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Previews for my upcoming story

1. Nadava

2. Alana

3. Jake


Preview: Nadava

“Noah,” I hear. “Noah,” the voice repeats itself. “Noah,” it continues.

I open my eyes to see a woman standing right in front of me.

“Noah,” she repeats in the same tone.

I feel the small rocks under my hairless arms poke into my skin.

I sit up and look around. I look ahead to see there is no end to this cave I am in. I am trapped by a grey circular wall that seals me in, making sure I don’t escape.

“Hello?!” the woman repeats in an irritated tone.

I look at her. Her eyes are yellow and her black hair is in a bun. Her breasts are shaped perfectly and she has curves all in the rights places.

“Hi,” I say flirtatiously.

Why am I getting really horny? I think to myself.

“You need to learn how to mask your thoughts,” she smiles at me.

Her words blast through my ears. Did I make her angry? Why is she yelling so loud?

“You are a Zozian,” she explains. “You have heightened senses.”

I hold my hands over my ears. “Whisper!!” I bark.

“Your sensitivity to the world around you has increased,” she whispers.

I put my head in my hands and start to cry.

“The way you respond to situations emotionally has changed; you are no longer the teenager you once were,” she informs.

“You bitch! You killed me!” I yell while I cry.

“I had to Noah, we needed you,” she says sympathetically.

“You are a selfish cunt, you know that?!” I roar.

She winks at me. “Get over it, you have a purpose here.”

I get up and charge at her. As I run, she takes out a whip and catches my arm with it. I grab the whip with my other hand and pull. Her smile is cut short as I steal the whip away from her.

“Look. You are doing something really stupid. Come with me.” She points a gun at me.

I throw the whip at her. “Take your whip, I am not helping you.” I turn around and start walking away. After two seconds I hear a gunshot and then a sharp pain in my chest. I fall to the rocky floor of the cave and everything stops.

I wake up in the same spot and she is standing over me. “Zozians don’t die,” she tells me.

I look at her beautiful body and I start to get an erection.

“You’re not the only one.” She smiles seductively.

The feeling of anger washes away and only excitement fills me up. “What’s your name?” I ask her.

“Averrana,” she replies. “Can you please come with me?”

“No.” She could kill me as many times as she wanted. I refuse to help my killer.

She giggles and goes down on her knees. She begins to crawl on top of me until her breasts are on my bare chest.

“Lucky for you, I like boys with no body hair,” she says, her right hand travelling to my crotch.

The sexual tension I had been feeling before triples and I turn over with her. I stand up and take my pants off. My penis sticks right out, ready to enter her. I get back on top of her and before I can go into her she pushes me off her.

“Once you save our race, you can have sex with me,” she says bluntly. “Now put on your clothes, it’s time for you to go back in time, before the Zozians were extinct.”

Preview: Alana

“Darkness rises from the dead. Those who ignore the call are hunted if they are lucky. They like to feast on the young, the soft skin easier to swallow. A child screams as his insides are being devoured. The mortality rate has tripled in the past month. All of earth is covered by this darkness, this terror. Humans are extinct and the dead rise up from their forgotten bodies.”

As I finish reading this excerpt from "Darkness at its Best" by Nadava Monona, I start to laugh. “He sounds like a “heart beat”,” my words unclear due to my ongoing laughter.

The instructor looks up at me, his yellow eyes glaring at me. “Alana, shut your mouth,” he says in a commanding tone.

I bite my bottom lip hard, my sharp teeth puncturing it. As I open my mouth, the bottoms of my teeth are covered in green slime. I lick my teeth; the taste of my own slime causes my eyes to roll back into my head.

Preview: Jake

“A smile. That’s what I want. How can I have that?”

Serathro places his hand on my cheek. “I can provide you that, “he says to me. I look up at him, my face still wet with tears. The moment our eyes meet I feel my balls getting squeezed.

The pain…

“Get the fuck off me!” I yell. My voice reeks of the panic that is running through my body.

ignores my plea and continues squeezing harder. It feels like my balls are going to pop. Serathro unzips his pants and he takes that big penis of his out and sticks it right into my mouth.

Every single inch…every single fucking inch. He takes it out and I sigh in relief. My hope is then shattered when he sticks it back into my mouth. I bite down on it hard. He screams in pain but still continues.
By now the pain in my ball sack is making me wish I’d let him kill me before.
In and out in and out…it doesn't stop. Soon he is holding my head forcing me to take it all in really fast.

I am gagging on his dick.

Tell me if you like the idea.

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2010-11-12 17:30:20
YES!!!! I love it!!! Can you write some more?? Please???????

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