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Purely Fictional.rnrnHannah Montana rnAfter an awesome concert Hannah had performed, she was tired. She hated her blonde hair, which became annoying to look at in the mirror. But she knew one person who loved her blonde hair, and it was Lily. Lily always came with Hannah to her concert and supported her, but today she hadn’t. She had told Hannah she’d be home waiting for her. Hannah got into her limo with her guard named Greg. rnGreg was a black man, who stood at 6 feet tall, like a brick wall. He had braids and a hard muscular body. He wore a black t-shirt and black pants with some black Nikes. He was 29 years old and he was to protect Hannah at all costs. rnWhen Greg got inside, he asked,” how was the show?”rn“Same old, same old.”rn“There were a lot of fans out there”rn“It’s whatever. I just want to get home.”rn“Are you sure? Your dad’s not expecting you home till late. And besides he’s spending time with Jackson”rnYeah, spending time fucking Jackson’s ass all night, Hannah thought to herself. Then Hannah’s thought veered off to another direction. She remembered the time she and Lily had first fucked. The way Lily had licked her pussy and then sucked her clit so hard that she came. Hannah sat back and sighed. She felt her pussy getting wet and closed her eyes. She felt hands on her breasts through her clothes. She opened her eyes and seen Greg feeling on her breasts.rn“You got some great looking tits, Hannah”rnShe looked at him, and then smiled. “Thanks, Want to taste them?”rnGreg smiled in joy. He sat back and watched Hannah unbutton her sparkly yellow shirt and her bra. He grabs her tits and begins to squeeze them. Hannah moaned. Then he moved in and began to suck on her tits. Hannah held his head to her tits and felt her swelling up with wetness. She began to hump the air wanting to hump anything. rnGreg noticed Hannah’s need and pulls his cock out. He stroked it hard and fast as he unbuckles Hannah’s pants. Hannah waits as he unbuckles her pants and slides them off of her. As hard as he was, he couldn’t wait. Instead of taking it slow, he laid Hannah down on the bottom floor of the limo and slid his cock right into Hannah’s pussy. He stroked her pussy in and out so fast, Hannah was gasping for air. He grabbed her tits and kissed her. She responded by kissing him back. This made him even hornier, and made him fuck her faster. Hannah began moaning louder and louder. Hannah was close to climaxing, but Greg had pulled out. She looked at him confused as he sat in the seat and told her to follow. She had gotten the idea once he set her facing him and bouncing on his cock. He held her hips to help her and himself. Few moments later, they came together. They lay still, trying to catch their breaths. After that they had gotten dressed and had arrived to Hannah’s house.rn“Thanks Greg. I had a great time” Hannah said smiling.rn“No problem Hannah. Been waiting forever to do it. Just call when you want more”rn“It’ll be soon I assure you” Hannah said before she got out of the limo.rnHannah walked up the steps to her house and walked inside. Wow, Greg’s cock was huge and fucking good, Hannah thought. She walks up to her dad’s room to see if he was up. She heard moaning as she gets closer to the door and hears three different moans. She knows Jackson’s and her dad’s because she fucked them. But this new moan tweaked her curiosity. So she went to the door and opened it slightly. She gasped when she had seen….rnrnIt was Jake Ryan. Jake Ryan, Hannah’s boyfriend who had been known to fuck over countless of girls in the past few years. He’s only given her oral, but she didn’t want to go the far and have intercourse. But she thought Jake hadn’t been gay because she’d asked once and denied ever wanting to fuck a guy. But she guessed he lied again because here he was fucking her brother and her dad. She decided to leave because it was making her horny watching them.rnShe closes the door and walks to her room. She and Lily shared a room together since they were best friends. Not only best friends, but lovers to. Lily was a lesbian and not everyone knew. Few girls at school had a chance to fuck Lily, but she wasn’t out in the open. There was one thing special about lily that Hannah loved. Lily had a dick. That’s right, Lily was a she male. She had a pussy, but also had a dick, which Hannah loved her for. rnHannah walks into her room and closes the door. She notices the lights are dimmed and candles are lit. rn“Lily?” Hannah called. rn“Over here, Hannah”rnHannah followed the voice and seen where Lily was. She was in the shower, lathering her cock with soap. She saw Lily smiling and started taking off her clothes. She needed a shower too, after her fuck with Greg. But she deciding that was going to wait, because Lily looked hard and ready for a fuck. rnShe stepped into the shower and greeted Lily with a long French kiss. Lily started to rub her cock up against Hannah’s pussy, causing Hannah to moan. The more Hannah got wet and Lily rubbing her cock on Hannah, the easier Lily slid into Hannah’s pussy. She pushed Hannah against the wall fucked her pussy standing up. Hannah moaned and kissed Lily. Lily continues to ram Hannah’s pussy. She screams from her pleasure of Hannah’s pussy around her cock. Hannah moans more loudly than Lily has ever made her moan. It only makes Lily go faster and makes her cum when Hannah cummed. Hannah slouched against Lily as she caught her breath and kissed Lily. When they separated, they washed one another and got out. They both dried each other and got into bed together, naked. rnrn“AH, fuck daddy. Yes!” Hannah screamed. She was fucking her dad, Robby ray. He might have been a great singer and Dad but he was her lover too. He was shoving his cock up Hannah’s pussy hard and fast. HE moaned louder and grabbed at Hannah’s hips. He kept ramming her, so hard; he knew she’d be sore. Once he came 20 minutes later, her pulls out of her and kissed her lips. rnTO Be Continued…..please commentrn

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What the fuck it got me wet and horny

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