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Boring party sends him off........
Same characters from previous story "Being at a gas station CAN be fun".

Me and my girlfriend Macy just got home after we had a VERY hot fuck at the gas station about an hour ago, and as you can imagine, we were a bit beat. She wanted to take a quick shower before bed, and of course I followed cause I wanted to see that sexy ass toned body of hers wet and against mine. As soon as we got into the bathroom, we straight up shed ourselves of the clothes we were wearing that day. I told her to take my shorts and underwear off. "Ok big dick" she answered. As soon as she got onto her knees and snatched my bottoms off, my cock was rock hard. I didn't have to say a word and she took my entire cock into her warm, moist, sexy mouth and started bobbing her head up and down and up and down and up and down.

"Stop sucking my cock baby, I have a surprise for you when I feel the time is right" I said. We jumped in the shower, and of course I ate that SUPER tasty cunt of hers out, she came so much, I did my very best to swallow all of her juice. After 12 minutes of sexy showering with this sexy babe, we hit the sack.

The next day arrived, when I woke up, Macy was gone, I already knew she was at work. Seeing I was throwing a party later, I had to get everything ready. I got my lazy ass (I admit it) out of our bed and showered, I saved the dick stroking for my lady when I surprised her. I walked downstairs and started pulling out all of the party supplies I knew would be used tonight, which included about 2-3 packs of Budlight Beer, a LOT of chips, all of seats you see at birthday parties, and everything else I could think of. Of course I made sure all the rooms were locked up so nothing of ours would come up missing after the party was said and done.

About a few hours later, our good friends came over and just started partying like there was no tomorrow. In the middle of the party is where it started to suck, my friends were dancing with some hot chicks while I was just sitting there....IN MY OWN HOME! I got up from my chair, told a close friend I'd be right back, he asked "Where ya going bro?!" he also had to yell seeing how loud the party was, "I'm going to go get another pack of beer if you don't mind!" I yelled back. Out the door I went, got into my SUV and drove off and little frustrated. I sped down the highway, luckily there were no police, probably at the donut shop.

I soon arrived at Macy's job, which was at Stater Bros. I shut off my car and proceeded to walk inside the grocery market, I said hi to a few people, seeing most of them knew me. I passed a few aisles (not sure how to spell that) until I found my gorgeous wife putting away new items on the shelf. It's hard not to stare at a more gorgeous woman who's wearing a sexy black mini skirt that says "SEXY" across the ass, along with a pink low cut skin tight t-shirt to show off those sexy A or B cup breasts of hers, the shoes didn't matter. Unlike most stores, this one let you dress in anything as long as it was appropriate, I always encouraged Macy to be sexy, not just around me.

I walked quietly behind her and grabbed and gently squeezed her juicy ass, to my shock, she was wearing NO panties, so any guy could be fucking her up the ass right now, I'm gad that wasn't happening or they would be in a puddle of their own brain and blood. She squealed, but seeing I was the only one to ever do that to her, she raised her skirt to expose her sexy as fuck bare ass. I took my middle finger and gently pushed it into her soon to be fucked ass and began wiggling it around inside her fuckhole. "Mmmmmm baby, nice surpriiiiise" she moaned as I fingered her ass. She didn't even try her best to hold those sexy moans.

I reached around with my free hand and began to rub her now wet pussy, and m m m m mmmm did it feel good! She reached behind her and grabbed my now hard cock and began rubbing it gently. She knew what I was wanting, and onto her knees she went and dropped my pants and boxers, it was only seconds before she had my rock hard meat inside her oh so wet willing mouth, sucking my hard cock up and down and uppppp and down, slowly each time she took my dick in and out of her mouth. I wanted to blow my load right then and there, but I held it in and knowing how long we've been married, she could sense my cum was boiling.

She then got off of her knees and bent over and held onto the shelf, pointed that SEXY and yet JUICY ass of hers at my dick, I needed no instruction whatsoever and just jammed my cock deeeeeeep into her ass, neither of us wanted it slow, I began pounding my cock into her pussy from behind, damn did I feel so lucky to be able to fuck a hot babe like her any day I chose. She kept screaming my name out begging for more cock, I gave her even more of it, I never stopped seeing how horny we both were from the night before. As I continued pounding that love tunnel of hers, I spanked her ass telling her to beg for my cock. "Ohhh oh OHH FUCK MEEEE, FUCK Me like the slut I am to you, YEESSS YEs yes" she screamed as we fucked soo hard.

I was surprised none of her co-workers came to see what the commotion was, they probably knew this day was coming anyway. I continued pounding the shit out of her slutty but yet lovely pussy. "Ohh fuck, I'm CUMMMMING" I grunted while I felt my cum about to shoot into her pussy. "Make a baby IN ME BABY!!!" she screamed in extreme pleasure. After more than 30 thrusts into her pussy she got onto her knees and began to furiously suck my cock dry after I blew my 7 loads of cum down her throat. Like a pro, she swallowed EVERY bit of it.

I picked her up off her knees, put one of her feet on the shelf and one on the floor, go ton my knees and plunged my tongue deep into her cum filled pussy. I didn't like the taste of my own cum, but her pussy tasted SO FUCKING GOOD, I ignored the taste and kept on eating out that gorgeous pussy of hers. After 3 minutes of eating her pussy out, she came HARD, I barely was able to take it all.

After we finished our hard fuck at her job, we got cleaned up, little did we know, we were fucking for over an hour, and hell yes it was worth every worth it. I kissed her good-bye and would see her when she got home. Later in her shift, she called me before she left and found out her co-workers taped our fuck. At first she was pissed, but she left it alone cause so many of her co-workers fantasized about fucking her shaved cunt, but they know they never will.

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