A story of what I have told my younger lover I will do to her next time she visits...
We’ve just made it back to my flat.

My hands are trembling just a little as I unlock the door. I’ve held your hand and wrapped my arm around you on the way here…pulled you in for a kiss in a couple of dark, quiet spots, but now I know we will be alone, everything is tinged with anticipation.

The door opens and I pull you inside, closing it behind us. The corridor is dark, but I can’t even think about reaching for the light switch. I’m already putting my arms around you, pinning you to the wall as my lips find yours. Soft, gentle kisses at first, but it’s so hard to restrain myself…they grow more urgent, more passionate by the second.

I feel your firm, young teen body against me, squirming in my arms, as our tongues touch for the first time, an electric tingle runs through my body. My hands have already moved from your waist, without thinking, up your back at first to pull you tighter to me. I’m certain you can feel the growing bulge in my jeans, which is pressing into your waist.

I let my kisses linger, a little gap between each where our lips are so close…letting you wait for the next, seconds passing where I can feel the warmth of your lips, then they touch again and my body shudders ever so slightly. My hands have slid down now…past the small of your back and onto your tight little ass. I pull you hard into me, now I know you have felt how hard I am for you; your hand has moved from my back and chest to the front of my jeans. I groan softly as you rub over the mound there, I am throbbing for you, my hands tighten into a grip on your ass.

My fingers softly run up the front of your shirt, over your chest, my fingers tracing the outline of your breasts…then the first button of your shirt is undone. One by one, my fingers unhook each one, your back still against the wall, our tongues caressing as we kiss. Then my mouth moves down, across your neck, following the opening of your shirt, right down to the top of your shorts. My hands slip inside your shirt, cool on your skin as they explore your stomach…around your back…until they undo your bra.

Now my lips are on your neck, as I have you take off your bra, but leave your shirt on, the open fabric almost, but not quite, covering your perfect breasts. I kiss you, and let my tongue trail down over your collarbone. My hands brush the edge of your boobs, squeezing gently, as my kisses move right between them. I avoid your nipples at first, my eyes taking in how erect they are, as my fingers circle them. Suddenly, I let my fingers brush over one of your very hard nipples, watching the shiver it causes. I let my thumb play with it…while my tongue crosses the other, flicking over it lightly, again and again. I move to the other, this time my teeth bite down on it and my tongue licks over the end while it is trapped in my mouth.

Meanwhile, my hands have slipped down your flat stomach…and have undone your shorts…slipping them to the floor, followed by your boxers. My fingers are now pressing into your wet pussy through your pants, feeling them get wetter. I let my fingers slide into your underwear…but not touching your pussy yet…they brush along your skin.

I can’t resist any more, and pull you around to sit on the stairs. I spread your legs wide and kneel in front of you, pulling your pants to the side as my tongue slides across your skin. I delay the moment of my tongue reaching your clit…getting closer and closer…you can feel my breath on your wet pussy…until finally I let my tongue touch your clit. Just for a second, then it’s gone again, replaced by my fingers. They stroke you, pinching your clit gently while my tongue flicks it again and again.

I let go your clit, just to explore your tight little hole with one finger, then a second, sliding them into you past the knuckle, feeling how wet you are, and how your pussy grips my fingers. I let them slip slowly out, then push them back again, while my tongue moves back to your clit. My fingers and tongue both move faster and faster…I can feel your juices dripping past my fingers, down to your ass, while I penetrate your tight pussy.

I stop fingering you, taking my fingers out, covered in the wetness from your pussy, and I move one of them to your tight, virgin asshole. I let you feel it against your hole…then push it ever so slowly inside you, your wetness lubing my finger so it slides in nice and easily. I let you adjust to my finger inside you, before I add one more finger…stretching your ass a little this time, as deep as I can push them. I start to move them in and out of you slowly, still licking your clit as I do. After a minute, I move up to kiss your neck, nibbling on your ear as I whisper…the first words since we made it into my flat: “I’m going to fuck your ass this weekend…just like this… Now get on your knees for me sexy.”

I move up the stairs, to the landing where you are now kneeling. Looking down at you, I’m so aroused by the way you sit, in just your pants, with your shirt open, allowing me to see the way your boobs rise and fall as you breath. I feel your fingers at my jeans, as you unbutton them, pulling the zip slowly down over the bulge in my jeans. I moan as your hands reach inside caressing me through my boxers. My cock twitches inside at every finger tip which brushes it. I stagger slightly as you cup my balls, leaning back against the wall.

You follow me, moving up to kiss me…then kissing my neck and down my chest… Your lips cross my stomach and reach my waist, biting gently on my hard shaft through my underwear. Your mouth moves back up to my waist, your teeth grip the band of my boxers, nipping my skin gently as you do and making me groan. You pull on them, stretching them over and down past my cock, which springs to attention, right in front of you.

My cock throbs in anticipation, twitching in front of your face, until you finally touch it with your tongue, making me moan louder than ever. My hands reach down to hold your head as you lick and kiss my cock all over while I moan constantly. “Please,” I beg you, breathlessly, “please suck my cock!” I am rewarded by your lips sliding over the head of my cock, your tongue circling it, before you take my cock into my mouth inch by inch. I reach under your chin, gesturing to you to look up into my eyes, as you take the last of my cock until it touches the back of your throat.

I reach down to pinch your nipples between my thumb and forefinger, as you work on my cock, every movement of your mouth and tongue making me moan, and my fingers to tighten on you. I can’t take it for long, your tongue drives me wild as it rubs the underside of my cock, making me thrust a little into your mouth.

I reach down, pulling you up again, so I can kiss you hard, then I sit on the landing, completely naked. I pull your pants to the floor, tossing them to one side, and pulling you down onto my lap. I watch you reach down to hold my cock steady as you position yourself over it. I jerk and moan as you rub the head against your clit…my hands snaking around your back to grip your ass again, holding it until I simply cannot bear the sensitive movements of my hard cock past your clit.

My hands pull down, slowly but firmly, forcing you to sink down onto me, until I slide inside your tight, wet pussy, filling you gradually, until you are sitting on my balls. I start to move rhythmically with you, while you grind your pussy into me. My hands slip under your shirt, curling around your bare waist and pulling you to me, feeling your boobs against my chest. My lips find your neck, kissing at first, then biting into your skin as I bounce you on top of me.

I let you ride me for a little while, my body moving in time with yours. I wait until you have my cock fully inside you again, before I smack my open hand against your firm ass, hard. Hard enough, and without warning, to make your pussy tense around the base of my cock, making me groan and thrust upwards inside you. I don’t stop though, I leave a little time…but I spank your ass again, and again. Each time is harder than the last, and each time I enjoy our moans and I drive deeper and harder into you.

My breath gets quicker and more ragged with every time your pussy slides along the length of my hard cock, every time the head of my cock buries itself deep inside you. I can feel your wetness dripping down my cock, can feel my balls grow damp as I slide in and out of you, again and again, as our bodies move against each other faster and faster, with my hands now gripping your ass painfully tight. I kiss your neck as you moan into my ear, telling me to fuck you harder.

I force you up and down on top of me, faster and harder until I groan and whisper breathlessly in your ear: “I’m going to cum for you babe…will you swallow it all?” As you nod, I thrust into you one more time hard, then roll you over, sliding my throbbing out of your tight pussy, letting it rub against your clit as I do, and bringing it up to your mouth, letting you wrap your lips around it again, flicking your tongue over the tip and all around the head, tasting your pussy on every inch of my cock.

After you have taken my cock completely into your mouth, I pull it out, tapping the head on your waiting tongue, as I quickly wrap my hand around my cock, and with a few strokes bring myself to the edge of orgasm. “Open your mouth,” I moan to you, my legs trembling as I get closer and closer. I feel your hand stroking my balls, as your tongue flicks against the underside of the head of my cock, and it drives me over the edge.

I moan loudly, “Yessss!” almost shouting as the first spurt of my cum almost makes my legs buckle, hitting the back of your throat with a week’s pent up force. The second and third times my cum coats your waiting tongue, splashing all over it and into your open mouth, before I push my cock back between your lips, where it keeps cumming, more and more filling your mouth. Eventually the flood slows and stops, and I catch my breath. “Show me,” I gasp, and you open your mouth to reveal the pool of my hot cum, you’ve collected, while I run my sticky cock all around your lips.

Finally, I tell you to swallow my load, and I watch as it slides down your throat, leaving your mouth coated in my cum. I lean down to kiss you deeply, before I push my cock back into your mouth and tell you to lick my cock clean, and swallow every drop of my cum.

Eventually, after your tongue has run over every millimetre of my cock, and licked up every drop of my cum, we gather our clothes, and make it back to my room. It is only moments though, before you are in my chair, and I have turned on a porn video for you to watch, while I sink to my knees, and begin kissing up your inner thigh, while my cock hardens again…

To be continued...

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it sucked

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2010-11-19 12:40:41
This story is very very very HOTTTTTT! made my hot pussy very wet!

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2010-11-11 01:53:07
Next chapter would be quite interesting and hot if it would take up whee this one left off, describing how he reci;procates the oral sex and then how it leads to the ultimate experience of vaginal penetration. The anal sex can be skipped and will not be missed. somce G-spot action would be nice.

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