath. Dan noticed me staring, perhaps it was the drool seeping out the corner of my mouth that gave it away.
“There only boobs you know, haven’t you seen a girls boobs before?” she asked.
I blushed, “Not like yours” came my timid response. Dan just “tutted”, whipped off her top, including her bra and jumped into the water. Taken a bit by surprise I shouted after her, “I’ve brought my trunks today”. Dan surfaced then ,raising her right arm above the water, threw her panties onto the bank,
”Today’s skinny dipping day, just like we used to” she shouted back. I laughed at her, it’s all I could do, that beaming smile, those green eyes. I ripped off my clothes and bombed next to her. She squealed and swam off.

Like the previous day we toyed and fooled around in the water, neither making any fuss over the fact we were both naked. That was until I surfaced facing her, right close up to her. How my face missed banging onto her breasts as I came up I don’t know.

We were so close I could feel the goose bumps on her skin, the hairs on my neck began to tingle. I desperately wanted to kiss her, our lips practically met, we were that close. Again nothing was said. We made our way over to the bank and resumed our position on our “drying out” spot. Dan lay next to me, on her back. I lay next to her begging my cock not to become erect at the site of this heavenly teenage body next to me. We both closed our eyes, I could hear her every breath.

Laying still for what seemed like eternity and thanking my member for behaving, Dan spoke, “Jack”. “Yes Dan” I replied. “Do you think of me as just a pal or?” she didn’t finish her sentence, letting it trail off with the “Or?”

“Of course you’re my pal, always have been, always will be”, I offered in response. Dan now lay on her side, facing me, “Jack”,
“Yes Dan” I replied, keeping my eyes closed and trying to ignore where the questioning may lead. “If we are pals…and well, we’ve done everything together…haven’t we?”
I didn’t interrupt or reply. I just opened my eyes and looked into those beautiful green ones of hers.
Then she suddenly blurted out “Are you still a virgin?”

It was my turn to lift myself up and turn to her, I took a deep breath and replied, “Truthfully, yes, I’m not going to lie to you”.
“Have you ever…you know had a girlfriend?” she asked.
“Do you mean have I ever touched a girl, don’t you?” I responded, second guessing where this conversation was leading.
It was Dan’s turn to blush. She looked down and then raised her gaze back to mine. “O.K….have you ever touched a girl?”
I smiled at her as reassuringly as possible. “Look Dan, were pals, we’ve always been pals and always been able to ask or say anything, so why don’t you get straight to the point”.
Dan took another deep breath, causing her chest to heave and her nipples to become even more pronounced. Self control went out the window and my member responded to the visual stimulation, Dan immediately saw this and giggled. Her hand reached out and her palm pressed against my swelling member tentatively. It was my turn to take a sharp intake of breath as I felt her cool hand. My cock twitched and she took her hand away as if she’d just received an electric shock. Slowly she placed her palm back over my member.
“Are you still a virgin?” I hesitatingly asked.

Dan went all coy, “Yes” she almost whispered, “I’ve never even seen a guys…thingy, never mind touched one”.

“Jack” she asked again.
I responded half sarcastically, half enjoying the pleasure of her touching my cock, “Yes Dan”.
“Why have you got an erection?” I couldn’t help but laugh, this caused my body to shake and my cock to rub against her still palm, causing me even more sensation.

“Dan”, I went on to explain, “You’re the hottest girl in school. Every guy is dying to get their hands in your pants”.
“Every guy?” she asked, raising her eyebrows and piercing me with those dazzling eyes of hers,
“Including you?”
I was caught out by her question, I was going to have to answer why I had the “hots” for my best mate, I felt, well, kind of gay in a way.
Deciding honesty was the best policy I owned up,
“Yes even me”.

Dan giggled, “So you fancy me?” she asked putting a bit more pressure on me with her palm.
I considered my answer. “Would it spoil our friendship if I said yes?”

Dan gave me a quick peck on the lips, smiled, shook her head and replied. “No, and I don’t have any pants on”.
Oh Jeez, was that a come on? Still a little confused by the situation I tentatively reached out with my hand and traced my way over her stomach towards her mound.
Dan’s eyes watched my hand moving, everything seemed to be in slow motion until my palm reached her pussy. She opened her legs slightly allowing me to cup her vagina with my palm.
It was Dan’s turn to take a sharp intake of breath.
I felt the heat coming from inside her. I gingerly parted her vaginal lips with my finger, causing another sharp intake of breath from both of us.
“Mmm, that’s nice” she murmured as her hand now grasped my cock.
Encouraged by her acceptance I boldly rubbed my finger back and forth, feeling her juices coating my finger. I also managed to find the little nub of her clitoris with the tip of my finger. Another big sigh as I made contact. “Ooooh” she mumbled as I touched her most sensitive spot.
Dan’s hand was now gripping my cock, vice like. Instinctively she started to slide her hand up and down my shaft. I groaned.
“Jack” she said,
“Yes Dan” I managed to respond without breathing.
“Do you masturbate?”
Managing to regain control of my breathing I replied, “Yeah, sometimes, you?”
“Sometimes” she whispered.
“It’s nicer when someone else does it for you though isn’t it?” I asked.
“I don’t know, I’ve never let anyone else touch me, down there” she replied, “But it feels really good.

My whole body was shaking, my hormones desperately wanted to jump on top of her, stick my cock in her pussy and fuck her to death, but this was my best friend, my pal.

We lay there quietly, stroking each other, intent on pleasing and enjoying the pleasure of being pleased.

I slipped the tip of my finger inside her hot, wet pussy. She tensed then relaxed and taking this as acceptance I slid it in some more, trying to be as gentle as I could. I wiggled it around inside its’ tight surroundings and that’s when Dan’s whole body shook violently. She gripped my cock as though she was trying to pull it off and I felt my hand get covered in her juices.

She was panting like mad, her chest heaving, her hips jerking. I felt, for some reason quite proud of myself, pleasuring my best mate.

She let go of me and lay on her back, still trembling. “Wow” she said, in between panting. I smiled down at her, that’s when I did what I shouldn’t have done.
I leaned over her and kissed her. I shouldn’t have done it, what was I thinking, that’s when I lost my heart to my best friend, as if she sucked it from me as we became passionately embraced, tongues twirling around inside each other’s mouths.

After what seemed like an eternity, our embrace ended. “Oh shit” I said, “I’m sorry” offering profuse apology.

She gave me her fresh faced, wide eyed smile and said “It’s O.K.”

I sat up, head in my hands. I felt I had betrayed her, guilt racked me.

“I’m so sorry” I again apologised.

Dan sat up, “What for?”

“You know” I replied “For what I just did”

Dan placed her hand around my shoulder and cuddled me, “But it was nice and I liked it” she consoled. Then she laughed, reached out with her other hand and grabbed my cock,
“S’pose I’d better do this” she said as she started to jerk me off.

Adrenalin and hormones once again took over. I lay back down and accepted Dan’s tight grip on my cock. It was too tight and clumsy but I wasn’t going to complain.

The sight of her boobs swaying, the concentration on her efforts and the fact SHE was jerking me off had me cumming in no time.
Ropes of my cum squirted up my stomach and chest, a globule hit her right breast and hung off her nipple. She continued to pump me until I was all out of fluid.

“Oh jeez Dan, that was awesome!” I finally managed to get out.
Dan looked like the cat that got the cream. She looked at the globule of cum on her tit, let go of my cock, stood and ran and jumped back into the pond.
“C’mon we’d better get washed off” she yelled as she splashed water over her body, rubbing her boobs with her hands.
That was the most erotic thing I had ever seen!

I jumped in next to her and washed myself off as well.
“Still friends?” I asked nervously.
“Best friends” she answered, emphasising “Bestest ever friends”.

We swam around for a while, got out the pool, ate our sandwiches and chatted.
We both felt relaxed and free to discuss sex.
Most surprisingly, Dan had never had a boyfriend, she’d managed to sneak a peak at one of her dad’s pornos but other than that she had no sexual contact with a member of the opposite sex.
Neither of us dressed and I’m sorry to say, the sight of those boobs, swaying freely got me hard again. Dan laughed when she saw me erect again.

“It’s not fair” I complained, “You can see when I’m aroused but I can’t tell when you are”.
Dan giggled “I think the clue is my nipples” she laughed.
Sure enough they were erect.
“Can I…. er.. can I touch them?” I asked.
“You can do whatever you like” she replied.
I reached over, she thrust her chest out and my hand cupped her bosom. Her boob was much firmer than I had imagined. Even though without a bra, her round globes stood out proud. I stroked my thumb across her nipple. “Careful!” she exclaimed, “They’re sensitive”.

Nature or nurture prompted my to place my mouth over her boob, I covered the large pink areola and sucked her nipple with my lips, my spare hand cupped her other breast, gently massaging her breast and stroking her nipple.
“If you keep doing that I’m going to cum again” she giggled.
Encouraged I let my hand wonder down to her pussy again, no objection or resistance from her, I noted.
This time Dan pushed her pussy up to meet my hand. I didn’t insert a finger this time, just rubbed her sparse, silky soft pubic hair and pussy mound.
Still suckling on her breast I continued to rub her. Her chest started to heave, almost suffocating me, so I stroked faster and more firmly.
Dan grabbed the back of my head, pushed my face into her chest and started to spasm. Again her hips jerked as she reached orgasm. Her breathing was fast and furious. She let go of my head and collapsed back onto the grass.

I lay there looking at her. There was something different about her, or at least there looked it to me. She was so beautiful, she looked so peaceful as her arms reached up above her head and she wriggled her body against the ground. “M,m,mmmmm” she mumbled as she writhed about.

My cock was throbbing, it felt as hard as it had ever been, subconsciously thinking that its’ turn was about to come.

After a while Dan got up and started to dress. She must have see the disappointed look on my face but seemed to ignore it. “C’mon let’s go home”.

Chapter Three

We both dressed and headed off on our bikes, laughing and racing each other.
It was pretty difficult, at first, riding with a hard-on but fortunately it soon went down.
“Coming back to mine?” Dan asked, “Mom and Dad aren’t home”.
“Sure” I replied.

We rolled up at Dan’s new house, sure enough no-one home. We took off our shoes and went to Dan’s bedroom. “There’s some games on my P.C. or..” Dan said as she stood directly in front of me. I felt her hands undoing my jeans, first the button and then the zip. I stood motionless as she pulled down my Jeans and then my boxers.
She then got down on her knees and took hold of my cock. It, of course was starting to swell. Gazing up at my face she took one long lick up my shaft, stopping at the tip and stroking her tongue around it.
My knees nearly buckled.
“Woah” was all I could muster.
“Want me to stop?” she asked teasingly as she enveloped my bell-end with her lips.

“No fucking way!” I uttered “Where the hell you learn to do this?” I questioned her.
Taking my cock from her mouth to answer she said, “I told you I’ve watched some of Dad’s pornos”.
“Shit! Well carry on girl, waoooh” I cried as she once again took me in her mouth.
I fell backwards against her bed but she never lost hold or suction on me, every now and then looking up, questioningly, with those dazzling green eyes, as if to see if she was doing alright.
Resting my hands behind me on the bed I rolled my head back in delight. Dan sucked and pumped my cock for all she was worth. Using her tongue, her lips, her hand. I’d never had my cock sucked before but surely her efforts couldn’t be beaten?

It didn’t take long for me to feel the old balls boiling, I put my hands on the back of her head, not to push her onto me but to pull her off as I came. Then fireworks, body spasms, tingling all over my body, just as I heard a car door slam outside.

Try as I might I couldn’t get Dan off me, she had a firm grip on my cock shaft and was sucking every last drop of fluid from me, draining my balls.
“Your….your parents are back!” I screamed at her trying to push her off me. Still she pumped and sucked me. I heard the front door and was getting frantic, still she wouldn’t stop.
Finally she let go, I hastily grabbed my boxers and jeans and tried, desperately, hopping on one leg then the other, to put them on as I could hear footsteps coming down the hall. I managed to get my jeans button done up but not the zip.
I threw myself onto the chair, in front of Dan’s P.C. pushed my legs under the table and made out I was doing something on the computer, just as her mum and dad appeared through the door.
Dan casually stood next to me, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and said so sweetly, “Hi mommy, hi daddy” like some innocent 6 year old.
“Hi ya Jack” boomed her father as he reached out to shake my hand. I offered mine meekly, trying to hide myself under the table. “Hi Mr. Svensonn”.
Dan’s mum then put her arms around me and gave me a big hug.
“Dan hasn’t stopped talking about you all week” boomed her dad, “Nice to see the two of you together again.
Her mom, cupped Dan’s face and pecked her on the lips. Call it woman’s intuition or the recognition of a familiar taste, she squinted her eyes at her daughter.
“You two being good?” she asked. “Very good mummy” Dan coyly answered.
“Come on lets make tea, I’m famished” her dad chipped in. They both made their way out the room, “Stopping for tea Jack?” asked her mom as she exited the room.
“Er yes please” I answered.
She popped her back around the door, “Well you’d better pull your zipper up”.
I went crimson, Dan burst out laughing as her mom winked at her.

At tea we made small talk, nothing serious until Dan’s mum said “I suppose we’d better think about getting you on some sort of contraception young lady”.
“MUM!” Dan responded, blushing.
Her dad chirped in “I don’t think she’s ready for that yet honey, you kids are too young to be fooling around yet aren’t you?” as if in statement rather than question.
I don’t know who he was trying to fool, us or himself, not wanting his little princess to be all grown up.
“Never the less it’s time we started thinking about it”. She went on.
I kept my head down and tried not to blush or let on. Dan kicked me under the table in an attempt to embarrass me.

We had a quick chat after tea, Dan’s dad told her that both he and her mum would be away for the week-end, “Your big enough now to look after yourself aren’t you Princess?” he half asked half told Dan.
“Can I have a friend over to stop?” she asked.
Her dad pondered then responded, “Yes, it will be safer if you’ve got someone to stay with you, who’ve you got in mind?”
“My bestist friend” Dan replied.
I don’t know if her father knew who she meant but I was hoping she meant me!
Her mum rolled her eyeballs to the back of her head as if to silently apologise for her husbands’ naivety but kept quiet.

I bade my farewells. Dan gave me a huge kiss at the door and I happily made my way home.

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